ALP Govts "Social Inclusion" Program

Re: Fed ALP Govts "Social Inclusion" Program for the Homeless?

Into what kind of Society?

Surely it must be:
1: Future-looking.
2: Skills-building.
3: Village/Community/Group Social Self-Supportng + Vitals Sufficiency.

Economic + Political Science knows: Economies-of-scale, in shared ownership + production/productivity of Common Resources, including; full growth-cycle of needs, is the Provider of the Best Life, Most Endurng Cultural Design.

Secure Accommodation, Learning, Employment + Co-Operatve Social Growth + Development are Root Needs of ALL Humans. Many Homeless are so because they reject divisive dominant culture, see it lacks the above fundamentals!

ALP Stands for Common Social Union. Exclusion of above to any, spells death of National + Earth's Society.

Jus like it is?!

"Heads-down" from now on in Canberra, and in ALL governmental authorities and bodies, down to the local Council Depot.

All Credit to the Whole A.L.P. Organism, for "Kev" wouldn't be, if not for everyone's effort.

This also means that it is the wider Community or "Policy Village" of Progressive Australian politics that put a Meritocratic Labor Party into Power in Canberra.

Therefore, to maintain their Qualification for Government, the ALP must from here forward, take care to NOT focus Party or media attention more than is appropriate on "Kev", on any ONE M.P. or Leader, as Howard's team' did, on individual personalities etc., more than their being the Best Qualified spokesperson to state-a-case or announce policies, progress, plans, etc.

As well, as the Labor State Governments have been aware, on Good Advice I'd say, where the Premiers have stepped-down, that one Leader and even one Leadership team, for too long infects government and possibly most all Human operations with stagnation, which may contribute to corruption, because, as we know, corruption is all about mates.

A Fine Team for the Job ahead, Labor.

With the exposure of the Howardian-type of utter bullshitting egocentricity throughout the last Australian government, most Aussies have seen the dangers when egomaniacs hold control over other people's lives, especially over the powerless; Aborigines, Homeless, Unemployed, Disabled, minority, migrant and ethnic groups etc.

After the November '07 Australian election, one may be forgiven for thinking that the average Aussie has realised that there IS something above the squwirming egomaniacal mindset of those of the ex-government Liberal kind, and that without due vigilance, our most Precious and Basic Values can be stolen from under our noses, when political agenda overcomes the Individuals Intellect.

Maybe Aussies are even realising that the Howardian, Downerian, Costelloian type of "cover-jobs" in the Nation's House of Parliament, are evermore boisterous, hyperbolic and arrogant purely to keep our eyes off the massive national corruptions they, as agents for Britain/Eurape, administer and deny. The last character-type and agenda any Nation needs or wants in parliament.

Maybe Aussies have woken-up enough to call this New Government to address the root causes of their fears. ASIO, the CIA, Mossad, and others and the Grand Poohbunch of spies "MI-6" have been fucking with everyone's mind and life for too long, under the evil eye of Howard's puppet masters, ex-Britain.

ASIO is definitely an "unAustralian" organisation, for it's errant behaviour threatens all of us.

But we must get to the root of their cause, and to the root of why they think and behave so erroneously.

Once more, it is clear that unbridled, wealth-based, and Judeo-Christian-based egomania, as we've just dispatched from the Seats of Federal Government, or, a most pernicious delusion, is what drives ASIO, and most "Secret Service" Organisations globally.

Most have within their ranks, it must be said, to delay the bullet, a quantity of operatives who have transcended the egomania of being a spy so-called, and tuned into the more Mature Realms of Wisdom, and even Altruism. Some of them, I profer, recognise that issues which stuff nations and individuals have more fundamental causes, but issues are turned into distractions, and too oft' serve to add to the insatiable and utterly fucking stupid demand for MORE intelligence.

Intelligence here, as employed by these government/private espionage agents, means information on opponents, mainly for to incriminate them, and has nothing to do with the individual's mind's ability to Discern the Truth from "the other", to Discern what is Right and Good, as opposed to the corruption and deceptions of "the other".

The other being the global Land, banking and illegal drugs cartels, managed mainly out of the Bank of England. But which bank ISN'T or hasn't been roped-in of the last three hundred years???

Clearly, banks pay their C.E.O.s pumped-up salaries, to ensure they will not spill-the-beans on the under-the-table dealings and shonky investments they and their branch managers etc., administer hour-by-hour.

Land distribution being just one little component of their covenous behaviour.

