A few "jottings" from my diary..Feb-March 2006

"For anybody to be "rich", some number have to be poor."

"Anything Mother Earth, Hertha, doesn't need to use, WE DON'T NEED!

Break the crime-wave of being forced to "afford" a piece of arable dirt!


98% of Judeo-Christian Australians VOTE for a dead planet in 6 to 10 years!

"Comfortable and relaxed are we?"

Fuck you Australia!

Why are the Christian nations the "wealthiest" and "MOST EVIL"?

Q: If CHRIST was the Godly side of Christianity - how does He show His dark, Satanic side?

A: Private church schools!

Queensland needs "Deconstructing"!

Issues which Q'landers refuse to confront and therefore resolve for all, and for all time:
1, Aboriginal maltreatment over past 218 years

2, Long-term secret English plan for Q'land

3, "White" Qld 'culture' nubile, shallow, awry.

4, Christian fundamentalism established early via clerical abuse of occult powers on the flockers, statewide

5, Bjelke-Petersen's occult legacy of mass-ignorance and thus hiding-of massive endemic corruption, permeating right through the mind-and-body of the state

6, Council/developer/large-landowner corruption, to cause massive longterm ecological damage

7, "Blissful" climate makes very lazy intellects, thus

8, Qld is perhaps the most unKnowledgeable state, politicly-speaking ("I FISH, AND I VOTE!" fffaaaarrrrk!?!?), but comes near the top globally in political ignorance

9 ,Dietary/Lifestyle "Intelligence" dangerously low

10, Qlds and Australia's "meat" or "beef" industry is basicly a "mad cow disease" black magic spell draped over the common Aussie.

Queensland has yet to "coalesce" the Sound Principles behind their very young "culture" if it deserves that term ("culture") yet, and the Principles behind ALL Proven-over-eons Customs and Social Protocols, into anything-like an "Whole-of-Life" Philosophy, Social and Personal Mores which are ALL in Complete Harmony with the Land - MOTHER! Eartha! Heart!

Queensland is one example where it's cleary seen that Christianity is the, THE blockage in their minds.

This, I put it, is a result, as listed, of early abuse, 'til today, foisted upon the innocent minds of Q'landers, by the very agenda-ridden religions of Judaism, Catholicism and Christianity generally, working for a scattered mob of banking and political power-players, to eventually, as it is today, totally fuck the Intellects of almost all Queenslanders.

A shame, really........


"The Revolution's Mighty Leap Forward! Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands"


In Recognition of the Original Owners of this Land, the "Bunjulung Peoples",
with Sincere Thanks for their Sharing these Lands with us and all who pass
through, I, a Nomadic Resident of Nimbin and surrounds, whose name Max No
Difference, offer the following Treatise, and Treaty, to Humanity, and to God.

Thus far, an hypothesis, perhaps "The" Hypothesis, on "How A Local Can Save
The World"? Or such....

To All People who would Prefer a Peaceable Global Revolution.

I Begin by Addressing the following to the Peoples of this Northern Rivers “Rainbow” Region of New South Wales, and Call initially, for their Support.

Addressed Herein, is the Popular Recognition by the Tenants of this region of
northern New South Wales, on the eastern sea-board of the Island-Continent of
Australia, that there is a Want amongst us, The People, young-and-old,
white-through-black, (a Want also in the vast majority of People Worldwide), to Live in Greater Harmony with the Nature of the Precious Land, and on Mother
Earth generally.

To this End, we Recognise the Need, based in Spirituality and Good Science,
to Enable as Best as Possible, the "Arising" of a Completely or Wholisticly
Founded, Wholisticly-Centred Culture.

This, with Great Sadness, we recognise, points to a difference in our Common
beliefs about Personal, Social and Cultural "directions", and that the Balanced
Mind Knows the dominant culture in Australia is in FACT, the most detrimental
to all, All Life-on-Earth.

