Tourorrism in Australia?

Does anyone in Australia compare what we in Aust pay for: Land, motorcars, a can of coke and other daily outgoings, to what our busloads and hire-cars full of relatively wealthy British, European, and American tourorrists pay when they're at home?

I bet our coke-a-drink is cheaper, our cars are dearer by-far, LAND!? Well....... "GUESS??!"

Yep! You are RIGHT, Nachiketas! Land IS cheaper in Australia, cheaper by about the same proportion as Australian middle-to-upper-class wages are a proportion of those of Anglo-European and American middle-to-upper-class wages.

Hey Ozzie! Do you realise their "buying-power" is about five to ten times our own?

I'll hazard a guess and say that the general/average 'cost-of-living' in Australia is about one-half that of those invader nations of our white, western, christian 'relations'.

We Australians are the worst "savers" in the developed world.

Thus we struggle into huge national debt (which is always by far the greater share owed by PRIVATE importers, businesses and individuals, never majority-OWED by the government, by the Administrative apparatus of the Community, yet they are always blamed when it goes sour. SKULLDUGGERY, SKULLDUGGERY I TELL YOU!) because of the stupidity of the Australian user of credit, but also because getting into debt via a bank loan is too easy for stupid, bad, careless and fraudulent private money managers.

Obviously with enormous bankruptcy rates across Australian businesses, there exists an instilled attitude of "never use your own money". I.e., borrow on some other poor desperate bastards savings (all bank-loans rely on bank-customer's safety deposits to maintain the bank's liquidity. Liquidity, it might be said, firstly to prop-up the 'establishment' cronies' exhorbitant incomes and shares-profiting, etc.

If the business goes belly-up, which many have planned for from the beginning - declare bankruptcy and walk-away with next-to-no obligations, never-mind the longer-term ramifications of stock-market crashes etc., or the smaller bank-customers losing, in the inevitable cycles of 'boom-and-bust' thus-arising, life-savings, mortgages-thus-their-homes, and all "Peace of Mind".

These most basic essentials lost, generally to devious, short-sighted and bad-attitude creditors, debt-collectors, lawyers and mortgage managers (banks, building societies and the credit industry).

Most working Australians might be in debt, might be living on an ever-tighter budget, might be under more pressure from the larger corporations which invariably rule their economic (employment) and thus their social, familial security and thus leisure and Quality of Life, might have 200 years PLUS of inherited ancestral psychological trauma to expunge from their Souls, might be going more and more insane, but these phenominally serious psycho-social and personal problems seem-not-to-register on the general and personal Australian 'radar'?


SPACE!!! Acreage! Proper-tee! Land - Land - and MORE LAND!

Yippee, aye?

It may be put thus: Australians have room, in kilo-hectares, to escape the 'things' which trouble us. In high-populations, issues aren't so easily avoided, escaped-from.

So! What is the BIG plan of our federal, state and local governments, for ALL AUSTRALIANS?

SELL! SELL! SELL! (See your local real estate agent NOW!)

Especially to selfish, spoiled Soul-less bodies who've as likely never done an Honest Days Work, who inherited their squillions from the huge proportion of the population(!) of Anglo-and-European dynastic ancestors, mostly unscrupulous business operators of highly unethical business/industries [name an Environmentally or Ideologically Sound large industry in-or-to-have-come-out-of Europe, Britain, or America?), who flit around the planet as if it all belongs to them, have a 'superiority complex' enough to titillate Hitler back-to-life, and with a few hundred "G's" (daddy's "Euros" of course!), drop-in to the real estate bargain basement bonanza of the Millennium (Australia), pick-up a 'choice-piece-of-dirt' on a tropical coast, for one-tenth of what they'd pay ANYWHERE in Europe with a 'similar' location (Oh! Look! 'location" means "Land Site"), in the friendliest ways, make a few very friendly, similarly rich-read-'spoiled-selfish-dawg' contacts here, go to as many 'doofs' as they can, commune with their 'new friends' on eckies or such up-market 'pharma'-type drugs, talk semi, pseudo-intellectual and cosmic shit to hide the facts about what they're really doing here - in cafes, on beaches, in all the best places to be seen - BUYRON! (BUY! BUY! BUY!) West Endt, Bondi, Manly, or, if they've just blown four hundred bucks on another bee-yoo-ti-fool platted-head-of-dreadlocks, they'll HAVE TO drop-in and have a sniff around Nimbin, wont they?

Some of the best Land ON EARTH here, aye, Archibald!? Aye, Wilcox!?

