Food-Medicine? Labor 2006, Before And Beyond?

by Max Nichols Meredith
www.maxnodifference.blogspot.com, outta Nimbin, Australia.
6th July 2006
Recently, listening to Nimbin’s 2NIM fm's (102.3FM) Tony Stallone's health radio show, I heard him regard food as "Medicine".
How Logical! How Sensible, etc.!
Since that show, the ABC has used the same term "Food Medicine" five million times....? er.... no...., once, but that's good enough, for it is a much overlooked truth, that FOOD IS MEDICINE, when regarded and consumed aright.
So, a long way of writing what came to mind 'tother day, when reflecting on that "Food Medicine" term:
"Cultural Food-Medicine" resulted from that short ponder, which means, implies, aspires to light-up in other minds that:
Good Culture, like Good Food, is Medicine.
Tha's alll!
What’s Good Culture? Natural, Agrarian, Organic, Communal, Indigenous, Sustainable, Spiritual. Heaven-on-Hertha!

HEY! You ain't missing out on the Other Realms of my Dreaming Soul are you?
Have you serfed the Waves-BIG-W of
my longterm attack on the fallacies of mainly western, or Judeo-Christian religions.
But like most of my scribblings, BE WARNED! at "sinsofreligion" you'll find NO HOLES BARRED. Which is quite direspectful really, when you think about it.
is my "Ongoing Poetical Expose" of the glitches in my mind, and the "Orations of the Gods" as one old poem, Correctly-I-say, calls Poetry, and the rhyme and rhythm which sneaks through those glitcholes on occasion. Same-same applies, in regard to BE WARNED! about the ferocity of the language and assault on your comfy-read-dumbed-down sensibilities, and mind, if you've still got one after living in a Judeo-Catholic culture for more than a few seconds.

If I manage survival over the next few...., I'll start posting articles duggup from my own scribblings addressing directly, LAND and LABOUR, on a GLOBAL scale, as much as I reckon (and am time-permitted to address) needs addressing on current and historical issues of LAND TENURE, LAND RENT FOR GOVERNMENT REVENUE, IMMIGRATION NUMBERS FOR AUSTRALIA, GLOBAL MIGRATION, CLOSING ALL less-than-high-security PRISONS, etc.
At present, you can click-on the www.landandlabourglobal.blogspot.com blogsite, then to the search window at the top-left-corner of screen, type in whichever issue you're looking for mymymy opinions on, and you'll be given a "Hit-List".

(Wanna be a "Sponsor???)

