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Recovery Monday 1st October 2007

"The week starts on Monday,
Gettin' over the break.
Dozing 'round at work,
Barely awake.

Tuesday's not bad,
But I'm, thirsty again,
Buy my bottles of cider,
An' get me out of my brain.

Wednesday sort of hurts,
Blood pumping through my head,
Every time I bend down,
Again those old words are said....,

O Jesus, role on sweet Sunday,
Sweet day of no pain,
'Cause Sunday's for prayin',
Just to commit the insane."

The above lyrics were written on a hangover Monday in about 1976/77, in the "Pie Shoppe" traveller's hostel which I lived-in and ran for about a year, at 338 Harrow Road, Paddington, London England. (G'Day, Alex!) I was working at W.E.A. Records, in Alperton Wembley at the time.

["G'day" to any there who remember me! Joe Hillier, Gaser, Phil Rogers, Dennis, Barrington, Andy, Nigel, Liz. Et Al, Et Al. A finer crew of workmates, I've not since found!]

It came back to me this Monday morning 1st October 2007 (THIRTY YEARS?! Oh my....) after a less-than joyful couple of beers last night, whilst I pondered the comment (at the bottom of this blog posting) about my last blog on Myanmar.

USpace should not by myself be taken as gospel, but it did have some succinctness in what the mysterious USpace responder (to my blog) said.

"God of the Universe" stuck, and depressed me, having my mind generate all manner of hopeless thoughts, principly that all that I've been led to believe, or even "Divine", is completely topsy-turvy, upside-down.

One must question this term, and whether the "God of the Universe" is, once more, but a manifestation, a creation, an ideation of the USpace writer's group mind.

As my blog implicated the C.I.A. and MI-6, it's as likely that they were the source of the USpace response. It may therefore infer that they are confident, and perhaps rightly so, that they have total control of both the Earthly realm and the Astral realm, said by some to be the Heavenly Realm.

If so, then it is clear that what we of the Abrahamic Faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, believe is "Heaven", is in fact in turmoil. I.e., there is a more serious war happening in "Heaven" than those wars we are shown via our media here on Earth!?

For the Spiritual Mind, there rises the question of whether the Fourth Dimension, or the occult, Astral dimension, is in fact Heaven?

Having, in the past, about 1995/96, after some ten years as a student of Sublime eclectic Teachings at the School of Philosophy in Melbourne "tasted" a short Meditated Inner Journey to a Blissful "Place" if it can be labelled as a "Place", deep within my Mind/Soul, seemingly beyond the Astral Realm, I am relatively content to settle with the "belief" (while "beliefs" are indeed something I struggle with more and more these days) that there ARE Higher Dimensions than that of the fourth dimension, where Sit Higher Attained, or Developed Beings, Entities, and eventually a Supreme God.

If this is so, then much or all of the religious, Scriptural Texts we have at hand today, from all corners of the Globe's Ancients, remain Superior to any of the ideations and so-oft' delusions we/I read on the internet, such as that from USpace, etc. USpace may well be near to the truth about what's going-on on Earth, as written below, but, yet again, it seems that very few have the Insight (sorry to sound brash) I have gained over time about how to cure our Earthly chaos and woe.

Nevertheless, as I have been under the occult sway of a seriously deceptive and seriously deluded catholic convent mother, for all of my 52 years, and over the last twenty years or more under the sway of a bunch of filthy private-school scumbags, because of her 52 year intent of keeping me deceived and distracted from learning about the occult, and about our family's history (i.e., the influence her convent, St "Joseph's" for chrissake, and it's hidden intentions to build a messiah, but one who only says what THEY want him/me to say, [eg., I wrote and shouted to the forests about how much the catholics are involved in the illegal cannabis growing industry, whence she rushed up to where I was staying and, using her devious occult powers more intensely than ever, sucked me in and set-me-up for a stint in a psyche-ward, thereafter having ME labeled as schitzo and deluded, thereafter blaming ME for all my woes!!!!!?) As an adjunct, I am left with a serious distain for all women, and am struggling with all I believe about women, which goes to what I think makes it impossible for me to find a woman to Love (LOVE? What the fuck is that, if based on that which mother has said about it in our relationship???]) ....to continue.... about our family's history, I MUST go to my "neutral zone" in regard to all my beliefs about God, Good, Love and Justice.

