I Found the Extremists!

It can now be said: Globally, the United States (political) Administration and their Anglo-European counterparts are the extremists.

So too, at this stage, are the United States' Democrats.

Answer: (Get all of them out of a veeeeerrry deeeeep hole they'se duggg!)



Middle East.
Horn of Africa.
Papua New Guinea.
East Timor.
and the Good Ol' U.S. of A.

Can the Global MILITARY Powers Arrest the extremism of politics of profit?

The Greatest, of the Victorious People's, of the Great Lord's Clan "Nichols-Meredith" Here-and-Now Call the Honourable Leaders, Presidents and Monarchs of the Planet, to engage their Military Chiefs and act according to these allegations and charges, toward, as-soon-as-possible, the global institution of AGRARIAN SOCIALIST LAND REFORMS!


Occult Rain

by Max Nichols Meredith

Nimbin, N.S.W. Australia
Thursday 14th December 2006

The following is written in Honour of my Father, the Most Noble "Allan Nichols Meredith", (Warrant Officer II, 1st Australian Parachute Troop, Royal Australian Engineers, R.A.E. 1941-1949), who shall not pass-on from this world, knowing His children and grandchildren, and those of any Family, were powerless to “Make-A-Stand” for some True Global Justice, thus were powerless to but face a downhill future.

I Honour Him, and Dedicate this article to the Service he gave, and still gives, to Humanity, in Good Faith, for a Better Planet.

Occult Rain

Bringing rain by occultism, like a p.o.s. (piece-of-sh..) witch has been doing in Nimbin since just before the “Lismore Flood” of 1974 (to increase growth of the I.M.F.-run blackmarket in Cannabis), but occultism which is now being learnt and randomly, anarchically practiced worldwide, DOES NOT address nor come near to answering our national “water-crises”, our “destructive farming practices and results”, “salination”, and “utterly out-of-date, i.e., proven-as-bad-culture, lifestyles, religious beliefs and in-parallel totally insane, planet-destroying egoism”.

The results are plain! Hail damage to many crops in north-central Victoria and S.E. Queensland, and lightening-sparked bush-fires Australia-wide are IN TRUTH, caused by BAD MAGIC!

Bracks! Beattie! Take Heed. I strongly suspect this will continue while BAD that-is DAMAGING, LAND LAWS prevail.

Remember also, that there is no shortage of occultists who recognise the TRUTH of the scientific exposures about the evil (I.M.F.-type) doing all Lands down, and are in syncopation with the events which are so successfully breaking-apart the I.M.F. land-speculation cartels.

Today, however, there are agents mainly, I put-it, linked eventually up-to the I.M.F., screaming around the nation convincing everyone to employ their occult powers to bring the rain.

Black Fella and white are ORDERED to play with the “powers” to make it rain, by the I.M.F.

There is NO DOUBT that this is occurring, as most everyone, Australiawide (and globally) are quite aware.

Of the last four or more years I’ve been closely observing, through the excellent Australian Bureau of Meteorology internet website at www.bom.gov.au , the patterns of Australia’s (and global) weather.

Earlier observations about the weather and global warming etc., may be found on this blog site: www.maxnodifference.blogspot.com

Observing the www.bom.gov.au website’s radar, satellite and weather-pattern charts, shows unquestionably distinct “generations” of rain-clouds in certain populated areas and cities. Darwin, Wadeye, Tenant Creek, Alice Springs, Yalara Resort (Uluru), and they’re only the Northern Territory’s “séance-centres”!

Observing the www.bom.gov.au websites, this is seen to be occuring in such as Darwin or the N.T. generally, to generate rain further around, where the continent’s dominant high-pressure counter-clockwise wind-patterns will, over a few days to a week, blow the clouds. To Perth and the W.A. agri-belts, and across S.A. to the Australia’s south-east.

With their typical low cunning, they, the Catholic-I.M.F. partnership against the Australian Aborigines, are figuring on this method.

Also with the Australian Antarctica bases “Davis” and Casey” “pumping” the occult to make large “low-pressure-zones” in the southern Indian Ocean, whence they are dragged-up to hit the south west, central south and south eastern regions of Australia, Australia is being subverted from any chance of Attaining an Harmonious Earth-People Balance, by these foreign forces, purely so they, the I.M.F., and coven, can keep plundering our Precious Soils, Forests, real estate and resources, or, the LAND!

Indeed, the occultists are who are generating the storm-patterns and worse – hail.

