Myanmar. Myanmar. Myanmar

Myanmar. Myanmar. Myanmar
Saturday September 29th 2007 5:20PM
Country Victoria, Australia

'-- The backbone of the opium-producing "Golden Triangle", Myanmar is the world's second-largest producer of heroin after Afghanistan.

Having been far and away the biggest producer in the 1990s, opium production has fallen by as much as 80 percent under a United Nations-backed government eradication programme.

Officially, only 21,500 hectares (53,000 acres) were cultivated in 2006. Heroin goes mainly to China and Pacific rim countries such as Australia.

-- As opium and heroin have tailed off, production and trafficking of amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) has shot up, causing tension with Thailand.

According to the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, 19.5 million ATS pills were seized in Myanmar in 2006 out of 40 million seized in the whole of Asia.'

Source of the above text: http://www.reuters.com/article/latestCrisis/idUSBKK302022, titled “FACTBOX-Trade, aid, heroin: Myanmar's links to the outside”, dated Sat Sep 29, 2007 12:38am EDT

So? What is really happening in Myanmar, and thus to it’s People?

I was induced to write my thoughts on the current Myanmar crisis the day before the Junta ‘cracked-down’ on the Buddhist monks and citizen protest, however I felt the issue which really needed addressing was toooo large for any western media, or western diplomatic influences to air.

So, this next opportunity to grip the internet mouse by the throat arising late Saturday, I just serfed for news items which went to the “issues” I have felt and expressed just last night to a near relative, about Myanmar, and the above excerpt came up on Google News.

Further to the “issue”, I am left with the distinct feeling that this is not only the Military Junta in Myanmar who are suppressing the FACTS, but that it is indeed a (OH NO!?) conspiracy by most of the diplomatic services from the surrounding nations of Thailand, India, China Australia and of course, those global leaders in heroin trade, Britain, et al, et al.

As the excerpt above states, Australia is one of the key traders of heroin from Myanmar, so it is easy to understand why our grand cheese-puff, Foreign Minister Alexander (oh-what-a-) Downer, says nothing of content about the crisis within the borders of Myanmar.

I said in my unpublished piece about this crisis, that I, in all honesty, and with a good level of understanding about the results of “democratic” systems across the world, cannot support the protests, because the versions the world sees today, are, in short, utterly corrupted, both in the sense of how Humans have abused their rights and fortunes on achieving the freedoms which democracy enables, in our excessive abuse of resources and of enormous over-consumption, which have caused the current and future environmental crises, but also that this concept of democracy, a Noble one in it’s theoretical level, has become so structured that it is purely one of exploitation, first and foremost by the most wealthy, over the most impoverished.

Therefore, I allege that it is not a crisis born of the Myanmarii junta’s ruthless totalitarianism, but one forced upon the junta by outside buyers of so-called “illegal drugs”.

As the report states, heroin production has tapered-off recently, but to be replaced in part by production of illegal amphetamines.

The KEY word here, and in much of this mediated bullshit, is “ILLEGAL”.

Heroin, or it’s root product, Opium, has been employed most honourably for centuries and probably for millennia as a fine medicinal, right around the world. The history of its growth in popularity and eventual illegal status is ignored by the mainstream media, and also by the fringe media, because if they publish information and facts which go too close to the bone of the Brit-Euro masters of the trade, namely Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, and most British, European, Canadian and United States banks (but this is a very global situation, which implicates most of Australia’s “big-four” banks, and several lesser-ones also), the reporter and editor would be ruined, if-not ‘dissappeared’.

So, as Myanmar has been little more than an “Economic Exclusion Zone” (my term for what the world calls “borders”), for the global elite of Britain, for them to have a secure ‘mill’ for the production of heroin (anyone remember the “Golden Triangle”?), it becomes clear that the “issue” of the crisis in Myanmar cannot be addressed while the world is pinned-down with the false and totally erroneous laws which make heroin illegal.

Therefore, all the hoopla from Alexander Downer (and the governments of ASEAN) and our mainstream media, about how terrible it is that the junta is oppressing the Burmese People, must be treated with the contempt it and they deserve, because, as the mainstream media, and the Australian Liberal, Anglophile government are run by the utterly deluded, superiorist, racist bastards of the British and European upper-upper class (you know, the ones who introduced heroin into the United States via the Vietnam War G.I.s, so-as to destroy and ‘win-back’ America, after losing the American war of independence in 1776?!), they are as much to blame for the oppression of the Burmese People, as they for the oppression of Australian Aborigines, and most all Aborigines of Earth.