Better sell it quick before someone "King-Hits" your Conscience with that "realtor's nightmare": - "Community Ethics"?

And the foriegn tourorrists are drowning in unearned and, if from the first world probably-nay-undoubtedly unethical income.

What do they, or "das Farters" (Dads) care about $100,000 here-or-there?

So the next time a "Teucsher-Tongue" smiles and says "Hi! Ah? Exkuse me, can you tell me the-way-how-to do up my shoe-laces?"...... laugh and point it to Nimbin Real Estate.

Tell 'em to see "Smilin' John" or "Rip-off Robin" for the best (foriegn) Land deal in the Solar System! They'll take any denomination!

But DON'T talk Equitable Land Distribution, Land Rent for Government Revenue, OR Land Tax, to 'em, or before you can drink the vinegar, they'll turn you into very sauerkrauts.

But, proud (some of) these latest invaders are, so, confident-as-hell, if they DON' GET WOT THEY WANT! they'll discreetly blast the agents with 'blitzkreege' magic, and call farter in a huff DEMANDING sanctions be put on Australia for being SO RUDE to spoiled, two-faced, selfish, anti-intellectual and juvenile neo-nazis.


And the same to the 'real estate' and 'tourorrist' industries for their utterly stupid, selfish and totally-blind attitude to the Homeland(s) of their own People.

But, ree-ally, who is to blame for Australians being kept in the dark about how little we earn, about how much too-much-beyond-our-means we Aussies pay for most things (Ugh! 'Balance-of-payments! darlink') especially from the 1st world, and for the Fact that our whole Land-mass, OUR WHOLE COUNTRY, is being sold-out from under us?

Hello Smilin' John? Robin?

John Howard?

Kim 'Christian' Beazley?

RIGHTO! Here comes the DISCLAIMER! .....of sorts.........

I recognise that there are probably at-least as many tourorrists coming to our Fine Land, with the Right-Headedness John Howard so-lacks - er- with the Right-Headedness Deserving of Our Cultural Elders, as They have done between each other for thousands of years.

This is a Basic Respect which should be foremost in all visitors' hearts, minds and bank-balances.

Although, the western culture has degraded Societies so much, that now we do not have Good, Sound Traditions, Customs of "Visiting" or "Welcoming" (or NOT!) each other.

The best most can do now is feign personal interest (in a begging Aborigine's 'life' or such), smiling-all-the-way passed Her/Him on the way to the realtors.

In my opinion, the 'smile' is a sign of a fraud, on introduction. But I'll be left begging when I'm exposed 'performing' the self-same fraud, I bet.

However I don't want to bother "Deconstructing" 'smiles' right now.

Australia IS a Special Land, for it's Age, it's People, and for it's being the last virtually unpopulated mass-of-hectares on the Big-Ball.

Humanity is at an appropriate or propitious "Turning Point" (NOT MORE Millennialism?), in regard to this slow "infrastructuralisation" of the Great Continent Australia.

We are at the forefront, whether we like it or not, of the Next Great Shift in Governmentation.

How this still developing nation manages it's inevitably increasing population, on a reducing scale of Land tenancy availability, will be crucial to how the rest of the world, oppressed and denied their True Land Rights (Italians are Indigenes, Britains also, as are Tamil Sri Lankans, Aceh Sumaterans, Siberian Russkiis, etcetera) either settle themselves down in their Collective Psyche or Social-Soul, and learn (QUICK!) to ride the train of Equitable Everything, if you want It, by PROTESTING THE GOVERNMENT for LAND RENT FOR GOVERNMENT REVENUE, or, fall further into the abyss of the FIRST CRIME of 'inequitable land distribution'.

The worst-case scenario for Australia I reckon, aside from buddie GW dropping a missile in Sydney Harbour, is for all our Land to go to foriegn owners, who do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for Australia, aside from greasing a few palms upstairs on their way-in.

In general, I say "Welcome" "G'day!" and "There's the real estate agency!" to foriegn visitors, but, "GET SOME FUCKING RESPECT DUDES, before you come goose-stepping onto our Land with your egomaniacal intentions.

Tourism - Tourorrism is Australia's biggest industry.

Does anyone here realise how dangerous this is?

Corr-flummoxme?! Time for a noice-little-bit-o'-Herbal-medication.............

Somehow I reckon the real estate industry is a close-second in monolithic proportions?


2004 Australian federal election veracity?

Since the occasion, 9th October 2004, I've pondered but let-go the question about the veracity of the last federal election and/or the process of identifying voters at the polling booth, before they pencil in their vote and deposit the papers in a box.