AUM-on, for a Better Culture than has transpired thus-far across New South Wales and Queensland, deriving as they have from totally corrupted beginnings, since the military take-over of the Colonial Government in Sydney over the years 1792-to-1795, being completed in the Rum Rebellion of 1808, when the Macarthur-ites (a la Merino sheep man John MacArthur), utterly ruined Australia's chances of developing into an uncorrupted colony, nation, by having the British monopolists grab a tight hold on every form of supply of commodities and, especially grog.
With all the hooplah and revision of Australia's history, NONE of the historians, as far as I hear-see, have gone NEAR addressing the true basis of the long 13-or-so-year vicious struggle by the corrupt, to destroy Good Governance, as Governor William Bligh was on the way to instilling, upto the Rum Rebellion event of 1808.
This True Basis, is clearly stated, though perhaps a little overlooked by the Author H.V. "Doc" Evatt in his heroic book "Rum Rebellion" first published in the 1930s.
This true basis for the Rebellion, was that the greedy buggers, led by Macarthur, saw the inestimable value, potential power and profit in their own possession, ownership, of the LAND, NOT government’s ownership of Land, both in the defined precinct of the new town of Sydney, and of course (who couldn't see it?), in the endless acres beyond.
It’s necessary to NOTE, that the marked-out precinct of Land for Sydney Town was deemed before settlement, by something of a Crown Order from England, which came out with the First Fleet and Governor Arthur Phillip, to remain in government hands, ownership, perennially. MacArthur was leading the charge against these Land occupation and possession Laws, which England sought to instil. Crown Laws which, on detailed analysis (Google “Henry George”), are just Beautiful for everyone.
Until the mainstream-like-ABC-type media gets on the train of the LEGAL CASE THEREIN, behind this LAND ISSUE, politics, not just Labor, and the broad-left in Australia is designed and destined to GO NO-WHERE.
Labor today is known as a total rort on the workers, which explains why so-called "Unionists" are cynical about the "Cause", which should be Aiming to bring Communities together in the most Sane, Highest, Sustainabl-est Ways, and in-part is why Unions are very closely in bed with the multinational construction-type corporations. This, for their capacity to employ many slaves, thus, in past days, Union sites extracted large-ish fees/funds, justified with saying that this allows Union bosses to parlay with big corporate employers, etc.
That outdated type of behaviour by Unions is understandable, but is now dangerously anachronistic.
Now, Unions are living hypocritically in cities, so should employ their remnant power to Advocate Agrarian Socialism and Decentralisation.
The "Labour Movement" as-such, grew from done-over masses in industrial and post-industrial-revolution cities. Cities which grew from an earlier eviction from ancient Homelands of British Peoples, in rural agrarian Communities. That dispossession officially began in 1475 with the English parliament's first "Land Enclosure Act", but has been going on forever, say what?
"Labour's" roots are a Valid response to concentration of supply and power in new industrial centres of manufacturing etc., but today, remain fighting the monopolists, monopolists now of everything, but from within an inherently flawed, terminal industrial social/business/economic model. The "western" over-consumptive materialist/mammon “my-my-my” nuclear-family model. Most INefficient of ALL!
A necessary phase for both Humanity's Collective Progress and Australia's, and for Uniting the Workers stuck at the time in the unstoppable, increasing and deliberately divisive "nuclear family model" environment of city/industrialised high-densities of population.
Please NOTE, that the "nuclear family" housing model is almost entirely "profit-driven" in it's invention.
Workers were “stuck”, prevented by rotten Land Laws (and usury!) from pursuing a Legitimate, Sustainable and HONEST i.e., "AFFORDABLE", AGRARIAN Life-on-the-Land.
However, THE Social Model, known now through Wholistic Science (hear the cynical mainstream scientists roar!) ETCETERA!, as the BEST for Human Existence, Endurance and Progress on Earth - AGRARIAN SOCIALISM - DOES NOT CONFLICT with general underlying Union/Labour Movement's Values.
Indeed, with a Wise Community Governing itself Democratically, these two types of Governance are the Most Complimentary sets of Values to-and-for each other today.
I do not give a flying fart about any "fascist" hyperbola on this subject. But to convince the "N.S.W. Rum Inc."? Rum Inc., being, as far as I can gather, the N.S.W. Labor right wing faction(s)-run parliamentary mobsters, and their myriad "minions" across the colony-er-State.
'Tother day I heard that the old "Country Party" of Australia, now labelled "The Nationals", was the stalwart of Agrarian Socialism in it's day, which is funny to me because about two years ago, I wrote to the ALP in Canberra (during the "Mark Latham for God" Campaign of the Catholic-ABC-ALP Party faction), that their Natural Ally in the Australian political arena was....., wait-for-it..... "The Nationals"!
So it remains today, with a twist no doubt.
Unions! Australian Labor Party! GO-BUSH! and Combine your "City-Smarts" with Native, Rural Wisdom.
Agrarian Socialism with Science and Labor Community Values has to be everyone's future. Wid-a-bit-o’-Soul, o course!
Kim Beazley! The issue is NOT "Workplace Conditions" but "Workplace Culture".
Get 'em OUT of the terminal cities, Comrade.
It's about time the Greens made clear their policies in regard to the Scientific FACTS also, of "How Humans may Best, ie., Most Sustainably, Share and Prosper, Spiritually preferably, with, on and in the Land”, on issues underpinning all issues and underlying all crimes:
-Population Density Economics. Distribution.
-Common Sovereignty.
-Land, and
-Global Ethics?



Spellbinding Queensland!

Queensland! The world's biggest "Cecil Rhodes Secret Society" egotrip-er-experiment!

New South Wales also, but set-up to run on the "chaos demon", to fail.

Pricktoria-er-Victoria? Prim-and-Proper demon. Squeaky-clean facades. Australian centre for financial laundry.


It's getting SERIOUS!

It, is Getting Serious!

Due to the ongoing pressure from Human beings upon me, to open my third eye and become that which my name suggests ("Max Nichols Meredith" means Greatest Victorious People's Great Lord) I am stoic in my resistance.