NOTE: These “elite” I refer to, also very much include the ruling and political elite of the United States of America, its security service of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the C.I.A.s creator, the British MI-6, who also, as-it-happens have control of most of the so-called “terrorist” organizations of the world today.
Which begs the question: “Have the British and Eurapean elite introduced the phenomena of extra-terrestrial aliens to Earth to further their utterly psychotic ideations about a superior white race ruling the world?”

I’m not sure about any aliens, apart from the foreign “alien” Eurapean invaders who are callously plundering Native Lands because they have no “Connection” with the soil and waters wherever they colonise.

The very same British and Eurapean invaders who conquered China, India, Africa, the Americas, Australia and all other Peoples and Lands in-between, over the last five hundred years.

So! I say to the passionate Peoples, the defenders of our Basic Human Rights world-over: “Be very wary of anything your governments and their elite diplomats say about Myanmar, and about what we should do to stop the military junta from coming-down on the People therein.

Because I guarantee you that the elitist Liberal Party of Australia, and all their utterly corrupted buddies, are in it up to their nooses in heroin and other drugs production, shipping and selling, so you’ll not get any FACTS about Myanmar from them.

As far as I have been able to Divine about these “Issues”, the only way the People of the world can stymie the Myanmarii junta, is to force your governments, your parliaments to legalise heroin, and to legalise cocaine, marijuana and other known medicinals, that THEY have illegally made illegal.

Otherwise, you are all as culpable as them, in the corruption and irretrievable destruction of all the Best aspects of Eastern, Middle and Western Civilisation.

Therefore, in my ruthless opinion, you should all be damned, like the all blaspheming Jewish and Christian religions. (They’re a part of the global drugs rort, also!)



U.S. economy saved from itself

Thursday 20th September 2007

Funny that aye?

How the U.S. federal reserve can just step in and save the mortgage market from itself, by lowering interest rates in the States by one-half of a percent?

Why do you say so....., oh cracked-one?

Well..., if it's that easy to save the stock market and therefore every poor economy-dependant sucker below, surely it becomes roaringly obvious that these same "saviours" i.e., the major banks and illegal drugs corporations, are the ones who are making life so bloody hard for the 80% of Humanity in the first place?

It then sort-of follows, to my way of thinking, that were Humanity to arrest these suckers up the top, y'know...., G.W. Bush's father, and his upper-echelon compatriots-in-scamming Humanity and Muss-lims, particularly the least powerful, like Palestinians and Afghaniis, then we would have sorted a lot of the crap we are being depressed-over in the news and current affairs.

It also seems to follow, knowing how callous the top-dogs are, that the more they and Rupert-type media moguls can slam-us with depressing T.V. and radio news like....., THE MIDDLE-EAST, y'know, Israel-Lebanon wars, Israel-Palestine wars, U.S.-and-Eurape-versus-Iraqi-and-Irani-wars, the more anti-depressant drugs they and their pharmaceutical corporations can flog us.

Jus' POP-anutha.....ah! Now we can watch the Simp(le-)sons of anti-intellectual sofa-sludge....?

And boy-o-boy! How we can laugh our worries-off, when our intellects are not waking-er-working!

And now we's all Harry Potters, we can make our own wars, in someone elses head!


When will Harry Potter and Bart Simpson be combined in the Simpsons, tha's wud I wanna know?


Oh Shit....?! During the commercial-break....the oceans have jus' alluvasudden gone acidic, an' risen twenty yards, the sky's-a-fallin', and we can't grow anymore food!

What would Harry or Homer say?


Like I said in an earlier blog-posting:

GLOBICIDE! WHO IS NOT GUILTY?????????????????????????

Police and Military Veteran's Policy Institute?

Posted Thursday 20th September 2007

This is a diary entry dated Saturday 25th August 2007, and attempts to address the larger social issues that Police and Military service personnel face daily in the Duties they are called to perform.

