Jihad with the Lot! Hold the Hamas!

Or is that, "Hamas with the Lot, Hold the Jihad!"?

(I just emailed this document and the "attachment" following it, to 26 Middle Eastern and other global addresses, from newspapers and "Permanent (Diplomatic) Missions" in Russia and China to the USA.)

First, at the risk of further offending the right-wing, Judeo-Christian druglords of the planet, a la the US Administration, British parliament, Australia's political movements, Europe, etc, let me Congratulate Hamas for their Victory.

Salutations! Comrades!

May Palestine and Allah forgive me for the title to this blog. I certainly mean no offence to Either.

I've been trying to catch-up on world events these last months, in regard to the "hold" the global druglords have on Humanity, on the "Middle East" no less, and it's looking like everyone in any considerable level of political power, is involuntarily involved in the trade.

Thus the rest of us, are left few choices but to follow. Is this the real root of corruption?

The apparent "opposition" to the world's drug-runners, is the USA, in the form of it's massive, wealthy and fanatically materialistic Christian fundamentalists, whose power is translated almost directly upto the US military-industrial complexities, via, as best as I can discern, the huge and insatiable 'consumer goods', 'commodity' marketplace America has evolved (globally) for itself.


So who, or whose "belief system" is the Truly Righteous One, for Humanity to follow?

As I've read, the international drugs trade has been running since Adam was able to burn-one-down, and, it may be, in consideration of the several Sound Reasons to Correct other Cultures perceived by the crusaders, and all-following colonialists, that drugs, as part of general "Human Culture", and even for the Upliftment of Humanity, are by far the preferred alternative to the excessively consumptive mammonic lifestyles advocated by the Judeo-Christian 'golden-calf-tribes'.

'Golden calf tribes' who fanaticly and dangerously push western-style free-market capitalism, in the guise of "media", "advertising and marketing agencies", "banks", "consultancies', "polical advisors", "political 'think-tanks'", etc., especially to national parliaments.

And the global drug lords, who are, in several regions, one-and-the-same.

As the Middle-East has been on the route to-and-fro market, I'd guess-a-hazard and say that it is very-much same-same there also.

So? Who stands in the way of any Peace, Justice or Democracy in the M.E.?

Oh that it were so simple?

The devil has made life complex, through the agencies of division, confusion and deceit. It has pervaded all arena of life, as we know it on Earth. And in the Astral Realms also, it seems.

Fear has been a major tool for evil, and one recent one is the threat of what is called a "Pole Shift", where the arctic and antarctic poles warm-up so much (from 'global warming') and send too much water toward the equator for the planet to maintain it's stable rotation.

The consequences would be, if this were a reality, the end. Nuclear material exposed by the radical planetary spin would contaminate the globe for eons.

Be a cockroach.

Much of the US Administration's, and other fundamentalist western religions supporting their policies, firmly believe the end is nigh, inevitable.

Those blinded by the last thirty/forty years of occultism throughout the American Christian groups, cults, blind readers of "Tha Werd!" ("The Word!") of the Bible, are spellbound into looking in a book for answers to their inevitable questions of "What will happen?" etc. Thus, they adhere to the Book as the complete message, and are left no choice but to believe that the last Book "Revelation" is the Destiny of Humanity.


Bad magic!

With the level of power they have, it is hard to not accept their's as the inevitable end.

This concurs with the feared "Pole Shift" generated by the "scientific community" of the west, and adds to desperate and fatal policies, beliefs, actions.

This, feeds an insanity very infectious, especially if applied, or passed-on, on a current of bad magic, telepathic energy. The Middle East has been at the centre of a major-major occult tussle for centuries before the crusades, and therefore has been 'infected' with false beliefs forever. It is not so much the false beliefs which concern me (us) here, but the telepathy upon which it is transmitted.

People, when clear-of-mind, are able to discern between true and false beliefs.

But magic applied to a vulnerable mind, can completely distort one's intellectual abilities to "see the Truth".

Fathers and mothers 'apply' it to their children, Priests to their flock. Corporate bosses to their employees. Yuppees to everyone.

Politicians and warlords to their supporters.

So? "What's goin on Hamas?"

You say "death to Israel?"


In mind of their 1980s approach of "Mutually Assured Destruction", one cannot blame you.

Life is NOT that complex HOWEVER, that we, Humanity, cannot "SORT IT OUT!"

So, if my Family of the Middle East cannot make a clear, Community-wide Decision as to how to Progress from now, I cannot blame you - you are at the centre of the ideological "spin" campaign(s) of the bigger global powerplayers, ruthless bastards all-of-them, I loosely blaspheme.

But, with Allah's Permission, I here Assert my opinions upon the Peoples of every Nation within the labelled region "The Middle East"!

Borders to me are merely "economic exclusion zones". The M.E. must know this more than any of us, what with the ruination of the Ottoman Empire, and the "colonial" divisions into the shitfight we now read about today. Divisions which you live under.

