Deconstructing Marijuana prohibition

I been standing on the HEALTH pages of "The Australian" newspaper weekend 5-6th November 05 edition since that time, and summoning up the energy to read the lead article "Dope Head" by the Oz's science writer Leigh Dayton.

It's not all there, on the floor of my van anymore. The boots have lost me the second page of the article. Pooh! But the next page has another downer article against marijuana, I didn't bother reading it.

Sure, it's headline "Teenagers in greatest danger from cannabis-induced psychosis" could be argued convincingly, and no responsible smoker encourages youth to smoke - a Recognised Adage in Nimbin in "Abstinance is the best Alternative" - but without reading it I bet it doesn't address the damaging effects our mainstream, junk culture has on developing minds of Humans much younger than teenagers!

Seeing "Life" and the effects everything has on the developing mind of a Human Being is a touchy thing, full of "perspectives", themselves effected by many unaddressed "phenomena", such as the scientist's upbringing and indoctrination, overt and covertly impressed upon the mind by a typically impure authority, as are rife throughout academia and professional organs.

And in the religious 'colleges' they most-all come through.

A Fully Enlightened Human Being would see things in a very different way to our hallowed academia and scientists.

Typically I try to challenge the media bullshit, by going UP to the "Bigger Picture' of where and why we are out of control as a society, as a culture, and what, who, is making the Progress toward a more Balanced World so often a lost cause.

Here's the web address for the "Dope Head" article which inspired this rabbit:

Taking-off from paragraph two, and not getting to much more of the read, the following came:

Opening the mind as "dope" does, has one see the REAL state of "Life-on-Earth", and beyond, which, whether under the influence of Marijuana or not, can hit one like a steamtrain, and/or often leading to depression, suicide etc.

Knowing how rude our western consumer culture is, is pretty depressing, often more so when you're born into it, and feel it is inescapable.

The ensuing disregard for the hitherto only half-seen social "civil" institutions of law and overgovernment, and capitalism, with it's actually evil, divisive agenda, must be expected, and considering the delapidated state of most modern western institutions, may well be Right, Correct to Advocate.

Smoking Marijuana, and just the act of smoking this so-demonised prohibited substance, challenges staid conventions so that it effects a very "Expansive" state-of-mind. "There IS More!" Something, a Higher, Broader state-of-mind that the western powers have denied for centuries, to the disadvantage of the masses. Perhaps.....?

Smoking Dope actually helps a True Seeker's mind see and handle the reality - the oft' depressing reality, of the fraud that so-much of western consumer society culture is.

This causes disgust and disrespect enough for antipathy to grow toward the staid, narrow cult of Judeo-Christian materialism (Mammon). The ol' golden-calf-tribe again, today, at it's worst.

Marijuana is judged by the Brettonwoods media consortia from a complexity of unsustainable western "norms". Western Judeo-Christian "norms" seen in the Complete Picture as

1) NOT "normal": 75 percent of Humanity don't have a car, a telephone, a flushing toilet, toilet paper, Foster's Lager, etc, and

2) a "Normal" Life is a Natural Life, while we live on a Natural Planet.

3): A lot of Peoples have smoked Marijuana for eons, and their ways didn't destroy the planet.

4) The Cultures which include smoking of the Herb often have more ethical approaches to finance, money, economics, than do the predominant western Judeo-Chrisatian Banker covens. (This alone is enough reason for the psycho's in N.Y. London and Paris to be down on Islam.)

The 'western' "norm" is the most dangerous series, group, creole and random set of customs on Earth, and in Earth's history.

Avoiding Marijuana and staying within western traditional social norms, unsustainable norms, a Human unit or group will capably avoid the HARD Truths about basicly everyone's REALPOLITIK Set of Duties, Responsibilities, of facing HARD FACTS about our very excessive western materialist culture.

The Australian newspaper, sponsored by cohorts in mass-control; product manufacturing and advertising cartellian corporations, aka Rupert Murdoch aka Brettonwoods - media (read "mind-juice") global monopolisers (read "blind psychotic Illuminadi-type power-hungry puppets") has a hammering article against Marijuana with all manner of jargon and imaginative descriptions of how brains develop in adolescence - speculation all.

The implicit suggestion is that dope has youthful minds see or model their perspective in a way anti-pathetic to social balance.