If Police are the “Local Keepers of the Peace” (yeah, guffor, guffor?) then it may be Best that they dedicate interest in Publicly discussing Social, that is Political and (that is) Economic Issues-thus-Policy for the Society it is their chosen Duty to Protect.?

The same point-in-question relates to the Military, the Proper Purpose of what’s often oxymoronically called “Military Intelligence”.

If police and military intelligence focus on the lesser, perceived “threats” to society., i.e., petty and local organized crime, terrorism etc, without taking the inquiries all the way to the top of global organized illegal activity, i.e., up to the levels of the grand poohbahs or lords of law-making and law-breaking, the largest, most powerful banking and finance heads like, the Chairman of the Jardine Matheson corporation; Mr. Henry Keswick, the Chairman of Barclay's Bank corporation; Mr. Matthew W. Barrett, and the Group Chairman of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, (HSBC) Sir John Bond, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the heads of the C.I.A., and MI-6, et al, et al, essentially, the inquiries only add to the problem, of more time wasting and spin from those errant corporate leaders and their corrupted underlings, like our governments.

This serves to be nothing but a “band-aid” to the disease rising from a centuries-old problem, and leaves the top 3-to-5% of the species uncontrolled, thus free to perpetuate and commit unaccounted, the fundamental crimes which must and are destroying society.

Thus greater division between rich and poor, thus greater social, community and eventual global societal breakdown. Pretty much exactly what the planet is witnessing today, and expects to see consume it in the coming decades.

It’s well worth pondering that it is these maladies in the Human social structure, which have fertilized the enormous troubles Humanity faces in our current global environmental meltdown.

Today, Military Intelligence (and how can you not agree?), has as it’s FIRST PRIORITY to Analyse the whole of Humanity and it’s evolving existence, and in a Legal sense, ensure that they have THE FACTS about Society, Politics and Economics regarding what’s Best for making them (the Community’s security services of Police and Military) and their jobs less vicious, taxing and demanding.

In the final analysis, the task of the Police and Military, Ideal or not, is to put themselves out of business.

Surely the Howardian-type cynic will retort by asserting “that will never happen”, and sure, as we all face annihilation through global warming, it may be so. Nevertheless, some significant numbers will survive, so we should be focusing on What Is Best. No matter what remains…..

Therefore, here cometh a Good Call to Any-and-All ex-Copper, and Soldier, Sailor and “Soarer” of any rank, who enjoy with sincerity, pondering such aforementioned topics, to Consort with Honour, and, yes, (guffor-guffor), many have not been able to work Honourably, but the seriously hardened old Troopers who cannot but have been made Wise doing their Duty/Duties, from the 1930s and ‘40s, if they are still with us, to the most recent Retiree Veteran Service Personnel, should be Invited to be Caught Conspiring and Consorting as a Concerned Group of “In-the-Know” Women and Men, but now in a Respectable and Impartial Think-Tank.

Also, the Knowledge and the Wisdom undoubtedly to be found in such Folk, protected by the New Oakland Yard Worldwide Police (and Military) Organisations, could be brought to Light into One Scientific Sociological Focus Group. (“Intelligence” as far as I am concerned, is the faculty of the Human Mind [but it may be being falsely ‘superiorist’ to say “only Human”] to discern the Truth from the ‘other, to discern the Right from the other, to discern the Good from the other, which opens many deep and very Philosophical questions about what exactly those three ‘Primes” are!)

If governments are serious about doing their very Best for their Peoples, then they can only support such Glocal (“Global”, made-up of “Local” groups) think-tanks, and must be unafraid of the fact that such Focus-Groups would be primarily and eventually impelled to challenge, from their Impartial stand-point (Justice is blind!), the clearly corrupted political hegemonies, where-ever they are stationed.

Such Think-Tanks could Better themselves by calling for serving members of all Ranks to join-in, or to have ‘Reps’ in each Division, for the serving Local Coppers and Military Personnel to be able to refer to, and Learn from.

A steep-but-Mighty Learning Curve for all of ‘em, aye Inspector!?

Because today’s politics, worldwide is generally rotten, it’s folly to wait for our political representatives to take the step, for the Good of All, so, if the Impartial Authority of the Public Security Forces is tired of the fact that “society doesn’t work”, and that the political failings are making their jobs impossible, then I urge them to Speak-up, in the Knowledge that they will be protected from above, from the Highest of their Ranks.

