EarthRight Logistics

EarthRight Logistics
Omaxa bin Eartha
December 2008

Religion is rising, yet ready to fall.
The Knowledge is Surprizing, & Calls to Us All.

Traditions are crumbling, gold towers tumbling,
Deep underneath, we feel the Immanent Rumbling.

Got nappies to change, & deals to get done.
Don't dodge your Duty, For now there's nowhere to run.

The uptops are scared, & depressed out of their wits.
Comforts too costly, divorcing their 2-faced twits.

Middleclasses world-round, stagger enstunned,
Their 100 year hubris, by Wisdom outgunned.

Penitent Pentagon & Penns Av,
Repairing the rift, desperate to save,

The last vestige of “bluff & hope”,
The dead era's warlords “Bully” & “Grope”.

Prime men & Presidents, shuffle through meetings,
Diplomatic calls for calm, against fanatical chest-beating.

But today's chest is a keyboard, which gets beat thrice billion as hard,
Fletching Arrows of FIREWORDS back at the social retards.

Retards who took meat as their pay,
“Just beat 'im to pulp, 'til 'e cannot say”.

That “the Land is HIS, & Hers & their Kiddies.
As it was their Ancestors, so for the future's Projenies”.

150 years in the Land of the Brave,
Humble Honour's been Talking,

But the Washington mill,
Just keeps-on walking.

Over the FACTS, over the Science,
Deluded to believe in monetary reliance.

Now at last, the Wall has been blown,
And with it illegal banks are like flies, comin' down.

Yet TERROR still looms, from dangerous inventions
And the Will of the Righteous, breaks to condescension.

While the traps descend to protect the corrupt,
It's EVERY MAN'S Duty, to Resist 30 pieces, to go out & disrupt,

The tyranny of the Law, & the insanity of lawmakers,
The church, the college, the prison, the intellectual isolators.

But damn your anarchy, you bereft of acumen!
Get thee away from politics, if you care for the Children.

And death to your tall shadows
Come to me to be slayed!

For on the Hearts of the Warriors
Your dark magic you played.

Yet it maybe,
That the air is being cleared,
From beyond the three dimensions,
High Wisdom has been heard.

And even the Hawks of DC,
Now humbled to what's True,
Have lowered their colors,
And do what they KNOW they must do.

The Lord of the Earth, has called up the power,
And rallied the Ice King, in this near-boiling hour.

And has agreed, to set the Arctic to once again freeze.
So we may yet be saved, from the flood of death's cold-cold breeze.

It's never really over, down here on Malkuth.
"It's HELL out there!" No Rest for the Truth.

So stagger-along, little-by-little,
Keep your head down, & dance with the fiddle.

For 'tis part of our lot,
that corruption so swings,

While we ignore the High Knowledge
The low beast stings.

...to be continued....


The US & World Motor Vehicle Industry?

The US & World Motor Vehicle Industry?
by Max Earth
Monday 8th December '08

Twenty years ago or so I joined GreenPeace in Melbourne, my ex-Home town.

Eager & happy to “put-in” to the Cause of Saving the Planet, I volunteered in the city office.

Ha! What a mockery... of me....! I found the staff were nicely, pleasantly inheritanced all-of-them – long-hippy-hair, dreadlocks were definitely yet to be braved in the conservative streets of Hellbourne-er-Melbourne, but pricey “rainbow” clothing was acceptable.

Then, assuming nothing, merely observing, I was happy to put my trust in a few “solid-looking” dudes.

I was one of the many in teams, rallied into 12-seater minibuses each day & trucked to the suburbs to door-knock for memberships. One of them came out with me, to observe & guide me in the delicate art of flogging a membership to hesitant materialistic heathens (my term) living in over-consumptive middleclass opulance.

“Tone of delivery” was about the Essence the Dude taught me, being a na├»ve deluded child caught in a wicked catholic witch's brew as-I-was. And it worked! I made good sales that day. Thanks Dude!

Another Dude I sought some guidance from, was, I think, the head of the Melbourne office. I recall I asked him about the TERROR of the motorcar, & how one should go about “BRINGING IT DOWN” (Radical Speak!).

We felt our ground, talked, & then he gave out.

If you want to go at the motor vehicle industry, by all means! However......, first there's the collusion between the motor vehicle industry with the petroleum industry, & their collusion with the plastics industries-plural, the electronics industry, & the components industries, & the road-building industries, then there's the ............................................................


How a balloon of naivity grew-up.

Deflation wasn't quite the word, more like a minor implosion.

So.... I kept riding my bike!

Lately, if nobody's noticed, the motor vehicle industry is in a bit of strife.

But which “industry” isn't, or won't soon be in a bit of strife?


The US government is currently replete with committees commissioned to sort this
“rather important industry” out. “Rather important” in-the-LONG-view, only so far as it is a key income resource for wage-earners connected to it.

In regard to the future of Humanity, the auto industry pales as negative dross. But in the “Free World”, the 'enlightenment mob' demand that it is our nature to be conned to wasting time, effort, money & Peace-of-mind gratifying our superficial, skindeep desires for 'pretty colors', fancy looks, comfort, &, in autoland, SPEED!!!, rather than keeping our egomaniacal desires in Pandora's Box, superceded by pragmatism, efficiency, economy (HO!? Economy???) & an Higher Quality of..., of...., of...., LIFE?

But apparently, that's another issue....

The big three of Detroit – Ford, GM Chrysler, are begging the government to bail them out, & LO! the government is not signing the cheques.

Here we have a question which really has to be answered before the US government CAN help the auto industry.

Can the industry keep providing unsustainable vehicles to the People?

Now this question has many components, like a fancy car. One is whether the makers can make & sell a car which does NOT pollute?

But where does pollution begin in the making, using & disposing of a car?

You wanna know were the pollution really begins?

In yer freakin' MIND, dude!

We'll let that one pass, aye?

AND, just to be unorthodox, where does it END???


To extend the monologue of the 2nd Dude, the proportion of the society which depends on motor vehicles is perhaps the most disproportionate of all unnecessary addictions. As the beast itself consumes more of our income, time & energy than everything else in our micro-kingdoms next to a HOME, so it consumes more of the government's income, time & energy than most everything else this side of the moon.

Run-away Space programs & fear-of-our-neighbour military expenditure aside.

AND what about the RESOURCES???


Thus far, the auto industry has had unbridled freedom to produce the biggest pile of scrap, waste pollution, carnage, injury, & insult to the Human species, & to the Mutha Earth, than everything but the Catholic church. The “convenience” et al it brings, in the end, is ideal for making us all slothenly, loose-brained, egomaniacal idiots – zombies who can't get out of the cage of small-minded mememe thinking.

Now, to shatter the assumptions – I like cars! I saw a luvely old Holden Torana today – Ah! What a Rippa, mate. Not quite an XU-1, but nice to see a clean 30-plus year old (almost-OZZIE!) car still cutting it.

But the original concept of a people mover went a bit silly, whenever, & marketeers went crazy conning the people they needed all the crap that comes with today's transporters.

Now, as if it wasn't then..., “planned obscelesence” seems to run our lives?

It was found as FUNDAMENTAL to a company's survival that the buyer should NEED another product after about three-to-five years, so that the company could stay in business to... flog MORE!

While the “ECONOMY's” running high, that is on the backbreaking poverty of everyone else, these fatal flaws in economic, commercial policy, have been free to exploit everything & everyone.

It has been through this, that Humanity now faces it's downfall.

Some months ago I scribed a piece on “planned obscelesence” but it's stuck in my phone.
So, as it seems pertinent to today's US car industry shamozzle, I'll patiently transcribe it over by keyboard, to the computer. I hope I can post it to my blogsite.

Here it be...


“Heavy contributor to environmental chaos”, say experts.

95% of all manufactured products have obscelesence planned into them in design, creating massive waste & pollution.

An All-Product Scrutiny Commission demanded by huge majority of global population.

“Ve sik of ze zero-qvality crap in all ze stores!” harps Helmut of Hamborg.

“I don't li-ike it!” pipes Pauline of Peanutland.

“Whah th' feerk cayn't I git me sturff 'at'll last 20, 30, 40 goddammed YEARS?” asked Arnie of America.

“People don't borrow an' lend tools now, in-case it breaks! So we buy our own tools & shit,but can only afford crap-quality junk, that fails months out-of-warranty!”

Sheds globally, are in crisis, oozing with busted garbage, none of it more than five years old!

Kev of Canberra cursed “CRIKEY! It's consumption CARNAGE out there!?”

Vlad of Vostok agreed: “Sank Gott it's not in VODKA, ziss P.O.!





Well, that was it. Short & spiffy.

As the US government, Congress & Senate, debate the future for “autos” let me ask them to consider, I mean REALLY Consider the above comments, comical & invented, & see how they go including the HARD, REALPolitik Issues that MUST be addressed, especially about the on-the-surface blithe issue of “planned obscelesence”?

This is of course a weighty issue for the Good Ol' US of A, because the born-to-be-obscelete auto really is part of the culture there.

This begs the question for Barack Obama: “CHANGE, by how much?”

I know Mr Obama & Co., would be only too happy to lift America above the Magnificent-yet-all-too-Common egomania of that Great Country. Yet he, or any, cannot be expected to do that. Going beyond bald egoism is our own Task, & our own Task Alone. The best he & his cooperators in government & the authorities can do, is direct Good Policy at the wastemaker corporations. Policies which serve the function of being a set of guidelines within which makers of everything must remain.

It seems laughable to suggest that GM, Ford, Chrysler, if they survive, would find in their own boardrooms, Wisdom enough to alter the course of car-making globally, to the point where such planetarily pernicious concepts, particularly of “planned obscelesence”, are removed from the design, planning, marketing, fashion, spare parts & reliability window of producing a People mover.

But..........., as we're at that delicate “precipous”, in danger of falling off the edge of the world, & through our addictions, taking everyone else with us, it is quite plainly CLEAR, that commercial interests who design short term life spans into ANYTHING, need a swift kick up the tailpipe, in order to sort their dreams from the PLANETARY REALITY.

While Americans are seemingly irretrievably addicted to expressing their ego, in typically rather ostentatious ways, the all-American marketeer will always be ready to lend-a-hand, & inflate the desires to excess.

So saving the US auto industry from itself, & from the American ego, demands that the government tackles this very issue, & negotiates with the auto boardrooms to re-address their “reason detre”.

“Fashion”, another 'trend' we do not really need, & definitely do not really need in matters of curtailing our propensities toward unsustainable lifestyles, has to be steeered, so that the buying masses can learn to distinguish between a superfluous product & something which does the job more than adequately, while keeping the resources in positive territory.

As the US government has recently bought part-ownership of the big US auto makers, they are now able to command their direction.

While the whole world thinks America is more ego than Intelligence, I, as the Tribal Bowman, fire the above burning Arrow into the Congress, & aim to ignite those-therein's minds with some HARD Truths about how BEST to amalgamate the Qualities of the Peoples of the USA, with the Needs of the world.

If you ask me what would be the best thing they could do, I'd say something like “bring in some Soviet Minds.”

Soviet because they are Intelligent beyond egomania, see things in a far wider, Wiser, longterm way.

Funny how GW & the Pentagon's minds tell us the Russians are still the evil empire. Could that be the GW-type “ego” talking?

I think so....!


Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth.


Response to Rupert Murdoch's ABC Lecture

Murdoch's Lectures.
7th December '08.

Dare I say it? Could it be age-ism in my saying that Rupert sounded as if “...from a dated period?”

I agree with his saying that the privileges of the wealthy, first, white, christian world are what now makes it possible for a 14 year-old 3rd world person to link nowtime to some-one across the globe.

And I say yes to much of what he says.

However, one point stuck in my touchpad?

“The advances of the first world & Democracy, have improved the lives of well..., billions, & surely must be the way to go.” (paraphrased)

Hmmm....., insummary, it sounded like he was coming from the wealth is good, privilege is god given, let everyone be as privileged as the privileged.

I argue of course. Its my Duty, being at the exact opposite end of the “Revolution” spectre, or spectacle, depending on how much Rupert & the Brettonwoods boys can manage the televising of the revolution.

“Privilege”, Dear Sir, is perhaps the motive principle of history, inspiring all beneath to a better, highermind way of life.

And Jolly Ho for that. Gentrification, to a Creature far above the brute, which you & I have known in our own lands, & despaired for their want.

But privilege has always, throughout history, been afforded at the brutal expense of the majority, for always also, only the few have enjoyed, or been spoiled by, privilege.

Also, privilege has always been in partnership with excess, for whatever reason, we know there are many, & the excess is usually expressed in the expense of the People, AND The HABITAT.

Like, in today's terms, huge environmental footprint type expense.

To dream that one day EVERYONE will enjoy the level of security (NOT), comfort (QUESTIONABLE?), & throwaway UNeconomic-of-scale wealth that the first world's top 50% enjoy, without a SERIOUS adjustment to that upon which we pin our faith – wealth? or LIFE? - be-it in the family, group, village, or further, so that the lot of us are living at about one tenth of the level of consumption, pollution, waste etc., that today's first world 'privileged' are, then you're doing what I may as well be doing...........(?)

Privilege has always been from unbalance in the distribution & control of The People & of the Land. Therefore we can only expect that the quality & provision of the People & Land will degrade while the dominant economic model is so plunderous to the environment, making for less resources to plunder for “everyone” to enjoy canary wharf privileges.

Besides, from where I stool, the privileges you, Rupert, would make affordable to EVERYONE, or the cykosees planted in their brains since their first day in front of the tele which lure them to believing that that sort of advertised Mammon-er-shit is Good for them, is pretty-much precisely what's sending the hyperpopulated, occultificated mainstream city-type “in-da-vid-u-al” utterly insane, leading the blind into the sewer & meltdown of the ONE, ONE Planet, MUTHA Earth they have to live-on.

Is wealth & power THAT blinding, my Friend?

I refuse to think so, but may have to.

Mayhap it's part of the shopfront for a secret...........

Omaxa bin Eartha
Uluruban Forest.

Obama/Clinton-&-Bill Team?

Obama/Clinton-&-Bill Team
Max Earth
Sunday 7th December '08.

Listening from the outside, many accusations of leadership egomania or awriness as come from the media, be-it Australia's rightwing tabloids or the hollowed BBC, strike me as dolted, or as coming from sicophantism unable to see things aright.

The hunger for a secure income is universal, even in media.

For example, the west's condemnation of the Communist Chinese government, whether in Tibet or on internal corruption or in slamming them for being as 'callous' as they are reputed to be, wins from me, as an autonomic retort, "The most vocal against China, Robert Mugabe, or Bill Clinton, even against G.W. Bush, are generally blinkered to some degree. Again..., the hunger for a secure income is universal, & for the wearisome readiness to consult 'experts' in one field or another, disabled by program budgets, schedules & time limits, they're not fully informed as to why one government or President did or didn't do something or other.

As the media is eager for a gaff in the US President-elect's Ascent, a 'pickapart' campaign is bound to get legs, in Alaska if not Manhattan.

An article by Justin Webb, North America editor, BBC News, Published: 2008/12/06 11:41:36 GMT' seems to be grabbing in it's headline

Has Obama made his first blunder?"

Obviously the man Webb has experience, & an eye for news. But BBC isn't untainted in it's coverage of international affairs where the 'best interests' of England or Britain are of concern or threatened.