But all "norms" are on sand these days, and so who is to say the footings of our judgemental culture are more Sound than those the Illuminadi condemns, the huge number of very balanced Arab, Islamic, Asian Cultures which have stood for millennia, some?

Our culture is destroying the planet!

That's pretty depressing!

Our aberrant western household, family, work, relationship customs, send us insane, individually, and as a society.

That's pretty depressing!

Doctors are full of pharmaceutical corporate bullshit!

That's pretty depressing!

When it comes to curing the depression, ROLL-ON GW Bush/ pharmaceuticals/ Illuminadi and their drugs - mixed on dispensing the prescription with a few spells convincing you "You are depressed and need these pills!"

People know this happens now, and often say "Fuck-off!" resorting to a Natural, better high and relaxant and mind-expander in-one - Marijuana.

Today, to fail to connect the moguls of media, global government, pharmaceuticals, energy, banking, and militarism as the dark powers of the Illuminadi and with being the greatest danger planet Earth has faced, is fatal.

If smoking Marijuana helps a person become a Human Being by seeing the FULL Picture of Earthly, Astral and Spiritual Life, and with the rising INSIGHT sees the aberrant orb of western materialism, and from this is Enspirited to live either out-of, or in active resistance against the western mainstream, then it is obvious Brettonwoods would throw it's forces into once more, demonising the Holy Herb.

On "Brettonwoods"; would Lachlan Murdoch really have the choice of severing his business relationships with daddio, and thus from the larger cold force of global lever-pullers? (?)

As it may be safely assumed Murdoch and thus son Lachlan are wed to a power-plan if-not-structure, of one mighty cult or mob or another, and, as it's so BIG, ie., big enough to engineer YOUR death and the demise of all your mates, Lachie, I venture to theorise, has been "volunteered" to come out here and loiter in the best Aussie real estate to be close to the heart of the HELP END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION (H.E.M.P.) Party - Numb-Bums, er..., NIMBIN.

And what fun he's been having.

On Brettonwoods, Bush and global pharmaceutical corporations, it's clear the ultimate directors of these psychotic, antidemocratic phenomena are of a consortia of longtime elite dynasties. Family lineages who have for generations, if-not centuries employed all and any means on their long march to maximum power over the world - ultimately over the People.

Major players in the west, indeed the 'keystones' of much of our culture, has been the institutions of control of the Common Hunger for explanation of what the Spitritual Life is, or should be - the religions.

The most Ancient Elites, were most likely Fully Enlightened Humans, Attaining Oneness with AUM, and Oneness with Wise Knowledge of the Spiritual, Magical, Astral and Earthly Realms.

But long ago that was severed - The Fall - and western Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions have only had written records of these, since.

The social, then warlordal, elites, once severed from Theocratic, or Divine Rule/control, sought to and won control of religion, and thus to a large extent control of the Astral Realms of power. At least the ability to use it against the Masses.

This has been the weapon of the western elites (and no doubt of the rest) for Noble, if-not by psychoticly warped methodisms for over two thousand years, at least, at-a-guess.

Brettonwoods, Bush family, all the aforementioned energy consortia etc., HAVE to be in with these type of supercontrollers. Nowadays occult manipulators to the extent of effecting your buying a Holden or a Hyundi, as THEY wish.

"Paranoid?" If you like.............

I, after withstanding fifteen years of persistant occult assault by the deviant occultists of the elite - and all the others they 'snapped' and turned against me - have come to suspect that the occult is one of their most powerful weapons in their fight to 1) totally control the world's "mass-mind", 2) destroy Purer, less psychotic, less consumptive Cultures such as Islam, Arabic, Asian and Aboriginal Cultures and 3) manipulate the mind of selected individual(s) to be evangelic, voicing the puppet-master's seductive (or whatever) mental projections, making the puppets leaders, Messiahs, as they wish. As they can control him/her, like the Liberal Party of John Howard, like lil' ol' me, and perhaps like old Jesus ben Joseph.....

The fact that modern society has been awakened to the Full Picture of the Astral Realms, from King to Pauper, a shift of power has occured, like few others in history.

With the occult powers, hidden occult powers having been the biggest gun of the elite - suiciding politicians is not a new thing - now in the hands of Socialist forces also, and the Common Man is less shackled than ever, the elite can no longer assume control of the masses according to the likes of the Nazi, Brettonwoods plan of the late 1940s.