As the fundamental fabric of global and local society is threatened with environmental destruction, it appears to the scientific mind that the lead issue upon which such Think-Tanks have to Work from, is that of Global Land Reforms, based on the Pure, Simple and Most Ethical Economics of Land Rent for Government Revenue.

Politics is, or should be about establishing Justice across the world. “Ho-ho!” We all shout.

It is clear to many, that there can be no Peace without Justice.

Thus it is the Mandate of those whose job it is to Serve Justice, from the Trainee Constable, through to the Justices of the Highest Courts, to remember that “No-one, is above the Law”.

You have all, in Police and Military, got a job to do. Let it be that you are able to do so, but at last, with Honour.


Reporters? Time to Report FROM the Facts!

17th September 2007

For a long time I’ve been rather critical, with considerable reservations, of media reporting of “news” events, locally and globally.

I remember a few years ago I read a fairly sicko article in the New York Times, and was dutified to write them and complain.

Amazingly the NYT editor responded and claimed that the editorial and management had no say on the content of a reporters or journalists piece.


Last week we all saw the footage of that sweet-looking blonde photographer being thrown back to the ground by the coppers, as she was attempting to shoot pikies of a few arrested protesters.

In the days after APEC, I wrote an article which basically supported the police presence and actions at APEC. Unfortunately, I didn’t make clear that I was NOT in favour of the APEC forum per-se, for it was more a publicity stunt and talk-fest of the big-boys of global finance.

For all the costs incurred for security and big-wig accommodation, something like $350 million, so as to be able to hold the event in our biggest and busiest city, in my opinion, it would have been a better option to hold it in some suitable, but quiet country town – like Birdsville Queensland (being a bit facetious there!).

Nevertheless…., this reporter, and her “thing” of reporting events….?


We the People-er-sheep of the world have pretty-much always been victim of the global media consortia, run, as we all know, by the Mr Big of global spin, Mr Rupert Murdoch and coy.

A few years more ago, I wrote a note to him…, Him, and suggested he was a secret socialist!?


Sometime after that I dug the guff and found out about the “Brettonwoods Agreement”, which was drawn-up and signed by the largest western media moguls, one being I think, Rupie’s father, Frank Murdoch. The Brettonwoods Agreement was a conspiracy of global proportions designed to gain total control over all the world’s media by, surprise-surprise, the big-boys of British media, out of Oxbridge (“Ox”ford and Cam”bridge” Universities) England, whence came the Rhodes-ian ideology.

This, Rhodes-ian-ism, was, for those who don’t know, a warped delusion of white English superiority taking over the planet, set out in the mid 19th century by one ridiculously rich fella called Cecil Rhodes (after which Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, was named), who made his squillions by the ruthless employment of Africans slaves, masses of them, working for his de Beers Diamond Company, to dig-up the buried gems of southern Africa, and flog to the gullible colonialist nations of Eurape and north America, for needless-to-say massive profits, to him.

Further digging came-up with the current agenda of the global very-very-very, veryveryvery, veryveryvery wealth-sodden political elite, principally of Eurape, that veryveryvery-much includes our duckie duchess, Queen Elizabeth the second, and most of the U.S.A.s federal political parties, which follows that Rhodesian delusion of “a white race, on every island and every continent on Earth” (paraphrased).

Most of the big-boys of global real estate, here, there and almost everywhere, are a part of this bigbigbig conspiracy, I have also found out.

Needless to say…, the bigbigbig banks of England, and every nation underneath her, are a part of this, controlling the game of real estate by the devil of a concept we blindly call “the mortgage” or the “deathpledge”, which most working Australians dumbly aspire to have?

So…., where does the poor little rich white (blonde?) reporter fit into this?

She fits into the equation for being so confident to try to get her way through the police line at APEC, but with what agenda, or with what? "basis” to her reporting?

Reporters and journalists for eons have pretty much worked according to what their bosses in the editor’s office or the proprietor’s mansion have determined she is allowed to report. A lot more than we generally realise or are prepared to admit to, the media does a reasonable job in reporting events, political, social, economic and other. Its probably the case that were a newspaper or television outlet to NOT give some accuracy and pertinence to what they report, to the people, they would quickly go out of favour, and then out of business.