For a Britside journalist to denounce the underside of the Obama/Clinton-&-Bill "team" relationship before they take office, may be muckraking, maybe political, & maybe edging toward chastising the USA for 1, electing a black fella, for 2, showing realism in a (promised) better social contract with the US Citizens, counter-to the shift back to the defensive conservatism we see in a Britain coming-(NOT)-to terms with its role in the last 500 years of destruction of the world's environment, & 3, for waking-up to the FACT that British & European politics, complete with regal intrigues, fine art, culture, banking, illegal drug-running cartels, etc., is in-the-end ALL ABOUT BRITAIN & EURAPE, & that if the planet's Human chaos continues along the current Brit-Euro timeline, "we'll all be ruined!" to-be-sure.

Now to pickapart the pickapart Jules Webb, I going into "free-form-channel-mode".

The US is reputed for making it possible for any member of it's Citizenry to ascend to the Seat of President of the USA. But if you're born where politics is "in-the-family", like you have ancestors who have been US Senators for a number of generations, endowed with advantage you are, no doubt.

It's like the son of a factory owner taking-over when dad retires. There are things you know you have to do to keep the business going, & that needs to be familiar & solid before new ideas are adopted.

If'n you're up-there, whether in the top storeys of US politics or Swiss bank accountants, opportunities are mostly fairly-well orchestrated, sometimes ahead for years, decades, generations, etc. So, like criticizing how the Communists run China, criticizing Bill Clinton & Hillary's demeanor during their time in the White House & afterwards.., is shallow, because it seems to me, that the critic would NOT have done better, in running a nation as large as China, or in managing affairs in an administration jampacked with conspiracy & confusion as the USA's has been for ages.

There was/is only so much any President could do to make the nation or world a noticably better place. The best they could do was stay as near to the tiller as possible, & act on the most credible data they could find.

A hard task in Washingmachineton.

The overriding culture of high-level politics forces everyone who dares partake to do it it's way, or no way. If a President (of the 1980's & '90's) were seen to be anything less than egomaniacal, self-interested & off-camera NOT jocular about the job, - DOOM!

If a President showed no interest in making a rude quid while in office, they'd as likely be slated as “unamerican!”

The same applies everywhere. It's unreasonable to expect a People's Representative, a politician to fopp around in dungeries at formal occasions, just as it, in America, is unthinkable for the Prez to not be a millionare. So things are done, to keep the machine ticking along.

“Everything today, is a rehearsal for tomorrow”.

Politics is awesome in it's game of manipulation & control. The politics we accept today has been constructed on thousands-of-years of detailed agenda, & anyone elected to high office knows soon-enough how far they can go, in rattling the cage of tradition, whether it's a Wise, Sound & Ancient Tradition or one fermented out of a moldy stew brewed in the global meltingpot of failed Human minds & states.

Why, do you think, did GW Bush sit with the kindergarten kiddies for seven minutes after being informed of the “9/11” disaster?

Awesome. He knew he could nothing. The mechanism was churning, & he knew it was too awesome for evern the Prez to stop, change or make NOT HAPPEN.

“Jus' keep readin' to th' kids, GW.”

Webb asks “Did he (Bill Clinton) really manage anything in those eight years?”

This is about as bad as most of my comments on our last PM John Howard!

Who is this Webb fella? What a cheek!

Politics, for all of the above, is also a slowmoving beast, & to stay in in the 'game' one has to know when to press the red button, & when to go for a coffee, etc. It's usually infused with hyperbolee about preparation, a-cog-in-the-machine, timing & keeping the other fellas offside or off balance, preferably both.

Both sides, conservative & progressive feign affection to the “longterm goals”, & that while each side opines differently, the end-goal is the same.

A healthy, prosperous, Wise, safe & strong People.

Looking-back over the last three decades of world politics, with the hubris which grew-&-grew in-&-around Washington, with a cykoanalytical eye, deconstructing the witchcraft pouring in from the Cosmos, one knows that even while at risk of REALLY fucking-up the planet, with past threats like the Cuban Missile Crisis as examples, stodge, gummy-cogs, snail-pace change or decisionmaking can be a mighty-fine thing. For each day in every President's term is filled with the potential of making too hasty a decision, & bringing-down the whole circus, tent, trapeez & a herd of elephants ontop.

None Rightminded, would call Bill Clinton a dolt, a fool or unintelligent, apart from Hillary.

That he glissens-&-bubbles with Joy at being the centre of attention in many venues, is not something someone from a foreign media authority fairly condemns.

In 1996, I watched the ALP Prime Minister Paul Keating concede defeat to Liberal John Howard on tele. I watched in dishearted annoyance as Paul looked down to the ALP audience, for I could read the look on Paul's face (I reckon) as supportive women screamed in agony that this had happened.

Paul's eyes fell on them, & his face, without a word, shouted something like “You're idiots. Hysterical fools. It's a GAME, can't you see? It wouldn't matter if I was a Dingo, the results would have been the same. The bigboys over in Britain & Europe are pulling the levers. We're just parochial figureheads to keep the masses YOU! deluded that they have reason to Hope.”

So what Hope is there, locally or globally, & what Good can Bill Clinton be, betrothed as he is to the incoming Secretary of State of the Nation that needs to CHANGE! More & faster than any other on Earth?

America has not been in this position before. More power than Maximus Galacticus, more ills, more threats of utter carnage whether or not Good Government ensues?

With the rush by EX-Rightwingers to a more Balanced political playingfield, previous leftwing egomaniacs are also coming out of the face-putty jar, such that even in the grand US of A, People are finding that it's OK to think about the Collective Well-Being of the People, & that both, one can NOT be an egomaniac, & one CAN be an egomaniac, yet still have Wise & Valid concerns about one's neighbour, Village, Nation AND Planet. (Meanwhile downunder in New South Wales, any talk of caring for the Planet gets you a psychiatric test, incarceration in a catholic house of occult/mental experimentation, & a section 33 (mental health act)!

Now, many are also finding that it's more than OK to think, talk & act on making their own lives a bit less polluting, consumptive, excessive!


As well, previously filthy yobbos are finding gratification from helping keep or make a place cleaner. Underclass bums ripping around with a trailer muscling old wrecks onto it & to the scrapmetal merchants are doing as Good a Job as a President can do in Office.

Today, with all that is at hand, in terms of a world in peril, the media has done the Earth a service with it's reach & addiction to sensationalism. What better headline for the newsroom than “Sea-levels to rise! World under threat!” “We're all doomed!” “Temps to rise to 80 degrees C!” Your banana-lounge will melt!”

2008/2009 is a far different time to 1996, 2001, 2003. While most of the industrobeast just keeps-on churning, thus most of us just keep-on oiling the wheels, the political beast, the Swiss accountant &, I suggest with little hope, the military, are reviewing their past modus-operandi, refering to some hidden texts, Divining a touch of Philosophy & sprinkling a touch of Conscience onto the 'Map Room' of Strategy & Logistics.

I cannot reference one thing that any have done since the climate change heavy footprint hit the newsstands, but, optimistic or not (NOT!), I sense that attempts ARE afoot to CHANGE the direction of the industrobeast, condoned by the highest echelons.

From my Ultra-Altitude “All Things Considered” perspective, the change has well-&-truly begun.

A few examples, impossible though to verify, are 9/11, the 10 year Australian drought, the recent mortgage market collapse, etc.

Stoic pro-BritEurape ideological support, in this REALPolitik moment, tells me that the rest of the planet's Human & Animal & Creepie & Critter population should worry about two things now; Saving the Planet's environment, & dispelling ourselves of the virus of British & European economic land law corruption.

For, I reckon, that without excorcising the toxins of Brit-Eurapean assumed hegemony from our own psyches, Holy Houses & culture, the first thing we should worry about – saving the planet – is defintely unachievable.

So, as controls on Intelligent Thinking are being lossened, so increasing the room for Intelligent People to contribute to their fullest, compressed talents such as those within the Soul of Bill Clinton, freer than ever from the NEED for a 'persona', a mask, an ego, to stay in favour in the bighouse, I deeply suspect that Bill will be one of the most Stable & Contributive backroom members of the new US Administration, whether or not he flushes with Happiness at being able to help the Planet.

Congratulations USA. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Obama, Mr & Mrs Biden, & Congratulations Administration! It's a long hard track back onto the High way, but maybe the next US Administration will for the first time have Navigators & Generals who Know that Intelligence is All, in tackling big, nasty, homestomping enemies.

No Bill, I wouldn't talk to the BBC either.......!

Omaxa bin Eartha
Uluruban Forest.


The Obama Americar!

So-o? The bail-out package offered to the US auto industry isn't enough, aye?

Its a matter of what the bailers-out were/are trying to achieve, wouldn'ya-say?

The recently arriving Mack Truck of a weather report for the next 100 to five thousand years has even slowed things down at the big fellas of auto manufacturing - Kenworth, Mack, GM & Ford, & left their ad departments floundering about for a bite which doesn't sound so repentent, while keeping the buying egomaniacs deluded about the NEED for a new vehicle.

Offers in every trunk, advice & suggestions on what the heavy industries might be able to try to stay in business while the planet goes down the gurgler.

Ho-hum! Just another day in the office of Earth Control. I thought I'd take a break after Nov 4 US election, & that the clever fellas on US eastside would be able to congure adequate plans to save the world.

But alas, NO! Stock markets are stabilabilising enough for those left in the top offices to skim a few more unaccounted-for-loans into their briefcases, mainstreet is still ploughing along in the wake of the headstrong agenda-setters, who're frightened shitless about talking true to Americans or Walmart management, & about the very urgent need for the honchos to lean on everyone to reduce their consumption, their demands for comfort in cars, work & play.

Rescue packages as we have seen them, will do NO THING to address the totality of what's coming down the turnpike in terms of climate change & the ensuing failures of the Human species to foresee it, & to adapt-down to minimalist mode.

The spokepersons for the auto companies trumpet Green advances & "commitments" to produce environmentally neutral vehicles by 2000-&-too-late.

The excesses of the past one hundred years are speeding back down highway 61 to write-off millions of jobs, & take-down the lowest 40-to-60% of Americans to abject despair.

Yet GM & Ford just keep-on keepin'-on promising the stars for a few raw materials in a plastic & aluminium piece-of-shit, designed to last little more than five years before it's too expensive to maintain, service or keep. But it keeps the CEO's big salaries perky, the advertising corporations stinking in lies & riches.

Until the vehicles available to buy new are made solely of recycled & replenishable materials, the western social footprint on the planet is going to remain about 10 times more than it should be, & remain explosive in its growth, such that the planet will have few "heavy" resources left to plunder in 100 years, & for that & other reducings the planet will have far fewer Homo Sapiens. NOT A BAD THING A.T.C., but it's going to be sad knowing most of the babes alive today may not live to maturity without enormous grief. Enormous grief.

One major bit of grief is that they are not likely to own their own motorcars.

I say this because as we wind-on-down-the-road, the smarter of us, will become frighteningly aware of the terror each motor vehicle represents to Life on Earth.

Mr Big at Ford might promise pollution-free motorisation in five years, hoping that we never twig to ask about the pre-on-road production costs to the environment of everything involved in manufacturing, resourcing, marketing, freighting, AND flogging the little beasties.

He might hope we never twig to asking about the alround inefficiencies of a society which has been designed around the spacetaking bubaloos, thus reducing free-space of the Earth's habitable surface by upto one-third in cities, towns & rural villages, (adding by no-small-amount to the increases-upon-increase of the price of a piece of land to live-on), with most everything which comes out of our little precious shopping jeeplet being toxic to our own progeny.

No. The motor vehicle industry worldover is yet to face-up to the future.

It will, done Right, be a future of Intelligent use of everything. Where each step in the development & production of any personal item, will positively contribute to remediation of the environment.

Totally unintelligent use of materials & labor to satisfy the insatiable desires of individual egomaniacs IS NOT conducive to a Healthy, Balanced group, ecosystem or planet.

Emphasis is made about the bail-outs NOT being handouts. Like the bailouts for the big property investment corporations, these are loans, presumably to allow the majors to restructure their juggernauts, but mainly to keep jobs.

These bailouts are the proper thing for the government to do, but as they, or the voters have become unwilling part-owners of industry, as with Fannie May & Freddie Mac in real estate, part-owners of corporations indeed industries which have essentially steered themselves, the masses & the environment up-shit-creek, so showing a dangerous paucity of intelligent planning or Conscience for the Public Well-Being, it is a long way past the point of the big-wheels of the industry telling the government or the public what they are going to do to fix things up.

Basicly, the middle, upper & senior levels of management in the auto industry worldover have next-to-NO Credibility in terms of planning what IS best, for their companies or for the future of the Human Race.

The biggest apparent concern of the voices heard in these choppy days of finance & brown-paper-bags, is "jobs, jobs, jobs". That once the people can't get work, they're on the slippery-slope.

I agree that we should all be able to find honest work to support ourselves.

But the point MUST come to each of us, that we are not just shooting ourselves in the foot by working in a job which contributes six-or-ten fold to cultural, &/or environmental degradation, but we've sawing our own & our kids legs off too.

We have mega-industries producing shit, to keep the masses quiet & dulled by false comfort, chained to the bank's sewer-pipe of usury & remnants of prehistoric warlords issuing the lucky debtors with a "death pledge" enough to sacrifice the grandkids for?!

We have both sides of the (US) political equation painting their skin blue as they're interviewed, as much just to remain in the running for the next congressional elections etc, as for seeing at last, the fatal flaws in the unrestrained free market.

We have a consortia in media who demands that the world be gutted by the errant trash of humanity, so the next few generations will never forget the dangers of a christian education & Scottish banking skills.

And we have leaders of every nation tied-up with their own spinmeisters wicked webs, who say that to take hold of the bottomline of Sound Governmentation of the People by Guaranteeing them a Secure Homeland, is risky?

Auto makers have from now forward to answer to the Government, & the Government answers to the People. The People answer to Education. Education about what must be done. Not what might be good for jobs, or about what we can invent to undo the damage another invention has caused.

Education would wake-us-up from the stupor of slave-life to the vigor of freedom from the yoke of workaday life.

Education would fire us with the Knowledge of how it is to be Honourable to our own Clan, suburb, family or Nation, & have us realise that turning our backs on the damage we are now doing to our children's & grandchildren's future, each time we jump in the car, is a truly & shamefully cowardly thing to do.

Education would have us realise how far off-the-track the mainstream car owner lifestyle is, & that it threatens the existence of the Human species.


More's-a-comin'.............. tomorra!


Arrows At Aunty & Adams!

I flung this'n off after Mr Philip Adam's's "Latte, Nighties & Live" (LNL, ABC RN 10pm week nights) dropped another conjob on Gladys, with this apologist for the long & plunderous relationship France has had with the Rwandan region of Africa.


To Philip Adams on Wed 27th August '08
LNL, like proper current affairs, should leave it to the listener to decide the veracity of interviewees.

I, cannot overlook the obvious disconnect in the segway with James Orwinsky (?) on MSF in Rwanda.

MSF, French in origin, goes to Rwanda to offer medical help to Rwandans effected by French, IMF plundering the land for coffee &c, while claiming MSF-type NGOs are apolitical?


Sure, help where help is needed. But where do these supposed NGOs take-on the root of the cause of such-as Rwandan children starving in their own "beautiful, fertile" homelands?