I am known to have a way with words, which worries me, for I am able to see Good in oft' perceived evils, and say it in writing.

So it is with Hamas' declaration to destroy Israel!

"SELL! SELL!" echoes across the stock exchange.

"Relax!" Israel! You too have Rights, wherever you now have Roots.

However, as you, Israel, are a product of a rather psychotic master plan out of the last blind era of religious fanaticism, which has always transferred itself into the political arenas, you must also concede that the route you are following is a vicious and devastating "cul-de-sac".

But as I said Israel, "Relax!"

"Borders" Folks, Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, Christian, Jew!

How can your region function Naturally, According to Allah, YHVH, Jesus if you, and your Ancient Families, are divided?

I have my opinions about "Messianism" of the Judeo-Christo-Islamic belief systems. I believe that person, is not so much a Great Teacher, as a Magi, come to clear our heads of our demons of false beliefs. Beliefs laid upon our desperate and naive minds by occultists not dissimilar to the fanatical Rabbis behind Israel's Likud Party. Etc.

Beliefs which if followed will lead to the end of the world.


There has been, over the last ten years, a massive re-alignment "in" People all over the planet, through Education, of their own Spirituality and Power, and also of the FACTS about how Humans may Best Live on Earth.

"Leviticus 25". "Henry George".

I cannot say as a fact, however, I venture to say that a large percentage of Humanity, on every piece of Land on Earth, now see the 'rorts' inherent in the dominant paradigm of western free-market capitalism etc., and, with Good Spiritual Guidance, are becoming stronger, and thus more able to "let go" of the "addictions" western materialism "IS" and has thrust upon us.

"Agrarian Socialism" is being recognised as Humanity's True Way to Co-Exist on Earth on every continent and island. Away with the "industrial plague" out of the psychotic west!

"Division" has been key to the success of the west, and this manifests no more blatantly than in dividing the People from their Land.

This is so whether we talk about the falsities of "national borders" as the world now calls "economic exclusion boundaries", or the falsities of the ultimate in social, familial and thus Cultural divisiveness:- the "nuclear family"!

The "nuclear family" concept is the lowest form of social division, before society collapses, but is the most profitable way for the commercial powers, and their industrialists to run a society. It is the application of "Economies of Scale" so-called by economists, but IN REVERSE.

The concept is applied against the Community, against Humanity (Indeed! If you wanna be really rich, you have to become a misanthropist!) by the one method of "division".

So it is in the M.E. While the M.E. remains so, Israel will be in danger.

"Who pops the first nuclear warhead?" may be the MAD question?

Getting back to "Destroy Israel!", I say "Yes!", but with those other weapons Allah gives every Mother, and Peace-loving Father.

"Wisdom!" "Knowledge!" "Truth!" "Justice!"

Education on;


The only Way Acceptable to Allah, YHVH, Jesus, is Unity in Ownership of the Land. So to destroy Israel is to do the same to all the regions instruments of division - national borders.

Borders between Iraq/Iran, Gaza/Israel/West Bank/Lebanon/Jordan/Syria/-Saudi Arabia/Turkey/Egypt Et Al. Between ALL OF YOU must go, if you are to survive.

"Leviticus 25" Islam! "Leviticus 25" Jew! "Leviticus 25" Christian!

These issues, as you can see, have been considered for some time.

To add further hubristic-perhaps suggestions to the People of today's "Palestine", Israel, and the Middle East generally, I end by referrring the reader to an "Hypothesis" I scribed last week on the future of our own region in northern New South Wales in Australia:

the attachment "Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands".

Peace Be With You!

May The Perfect Existence Be Your Inspiration


The "attachment" referred to above is for the first time, here published for public perusal, below:


In Recognition of the Original Owners of this Land, the "Bunjulung Peoples",
with Sincere Thanks for their Sharing these Lands with us and all who pass
through, I, a Nomadic Resident of Nimbin and surrounds, whose name Max No
Difference, offer the following Treatise, and Treaty, to Humanity, and to God.

Thus far, an hypothesis, perhaps "The" Hypothesis, on "How A Local Can Save
The World"? Or such....

To All People who would Prefer a Peaceable Global Revolution.

I Begin by Addressing the following to the Peoples of this Northern Rivers “Rainbow” Region of New South Wales, and Call initially, for their Support.

Addressed Herein, is the Popular Recognition by the Tenants of this region of
northern New South Wales, on the eastern sea-board of the Island-Continent of
Australia, that there is a Want amongst us, The People, young-and-old,
white-through-black, (a Want also in the vast majority of People Worldwide), to Live in Greater Harmony with the Nature of the Precious Land, and on Mother
Earth generally.

To this End, we Recognise the Need, based in Spirituality and Good Science,
to Enable as Best as Possible, the "Arising" of a Completely or Wholisticly
Founded, Wholisticly-Centred Culture.

This, with Great Sadness, we recognise, points to a difference in our Common
beliefs about Personal, Social and Cultural "directions", and that the Balanced
Mind Knows the dominant culture in Australia is in FACT, the most detrimental
to all, All Life-on-Earth.