But an issue of supplying an already severely dumb customer with severely doctored misinformation pertains to a situation or climate where the media can keep them stupid, with a minimum of fuss, and maximum profit. Profit is money, and, more money is power. Ergo, the more you can get over the rest of them, the more power you can gain over them. More power over others, generally, as history is now showing us, pertains to more delusions of grandeur. Cecil Rhodes THE case-in-point. Rupert Murdoch, at this stage, is yet another. However, in his favour, I do not see a great deal of delusion in his personality. Ruthless he may have been, and may still be. But, it’s tough at the top, Aye Lachlan?

Brettonwoods, Rupert, and THE Plan, have many twists to them, many perhaps coming out of the reality that Rhodes was a nutter with money. But today, as far as I am concerned, whether Jeffrey Robinson or Christopher Hitchens or Robert Fiske agree with me or not, the bases upon which all those “plans” stand, and fall, are delusional, utter rubbish, as far as “ONE superior race” is concerned.

Therefore, all the agenda which follow, which all reporters are obliged to keep to, for the sake of keeping their jobs, if not their (shallow and usually feigned) principles, are rubbish and are not worth respecting.

So our little blonde APEC photographer-reporter did not deserve the roughing-up, but did not either deserve any recognition, because she was, as likely, “just doing her bosses job”.

And which reporter, aside from the few champions of the world of journalism, actually have really Solid Principles, and then go looking for a story based-on, or coming from a standpoint of the Highest Political, Ethical, which boils down to Economic Knowledge or Principles?


What am I saying?

Our Principles (or lack there-of) determine how we see the world around us. This applies to everyone, and MUST be applied to reporters and journalists, in this fucking scarey age we are screaming into.

As most of what People think they know, comes to them via the media (and much more than we realise in our education is influenced by what the bigboys of Murdomedia determine we should want in schools and universities), therefore at this point in the time-space-not-so-continuum, I assert that our media, or any Genuinely Responsible Journalist, has a fundamental Duty to report from a personal basis of the Highest Known Principles, Political, Social, Economic, Ethical and Moral.

Now, who of the reporters sent packing by the Sydney APEC security services, were capable of reporting on events, or political outcomes, from that, in-the-end, IMPARTIAL standpoint?


While the media is so scared of reporting the hard facts of our social, economic and global cultural declines, from a True Ethical Foundation, the People and the Planet will continue to be led, or flushed, down the plughole, and the coppers will increase their brutality toward overbred little blondies with a reporter’s pass and a few cameras strung around their dainty necks.

Granted, albeit largely “spin”, Rupert did say his empire was going Green, which suggests he is cognizant of the peril we all face of, “the end of the world”. Nevertheless, if there are any Humans among us-the-People, we should recognize that We-The-People have now an Urgent Duty to “go-for", or, "shoot-at-the-media” if we see or hear that they are continuing to play the same ‘“keep-‘em-dumb” as long as the dog sponsors keep paying us’ game.

Media………., I say to you all……,

“One Principle: Global Land Reform”

Or die…………….


Weathers wars continue, and are getting worse


Australia is worried sick about the lack of rain across the continent, and weather specialists are predicting the drought is not yet over, with "el Nino" apparently ready to return.

I watch the weather sites of the globe, and of the last few months there's been a dangerous change in weather patterns down Antarctica way.

I suspect that if it is allowed to continue, the southern hemisphere will be blowen to Hell, literally.

Australia is suffering more frequent big winds, typically from the "roaring forties" off the southern Indian Ocean.

These are occult generations, some from sicko's in Australia, but most are coming from the sickos down at the Casey and Mawson bases on Australian Antarctic territory.

If one wants to observe this phenomena, check-out the Bureau of Met website, www.bom.gov.au, and go the Indian ocean MSLC link.

The sickos-on-ice down there are being instructed by the sickos of Australia's farming corporations to conjure the low pressure zones just off the Antarctic coast, hoping that these will send a mass of rainy weather up to the Australian mainland.

This is where most of southern Australia's rain has been coming from, since they started playing with their evil eye to play with the weather.

