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It seems to me that one of the important things government and the People should be campaigning AGAINST with vehemence, is PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE, as I reckon this factor in the production of most things today, certainly in the throw-away culture we have created, contributes hugely to waste of resources and of the environment.

It annoys me that the government and good citizens aren't on their soapboxes about it, but perhaps like the rest of the aberrant bits of our culture, like the depth and extent of corruption in NSW, planned obsolescence is so ingrained in what we expect from "the market" that this is just another crap aspect of life in astrayleearghurgle?

I persist neveretheless, in saying that removing PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE from ALL manufacturing would have an ENORMOUSLY POSITIVE effect on many parts of our bad relationship with the environment.

Governments who do not address and rein-in the excessive waste and quite deliberate deception and rip-off of the People as exploited in planned PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE, are guilty of treason, bad government, anti-Santa Claus, AND of being on-side with the devil.

Got to go.....


NSW - a failed State

NSW Western Area Health Service in Crisis?
by Omaxa bin Eartha
28th January 2009.

Following a report aired on ABC Radio National's Bush Telegraph this morning, about the poorly condition of the NSW Western Area Health Service, I was obliged, in this first week of the new year's program's “live” broadcasts (sort-of), to respond to the overwhelming damning the interviewees gave the health service.

Knowing little about the health department side of NSW government services, other than the folly as exists inside the 'mental health services' (and the State Debt Recovery Office SDRO, AND the police), and secondary understandings of the state of the hospital system in general, as-in Australia-wide, nay-globally, I nevertheless am not surprised at the common slamming yet another NSW State government department has received.

This, because as I've said for a few years, the whole structure and substructure of the State of NSW is rotten with corruption. Corruption which has embedded itself in the deeper regions of the Common New South Welsher's psyche.

I don't mean to suggest that the Common NSWelsher is unaware of these factors influencing their existences. But I do suggest that there are even deeper manipulators causing an effect in each of us which has us default in thought to the common paradigm, which is economic corruption. And, as you're tired of hearing me say, this boils down to how Humans, US, interelate with the very Land we ALL Stand and depend upon.

Harp-harp, Deeper than is obvious to purposeful eyes, in regard to us and the Land, the Correct-and-Proper Relationship is so critical to our survival, that without the Proper Land Laws underpinning ALL government department and private 'enterprise', problems such as the NSW Western Area Health Service, or the NSW Roads, or Land prices, homelessness, crime, insanity and war in it's revenue-collecting, governance, policing, psychiatric and corporate arena, will only continue to become more complex, and thus as well will increase in dysfunction.

Leading of course to OH! What we have now – A failed State.

(But....., HO? What will I suffer for asking the next question?! The NSW coppers are making me pay still, for not firing an imaginary rifle at a wannabe-pergurer in July '08, after I emailed 20 media outlets worldwide that this is the case and that the Pope is a criminal?)

Where does the functional dystopia NOT exist in the over-burdened western, as in the global 'western' Judeo-Christian, hemisphere?

Australia, Properly Weighed, would most definitely come under the category of “failed State” were any report able to be FULLY Impartial.

I couldn't be bothered adding the failures up, for they are innumerable, and apply as I said, across the first world. No doubt less critical and better functioning in some nations – Scandinavia as likely – but I would not be surprised if Nations like Cuba also, were ahead of the west in the general health of the People. Poorer, perhaps, but healthier, as much for having less opulence, a major cause of illhealth.

Back to Australia, and NSW, it's health and probably it's education curricula, goals, and delusions of corruption which it sets in the minds of the students and deems as OK for “CHILDREN!?” to have fill their heads, so maggoting their mentations for the rest of their lives, these issues are critical and must be remedied as soon as....!

But every government will go NOWHERE while the remedies come from ideologically flawed “consultants”, “advisors', inclub...., as-in..., in-the-religious or 'cult' club of self-interested agenda-soaked CEOs, lower-middle-&-upper corporate management, lobbyists, “EXPERTS?” (YEAH! Like asking an auto corporation CEO “EXPERT” to advise a national scheme to radically correct town, Community, Social planning?!), university boffins of the same mold and or most any from the main employers of labour - private industry.

In Australia, weighing all the evidence up, it cannot be ignored that we are living in a failed State, and that something Important has to be done.