The part-French IMF's WRONG policies of plunder, pillage & as recently reported in 500 pages by the Rwandan Govt, genocide?

You avoided THAT "little" issue, aye?!

40 years ago, my next-door neighbour, another Bill Dean, at dinner told us, on his return, of his work in Biafra with the NGO, Red Cross.

Naughty Bill, a magnificent Man, dared broach how corrupt, ie., agenda-ridden Red Cross was.

What with ABC's repeated lies, a la Alan Saunders on "By Design", about Australia's 68-to-70% rate of "home ownership", the lie there-in being that lots if-not-MOST are in fact mortgagees, we the 4-to-5 billion Listeners are tiring of Aunty's IMF agenda of misleadership.

Like the infiltrators & subverters of the ALP, Unions & the Cause of the True, True Believers of Democratic (Agrarian) Socialism, all one has to do is write & get published HARK! A BOOK! & lo-&-behold, you're IN, & thereafter unassailably credible!

Kowtowing to the Bank of England again?


It's over Phil!

Bluffed no more.

So goes your cred, through the floor.

Suspicions of 20 years of listenership, confirmed.

Guess you, Doogue, Crittenden, Saunders & coy will always be able to afford a bag of rice, aye?

"END of history"?


OH? You are!

Good on yer, ace.

Have to find summit-else to do between 10-&-11pm (& after 4), Monday thru Thursday.

Sleep! What a Good idea!

No more yours,

Omaxa bin Overya.


"Cykoanalysis of Society" Study Called For

Cykoanalysis of Society.
30th November '08.

Woke up last Sunday morn', tuned into the radio station I'm welded to, & eared it for a few minutes, listening to the Famed “Background Briefing” on Radio National. “Kids!”? And why are they crazier that WE are? Etcetera.....

A slothenly roleover, a grope for the remote, & ZAPbackto the silen......ce.
"Heard it all", as the legends say....

But....., before I could drift off again, the mentations began..... and here they are for this weeks ruminations at the ABC Background Briefing, All in the Mind, Philosophers Zone, The Law Report, Religion Report, type calculators.....

"Cykoanalysis of Society" Study Called For

Sunday 30th November '08.

Surely it's timely to call for a Survey, a Commissioned Study to be done on the mental health of the Society, covering such factors as “The Parameters”, All Things Considered, for Group - today meaning Global -, Cultural behaviour, & where & when it must be Solidly & Soundly rooted.

Before saying or studying some (I say most), cultural habits, personal mental & social pre-occupations of the 'Modern' world;- work, rest, recreate & play, - are bad on that scale & measure, inquire instead about Laws, also on a GLOBAL scale-&-measure, to ascertain the percentage & ratio between Laws, often Lore, thus the Cultural Essence of that People, Tribe, Nation, & which Laws, Law, or Lore, were most present in the Sum of the Global Equation of Enduring Human Cultural & Planetary Environmental Survival.

(I was not sure of my drift nor of my Astral connection here, but there are clear bits in it...?)

Above Brit-Euro versions of Law.

Rather, in terms of looking for the rudiments of living in a way which contributes NOT to Personal, Social & Planetary illhealth &or destruction, begin the Study on the mental health of those Peoples, Nations, Cultures who maintained the longest enduring Peaceable, Wise & Happy, I stress "Happy" Lifestyles?

A Focus on Sustainability being a, the, Priority.

The impartial investigation would then begin by being a book of Primary, Principle Laws, to take as a guide toward how to Live on Earth.

I say this to ideate that Humanity needs the classic "Rock" of Truly GOOD Law, for Faith, & to Satisfy the want & need to Know what Good Personal, Social & Global Laws, Lore are, so we can think & thus Act Right, on our own & out in the crazy jungle.
This also, to give something to help The Human Mind & Soul look-away-from, to forget, the bad habits which on all scales-&-measures addressed, are antipathetic to the Health, mental-physical-&-environmental, of us & the planet.

While the west has tools & resources to correctly deconstruct our global cult errings, we all know the elites will ignore it, because they will NOT like the Result's low score of their own Cultural, Legal & sociopersonal mental health, when Properly compared to All World Cultures.

Laws, Lore, I'm Sure, will be found, in the Longest Enduring Cultures which enable the whole-lot-of-us to live without the need, to commit crime.

1, for establishing globally the Ground Rules Laws (GRL), actually FREEing us to Live Happily without the habitual, economic & religious cravings always knocking-on-our-skull's backdoor.

2, because the same GRLs would make Right everyone's Place, Role - Noble All - & Duty, thus Culture of Satisfying Primary Needs.

Food, Shelter, Balance, Trust, Bliss.

Tha's all, for the now.

Tune-in again for the then....

Just a taste, if there's any 'meat' on th' bones of this cykoanalysis rave, other positives inspiring, the reader might be getting MORE!

Latest Blogfiles UPDATE. 41 Pages of Omaxa bin Eartha

Here follows a collection of articles, essays, poems, emails & general slurs against “EVERYTHING” as the Chaser Team would put-it, some from my diary, with the earliest entry rewritten here from August 27th '08, some articles & kind written on my Samsung mobile phone (bit of product-placement there!), others plucked almost straight from the Ether, from Anger or despair.

But Oh! What a Transcendent Despair it can be!

Here's the first from Diary, dated 27th August '08.


Words in line, thoughts refined, Heart unwind.

Essayist Accomplished, observe but atrophy Of Our Orb, Off to the Other,
To be absorbed.

Cults afraud, politics a waste,
Aliens on board, army banging grey matter to paste.
Culture insane, Earth in pain,
disspirited Soul drained..., of Will.
Just want to kill.
Lover comes bleeding, but a ghost, body needing,
I see nought, feel vampires feeding
on my seminal blood.
All the time, calling-up THE flood.

Ignorant fucks, fuck with the occult,
I resist shooting, my Platinum Bolts.

No Courage in People, no Truth in the State,
Church of good intentions, trances the mother, to Satan's Fate.

Reformists are rich, keep popping kids,
Planet's a mess, 'til of us, She's rid.

Media gone greasy,
author's con censored & sleazy,
All mothers are fucked, all chillern are doomed.
“Oh I'm too busy for the Last Revolutionary's bush room!?”

Wed 27th August '08.


Let's call this Poem


Came to Nimbin in '98,
Resigned to die, to face his fate.

A merry dance by Angels led,
None are true, by lies he's fed.

All have homes, plus silver galore,
Exiled for his Good, The Last Outlaw.

The Crown's lads pluck his Soul,
like his their smackabout toy,

Theocrats on flawed theory,
hide why he's the main act,
in their evil ploy.

The IMF's army, Australian division,
In collusion, mutilate him for “The Mission”.

Mocked by all, from children to old,
The Planet's joke, 53 years, he's never told.

The jealous, the vicious, the callous the corrupt,
All want a piece of silver to disrupt,
Any Peace he may have found.

And they ain't gonna admit it & cease,
'til he's six feet underground.

The pigs, oh insane, he makes the squat laugh,
puss with guns too mutant for any Real Draft.

Poke guns in his face, & nail him to the dock,
and like gutless dicksuckers, like “Rum Corps” coppers,
keep clasping curses, on his cock.

But the Last Outlaw, Retires to the Forest.
He wants nor needs no friends,
For all he's known, are horribly dishonest.

Betrayed like the Planet, by all Her Progeny,
He dwells with the Critters, rejects Humanity.

Calls Up the Gods of Earth Fire & the Sea.
Raises the stakes -
WIPE-OUT! Is corrupt species' – Destiny.

Friday nite, 29th August '08.
These two poems were written amidst a hefty slice of turmoil & stress, having been set-up AGAIN by the utterly corrupt local community(s) here-&-about to be arrested & harassed on a false locally-conspired weapons charge.

The facts of this evil affair will be uploaded as time & connectivity allows.

But 1st I want to blog the articles etc I've scribed of the time which go-to the major issues I'm Good at deconstructing. Or wich my catholic nun spirit is good at, or my ananda marga monk spirit is good at, or my Scottish Nobleman Ancestor or my Welsh Nobleman Step-Ancestor or my Kurnai female Ancestor spirit is Good at, using me as the agency, the medium, the channellor?

"This Crazy Dude!"
Rap Lyrics.
by Max Earth.
© March 2008.

Erybody's talkin' 'bout this Crazy Dude,
Lives in th' Forests.
Say he got a bad attitude?

Fightin' for th' Forests & th' Fishes & th' Deserts.
He fightin' EV'RYONE 'cause he thinks they're fuckin' peasants.

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

Jews, Micks & Pagans on his case - 'Cause he's "a Powerful Man...",
Wanna put 'im on a pedestal (a cross!).

Try to centralize God, with an iron rod,
Soon enough Satan captains the Helm!"

Says this CRAZY Dude.
This crazy Dude.

He scream: "STOP! OBSERVE? where devils - comin' from....
You'll see he grows with your selfish attachment to th' ground!"

He say: "Satan same colour as your Earth Chakra!
If y' pin-y'-faith to real estate -
Yo make a landmine-of-YO- MUTHA...."

"O' course, right time-&-location,
you'll make a-squillion-or-two!
But th' Gate is wide - your kind of soul Falls through...."

Says this crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

He fightin' alien invaders from UK & Eurape!
Ones rapin' th' Mutha,
From Alaska-to-th'-Cape.

The ones bullying the Polity from Boston-to-Beijing.
Think the world's THEIR Oyster.
He say "They betta think again!"

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

Some say "...he's from Heaven!"?
Some say "...from th' STARS...!"
Some say "He a Warrior,
'Cause he identify with Mars!"

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

Used to fly through th' night,
Lightin' fires in th' city.
Astral Arrows at "establishment"

Body-free flew,
'cross Galaxy to
Alpha Centauri,
Somethin' 'e dismissed,
But they say 'e was "Kissed-by-Bliss!" -
before th' Mission... closed his Eye.

This crazy, crazy Dude.
This Crazy Dude.
This Crazy Dude.
This Crazy Dude.

Hundred 44 Moons down th' track,
He buried deep in th' valley & can't claw his way back.

But his voice stays Strong & Righteous in Hellish Resound,
LOUD in EV'RYONE'S head,
HARD TRUTHS, Can't turn HIS volume down!

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

When 'e's angry...! EV'RY-one hears what 'e's said!
Deep from th' Forest sCREAMS,

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

20 years ago & more,
He wuz forced to study law,
'Cause then 'e got around on a - motorbike.

Pigs & peasants in their cages,
a carnage of no-brainerzz,
Drove as if Bikers!, had no Rights?!

Taught 'im somethin'...,
was lackin'...,
a little-bit-o'-Light?

So 'e asked..., some qvestionssz...?!

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

He went to night schoo',
Studied hist'ry & litrature too,
And got a B+ in "law"!

In th' day rode round th' streets,
makin' over 1000 bucks-a-week,
Then got STONed..., after work, and Philosophized 'bout ending -
th' never-ending war.

Scientifically sieving, here-&-there,
how Best to help th' Poor.

This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

But all fun has to end,
'Specially when yer tricked to trust yer friends,
And find too late they're in fact a whole lot worse!

Like a mankillin' motha,
under catholic convent cover,
Y' "friends", y' boss & family turn out to be utter SCUM of th' MULTIVERSE!?!

So says this crazy Dude,
This crazy Dude.
This Crazy Dude.

Finds out at 52,
He's the lamb they'se puttin' through -
the christian mincer!

The Vatican banker
said "Pope we need a wanker!
We gotto build a patsy World Convincer!"


This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.


This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.
This crazy Dude.

Well he ain't dead yet,
And thinks 'e orta see a vet,
'Cause 'e's turned into a feral animal.

Defying dogma psychosis,
Mummified philosophical ig-Gnosis,
false Prophesy -
From th' 4th century,
Trickin' People with an Osiri-Jewish witch's-cabal.

Pressin'-down on...,
This Crazy Dude. This Crazy Dude. This Crazy Dude. This Crazy Dude.

Planetary Axial Shift?

If you look at the planet, from about 40, 50 thousand miles up, you get another view at the potentials awaiting us, environmentally.
In the worst-case, the delicate balance that I suspect exists + contributes to the maintenance of Earth on it's current rotational axis, via the spread of ocean water, must be altering enough to be near an unstably IMbalanced state.
To look at how much ice has melted from over the North Pole, really makes you wonder how it could NOT portend a massive axial, rotational + solar orbital shift?
The melting ANT-Arctica ice too?
A "pole shift" is when the MAGNETIC poles move.
Magnets or no, Mutha, I mean Mutha Earth, I venture, is about to get REAL-REAL ANGRY with not just Humans, but with all life above about 80 feet underground, by way of a violent change of the Orb's axial balance, changing the rotation + destroying most manmade infrastructure, killing the vast majority of animals including us, + the ecological systems of heat + cold.
It's happened before, so 'sgotta happen again.
What darkens the atmosphere from the destruction-thence-pollution from man's filthy habits + invention - industry; (al-)chemistry; warfare; cities; agriculture; free-market capitalism - looms as-yet unknown, but be sure 'twill no doubt fuck most seasons-thus-season-dependent food crops, ETCETERA!
Picking ONE MORE fatal flaw in the cause, "western culture!", I see the danger in the "nuclear house" social organisation.
On the premise that any of the above occurs, your comfy-little-flat-cottage-3 bedroom home-10 bedroom mansion, + garages...., will become 1000's of square miles of deadly missiles + shrapnel, fuels + toxins to life, taking-out residents of all cities + sluburbs, wasting, along with every natural flinging thing, 99.8% of Humanity.
Whoever survives will be lucky!
The scum of the Multiverse - insatiable Humants - GAWWNN! MAYTE! :-))
It's probably going to get REE-E-A-AL c-c-cold though, ....m-m-mayte?
40, 80 degrees C., below zero?

"Worst-case scenario", I remind you, but the potential, I posit, of the worst occuring, is high, indeed HUGE.
What can I do?
I'm fucked.
But to those with families + social groups, I'd say "GROUP-UP!"
Do the Science anyway. Think "Axial Wobble".
Find out yourself. Don't take my bollocks for balls!
BEST-case scenario in case of the worst, would be (?), to sink a bunch of "heavily- re-enforced" shipping containers underground, strategically done as far as the group may be able to divine or determine any shift's direction, thrust, duration, deposits, etc, etc?
Food, water, agritools etc, hoarding + storage from now forward is a must, with all necessities like fluffy toilet-seat-covers, cooking + heating fuels, eye-liner pencils, REAL-warm arctic-proof clothing, bedding + yeah, padding..
Books, on mind-control, Meditation + Eastern Wisdom, will be also as Essential as preparing EVERYONE, forward from yester+birthday-on, to Adopt + keep fairly "rigid" personal + Collective Self-Disciplines in the Yogic + Military Arts of Personal Balance, Strength, Health + Control.

Collect Bibles for burning.

Bu-ut?! Personally, I'll be happy + sad. 1, that the scum have gottheirdeserts + are finally fuckin'-GAWN MAYTE!
2, that a world so Beautiful into which I wuz born + loved, has been totalled by my own kind - spumanity.
Now, the question for ME, is whether I should interfere with the whole Cosmic unreality, fire-up mah Mojo + stop the polar-ice melt, stop the end of the current 25,000 year epoch (?) + sojourn of the then-Loveable, now-lost Human "Homo sapiens", the now UNwise Beings of Earth?
To sustain the insanity of the bilious billions!?!
Surely? You jest!?
Possessed of such Power, one shudders, + one draws breath, on mind of It's Purpose.
Purpose, beladen with + out-of Spiritually lost men's mythmaking!
Itself out of long-Spiritually lost
tribes. Powerful, with device, yet long-Spiritually lost.
Thus so, what are we to make of it's /their "religious ideology"?

