Europe to be renamed

Europe may henceforth be re-named Eurape, in Recognition of the Work done by Eurapeans in fucking the Planet.


Family, friends and the best enemies yer ever had!

My Blog-Post, Thursday 19th July 2007
Written at the Kilmore Library

Still waiting for someone, mainly from my own family, to do something to repatriate me into a life, mainly by plonking as much money in my bank account as possible.

Mummy will refuse to understand that i wish never to talk to her again.

Just a small matter of having been lied to for my whole 52, fifty two years of WHAT? of LIVING under the fraudulent title of greatest great lord, for chrissake.

The family refuse to talk to me truthfully, mainly because some arsehole is plying me with witchcraft of the malicious order ( from charlies suffering small mind syndrome), so projecting scary monsters from my aura at whoever comes near me.

Over the last ten years I've been slowly exorcising (?) these types from my own Soul, as best as I can.

Recently, I detected psychically, an "old friend" (the son of a Greek migrant), Charlie Zarcades, of Bridge Street Port Melbourne, as one of these utter bastards, perhaps a major player in my head over the last ten years.

It seems he might have changed his attitude since I divined his occultism, nevertheless I cannot concile such behaviour as from him, his two brothers, danny and sam, and his mates in Port Melbourne and from the 1990's motorcycle courier industry, for it may well be that it has been they who have made my life absolute hell for the last ten years, by the malicious, jealous, and envy-based employment of their ever-so-cunning occult powers.

I estimate that they too are fierce opponents of my political Stance on Land Reforms and distribution, etc. I've NO DOUBT they swan-it with thousands of Euro and Mid-Eastern property speculators, of the same immigrant genre as his parents. Not that I hold anything against them. It has clearly been the dogs from the John Davidson, David Finch, Greame Barrett clique, ex the Melbourne motorcycle courier scene of the 1980s and 1990s, whom I exposed as rotten with corruption.

One of their arsehole mates, who was already in the Nimbin NSW region when I got there nine years ago, has been part of this, in my struggles in that part of the world, trying to start a new life.

That piece of shit, went by the nikname "GOOSE" when working as a bicycle courier for Davidson's DART COURIERS, as well as by a false employee name for tax-dodging purposes, from which he profited nicely I'm sure.

Nevertheless, is it that with this old bunch of "FRIENDS" such as Finch, Andrew Prange, Zarcades, and others, are less likely to leave me alone?

Of course not.

The last thing they want is for me to find my third eye (?) and speak with power about the utterly stuffed state of the planet, for their egotrips would come unstuck.
Not to mention the ongoing corruption they are still party to, I feel sure, be-it in couriering, land speculation, drugs and other sordid crimes.

Fuck em!

And fuck the Victorian Department of Justice, for "Failing to recognise the severity of the crime", as being perpetrated against myself by the Catholic church, in the church's attempts to build a patsy Messiah. A crime of unrecognised massive proportions against also, all Christians and others.

I say this because the notion of a Messiah, does not stand Intelligent Scientific and Spiritual Scrutiny.

What JC was saying, however, indicts the church, and casts the lot of them down to hell, for the 1700 years or so of blaspheming against the Holy Spirit in us all.

On the recent Melbourne shooting:

(and sorry to the family)

A property lawyer who profits from perpetuating the homelessness of around 100 million people around the planet, cannot be called moral, in any sense of the word.

No matter if he/she fails to fully and correctly appraise the danger of any situation they find they are expected to help in, and die as a consequence.

Why be sorry for his kids? One day they will have to face the decision of the RED pill or the BLUE pill.

We can be sure they will have very few scales over their eyes since their father's abrupt death.

Let all christians pray they will NOT be blinded by the tyrannical catholic approach, and here-after seek to grow into Honourable adults, not unconscionable slime in real estate and the totally dishonourable McLies industry of property and real estate law.