Another phenomenon down there, and this is in two ways, action to be very concerned about, is that these cool sickos-on-ice are generating, probably with their counterparts on the southern land mass from where? Russia, and other nations, are generating a very consistent high pressure zone over the centre of the Antarctic continent.

This again serves the Aussies intentions of keeping low pressure zones off the A-Arctic coastline to make some wetness further around the southern latitudes in Australia, and New Zealand etc. Possibly South Africa has it's magic fingers in there as well, for the same reason.

First concern:- If this high pressure zone is kept over the A-Arctic land mass, it will melt the massive amount of ice which covers the Antarctic, which will contribute enormously to sea-level rise, speeding-up the drowning of most coastal cities and populated areas.

Its as likely that the resource-hungry sickos of the corporate world ex-Eurape and the U.S.A., Australia no less JOHN THE FUCK HOWARD, are hoping to clear the ice off the A-Arctic so as to access the minerals underneath.

Get fucked George! Y' can't let 'em, pal, even though I'm now pretty-much a misanthropist and want you all to get off my Planet. This way, like the melted North Pole, is as good a way as any to wipe out a significant number of the Human population. Like.., Billions....!

I reckon that most of the rich poofters who can afford a casual flight down to the Antarctic are only too eager to play Harry Potter on the Virgin Lands down below, just because they can.

The other danger which is arising from the Aussie Casey and Mawson spooks is that the winds which already roar around the southern latitudes will increase to being consistent, thus are very likely to blow the bejesus out of the landed areas, like Australia particularly.

As the white idiot invaders have stripped, er, raped over 95% of the trees off the Australian land surface already, there will be little or no natural resistance to the increased winds, which will really fuck things here, particularly from the western Australian coast across to the eastern fringes or agricultural areas of the Riverina etc.

Australia! I have come to hate most farmers here for their blithe attitude to MY Country, but if you idiots and your dumbfuck children don't STOP playing Harry Potter with the weather, you will really stuff the country, so that NO farming will be tenable.

It's time you all started to reject your delusions about winning the weather wars by using the occult to bring the rain, mainly because most of you are doing it simply to keep your fucking cattle fed - POINT-8-OF-A-COW-PER-ACRE???????????? so you can feed your greed and your dumbfuck taste buds. (as it happens, I had the most beautiful Eye fillet that I've ever had last night! BUT THAT DON'T MATTER!)

You are all worried about the el Nino returning. Forget it!

You will have much much more to worry your little egos about if you keep playing magicians with our climate, through your ignoring the signs made alive by tooooo few trees.

Forget the cattle Australia! Get PLANTING MORE TREEEEES, and learn about mixed crop farming on smaller more local scales, or by the AWB we'll all be dammed and drowned!

Learn to Respect the Gods of the Earth, the Oceans, the Wind and Fire, or ol' el Nino... "The Christ Child" will return with utter vengeance and wash you all away.

The signs are that He is in the mood......


Sydney APEC Police are Pro-Social Justice

Dear John Faine
ABC Radio 774 Melbourne

I’ve been a “Green” for thirty-six (36) years, beginning at sixteen in 1971 with a group which grew from a couple of (then) aging university women, names forgotten (sorry) in the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne. “Bodie” de Boshier as best as I can recall, was one.

Since then, I’ve been a “motorbikie”, as distinct from “biker”, riding with a few seasoned ex-Hell’s Angels and other “outlaws” though never signing-up with any gang.

I’ve earned my living driving trucks and taxis and as a motorcycle courier, while mixing with a wide diversity of “cultural sub-groups”, but have always shunned the stereotypical Australian or “western” mainstream Christian culture.

All the while I’ve held the Highest respect for vegetarianism, and healthy living generally, etc.

At 52 years old now, after having been a “pamphleteer” addressing deep political issues during the 1980s and 1990s, and still quite a listener to political arguments, I am marginalized and now live in self-imposed exile on the roads around Australia.

This last week I’ve watched on tele the APEC shammozzles both in the meetings and on the streets of Sydney.

So, now let me comment on the whole event, but from a very different point of view.

The police were definitely in overkill mode, and cannot be condoned for their at times rough actions.

However: For decades I’ve attended thus witnessed many, many rallies and street protests against the governments and “forces” who, it seems are railed against our personal and communal Freedoms or Liberties.

