Redemption for GW Bush and coven

Redemption for GW Bush and coven
Nimbin HEMP Bar.

As the extent of damage/carnage is realised in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Justice wants to raise it's Righteous Head in accounting for the numerous failures to "cope".

Hmmm? When will the cost stop rising?

Recriminations, compensations, remediation, medication, hospi-it seems to just, or unjust, go-on, and on.

From the Best Perspective, something I struggle with seeing lately, the Call needs be to look beyond the above emotional responses, and focus on first how big the 'scenario' is, and is bound to grow to be (while I, could not draw any picture of how big it might become) if not addressed Correctly.

What's "Correct"?

Just. Firstly, I suppose.

But not in the sense of continuing to look to the past for those to blame.

In a very powerful and true sense, we are all responsible. Hard to concile with "Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do...."

But, nevertheless, however, let us look at the situation as it IS, and from that ascertain what might arise, and at how we ALL might be the MOST RESPONSIBLE Humans.

In saying "we", I fire my Arrows of Love to the Hearts of ALL Americans, and why stop at the borders, north and south, particularly.

You all have a future.

It is not hard to picture how your northern continent will 'evolve' if YOUR repatriation from the tragedy is addressed 'same-same' as the 'trend' in United States politics as-if-entranced, is currently, today, NOW, and into the unmitigated future.

Amidst the tragedy, while across the globe, one looks forward to "how to", and sees Opportunities, choices, options.

Not same-same, if-just to be different, but REALPOLITIK, if-I-may.

The picture appears to be that many have lost boundary lines, title deeds, bank records etc, of Land ownership, and occupation.

Councils, it seems, are in serious dissarray, as are state and federal.

The Best Things come from the Grassroots, I heard it said today.

That's where the Heart of any Community lies, where any Truth about how to Be is kept Secure, while we have the awareness of how important the Community is.

New Orleans, God Rest It's Fine Soul, and may it be reborn from those 'Roots, in recollecting it's shattered Soul, has, as Best as I can see, but one Option:

Address with Vigour! - toward the Sense of Justice the Music It Created sang so well about, sangin' about those frowned-upon aspects of Human social existence. The Heart Aspect, if-I-may.


Black, White, All Between.

Redistribution of the Land and occupancy will occur around the worst affected areas, no doubt.

But, who will end-up with the 'advantage', over those who, having lost most everything but their own lives, cannot afford even a patch of dirt to pitch a tent for any extended, recuperative length of time.

And! What the fuck is 'time', anyway?

Something the anti-Leviticus oligarchy chain us with by keeping us on the economic precipas, through ever higher death pledges (mortgages) and - LAND PRICES according to a deadly speculative Land market place.

If there IS one 'thing' those within "Cooee" of New Orleans will need in their recovery, their economic, sanitary, health, dietary, Psychological and psychiatric recoveries, it will be 'time'.

That which most has us 'chase' time is the need for RENT.

ACCOMMODATION. Secure and longterm enough for them to "Get back on their feet" psychologically and economically.

Infrastructure is no doubt also in a shambles, and, along with alot of other aspects will remain so for at least months, thus it would seem "Logistic" and Reasonable to allow as many as possible "recoverers" to "Grow Their Own" vegies, and whatever a, THE Most Economical, Efficient Group, Collective, Consortium if we must, may get together toward the Essentials for returning to Stability.

Localise supply of essentials, to the extent of Home-Grown (reckon George'd like that slogan?), saving the need for three-month roads etc projects which only serve (Satan) to return to the inefficient, uneconomic supply and distribution networks the corporate predators Haliburton, Walmart..........., force upon the vulnerable lower classes.

However, the most affected People must be catered for, at least in sanitary and dietary ways principally, so there's the most urgent priority of getting that in, however, GW increasingly-culpable Bush can.

I'd urge Those more Sound minds of the Administration to call-in the military to shepherd the folk, Folk, back to overall Calm, employing them to dispell the need for larger-scale freightage of Essentials, by first doing the transportage themselves, and in-one, structuring the region's Peoples to Live as ol' US-of-A's Forefathers might have imagined, dare-I-say, Agrarian Socialism.

Very Economic George W Bush.

Very Freeing way for the millions to recover.

Very vote-winning way (since when have they had to worry about that?) after the fall in popularity, for failings-enough perhaps to have you impeached?

Might even save, or stave-off any Wise and Legitimate attempts by Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisianna Et Al, to secede from the "Union", northern as-it-is.

That'd be a turn-up for the books?

Aligning with Cuba?