This because, while I agree with and try-try-try to adhere to those apparently Ultra-High Christian Principles of "....Do unto others....", and "...Love Thine Enemies..." etc., (Principles which, it seems have no relevance anymore), I refuse to play the long-constructed 'game' of the Christian religions.


My name may well be a construction by a bunch of catholic "Lake Tyers Mission" of south Gippland, Victoria, Australia, religious (or otherwise) nuts, who were trying their honest best to do Right by the Poor-Bugger-Me Aborigine, and for the future of the, at-the-time, fledgling nation, Australia.

I Assert now that the catholic church and my mother both or ALL owe me an apology, for screwing my life over so much.

I say this in view of the impending "end-of-the-World", brought about by deluded Judeo-Christianitys' grossly ignorant behaviour toward the global AND Local Environment(s), and toward politics and towards the Holy Spirit, which all makes it even starker that the Christian "Faith" has been the most terrible fraud over humanity ever, because it looks more-and-more like there is NO MESSIAH going to come back and save the dicksucker flockers to western cult religions like - Judaism and Christianity!

I Assert, also, that if He DOES COME, He ain't going to be the slightest-bit interested in saving the main body of Christians or Jews, (OR IRISH-CATHOLIC NUNS!)because they are the culprits in killing Mother Earth with their bad magic and materialism.

Gold miners of the larger corporate kind, may well be the peak group of "golden calf tribe" Jewish infiltrators into previously Sound Indigenous Communities, once Living at One with the Divine, as they were...., pre-Fall.....

To some clerics there, or thereabouts, it would've been obvious that the invader culture was already rotten with corruption, not just of the government and business/merchant worlds, but of the Souls of the invaders, which portended a dire future for all were some "Holy", yet quite possibly, quite necessary skullduggery not performed, as early in the nations "date-line" as possible.

Further to this speculative hypothesis, Mum has always said Grandpop Willis ("Donald Sutherland Willis", whose 'western' name means "Ruler of the Southern Land")was born in Walhalla, in 1897 or so, a gold-mining town in the hills of Gippsland.

Perhaps so, but as Mum has been lying to me all my life about our shared Aboriginal blood, I can no longer believe anything she tells me about where Pop actually was born, and about whether the scheming catholics around Gippsland in the last decade of the 19th century, through honest 'figuring', decided that my Pop should be given those appalations.

Why? May be because HE WAS descended from a Noble or "Royal" Family or whole Mob ("Kurnai" Tribe I have thus far deduced, but not confirmed), and that, as I have observed Mum treat me most of my life, his Blood should be passed down a few generations until the time is right for that old Fella's True Fella Spirit to rise-up again like the Pheonix and re-assert His, that-is GOD's, True Fella Will over the masses of today?

Well, all things considered, it has Merit, if anything like such an hypothetical "plan" was ever hatched.

However...., Mum's treatment of myself, has been while she has been in a deep catholic "blind" I'll call it, draped over her independant-thinking mind while she was a-near orphan, part-Aborigine 9-year-old placed in the St. Joseph's Convent in Collingwood, Melbourne, for seven years.

As the Catholics profess to be Christian, and believe in Jesus' words about the returning Messiah, it cannot be rejected that some of them would have been inclined to contemplate the situation, generally, and about "HOW?" they can DO SOMETHING to speed-Him-up!

Whether they saw an "opportunity" arise when they got wind that Mum had met and fallen for that terror my Dad (on his "ARIEL" motorbike!), whose name "Allan" Noble, "Nichols" Victorious People, "Meredith" Great Lord, Great Chief, happened to mean Great things also, I cannot know, and am very hesitant about assuming anything, or Authority from my own maximal name. I put-it that it's even possible that the catholics had "connections" with Dad's "Perth Modern" W.A. High Quality Government School, and together "managed" both sides. Further mental hyperbola on this draws the question that, if such "powers" of influence were prevalent, what is to stop us inquiring into "WHO?" brought my Dad's Mum, "Adelaide Nichols" to marry Dad's Dad, "Clarence Meredith", what with Nichols meaning "Victorious People" and Meredith meaning "Great Lord", "Great Chief"?

I am obliged to ask these questions of myself, and get some satisfactory answers from whomever, before I presume, assume or Assert any Authority in regard to the Issues that these names may be suggesting I am here to Redress.