For almost as long I have been concerned that too many rallies are made ineffective by the “dilution” of power to the People by (self) interest-groups, who of course, are free to partake, and I have come to be respected by policing services across the nation and further afield, for an “Issue” I have stoically championed – Global Land Reform.

Sydney’s protest marches seemed to me to be of the typically same make-up, with several groups, quite disparate waving placards for their own preferred cause.

This seems to me to only weaken any protest, for there is no Unity in the protest, for any overall improvement to our social dilemmas.

The police services know well my Cause of Land Reform, and I’ve had some of them listen hard to what I say. Many of them have recognized and agreed that this is at the bottom of most-all of our social, cultural, environmental et al, et al woes.

Several quite serious gangs and political groups have also shown their agreement.

So, may I, from the margins, put this scenario:

The overkill by the New South Wales police force this week is NOT against the Fundamental Human Rights we all deserve. Quite the opposite.

It is worth remembering, and keeping to the fore of our considerations, that the coppers, worldwide, have daily to face the rough-end of the social pineapple or malaise, and in terms of quality of life, outside of work, they are often the ones who end up suffering most for it.

Military Personnel being the other group who are shunned by and suffer most for the social culture they are asked to defend.

No doubt much of their actions this week and in past international government meetings such as APEC have been harsh and have been against the fundamental right to voice our concerns.

But there is no doubt that they, the police, are very aware of the uselessness and indeed damage of many protesters, not only to their policing reputations, but to any of the genuine reasons for the protest in the first place.

So, in another sense, I actually applaud the police force’s heavy hand this last week in Sydney.

As we’ve seen over the years most of the protests at big multinational meetings have not stopped the meetings from going ahead, whether they have forced the meeting to go “offshore” or not.

I put it to you that the police are more “on-the-money” politically than ANY of the protest groups, and, should there grow a consolidated movement for Global Land Reform, with ALL minor protest groups signing-on and Uniting at the next meetings, NOT just a “one-off”, the protesters would be given the Respect they deserve from the police, and we would, not “might”, see a Magnificent Step Forward in GLOBAL Social Progress.

This would in one, I suggest, address and resolve the fears we all have (“we” being the thinkers of the world) about all aspects of the future of Life-on Earth, and also would I assert, bring Humanity Together as never before, and as we now more urgently than ever before, NEED.

To be sure, there are many self-interest “protest groups” (land speculators from colonialist Britain and Eurape, for example) who are active in diluting such a Fine and Honourable Cause of Global Land Reform, and who actively go to protests just to fracture them and give just cause for the police to be brutal to otherwise innocent marchers. But “no-one is innocent” when it comes to Globicide, if they fail to address the bottom-line issues which underpin their own erring lifestyles and beliefs.

Land occupation and Human distribution upon the arable surface of our ONE PLANET.

With all our concerns and fears and speculations, it is beyond time Humanity faced-up to a few simple and clear facts about Life-on-Earth.

We do not need religion anymore. Neither in fact, do we need adversarial, Howardian-type competitive politics.

We do need People to Stand-up, En-Masse, as a Democracy, to overcome this deadly delusion about individual leaders, individual fabricated messiahs to teach us WHAT to vote for.

If the People are to protest or lobby or go-to-war effectively, then it may well be that we-the-People should start throwing rocks at the glass-houses of – the MEDIA, as the media, YOU, for one, are the link for most of us, to Local and Global events.

I believe you and your compatriots at the ABC, are serious about Justice-thence-Peace on Earth, but of course there are innumerable excuses from above and below as to why Aunty should not get down and dirty about the future.

The future is now, John F……aine!

Yours for Yummy Justice,

The Outlaw’s Outlaw.

Max N Meredith


The Quest for Rest

by Max Nichols Meredith
scribed: Saturday 7th April 2007

Oh, how disorganised we Humans are,
That for satiation, we all, must travel so far?
And truck and import so much grandiose folly,
"But Darlink, how else does
a spoiled catholic girl........, get her jollies???"

Why any observer from Heaven or Stars
Would reel in disgust
At our ego-manic cage-like cars!

Which feed but a delusion and spoil the
soil, air and all of the waters...,
And account well in attrition-rates
Upon the highways of slaughter!