It may be that we cannot arrest these psychos and the damage done until we can piece the complete picture together and expose the connections and collusions they so long have formed, between the pharmaceutical corporations, oil, energy, medicine, religion, and the crude forms of government we now have, and the unarguable Benefits Marijuana gives to Humanity.

Unarguable Benefits which would bring down the western dirt-bags of Washington, Omaha, Paris, London, Tokyo etc. and their filthy megalomania.

No wonder The Australian newspaper aka Murdoch aka the Illuminadi are down on Marijuana.

Arrest them!

Arrest them!

By Law of the Living Mother Earth!



State of the Union Address

State of the Union Address
by Max No Difference
Nimbin, Australia
24th November '05

After a long period of political deceit, massive perversion of the course of justice, massive perversion and ignorance of international business protocols, and massive corruption of the minds of more people than have even ever existed on the planet, the latest rendition of utter corruption - the GW Bush United States Administration stands at the healm of the about to be most failed state on Earth, and perhaps in all of our recent 25,000 year social evolution.

The United States of America.

It is rather fascinating listening to all the experts, commentators and pundits on global issues, be they political, religious or climatic, some trying not to scream about the impending crises - crisis-plural - some making-out they are jumping up-and-down, while trying not to appear too loonie/fringe/marginal - sane - some more interested in their own salary than the end of the world in their own lifetime (VERY STRANGE BEAST THIS WHITEMAN?) and some, like me, rebelling and screaming about Humanity's desperate need to go the other way....., all the way to living like Aborigines, if we are to survive and in the least do something to save the environment also.

Funny how the last lot, the Screaming Rebels, don't get much publicity and "airtime".

But, one can't help but feel that at the end of every article on the dangers to life-on-Earth, the news-crew simply switch-off the devices and move on to the next article "NEXT!"

Nevertheless, while some go nuts, some just keep their nose to the grindstone and hope there's going to be bread in the supermarket tomorrow.

Yet...., trying to keep a thread here...., I see and hear few commentaries on the overall status of the United States of America today.

Well, here's mine.

It's fucked, mayte. Have another cup of, or convert to herb tea and get over it.

Following the last bunch of disasters to afflict the mighty Union of America - the series of hurricanes, failed responses from the Administration, exposures of corruption reaching up to the Vice President's office, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, and Iraq, etc., etc., etc., (No WMDs, means Saddam is significantly less guilty! see my blog on Saddam Hussein's Trial at maxnodifference.blogspot.com posted Monday 7th November 2005) the levels of poverty and crime in the USA., the numbers of non-criminals incarcerated in US prisons, the recent exposures of US-run torture-centres in eastern Europe, the levels of debauchery, corruption and BAD CULTURE darkly poured over the minds hearts and Souls of every American citizen (for at least fifty years), and the blatent wholly negative effects of that example of extreme consumerism, the mighty US of A, I really think it's time to put the question - Holy Jeeeesussss?!?!?!? - should the United States of America abandon the Union of it's fifty-plus "States", and devolve the extremely centralised power structure(s) away from Washington, and back to, or for the first time, to the individual States?

Should the United States of America disband it's Union?

I think so.

I think so because it has thus far failed. Too far off the screen for most westerners to see, let alone admit, say-what?

Hurricane Katrina, as I said in an earlier blog, and in a concurrent blog-poem at poemsofmaxnodifference.blogspot.com

was a manifestation of some pretty evil dudes, out-of America. They could have been Mormons, they could have been the U.S. military, they could have been the Illuminadi.

Whoever, I'd reckon the perpetrators of that dark storm had some serious ideological problem with the levels of debauchery that existed in New Orleans, and regarded it as a blight on the complexion of the American Puritan Ideological skin/map, enough to have to 'wipe-it-out'.

As to how much their own ancestors set-the-scenes for the current psycho-economic state of the north American continent, whence grew the current insanity of social and personal breakdown, we may be able to establish. But they don't want that.

But attempting to slice through the bullshit ex-USA, New Orleans may well have been just one of the many rather less capitalistic cities of America, as maybe assumed from Louisianna's Governorship happy to do trade with their neighbour, Cuba.

Other States also, I feel sure, must feel less enthusiastic about the Bush Administration's hubris and obvious insanity. Dark insanity.

As it's me, I'll guess an' say the "Vote" on whether the Union should remain together, would, if HONESTY were to prevail, be about 50 percent either way.