Therefore our faith in our political representatives is at it's lowest.

In Response to their failing to face and Address these FACTS, we, The People
of the region herein named, namely the "Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands"
choose to Organise Ourselves, Locally focused through the large number of "Multiple Occupancies" (M.O.s) and Aboriginal Communities hereabouts, and, Claim the Right Ourselves to Assert, through Good Law only, our Political and Economic Will through "Autonomy" from all levels of the current (mis)-governing regimes.

By "Autonomy" I mean: "the ability to govern, to manage our own Lands, its
Fauna, Flora and systems of Natural Self-Sustainability, its industries,
development and, Distribution of the Area's Tenants. The ability also to raise our own revenue we Claim, both toward becoming self-sustainable in terms of
infrastructure, utilities and public services like Energy, Communications, Education and Health, Transport, including roads and rail etc., where feasible, and where
possible to plan for future implementation of an Wholly "Green" NRAL Homeland.

We Claim the Right, to Do Our Duty To Humanity, and therefore demand that the
current three tiers of Australian governmentation, continue to fund We the
Tenants of the Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands, as we Establish the Culture we
regard as Imperative, if Australia and possibly the world is to Save it, our

We demand the governments specifically fund the NRAL in terms of expanding on the area's ancient Tradition of Learning and Teaching, so that this Land and
it's Occupants can increase it's Usefulness to All.

We Assert that we are NOT militant. We Proclaim that we wish to continue to
Work Together with the relevant Police Service(s), to continue to improve the
Mindful Relationships already in existence.

We Proclaim in Common, that the Lands, Waters and all Natural Life Alive in
our Region, is Precious beyond monetary valuation, for any personal profit which
takes an undue proportion of the Common Wealth inherent in the Land, for the
individual, and for that; THE LAND CANNOT BE DIVIDED IN OWNERSHIP.

Privacy of and Security of Tenure we Acknowledge as Paramount to letting Grow
a Centred, Progressive and Peaceful Individual-thus-World, therefore we
Acknowledge the Practical, Most Economic Needs for and of Land Reform, and we Assert it is Our Duty and Right to Invoke Land Law according to "Leviticus 25" and "Henry George" Et Al, as Above all current federal, state and local council laws
and statutes which come into conflict with these True Laws of the Land.

We, The People of the herein named "Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands", out of
Broad and Deep Awareness of the condition of our One Mother Earth, and of the
condition of Her Progeny, Humans, Proclaim this our Autonomy, oiur Duty, as a Solid, United and Tangible Show of Support for Community-Focused Agrarian
Socialist, "Counter-Industrial" Governments and Pro-Land-Reform Political Parties
around the Four Corners of Our One Common Mother Earth.

To This the Most Noble Goal, we Proclaim Independence from the current,
terminally corrupt state and federal systems of Taxation and Revenue-raising,
financing and Cultural, and Religious, ineptitude.

As the "Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands", We Extend our Hand of Welcome to All.

We are a region of Learning and Teaching, known in Similar Ways for eons
before white invasion, in the old People - the "Nimbinji" Peoples.

Nimbin, means "Wiseman" in the "Bunjulung" language.

Since 1973 a Fresh Breed, and Brand, of Learning and Teaching has come here
in "The Aquarius Movement".

In the thirty-three years to-now, 2006, a large number of Aboriginal and White Communities now established in the NRAL, have Nurtured and Fostered Great Knowledge for westerners living in and visiting Nimbin and it's surrounds.

Knowledge in ever-greater Demand globally.

Knowledge Too Important to lose.

Knowledge Precious enough to require the Whole Body Politic and Whole
Community to (in Reality, Educe from Within!) Learn and "Steep" deep into their Hearts and bones, so-as, as One Mob, One Community, to keep it Safe from dilution, corruption and loss.

"The" Spiritual and Economic Knowledge to Safely and Perennially Found Democracy upon.

So, we are NOT in competition with Australian Authorities, as Democracy Based
on True Political and Economic Knowledge is Our Collective, Popular, Legal and
Ethically Just Aim and Ideal. Democracy is also Our Path.

The Village of Nimbin, the unofficial (and no doubt disputed) Capital of the
NRAL, and the many Centres of Learning and Teaching here and hereabouts, is
Dedicated to Keeping the Paths and Channels to That Highest Knowledge Open to All Seekers, for All of Humankind.

Therefore, for the Betterment of All levels of Government in Australia, and
for a Higher Quality of Life for All Her Citizens/Tenants, We The People of
NRAL, as One, Proclaim, perhaps as a first stage to Independent Statehood, the
Creation of the "Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands" region, and our unscheduled
Goals of Political, Economic and Religious Reforms, beginning with Land Reform, as of the First of May 2006.