Thus of ANY beliefs, theologies, customs, TEACHINGS they assert!?!?!?
It is as likely that the formulaicly formed manifestation of 1700 years of "christian" dreaming, is dangerously out of kilter with the wider, Global, Universal + Cosmic Reality(s). Therefore it quite probably is the case that, any product of western religious culture, is dangerously false, thus his (their ideated Messiah) Power, increased by his mythority, would only worsen the prospects.
The prospects that is.., for the Rest of Us!
Not of the "144,000" upclub catholo-christian Eurapeans-in-underground cities, with all the bling + beef they plundered + preached off the RoU.
"How much did it all cost, ol Benedictus?"
"Au, 6, 6-+-a-half billion."
"Non! No! 'NON-Euro's'!"

Why... Rest of Us, do you think food + fuel is going upupup?!
The Eurapeans are hoarding the planet's food + fuel supply!!!
Funny how ONE SCENE from a sci-fi show, of a sudden iceage on.., middle America, can get you REALLY PARANOID!
Fuck I wish I had someone better to screw?
Sick of life, caring not, induces not, PARANOIA.....
Oh?! The "...known unknowns", Mr Rumsfeld?

As Eurape + Britain are O/Ding on their occult powers, making rain wherever their 3rd world food supply needs it, +, oh! over HOME to stay cool ziss zummer, you'd reckon th' fuckink zoopaheroes would congure a cover of icy cloud for the dear old North Pole, AYE?!
But "Nohn! Ve can eval zee 3rd world real estate, vhile ve ride on your heads-er-roads!"
It's as likely they DON'T want to stop a global environmental wipe-out, so the Brit-Euro upemselvist elites can crawl out of their bunkers once the globe's stabilized, + grab the whole Mutha Eartha for themselves, but without the RoU, the doomed 6, 6.5 billion NON-Eurapeans to have to exterminate.

Wwoo-udn't putitpassedem?!?
Y get some REALLY hubristic attitudes marching around the world in the boots + sandals of the latest "gen" of Brit-Eurapean tourrorists.
Any Black Fella in tourism will tell you that.

Of course. They're all smiles though!

To stop envirocide, We have to cool Mutha down, at the poles most.
If done, what about the general accelerating bio-spheric + human cultural "entrophy" we seem to be witnessing?
Would I, or any Global Magi, be foolish enough to make a "deal" with Humanity -
Or the Ice King will change you for an ice-age. Frozen into 6.8 billion statues in stiff pursuit of chillingly ignorant occupations.
How long?
Lllooooo-ongtime......... Mayte....
The Ice King is so, for his unjust icelation. Isolation.
Made so by the same aliens to Australia - Brit-Eurapean undercover political + religious trashsh.
He mocks "romance" + looks coldly at his own species, maliciously at their aborted Intellects.
He steels his jowls on thought of possibly, in this future, devouring the flesh of children?
The ice, will preserve them nicely.....
Cold as his heart has been made, he asks that the Lord of All freeze the life out of him 1st.

One can interpret these thoughts however one likes, assuming any have that independence of mind.
The tenor should be clear.
Many will apply the same scenario but with "E.T." aliens for my "Brit-Eurapean" planetary colonists.
And they may be right! But I wager that the Eurapeans are allied, in-league with the hostile aliens, assuming E.T., is more than just another semi-real ideation in the delusional mix.

[I CUT 3 sentences by error here (!?) "ALIENZ!"]

Enough to wipe-out most Humans, + kill most industrial endeavour.
Arctic living, underground, including food production etc., will at least force the few survivors to LIVE SUSTAINABLY, those corrupt enough to "OWN" Land + cash for the boxfuls-of-necessities.

How long?

Maybe months, at least. Probably years, with waves of warmer days.
Predictions from here are "fill" really.

If Earth's axial re-stablization occurs while some human's are still alive, no doubt the one's with the best padded bunkers, warmth + food supply etc., they're gonna need all the Spiritual, Intellectual + Solar-Plexial FIRE they can muster.
Emerging from longtime unaground is not likely to land you in a tropical paradise.
Dead cold, +, thinking of the billions of unreleased, tormented Souls now, post apocalypse, in the Ether, it could be rather windy, + stormy, of tempest + tornado.
So every surviving U/G settlement, + there will be some, will have it's own Shamanic Powers very Highly Developed, for, from 21C-on...., it's gonna be HARD out there.

Yar-fuckin-HOOO-EE !!!!!!!:-))!!!!!!!!

You going be praying your little arses off to the Great Father Ra, Sola, The Sun, for His Living Rays.

Or, you'll drop 98% of your current habits NOW, DO Y' FUCKIN' MATH (I HOPE I am WRONG, but YOU-COLLECTIVE NEED to know) + if we concur, curse your neighbours for being cowards while their, OUR myopic ways are rushing the whole planet to OUR doom.
Schools of every nation + sect should be awash with protesting children AND Teachers, fearless of THEIR Duty to their Great Mutha Eartha, thus to Themselves!

There should NOT be, ONE Civil Servant left in their post until the whole Community (HA!) has brought all-of-itself to address the potential of anything NEAR these "Worst Case Scenarios" occuring.

They include all Military, + Policing Personnel.

Cleary, huge numbers will perish, if any of this prattle has Validity, begging the question; "What can any authority do?"
Either-or, really.

Underground habitats for "?" billions....

Governmentsss, Military: Define the potentials of threat, arraign corporate sectors to CEASE (hoho) all non-agrarian, non-manual, negative footprint endeavour?
Same Military-Political-Corporate-Media-Communication Coalition redirect Services to mass-(Localized) Education, prod + supply of padded bunkers + anciliary equipment?

There will be no room, should the Big Freeze c-c-come, for Stock Market control of resources, so the "Knobs" on top of the levers should, even before a chill, effect new Law, dissolving borders + boundaries, resuming Common Authority over all Land.

This, managed in Common Agreement, might be labelled "Common Self-Sufficiency", where Groups, counter to passed drifts toward "centralisation" of authoripower, locally join to nut-out their best options?

Plenty are + will go-it-alone. DON'T reject me-er-them.

Common Land will mean people can spread out to geological + topographical safe-zones.

The longer people have to "hunker-down" on a secure personal +/or Collective piece of ground, or under it, the better, so the Militaro-Poli-Corp-Media-Comm is strongly advised, by this humble, Angry Seer, to "'ave a look-see?!"

If you're game, + if y' don't already know?

These come from Observation, as True, or Scientific as my mind + Intellect will allow.

The church of fools await the Peacemaker, while steering the flockers into icy graves, as-if knowing-at-once the consequences of their massive, soon-terminal deception of Humanity.

These pages seek to address the "Worst Case Scenario" confronting all Humans this 21st century.

The "W.C.S.", written + produced by Westcult Churches.
Tel Aviv, Rome a-and Hollywood-d!

Military + Geopolitical Intelligence, "do your Math."

Maybe you can get THIS Right?


I reckon about 6.4 billion-to-a-few-psycho-selfish-thousand upemselves, uptown, upclub arseholes, considering most Brit-Eurapeans have been sucked-in as well!

Fodder, mayte!

98% of us...


No Apologies for penning the HARD-REALHARD possibilities for the near future.


Can Barack Obama "CHANGE" the western juggernaut that much, that he + co., can bunker America down to survive a wobbly Mutha?

The Best-case scene, in the above gloom, on-the-UP-side, is that the species everywhere on Earth CAN survive the worst-case catastrophe.

It may be our Destiny for 10% of Humans to get through to the 22nd century + beyond.
Know-how + comm-media has reached all corners, therefore preparations by all governments + organisations is very possible, if the "Power Clubs" of both left + right stop sitting on their hands (+ taxing everyone elses!).

The REALPOLITIK, is that this world is an emotional neutral-zone.

To get all fluffed-up on gay rights or a woman's rights to IVF treatment et al,
is juvenile + only adds to the delay thus tragedy.

Were 700 MILLion to survive, what Potentials await them!

What CHANGE will occur, in how the new Earthling treats the Mutha + each other?

Will chaos, lawlessness, totalitarianism, plunder + MORE carnage be the alien rule?

Will no totalitarian cohesion remain, left instead to the Ludite, the Quakerite, the Essene, the Nimbinje-Woodstock-Type Fellowship?

Are there enough True Warriors in our 21st century Globe's Military, Military Command, AND, AND, in The Resistance Fighter Squads to give "The Common Purpose!" Priority, thus fostering a Common New Human Direction of Equitable Land Distribution for ALL?

Deliciously Ironic that I, admittedly self-named, "Omaxa bin Eartha", here broadcast the "COMMAND" to perhaps the 2 most significant People on Earth, in Barack Obama + Osama bin Laden.

But as well to Medvedev, Hu Jin Tao, Chavez, de Lula, Et Al Et Al Et Al, that China's quake + the Boxing Day tsunami in Bengal Bay are mere specks-o-dust next to the lava comin' down th' mountain in the next few....

How do the smurfs-in-authority put-it-to + keep calm the bottom 90%?


In war, People give 150% to defend the Tribe into the future.
So we all must today.

Now, most understand the "Cosmic Progress" of the Soul, + that there is more to life than the heaviest 3 Dimensions, + that Properly Readied, the Conscious Being of one's self can survive beyond the death of the body.

With this, Good Governments would lift People beyond fear-of-death, with the Undying Wisdom of the TRUE Religions, Cults + Philosophies, lifting also their eyes to see that Life's Principal Goal is to "Keep the Species Keeping-ON!!!"

Even Holy Kev can hook the mob with spin, + let's be REAL about the parliamentary game of musical-chairs called "a change of the guard".

Whichever candidate, party, policy or revolution you vote for, you vote for THEM!

So..., Honourable Warrior?

From today, until you die, perhaps in the 21C Ice-Age, your Integrity is under scrutiny.

Who of the Species' "Elders", be they of the Military, of Commerce, Government or of the Undaground, will YOU give your LIFE for?

The One with True Intelligence, who Divines Best Practice, for the ensurance of survival of as many + varied Living Species + Living Cultures as Humanly Possible?

Or... Will you waste your Potential, your future, your Integrity, + those of everyone's loved-ones, scrapping in shitfights for a bunch of fabulously-insane, insanely wealthy idleoccult delusionists, who just LOVE counting you all as a statistic?

"Inspiritus Demos!" Benedictus!

Passed time you + your pantomime artists disrobed, deflocked yourselves, + save the R.o.U., from your vortex of religious-thus-cultural-thus-political-thus-personal-ignorance!


Do your Fighting Maths, or we're all fucked.

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

Who wants to ask:
"....where the plethora of homosexuals were/are turned gay?"

Like who wants to ask: where the vast majority of corporate CEOs were/are indoctrinated?

The same question is avoided when asked-of all "professions", beit medicine, mental health, media, judiciary, law, metalurgy, engineering or architecture?

Then there are "The Arts"!?

One answer:

"Private", ie., predominantly "religious" colleges.

In the western world, the majority have been catholic or protestant, with large chunks of the crusade to capture and control the mind of Humanity, being Hebrew or Jewish.

Indeed, a part of my mind believes all of christendom is but the diasporic "branch office" of Judaism!

In regard to "Gays", with understanding and care, I ask whether the most of them have asked themselves that, found agreeance, and nevertheless, accept their lot as part of a cleric-dreamt plot to do 'something' to the society at a cultural level, which might have been easily seen as needed, of making less brutal the male-dominated (tho' seen by I as possibly in real terms, likely more Earthy, so more Realistic), Pagan Culture as evolved out-of an age of 1,000s..., on the warring Eurapean continent?

On the Eurapean continent experiencing all manner of atrocious rulership and intra-Eurapean territory-and-testicular wars for 1,000s of years!

Of course, once the micks had won, and even the violent differences within Eurape are part of "Abraham's Game", if-I-may, the Homelands of Europe were trashed, the People evenmore psychotic, and thus Columbus wuz sent-off to trash the Virgin World beyond the trashed lands of the lost tribes of Judeo-christianity.

In the end, in a place, a region like Eurape, the one mob who dominates, the catholics, has had to be the most brutal.
Cunning, subversive, oh! Machiavellian!

It would seem clear then, that the HORRENDOUS attitudes which now scare the bejesuz out-of Humanity in the Euro-led global corporate control (yeah! "XTRATA!") of corrupting the Law (the ROOT Laws of their OWN Leviticus!), of corrupting the Military, of corrupting the once Honourable Arts of Healing and Medicine, personal psychological Balance, Peace and Bliss, as Practiced at least in some portion, by Village, Tribal Witches, Shaman, Clever-Fellas, and Truly Wise Elders, as well of course totally destroying all Honour and Balanced Judgement in the worlds of merchants, enterprize and trade, are rooted in the elite consortia of the dominant cult.


Chizzling away the veils of mythmaking cungered by this same two, four, 6-6-6-faced mob, we see the source of our terminally errant western, judeo-christian cult-ure ex-Eurape-READ ROME, thus Australia's and indeed EVERY Nations' Security, Military and Policing Forces Know who to arrest in order to break this utterly insane global juggernaut which, "..,as a machine driven by robots!" is killing all Human Culture on Earth.

On the Evidence, I hereby CALL FOR THE ARREST OF ONE Austrian-born "Carl Ratzinger" who goes by the alias "Pope Benedictus the sixteenth", of the Vatican, Rome, and all in Rome in his employ, on charges of "heading an organisation spreading subterfuge and treason against the enduring sustainability of the Whole Human Race, and of all the Mother Earth's Living Beings".

Humanity has reached a time when the only Option left, is the Honourable One:

Planet before plunder.

Putting Our Great Providential "Mother Earth" First, before ANY insane western economic or theocratic theory.

"How a Cop can Save The Earth!" (© 2008)
by Omaxa bin Eartha.

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

The Middle Power Gas-Axes OPEC!
June 23rd, '08

Right out of far-left-field, lookin' at the call my diesel ute agrees with, for cheaper (-via-upping-OPECs output of) fuel-oil, the Deeep Green in me has to say "WOHW!?!" Or "woe!"

Mutha Earth cannot tolerate that option.

Thus, outaleftfield.., if.., those expensively-rich Yemenii's, Dubai-ans, Emirates, Et Al Et Al, but especially Saudi Arabians, as this Phantom Osama bin Laden Reputes from that once Fine and Honourable Mob, would, in this late global meltdown hour, Employ Their Honour, by realising the time is here, when Humans must change, away from many cultural flaws, one biggey being A: fossil-fuels pollution, from go-to-wo in prod and use, subsiduary industries and cultural, health and psychological after-effects.

B, the illogic of what the capitalists are doing to Humanity and our ONE Mutha Earth?

Rudely over centuries, they have forced their methods of control over those rather-more Balanced Cultures, with "energy" AND THE OVERUSE OF.

The 'undercover' method they employed, has been division between People, and the Land they need, to form Safe, self-sustaino-productive LOCAL Communities.

Thus we need evermore fuel for the evermore growing and forceably, unsustainably spread-out global population everfurther from supplies, because the Principle crime is inefficiently partitioning the USE and distribution of Land amongst and between The People.