When I voted, I happened to be broken-down (in vehicle) in Shute Harbour, twelve kilometres or so from Airlie Beach Queensland, so went to the Airlie Beach sports club and police youth centre thingee, where adsentee voters from other electorates had to go to vote.

I waited with the line of voters, and was directed, as one would be, to a particular desk. Now, three-and-a-bit months later, all but my asking "Why don't I have to show any identification?" is a bit hazy. By this I mean I cannot remember if I gave my name and name of my PAGE electorate, whence the woman (I remember a woman, but not her face) looked, found and checked-"my name" -off a list, or not.

Regardless....., I cannot remember the reason why we, or I, didn't have to show identification, but I know I asked her.

I feel impelled to add, that this occured in north Queensland, not lately the Socialist Centre of Australian politics, shall-we-say.

"I fish, AND I VOTE!" was a popular bumper sticker in the region.

A region which depends far more than is nearly environmentally sustainably managed (or manageable) along the lines of todays abuse, on what is becoming clear as a curse on tomorrow's beaches, shorelines, Local and regional Cultures (what there is of Good Culture in Oz generally, but specifically in Queensland's north, Aborigines aside) - tourism.

Something I'm coming to label "tourorrism".

Tourorrism affords the careless local money-maker easy wealth, as-long-as they cater to the demands of usually British, European and other western traveller's culture's 'delicacies' or desires. This might be a balance between one's own 'culture', developing or established, and the kind of facilities, commerce, art, music and other components the visitors basically demand. If they are not provided, the touro's often will not come.

No doubt, there must be a reasonable percentage of tourorrists who are not tourorrists, but come wanting something meaningful from the location, and would give back, even by taking the better Australian Attitudes back home, than the possible fifty percent of tourorrists who are quite uncaring of the Local Cultures other than what it can give their eager-to-absorb-if-not-take-take-take egos. How many of them are quite deliberately subversive toward defence and propogation of their own culture is unknown, but they do tend to stand out. Especially the young. Also, I reckon fifty-percent of tourorrists are "checkin'-out-the-real-estate", just quietly........... ("They don' jus' want a taste of our Culture, they want our LAND!?")


Since my first political foray into Queensland in 2002, I've climbed a steep learning curve about how poor the Q-L-D-ers are educated politically.

There's a sense of Community, but of a Community founded upon either tragic crimes against the Aborigines, rapacious BAD AGRI-PRACTICES, huge hidden speculative real-estate agenda, and the never-to-be-known crimes committed by Queensland early settlers, decendents, officials, clergy and politician-alike. Practices which are hard to break in the upper echelons (Wizard's spells!), and therefore clung-to by the rest, for fear of upsetting the banker/tyrants and higher-up powerbrokers, some, unjust 'inheritors' of chunks, some massive, of Queensland's regional real estate.

So, while there may be Australian Communities which ARE fair-and-balanced in various matters of national importance, there's an undeniable 'corruption', or 'will to corrupt' running fairly rife throughout Australia, from the inculcation/indoctrination children receive in pre-school, through ALL our educational institutions, business, Local government, church and home.

Most of it comes from the tragedy of a desperate and self-centred population, led blind (by the church) into a pit of capitalist exhaustion over centuries. So today, when the issues of "careless destruction of the tropical aqua-marine ecology beneath the roaring motors of the innumerable tourrorist launches", "the plundering of the seabed for the tourorrist's dinner-table", "coastal rainforest depletion for tourrorist roads and 'resorts' etc., are raised, Queenslanders throw a Jo(-Bjelke-Peteresen)-type joke, laugh and go back to talking about - fishing.

So, as this is a very sad case of 'ignoring the Facts', Facts explaining that their ways of living are BAD CULTURE for themselves, for their children and for their nation, and that they are the kind to be devious to protect it, again, somewhat rudely, if-not-selfishly, I suggest that inquiries into the so-called 'fair-and-even' Australian electoral system be made.

I suggest this also, because as we KNOW the American 2004 Presidential election, as with the 2000 USA Presidential election, were quite deliberate corruptions of the otherwise fine American electoral process, and that as our PM John Howard is "sycophant-up-GW Bush", the US leader accountable for his administrations deceits and outright fraud, it is NOT outragious to suggest that Howard would resort to the same perversions of the course of Justice for a hidden US global agenda. Why he'd only have to make a call to the White House for some CIA assistance. But of course, it was their idea!

The sad political-intelligence levels of Queenslanders, a generalisation I admit, is as much a part of the 'slow art' of stealing Australia's Land, Aboriginal and Native, Convict, and Free Settler's, as Pine Gap in Central Australia is a part of such same longer-term global agenda.