Just like forecasts by sycophants of the big finance world; politicians, media advisors, profitakers and speculators, most of the heard interpretations of the current market are bloated-up to buggery. It seems typical that the more they crow the "ups", the more is being hidden. Consequently, when Costello tells youngly-weds to have more children, one gets the eery feeling that things really are crook, and that the apparent balance is soon to be lost altogether.

The scientific evidence of the environment (global warming), as well as the collated evidence as to the woes and their causes within Human Society, should be proof enough that the pricks running the Australian federal government for the last eleven years, have been hiding a catastrophe-in-the-making.

Having held an ear to the radio for items on our big bank, Macquarie Bank, recently, I cannot help but feel that when things economic and stock marketist go belly-up, Maquarie Bank, with direct links to the big boys like the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp, and the Banks of Eurape, Israel and the U.S.A. (Citibank?), will be our brightest failure.

A Great Challenge for the government of the day, made easier if they do their Law and bring to Justice the CEOs and political managers we've just ejected from government.

Not scaring the horses, just getting them used to a noise here or there...........


Statement to the Magistrate

Fined $350, inc costs for six marijuana seeds and 2 bags of immature leaf, while under the worst stresses and intimidation by rural new south welshers, I survived but didn't present in the Gundagai Court to answer the henious charges.

This is my Statement to the Court in response, and in appealling the amount.

Police harassment has been regular for years, so it's hard to tell whether this little Missive for Justice will attract more of them. We can be sure they will.

I have no hope of being considered Justly, after this letter to the Court hits the desk, and the NSW SDRO will be eager to make life more than impossible for me, we can be fairly sure.

There is less and less room for an Honest and Honourable person to live in Australia, if anywhere on Earth.

Death be swift.

Statement to the Magistrate,
Gundagai Local Court.
Gundagai, N.S.W.

I, Max Nichols Cook, of no fixed address, after being politically assaulted by the charges laid against myself, and by the fine imposed, relating to the matters attached to my name (heard in the Gundagai Court on the 5th of November 2007), offer this written statement to the Court, (and may the Court feel free to forward this statement to other Courts), as an openly dissenting political response to what I have no doubt is a political campaign to pressure me to things I should not and would not do, whether rich, famous or Wise.

To The Magistrate’s Court

According to utterly corrupt laws, I am guilty as charged.

Simply, therefore, as corrupt laws have no True Validity, so any enforcement or imposition by those who profit from those corrupt laws, is invalid, and unlawful, the Court responsible for the issuance of penalties against myself, for dissenting from acquiescence to the current dangerous, corrupt legal foundations of this Nation, is invalid and unlawful, needs-must be dismissed and charged with upholding corrupt and culturally dangerous laws.

Clearly, by the utterly beggared and deluded state of Australia’s national, religious and cultural psychology, such corrupt laws are solidly entrenched in our legal framework.

It follows therefore, that an Inquisition into the current global drugs black market and corruption empires, from the Court House of towns like Gundagai, to the finance Banks of England, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Switzerland et al et al, and as well, into the
Catholic religion, from the Local branch Christian Churches to the Vatican, Rome, needs establishing immediately.

If a person, be they a Magistrate or such as myself, born a bastard child and deceived lifelong about his own Father, were at all Honourable, and, after Proper, Lawful and Scientific investigations, found the law to be wanting in Veracity, they would have no choice, were they an Honourable member of Australian society, but to lodge at the Gundagai Local Court House, a counter-charge, charging the Gundagai Court with corruption, of being dismissive of the facts pertaining to the drug laws they enforce, and of actively participating in the denial of Australian’s Rights relating to how they relax and enjoy themselves, or simply and honestly, to medicate.

Also, the Court, to any Honourable Citizen, would be rightly charged with actively participating in the persecution of Australia’s strongest individual Advocate for political, legal, social, drugs and cultural Justice. That is myself.

Any further harassment of myself, by the public, by the police or by any Australian Court or legal body/organisation or authority, whether by fine, false allegation, social or occult force, will be treated as the corrupt protecting the corrupt, thus will be regarded as illegal, as immoral, and as evidence.

It is purely because of my impoverished economic situation and my known unjust exile from family and society, well-known to the New South Wales police force and to the New South Wales Courts, that the authorities such as the Gundagai Court and police can maltreat me so, and get away with it.

As the charges and fines imposed have been decided, whilst I have been caught in severely disadvantaged circumstances, also known to the police, to the Court and to the State Debt Recovery Office, (S.D.R.O.), therefore am fatally unable to defend myself, or even to be heard, I nevertheless accept I was guilty, according to the law.