Cramped into urban pockets
Around centralising sorcerer's cities,
All under the spell of consumption to afford
None-but mortgaged prison-like inefficiencies!?

Drummed into a job utterly bereft of a Heart,
Producing/consuming rubbish
Only adding weight to Earth's funeral cart?

Moronically drunk on Super-UNnatural powers,
Guided NOT by their own Spirit - NO!
But from way-up in Wall Street's,
Vatican's, London's and Hong Shang's sinister towers.

In evermore massive factories they own,
Even the fondi of moguls have their immature joys,
By flogging to five-year-old adult flockers
Their untenable and insane "big-boys" dinky toys.

And HARK! All come from our corrupt spread on the Land?
For if we were spread right.........,
Friends, family, fun and a job,
Would all be Local, and by foot, bike or tram...,

But HEY!? Bless the inefficiencies!
If it was they who brung the internet!
And ol' Gaytsie an' his software got-us
Globally gabblin' on th' possibilities
Of Organic-thus-GOOD-Government!

For the air we need to breathe,
Doesn't come from offices and factories,
And so the same can be said,
Of thoughts we hold to in our head.

We Humans don't come
From hospital maternity wards
We come, in bod, from the Humus
Of the Forest's Woods.

And whence the Spark,
we call "John", "Jack" and "Jill"?
The names we give this Mysterious Will?
Ho?! Surely wayback, before
Historisized Tyme?
'Afore Light and Dark.....,
P'rhaps afore the "Prime"?

So, if it's so, Where sep'rate are we?
From the Galaxies molten centre,
From the Spirits Alive amongst the Trees?

But NO! We're set to "spec" the Land,
And rush to Nuclearise ALL Country,
And shave-off Hertha's vital organ!

So scared, we retreat in Truth..,
From all Humanity.
And sit, in paralysed isolation,
Petrified of the impending global calamity.

I, on the other hand,
go to a Land, now and then,
When free-of-my-feet.
Alas! A Vision Splendid indeed!
I would take you, if I had a spare seat.

'Tis an Earthen Place, where Hearths of Rock,
Squat round and warm in Village Centres.
Wi' market stalls akin to Tales of Robin Hood,
Shared by Folk, All Good and Honest Vendors.

Where none are short of the rudiments to share,
All that comes from Sound Organic Tenure,
A crop, Vegie-bed, a herd, a lathe,
A place to safely sleep, wash and Work,
For whaddever Honourable Gifts y' got-in-yer.

Where Music and Dance fly with the flow
Of the "Lines" of the Spirits - Grand and Small.
Where Farmers, Clerks and Warriors chorus
Affirmative Odes holding High,
That "Just Land Law is Peace for All"!

And the drugs now in the cabinet,
Once again come from
The Grannie's Pharmacopeia Garden.
Pharmaceutical pills are but a bad dream,
Not needed! The Folks are Wisened
And thus to infection - hardened.

And made immune by the soft touch
Of Mother Eartha's Nat'ral Blends,
Knowing how slug-an'-spider creepies,
and a Green-Green Earth
Are their Best Medical Friends.

Where a "ruggie" nibbles some quoll-shit!?
And LO! She didn't die!
Where geckos catch the mozies,
An' Tree Frogs zap the flies.

Houses, it's true, are some small
And some really quite large.
Naturally grown, hued and honed
To many an Art's Artist's head and Heart's
Natural Artistic collage.

Here-an'-there, some built a Hall,
Fit for the finest Live Music,
Where Dancers and Poets,
And all Colour of Performers
Respectfully come and use it.

Towns, as they are, maintain themselves,
As one maintains one's Life.
Simply done, imbued with fun,
Wisely holding to True Land Law -
Thus pre-empting strife.

Coppers ride bikes and horses as oft',
Educating the victims-the-crims O-rare
That Wise justice is deliciously soft.
Thus are paid for tasks that are All The Way Just.

Most in this Land of Love, Oh Dream where I fly,
Live Sharing their Homes, Hearths, Hearts and Spiritual Eye,
So need no "religion" as we lost, long for in the west.
Sound Land Tenure quells all quests, to Deep Inner Rest.

Whence in Common Weal and alone "Silence of Mind" Rises
as the Spontanious, Spiritual Best.