Fear of retaliation by psychotic controlling Unionists (opening once more the ol' north/south, Unionist/Confederate divides), against the less fanaticly-capitalist U.S. Citizens, is I'd reckon, the main reason most Americans would not Vote to dissolve the Union.

If, on the other hand, in a Perfect world, everyone in the U.S. agreed the U.S.A. was totalled, finished, kaputo, and thus turned their attention to the most immediate concerns, of LOCAL Sustainability, on State-sized Bases, Foundations, a larger majority of U.S. Citizens than ever - I'd hazard-a-guess would quite Happily and possibly even Peacefully turn their hands and Hearts to a Social Agrarianist Union.

More U.S. States or less, larger and smaller, in Truth, See the folly-nay-evil of unrestrained capitalism - no matter how many 'benefits' it supposedly brings - See the Economy, Logic, Wisdom and Shared Joy of the most relaxed Social way of shared resources.

Relieved of any fears from the rednecks, the bovver-boys of the dirty-dirty right-wing establishment, many Americans may well let-go of their less healthy consumer habits, and become Sustainably focussed-if-not-living.

More social, more down-to-Earth, more Honest, more................? Christian?

"Don' got no choice! Pardner?"

Could solve a LOT of PROBLEMS.

Not that it matters, because, after the dreaded apocalypse at Mageddon, we'll all be reduced to that Good ol' frugality anyway.

Argh! The STRUGGLE!!!!?

NO choice, pardners..............




Saddam Hussein's Trial?

The trial of Saddam Hussien in Europe is mainly a fiasco, and all Strength to Saddam's Arm.

He has legitimate claim to innocence for his being a seduced patsy of/for the 'forward officers' of Big Oil Inc - the C.I.A., MI-6, and probably Mossat also, in there just to add to the subtle undermining of Middle-Eastern, Arabic populations and cultures, before the overt grab for the booty - war. Subtle subversions - subterfuge tactics began early, that these three 'agencies' are so good at.

Tactics, decades in the implementation, designed to breakdown - destroy - any ancient Sound, Solid - Sustainable Culture to satisfy the west's short term expansionist desires.

Western materialist expansionist desires, no longer tenable desires, if only because they are the basis and means of sustenance of the decadent western, capitalist, consumer culture, which is by itself, destroying the environment of the whole planet.

Saddam has been seduced until trapped, for around twenty five years, into behaving how he did.

AND, he did NOT have any weapons of mass destruction!

Then there's "sanctions", sold in past decades to western voters as legitimate ways of stopping errant nations, usually from the massively dissadvantaged third world.

Now, we of the western masses see 'sanctions' as the worst penalty to any developing country. It cannot be overlooked that the self same type of sanctions as have been imposed by the big boys of global power on the less capitalist-oriented nations have left a trail of political, social and cultural breakdown right across the planet perhaps, it could be said, from the last five hundred years of Euro-Anglo-US expansionism, but certainly of the last forty years or so.

Sanctions do not help any Genuine Human Development interests.

Education was very good in Iraq before the yanks turned on Saddam - for oil.

The record of events involving western and Iraqi interests over the last twenty five years, will show that Saddam has Legitimate claim, even to compensation, and to compensation to his beloved, historically Magestic People of Iraq, from the western forces and, in the end, from the private interests that have so darkly profited from the war/wars - British, American and European (inc Russia) oil giants. Also, how much of Iraq's oil ends up in Israel?

Also, Saddam has Legitimate claim to ignoring the trial and to calling it corrupt for one quite seperate reason alone.

It will be impossible for any western-based international court to be Impartial in hearing and adjudicating over the trial. Same-same with any jury.

This is a very important point, if we are to pursue justice, even in the face of Illuminadi-type hawkish behaviour by the western-right.

Four years of the most massive western, and other, media-coverage, a totally profitable exercise in itself - more profitable if they can broadcast live footage of rockets and explosions and - blood-and-guts - has been waged against Iraq-but-specifically Saddam.

There was the 9/11 justification - proved false. (Oh? Did you hear the latest rumour?! 9/11 was financed by Rupert himself!)

Then there's the extended demonisation by the mainstream western media against the stoic Middle-Eastern Indigenous Peoples, focusing here-and-there on the easy target of one leader or another, climaxing in the utter denigration and demoralisation of Hussein and his Peoples. But demonisation of the Arabs, and every other non-Jewish culture has been the best-seller in the west (Hollywood and the rest) for at least one hundred years.