Balanced Cultures DO NOT have the population's Primary resources, needs and the production there-of, in the unchecked control of 3 or even 10% of the group!

Yet this 3% are our Australian farmers!

Yes, we import (food) too, but Mr De Eepgreen here boms that as unsustainable also.

Again, because of that MASSIVE whirlpool in the Pacific Ocean 1000s-of-metres across with trash thrown overboard by seaunfarers, but mainly for the guzzling of squillions of tons of fuel-oil,

mostly so little-missy-fat-bitch can add another fluffy doll to her empty bednest-read-ANOTHER-western-psychosis, or for daddy, another slab of Italian marble to keep the Maserati company!

Can ANY Member of OPEC honestly say this is sustainable or in the LEAST - sane?

No! You cannot.

So, if you are still Human, Weigh your Souls Arabia, Persia, and ALL of Islam.

We Down-Under, want cheaper fuel yes, but as our PM Kevin Rudd has called Australia's global pidgeon-hole "A Middle Power", cleary an assertive, rather radical move (?), it suits well a Key Role in unrecognised High Demand now, of being Able to Put Forward the Alternative Policies that previous "global players" would or could not countenance nor entertain, as it were.

Well, by this hour, I'd guess our MP Martin Ferguson has said his piece.

A Capable Mind, he has. It is needed to put essentially Pro-NOT-WESTERN Alternatives, as Ambassador to the Middle Power of "We Who Put (in another age, outgunned) Options on The (Global REALPolitik) Table".

HOW'var! Rather than put Martin Ferguson, our Newcomer to His Honourable Role at OPEC, in the firing-line 1st time out, what with our PM's spear about the "blow torch to OPEC" I'll throw the REALPOLITIK Flaming-Arrow into OPEC, by Asserting that the corrupt western financial, consumption era is over, if Humanity, You, my Mob and the Biosphere of Earth are to Survive.

"Rightwing" ideological hyperbola is basicly toxic aural fluff!

Developed to "...maintain the plunder!"

Of Your and My Country and resources toward an intoxicated global environmental end!

I'm sorry if you're christian, but a cult of 1.2 billion lost sheep is not a Good mob to rely-on, in making Intelligent, Wise Decisions.

So, now they are appearing to see these flaws not so much in the systems they "offer" for the usual dishonourable price, rather in the lo-ongtime psychological, but "psychic" flaws, maladies, entrapments within their owwwn bwains..., and with that,

may be just starting to "Do The Right Thing", out of that good (?) old catholic 'guilt' thing, but more because they've seen the errors, and that now a Bottomline Issue has been uncovered, have Realized their True Sense of Purpose is to make Right "How Humanity, as Individuals, May Live Honourably on Everyone's Mutha Eartha", OPEC Masters may Rightly Divine Now is "The Time", to Think, Speak and Act Honourably, and, no reason to not talk with the western and Jewish Masters, rather than increase production of fuel-oil, instead increase the availability to ALL of Your Arabic, Persian, Islamic, Jewish and Zoro Other Peoples, to Their (Arable) Ancient "Lands".

Thus reducing their need for the nasty fuels to inefficiently, environmentally unsoundly travel to-and-fro 'work'? When they should, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, be within a walk, bicycle, mule, pony or tramcar ride.

This, I'm sure you're aware, this current awriness and abandonment of any Inherant Wisdom in and of the Community, is most profitably embraced by our western paracytical supermarket cartels as much by our global real estate speculators.

Some 100's of the naughtiest, recently arrested in the U.S.A., by their F.B.I.

We'll see how many get it in the neck?

That wave of arrests in the Big Smoke of New York, again, A.T.C., but a Ripple now, may be read by a Right-Minded Consortia of "Energy Lords", across the seas in OPECLand, as a Golden Opportunity to Get-out and Dust-down Your Robes of Honour, and, as worn by Your Noble Traditional Ancestors, Stand again in the Light of That Honour, by Working WITH the Honourable Investigators in WHERE!?!

Yeah! The United States of America!

.... to Make Right, at least as Best we can, the New Collective Human Journey into the Future.


Global Land Reforms.

Now Martin-the-Ferg might 'ave said it Better, but he just hasn't got the Readership. Yet?

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

June 23rd, '08.

Is California's extreme heat, a Flippant Wave of Mutha's Wand, or a thermal, boiled out-of the collective heatbank of the southern Californian urban sprawl?

I'm REALPOLITIK-Down on "suburbs", purely for the western concept's GROSS contribution to overconsumption, waste, abuse of resources and their general materialist ignorance, using, in a State like Cal, possibly THE extreme example of overconsumerism on Earth (but hey, Miami? Houston? Washingmachineton? London-Paris-N.Y?), about FIVE TIMES the amount of "Energy", as 'one' indicator, it has been calculated, each person on Earth, in a Just, Balanced and Democratic Global Society has a Right to.

Thinking about it, The L.A.-San Diego urbanity, Recognizing the State's Sincere and Good Governorship toward A Greener California, while in-it's-very-heart having to contend with another of the Earth's most profligate promoters of EXCCESSS!!! - HollywoodTADAAA!!!, South Cal probably abuses 10 times it's share, per person.

IF, this hypothesis holds, to-which I add a theory that "...'boilover-effects' like California's 49-degrees-Celsius temperatures, may take decades if-not centuries to build-up...", then I direct the Good Fellows in the "possibly" Redeemed F.B.I, arraigning the badguy-property-LAND-speculators of the U.S., subprime mortgage meltdown, to "Fear no evil" and keep doing the Impartial, "Mutha-Maths" to the point of the Sword of Justice, and lassoo the varmits who "legitimize all-and-any contributions to unsustainable Human habitation.

"A Chunky Call, Omaxa!?"

Hmmm..., if you start biting that branch of the Babylbeast, MASSIVE EDUCATION Projects become the need, to be swung-in ("AAHEEAAEEAAOH!!" bellowed Tarzan), on all aspects of EarthRight (©!) Lifestyles.

P'rhaps the hardest "Swing" America, thus all its suppliers
have to ride and Voluntarily Go with, is the JUSTIFIED Call for EBEREEWUN to go Vegetarian, if not Vegan!



Energy-wise..., sorry-but-to-my-Maths, "suburbs" full of "the epitomy of inefficiency - the "nuclear family" domice-cum-citiphiliac enviro-toxic-wasteland, a biospheric deadzone", a la the dominant global model today, cannot be justified, purely for being so alround uneconomical and consumptive to one-and-all.

One Mutha Eartha included.

Wrong it is, I feel deep in me bones, to expect tooo much from any individual.

Same-same for Whoever Ascends to the U.S. White House, if only for the fact that NO-ONE, not even "Jesuss" attains to Leadership all-by-herimself!

The next Prez, walks into their new home, 'cause many millions Agree, Support and Vote them in.

So, "What for, a Prez at all??"

THROOO to the keeper!

First, its a bit follyable to demand such-a-House downsize to an equalibrated Light Footprint. "Equitable" perhaps, but when ONLY related to Doin' The Duties of Office.

Running the global or just the U.S. race sucks tons more energy than Mr & Mrs Mid McSuburbs' triple-fronted.

One recalls doco's about top Japanese corporate executives, CEOs, who live in Humble bungalows, avoiding the bling-and-flitter.

The film "The Last (Chinese) Emperer" insees an egoic equilibrium possible in "Men of High Rank".
Traits we need today, to see especially up-in uptopuptownupclub-sville.

So I expect Barack and The First Lady to rent-out all but three rooms in Tha BIG House, post January, '09!


Of course Good Leadership must include '...by example!'

Thus today it's incumbent upon the incumbant, to do that right-through the House and the Administration.


Leading thus, is Great, but bringing the People with you in matters as gi-mungous as global warming and, as I Advocate, broadbrush Land Reforms, to either "IN-A-HURRY!" minimize the carnage past Landcare ignorance brings us, or to 'hunker-down' against the coming-drumming, is tooo big a Call to Rest on the shoulders of any one person, or even of an Administration.

And of course, this is the issue behind the very notion of "Democracy".

"Rule by the People"!


GLITCH: A Wonderful Ideal, 'Democracy', but it's DEADLY if the People are stupid.

Same-same as "messiah"-centred cults. They need a guru because they are lost. Thus-so, their judgement is absent.

They are not at all in need of a messiah-hero-great leader. Not a Teacher, but the Knowledge of Organically Combining Happiness with Sustainable Lifestyles.

That! Is Pretty, and Pretty Spiritual!

The Bliss of a Trusting, Trusted Community, blows-away the delusions of a catholic mcmadhouse.

The Spirit of Good Science, especially Demographic and Economic Sciences, blows-away the delusions of a hopelessly corrupt Homeland and Planet, also.

So if this prattle goes near the nail's head, The next Prez of the Big 'Ouse, need do but 2 tings;

Once they've scared the be-Jesuss out-of the masses, about the real accumulated dangers Humans face these next 50, 40, 30 years, thence maybe for a few hundred..., GIVE EVERYONE, not just America, the Knowledge on Sustainable Living-read-Sustainable Economics, ("Henry...? By-George..? Who WAS That Man?!"), and instruct the FBI to GO the Full Monty on Wall Street-level 'Land speculation' as THE flawed part of the culture.


Again, Education of a New American Light or Brand and FREE, is the mental Flagship for the U.S. in the 21st Century.
And ain't Americee lucky they'se got the generous minds of the likes of that Bill Applegate Fella? Good Job too!

Americans have come to look at why the Rest of Us have been ANGRY at 'em.

All the Sciences AND the weather have shown 'em.

Lots of 'em, don't wanna be seen in such a bad light, and if they see it's TRUE, that they's a bit unsustainable, and endanger the MUTHA...., I reckon the Proper Egalitarian Ascendant to the White House will be able to Walk with the People, as they and their Indominable Spirit grasp the nettle, and rip-into the REAL challenge of Bringing Back The Balance.

From The Bronx to Berkeley.

Balance in housing, in terms of the economics-of-scale thus-"Environomics" (©!) of ANYTHING-BUT a furtherence of the inefficiencies in urban nuclear family social models.

Give Americans THEIR Land, THEIR Economic Wisdom, then let 'em loose with their Enterprizing Attitood, and Bob's your Uncle.

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

Convent girl gets away with Grandpatricide, for 54 years.

St Joseph's catholic convent of Melbourne's inner eastern suburb, Collingwood, has kept quiet about AND protected one of their erring ex-boarders from facing manslaughter, possibly murder charges over the suspicious death of her grandfather, in July 1954.

The woman, now 85 & who, since then, has been quietly assisted by her old catholic boarding home-convent to build a successful yoga school, as a way of "covering her with credibility", has lived a life of deceit to everyone she has since met, known and taught yoga to.

But the deceptions were concentrated upon her 3rd child, who was conceived with her extramarital 'lover' on the same day her grandfather died, in the same house.
A house in the then new, now leafy Melbourne eastern suburb of Box Hill North.

Adrienne Cook's illegitimate son, who now calls himself 'Max Earth' for his family's lifelong betrayal of his trust in regard to his real father, AND of betraying Max about their Gurnai, south Gippsland Aborigine Great-Grandparents, who in the mid-1890s were massacred by white pioneers, claims to have been permanently & seriously harmed & debilitated by his mothers malicious attempts to socially isolate & estrange him.

Estrange him from any who might prompt him to question the family stories told.

Max tells of numerous occasions over his life where 'mother' has messed-with his life, knowing as most-all mother's do, "which buttons to press".

"Always, always, her want has been to make me feel and GO insane."

"Indeed", says now part-Aborigine Max Earth, "by 1990, she was winning! I fell into that big black-hole called whitey's 'mid-life crisis'. But when your mum's hiding something THAT big, AND as well she's a catholic witch, it's become a midlife crisis with the lot!"

Zero self-esteem. Zero confidence. Anti-social behaviour and eventually anthropophobia and misanthropy.

NSW local police have told Max that the church can act outside of the law in

some circumstances, where they have something to protect.

But Max argues that the law must intervene and over-rule such an exemption if it is found to cause further, more serious crimes.

"I'm sure there've been other murders around this, he says.

The accused Adrienne Cook nee Willis was 'stolen' in 1932, according to husband Allan, Max's Step-Dad, from her then recently widowed part-Aborigine father, Donald Sutherland Willis, and placed in St Joseph's convent by the Yarra River in depression-hit Melbourne's inner working-class suburb.

Kept there for 7 years, Adrienne was trained in secretarial skills of typing and shorthand and released at 16, working 1st at "The Beehive" in central Bendigo, where her father had moved.

St Joseph's has a very seemy history, particularly in the years the young Miss Willis was being kept there.

Possibly the most corrupt & most powerful Australian underworld godfather-then-politician of the day/era, Jack Wren, patronised the same St Joseph's church in these years, making & building his ruthless criminal empire in the same suburban streets during the 1930s depression. On the backs of poor local gamblers.

Not only patronise, but Jack Wren gave much in financial support to St Joey's, both to win favour with God and with the well-connected and influential Archbishop Daniel Mannix, who was Wren's neighbour up the Studley Park Road, over the Yarra in Kew.

Wren's criminally-acquired Kew mansion directly overlooked the convent where Miss Willis was being 'converted' to 16 or so years later, commit adultery & as alleged, murder.

It was by no small means that Wren grew as powerful as he did, for the Irish Mannix had bought him into supporting the Irish war against England, who, happened to govern Australia.

So to the Irish Catholic fanatic archbishop, any tax avoidance was fair-game.

And not only taxes.

By the record, going back centuries, such theocratic power let Dublin and the Vatican lead whole nations to many genocidal wars.

How many other crimes have been cungered at "St Joey's" over the decades, is a question Max is asking the police to open an Inquiry on.

Meanwhile Max, the result of that double-crime 54 years ago, lives ignored by his (half-)family, poor, on a state pension, homeless, & exiled, suffering severe stress & dissociation.

He sees no hope for himself.

Max says "Australia and indeed the whole of mainstream Christian culture is utterly rotten in terms of maltreatment of such familial AND, more to the crux of the whole sordid affair, RELIGIOUS or 'cult' psychological maladies, perversions, beliefs, superstitions and the resultant widespread social crimes."

"The dominant cult - Catholicism - is still an ignorant-nay-dangerous belief system specialising in the innocent suffering."

"This tragedy of 54 years was dreamt-up in a period of what we now all know was deep religious ignorance and corruption, which ENFORCED beliefs on society such as, that a child born a bastard to immoral parents must be an evil spirit, so must be PUNISHED while alive!?"

"Thus we have a legal and penal system of horror and corruption."

"Not one Australian medical, psychological or psychiatric Institute, or mainstream Judeo-Christian cult-trained medical or mental health 'profession' has any Credibility nor Merit today, while based on catholic dogma, & should all be placed under a United Nations Corruption Inquiry & Review immediately", says Mr Earth.

Now an Outlaw, Earth believes Scientific Realism is each day proving more, with endless Reports, how 'western', 'judeo-christian' beliefs or 'culture' is the cause of the coming global environmental meltdown.

A meltdown expected to wipe-out huge numbers of our and all other species of Earth.

"Yet, nobody confronts the REALPOLITIK of this most crucial and urgent issue."

"While such beliefs hold-sway in the world," he says, "christians just wait in a psychic stupor for someone else to tell them how to save themselves and to stop being junk-religion and materialistic zombies."