But I have NO DELUSIONS about whether the catholics would do such a thing, planned to be acted-out in it's fullest over two, three or more generations, and that they would, just like their religious forefathers the talmudic Jews, and many-if-not-all other cults have done, resort to their most effective power - the occult.

These last days, weeks/months have been like, each day I wake-up to a new tragedy in my own life - an ongoing series of "revelations" if-you-like, about - the global drugs blackmarket - thanks to my "maytes" for keeping me in the dark about it, and for keeping me oppressed by them, as represented in Nimbin by one choice piece of Sydney used-car-dealers "goojoogaga", and for getting me in all sorts of strife, a busted tooth here-and-there, a broken nose here-and-there, permanently poor, no family, no friendships, not much at all really - my mothers occult hold upon me for possibly 51 years, without her having a clue, OR..., one of her 'favourite' gurus- one questionable philanderer, Jon Mumford - global climate disaster of magical proportions, preventable alone by the Occult Authority I have acquired, rightly or wrongly, it seems - Allying myself with a bunch of rightwing fascist dogs - the Hell's Angels, or my Brothers therein who've colluded with the catholics to make me their (the catholics) patsy Messiah.

It's gotto be said, I'd be a rightwing redneck fascist dog if not for some occult Guidance and manipulation from, Meredith (Dad), catholics (Mum), Aborigine Spirit (via Mum's blood), Ananda Marga (from 15 years of age). In my opinion, most are or become "rednecks" because THAT is CULTURE in fallen Whiteyville.

Rednecks have same Peaceful side, they're just screwed-over by masses of political bullshit into becoming Soul-less, anti-Intellectual vicious dogs, by the ones who fool the rednecks into worshipping them?! Rightwing politicians, corporate advertising spin (motorcar ads?!) doctors etc.

Then of course, there's the nearly overwhelming reality of my having Aborigine blood-ties to a Mob in Southern Victoria - the Aborigine "Kurnai People", through my mother, the one who has been lying and manipulating my beliefs and thus-mind for 51 years - all my life!? She has denied this reality, that her Father "Donald Sutherland Willis" was at most half Aborigine, or "Quarter-caste" most likely, and built a mountain of bullshit over it and our family. It is no doubt for this, that my other siblings don't want to know about any black blood under THEIR skin.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

If all of these summations of myself are near accurate, we have a serious worry to resolve, and that is that the christians have been conned about the concept of "Messiah". The "serious worry" is that Jews and Christians ALL so-flocking faithfully assert (without ANY Knowledge) that this "Messiah" bloke descends from God?

I, the presumed Messiah, ASSERT that it is the "Power" of Dreaming-up the Ideal Human, by a mob of HUMANS, and through having a "patsy" and conditions suitable for the patsy to "Arise" so-called, whence comes the, ANY..., Messiannic figure.

Messiah and Democracy are antipathetic, so what the Hell are the Christians and Jews going on about, if they are serious about Democracy?

Any so-called "Messiah", made manifest through the means I am suggesting the catholic missionaries have moulded myself, is but a creation of scheming Humans, NOT GOD.

Also, His/Her Enlightenment (same-same as Eastern Raja Yogic, Meditative Awakening) came through a lifetime of learning amongst a religious and to some degree Wise tribe. Jesus is reputed to have been found late in the day in the Temple talking Wisely with the Rabbis, while just a child, astounding them with his apparent Wisdom.

I say, Jesus was "snapped" by a Wise Rabbi, maybe John the Baptist, into having his mind employed specifically for the exploration of the Soul, and of the Spiritual Realities, where God and His Wisdom Preside. His alleged travels to India no doubt taught Him the Principles of Enlightenment, if not Guiding Him (successfully over the Hebrew Path), to that Ultimate Peak, through the INNER Path of Raja Meditation and Yama, Niyama Practices and Principles, as taught for an eon before His time by the Hindu and pre-Hindu Masters of Central Asia and India, China Et Al.

This is saying that I have NO DOUBT that Jesus ben Joseph Christ was Human, and Progressed Up to Oneness, Unity with the All, through Human Endeavour, endeavour by others than just ONE GODLIKE MAN.

That I am proclaimed as the returned Jesus (anyone asked HIM about this???), naturally the messiah-mad cults of Jew and Pharisee (Christians) want me to save THEM. Moslems are losers. Taoists, and Africans are losers, etc.