These days, and daze, I'd even "punt" that Arnie Schwarzeneggar would be so disgusted with the way the 'US Administration' and tenticles-of-consortia have handled, if-not "set-up" the millions of Southerners, post-Katrina, if not before as well...., that he'd agree with any such Sentiments.

I can dream, imagine the trusted, personal, discussions and firey debates held in private between the movers-and-shakers around such as Arnie, and I'd today hesitate a guess and say not just a few might well be about "how irrational capitalism actually is". Even amongst the "high-rollers".

Thus the same "chats" might evolve into what prospects exist, and what options are Most Tenable, and which, sooner or later, pre-or-post Armageddon, becomes the necessary option, if any is to exist at all. And about what steps can and must be taken, by government. But again, if any such coordination, exists now, and in twenty years from now..

The best Option I out it, is to minimise and, long term, reducing environmental effects and unsound massive anti-Local Community 'investment' ('ruthless profiteering') in fundamentally anti-Community projects such as roads, highways..... (to maximise consumption of cars thus oil, thus minerals, etc-and-on, thus lining the pockets of the predator-materialists inside capitalism), nuclear Housing....., shopping malls, concrete monoliths to a dying cult(ure) etc. Seperated lives. Humanity at it's worst.

GO LOCAL! CONNECT GLOBAL!! (Copyright Max N Cook, aka Max No Difference 9/11/2005)

I have no doubt much has been gassed about the economic opportunities the parasites see, and so say this with no trace of opportunism in the selfish sense, but economic opportunities, or, in my script, Economic Opportunities, do now abound.

But what sort of 'industry' or "Industry" do Right-Thinking and thus Right-Living Americans, Locals, want (Uh? Hello? Maybe a Few Indians? Any Hippies still Out-There?? Yo! The Quakers!) to see or have re-constructed across their washed-out landscapes?

One that might last could be a Good Start?

If GW Bush wants to keep hizz-assss out of the cauldron warmin'-up across the Not So United States, he'd be doin' well to go for broke and sweep aside the speculative predators of the relatively 'short-term' Land marketplace, even or especially from within his own coven(s) and 'family' dynastic ties etc, with Land Reform according to how one of his own Americans, Mr Henry George, George, (?) So Eloquently Defined It.

THERE IS NO DOUBT, Henry would Smile upon you sir.

Also a great way to get your-skinny-lil'-ass out of Iraq, George?


Go-on, be a Hero George.

Be a Good Christian, I dare ya?


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Brogden's errors another's evil

Brogden's errors another's evil
Nimbin Australia
Thurs 8 Sept '05

Brogden's confidence was in excess, when he was lured into saying the insulting things he did about Bob Carr's wife, and the night of his attempted suicide, his confidence was shattered, scattered, and heavily battered.

His behaviour is typical of the mainstream political 'generation' we now endure in the likes of Canberra, and State parliaments. Right down the line to the dunny-cleaners actually. (Fact may be that the dunny-cleaners, poor but respectable types some, are more humble and civil) It belies an attitude underlying Australian life generally, I reckon. An uncultured lot we is, coming as we huv from convict stock etc. Clearly the 'tough times' whites endured in the early days of colonial invasion, served powerfully to brutalise the founding members of Australia generally, right up through the ranks and classes. Indeed, the 'upper' lot, if John Macarthur of "Rum Rebellion" infamy (circa 1808) was one to go by, were as likely the WORST of our first pack-o'-plunderers.

Brogden fell as they all do - tooooo confident, thus exposing his underbelly to the politicians worst enemy - his collegues, and the media.

But who is the media? Well, Brettonwoods wont die an anonymous death as far as I'm concerned, for I know well that these type of power consortia, like the supposedly extinguished Nazi Third Reich of WWII, don't ever really die, but go underground, like the Euro-Russian aristocracy did post the 1917 Revolution, only to resurface, reencarnate themselves in different minds and bodies, but same-deadly-same agenda, sometimes decades later.


Too many co-incidences over the last few decades, in politics here and abroad, for Brogden's fau pa to be regarded as an accident. Nick Sherry's attempt, was another example of such errors of response to an embarrassment, and for a time there there were several attempteds and successful suicides across Australia's political spectrum.

If Opus Dei of the Catholic churches dark side has anything to do with those said to have been in collusion or conspiracy against Brogden, and any of the newly political christian right mobs, then we can be certain that much more than a mere hacket-job on an unfavoured leader is occuring.

This David Clarke fella, and those named as being behind Brogden's demise, from the new right christian fundamentals-ists, may well be the reinvention of the old Nazi dogma, resurfacing through a line of occult minds, since Hitler and his coven-full of Tiben Tantric monks were overun in the 1940s.