In this Act, we as well, Call All Sister Lands and Sister Communities across
Australia, New Zealand, and across Mother Earth to Invoke Similar "Claims of

We also Call all the divided Peoples of our (and all) cities and the People-divided of the Bush, to Stand for the Same Truths, to Seek the Same Knowledge, and Armed with That, to banish social division within Your Own.

We also Call Indigenous Peoples of All Lands to Unite with us the People of
and around Nimbin Australia, Ourselves from All Corners of the Earth, to Assert
the Truths about Good, Perennial, ‘non-consumerist’, Culture, It's Importance and Requirement for Justice, to Enable Peace.

We Recognise also, the terminal nature of the political and economic
structures of the Nation of the United States of America, and, in Unison with some
Billions of Allies, here Call for the "Peaceful Dissolution of the Federation of
the Nation of the United States of America", into, we suggest only, Autonomous
Counties, States or groups of Counties/States, NOT beholden to forced immoral and
financial supporting of the wholly corrupt United States federal, national
political “cartel”.

Republican and Democrat.

No blame.
We also Recognise the terminal nature of the western Judeo-Christian beliefs,
and Call for Devotees of All True Faiths, Religions and Philosophies to our
Region, to Share.

To Learn and Teach the Economic and Spiritual Truths.

We believe it is incumbent upon all three “Abrahamic” Faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to Speak out in Support of this NRAL Document, this Treaty to All Brands of Human character and Human interpretations of God’s Will and Word.

“Leviticus 25”.
“Henry George”.

This Call extends of course to All Faiths, Creeds, Cults, Philosophies, to Publicly Speak God’s Truth about the Issues Addressed herein, and here in the Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands, about “God’s Property, and Mankind’s”, and show their Support Courageously and Overtly, for this Treaty.

We The People of NRAL, believe in Local, Community Banking, Founded on
Scientific Economic Facts, in Harmony with, i.e., to Compliment, Community Ownership of Land, short and long term Tenancy Agreements, "Titles of Secure Tenure", and small and large monetary loans.

More Issues Ready for Addressing include the following;

Observational satellites? Community Infrastructure? Foodstuffs and general
supplies? Transport? Energy? Industrial regulations? Industrial Hemp?
Cannabis? Other "Drugs"? Prohibition? Other Medications/Medical treatment?
Pharmaceuticals? Alcohol? Health? Education? Media? Governorship? Policing? Military Service? Taxation? Employment? Environment? Democracy? Social Peace? Inner Peace? Religion? Land Repair? Reforestation?
Land Reform? Saving the World?

Finally, the three Issues most in need of Addressing now, to my mind, are;

1, Global drug cartels?
2, The possibility of a “pole shift” in less than six years. Perhaps in less than 2,000 days from now, and
3, The loss, or “theft” of Spirituality, thus the theft of our Right-Minded Strength, Personally and Collectively to Stand for what Truly is Good, in terms of personal and political behaviour and consequent Law?
Or, in other words, the theft of our True Spiritual and Economic Knowledge?

Fear not.

May The Perfect Existence Be Your Inspiration

Max No Difference


7 Abominations of the world

7 Abominations of the world

Theres a campaign going to update the "7 Wonders of the World", which prompted a mockery copy on local ABC Radio, which prompted me to think-up this.

7 Abominations of the World!

1) golden calf tribe's Mammonic beliefs,

2) Capitalism,

3) Judeo-Christian blind-faith ignorance in "Messiannism",

4) Private Land speculation,

5) today's advertising and marketing industry,

6) Illuminadi-type cults,

7) "White superiority" complex.


1), John Howard,

2) G.W. Bush,

3) Silvio Berlesconi,

4) Dick Chaney,

5) Donald Rumsfeld,

6) Billy Graham,

7) Rev Ian Paisley.


Max No Difference

Hash-Pipe Smoking Health Issue


Been smoking a four-inch long brass and aluminium "hash pipe" lately, after years of smoking scoobies, and reckon pipes of the kind just described, may be too harmful to the throat and oesophegoose (?) in terms of the heat hitting the back of the throat, burning it etc., to be used, especially as a replacement for joints, as joints often are, smoked often, smoking pipes too regularly seems likely to be very bad.

As an Issue of "Ethics", i.e., by doing what we can to reduce as much as possible, any harmful effects caused by smoking marijuana comes the question for Nimbin's shops to, sort-of, stop selling them.


Begs the question, "What do we replace pipes with?"

How about a modernised, scientificly designed bong?

The water cools, yes. And catches the crappy bits.

But are messy and inconvenient to travel with, from park-bench to park-bench.

Design, guys, design!?

The classic design for bongs sucks, I reckon.

The top, mouth hole is too big, so spoils the unsucked smoke in the chamber when the air mixes with it. The classic "Hooker" smoked in old Arabia, has the benefit of having the mouth hole, on the end of a much more convenient flexible hose, a mere four or five millimetres in diameter. So the smoker pops their thumb over the hole between puffs keeping the smoke "pure" if-I-may, for the next, and the next and-on.