The very-same-game is being played by the employees of the petrol station located at the corner of Dawson and Conway Streets, Lismore northern N.S.W.: BP Penoil.

BP, British Petroleum (now I believe they’ve adopted the mocking title of “Better Petrol”) has the worst record of global terrorism and British self-interest, and of-a-certainty, the two “Indian” males (could be Bangladeshiis, for all I KNOW) working the “console” at BP Penoil, are employed to serve the interests of BP.

Weighing-up all the available evidence, the irrefutable conclusion is that BP and all their employees are REAL and PRESENT DANGERS to Australia’s domestic security.

I demand therefore, that the Australian Federal Police (A.F.P.) with the Full Co-operation of the Australian Military Services (that is: “the Australian-owned Platoon”!), ARREST ALL BRITISH PETROLEUM EXECUTIVES, as TRAITORS.

The (BP) occultists are working with the other ruthless global powers, Shell Oil, Rio Tinto Mining to name but two, purely and simply to extract as much of the Land’s wealth, for to send HOME, to Britain and Europe.

In BP’s case, oil, gas, etc. But BP leads the charge in extracting the “micro-wealth” from Australians via the OPEC cartel of price-fixing retail petrol/gas/diesel sales at the pump.

BP, an accomplice with the I.M.F., also have big-bucks in Australia’s current agriculture and (mechanic)-related industries, one, for to ruthlessly keep profiteering from rural Australians at the bowser, but by working to maintain – through any means possible – the current systems of agriculture – broad-acre, mono-crop and cattle farming – THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE SYSTEMS – mainly to supply foreign nations.

One, of NOTE: Britain. Britain whom the Australian High Court only a few years ago, deemed as a “foreign power”, which was and can even-more, with the digging-up of the evidence, be interpreted to mean a power using it’s might AGAINST the Best Interests of Australia and Her People.

From 1788CE, the “Brits” (Actually? It may be the feggin’ TEMPLAR SCOTS who were/are behind it all? But now the Irish and Roman Catholics are part-of-it) have been using their might AGAINST the Best Interests of Australia and Her People, via the very same British East India Company.

BP, like most Britons and Europeans (as observed in their immigrants to Australia, and most psychotically in their tourrorists, do not care about the long-term well-being of Australia’s soils, rivers, fauna and flora, nor even for Her People, so long as ruthless short-term profits and our real estate – or! - Land!, can be taken from us.

Thus BP and British Overseas Secret Intelligence MI-6, the latter working fully for BP (and other Anglo-European “In-Crowd” Megacorps) globally for generations, have been and are still doing everything they can to maintain Australia being almost totally owned and plunderable by the evil I.M.F.

The old British East India Company. BP’s, Shell’s, National Australia Bank’s, Macquarie Bank’s, etc., corporate overlord.

The HARD LEGAL REALITY is that BP operates in Australia, as AN ENEMY of Australia, and of Her People, Black, Yellow, Brown, White, Et Al.

Therefore ALL BP employees working in Australia, are liable to ARREST on the charge of actively and consciously working AGAINST Australia’s Best Interests.

BP Australia employees are traitors to Australia, and must be arrested and charged with TREASON.

BP is just one of an innumerable many, but while the facts exist, while the evidence, dating back centuries, exists, the Australian Police and Intelligence Services have a Duty, not only to and for Australia, but for ALL Nations who suffer under their criminal global regimes, to begin Prosecution of cases against such “foreign interests”.

Finally, there are those of Australian Aborigine descent, who play-along with these very luring minions, these agents with all the spin about "Why?" Aborigine should do the bastard's bidding. Catholic, Anglican (Protestant), Mormans, and probably a fair number of Australian Moslems also, wend their ways into the Aborigine Life and Land, all eventually working under dominion of the I.M.F. Forgive them to some degree, for they have little choice, to remain in existance.

But to the Australian Aborigine, Beware! Helping to prop-up the empire by congering rain to wet-the-wheat etc., is helping to further destroy YOUR COUNTRY.

As far as I am able to Discern, Aborigine...., The Australian and United States Military Forces are now, on Your Side, assuming You can Unite with the Supreme Forces of Heaven and Earth, to HALT! the corruption of Our Souls-Collective - Black, Brown, Yellow, Purple, White, and the corruption and destruction of Our Mother Earth Who Gives us All we need.


Written in Good Faith, to Assist our Legal Institutions in arresting the larger and accelerating global decline in Humanity’s Chance to Live an Honourable Life, wherever they Peaceably can.