If, the correlation of my father's names, and my Mothers-Fathers, to produce "The Max" of myself, is not contrivance by the catholics, then indeed, GREAT POWERS have been, and therefore as I didn't top meself last night, are still at Work!

If this is so, then we must reappraise the collected info, and potentials.......

Am I the reborn Great Chief of Ancient Britain? Great Spiritual Chief, evern?

My name seems, to me, to tie with the name of that most famous Clever-Fella, Merlin of old-old, very-old Britain. Indeed, some Witches and Shaman around here call me Merlin (behind my uninnitiated back!).

If, also, my blood connection with Grandpop Donald Sutherland Willis ("Ruler of the Southern Land"), and my Aboriginality are also Blood Connection with Aborigine "Divinity" if-I-may, then it may be the case that the fucking Christians, are trying to claim me, as THEIR, Messiah, and prevent me from Rising as the returned Leader of Britain, Australia, and re- "Merlin" the whole Beautiful Orb we call Earth. "Hertha", please?

This is one vital reason why I will NOT play anymore of the catholic's games, because they will market any "Messiah" as coming from GOD, whereas, it is a clear truth that MAN, makes his own Gods.

The catholics and all Abrahamic Faiths better LISTEN-UP on this, for, for all their scheming, for Good or delusion, they risk breeding that which I am at this stage, quite prepared to become - "SHIVA", Hindu God of Creation and DESTRUCTION, and the Most Just Devil, doing God's Will by delivering Justice to them with a Sword and a very cold hammer.

Think- melting north pole...........

This....., it must be NOTED, is NOT the preferred option for GOD.

Perhaps He Loves Humanity so much that He feels obliged to let us......, THEM...., "play-out" our little occult dramas on Earth ('western, Judeo-Christian capitalist materialism), until we've gone to the limits of our "Fallen Angel" behaviour (think "Lucifer" trying to usurp God from His Throne, as the Human Ego trying to usurp as Wiser-than, and live without the Divine Spirit and thus Divine Law?) whence He, or an Emmissary, shows us, or forces us, to sort out "How to Do It!", and Who to Revere. Indeed...., WHAT to Revere.....

Again I emphasise that I DO NOT want Power over others, other than over those who seek power over myself. Who seek unjust power, of course. If there arises an occasion where I am errant.... (every-every-every MINUTE!), then I accede to an Higher Power's Authority. Trouble is that most People ASSUME to have "Connected" with that Higher Authority, and assert their egoistic beliefs and opinion over me, with bullshit primarily, then force, all with heavy doses of black magic. There is NO Authority in that treatment.

Being able to scare me, or organise for some other dicksucker to smack me in the mouth, does not Assume any legitimate Authority, and only slows the Process.

The Process is that which Humanity has been struggling with since the Fall, of "Human Justice" for all.

So....., whatever MY reality is for the future, I demand that my mother, Adrienne Helen Cook (Meredith) nee-Willis, compensate myself (unfortunately, I want to never speak to her again, so ) in monetary terms, for;

-the psychotic actions she has directed toward myself, in her maltreatment of me,
-in the deceits laid upon me, for 51 years, about our Aboriginality,
-in her repeated attempts, over decades, to unbalance my mind,
-in her abuse of her own occult powers to interfere with my ability and chances to find, develop and sustain any relationships, but especially with non-catholic women.


These same charges, accusations, and demands for compensation for myself, I here put-out to the Catholic church of Australia, particularly of the Irish-based St Joseph's Convent of Collingwood Melbourne Victoria.


Without some POSITIVE action being taken, in regard to my own financial and housing circumstances, by my mother, Adrienne Helen Cook (Meredith) nee-Willis, beginning with AN APOLOGY for deliberately and deviously manipulating me to "lose control" for a moment, enough to have me incarcerated, FOR NO JUST PURPOSE, in Richmond Clinic, Lismore last year.

It must be noted that Richmond Clinic is but an "outpost outlet" for large, U.S. and European pharmaceutical corporations to ply their wares, and addict-by-government-order-and-prescription, those suffering psychic instability (read "interference"!) - "instability" initiated by the abuse by Catholics and Christians-generally, for generations, of the occult. My case, case in point.

This applies to how we are conned into buying almost anything from the mainstream consumer marketplace, through being "snapped" by the local priest at your "Baptism" to everafter follow a lifestyle which keeps them in a job, and psychicly tickled.