Most of these newly politicised christian church groups, are well educated (private schools of course), through one means or another have acquired lots of money, enough to throw at the media and in advertising blitz's to further their cause - which is - HANG-ON!? We'll pray to JEEESSSUSSS to tell us what we're doing getting all fanatical about one more poor pathetic child born only to tread the mill of evil, instead of saving it, it's mother, and the overburdened community from the classic 'nother mouth to feed. Ummm? Our Cause....?

You never get to the bottom of their cause, because they say, it's too deep for the heathen non-christian to 'hear' and unnerstand!

Most Australians will not be too worried about this rubbish excreeting from the church's political mouth, but, if we can stretch our minds enough to hear what we need to, to realise HOW SERIOUS the current global political, military, racial, cult, environmental and agricultural situation(s) are, we might act in time to stop the most dangerous development in Human affairs since - well, since the purported "Fall from the Garden of Eden".

Let me make you aware of the fact that Hurricane Katrina, which last week wiped-out New Orleans, was NOT an "Act of God", but an act of the United States religious right in the federal Administration of government.


That so many American People of the wrong colour and economic status were so coldly murdered by their own deeply psychotic government of GW Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld and co, says that if Humanity does not act now and confront this utter evil of the superpower(s) abuse of the supernatural, occult, magic powers, as have been misemployed, malemployed to make the likes of Brogden say sorry things, and then to haunt his mind so much that he's driven to suicide, the Apocalypse has begun.

At this stage, I'm quite inclined to say "Fuck Conventions, Customs, and slimey diplomatic excuses. This is serious Mum!"

The likes of the ABC Public Radio and TV here in Australia, must cease sliding around the edges of this hidden world of magic in their chat-shows and current affairs programs. So must all responsible media organisations and individuals.

The churches, whence most of you gained your fine and very door-opening educations, and who threateningly provide you with your lovely salaries and bank-guaranteed security, have been behind this murky and, by-all-accounts, scarey 'world of shadows', or party to the deal of corrupting the population by abuse of it, for centuries, so long as to appear to the laity as 'ancient' in it's Wisdom and rectitude.

Bight the Bullet, Guys!

They are fixated on a little town in the Middle East called Mageddon, and are doing everything they can to have a major-mayjor-MAYHEHEHEHJOR conflict "go-off" there, to justify their sick and dangerous misinterpretations of the last Book of the Babble, er, the Bobble, er the Bubble, NO the Bible!

You will not be able to reason with them - the David Clark type. They are so deeply spellbound that they are no longer "contactable" on the Human level, mere zombies on a mission, and no-one will stop them. Just like Hitler.

And his now not-so-little Brown Shirts.

BAD JU-JU, Boo-boo!

If you wanna save any respectable remnants of ANY Culture on Earth, past ten-to-fifteen years into the future from now, you gonna have to get tough and issue these religious, particularly white, western, Judaic and Christian evangelist, fundamentalist psycho's with a substantial dose of HARD LOVE.

But what's the use of "Love", soft or hard, on "mindless morons on a mission", when they don't talk, nor even compute on the same planetary synatactical language base?

Anyone seen Merlin lately?

Some say He's hangin' around Nimbin?

That Gypsy women "Kate", down on the corner of Cullen and Thorburn maybe better get-hers-self up and call for that ol' bludger Shaman Merlin to wake-up and address these little global dilemmas?

He likes watching them, but don' give-a-fuck about whether whiteman and all his christian flockers from the first-world-of-spoiled-arseholes, drown in the next U.S. scheduled tsunami, or hurricane, or earthquake.

"Why don' he give a fuck?"

He can't see anyone else getting down to the facts, getting their hands dirty, getting honest and fearless about the fewer and fewer options the WHOLE FUCKING HUMAN RACE has on offer, to see some majority portion of the Pee-pull(ers), of the People through the fairly certain impending environmental chaos and social, civil demise, demoralisation and sooner than later, destruction.

Thus, Merlin reasons, if the peepull don' care about themselves and the lives and future of their own kids and grandkids, etc, thus don' care about their Community, Culture, nation, Planet, enough to jus' go crazy and protest on the streets if that's what it takes, or enough to up-roots and leave the evil centres of occult power abuse - western-style megalopolic cities - then it's absolutely pointless and even more dangerous to act like some fabricated messiah and give the dills a mass of instructions as to how to live in Heaven, on an Economic and Low-rent, perennial lease, when they haven't began to look for the things that matter in their own lives and in the sustainable (or recoverable) life of the Planet.

Brogden is but one example of what appears, when the underbellies of the snakes in the pits of religion and politics are exposed.

A pit deeper and wider than any Universe. The hidden "black hole", as we're 'out-there'.