However, for no other reason than that I have been targeted by the unlawful for over a decade, I am near permanently impoverished, homeless and on a Centrelink disability pension.

Again, like the accusation by the doctor who signed me over to the psychiatric ward of Wagga Wagga Base Hospital, recording, after hearing my plea and case, yet seeking not to verify any of my admittedly strained statements, Centrelink have a nice little incriminating category for active political dissidents, called “Intellectual Disability”. The doctor at Wagga wrote I was suffering from “paranoid schizophrenia” and “deluded thinking”. Both utterly false, and therefore such an assessment demands an inquiry as well into the very Catholic medical profession. Ho-ho-ho.

Because of my homelessness and income, the pension, below the poverty-line, I Humbly, Honourably and Honestly ask that the Court I have just now accused, reduce the fines imposed upon myself.

I am happy to provide the Court with a Statement of income and statement, affidavit if necessary, of my living expenses.

In conclusion, might I say that this whole interaction with the legal system in Gundagai came about because of an unresolved feud between my mother and myself.

Her lifelong denial of our Aboriginality, but more immorally and perhaps criminally, her lifelong denial of who my father is/was (I met him but three or four times as a child, with no knowledge of our relationship). It may be that there is darker skulduggery, relating to the event of my own conception, of the death of her grandfather (my great grandfather) on the same day? These few reasons alone may well be why I have been actively, and in the end maliciously deceived, by my whole family, and their associates. Typically, this time I was stressed almost to heart-failure, before my mother agreed to give me some financial assistance.

Consequently, I now own a four-wheel-drive ute, and am designing, sourcing and constructing a mobile home for myself. This cruel society has made me unable to live near other people, therefore I have no choice but to retire to the deserted regions remaining across Australia.

Far away from Gundagai, rest assured.

I am quite strained for money to complete this half-done project, a Home, after eleven years without, having yet, no proper protection from the weather.

The $350 fine imposed will impose further strain upon my already well-over-strained heart, if I cannot complete this most Humble, littlest of shelters for myself.

These last three or four months of vehicle breakdown, public and police harassment, deliberately wrong medical assessment, illegal incarceration at Wagga Wagga hospital psyche ward, followed by a hellish period staying with my dominating and sick older “half-brother” (now I understand!), have placed considerable stress upon my cardio-vascular system, with several nights wondering if I would not be overwhelmed by the hardship I have been wrongly placed under.

The principle factor involved in most of my hardships of the last ten years, after my mothers lifelong dark manipulations, is purely and simply poverty. I’ve never asked for too much, not even a house to live in, but I cannot be sure of my ability to cope with and finish making myself the most humble of homes, if the Court cannot be a bit more Australian as we used to be, and give a bloke a fair go.


Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O’brien.

aka: Max Earth.


Max Who?

52 years after conception and birth, I've Divined that I am not related by blood to the man I knew as my Father, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith, but am the bastard child of an ex-boyfriend of my mothers. His surname is/was O'brien. He may be dead now.
Is it safe to care?
This explains pretty-much my whole life to me, why the disregard, maltreatment from family et al, to a large degree.
Turns me sour to women, mothers, catholics and children, and untrusting of everyone I see and meet.
I now suffer a severe case of "post traumatic stress dissociative order" do not like people at all, and would kill if pushed. The coppers may thereafter be responsible for failing to protect me from aliens, for merely defending myself. Daily Eurapean idle rich tourorrists taunt me, and stare as if they are aliens. Indeed they are, totally from another universe. Better send them back and shut the cosmic gate.

Nevertheless, as mother is a total betrayal, her "Love" means less than nothing, thus all my own perceptions of "Love" are parred to being completely cynical about the subject of Human relationships, I withdraw my connection to her, to my family and to Australia, as much as I am able, and will henceforth wish to be known as "Max Earth". Why Earth? The Earth is my only True Mother.

So, I will change the name of this blog site, to "Omaxa bin Eartha"
and persist in challenging the arseholes above any of us, even though they so enjoy shitting down on me and Humanity.

C.I.A. to be disbanded

ASIO to be purged from Telstra. Phone-tapping and unauthorised surveillance of Australian citizens rampant and out-of-control.

C.I.A. to be disbanded.

Call for Inquiry into A.S.I.O.

MI-6 to come under critical review.

Enough "Intelligence"!

We Know Now, the Laws.