The catholics, as confirmed by the most recent blast from Pope Benedictus XVI, are clearly stubborn listeners, and for that are dangerously slow learners. But catholics in my jargon means any of the branch ex-Rome, set-up by the Jews in the first-to-third centuries to capture the Spiritual and real estate markets of the planet from the heathens who were/are the "Keepers of the Holy Spirit" - the Indigenous peoples of Earth.

Begs the question of the problems having their root in the immigration situation. For if we look around the planet, most of the chaos in societies and the fringes, are perpetuated by conquering immigrants, who ruthlessly ignore the Indigenous, and the Native population, and rip-into the land speculation escapade, creating massive iniquities everywhere. This is happening to Australia right now, and will increase to an explosion, when the auditors realise the extent of danger this places our nation and banks in. Not to mention the rest of us.

It's also interesting that most all of the immigrants who do most damage to the local Balance wherever we look, are from Europe and Britain?!

How well Zarcades fits the description. Perhaps he's a criminal?


CARBONITIS! Smog-of-Soul

By Max Nichols Meredith
2nd July 2007

I’ve been a weird Green,
Since I was sixteen.
But drove filthy trucks,
then bike-couriered amongst the fucks,
Just to get a taste of a London winter diesel fog.
Now 30 years later, I’m in the forests of Prictoria,
Getting’ guilty about my carbon footprint
From my campfire’s logs.

On the road for ten years,
Slept as big-rigs lullabied my ears,
Now it’s a ceaseless drum of logistic inefficiencies.
Rumbling my sleep and seriously fucking
The econom-ecology.

Gotto Oppie more clothes!
G’nna learn t’ eat food raw!
Avoid disease, go for the lowest score!


Everywhere I look, I see environmental crime!
Most every waking hour I got pollution on my mind!
I butt-bin my smoke butts like a chump,
But everywhere is like a steaming rubbish dump?

“How much carbon did that junk cost from go-to-woe?”
Is a FOOTPRINT question everyone needs to know!

The answer to…., It’s related to

Gotto buy a 2nd-hand motorbike!
Then! Traffic jams can take a hike!
Makes me wanna reduce my consumption!
Where do I buy more gumption?????

I can see a market made for a pile of analysts,
Counselling morons, stressed-out by CARBONITIS!

What’s the carbon cost of that machine that goes “PING!”?
What’s it cost in carbon, just to make the telephone ring!?
How much carbon went into the white coats those blokes are wearing?!
How much to I cost myself in carbon,
Every time I REALLY start swearing??????

Sending shrinks insane!
Spooky carbon-dated fossils
Trying to fuck with our brains!

We’ll just strap you to this bed,
Then administer this lab-of-pills.
The old knock-out-needle drill!

But doc? I’m not insane!
But doc? Don’t be a pain!
I haven’t got contagious meningitis!?
My fit is a recoil
To Earth’s readiness to over-boil!
‘Cause your mob are killing Her with filthy CARBONITIS!?

She got CARBONITIS!?As well as cuttin’ down Her lungs?
Hertha’s got CARBONITIS!?
Your psyche fascists are denying
Our final song is being sung!

Gotto go a 100 miles to breathe some air that’s clear!
What network of freight trains?
On Silver Slides through the Landscape.
Everyone gains!

But after twenty years of writing-all-about-this,
I’m brought to ask the question,
“Who suffers most from CARBONITIS!?”

Is it me and fellow Deep Greens most affected by this consumption-bug?
Or are all the Christian sweeties the ones it has turned into the REAL Planetary thugs???
Spreading CARBONITIS!?
Lah, de dah, de dah!
Spreading CARBONITIS!?
Lah, de dah, de dah!

Does being DUMB about ANY future consequences,
Justify abuse of anything on which we build our mental defences?

For now some scales have fallen from the sealed-shut Christian flock,
But McChristianitis thrives in the drive-thru
CARBONITIS!? Fast-junk parking lot!!!!?

So I see Deep Greens as Wise Medicine Women and Men.
Who dispel untrue demons,
And bring the Tribe back on the Honourable Path again.