Unclear Nukes?

by Max Nichols Meredith
Nimbin Australia
9th December 2006

Email to Australian Federal Government’s Inquiry into Nuclear Energy etc. Not my Best, for which I apologise.

I wuz inspired to write this, by a bitch who called me "a little sleaze", just so she could be seen to be sleazing-up to the local mafia, that is the local Nimbin branch of the evil International Monetary Fund or the I.M.F., Y'know, the dicks controlling the marijuana market around the globe.

She'd given a telephone interview on NIMfm radio about the nuclear future we seem to face. A fine performance by her I must say, I s'pose. Play her cards right she could have a stellar future, either with the Best on the Planet (My Mob) or the worst - "the westerns". Her choice..........

Ne'ertheless....... Find a sleaze in this one, blondie......?

Sent to: umpner@pmc.gov.au

Unclear Nukes?

Sorry, I've no time to submit according to standard formats, etc.

Most all political "plans" per se, as in the Nuclear plans from both sides of mainstream political debate, especially in these new years of social, economic, environmental and cultural uncertainty, are farsical, to say the least.

This, because never has a "plan" on these scales, over extended periods, gone exactly according to their original designs.

Life is fluid, as are events and circumstances surrounding any plan, or any sustainable civilisation.

Therefore it is terminal folly to follow a path of supplying an exceedingly opulent energy-consumer society through the implementation of such "permanent" potentially dangerous structures (for one).

Secondly such threatening, and second-to-least-Best means of "extracting" energy, as-it-were, from the Great Mother Earth, are options taken to suit a clearly insane social (dis)order, that being the "western" mainstream consumer society models, ex-Britain, Europe and the two nations northern most in the Americas, U.S.A. and Canada.

For any Inquiry of the nature of this one, to ignore the Science in regard to an Overall Balance on Planet Earth, between individual desire (an unreality in itself, for We ARE ALL totally interdependent, whether in needs or desires, with foreign nations/cultures, aliens from afar, or microbes in the plankton so vital to the underpinning of the Planet's ecosystem), and the Common Good of Life on Earth - PERENNIALLY! - is to totally defraud Humanity, out of a blindness to the Potential Democracy awaiting the Planet, and to the Potential Alternatives already extant, just suppressed by the same dwindling powers-that-be, on Earth - The old British East India Company, now the International Monetary Fund or the I.M.F.

These multinational Corporations pose the biggest threat to Humanity and to Mother Earth, in-the-main because of old, 19th century rather delusional ideologies about how Earth will progress, in the times we are in now, and in the near future.

Consistently over the last two hundred years, all the "powers-that-be" have had to change their policies and spin, because "circumstance" has moved-in and effected the plan, often to beyond recognition.

Wars to date, have as much been about covering-over these fatal flaws in most all colonial and post-colonial ideologies, and thus policies, where they, the powers of the I.M.F. et al, et al, have bullshitted (apologies!) their way into the most ignorant and socially debilitative endgame of policies-which-wipe-us-out!

This, a purely political situation, is what gives rise to such deeply unwise
policies of employing the most dangerous mineral on Earth (Uranium) to supply energy to what today is now proven with Good Science, to be an aberration - "western city-style societies".

Consumption is too often overlooked. "She'll be right, mayte!?"

Today, Popular Concensus cannot be relied upon in such important Issues, which puts-pay or should put-pay to our delusions about "Democracy".

This, purely because the Masses have been "dumbed-down" to an horrendous extent, by the aforesaid powers, especially through cuts in Education, especially any Worthwhile Educing of the Truth from Within the Child/Student, and with blind fanaticism by the Brettonwoods likes of Rupert Murdoch's psychotic global media etc. about how the world MUST be run.

This dumbing-down is as-much behind the "west's" insatiability, and thus their/our addiction to excessive energy consumption.

Australia HAS TO take a look at itself, psychologically, in that we are all seriously and deeply damaged.

Unaddressed, this can but lead to a society which CANNOT see clearly what IS BEST for them, their families, therefore their societies and Planet.

Democracy, I maintain, is a Fine Ideal, but is deadly, if the People are stupid.

ESPECIALLY in crucial political debates like the current Nuclear Energy issue.

Also, and finally, this Nuclear issue arises out of a longtime erring "Culture" so-called. A "Culture" which was in fact one of profit, rather than a Culture for the Good of The People.

Again, the I.M.F., has been instrumental in much of these expansion of errors.