As we watch around the globe and see reports that even the biggest 1st world nations' governments are nationalising their nation's big and busted banks, and ours taking an interest in our domestic ones, it is clear that the masters of the universe are engineering things so that WHAT IS PROPER can be done, and that is to nationalise all banks which trade and profit from speculation on Land.

The same need for nationalisation applies to all publicly-used infrastructure of telephony, communications, rail, roads, sewerage, power, fuel etc and.... FOOD!

Even education is under the spotlight, for it is clear that the private schools have spued-out generations of so-called 'leaders' of politics, industry, business, 'banking?', sociology, and ideology, with heads-full of propaganda and terminal ideology, enough IN FACT.... to lead us all down the sewer-gurgler-black-hole!? Obviously, these teachings and indoctrination measures are forced upon the public education system, so all of the 'educated' public are turned into rapacious morons, with the hardest-done-by, turning into very angry, violent, and NOT necessarily dysfunctional individuals! Indeed, many I reckon, are merely expressing their distaste and utter frustration at the DYSFUNCTIONAL SYSTEM.

The last US Bush Administration has done as much to the headliners of “...self-interested agenda-soaked CEOs, lower-middle-&-upper corporate management, lobbyists, “EXPERTS?” etc.,” this last year in America, by buying stock of those banking and Land-trading corportaions. This, when of high-enough a percentage, gives the government a say in how the corporations function.

The biggest example of banking dysfunction lately has been the mortgage meltdown, as well as the propensity of the high-flyers to invest in bad schemes, schemes which depended upon the current 'fashion' amongst the 'psychoes' of global policy-making, of believing that the world's population are suckers, and that it was the corporation's DUTY to suck-them-in, then of course, have them crash-and-burn, thus teaching them the valuable lesson that greed is in fact BAD (Australia's biggest bank falls into this, this HSBC, bank-of-England-type hole......). “Except for us, because we are best at 'managing' your lives!” (Being 'Christians' of the 'centralist' persuasion.)

This fails, every time. In NSW, the same failure occurs hourly, when some stressed Yobo “breaks-out!” of the demanded stereotype, of silence against that which is fucking everyone's life AND the PLANET – endemic socio-economic corruption – speeds to excess on the roads, takes a harder drug, hits the wife, or husband, or kids, or take-out a mainstreamer in a school playground, city street or suburban home with a knife, gun or dynamite.

But in NSW, the 'machinery' doesn't care about that! Power is the game, and the NSW ALP Right will sell their Mutha over-&-over-again to keep & maintain their hands on the levers of – corruption.

Yet as said, the whole culture within ALL levels of government in NSW is rotten, which extends far beyond the NSW ALP Right, & our wunnerful coast, over to Britain and Eurape.

It seems an early realisation by the mob, that social dysfunction is very profitable. War, even more so!

Therefore all the “minor” social failures across a village, town, city State or Nation, and today, rahrah, across the PLANET, serve the rich, very well indeed, demanding MORE government-funded infrastructure, social, “health”, education (NOT!), security, weapons programs to pilfer from, from the loans department, the Council coffers, the Q-store etc, etc.

This may be why, when “WAR!” is proclaimed, stock markets rise, and a lot of big business activity increases. But this makes sense, because, getting down to not just corporate 'policy', but the REALTalk backroom ideology of the general thrust of “leaders” of global industry, competition, winning, profiteering (basicly over & at the expense of the rest of the world's “punters”) & pilfering all come at the price of “Integrity”, because, True-enough, it's a bad world out there, therefore to survive, one must be prepared to be free of the bounds of “Integrity”.

Humorously, all the big players in global finance, profiteering and the rest, reckon THEIR corporate strategy is RIGHT! It is what is used to argue their cases for their existence, and for their NEED to be less than Intelligent, ie., to be unEthical, in their field.

Well, the Scientists may be the only church-schooled cult left standing, if...., their science on the impending environmental collapse is correct.

But hohoho! Which Wise American Indian Chief posters millions of Hippy, Greenie, Nativist Wise People's Homes? Y'know, the one whose words accompany his Regal 'Indian' face that say, how important it is that Human's don't sell everything of the Mother, because people can't eat dollar notes” (paraphrased), or so? The majority of Humanity has Known how to Live Properly on the Mutha Earth forever. It seems that the Jews and their branch-offices in-&-ex-Rome, have for a long time, forgotten.