"No doubt, il Papa has such issues on his mind, and no doubt, he'll avoid them like the plague when he visits Australia next month."

"Like the Plague of Truth?"

Max is appealing to the Australian Labor Government and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to address the issues surrounding "...the social and personal perversion born of a dead, deadly and death-worshipping European cult that Australia - the, OUR Great Southern Land, is drowning in?"

Max, a poet, has scribed many poems going to the heart of these personal and cultural issues.

"I began writing Poetically about these farces to help in the grieving process, because prose can be too painful, because it is something nobody wants to discuss, and I gain one of my few pleasures expressing personal, psychological, psychic, Spiritual and REALPOLITIK FACTS - Truth if I may, in Poetical form."

"Il Papa, and the nuns of St Joey's, will NOT like my most recent poems, one or two of which hammer the church and clearly tell the Pope that one Australian, part-Aborigine catholic bastard is NOT Happy that the pontiff comes to Australia", or to "Uluruba" as Max Earth calls his Home Country.


I, Max Earth, raised Max N Cook, wrote this article.
The one possible error is in which house the events occured.
It may have been in the rental house the family lived-in at Haines Street Hawthorn, about 8 kilometres from 64 Kenmare St Box Hill Nth, the 1st house they bought.

Other inaccuracies may be in the convent years of the woman.

To True People, no-one, not even the church, is above the Law.

May True, Impartial Justice Prevail. But one bloke isn't holding his breath.

Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.


Brrr... Out in the cold again.
Lismore Mag Court.
Monday 21st July '08.

Living "on-the-road" in & around northern NSW for 10 years, I'm over-&-again rudely made aware of the 'broken' condition NSW 'culture' is in, & has been in since the overthrow of Governor William Bligh in 1808.

Daring, if not naively, to comment on the general, endemic low moral level & consequent disrespect of Law the State's people must endure, assessing things, events, news items, etcetera, in fields of governance, law, religion, economics, education, but particularly in terms of environment, I am Duty-bound to assert that Moral Corrections are ESSENTIAL, if the New South Welsh (& the rest of us) want to address the cause of what will in coming years, make desert of the State's countryside.

All polies & their spin, everywhere on my Home-planet Earth, tell media they are doing "everything possible" to eliminate corruption.

At 53, I'm left with few doubts as to the sincerity of any such claims, thus few doubts as to the failed results that surely will & must follow.

Not having been O/S for 30 years, I cannot make comment as to how well other nations go, apart from news reports.

But it's clear corruption is by 2008 entrenched widely, & where not, the machinery of moral subversion is rampaging wildly-in. Usually through the agency of Earth's prime scum, British Overseas Secret Intelligence Service - MI-6.

It came as a shock to naive-lil'-me, having been raised in such a 'sheltered' microcosm of Melbourne's 1/4 acre eastern suburbs, when I just last year, uncovered the facts about my father, & more shocks whacked my Heart on uncovering the facts about my Great-grandparent's full-blood Aboriginality, & their & their Tribe's slaughter in the 1890s.

Over a year later, still stunned, & finding no solace, only more bullshit, courtesy of Rome's global march to totally subvert Humanity to believe its untrue myths, principle amongst them "Jesus", I seem "welded to defiance" against what I am sure are utterly pernicious cultural foundations.

As this country is sold down the gurgler to the Brit-Eurapean super-rich, super-white tripper tourrorists, it's become blatantly clear that NSWs government, now Labor, but due for a "change-of-the-guard" soon, to keep the politically-read-'economically' ignorant voters/punters deluded that "WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY!", care not a whisker about the, our most important Asset & it's health - the very LAND we all grow upon.

To the punters, perhaps 80-to-90% of them, the fact that since the 1788 invasion She, the Mother of Life has been stripped, raped of about 95% of Her forests, just does not seem to register as rather devastating to the future of Australia & to the tourroscum, mainly BritEuroscum who are migrating away from the BritEurotrashed global 'north' to our yet to be desertified real estate.

For years I've enjoyed studying maps, local ones & global ones, & perhaps the most puzzling thing to me has been "WHY?" the massive desert of north Africa, the "Sahara" (which means "desert") exists?

Slowly-slowly titbits of info come through the Catholic veil, & slip under the Judaic "scales" over my mind's eye.

Not inclined nowdays, in the late afternoon of my life, to jump to conclusions, after 20-plus years of letting this question loll-about in my cranium, I am now prepared to accept that the Sahara of north Africa is a foretaste of what the insatiable BritEurapean scum ignorantly intend to repeat here in Australia.

I live exiled, by evil mainstreamers, in the forests, & with each day's crap, I weigh life (?¿!) as I dig under the groundcover of dead leaves & twigs to the decomposed compost of soils, to add-a-tad more bio-fertilizer, &, at peace that my heart is still in my

ribcage, ie., in-the-right-place, I'm at-once convinced that the Sahara of Africa is a direct result of the ignorant arrogance & insatiable appetite of no less a beast than the hords of yes, Eurape. Particularly of the 3000 year-old conscience-free empire of "Rome" or what has for a mere cupla-hundred-years been called Italy.

Now I know some quite fine wogs-er-Italians, so I'm not getting personal.

Growing-up in Melbourne, an Anglo joke against the It'ies, based on the facts, was the Italian immigrants propensity to conacrete every-green-thing out of the front-&-back yards of their homes.

I still find that heartless, cold & ugly, but leave them to their preferences, as-oft' done for practicality.

Howvaar, putting all the pieces of memory together on the topic I'm world-reknown for, saving the world - without bias 1-way-or-'tother - if Australia is to avoid becoming a 100% arid Great Southern Sahara in the coming decades, we should shoot all the Euroconacreters who can't stop themselves & their partners-in-planeticide - real estate & property speculators/developers who fund the NSW government to keep the State-&-national laws on Land use as corrupted as the "Rum Corps" Iemma ALP NSW government so corruptly, arrogantly insists.

As EVERYONE KNOWS, the parliament of NSW is the mansion housing the local mafia agency of Rome, attested to by the recent takeover of Sydeney by the global godfather of all conacreters - the very il Papa himaself, they have long perfected contingency plans of swapping the Premier's chair with the Lib-Nats when voters are pushed to burn-down a pub in protest ("Admirable Chasps, Admirable! Long Live the Rebel NSWelsh Convict Spirit!!!").

But ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, today's NSWelsh voter/punter is better informed than the Heroes of the Star Hotel, & can probably, even amidst the spinnoganda oozing out of Packer & Murdoch media from mates in MacQuarrie Street, actually add it all up & conclude that, if New South Wales doesn't Vote in a far-far

far-far-far-far-farking GREENER State House of PARLIAMENT, not merely of government, Parramatta Road will be the Golden Mile not of caryards, but of camelyards, just to commute, let alone to get to Broken Hill!

Sick of scribing siriusly, this sardonic essay goes nevertheless, to the bottomest line possible facing the beggared NSWelshers today & their hopefully less-beggared progeny.

As a rool, I hate ya guts, & am leaving as soon as, but, bloodsoaked though NSW Land, rivers & beaches are, you have a Beautiful Piece-o-Dirt, Welsher, & you really should torch a copshop, church or pub or forty if your Members of Parliament can't see how fucking demonic they're being to the Mutha of Y'all.

Fuck 'em!

While Premier Iemma can't excrete the aliens from his colon, which make him & his Rum Club dance with the daddio of death, & while insane mining & corporate interests rule the rancerous rich & rip all realistic prospects from under yer average Welsher's Wellington boots, you're all buggered.

Perhaps.... You should start with your Court Houses full of Kangaroos?

See ya NSW.

Obviously, going by the puncture today & the firearm fit-up last week, I don't deserve to live here.


Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

Mr Wayne Swan!
Australian Federal Treasurer.
Parliament House, Canberra.

Mr Swan, please stop lying to Australians over housing affordability!

As an ex-collegue of yours, Mr Mark Latham Honourably included in the introduction to one of his published books, even ex-PM Howard admits "Economic Rent" or "Land Rent" is the most efficient, therefore I add "most honest" source of government revenue.

Also, as Howard & ex-Treasurer Costello were made aware of in the late 1990s, "immigration" is actually GOOD for our National Economy, for such, increases demand for goods & services, thus boosts local & "domestic" wealth-creation activity.

Something I'm sure you knew already.

Unfortunately, typical of Howard's warped breed, they became exclusivist & set a minimum threshold of qualification on the immigrants with professional skills et al, excluding poor unskilled folk, whose demands are usually more moderate (& therefore more Ethical) than the richer kind the Liberal-National Party like to include as 'qualified' to enjoy a better standard of living than they could in their country of birth, whether it be in the Brit-Eurapean-created "Third World", or in the self-trashed nations of the wealthiest "first world".

Those accepted were/are mostly educated in the 'western' private schooling system, so were by the exclusivist pro-Brit-Eurapean Federal government of the day, seen as more-likely to quietly accept & adopt the cultural economic corruption of their Anglo & anglophile masters here & in Britain & Eurape.

To assist their landgrabbing Brit-Euro buddies, the Howard government welcomed the wealthy over the poor, in-large-part because they were from the same rotten breed who held to & made wealth from the horrendously inequitable Land distribution economic systems which the English formalised into its law as far back as 1475, with the first "Land Enclosure Act".

Naturally enough, caring not a micro-phfennig or milli-franc about those they can out-buy the, THEIR Native Land from, & entering more on 'economic terms' than ANY Humanitarian considerations, the 'qualified' upemselves immigrants were/are richer than the majority of Native Australians (especially our Indigenies), & come here knowing full-well that they have more than enough cash AND (Swiss-type) CREDIT, to outbid &/or outbuy the typical Native-born "Battler".

Thus, with the help of the absolutely ethics-free Australian real estate agencies, land values are artificially inflated to the point that over ONE THIRD of "domestic" Native-born home renters & mortgagees now bear the brunt of serious economic STRESS, HOMELESSNESS & an increasingly common want to die!

Having existed HOMELESS around Nimbin, northern NSW for ten years, possibly one of the most Beautiful scenic regions on Earth, I've witnessed busload-after-busload of filthy-rich Brit-Eurapeans, typically young adults, cruise-in, buy a bag of Marijuana, & make acquaintance with such-as the French owner of the "HEMP Bar", thus all-very-nicely assume an "entry-point" into Australia, complete no doubt with "a Speculator's Guide" & probable backdoor permanent visa, if-not a passport to live in Australia & to blithely & mockingly snap, to them, a bargain of hectarage upon which to settle their sweet-white fannies.

THIS! Mr Treasurer, is WHY Land & thus housing prices are skyrocketing here, AND, though perhaps for slightly differing agenda, in the United States of America.

Our darlingly-cozy Australian Broadcasting Corporation enjoys the same "first world" benefits obviously, going by the utter garbage they elicit from so-called 'housing experts' whom they prefer to interview on their propaganda news & current affairs programs.

Interviewed, as often, by British employees with oft' very strong, or 'fresh' British accents.

And woe to any self-educated, HOMELESS, TRIBELESS, Magpie Australian with perhaps FIVE HUNDRED Generations of AUSTRALIAN Ancestry in his genes, should he inquire, deconstruct & publish ANY such FACTS about "WHY?"

Clearly Mr Swan, my ten homeless years fighting often physically, certainly at the expense of my quality-of-life, to get the ALP into Victorian & Federal government, has been non-but for the enjoyment of those wealthy upemselves Brit-Eurapean arse-holes with whom you & Mr Rudd... swan it?

Prove me wrong Sir, or one landless Aussie Battler might be suaded to start campaigning for another Party, even after 30 f---ing hard years on & Heart-&-Soul for the Socialist side of the Australian Labor Party.

Please stop this 'alien' game of deceit of the Working Class, Poor & Indigenous Australians, Mr Wayne Swan?

And, for Pity's Sake, rattle the cage of the ABC will you?

They're pretty-damned Good, since Terry Lane's "I just had to throw myself down the stairs" day on reading MY REALPOLITIK Letter to him, way back in 1989 or thereabouts.

But their finance & economy 'commentators' do not qualify as anything but for the lash & ten-plus years of homelessness!

Also, I call you to begin a Complete Nationwide Review of Police & "Psychiatry's" Policies-thus-attitudes toward the poor, the Landless & Homeless Australians forthwith.


Max Earth.
Outlaw for Global Land & Drug Law Reform.

"Kiss-of-Death" for Brendan Nelson?
Sat 2nd August '08.

Always grooming puppets for "the Top Job", the Driberal Party is ever-googling-&-face-booking for the "NEXT!" federal Liberal party leader.

I has had me suspicions for years, that one tailored "tobe", & doubtless "wannabe" is the gushing Christ-opher "Treated" Pine.

Opposition front bench "demand-outstripping-supply" type situation prevailing however, arguably since ol' Pig-Iron formed the Liberals, leaves Brendan there.

But from today, with "the little c" endorsing Brendan Nelson as "YES-SIR-NO-SIR-ANYTHING-YOU-SAY-YOUR-MAJESTY!" leader of the Australian federal Lib-Nat Opposition, I give Brenny three (3) months, from little Johnny's "K-o-D" of this-morn', until we see "!!!SHISM!!!" -type headlines from the dropposition side of the House.

"Treatment" sounds like he's still in St. Dainty's school-shorts - hubristic as he tries to trumpet himself - too young for Wilson Tuckshop & generation to stomach, so, the bovine Malturn Bull has to be "tha wun", at-a-glance.

Years ago, when campaigning for The Great Henry George Political Philosophy of Land & Tax Reform, I heard Mal "The Bull" Turnbull was inclined toward the same "Economic Science of Land Rent for Government Revenue".


Had me retreat a little, re-assessing my naivities. But, reminding myself of a couple of Melbourne's Champions for the Cause, Bill "The Bull" Pitt of Hardware Lane, & of the late-but-forever-Great Mauri Williams, Mauri a Fearless Liberal, Mal "China Shop" Turnbull didn't thereafter seem that bad a bloke.

Having recently been "fitted-up" by the mentally-ill NSW cops & the NSW Labor government on a "fire-arms" charge - HO-FUKING-HO - three days after emailing to 8 addresses, demanding that Iemma & the visiting ill Papa be arrested for corruption etc, a forthright Turnbull WITH - at last - ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES - may well be that Leader the now rudderless Opposition benches & the Nation needs?

Rebirthing Peter Costalotto would send the shiney shindig soaring down-&-round the S-bend, I've no doubt, & any potential & hopeful National's Leader of Her Tragedy's Opposition can only wait in vain for the final implosion of their knees-up coalition chums, the pro-Whitehall Libs.

So Barney'll have to breathe slow-&-long, much as I like-tha-boy, what with his alluring "Zonel (?) Taxation" of two elections ago!

Any such Liberals implosion will, as-it-stands, be financed-away by the heroin-funded Thame's-side MI-6, either by a NUTHA conveniently-congured-intercontinental-conflagration, as always, constructed to send treasury & defence into panic & corrupt mode, whence everyone on the right cleans-up from corporate weapons-dog-biscuits-&-camo contracts, also designed to redistibute firearms back amongst the covert "white army" citizen's militia.