The church have done an amazing thing there (Qld), what with their dumbing-down the Laity to levels below-Jo's, precisely so electoral fraud and general socio-political-cultural corruption passes without challenge, and is accepted as 'de riguer' across the polity.

In balance, Queensland is not alone in Australia. Our Collective history is very, very sad. I'd gazard-a-hess and say that there's not a family which hasn't "been-through-the-mill" in Oz, in some grim psychological if-not-grevious physical way. I can fairly safely include most recent refugees, asylum-seekers and free immigrants, I reckon toooooo.

A distraught culture, came with the first invaders of Old England in the late 18th century, setting-out to construct a nation or who-knew-what would develop in an alien Land.

Desperation is the cause, as far as I can see, of corruption. If successful, easiest when you're first-on-the-block, the fruits are hard to "let go of", combined with the practical sense of building-up equity, be-it in grain-silos or tracts of Land. In flash motor-cars, or illegal business practices.

But worst of all is that the larger businesses are just-about-all founded upon what would today be labelled and charged with environmental and capital crimes.

Naturally, the lower "Socio-Economic", the Workers, follow suit, in their affordable, acheivable ways. So too, oft' involuntarily, were the Workers co-opted into genocide and crimes against Humanity.

Understandably therefore, there remains a huge collective denial of the, THE Issues of today, while living in (otherwise) quite paradisical country, with 'easy-money' from such as tourorrism and spin-off industries making it easy to turn a blind-eye to what must be, in Essence, Collectively Addressed.

Unfortunately, experience tells me that hidden issues, often making for huge guilt and shame complexes, have to be faced, and dissolved, both individually and collectively, before we can address, or in time with our addressing the real cause of the common evident decline into global monocultural totalitarianism.

Hidden issues which are raising their heads in parallel with the global homelessness problems or situations, and will strike at Local Communities-nay-Families to the degree that they may well lose the Precious and Subtle "Art" of keeping a Community and it's Families Balanced, Functioning, Peaceful and Happ-Happ-Happeee.

But as I put years ago in "Uncomfortable Opinions" bad decisions made as long ago as hmmmm?- let's say 800 years ("Double Jeopardy" is that old) can have horrendous effects upon a much larger percentage of the population of today.

Decisions made in desperate times, say 197 years ago (as at the "Rum Rebellion" of 1808), upto recent decades, if addressed in light of revisiting those cases with the-now-extant evidence, we could bring a very different, AND JUST result, having a very different effect on Australia's Cultural development, closer to what the original Dictates from the English Crown intended.

These failings are, I put-it, perhaps by no coincidence, the root-cause of today's generally corrupt-rotten Australian Society.

Now, I'm not laying any blame, on Queenslander, tourorrist or politician alike.

It's a "phenomenon". Phenomena. "Situations", none of which CANNOT be Peaceably "Smoothed-out", Solved. Dispelled.

With reference to the above-mentioned crimes in Australian history, a major prevention to processing those 'New Light" charges is the archaic "Double Jeopardy" law.

"Double Jeopardy" I put-it, remains to protect those dynastic lineages etc, whose direct ancestors of major powerbrokers of today committed some of the worst crimes against Humanity, in their expansion of the Crown, and private interests, involving the innumerable land-grabs, genocide of Indigenies, and general crude, rude and quite uncalled-for atrocities to Aborigine and "Convict'- 'invader' alike.

This is basically why John Howard and coven will not say "SORRY" to our Aborigine Peoples, still outcast by Howee's white-supremacist delusions.

Were the "Double Jeopardy" law(s) recinded, cancelled, taken out of the law books, many laws made since Australia's earlier colonialisation would fall into disuse, for the correction made possible would release all of us from the woe of collective and familial denials, etc., so often the root-cause of other, endemic, even-'cultural' crimes of our age.

Let alone 'attitude' problems..........

This may be hard for some to address, especially those who now drive around in an expensive sportie vehicle, live very-nicely-thank-you "on-the-Land", all bought or inherited out of the profits of great-grand-daddy's slaughtering Abo's for their Land.

(For one of my slants on "Double Jeopardy" click-on: http://www.maxamovie.blogspot.com/
and scroll to "Down with Double Jeopardy", blogged earlier this month.)


"Education" is surprise-surprise, the "Intellectual Equipment" (Ummm?) Queenslanders and Humanity needs, in this "Factual Period" if we are into save ourselves from building now, sandy foundations of next century's (the twenty-SECOND century) bound-to-crumble State and Planet, as would arise if Genuine Legal Challenges to the deeply-flawed Australian, USA, and probably Anglo-European electoral systems are not made.