It's NOT OVER YET................

......to continue......

What has Geraldine Doogue got to say about this...., being as Good and Honest a Catholic as Her is?

And that Good Soul Paul Collins of ABC fame, what's he and his Jesuit(?) cohorts have to say.......?

And what about St Joseph's Convent, Collingwood Victoria.....?

Then there may also be the Lake Tyers Mission, down in Gippsland - Kurnai Country.....?

I know the Jesuit Mission on Royal Parade Parkville know all about this, and my being the target of some filthy dudes.....?

I, that is me-me-me, CANNOT get myself out of the situation I am in, unless these people have the Courage and Honour to set this situation straight.

Otherwise....., as I said, "Think melting polar ice-caps!"

Further notes were written per this, later yesterday, and this morning (Tuesday):

I whinge about compensation from the catholic church to myself, for their actions regards myself, although I KNOW they'll deny it, for denial is the catholic church's stock-in-trade, a la "machiavellianism", thus for my becoming the largest target for derision because of the spread of the blind rumours behind my back by several sections and cults of the christian church, that I am the Messiah. Derided to regular suicidal moods by the overwhelming cynicism and unbridled malice from christian-school, public and non-christian indoctrinated people.

Part of the derision campaign has included constant intimidation and harassment, resulting in my now, and for perhaps five years, being little more than the classic "bundle of nerves" which every dog with their occult eye open, can see and love electrifying. The campaign has managed my life for maximum exposure to their clique of European and British neuvo-rich maggots-with-a-camera-phone.

The constant video-camera onto the internet at the Hemp Bar is but one means they have enjoyed abusing. It's all magic. Believe it if you want. Fuck you if you don't.

There's absolutely no doubt the British dogs of the Universe - "MI-6" - have been in there, if not behind some of this, for years, admixed with doses of dumb-as christian crap.


Do I sound hysterical? Bitter?

I've surrendered trying to remain positive about myself, because much of my beliefs of "me" and my Soul, have been deconstructed and seen as false (only for false information input in the past), yet still without the facts?

A diet of lies...

If bitter, it's because of the legion of demented and jealous human minds, making occult demons to excite my nerves, "bitterness demons" who play to the fullest on my sad memories of passed events, losses, friendships, etc.

At this stage, I can no longer be held responsible for my actions, whether it's fucking the weather, or smashing the first thumpable turd I pass on the street, or at the counter.....

I've said that to the police a number of times over the last few years, so they cannot say they and society have not been warned. It must be emphasised, that this is NOT the prefered course of action.

And they cannot say they knew nothing of my condition and that they have tried to assist me in genuinely helpful and compensatory ways.

I owe all of you nothing.

Aumaxa bin Alladin
aka Max Nichols Meredith
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference


The latest!

While I'm suffering the pricks in the hemp bar...., PLENTY OF RAIN THOUGH aye......?

Mum, Catholic nuns, global pole shift, global warming, British drug lords, ALP, politics, hells angels, my Aboriginality, astral world of ghosts, demons, familiars, pieces of shit like not-worth-naming, "maytes", no trust, no respect, hollowness, empty dog of a world - thanks humanity, especially my brothers and sisters from Melbourne (Hellbourne, Pricktoria, indeed!), and here in Nimbin.

Sol, may you rot in hell's hell you scum of a man, mate of gray's no doubt.

The world, if these turds around here are anything to judge by, is totally fucked.

A Shaman could, and would wipe-out this generation of errant bastards. All of them.

"Love" is yet another judeo-christian fraud, painted on naive dicksuckers like my part-Aboriginal mother, to be used to seduce whomever one needs.

The opposite political force is yet the same low shite - fascist germanic deeply inbred psychological and psychic illnesses.

Die all of you, and thanks for showing me how low people are.

Max not a fucking patsy for dog catholics.


or talk HONESTLY for once in seventeen hundred years.

I bet this outburst makes the fascists really happy, as they're here right now plying me with their nazi-pussey magic.

As for my mother adrienne helen, for keeping my Aboriginality from me for 51 years..........

I do not believe I will forgive you, before you die or after.

I cannot believe such delusions can exist in others, to the point that they fuck you over as she-the-cat has for 51 years, all-the-while while SHE, has been a puppet for the fucking catholic church.