If few others will say it, I will, that as far as Sound Economic Policies for Australia, the region and the Planet are concerned, those I.M.F. policies - the extreme opposite of Sound Policy - are managed utterly callously by a frightened little man in Canberra, The Prime Minister Mr John W. Howard.

Today, Sound historical Investigations expose the facts about how the planet's societies have become so astray.

There is a saying about the "Butterfly in the Amazon", who, by flapping her wings, can eventually cause a cyclone across the globe...

Perhaps a little metaphorical licence to exaggerate, given, but the metaphor extends well to the carnage both to the Terra Firma of what are now third world regions, in soil degradation, salinity, pollution, erosion, flood patterns, drought patterns, and, the shifting off-the-Land of the millions of Indigenous Indians, Chinese, Africans, Australians, for to plunder the fertile Lands.

This was the metaphorical "Butterfly" which has now given the whole Orb the environmental crises which threatens Life-on-Earth.

Clearly, these old guard policies do not work, and are quite delusional.

Therefore it is at everyone's greatest peril, that an authority such as this Inquiry take any notice of any organisation, lobby group or pro-nuclear energy party, or their spin-doctors and pseudo-scientists.

To rule-out the nuclear energy option means also a significant and genuine re-addressing of everything we say and do in Life, from this time forward.

One way through this, has been Proven the Best for eons and eons:

"Only the Truth will set you Free!"


The Military can no longer be a Brute Force

This blog goes out to Planet Earth’s global elite, but more urgently to the Global Military Commanders, no matter which “side” you’ve chosen to Serve.

No time to daly!

This Blog was first put to the internet in April 2006, and is republished in consideration of the seriously deteriorating condition of Australian Society and the Planet's ecology. Also, it is republished for One suffering Australian Fella, David Hicks, classed as "NON-HUMAN" by Australia's government-nay-whole parliament, and is locked down in Guantanamo Bay detention centre, Cuba.
All Strength to Your Inner Light David. It's in there, aye? But I reckon you know already, Brother.
If I could I'd put-out a Call to a Brother of mine in California, one Sonny Barger, "Maximum Head" of the Hell's Angels, to BUST-YOU-OUT, or something.
It seems, the fascists of Washington have a great deal to learn about LAW, say what???

The “Military” exists FIRST AND FOREMOST, to Protect Peoples, and their Most Precious Resource: The Land. The Earth. The Planet.

THEREFORE, if “Military intelligence”, is, it will have discerned that “the current, socio-economic, pseudo-political system” is the most serious threat, to whomever they are enlisted/conscripted to defend.

“The current, socio-economic, pseudo-political system” being pretty-much the global drugs/weapons/pharmaceuticals/oil etc, etc mob of elite manipulators.
Mainstream media is very much their tool in mis-or-mal-informing the Masses.

Corrupt beliefs, definitely partially deluded ideologies, and the destruction of Reason in individuals thus, creating, on today’s rampant scale, throughout whole cultures, the destruction of Simple, Proper and Common Laws, Lore, now, across the Planet, leading Humanity to our current series of environmental, Social, and economic crisesesessss.
Hence, “irascible behaviour” throughout, and now it matters-not which “nation” or region.

The Australian Military Forces, fortunate in their western connections, wealth and geo-isolation, seem (without inquiry, but ever-an-ear) to have honed more than just the killer in their soldiers, sea and air Personnel.
We ALL, are much different People today, young and old, rich and poor, western or of other cultures, to what we were 15, 20 years ago. The myriad armed forces are the same. New “Talents” have been opened to those who learn, as oft’ through a “Military”-type discipline, to control their own mind.

However, as expected, a society as seriously undisciplined as the white west has become (since “The Fall”!), is bound to unleash lots-and-lots of abuse of our Finer, Higher Human Powers. Our Occult Powers. I suggest that this is because, on the swift spread of knowledge about how to defend ourselves from the newly identified raging storm of dark occultists, the “short-cut” of opening the third eye has been almost totally devoid of the vitally necessary Philosophy, thus a failing to Attain to the Wisdom the Soul or Person needs to Properly interpret any given situation. War included.
The Best Defender of their People and of the Planet, or the Best Military Person needs-must KNOW they can Perform in the hot-end-of-war, without any danger that the mind will process learnt and incoming information, knowledge, “Intelligence”, wrongly.
Thus they, to survive and succeed, need complete control of their own mind. This extends to control of beliefs also, for they can dramatically influence how we see the world, other People.
They would also Know, with some solemnity, that such a honed Human, for at least the duration of their service years (2-legs-2-arms-two-eyes!) MUST live to some similarly high, High Level of Discipline, 24/7.