In-a-word, Humanity, particularly the 'free west', needs a kick-up-the-fatcells to address the several "Situations" which are more Common to most-all localities than most-all realise. Again, Education is the Tool, but is worth nothing if there is not the Will in the Collective, beyond self-interest.

Obviously, Australia has a lo-ong way to go..........


Down with 'double jeopardy'!

If Justice prevailed, and evidence is found of a person already acquitted, enough to convict them (we're all guilty of something!), Justice needs/must be done - Social Balance is maintained.

If evidence exists of all the crimes committed by us, the seriousness of the offence must take priority over the lesser.

The larger the crime the greater damage done to the Community, thus the greatest damage done to the Quality-of-Life of the citizens, of the individuals therein.

As the biggest crimes committed over the past two hundred and seventeen (217) years, in Australia have been committed by the biggest powerbrokers, the wealthy land owners, graziers, pasturalists, mining companies etc., mates of the Anglophile 'establishment' government(s), and the best Queen's Counsellors, here and in London, it becomes clear that they and their High Court etc., buddies have absolutely NO INTEREST in "Correcting" the wealth-biased scurge of a now anachronistic and pro-corruption law of 'double jeopardy'.

To deny this, it seems to me-me-me, is do be actively propping-up an irreparable legal tragedy called "the australian legal system".

Impartial, that-is, Just....., and Proper Inquiries will bring to light that Australia's 'mainstream' current and future socio-economic, psychological and psychic troubles, are, in the Light of Truth, desperately in need of FULL Attention from ALL OF US, NOW.

I assert that our rather horrendous-while-brief history (of 'white' australia) was born of the struggle of ill-equipped settlers in an hostile land, yet exaccerbated-to-the-extremes-of-today by the injustices allowed to pass and become 'foundational laws' through the paralyticly drunk courts of early Sydney, thence right across New South Wales, probably South and Western Australia, and later assumed into the laws of Victoria and Queensland.

As best as I can establish, Orders of some sort accompanied Arthur Phillip on the first fleet, from the Crown, for the establishment of an agrarian society spreading itself across the arable Land.

But gold rushes and other disruptions to agricultural employment, economic and socio-cultural advancements intervened and brought about, aide-and-abetted by corrupt military and other forces, a very different sociological, economic and personal, psychological path of development.

John Macarthur, Sergeant of the "Rum Corp", (the 'New South Wales Corps', a rabble of the poorest, most corrupted British officers), in the 1790s, responsible for the false arrest of Captain William Bligh in the mal-recorded "Rum Rebellion" of 1808, is, post-humously, just one of a swathe of military officers, legal appointees, judges, 'free-citizens' and too-many bedevilled beggars below them, overdue for a retrial.

"Double Jeopardy" has been the means by which the Anglophile 'establishment', (who in Australia come from the earliest squatters and ruthless, often genocidal Land-grabbers-thieves-owners), have kept "under-the-carpet" the major crimes, from which the ramifications are palpable today, in every family and I'd hazard-a-guess and say in every person's head born in Australia.

Massive Social and psychological Corrections must be considered, asap in this nation, before the earlier-refered-to maladies compound to a dangerously inhospitable degree, nationwide.

For they are also the worst "model" for the future maturation of Australia's still nubile national-cultural psyche.

If we ignore the fundamentals of body, mind, and Soul, Australians will remain the 'convicts' of the Planet, and probably their sold-off-shore Land, a prison for Aborigines and Natives, while the global stinking-rich trip-in-and-out, at their spoiled-rotten leisure.

Double Jeopardy will "GO" in a Revolutionary Australian Government Agenda, along with an enormous number of other corruptions to the laws which have arisen since the first days of the young Warrior-nation, Australia.

Laws, bad for heart, mind, body and Soul of individual and Planet alike.

Therefore.......... Laws that are bad for everything in-between too!

I implore that this be Genuinely addressed by academia, for with the serious flaws in college, school, and university policies toward teaching and topics - ESPECIALLY ECONOMICS AND LAND RENT - rah-rah-rah! the first to go to the gallows may well, rightly be our college professors and their corporate industrial chums 'on the board'.

AND, I implore that this be Genuinely addressed by academia, what-with the serious flaws in college, school, and university policies toward teaching and topics - ESPECIALLY ECONOMICS AND LAND RENT - rah-rah-rah! before the erroneous social, economic, trade and thus military attitudes, events and their ramifications consume any pleasant or relatively Peaceful Communities and Lifestyles, and any chance of anyone, again Attaining to that High.