Further to the USpace response, I am forced to ask myself whether, if USpace mystery-reblogger is close to true about the God of the Universe's intentions for Earth, whether the catholic thus Christian God is actually a malicious, cruel, destructive bastard, and whether the catholic nuns and priests are but his agents-of-destruction on Earth? Many today, with clear insight into, upto the occult realm, say so.

Therefore, where am I, this patsy of fucking St Joseph's nunnery, in regard to being what Humanity needs, so as to be saved from Hell???

Jeeeezuz? or, Gee, Sus! I'm still inclined to believe (?) that the Original Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus Christ to the Greeks) was right in his saying, in the Gospel of Thomas, that we are all the same, deep-deep within our Soul. That is, we are all Pure Light, and even further within, Pure Divinity, just buried in a shitload of manmade garbage, as has been generated by a flock of fools indoctrinated by Judaism and it's Catholic,Christian branchs. Lost fools at that!

But clearly, the rule of the day, these new-agey days, is one which demands we care not for each other, other than to aid our own increase, and as we, of the west at least, are utterly bereft of any Higher Spiritual Attainment-thus-Understanding, a selfish and ruthless "God" has won control of the religions, and thus of most all of our minds, hearts and what's left of our Souls.

"God of the Universe" is a powerful saying, and men as well as Highly Developed Souls are quite capable of using or abusing words to give effect to their corrupted beliefs and desires, which has me believe that the concepts and corruptions we witness on Earth about power, etc., can as likely have come down through the recent ages from corrupted Souls like Alistair Crowley and co., many of whom are but offshoots from that seriously corrupted chap of the 19th century in Oxford; Cecil Rhodes.

The Central Intelligence Agency and it's creator, MI-6 of Britain, again, are products of that era, so what can anyone believe about their "Intelligence", be-it collected on Iraq, on Saddam Hussien, on how best to get the oil, and on "who" has generated the frightening aliens who they say are running the Earth?

Answer me that, oh spooky-one from USpace!

You needn't be thinking I have no respect for your words, or your Gods. But I am aware of how much your lives and the lives of everyone you maime, kill, degrade or frighten-the-fuck-out-of, are by you treated as a "game" to be but used however your minds perceive will be satisfied, satiated.

To regard anyone or any "Spirit" as a or THE most Supreme God, requires the Deepest Insight in/of your own mind. The Astral is but a cheap and evershifting immitation of the Higher Realms, and of the Good and bad powers therein, I put-it.

I accept that for not having my third eye open fully to that and Higher Realms, I am left but to surmise and even, damn-it, "speculate" on these issues, matters, etc.

However, I am well aware of what deception plays on the mind of someone who opens their third eye merely by large doses of sex and lots and lots of ceretonin and jolly times, if they have not done some serious learning about the prevalent propensities and susceptibilites of the average Human mind. Delusion is all they will acquire.

Having high university examination scores and qualifications does nothing to assist in Knowing Thy Self, as the Self of All. I.e., God.

I would like muchly to have a dialogue with you oh spook of the USpace, if you have taken these matters to heart, and treat the Human Soup as something more than a mere game, for to muck with at ones apparent superior, God-like, MI-6 like pleasure.

Magic, or the occult, is not conducive to Reason, without having gone much higher again, beyond all the delusion of the 4th dimension.

I can go without my prefered medicine, Marijuana, and alcohol and tobacco, and even, as is the will of too many fools here and world-around, without my body, for it, the body, is truly but a burden, when belaboured with all the Harry Potter crap from mummy, the world's psychotic CEOs, Prime Minitures, Presidents and Monarchs, as well as from the weather-desperate farming "communities" (what a joke!) of the big-plate, Australia.

Serfing the web for "USpace", I came-up with it's apparent source:


For those still interested, or should I say FASCINATED, here below, is the response to my "Myanmar, Myanmar, Myanmar" blog of yesterday, Sunday 30th September '07, and may I refer you to my Poetry weblog, www.poemsofmaxnodifference.blogspot.com for sometimes Poetry strikes more directly than prose at the heart of our personal, global and cosmic Issues.

USpace has left a new comment on your post "Myanmar. Myanmar. Myanmar":

Very interesting. Of course the Drug War is a huge industry in itself. That's why it won't be stopped in the foreseeable future.

Th governments must keep getting people addicted to drugs.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
complete narco states

criminals in power
loving the corrupt drug war

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
shoot peaceful protesters

calling for democracy
which you must never allow

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw all alcohol

make cigarettes illegal
organized crime takes over

Awaiting to hear from you, USpace

All the Best, in the meantime.....