This leads to the dangers, perhaps bigger than I see, of seeking after, and/or living a “lax” life, for it compromises self-control, and as the adage goes “Idle hands do the devil’s work”.
Yet what are our Military Forces defending???
Whence indeed, we have, misrunning the Earth generations-if-not-millennia of wealthy aristocratic, idle occultists, freed totally from Good Solid SOCIAL “GET YA’ HANDS DIRTY”, AGRARIAN-type Work, enough to - HARK!?!? - imagine all manner of superiority-trips – in the Judeo-Christian west and pan-global enclaves/diaspora at least ----

DELUSIONS ALL!! (I say I say).

These delusions are at the root of “military’s” (whichever today) perceptions of “an enemy”, and on the frontline…, “the enemy”.

With the approach taken by the elite to keep the armed service personnel thugs, fit mainly to kill “the enemy”, misperceptions are encouraged and strengthened by abusive occultists, as oft’ in places of military power, totally screwing a fighter’s intellect to not questioning the veracity of orders, military actions, etc.

Today, things are different.

The Armed Forces, each and every member, is at least conscious of these REALITIES.

Thanks at last to the media, most are also putting together, in their own minds, with THEIR OWN Intellects, that the same psychic oppression has been AND STILL IS behind most-all of the development, expansion and environmental destruction of our, “OUR?” Australian (western) colonizing cultures?

So the war is different, for indeed, the danger to Humanity in the coming decade is the war against “dangerous-to-the-Planet” beliefs.
Beliefs which threaten, in Reality, ANY Life-on-Earth.
It is mis-beliefs that keep a Person a thug, and ill, awry.

Australia has enabled most to read, and to figure-out important things for themselves. Perhaps this is, was, worldwide.
The media has reached everyone including frontline service personnel, and it is blasting us all with the environmental collapse, imminent, yet the governments ALL! - fail to face it?

“The Government” so-called, Australian federal/state/local, and globally is/are still splashing-around in fast-evaporating puddles of erroneous-therefore-toxic political beliefs – in economics, REAL ESTATE (or “Land Distribution”), security, agriculture, environment, etc., etc., consumer capitalism, unrestrained innovation! And-on and-on, most all based on “cover-up” corrupt socio-economic and international relations models, which are, bluntly, based on archaic economic power-slash-warring models. Models run mainly now from the drug-centres of Hong Kong, Switzerland, London Banking, Tel Aviv, Moscow, etc.

In brief, most “secret services” (MI-6, CIA, Mossad, FSB, CCIS, etc), and freedom fighter or misnomered terrorist organizations control the global and local (they must follow) drugs and general economic corruption, as their predecessor agents of today’s International Monetary Fund, The I.M.F., the “British East India Company” have done in Australia and throughout “The Empire” for centuries.

The current imminent environmental collapse is conclusive evidence of the serious flaws, delusions in the culture which has allowed western consumer capitalism to breed.

Perhaps most dangerously of all, western military forces are dragooned into defending, fighting and dying for “ponsy delusions”, as the raw basis of most all “enlightenment”, post-1500CE, unrestrained or laisse-fair consumer capitalism actually is.

With the isolation of the British Isles from warring Europe came refinement of Law.
However with that geo-isolation (“semi” really) whence Britain honed Potential of Divine Laws on Earth, the poms forgot (or was it their landless Jews?), how Properly to relate with other Humans. Thus, they desecrated whole, quite Spiritual Cultures, and regarded their Peoples as inferior. Even non-Human?! Ha! The “painted” enemy!
Perhaps this began at “The Fall”, where whitey’s Ancients lost their psychic, Spiritual Connection with the Astral Cosmos, the Greater Unity? “Da Flow of De Universe, Mon!”.
Thus they lost the Knowledge of the Ultimate Oneness of Human Kind, and as well the Oneness with the Whole of the Creation.

This is as much the root cause of all wars, but of “enemy” against “enemy”.

So while armies of any colour, engage in battle because of out-of-date (implying the possibility of being appropriate for the time, situation etc.,) ideologies, flawed thought and superstitious cultic beliefs, usually blown out of proportion, thus doomed to failure, by power, ignorance, confidence and the occult imagination, “enemies” will always be perceived and wars will not end.