Therefore our faith in our political representatives is at it's lowest.

In Response to their failing to face and Address these FACTS, we, The People
of the region herein named, namely the "Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands"
choose to Organise Ourselves, Locally focused through the large number of "Multiple Occupancies" (M.O.s) and Aboriginal Communities hereabouts, and, Claim the Right Ourselves to Assert, through Good Law only, our Political and Economic Will through "Autonomy" from all levels of the current (mis)-governing regimes.

By "Autonomy" I mean: "the ability to govern, to manage our own Lands, its
Fauna, Flora and systems of Natural Self-Sustainability, its industries,
development and, Distribution of the Area's Tenants. The ability also to raise our own revenue we Claim, both toward becoming self-sustainable in terms of
infrastructure, utilities and public services like Energy, Communications, Education and Health, Transport, including roads and rail etc., where feasible, and where
possible to plan for future implementation of an Wholly "Green" NRAL Homeland.

We Claim the Right, to Do Our Duty To Humanity, and therefore demand that the
current three tiers of Australian governmentation, continue to fund We the
Tenants of the Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands, as we Establish the Culture we
regard as Imperative, if Australia and possibly the world is to Save it, our

We demand the governments specifically fund the NRAL in terms of expanding on the area's ancient Tradition of Learning and Teaching, so that this Land and
it's Occupants can increase it's Usefulness to All.

We Assert that we are NOT militant. We Proclaim that we wish to continue to
Work Together with the relevant Police Service(s), to continue to improve the
Mindful Relationships already in existence.

We Proclaim in Common, that the Lands, Waters and all Natural Life Alive in
our Region, is Precious beyond monetary valuation, for any personal profit which
takes an undue proportion of the Common Wealth inherent in the Land, for the
individual, and for that; THE LAND CANNOT BE DIVIDED IN OWNERSHIP.

Privacy of and Security of Tenure we Acknowledge as Paramount to letting Grow
a Centred, Progressive and Peaceful Individual-thus-World, therefore we
Acknowledge the Practical, Most Economic Needs for and of Land Reform, and we Assert it is Our Duty and Right to Invoke Land Law according to "Leviticus 25" and "Henry George" Et Al, as Above all current federal, state and local council laws
and statutes which come into conflict with these True Laws of the Land.

We, The People of the herein named "Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands", out of
Broad and Deep Awareness of the condition of our One Mother Earth, and of the
condition of Her Progeny, Humans, Proclaim this our Autonomy, oiur Duty, as a Solid, United and Tangible Show of Support for Community-Focused Agrarian
Socialist, "Counter-Industrial" Governments and Pro-Land-Reform Political Parties
around the Four Corners of Our One Common Mother Earth.

To This the Most Noble Goal, we Proclaim Independence from the current,
terminally corrupt state and federal systems of Taxation and Revenue-raising,
financing and Cultural, and Religious, ineptitude.

As the "Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands", We Extend our Hand of Welcome to All.

We are a region of Learning and Teaching, known in Similar Ways for eons
before white invasion, in the old People - the "Nimbinji" Peoples.

Nimbin, means "Wiseman" in the "Bunjulung" language.

Since 1973 a Fresh Breed, and Brand, of Learning and Teaching has come here
in "The Aquarius Movement".

In the thirty-three years to-now, 2006, a large number of Aboriginal and White Communities now established in the NRAL, have Nurtured and Fostered Great Knowledge for westerners living in and visiting Nimbin and it's surrounds.

Knowledge in ever-greater Demand globally.

Knowledge Too Important to lose.

Knowledge Precious enough to require the Whole Body Politic and Whole
Community to (in Reality, Educe from Within!) Learn and "Steep" deep into their Hearts and bones, so-as, as One Mob, One Community, to keep it Safe from dilution, corruption and loss.

"The" Spiritual and Economic Knowledge to Safely and Perennially Found Democracy upon.