But, as rumours are rife that MI-6 has received a direct-hit in it's peachy-white-ego - STRAIGHT-THROUGH it's ten-metre-thick Thame's-side fortress walls, peeling-open it's vaults-full of GUILT, SHAME &, Allah-Be-Praised - CONSCIENCE, it's not impossible to conceive of our fiendy-little (ever noted how many MIxes are disarmingly SHORT?) MI-6 ssssouperssspies of BP, Shell & Texaco Inc., putting sanctions on sherry supplies downunda & swinging some sort of rightwing suicide, all toward the long-predicted One Party Global Agrarian-Socialist Government that I'm supposed to head?


Just a pity they're all better-suited for the - THEIR OWN insane asylum?

Zo? Brenny's a likeable-enough bloke, me thinks (me thinks me thinks?), & while PRESSURE is bound to build around the nation's parliamentary playhouses as mortgages melt & climate changes, "calling-up the ghost" of past-puppet PM pro-Pommy Howard for endorsement, me thinks, is going to paste Brenny's name in the history-books as "a likeable-enough bloke".

And that's about all.

I'm sure he'd be a jolly fine GP though, even with Howard's Kiss-of-Death around his neck.


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw C.M.O.
Global Land, Cult & Drug Law Reform.

International Earth Crimes Tribunal Against Eurape
6th August '08.

As we watch the "International" 'war crimes tribunal' in The Hague try & convict about anyone deemed a threat to white "Eurapean" global domination & destruction, Africa's Rwandan Government has released a 500-page Report alleging direct planning by France in the 1994 genocide of some 800,000 Africans - Hutus & Tutsis.

Allegations of crimes against Humanity from the most criminal Eurapeans seem to come from Eurape's superlaw juggernaut whenever it's own crimes are challenged.

After 3000 years of Eurape's mega-insane global colonization, it is, in 2008, clearly cemented into the psyche of Eurapeans that they are always in-the-right in international fraquar, & will have no hesitation bullying their psychosis upon ANYONE who dares suggest otherwise.

Australians know well, the Truth of this.

But so do the Chinese, & pretty-much EVERY Nation of People outside Eurapean borders, not-least every African, of the past 2-to-3000 years.

To this, & to "Make Right" this most "unchristian" anomoly, The Outlaw of Uluruba hereby puts-out The Call around THE Mutha Planet, for ALL NON-EURAPEAN PEOPLES to join together as not only One Voice, but as ONE TRUE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT, to address with The True Honour all pre-Eurapean-invasion Indigenous Peoples Lived by, & Shared The Great Mother with, the Crimes Against The Mother Earth & Her True Children as planned, perpetrated & committed by the Nations & peoples of Eurape!

As Eurape so insists on condemming the Rest-of-Us, when those they hang are usually "built" by the slime of the rich, white "north", set-up like messiahs to their own, typically by the Eurapean church, its elite spy & media networks - MI-6 & Murdoch, etcetera, set-up to be brought down when the "fondi" elite of Eurape have squeezed as much out of them & their native Peoples & real estate as they can, it is High Time The R-o-U used their hi-tech beads-&-trinkets Justly, against THEM.

But now, purely in order to Save The Mutha Earth from Eurape's psychotic alien invasion-&-destruction.

Don't mess-about now!

This "Call To Honour" goes-out not only to every Black, Brown, Saffron (Yellow) & Non-Eurapean Fella on Earth, but to any Non-Eurapean NATIVE Fella, many white-skinned,who Recognizes the Facts behind this Call.

"Confederate" Americans, white Australians, North & South Americans, Arabs, Melanesians, Polynesians, Et Al, Et Al.

For All of Us now know what is in store for Us if Eurape is allowed to keep-on plundering OUR Beloved Homelands unabated.

Local, personal antipathies toward Eurapeans, as increasingly reported in media articles of one-off murders of "British or Eurapean" travellers, 50% of whom I suggest, are tourroring the Planet to seek-out & buy for themselves the real estate, are yes fuel for THE Case, but have no effect in making Right the wrongs rooted deep within the genocidal culture destroying Our Mutha, Our Lives & Our Children's future.

This demands, surely, that the R-o-U must refuse to recognise any charges, cases & determinations/convictions made by ANY Court in Britain & Eurape, where they condemn Non-Eurapeans, or People who fight/have fought against Western-Eurapean hegemony!

Slobadom Milosovic, Ned Kelly, Radovan Karadzic, Robert Mugabe, are but four, who's names come-to-mind.

Every Non-western-Eurapean Nation has their own Militia Hero, who has been tried & condemned to death in a Eurapean "war crimes tribunal" over the last 1-to-1000 years.

Therefore, it is up to All True Fellas, white, black or 'brindle' (?), particularly those within the legal & judicial fraternities, to a.s.a.p., Act to redress the injustices done to Your Peoples, past & Present, so that the biggest criminal culture on Earth..., ex-Eurape, are prevented from trashing YOUR Projeny's future.

No doubt, NSW Premier Morris Iemma & his "northern" masters, & the very ill papa of Rome will try a second time to accuse me, The Outlaw, of being a criminal for TALKING TRUE about their own cultural mental illnesses.

Up yours, blokes!

That I choose to NOT live in & acquiesce to YOUR dominant psychoses, makes me NOT a criminal by ANY measure.

Rather, as I wrote in the articles, essays & poems leading-up-to & during your catholic cult & mafia boss's "visit" to Sydney last month, you & he should be arrested.

In NSW's case, the State really should be placed in receivership by the Federal Australian Government.


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Cult & Drug Law Reform.

Motor Crimes

More Legal action needed against western nation's corporate polluters, such-as General Motors, Leyland, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, big-oil, Westinghouse, Axminster, Breville, Mortein, Wal-&-K-mart, etc.

Getting to the bottom of the threat, we must address which distorters of culture, as-it-were, are culpable for taking Humanity away from Sustainable Personal, Community & National lifestyles, into the one(s) which is(are) doing the most environmental damage.

Motor vehicle designers/makers & the likes of the above-listed corporations then, may be "off-the-hook", for the western cultural distortion can be traced-back centuries, if-not millennia.

Ne'ertheless, the motor-co's AND many other industrial giants, while not GETTING-REAL, & not going "Full Tilt" in the direction of 200% Sustainability, remain GUILTY of "Crimes Against The Mutha Earth", & against all Her Life-forms.

Long have I contended that Mutha's REAL threat, is to be found in every "nuclear family" household.

Such accommodation designs waste about TWENTY TIMES the energy Humans need for secure, healthy, prosperous Sustainable & Progressive lifestyles.

"Progressive" has always, to I, meant "moving ever-closer toward or BACK to...", if we are to read the historical evidence aright, "...a Society & Culture which is Peaceful", where "life out of balance" or "Koyaanisqatsi" is NOT the dominant current & forecast future state of our ONLY Mother Planet. Where EVERYONE gets a Healthy feed each day, & can work, rest & play Honourably, Harmoniously AND Happily in the Human & Natural world, BALANCED in Heart, Mind & Soul, & in the, their Common Unity or..., ALAS! Community?
It amazes & deflates me when talking with the common supermarket-shelf-variety plebs on this.

It seems the western Christian system of education has successfully clipped their student's ability to "DO YOUR F---ING MATH!" & figure-out that "Sustainability" has everything to do with the "bottom-line" of business & corporate sucksess - "ECONOMIES-OF-SCALE"!

A Quotable Quote from an American interviewed on ABC Radio National:
"Housing is one of the greatest failures in history."

Casting a glance over the Pacific & over the U.S., media news, we see "BANK OWNED" placards atop realtor's "FOR SALE" signs, outfront of rows of houses lost to the inevitable "sub-prime mortgage" catastrophe.

Tele-clips there-on, show the world street-after-row of IMMENSELY inefficient or "over-consumptive" structures-of-Human habitation - ALAS! - nuclear family houses!

It matters not whether there's a FOR SALE sign in the front yard.

It is as clear as a nuclear-bomb that the energy used, & the resources consumed to build an abode to house yer average two-point-five Humans per nuked-family IS-JUST-A-LOT --- UNSUSTAINABLE!

Also, while the American Dream, like the Australian 1/4-acre myth, has long been known as a delusion, which the dominant cult, commerce & banking paradigm forces those in need of housing to want a three-bedroom mini-mc-mansion, thus expanding-EXPLODING the land availability/demographic ratio & distancing everyone from at least one need or another - shops, employment, education, entertainment, health care, etc, so - "we gotto have a carrrrumrumrum!"

AND..., the automakers have been only too willing to supply a furphy with more.

Outside automaker's mass-production plants, & in huge-I-say-HUGE paddocks on the outskirts of most-all major cities on Earth, 1000s-upon-1000s of new & near-new passenger vehicles sit, still in preserving-wax, the overflow of insane unstoppable automaker mass-production-lines, wait to be bought from SERIOUSLY small-minded, short-sighted, utterly anti-intelligent & utterly ETHICS-FREE car dealerships.

It is PURE BLACKMAIL that Toyota, GM, Ford, etc, etc, can assert over governments that they be allowed to make this so, "...or 1000s of jobs will be lost!", thus the incumbant corruptionment or governing corruptocracy will be cast to the opposition benches.

Our "Koyaanisqatsi" suburban car culture, purporting to be Democratic, began way before the motor-vehicle hit the advertisements pages, the motorshow, the caryards, & the wrecking yards.

The family sedan is yet another by-product of the 1475C.E., "Land Enclosure Act" (LEA), set-in-stone of English law by underfinanced defenders-of-the-realm, to make money from the peasant agrarian rurals, by making THEM PAY for-to live on their Ancestral Homelands, or wherever they were pushed once "the Laird" demanded MORE rent than could be tilled from the soils, to keep the hording Scots, Franks, & other invaders away.

It may be worth noting, that the first & largest recipients or "beneficiaries" of the 1475 LEA, to get the People's Land, was..., the church.

The Cat-o-lik church.


When was the "!!!SHSHIZM!!!" we call the "Protestant Reformation"?

The 1500s!

Hmmm? 5 am in the morning, & a cult-full of "scales" are heard to silently crash to the floors of over a billion airheaded Christian flockers!

As far away from my downunda forest hideaway as Ireland, Eurape & Israel!

Get ya fucking silly headsful of REALLY STUPID BELIEFS Right, CHRISTIANS!!!

Zo? Who needs to be CRUCIFIED, as if a common thief?

A Common LAND thief!

If not the Rat-of-Rome?!

Climate change & Greenhouse gases arise as-much maybe, from the megatons of shit-filled hyperbolus hotair issuing forth for over 600 years from really de-mented, distracted & through the agency of Catholic BLACK MAGIC, MENTALLY ILL "religious" ("Would the Dalai Lama please stop laughing!?") Christian pulpiteers & Bible groups?!

Get out of your "cage" Christians!

Start Walking The TRUE Path.

Two steps forward.
One step back.
Two steps forward.
One step back.

Two steps forward.
One step back.
Two steps forward.
One step back.
Two steps forward.
One step back.
Two steps forward.
One step back.

Mister Stephen Crittenden? Mrs Florence Spurling?
Ms Rachael Kohn?

It's way passed time you & your airheaded flocker-mobs stopped interviewing the verbose punces of Christian theories & dangerous mythological SHIT.


And stop dancing around in the clouds with dangerously-deluded mythmaking spellbinders!




Get out of ya cages, & Get on ya bike!


'Ssspecially those Grubby Bastards wearing the Sackcloth!


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Cult & Drug Law Reform.

A "Legal File"


On Wed 16th July 2008, I sent to your email an essay I wrote & sent on 13th July '08 to 8 recipients across Australia; the NSW Police Training College, Goulburn, the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Committee, 3 at ABC Radio, the Australian Civil Liberties Council, the Australian Council of Trades Unions, & the Federal Australian Labor Government.

This morning at around 8am, I was 'harassed' by five people at an Aboriginal "Bora Ring" & white cemetery, 10 kilometres south of the northern NSW regional city of Lismore, where I occasionally spend the night in my part-finished motorhome.

A very 'orchestrated' event this appeared, as the inummerable passed events of the same "we don't know what you're talking about" have been, with just enough to intimidate.

I've taken to photographing these 'events' using my Samsung mobile phone & did the same with this middle-class group.

They stared at me in curiosity & feigned puzzlement as I took ten photo's of their apparently innocent wander to the corner of the cemetery nearest to where I was parked.

No words were exchanged, other than my calmly said & quiet "piss off" to the young mother of the group, who started to walk away from the rest, toward my vehicle.

I heard her say words "I can't handle your aggression" to the group, I think to the one male, as she was moving away from them/him, around the glade of trees to me.

On my first seeing them, I saw the woman who was driving their late model white Japanese or Korean 'people mover' vehicle, facing my way, where she stood with two of the other women on the other side of the "Bora Ring", taking photo's across the Ring in my ute's direction.

As soon as I exited the rear of my ute-cabin, & saw this & the two women looking my way, they turned to their right, looking away toward their vehicle.

After perhaps 20-plus minutes, they reboarded their van.

At this time, I, still standing next to my ute, held my phone up, with my left hand extended their way,

...Continued from Part 1 of my Statement to the Authorities.

At the same moment I raised my right hand up to next to my throat.

This could be said to appear as though I was pretending to be in "rifle pose".

At this moment, the informant's vehicle lurched forward then appeared to "stall", enough, I suggest, in a sudden way to throw the six occupants violently forward.

The driver recovered control of the vehicle & accelerated away at an illegal speed across the cemetery lawns, toward the cemetery ground's exit gate, & swiftly turned right onto the Wyrallah Road.

Through the trees & undergrowth I observed the said vehicle accelerating
south rapidly, until out of my view.

Disquietened, I was nevertheless slightly releaved they had gone.

It briefly crossed my mind that no Good would come of this half hour or so 'situation'.

I returned to attending to own affairs, including preparing breakfast of cooking porridge on my homemade metholated-spirits-fueled stove.

Within the next 40 or so minutes, at approximately 8.30 to 8.45am, I exited the 'cabin' at the rear opening, & walked with an empty 4 litre water-bottle, a used Metho container, to the vehicle left side or passenger door to place the bottle in the cab, to be refilled with the other empty bottles next time I had access to a water supply.

As I walked to the passenger door, screwing the lid on the bottle, I observed a Police "paddy-wagon" was stopped just south of the nearest road intersection, about 200 metres north of the cemetery gate.

I had a clear, uninterupted view of the Police vehicle, & saw one Police officer moving around the van. I believe he was putting-on a "flack-jacket", a bullet-proof vest.

As he was doing this, I observed that he was looking in my direction.

Naturally enough, I wondered what the problem might have been, to bring this about.

Within the next minutes, a group of Police vehicles, 4, 5 or more, joined the 1st, all having come south along the Wyrallah road from the direction of the City of Lismore.

In my innocence, I again wondered what event would give rise to such a concentration of the law, at a rural roadway corner.

As I watched this, the 1st Police vehicle came rapidly up the road, swung in through the cemetery gate and proceeded rapidly directly toward myself & my vehicle.

I realised that indeed I was the cause and focus of the Police attendence.

As this 1st Police vehicle came my way, I began walking, arms outstretched horizontally to the left & right, toward it.

The vehicle skidded to a halt about 10 to 20 metres away from me, myself by then about 5 metres away from my ute nearer to the approaching Police, & Police Leading Senior Constable Peter Ellis got swiftly out from the driver's seat, drew his firearm handgun, proceeded on foot directly toward myself with handgun aimed at myself, & shouted the order "GET ON THE GROUND!"