So why not adapt this small mouth hole design to the new pipe?

Hmmmm? It's already got one maxxxx?

Hmmm? The problem is the distance from the heat source, the lighter and the cone, to the mouth, tongue, and throat?

Sam of the HEMP Bar has small ex-perfiume bottles set-up with 2-or-3mm dia., plastic pipe a la an hooker, in bong fashion in the top, passing through a rubber stopper etc.

Small, convenient, but not the best finish. But the concept may be a big improvement on these little pipes. And mine little $5 pipe is the longer of those available.

An Issue, of Health Care of our Customers?

Of Ethics?

"Alternative" doesn't necessarily mean forgetting "Ethics". It isn't such a big thing to do, to stop selling these small pipes.

It may be however, that most buy them for the trip, or such, with their ol' Faithful monster biong at home.

But a loosely designed monster, I'll bet.............

Someone here in Nimbin surely, with a lathe and a bit of brass rod etc, could design a mini-hooker-type bong, like these ones Sam has on the counter for sale ($20)?

Might sell for $15 to $20 each, and about $2 to $3 make. Maybe $5.

The Medical profession are down on smoking, especially when its trumpeted as "medicinal", so it stands to reason that we of the smoking brigade do everything to curb as many unhealthy aspects of the act and art and Spiritual Event of chugging on marijuana, that we can.

Ummm..., Issues of holding the "flame" of the lighter on the cone only to light the mull and NOT while one is drawing in the smoke, is cooler of course, but some mull doesn't burn that well, does it?



James "Casino" Packer Laundries Inc.


Just started reading an eye-opening book called "Dope, Inc. Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars", printed by New Benjamin Franklin House in 1986, which refers to the shift in the USA, by that nation's, Britain's and indeed the planet's big-time, like BIG time drug mafiosososo, into casinos, a la "Las Vegas" for the explicit purpose of "laundering" the dirty drug profits. This was over the last one hundred years, and less.

As to the ultimate purpose and employment of that under-the-craptable-money?

Some was for the pockets of the greedy rich bastards, and some was for a rather large counter-drug war mafiosoes, who railed against the prohibitions in law against use and importing etc of some drugs, while others, in the control of the global cartellian elite (well-embedded in global governments) were legal.

Something like that?

Well, funny that James Packer, since the passing-over of his father Kerry, is what, mooted to want to dump his media interests in favour of MORE CASINOS?


One must ask oneself?

Jeeezuz James!?

How on Earth can someone as positioned as yourself, turn away from the media in the most important era of Human, Earth existence?

Agreed, the large body of media "Titles" in PBL's stable are absolute trash, in, in this day and age, quality and "Upliftment" if-I-may, of the People.

But as you're such a young and spritely lad, albeit that Dad called you something like a dumb-arse, can you not see any sort of "Mission" in Life for yourself to embrace, or, Embrace, with the extremely powerful tool the media is. The media you, with Good Guidance, could employ to stop the social, environmental, political and icebergal decline (plural)?

Let's face it, the majority of your media-spunges/readers/watchers are as dumb-as-dog-shit, when it comes to popular entertainment. They see very little of the actual intentions of adverts, programs, docos, music, etc. A result of our Christian Mammonic cult, ex-Judea, ex-Egypt (IT WUZ THE PAROAH'S FAULT), they're resigned to find succour in out-there material things, like the media-junket Daddio established (by-hook-or-by-crook).

Thus we consume about twenty-times tooo much of what we ought, and melt the ice-caps in the process.

Daddio, it must be said, James, was acutely aware of this market, and ruthlessly exploited it.

It may be that you James are so ashamed of your father's empire and it's dumb-'em-down legacy that you want nothing to do with the, that, extremely filthy side of life.

A side which has powerful and generally negative effects upon the greater culture and society, if improperly used.

Nevermind upon the bloody KIDS!

So, as you have the choice, of turning away from your "Fellow Humans", albeit that your elite position has inherant trouble regarding yourself(selves) as one of the six billion-plus race, are you, like a blinded majority, running away from the FACTS about where Humanity, Australia, and wherever you like is going, and that, with a bit of True Dedication, from the downtown drunks to the richest most influential media mogul, the Corrections necessary, and IN A HURRY, ARE possible.


Co-operation for starters.

Hark! Does he mean Cooperatives? Collectives? Communes again?

Fuckin' Right he does!

Who has explored the roots of Culture? Of Culture worth Keeping?

No matter what "objections" come from those born to be led?

Democracy is a farse. A criminal farce, employed as a foil upon the eyes and mind of the masses.

The media is fundamental and instrumental in shaping and controlling the progress or otherwise of People and whichever Culture, whichever cult, arises around them. From within them.

To throw out an idea, guaranteed never to be directly adopted, but with something of an Altruistic tone to it, and an act, by the target and subject of this e-bloggmissile, James Packer has the choice to make:

I've shaken the confidence and misbeliefs of many a wealthy redneck with the vibe "Why be an arsehole to the majority of your Brothers and Sisters of Earth by fighting to protect the corruption that puts so many in poverty and depravity?
Corruption that so 'spoils' the children of the elite to being the worst examples of our species ever?"