So, we are NOT in competition with Australian Authorities, as Democracy Based
on True Political and Economic Knowledge is Our Collective, Popular, Legal and
Ethically Just Aim and Ideal. Democracy is also Our Path.

The Village of Nimbin, the unofficial (and no doubt disputed) Capital of the
NRAL, and the many Centres of Learning and Teaching here and hereabouts, is
Dedicated to Keeping the Paths and Channels to That Highest Knowledge Open to All Seekers, for All of Humankind.

Therefore, for the Betterment of All levels of Government in Australia, and
for a Higher Quality of Life for All Her Citizens/Tenants, We The People of
NRAL, as One, Proclaim, perhaps as a first stage to Independent Statehood, the
Creation of the "Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands" region, and our unscheduled
Goals of Political, Economic and Religious Reforms, beginning with Land Reform, as of the First of May 2006.

In this Act, we as well, Call All Sister Lands and Sister Communities across
Australia, New Zealand, and across Mother Earth to Invoke Similar "Claims of

We also Call all the divided Peoples of our (and all) cities and the People-divided of the Bush, to Stand for the Same Truths, to Seek the Same Knowledge, and Armed with That, to banish social division within Your Own.

We also Call Indigenous Peoples of All Lands to Unite with us the People of
and around Nimbin Australia, Ourselves from All Corners of the Earth, to Assert
the Truths about Good, Perennial, ‘non-consumerist’, Culture, It's Importance and Requirement for Justice, to Enable Peace.

We Recognise also, the terminal nature of the political and economic
structures of the Nation of the United States of America, and, in Unison with some
Billions of Allies, here Call for the "Peaceful Dissolution of the Federation of
the Nation of the United States of America", into, we suggest only, Autonomous
Counties, States or groups of Counties/States, NOT beholden to forced immoral and
financial supporting of the wholly corrupt United States federal, national
political “cartel”.

Republican and Democrat.

No blame.
We also Recognise the terminal nature of the western Judeo-Christian beliefs,
and Call for Devotees of All True Faiths, Religions and Philosophies to our
Region, to Share.

To Learn and Teach the Economic and Spiritual Truths.

We believe it is incumbent upon all three “Abrahamic” Faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to Speak out in Support of this NRAL Document, this Treaty to All Brands of Human character and Human interpretations of God’s Will and Word.

“Leviticus 25”.
“Henry George”.

This Call extends of course to All Faiths, Creeds, Cults, Philosophies, to Publicly Speak God’s Truth about the Issues Addressed herein, and here in the Northern Rivers Autonomous Lands, about “God’s Property, and Mankind’s”, and show their Support Courageously and Overtly, for this Treaty.

We The People of NRAL, believe in Local, Community Banking, Founded on
Scientific Economic Facts, in Harmony with, i.e., to Compliment, Community Ownership of Land, short and long term Tenancy Agreements, "Titles of Secure Tenure", and small and large monetary loans.

More Issues Ready for Addressing include the following;

Observational satellites? Community Infrastructure? Foodstuffs and general
supplies? Transport? Energy? Industrial regulations? Industrial Hemp?
Cannabis? Other "Drugs"? Prohibition? Other Medications/Medical treatment?
Pharmaceuticals? Alcohol? Health? Education? Media? Governorship? Policing? Military Service? Taxation? Employment? Environment? Democracy? Social Peace? Inner Peace? Religion? Land Repair? Reforestation?
Land Reform? Saving the World?

Finally, the three Issues most in need of Addressing now, to my mind, are;

1, Global drug cartels: government roles therein?
2, The possibility of a “pole shift” in less than six years. Perhaps in less than 2,000 days from now, and
3, The loss, or “theft” of Spirituality, thus the theft of our Right-Minded Strength, Personally and Collectively to Stand for what Truly is Good, in terms of personal and political behaviour and consequent Law?
Or, in other words, the theft of our True Spiritual and Economic Knowledge?