In the west, the masses, right across the class-spectrum, have been subjected to a drenching of their minds by the collusive Brettonwoods media cartels (Murdoch and coven, who determined to set-out to gain full control of the planet's media in the late 1940s, and who collude fully with their elite buddies in corporate oil, resources, weapons, and consumer-products), with coverage of the invasion of Iraq etc., and always from the perspective of the invading US-coalition forces being in the right, and with Saddam Hussein as being the ultimate enemy.

That the western media conspired with the military in the orchestration of the illegal invasion of Iraq, there is no doubt.

Most everything the western and the planet's 'voters' have received via media on the situation in Iraq over the last twenty years has been DOWN on Saddam, following, usually blindly, the agenda-ridden political advice from the rotten western governments. Including Australia.

With such a level of ignorance of the unpublicised FACTS about why Saddam deteriorated, so accepted by the majority of the global society now, it will be absolutely impossible for any judge or jury to "See" the case for it's FACTS, and thus turn the spotlight onto the true culprits - the western oil powers - and let Saddam Hussein go free.

Even after all the hoopla of the last few years about setting-up a western-friendly government in Iraq, thus further dulling of our minds as to the crimes of everything to do with the invasions (1991 and 2003), Saddam Hussein may still be the Legitimate President of Iraq.

Nevertheless, the unavoidably partial judges who sit on this trial bench, without an equally thorough media barrage of THE FACTS, perhaps having to last four-to-fourteen years, would not dare to let him off lightly - DUE TO THE FACTS - for fear of another hyped-up public and political, and media reaction, leading to the judges being pilloried.

There's hardly been a trial more known to the global public than this one of Saddam Hussien.

None has ever been preceeded by so much clearly negative publicity in the media's criminally biased coverage of the two wars.


Saddam Hussein cannot stand trial until the protagonists and conivers in the US Administration and coven are investigasted fully for their underhanded involvement in the destruction of the Middle-Eastern Cultures of Iraq, Iran, Et Al, covering hmmmm?, at least fourteen years.

Puts the two invasions of Iraq into a different light?

Finally, with immediate relevance to Saddam's record........ the Truth be Known, half the 'war' on Iraq's Indigenous Culture and on Saddam himself, has been quite viciously waged by the Brettonwoods media consortia - global. Perhaps over fifty years?

This must beg the question - "When are the moguls of our global media going to be put on trial, for facilitating the destruction of the planet by advertising "Ethics-free" consumerist bad magic, and for intensifying disputes through their bogoted coverages and opinions?" The war on Iraq being but the most recent case-in-point.

"What say you Rupert?"


CSIRO sell-off be damned!

We're entering an Age where more People know how we would do Best, to Live.

Agrarian Socialism.

So, the Impartial Inquirer into agricultural science dives into the global oil and coal race?

How many recognise the danger in such a shift of focus?

If they, the CSIRO, leave agricultural science, who, what deeply familiar institution, WHICH IS NOT PARTIAL TO GLOBAL CORPORATE PERSUASION, but to the PERRENIAL Sustainability of Human Life and Good, I say Good, Culture, one and the Same indeed, who will replace them? It?

It was destined to come about, while we were shit-scared of our own devils.

I guess it follows with the old "selling-off-the-farm". May as well flog the/a leading (though not of the last few years, due to 'cutbacks' in funding) research institute to the trippers riding on false realities about Power, and it's unrecognised dangers.

I guess I'm saying that there should be an inquiry into the make-up of the CSIRO board, and their personal sssuasions, and 'friends', and spin-twist-doctors who have convinced them to subvert a once fine public institute into being a dark-energy R&D slave.

Perhaps they were, some of their 'happening' scientists, onto a range of extremely modern experiments which threatened to challenge the newly focused-upon oil and coal industries?

Energy? Soil rehabilitation? I don't know, but I've gotto put out a theory e'ry now and then!

Who knows which industry has an interest in stopping the CSIRO from being an Happening, Forward, Optimistic-looking and Benevolent Institution?

Oil, Coal? Water? Medicine, Electricity, fossil fuels?

"Gotto ask the quvestions, Compadres!"

Certainly needs more inquisitve media than most national, local, agrarian, reformist media might yet give it.