"Far better" I say, "surely, to Stand Tall for Justice in Land Reforms and Distribution Issues, Issues Fundamental to ANY move by Humanity toward Peace on Earth."

History will treat you in a far Greater Light, you can be sure. For even though the very same media consortia and social peerage your family is intwined with, the global Brettonwoods 'gaggle' et al, seem terminally welded to the belief that they and their psycho-materialistic buddies have fucked the planet, or that it is rooted beyond a million-year nuclear winter, from about 2012 and a severe little pole shift, and therefore we have but one choice: excess-excess-excessive partying.................,

They may be wrong................

What then?

Much recrimination, much Celebration, much Work to be done.

Work from sweeping the gutters to Properly Informing and Educating the Masses.

With the experience you have accrued, with some frivolous and therefore ultimately expensive lessons ("crims" know much more than the obedient operator!), and the established connections, so-to-say, not all irreparably corrupt, a network as large and 'deep' in the country's view, psyche, Hopes, as yours, YOURS is, could give the six year old kids here behind me in the mobile library, a Sound Reason to watch tele, read magazines, and "Listen", and to Grow-Up not with false hopes but with True Facts about Life-on-Earth and beyond, to the New-Found Spiritual Realms those Lucky-Lucky kiddies are Destined to Inherit.

An Inheritance, Jamey ma' boy, of the Wisdom of the Natural Bliss that Lives beyond, behind the material shroud the current media-pathologicals have dumped upon us. An Inheritance many, many kids are being taught to Embrace round-about-these-Nimbin-Hills, and other Alternative Centres globally now, which needs quickly to be disseminated through the whole Human population. James.

Unless of course, you're a bloody "Revelationist" of the "Illuminadi"-type and believe Armageddon is unavoidable?

Thoughts become Options. Beliefs become Blissful Reality or support destructive behaviour, delusion. Truth has little chance against repetative dogma, forced into our minds. Dogma blocks Truth, creates untruths, creates delusions about everything. Especially the intangible Truths, the Esoteric, the Magical Possibilities.

It is EXTREMELY dangerous to leave such important aspects of the "Spiritual All" of each of us, thus of the Cosmos, of the past, present and future, of the Astral, in the hands of such a closed institution as our churches and synagogues, especially while they present the only doctrine, the only teachings, the only guidance to the flockers. Utterly untrue dogma and bad guidance such as "Have Faith" while the priesthood and their elite masters increase their wealth, and behind the scenes in far-off lands, commit the greatest atrocities against the Word of Jesus and of God.

This is worse than giving your Landlord total control over what goes in and out through your email Internet Service Provider (ISP).

There are more Australians (and Human Beings) wanting the planet to exist-on for a few thousand more years, than there are Illuminadi-partygoers. Partygoers it MUST be said, who come so forcefully from the religious institutions, colleges and cults. Cults of the Judeo-Christian warp believing imposed beliefs (accompanied by serious doses of bad magical spells) designed strickly to sustain the elite minority. At no matter whose, or how many's cost!

Get over it Christian! And don't be too lazy about it.

James Packer, please don't be influenced by the tripper who remains, social mores and beliefs are extremely dangerous from her circles, in this time of serious reassessment and change across the world.

Hard though this may be, but many of Australia's fatalistic, and ignorance preferring public, are just so, because of Kerry's approach, to Life, to Media and to other Australians. Even though I'm sure there are thousands of stories of his beneficence.

Its imperative that you have the Right "Team" with and behind you, say what. And I can well imagine how hard to find they are?

Circles, James, Circles. So, without any delay, young fella, I say you should get-up right now and drive to Nimbin for an ounce of Supremo Buds, roll-up wherever you can fiond a seat, get utterly wasted, and have a chat with the locals about media dissemination nationally, United under one Banner of Media and Political, Religious and Falafel Reform, a la the Newly Released "Nimbin Model" (yet to be written, but precursors can be obtained at www.maxnodifference.blogspot.com. Read ANY article!), of Co-Operation and Collective Empowerment Through The Facts!

Circles..., Hmmm? Kerry didn't have to be down there with the masses to be able to read them, and cater to their parochial demands in the fields of entertainment. But perhaps he 'cut-his-teeth' in a day when we of the rest-of-us weren't all so pressured, so driven to impress and exhert influence on his top-floor ilk?

Today, the Wise run a marathon to avoid the purile and sychophantic utterances from the ever-ambitious, who are ju-ust beneath your level, for the Wise Know they are dangerous to be around. Very profitable often, in the short-run, but for the Greater Good, I guarantee you, they are none-but-a-curse.

Hard Love there James, unfortunately, for I suspect those I've just described and denigrated are very much a part of your current, wealth-related associates, peer group and dynastic family friendships. Indeed, how can it be otherwise?