Fear not.

May The Perfect Existence Be Your Inspiration

Max No Difference
aka Max Nichols Meredith

Retirement Villages?


Thanks for the program!

My own parents are ensconsed in an "Applewood" complex, a retirement village on Tram Road, Doncaster, an eastern suburb of Melbourne.

A "locked community" as it goes, with high fences, security gates and intercoms, for the ever expanding number of apartments, thus residents.

I think residents have to be over a certain age - 55 maybe - and as it's a flash part of town, most are retirees from wealthy portfolios in corporate life, etc.

My folks are better-off than they'll ever tell me, but come from outside the private-school clique, upper-end mob who have bought-in to a corporate model of managing our "elderly".

Whether or not my folks feel right there, my concerns go to "who?" is behind this particular "village". I surfed the net last year and delved deeper than I now am able (time restraints), into the "Applewood" bunch.

I recall vaguely that they are a large US mob, and for some reason, I think there were "pharmaceuticals" and US religious connections. At least, now the best I can say is I suspect these possibilities.

One thing which I regard as VERY shifty, by my parents "landlords", Applewood, is that they demand, I expect it is written into the contract, sole "Internet Service Provider" "ISP" rights and control over ALL the owner-occupant's internet services??

This smells enormously to my suspicious political nose, and I am certain such organisations needs-must be investigated, in particular their connections to such as the US or European pharmaceutical corporations, "in-house" services, perhaps along the lines of "medical advice", with the fundamentalist US religions taking their share of, what amount to, enormous profits from the sales of the premises alone, let alone the after-sales services these rather "captured" tenants may be obliged to pay for.

The 'profits', outright theft in reality, combine somewhere up the money tree, into massive and powerful political lobby groups, not just offering governments lucrative contracts, but blackmailing them into allowing their choices of drugs, or housing models or religious education models.

As Applewood is American, and big, it cannot NOT be a part of these type of expansionist, fundamentalist groups, sects. And how many other same-same models operate here, and globally?

I gripe at the "model" of retirement villages, and all the housing available on such scales, to retiring, aging, and dying People?

Here are a few notes from the morning of your show:

The "Retirement Village" concept, is an extension of the "evil", "Familially-divisive" "nuclear family" model, which is a purely and totally callous social structure, designed singularly to profit the upper-class social controllers of the planet.

Retirement villages are no less than "Human harvesting" of the elderly from the utterly disrespectful youngers, like me, and from the Community generally.

The Elderly are the Proper Co-Dependants living with younger generations, and not just our one, two, three or four parents/grandparents!

The "retirement village" sections us off evermore from the utterly Natural "Extended Family" models practiced in the majority of communities globally.

As far as social support, or "social security" such as the pension, or dole: long-established families can be in the order of thousands in any one of the innumerable global regions, rich and poor.

So, this "Extended Family" is an ageless Family Model, and is in contrary to Australia and the USA, where few of us in Australia have large enough family networks to be able to let us "camp" here or there, when the "chips are down".

Work is also far more available in these environments, I suggest, but not work in the taxpaying sense.

Work is Essential to the animal frame we inhabit, and to our peace-of-mind, and to Higher Realms, but helps keep the wheels turning in each little attole we wander through, be it a cousin's home, factory or chicken-shed.

The extended family model, as it happens, is also the most economic way for a group of related people to exist, and prosper.

Well organised, it can be a genuine economic threat to the global market cartelliers, which as-it-appens, is why the large corporations prefer retirement villages and plenty of married, divorced, seperated and infighting nuclear families in little cells around their occult centres of power - cities, plebs who fail in their duty to their elders, because the social controllers have sent the world crazy, and now every household has serious generational disputes, with the young getting out as soon as they can, and the old being pushed into demeaning "paddocks" - retirement villages and homes?

Very profitable for their branch of social sedation - pharmaceutical corps.

It goes on and on.....



Max No Difference