All to satisfy their totally awry and desperate delusions about breeding a Leader.

Well, I am expendable, as long as mother has the utmost need for all her wealth.

So there!

Queensland sugarcane "smut" disease cure

An email I just sent to the Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie, on Hemp.

Hello Peter,

Long time no email?

This latest blessing for the sugarcane industry, of the disease "smut" or whatever, by first accounts on media that it is set to wipe-out the whole cane trade for Australia (they DO sensationalise, don't they?), is most propitious, say what?

"Propitious" if it DOES wipe-out the sugarmill, for being in time with the rising public awareness of the NOT demonic attributes of that old chestnut....(?)..... Hemp! Cannabis. Etcetera......

One local conspiracy factualist, the one deconstructing the GLOBAL drugs blackmarket of Jardine Matheson, HRH Eliz II, Russia, China, CIA, Mossad, and-on, for arrest, has already theorised (?) on "smut" being a "plant", as-in an "introduced pest" to destroy an already declining industry - SUGAR - and not toooo sooon, me thinks. But by whom?

No matter. What opens itself to you, and to an even further booming state (Qld), is to cleanly, simply and most economically-short-and-long-term replace sugarcane crops with Hemp.


YOU KNOW the attributes of Hemp, in many fields...., in many industries and applications, as well as the environmental advantages it possesses!

SO YOU would be MAD were you to leave it to the evermore desperate Nationals to jump on the Hemp legalisation-and-processing wagon.

Dalby Qld., is onto it, as you're aware, but on the sugarcane scale, laws would have to change, clearly, which might involve a revolution or such in regard to chatting with the British drug Lords of the Universe about relaxing the draconian global drug laws.....!

There's little or no point talking to Howard, he'd just pass-it-up-the-line to Blighty anyway.

I'll put-it to me old mayte Henry Keswick, shall I?

It does beg the question of the legalisation of Marijuana-the-Medicine of course, but, while "EVIDENCE-BASED" Laws would allow use of Marijuana, it may be wise to keep prohibition on the drug, until YOU, i.e., the government sort-out the cause of the Common Mug's discontent - "It's the Economy, Stupid!" as Bill said.

If everyone is employed gainfully and in an Honest job, discontent and the arising stresses are lessened, and thus reduce the call for drugs, be they prozac, Marijuana or Heroin.

Hemp provides employment aplenty!

Grows almost anywhere! No fertilizers! Uses less water! Few pests!


Safer than pharmaceuticals!

Holier also!

What a shame about that "scum"..., er...., "smut", aye?


Max Nichols Meredith
Max No Difference


Letter to MI-6 Whistleblower

Letter to MI-6 Whistleblower "James Casbolt", see link:
http://www.globaljusticeonline.com/blog/?p=37 which I sent 1st June 2006

Hi. Thanks for the grist to my mill!
I'm a nobody in particular, but am, by choice or for cheaper Ganja, on the case of the global drugs mob. Hit my blogsite for articles and progress on this issue.
I have global connections, with Global Justice in the fore of our minds, and addressing this shammozle is fundamental to cleaning-up the attitude of corruption, we thinks....
As well, I'm inclined to the belief that these fellows, up top of the drugs mafia-tree, are amenable to the idea of something like an "AMNESTY" on this very issue, and might be prepared to follow a course of action similar to what I suggest in the articles I've posted on the weblog site; "www.maxnodifference.blogspot.com"
I let myself believe I'm actually in fantasyland when addressing this stuff, and that the apparent successes I have are but staged or such, by who....? but...., long have I been on MI-6's case, but as one book I read emphasised "They don't leave a calling card" and specialise in keeping us/me guessing.
But as I think, evidence-based thinks of course, I have them on their own laws, on the colonial/local front of the antipodes, with the corruption from 1808-on, and a number of other thingo's globally.
Most of that was written and put-out-there before I had a blogsite, so mmay not be on my current blogs:
I reckon its time we linked these rogues, with the Land distribution issue, which Earth faces, or must really face soon, in that they may be prepared to institute edicts of law in regard to global, co-ordinated Land Reform, and Human population redistribution.
You would be well aware of the state of the planet, thus I guess your Courage in this article (and related, not yet read), thus I put-it that it is this path or bust.
Thanks again.
All Strength To Your Arm!
Max Nichols Meredith