Science, as we know it is nowhere near fulfilling it's purpose. That is learning what the Mutha and the Cosmos has to offer Humanity, without Humanity destroying Her Bountiful ability to keep providing the whole life Phenomena of the Planet, with...., Life.

Science, as has come out of the Judeo-Christian Tradition, exists, to my autodidactic mind, to bring Humanity BACK to the Path, or to the GARDEN if-you-like.... The Garden of Living in Complete Harmony with, ourself, neighbour, Land & Cosmos.

On the subject, but taking a tangent...., something that's been on my mind for decades, is that “Communism” as is known on Earth, is as religion is to the Supreme's Presence on Earth, which is that it is the last expressed vestige of what was the Common Way, well before Machiavelli, Constantine, Alexander, Socrates, or even Moses and Adam took sway.

In fact, what we typically call “Communism” is but a corruption, or a narrowing of an Original Truth about how Best to live Perennially on Earth, in Harmony. Ancient Peoples Knew it, and it was Natural in their Lives, so Natural as to need little or no politicing, lobbying, deceptions, favours and wars.

Also, of course, it was “lowtech” & agrarian, so used the resources little.

Turning to the 'religion' phenomena, it came to me this morning that the ceremonies we witness within the religions, while seeming to be people enjoying themselves with the finest of regalia, gold, jewellery, 'ennoblement' and ritual, somewhere in there there is a ceremony of Sacrifice going-on.

Now, coming late to the realisation that there ARE “Gods” of Higher and higher planes of existence, who rule over much if not most of what Humanity does, and that there are things Humans should do, and things they should not do, evidence thus-far gathered by my life-Journey, indicate that the Gods! have a Special Love for the Planet Earth, as a Living Phenomenon, for most all of the Beings and plants etc., which live here, and, that Mankind, is the monkey-out-of-the-bag, who is abusive of what is in fact, all belonging to the Higher Deity. At least one “branch” of the Human Tree is 'out-of-the-bag'.

The most abusive branch of the Human Tree have clearly been the cults of 'progress' in the 'west', employing their boundless imaginations to cunger all manner of useless, in-the-end pernicious tricks, plans, ideologies, products, warzones and failed states.

It feels as if the Deity is telling us that while Humanity carelessly overuses His Property, what we call mineral resources etc, Humanity will have to pay a price, or make a sacrifice to Him. The Christian religions propagandise about the “Sacrifice” Yeshua ben Joseph made on the cross, but twist it demonicly by saying “Jesus died for our sins!” (????? That never made sense, until I realised it was a spell).

Perhaps the reality is otherwise?

The Jews suffered for millennia, and perhaps that was because they, being landless, were forced to scavenge (?) and thus lost the ability to see the Father's Property in the Present Moment, so-to-say, but rather as a means, ANY MEANS!..., of surviving. Thus in their placing a value on everything, beginning the dollar-value-laden world we now are dying for and within, they became as ben Joseph is said to have said, lovers of Mammon over God.

So while our culture follows that materialistic path, the centralist church, purporting to be the medium between humans and God, must satisfy the demands of the God's they are beholden to, who may well NOT be the Big, BIG REALBIG-FELLA, and are forced to demand sacrifice by the people who descecrate Godolonia.

So..., I think I'm getting at this: as long as we continue to abuse His Property, he will cast disruptive hexes upon us, thus making us suffer. The worst hexes are those which corrupt our Soul.

“Hi! You're in New South Wales!!!”

“Call in the Administrator, Kevin Rudd, Sir! The State of New South Wales needs immediately to be placed into 'receivership'”.

Be ahead of the recession!


Omaxa bin Eartha
Outlaw for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Banking, & Drug Law Reform.
The Forests of Godolonia.

Apologies for any poorly expressed thoughts herein. It's my Duty....?


Below is a list from around the world compiled by Google alerts on "Land Reform" sent to my email on 24/01/09. Another Google Alert with several more internet articles on the same "Land Reform" from the world's media arrived today, 25/01/09, which I will post soon.

GOVERNMENT!? Do Your Maths, if you are to Govern.

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Nichols Cook
aka Max No Difference
Global Outlaw for Land, Cult & Drug law Reform.