You may be surprised James Packer, of just how many people feel sorry for you, for they know you are likely never to really have a deep and lasting friendship with any more than a couple of mates, filthy-fucking-rich-mates, and that the vast majority of your relationships, particularly in the fashion-fanatical media of Kerry's creation, but probably MORE SO in the casino industry you have been steered to prefer, are totally superficial, with either fear of offending you or psychotic lust for your wealth and power bringing them to lick-your-arse whenever they can.

So THAT'S why James is rumoured to be leaving the media industry?

Well, as the evil empire of Channel Nine morphs without Kerry, James has the option of bringing it back to Reality with a shift in programming to be Instructive, Educative, Informative, AND FACTUAL, for the Betterment of Humanity, NOT YET EXTINCT.

Such an Idea, James, might very well attract around your Better Self, a Collective (Oh NO!) of Truer Spirits, Wiser Spirits, Positive and Magicly Creative Spirits, with the Will enough to Empower a whole suffering population to dispell the deceptions a dark religious cult has caste over us for several centuries.

The Collective Will, is pretty Powerful.......

The world is in urgent need of Sound Economic, Political and Social (Customs) Education.

Ve haf zee technology! Ve haf zee medium! And ve haf zee fatalistic, narrow-minded elite, saying "Fuck every child of the future! we want our Jollies NOW!"


"Because we can afford them!!!!!"

Ant... ve haf a stinkink rich kid who don' know where to spend his squillions.

We cannay be sure, but there is always a possibility a pole shift CAN be avoided.

Its a Spiritual Thing, y'know?

Not much is said of the "Three Wise Men" who allegedly attended Jesus ben Joseph's birth in Bethlehem. Adds 'mystery' to the story doesn't it?

"Magi" as these three were, don't get too much mention in the Judeo-Christian texts. It's possibly closer to the truth that Jesus was a Highly evolved Magi, rather than any "Messiah". Whence He came therefore, in the Cosmic and Spiritual and Galactic senses, is beyond me.

But His Power to Lift People's, the Fallen's, Minds to the Spiritual Heights was/is through the ability to change people's beliefs, to extreme optimism.

His Power was such that it gave them an immediate dissintegration of the delusions of limited beliefs, transporting them Straight to GOD, if you like.

We may laugh at this now and holler about the fact that Christianity is predominantly to blame for the environmental destruction, which brings into question the veracity of Jesus' Teachings, and of any alleged Truth He spoke.

But there is no doubt, as you know, James, that there is much much more to Live for here and beyond, with Right Thoughts, Right Actions, than any short-term delusions which may be popular amongst those little in Knowledge of the Whole Picture.

Maybe your Dad would smile down, or...., upon you, were you to put all the Capital Dad accrued into such an Optimistic, possibly Scientificly supportable Notion.

For the Future.

For the Kids.

For the Good of All.



Has anyone thought of this?


It's been brewing for a few months, and as it's tenable today, I'll abuse the HEMP Bar hospitality once more......

Has anyone ever thought that the actions and arrogance our mainstream politicians are putting these days, is a game of reverse psychology?

Most of them recognise fully the finite nature of our current global capitalist economy, and therefore, after the steeped studies of Society, see that as the cat is well out of the bag, so-to-speak, in regard to the masses not having enough self-control to not destroy themselves and the planet, they, our kind politicians, are working quite consciously (that's an added exaggeration) to make the said masses so-o-o-o pissed-off with the dominant 'system' that they just desert it for the newly-rising "Tree-Change" or "Sea Change".

Or, they do as more and more People of all ages and classes are doing:-

"Go Nomad!"

But that could be another personally-preferred exaggeration.....

Surely more and more are becoming aware of how dark the mainstream economy is, with it's global ennvironmental effects, and that there is an explanation to the chaos, and that there is an environmentally and Spiritually Sound Way to Live Alternatively?

Tree-Change. A Sound Notion for Australia, and I reckon for most of the tenable, arable Lands of the whole Planet.

I no longer advocate the scenicly popular "Sea-Change" notion, purely and REALPOLITIKLY because, (as you'll find in the Blog site search window......... somewhere???) I, in my Considerations of Australia's geophysical-biospherical security, HARD LOVE Politiks would make a band of protected lands twenty kilometres inland from all shorelines "girthing" the Australian mainland.

With "spokes" of native forests travelling inland, to one day revegate the more arid inland regions.


So Tree Changing is the Call! Or, as we might expect, we'll get "Mountain-Movers", Rock-Rooming, Desert-Drifting, etc. But a Popular effort to repopulate the unsettled areas, with a more Agrarian, more Rustic, more "In Tune With Nature" Attitude out of a far Better, far Greater Understanding of "What makes us tick?" etc.

The Simple and thus Best Happinesses are Best Attained in the Simple Life, of Agrarian Socialism.

Don't listen to the anti-populationists, anti-immigrationists!