YOU are responsible for the Intellectual Quality of your, our country, and I will hold you all personally responsible (and your descendents too), in twenty years if necessary, for the failures which your current 'agenda' within your learning institutes, will undoubtedly bring.

That you cannot see the dangers, makes you all unfit for a chair or dean-ship anywhere, considering you leave your kin 'shame' for your disgusting misinterpretations and "ever-so-correctly-way-you-say-so"-pontificating from the lecturn.

Using "double jeopardy" to prop-up the worst-that-is-'most dangerous' culture on the Planet, today, along with the worst crimes of Land theft, and Land speculation (DON'T SELL YOUR MOTHER, EARTH!) only adds fuel to the Revolutionary Fire burning Brighter-than-ever in the bellies and hearts of Working-Class Australians.

Keep averting your eyes from these massive crimes of history, keep mis-and-mal-informing government and the public on the need to do away with 800 year old, pre-democratic laws, and you bring a woe down on your Society and world from the reactions festering, fermenting in the Souls of Aussies who are suffering in one way or other seriously high levels of personal, 1, rebelliousness, 2, fatalism, 3, 'wizardry', 4, ANGER, 5, resentment, 6, bitterness etc, etc, many of them wanting SOME JUSTICE, and more daily wanting to take to the streets and barricades.

You, most of you, should be counting your blessings that someone has shown some sign of giving the Battlers a voice, and Globally, so-as to prevent such a meltdown.

A sign of your appreciation would be to FACE THE ISSUES and dismantle the fortresses of self-interest upholding BAD LAND LAWS and 'double jeopardy', security clauses.

Out-of-date security clauses.


Max No Difference
Nimbin Australia


So, fresh out of private school/university?

So, fresh out of private school/university?
Or, "Why do they want to be insane?

After spending some ten-to-twenty years in a wealth-focused religious education, adults-so-called, in their early 20s, typically after a few years being 'lured' into a career in a multinational corporation, find it easy to dive-in head-first, ego-first.

This is usually nurtured by family-ties, associations and 'network' connections into the most profitable fields of medicine, economics and fields of management.

But the 'puppet-master' psychopaths who encourage and manipulate a youth's thinking into such a job or career, are often resident in the upper levels of the private schools and in the as-much-private tertiary universities and colleges, teachers colleges also.

Clearly, the youth have next-to-no-choice in choosing their career in corporate egoism or, a Life-Path, for the Wisdom of True Human Beings, a la the Aborignal Peoples of Australia and elsewhere, a True Culture which shuns the city-bred egomaniacal insanity.

However, young adults going through the class-based private education system, and kids from theirs and any younger age-group, being more savvy and switched-on than any of us ten, twenty years ago, are growing through a blossoming of the "Factual Period", with this recent decade flooding the masses with more facts than ever about why we are all the way we are, individually and culturally, insane.

The crude facts are out, about those corporate brand-names we've all subsumed into our language and ways of thinking, comparing.

Them, competing for space in our house, garage or office, and thus the ego-realm of mind.

Today we generally and probably a similar proportion of public-school students, know how rotten the 'corporate games' are, in any large industry, and how destructive they are to Local Cultures, and to the Better Being within the egomaniac clones.

But it seems our kids need a lot more Education-large-E, and completely-less church-emanated indocrination and rude, sacreligious dogma.

Yes, the church spearheaded education in old Britain and Europe through the last 1000 years, but it's very existence, for Good or ill, has been compromised for pretty-much as long.

The massively powerful western dynasties of 400, 600, 800 years ago, right through of course to today, have had minimal sympathy for religious institutions and their doctrines, other than for their 'talents' in opiumating the masses into bearing and accepting the abject living conditions the despotic monarchs pressed them into.

But for the kids of wealthy stock, they are given 'keys-of-confidence', an air of authority, enough to be leaders, perhaps, but certainly enough to enter managerial jobs and enough to bloat their ego into supporting the beast that keeps thrilling them.

How many private-school, uni and college students today, have been Taught to Educe the Courage to find the True Human within themselves, and desert the insane in the city?


Post-Tsunami media coverage?

I just emailed this to a lot of media "addresses" (I don't say "contacts") around the Big-Ball, Mum Earth, but why restrict the Call to media alone?



Pity about our neighbours?

In listening to RadNat, I hear coverage fairly even, on the matters of how the poorest blighters (post-Tsunami) are fairing, as against how our spoiled tourists have been effected.