Where de FOOTPRINT’s nice-and-Light!
For which we’ve always had to fight.
And de Souls of all the Prols,
Are Light enough to,
as One, Lift themselves through,
All weigh-downs, to Heaven!


Up in Heaven, where Dei, Peacefully
And Honourably Govern…,
Their FOOTPRINT…., of Spiritual Carbon.

And never have to repaint their ….housis,
‘Cause they’ve all found Self-Control, thus are free from smog-of-Soul called CARBONITIS!?

CARBONITIS!? Coursing through our veins!
CARBONITIS!? Is a Cul-de-sac,
And we’re in the fast lane!
Seeking GOD! “out-there!” extracting everything we can,
Jus’ like Christians, putting the weight of blame – ON SOME OTHER MAN!

Reaping wealth with stealth,
By raping “HEATHENS” Land!

Contributing to GLOBAL CARBONITIS!?
Four centuries in the making!
Entranced oligopolies,
Knew not what they were creating!


Catholic Church's Biggest Lie

Quite a deal has been exposed in regard to the shadey areas of my life recently, much to do with the Catholic church and it's outright fraudulence over my very own creation, that is ME!

St Josephs Convent in Collingwood Melbourne Victoria, where my mother was taken at 9 years old, that is STOLEN from her Father, after her mother died, has much to answer in regard to the treatment I've received over most of my life.

What have they being trying to build, but a patsy idiot, under their total occult sway, to become a magician (WOW!) and under their hypnosis, start bleeting that he's the returned Jesus!

Lately I figured out that they had Mum in store for this little charade, a long time before I was thought of, or born, having had my parents name my elder brother (by five years) "Ruler" of "the Army" of the "Great Lord", or, Donald Walter Meredith.

Albeit that, Don was my Mum's Father's name, and Walter was my Dad's Stepfather's name. I postulate that they tried to breed a suitably "structured" or psychicly manipulable child, suitable for their longterm purpose - of getting the filthy lying deceiving christian religion, including Catholics and Jews, out of the reality shit that "THE MESSIAH AIN'T COMING BACK, BECAUSE HE, "IT" IS A FRAUDULENT CONCEPT!"

They tried with my brother Don (-ald Walter), but by his five years of age they saw he wasn't going to cut it, so it was plied upon Mum, when Grand-Pop died, to try once more, and I was the result. No real messiah was coming so the church decided they had to build one, and it turned out that after failing with Don, I am that patsy.

Since then, for 52 years, I have been but a puppet to the church, and this is why I have been fighting any attempts to raise my Kundalini and engage fully with my already considerable occult powers, because I am not gonna play their occult games.

Lets not be too potentially egomaniacal here, for there's no doubt that the church has been trying to do the very same thing for some time, with the "wiser" ones seeing the fraud of the doctrine and dogma, and it's ignorance, deliberate or otherwise, of the True Holy Spirit in each of us, and the Power It possesses.

It is quite believable that the insane asylums around the western or christian world, are filled in part with rejects from the demonic and desperate christian
churchs attempts to turn any broadly suitable parishener into a "Jesus". Many people in asylums say they are Jesus. I put it that the local priests have been plying any potential with the occult to the point where they really are not on the planet. BUT, it is most likely that THEY, that is the person, is nowhere near insane.

Rather, they have been fucked over by the evil clergy.

Why do no christians challenge this stuff?

Why do no christians inquire into this possibility, in regard to Jesus himself?

I say he was exactly the same, as I put it above, that I am.

A Patsy!

Can we not broach the subject about the Rabbis of the Temple where Jesus dwelt as a child, causing his mother concern, and that they were building the very same way as the catholics and their idiot fellow flockers have been trying to build me?

Wake-up christians! You have been done over by the most evil mob on Earth!

Christianity, have you never realised christian, is the most profitable cultural style the Gods of Mammon could ever have created!

Death to the church, whether or not they pay me $10,000,000 compensation for my ruined life.

Because of all this, I am shattered, and want never to talk to any member of my family or even nation again.

A curse on all catholics, if they continue the most evil lie of "a messiah".