There's heaps of Land, for many more than Australia now holds. It's Capacity for several millons more, at a gradual rate, is Huge.

It is Purely and Simply a case of "DISTRIBUTION" of the People on......

With Respect to the Indigenous Peoples Here, and allover, Everyone's Land. Everywhere. Not just Australia.

In regard to the statement above "
Don't listen to the anti-populationists, anti-immigrationists!

There's heaps of Land, for many more than Australia now holds. It's Capacity for several millons more, at a gradual rate, is Huge."

Two points:

John Howard and Treasurer Peter Costalot are riding a wave of economic prosperity, for some, here in The Wide Brown, and attribute this to their fantastic Liberal economic management.


I deeply suspect, as I am want to profess over, that the only thing our managers have done to keep the 'economy' bubbling along, is to increase immigration.

This they began to embrace over the last decade, and dare I trumpet me own efforts to suggest it began because I managed to penetrate the enemy's (Liberal Party) 'strategy room' with the FACT, Knowledge, something of an Higher Order than they were earlier able to see and comprehend, that an increase in population actually increases economic activity, and thus overall wealth.

(Of course, this stands aside my arguments that wealth is a baddy.)

This is a True Fact as they say, about economies, and so it seems rather quietly, the current tyranny has increased immigration, and spread more untruthes that THEIR management strategies were/are responsible, without giving that FACT the publicity it deserves?

Indeed, any such options are readily grabbed by the current regimes to further their psychoses, while, wherever possible they will keep the raw Truthes from the masses, but claim the credit.

It also severely blew apart their archaic beliefs in 'White Australia' type policies, and staid beliefs in their innate superiority for just being white-skinned.


So, while not having serfed the Bureau of Statistics website, I'll punt and say that more "Coloureds" of all striken lands are being accepted into Australia, rather than the previous predeliction to Anglo-Europeans followed by anyone Caucasian.

HOORAY! I say, albeit that those who get first chance are the ones with the money honey, and definitely NO COMMUNISTS. You must have a 'healthy appetite for accepting massive corruption' to make it here in Awstraylya..., mayte!

The other point in regard to the above, is about the complementary relationship had between increased population, economic growth and Good Management in matters of Distribution of People, on the Land.

Socialist Agrarianism is now seen as the most Economic, Scientific method to employ, secure and sustain the Masses and the Environment.

It is also the Natural Component of Maximum Economic Balance, a la Land Rent for Government Revenue, as defined (somewhat shrouded) in the Old testament's Leviticus 25, and again by an Englander..., one "David Ricardo" in his "Law of Rent" I think its called, from the late eighteenth century.

"....a la...." also, the texts and treaties of Good Old "Mr Henry George" of San Fransisco, California, U.S.A. 1830-1897. Henry took Ricardo's Law and exploded it into the most successful comments and suggestions yet seen. Check Him Out! Two books: "Social Problems" and "Progress and Poverty"

Another name for "Land Rent for Government Revenue" (my terminology) is "Economic Rent". This may have been one term Ricardo used?

Now, it was with amazement that I read in the early chapter of Reformist ex-Labor Leader Mark Latham's 2004 book "Loner", that our PM John Howard actually recognises "Economic Rent" as one of two of the most Sound ways to fund government.

Obviously, his rampant little mind jumps straight into lawyerpolie-speak and keeps the complications to the fore, making national economic management sound so 'specialised' to the extent that only HE can run it. HE, and his Landocratic cronies!


So, if Howard is cognisant of the Virtue of Economic Rent, why does he not introduce it?

Well, he's lying of course. He hasn't the slightest interest in the well-being of the majority of Human Beings (he's a Christian remember?!), nor of Australians, so he'll maintain the lies to give his powerbrokers and keepers maximum pleasure and as best they can feel 'happy' and on top until the pole shift expected in 2012, 2013. Goodnight! No winners, no losers.

Well? Putting beliefs into his head, full of them as it already is, I reckon he might even have twigged to another basic FACT about economies, that Balanced Population DISTRIBUTION is, in the long run, Vital to Sustainability.

But how to get the masses out of the city-shitty terminus-to-death?

Make the system so full-of-shit and complexity that the masses, or some of them say "FUCK IT!" and begin walking out to live Natural-though somewhat rough-life in the Bush, leading in about five thousand years to a "Critical Mass" deserting the Centres of dark occultist activity - the cities.

For the BUSH! Not G.W., although that's happening also, me thinks.

So, speaking and living on-and-from the begrudging margins, I shout:

Go for it Johnny! get 'em out of those toxic furnaces (cities) to govern themselves in localised autonomous rural, Agrarian regions called the ABORIGINAL STATES of AUSTRALIA. Then we wont need you!

Or something.....................................................................................?

Wake Up Australia....... The pole shift isn't yet an inevitability.................

YOUR Culture...., like the famous "Road...", "Make it straight!"

LAND RENT for Government Revenue, if you want the Magi, to come......

Listen Up Pope Benedictus Sixteen.

Proddies also........