I moaned, & remained standing.

He repeated his order "GET ON THE GROUND!" but this time "GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND!"

I dropped gently in resignation to my knees, still with my arms outstretched.

Leading Senior Constable Peter Ellis ordered again that I should "GET ON THE GROUND!" face first.

I offered no resistance & complied.

By now the other Police vehicles were with us, & the group of Police, perhaps 6, 8, or more, came at me & my ute, guns drawn from their holsters, shouting at me & to whomever may have been in the rear cabin of my vehicle.

I was alone.

As-if a hunter triumphant in the capture of his prey, LSCON Ellis came to me and put his foot firmly onto my back, whence we exchanged insults with my protests and his derogatory, unfounded & inappropriate slanderings.

There, complying, & offering no resistance, I remained as an officer put handcuffs on my wrists with my hands held behind my back, tightening them until they exacted severe pain, & later swelled wrists, still evident & painful 4 days later.

The events forward from this time involved my being ridiculously interrogated by about 5 police officers, who were all standing at close-quarters around myself, still on the ground, eventually ordered to sit-up while manhandled inappropriately to so do.

From the 1st moments of this affair, I had my Samsung SGH-A411 mobile phone in my hands, which I let-go-of and let fall onto the grass beside me once LSCON Ellis was approaching. I dropped it to the ground rather than put it back into my left trouser pocket, because I could see & hear that the LSCON was highly agitated and aggressive, thus could not be trusted to act rationally, and thus he was capable of choosing to believe I was attempting to secret something from him, an act I knew would elicit an even more aggressive attitude from him, & justify in his mind a more dangerous course of action.

In the coarse of events following, I remained seated on the grass, wrists cuffed & in severe pain. I complained that they were too tight several times until an officer or two made motions to loosen them.

I think the handcuff on my right wrist was loosened a little, but remained inordinately tight, & the cuff on my left wrist became tighter & more painful.

I asked that this be loosened, but was ignored.

Through all this & over the following minutes, perhaps 30, perhaps 60, I was engaged in verbal exchanges with those police still near me, from myself a defence of my innocence & counter-allegations as to why this "set-up" had transpired. From the officers, a barrage of both pertinent & frivelous, unfounded & generally derogatory questions & statements.

Finally, I think because I would not be silent, I was escorted to a police paddy-wagon.

I would not be silent, in-that I was speaking in my defence as-it-were, about the essay I had on the previous Sunday emailed to 8 email contact addresses within Australia, namely: 3 at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC media), the Civil Liberties Council of Australia, the Australian Council of Trades Unions, the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Committee, & the NSW Police Training College, Goulburn, & to the Australian Federal Labor Government, being the true reason the informant to police telephoned them & made spurious & false accusations against me.

A 2nd "Legal File"

To Legal Aid,

In response to Tuesday's phone call from Jennifer, I submit the following note, describing my current circumstances.

After living from 1996 to '98 in a garage in Doncaster, Melbourne, from 1998 to 2002 in a Holden Gemini wagon, '02 to '07 in a Holden Shuttle van, I now live in a part-built "mobile home" which I am constructing on-back of a '98 model Holden Rodeo ute (value at purchase on 5-9-07; $11,500), gifted to me by my mother & stepfather.

I returned from Victoria, where I lived until 1998, again to this northern rivers region of NSW on 5-10-2007.

On the trip back here, the "pieces" of my own life's beginnings & 5 decades of hitherto unexplained torment, fell together, if-I-may.

Just south of Grafton, I had to stop & "weigh", what had come to light.

The pain in my heart was overwhelming, on confirming to myself that,
1; I was born an illegitimate child to mother's extramarital 'lover', 2; my Aborigine Great-Grandparents were slaughtered by white pioneers in the 1890s,
3; mother was caught in the act of conceiving me, by her adoptive white Grandfather "Willis", who died on finding her in bed with my real father, &
4; mother sold "my Soul" to the church, so she may stay out of disgrace, & jail.

All these, denied by my (half-)family to this day.

These burdens I bear alone.


After designing the cabin for the rear of the ute, in which to live, & buying the frame steel, then with the paid help of a welder, I built the steel "skeleton" of the structure myself & secured it to the ute's tray.

I lived in a 2-man tent at Nimbin Caravan Park whilst making the frame at the welder's Lillian Rock shed, which took about a month.

For this, with money remaining from my parent's gift, & from my own savings I spent around $2,000.

Once the frame was on, I bought & fitted poly-tarpaulins over it, made a bed & small bench from 2nd-hand materials, fitting baskets, lighting etc., 'til just habitable.

As I have been the target of public harassment for several years, because of my widely-known political & law reformist stance against corruption, I locate myself & vehicle away from other people, in remote State Forests & National Parks.

I live exiled, by the corrupt, from all social-life, thus am left to finish this 2metre by 2.5metre by 1.9metre high "home" alone.

A "Work-in-Progress" it is, with as-yet no windows, no doors, & no lockable security.

I have collected various 2nd-hand & new materials for the walls, roof, etc., but have yet to begin fitting them because still more needs to be bought, & I cannot afford more than a few hundred dollars outlay each week, having been forced onto a Centrelink "Intellectual Disability Pension" in September 2000.

Also, now with the bail conditions of this falsified case set as they are, I am unable to do the necessary work between bail reportings to the police.

As said, I avoid public places as best I can, thus handwash my clothes in a bucket, collect & chop firewood, cook (vegetarian) on a homemade wood-burner stove, collect my water from a forest creek (using only 8-to-10 litres per day), as well as maintain, modify & repair the vehicle as time permits.

Currently it takes about 75-to-90 minutes to "decamp" each time I move, to either get water, shop, or "bail report", & about an hour to "set-up camp" again, so progress of my "life", & on the construction is slowed significantly to near standstill whilst I must travel 25-to-50 kilometres (30-to-60 minutes) each-way to report each Mon-Wed-Friday to Nimbin police.

I do no work on the cabin on weekends, because I respect peoples' want to enjoy the quietude of the forests then.

There is no doubt my life is made "difficult" because I dare to challenge the endemic, nationwide corruption, & am regularly harassed & intimidated by the public & the corrupt for so doing.

Since the 16th July '08, the day the fraudulant charges were alleged against me, I have again suffered pains in my left chest, & numbness in my left arm, hand & neck, indicative of angina or heart attack.

It is clear "the dark side" within the NSW Police force & beyond want my death, & enforce every stress-making inconvenience by themselves & the public to this end.

I am an Honest man, & if I give my word that I will attend court when asked, I will. Unless, beforehand, death releases me.

While the public, the corrupt, the State, the police, the Australian Military, the legal, medical & mental health fraternities, the staff of ABC Radio, my family, but most of all, the Catholic church (which stole my mother & kept her in St Joseph's convent in Collingwood, Melbourne for 7 years from 1932), & the British Crown, maintain the gross deceptions about the injustices behind my now abject & utterly demoralised life, I shall Resist all efforts by any-&-all, to further break my will & force me to acquiesce to the endemic cultural corruption & it's consequent destruction of the Australian People & of the Land, the Country, where I was born.

Australia. Home to at least 500 generations of my own "Blood" or "genetic" Ancestors, the Gurnai Aborigine People of South Gippsland, Victoria.

With 3 Hollywood movies mocking, fictionalizing & mythologizing my life, Australia's, & all the above-named people & groups will bear the shame & the loss, if I am to lose my will to live, because of this church-conspired & maintained deception.


Max Earth
Max Nichols Cook.
Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Cult & Drug Law Reform.

Why stop at six?
Water crisis begs National Referendum!

The suggestion by The Australian Conservation Foundation that the Federal Government buy six farms along the Darling River to ease the Murray-Darling basin & the Coorong & lower lakes water crisis is well worth Cabinet's consideration.

Critics rightly say buying upper-Darling river stations will do little for the Coorong & lower lakes.

Neither will this do a thing for the Murray, or for the other water-courses in the larger system upstream of where the Darling meets the Murray.

So, it appears, that the Conservation Foundation's idea is good, but, is too conservative.

The Minister for Climate Change & Water, Ms Penny Wong has said that the lower lakes in South Australia are beyond saving.

Perhaps so?

However, perhaps NOT so, if Australians are serious about "Loving their Country"?

Tragicly, the evidence thus far, shows clearly that most "Aussies" don't give a damn about their Country.

The IMF-Australian-made water crisis behind this issue being one major piece of evidence.

Therefore, IF Australians DO CARE about their Nation, & the continent & islands, mountains, hills, plains, forests, deserts, lakes, rivers, creeks & beaches upon which we-the-natives work, rest & play, & about the myriad Creatures who help all-of-the-above be maintained-&-sustained, they would, should & could, if they were to DO THEIR MATHS, Happily & perhaps even Honourably arrange for a National Referendum on whether the above components of mountains, hills, plains, forests, deserts, lakes, rivers, creeks & beaches upon which we-the-natives work, rest & play, be placed, in a rewritten Constitution, to come under the Auspice of the ONE Group of Owners - The People of Australia.

Yep! The old Terra of Nationalizing Ownership of the mountains, hills, plains, forests, deserts, lakes, rivers, creeks & beaches upon which we-the-natives work, rest & play.

With an Intelligent Committee at the head, possible now, Enviro-sensitive & Economicly Brilliant management structures, infrastructure, Land & resource use & Human distribution systems could be introduced nationwide, which I guarantee, would please the Heavens so much that they would gladly open their Water Chakra, & rain the Water of Love down on all PROPERLY designed Farming, Agrarian Villages & their Productive, Peaceloving & at-once Prosperous Peoples.

Like the increasing amount of censoring & untruthes on the national broadcaster, THEIR A.B.C., expose, too many Australians & not-so Aussie Aussies are fearful of how the global bullies, who have basicly OWNED Australia's Terra-Firma since 1788, the bigmen land-&-drugs Lords atop the I.M.F., would responday-voo?

Well, let me tell you, that most all of what's happened to nations, corporations, Peoples & the Lands upon which we ALL work, rest & shag, by now around the world, have been, like the Rwandan genocide of 1994, & the carnage of 1993 in Armenia/Azerbijan, &, for that matter World Wars 1-&-2, as well as several stock-market crashes & deflationary depressions of the last zillion sessions, have been, to-lesser-&-larger degrees, orchestrated by the average-old "Club of Rome", Muslim Brotherhood, & Pauline Hanson.

Or was that Richard Branson?

Sorry! A bit of static in the astral antenna there....

An Italian bloke wrote, about 700 years-ago, on the eventuation of a singular, one world government. I had the book once, but it was sucked out of my hands by a "mate", ne'er-to-be-seen again.

Haven't heard of him much since. All I remember was his name. Dante. A netsearch found me the title: "de Monarchia".

So, as we, that is those of us deemed fit to contribute via exhorbitant taxes, slavish work, excessive spending & lifestyles, rolluck-&-frollick-about, thinking the other orchestrated delusion that "we are our own masters/madams", a la the "Enlightenment" of the middle 2nd millennium C.E., descendants of Dante's Italian mob, have been pulling-your-levers, in the most subtle hand-jobs ever, all-I-say-ALL toward the, to-them "given", that one day, they will own the whole damned planet, ALL the continents & islands, mountains, hills, plains, forests, deserts, lakes, rivers, creeks & beaches upon which the natives work, rest & play, AND, ALL the myriad Creatures who help all-of-the-above be maintained-&-sustained.


So..., if Australians care-a-thought about all those Natural parts of the national delusion, & about Humans of the future, rest-assured the spooks of the Illuminadi have already done it for you.

Not to say they were/are infallible!

Oh-NO! Better not say that!

However, they have at times been "maliable", especially when irrefutable evidence adds-upon-itself a weight enough that they can no longer shimmy back-up the drain-pipe with Machiavelli to not carry.

Thus far, though I think I wish I thought otherwise, Global warming is, has been "stage managed". All to stop Humanity from exstressing the Mother Load beyond plunderability.

So far, a chief of media for the Illumined Nadis, an unassuming bloke called Murdoch, has done fairly well in PANIC-ing the obese 1st world into downsizing & Greening-up the delusion, but the Astral Jury of the Hostile Gods is still out, as to whether the masses are gonna take the hint & get-off-their-fat-cells to save themselves & their ONLY Planet, or not.

Increased gasoline prices in the USA, according to today's ABC Radio report,
have not reduced sales & consumption. NOT a good sign.

But, short as time is, we'll have to wait & see....

But, all yokes aside, as best as I'm allowed to figure, the Philosophical meanarses in Atlantis (!?!), knew from the start that the only way a Planet & People the size of ours can sustain it/themselfs, is by Total Enlightenment of the Leading Lifeforms.


However, like Yin & Yang, like Light & Dark etc., most all organisations of Gods & men have or are bound to take more than one, side, more than one view, or "opinion" to them.

But the word "opinion" is not totally appropriate, for an 'opinion' is "an unsubstantiated theory", &, in this context, at these "levels", it is usually opinion at variance with substantiated Knowledge. Determining what Knowledge IS, however, as distinct from mere speculation, or from interpretation of the evidence, without steeping all parties in Experience, is near-as impossible to define!

This also says, that even within the Realms of the "Gods", there are false, or less-than-Highest-Attained Gods.

The various "Clubs" & "Judiciaries" way-up on top, no less.

The process of percolation is called "evolution", amongst others, where an apparent supremacy is attained by one or 'tother, & on the above hyperbola of "sustaining it/themselfs by Total Enlightenment of the Leading Lifeforms - Humans" or ALL of Humanity, some Gods of The Counsel, do not believe (another 'sus' word!) or "agree", that all of the Species can Attain to (Total) Enlightenment.

Today, evidential of the threats manifest to us, like severe climate change, decimated food supplies, reduced habitability, the untempered violence & carnage of worldwide warring madness & the worst-case-scenario of a planetary axial wobble, we're cutting-it-extremely-fine, to so Attain.

Time is running-out.

Were we all terribly-well-(self)restrained Beings, Total or Global Enlightenment would be a given.

Time, our own invention, or our own partitioning of the Reality, would not be being swallowed at such a rapid rate, & "End Times" wouldn't be looming.

Therefore, on the other hand, Total Enlightenment versus "severe reductions in populations" sit on the scales, waiting for either the next bad-move by the Earthly (Human) Authorities or, A Brave & Wise move.

Ever open & vulnerable to eraticism or unreason, unwisdom, Wise moves must have at-the-ready, a dispassion & discipline throughout the population the Authorities are Governing, which immediately decapitates the demons of egomaniacal chaos.

These I've long-called the "golden calf tribe", &..., my own personal demons, in Humanoid form, the "black hole gang", because in their psychosis for power, they, like a "black hole" out in space, suck all Light from everyone-&-thing anywhere near them. This is how they survive, for they so lack the Intellectual faculties to identify & be then Nourished by their own Inner Light, that they ignorantly think (thinking they KNOW just how to?) power over others will protect & save them.

Sort-of like a pope or anyone in a "leadership" role really, for without a mob to lead, their own essence, typically in the west, a shallow egotrip, is GAWN!

I haven't re-edited this filedump, & I suspect the last one is an unfinished, outofsteam, unsent piece. Hope it ends alright.

FARM BUY-UP is the last of this upload of writings writ over the last six or so months.

Stayonl for MORE!!!!

The future is both bleak & reviving for the Soul.
1-30pm Tuesday 2nd December '08.