Ne'ertheless, Can I ask you all to take this "opportunity" to advance the old Human Justice, by focusing on the hardest-done-by - the Locals, by assessing the state of Human occupation in the effected areas, and the issue of relocation out of the disease-prone areas.

As I threw into my second last weblog,

"The first thing all effected (and neighbouring) nations should do, in my humble opinion, is to temporarily suspend your relevent regional international border restrictions, if not temporarily suspend borders as they exist, in Administration - by Decree - allowing the smoothest passage out of danger, for the effected."

Don't fail to recognise the potential dangers now rising after this event.

Fuck the tourists.

If attention, BY YOUR MEDIA, is not focused on the threats which now exist, post-tsunami, on a veeeery wide scale, of dangers to the region from disease, crime etc., then the consequent social chaos may well be YOUR responsibility.

Yes, the idea of 'temporarily suspending borders' is closing-in on the, MY "penchant-of-a-Mission" of LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE, but not yet.

We are going, I-feel-in-me-water, to have to address re-location as a United International effort has never done, because the possibilities of an horrendous plague are not to be overlooked.

Land occupation is the core of the issue, and may well have to be redone temporarily, that is, somehow suspended, to enable the displaced to relocate in lower-density residential areas of 'safe' cities, towns and villages, until the effected same are safe as well to return to.

It doesn't mean invoking Land Rent, but a shot-in-the-arm for the whole lot of us, especially for the blasted nations, might be by HAVING to introduce a new Economic method under the pressure of what may well transpire.

Naturally, this would, to be as smooth as possible, require a nationwide and regionwide instalation, but may be can be implimented in the cities, villages, etc., specifically, and no doubt in farming Land also.

Shit I'm optimistic. Some say opticly-mystic......?

I might get it together and sort some South-East Asian Government email addresses, but as I don't actually exist, I put it to YOU to Lobby" wherever you can in those echelons in Asia, with their media too.

The Angels, of all Realms, will be with you.


Max No Difference


Wrong culture, wrong people - whitey

The Wrong People

At this last stage in Humanity's decline into outright satanic materialism and all the consequent wars and politically-driven chaos, starvation, plunder, rape, pillage etc., and-on, and-on, of millions of HUMAN BEINGS that is bound to accompany the chaos, I take aim and fire my Arrows of Truth at the generative cult behind our utterly warped "globicidal" western, Judeo-Christian customs, habits, and on a scale never seen on earth, ADDICTIONS to the most dangerous drug of the western free-market consumer - MATERIALISM!


We (whiteys) all take for granted the culture in which we are raised, until we're adolescents, when most of us grow aware of how BAD it is.

This is one of the most, if-not THE most significant factor in youth rebellion, and in youth suicide.

However the psychic and psychological mold-of-materialism has been used and discarded, and the clay-of-beliefs is set harder with each indulgence, with each TV soapie, news broadcast, infotainment, advertisement and movie, etc, etc, etc, making it nigh-on impossible to correct the absolutely terrible attitude (psychology and para-psychology) that IS western "g-c-t" ("golden-calf-tribe") materialism, as expressed into the minds and hearts of the whole Human population.

But as defenceless babes, it is expressed most into the minds and hearts of earth's two most insane nations:- United States of America, and Astraylya ("Australia").

("g-c-t" :- "golden-calf-tribe" - the lost tribes out of Egypt and Israel)

It's becoming clearer, that Moses should've stayed in Egypt!

Its hard not to connect the cultural insanity of the U.S. and us, with this "migrant" factor, and the (inner) battle made manifest when an immigrant population must find and 'appropriate' Land for to settle upon.

War has been the means and result.

Lack of secure tenure sets-up a whole galaxy of anxieties, paranoias and BAD habits, mannerisms and dangerously aberrant thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and (re)-actions (all adding to BAD CULTURE), in the mind and body of beings.

I say "beings", for the same terror of no secure abode, made-so by aberrant Human Culture totally abusing, or being ignorant of (as throughout the 'west') the Lore of the Mother (Mother Earth), thus making whole land-masses uninhabitable for Humans, and influences the animal kingdoms as well. This is testified to by the huge rate of species becoming extinct because of our BAD JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CULTURAL habits.

But in times of stress, (a mental anxiety rising from bodily, emotional and psychological uncertainty and thus insecurity) Human's, but perhaps Judeo-Christian whiteman more than all others, resort to materialism.

That is, an inappropriately high level of consumption of which-ever product is thought, believed to satisfy the anxiety, or which has 'captured' them to believe so. AND THAT IS ALL MATERIALISM IS - that a hamburger, or new car or sex, or a tourist trip to where people are poor (so the tourist may maintain their whitey 'superiority complex'), is how to find Happiness. Temporary though it is.