So, if THE Military would be Honourable, from bottom-to-top, Collectively that-is-GLOBALLY, it would Recognise, that the war out there, is but a manifestation of the war going on within, between firstly One’s True Fella Spirit – we ALL Have It! – and whichever occultist has tricked our younger mind into believing, fighting, killing and dying for, THEIR ideologies, usually in fact inappropriate, dysfunctional cult desires/delusions.

In the west, however, the child’s connection INTO their True Fella Spirit has been burnt-out, covered-over by bad occultist spells, disguised as the “baptism” ceremony etc, plus by the ceaseless push-marketing in every aspect of daily life, ofd mammon, that which buries our True Spirit in material desire. Circumcision is another “ritual” to gain occult control of the victim’s body and mind.

A third basis of sustaining a Spiritual ignorance in the People, in the west (and they wish globally) and also maintenance of a brutal, even malicious culture, necessary for corruption to survive and of course prosper, is “alcohol”.
Being a part-time drunk me-self, I know the benefits of grog when ya’ need that UMPFH! that “Fire in the Belly”. But within an Attuned Warrior, That Fire is Ever-Ready, Within, so they need no alcohol. As well, the Attuned Warrior is fully aware of the negatives of grog, especially negatives which impair their functionality and “wit”, acuity. But, occasional “Ritual” benders are necessary also.

One may regard most effects on the Being, whether ill-health, depression, addiction, confusion, suicide, failure to appropriately and fully express one’s self, or propensity to OVER-express oneself (thus talk bullshit or hurt others), as inharmonious interactions with the subtle, Cosmic Realm – The Astral. Or “spells”.
This has been the “rock” Judeo-Christianity has deludedly based it’s Authority upon. Conversion-by-hypnosis. Indeed, these days, I fail to see ANY intellectual foundations for Christianity. But it must have been necessary, because it existed. Like ignorance.

For centuries, whole Communities, nations and cultures have been guided one-way or the other by occultists high-up enough (with “minions” all-the-way down the pyramid) to make and pervert State and Religious Laws. Those few who remain, some of today’s remaining Monarchs, some Sagasic National Leaders, have oft’ deftly maintained their Veracity, their Trueness, and perversion, corruption of State and Religious Laws are not part of their Agendum, even though today, thanks again to British Judeo-Christianity, State and Church, Monarchs and Leaders, survive only by compromising their Principles to a wider deeper corruption.

For-near-as-ever, worldwide, Wisdom Cultures survived for their Original and Descendant Law-or-Lore Makers and Keepers.
Sages and Oracles who Tuned-in to the Universal Reality saw how to Maintain Sanity and Balance in their People, for their Understanding their own Self and it’s Powers, and their position in the Universe.
Through these occult powers were divined the Good or ill of one “policy” or another, and so Divined the Spiritual Wisdom All Souls need for Inner Contentment, Spiritual Growth and the Leading of An Honourable Life.
This was something of an “Edenic” State rarely known in the post-Roman Catholic infiltrated west.

Good Government is Pure of the need to psychically or economically or in any way control the population, as Judeo-Christianity does, and corporate marketing, and most cults, religious, elite, clubs do, with abuse of the occult.
So too Good Religion. Ummm? Hello?
A long way from today’s unreality, say what?

Those Ancient Wisdom Cultures knew nothing of the sort of Cultural, Governmental corruptions we bear today, yet were very Wise to the dangers. Some, if not all, knew the science of atoms and of the even finer “Soup-of-Life”, and of the options achievable by experiment.
They did not need science to cure cancer, to pull a tooth or to design and fabricate exceptional architecture, nor technology to travel across Galaxies and Universes.
Personal and Social Balance was found and Sustained by Complete Knowledge – Spiritual and Economic.

That is Ours as One Human Race, to grasp today.

This is Basically the Ultimate Call for today’s Global Military Forces Personnel:
-To Embrace the untainted Spiritual Knowledge of Self – “All is One”, and,
-To Embrace the untainted Economic Knowledge of Land Law, expressed as LAND RENT for GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

Affirmation of this being the Global Military’s “Mission” is found in the current results of bad laws, bad beliefs, bad spells – global social, legal, cultural and environmental collapse.

Armed with that Knowledge, Unconditional Education, Wisdom and Love replace corruption, guns and destruction.

This blog goes out to Planet Earth’s global elite, but more urgently to the Global Military Commanders, no matter which “side” you’ve chosen to Serve.

No time to daly!