We consume-consume-consume to obsessive excess, in-the-main, because our utterly warped "dogma-on-the-run" Judeo-Christian religion has dumbed-us-down to believe the worst - "True Inner Peace" - that is, "God", Allah, Brahma - cannot be found inside, thus satisfaction only lives in the world outside one's self of mind and body.

Death to Judaism and Christianity, and the resulting 'Judeo-Christianism'.

Or...., "....but those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN!"

So, over our whiteman expansion, which has in many ways been one of an ever-increasing population of lost, rootless, migrating tribes, habits have formed where we place reliance - or - our Faith - in anything which 'appears' to fill-the-hole-in-your-Soul made vacuuous by the disconnection to a Patch or territory of Land.

Added to this perpetually more serious malady of g-c-t beliefs, is the damage done to the Soul if the person is uprooted involuntarily from their "Country" of birth.

For the Spiritual Peoples of the planet, that is those who were Eden-dwellers before Judeo-Christian whitey maliciously wiped them out, quite Accurately, Wisely and Rightly place Great Importance on such things as "Place", "Country", "Homeland", etc.

So to be separated by force or colonial bureaucratic deceit, as happened to most all conquered tribes and nations touched by Christianity, breaks the links these Peoples have held with their Earthly Mother and with their ancestor-Spirits, ancestor Spirits who are now a part of "Country".

Ancient Links which have been nurtured and Properly Cherished as Spiritually Divine for thousands of generations.

This has built up Deep and Profound Connections with the Supreme Entity, which we dumb-white-Christians call God, both through the Indigenous Way of Life, and through the Land, their Mother, along with a deep, often surprisingly accurate Understanding of all It is.

It has at last become a question of; "When is whitey going to wake-up to the crude, hard and vicious FACT that their culture, basically explained as "free-market Land speculation", whence come most-all of our anxieties and resulting crimes, is a serious case of BAD CULTURE?"

In fact, the white western culture is clearly the worst culture on the planet.

Its People, fanatical as they are about their precious materialistic-crap-lifestyles, are to my mind, untrue to Life on Earth, are untrue to Life itself, by relying on material "beads-and-trinkets" instead of merely Being in control of their own desires and fears to be Happy.

Thus whiteys are rightly called the "Wrong People".

What's wrong?

Wrong religion, wrong political structures, wrong education, wrong housing, wrong diet, wrong drugs, wrong medicine, wrong transportation, wrong agriculture, wrong tourism, (wrong-coloured skin!), wrong soaps, wrong TV shows, wrong Communities, wrong toiletries, wrong "life" basically.

White Christian westerners live an almost wholly WRONG life, and, their lifestyles will as likely destroy everything that their better ancestors have lived, slaved, fought, bled, suffered, cried and died for.

While many were only concerned about the immediate future of their families or Communities, many also did their best to make a world Better for ALL those to come after, even for you and your kids.

But, as we witness daily, whitey prefers to be wrong.


The Warrior

Apologies for the excessive language in my emails and in my weblog sites;-


but my anger rises to blasphemous levels when tyranny effects injustice on Mother Earth.

For any man to call themselves a Man, or Human, for any woman to call themselves a woman, or Human, they are calling themselves to live a Life of Duty also, as a Warrior to the ever-Higher (and more Urgent) Cause of Global Human Justice.

This, is the Highest and, in Truth (that is, a mind, heart and Soul Centred in Truth), is the only Path, Cause, Fight one finds Real, Deep, and True Righteousness, Heroism, Integrity, etc., in, and thus, then, is ever-closer to Living True, or as a Human.

No need to mention God, Allah, YHVH, Brahma, Samadhi, Et Al., though this Path, if one wishes, will lift you, your True Spirit, into It's Oneness.


Today, Millennium Three (since our Mighty Comrade Yeshua ben Joseph) this Call is, or needs-must become THE CALL for all Humanity.

To believe one can live anywhere near a Judeo-Christian 'western' materialistic lifestyle, and stay True to a Just Cause, is delusion - the biggest, meanest, nastiest kind on the Planet, albeit integral with our Soul's embodiment here, and is to be overcome perpetually.

"The Meditating Warriors of the Silence Within" (my invented term), laugh at my course language (and jokes), yet hear the Call from Within and Do their Duty to Humanity and AUM, in the world, by Living a Life of a Light Footprint, and by Advocacy of Economic Justice - LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE! (LR for GR).