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Key elements of proposed new Bolivian constitution
The Associated Press
LOCAL AUTONOMY: Eastern lowland provinces can set up state assemblies that
control local issues, but not land reform or natural gas revenues. ...
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The United States Should Support Land Reform in Bolivia
Andean Information Network - Cochabamba,Cochabamba,Bolivia
It is urgent that the United States support the land reform underway in
Bolivia by asking large landholders to engage in legal processes, ...
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Bolivia referendum expected to endorse empowerment for indigenous ...
guardian.co.uk - UK
He also diluted land reform so that any limits on the size of estates will
not be retroactive. In addition, big landowners will be protected from
peasant ...
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22 years after carnage: Mendiola massacre’s cause alive - solon
Pinoy Press - Manila,Philippines
Mariano said that “under the Arroyo government… there are no more
remaining pretensions even in a token land reform. Even the
administration’s plan to set ...
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Weekly hightlights
Bangkok Post - Thailand
On a more controversial note, the government has decided to revive the sor
por kor 4-01 land reform scheme with an intention to distribute up to 16
million ...
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Who owns what land in South Africa?
Mail & Guardian Online - Johannesburg,South Africa
Officially South Africa’s land reform programme seems to be progressing
at a snail’s pace with about 18% of all land in black hands. ...

OMAXA NOTE: The 2 next links failed? I was unable to load www.mg.co.za at all? Why, & could that be because of their article on the "Who owns what land in South Africa" article they published just yesterday?
See all stories on this topic:

Mangos - the hope of small Filipino farmers
Independent Catholic News - London,UK
They have succeeded in blocking any meaningful land reform. It is estimated
that approximately 70% of all the wealth in the Philippines is owned or ...
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Farmers mark Mendiola slays’ 22nd year
Inquirer.net - Philippines
On Thursday the same calls for genuine land reform made by the marchers 22
years ago were aired, but the protesters’ numbers had dwindled. ...
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Reforms, not handouts
Bangkok Post - Thailand
Thailand's land reform is long overdue, but this will not be achieved by
the Abhisit administration's plan to step up the Sor Por Kor land handout
scheme ...
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Land buy plan to boost economy
Lochaber News - Inverness,Scotland,UK
... to enable the local population to consider the options available to
them under the Land Reform Act, Crofting Reform Act and the Forest Land
Scheme. ...
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How deep, must the US Admin dig to clean-up the CIA?

How deep, must the US Admin dig to clean-up the CIA?
by Omaxa bin Eartha
23rd January 2009.

In considering the building of the monster of Guantanamo Bay detention centre (Gitmo) and all it's supporting (and legal) infrastructure, plus the generally horrendous “psychology” that supported the inhumanity therein, one has to ask where the buck stops?

The whole psychology and therefore attitude of the last Administration, and it's political, legal and military advisers comes into question, if the New Presidential Team are serious about getting to the bottom of the wrongs.

As the agents of “Free Speech” have secured in the USA, there is more than enough published literature available about the shady dealings of United States' agencies, government in appearance and authority, yet with powerful moguls (often 'foreign') manipulating the trades in so-called “illegal drugs”, AND in about every other inhumane or questionable activity on Earth. Usually underbehind "Ye Olde Tea Shoppe” shopfront.

Most who want to know, know the Central Intelligence Agency was built by the British Secret Overseas Intelligence agency, MI-6. Most, in-the-know, know that the Mormons have a big hand in the CIA. Mormons are Freemasons, are Protestant protestors, of the 17th/18th century “enlightenment” mob. Not necessarily an accurate description... Deep in their roots, while an “American” manifestation and cult, and high in their heirarchy, are pro-British/Eurapean ideologies, and connections.

Each such agency, has more than one ideological subcult, ones who disagree with the accepted “inside” official dogma, psychology and approach to “life on Earth", and who disagree with the accepted dogma as to who the apparent “enemy” is.

Spy work is usually multifaceted, with more complexity the further we go into the multifarious wars going-on under the radar against any-and-every 'free-market' cynic or organisation. As we rise in the intrigue, we find just a handful of global players are pulling the strings, or pressing the detonator buttons.

Spy work is expensive, very expensive, the higher-up the power-&-wealth tree we go. So expensive that national government and even private budgets cannot sustain them. So, as laws are theirs' to break, spies run drugs, guns, explosives, slaves, anything to stay in the game against equally amoral “enemies”.

The last several decades, stretching into centuries if we need to go there, have seen a madmadmaddest scramble going-on to win the race to global military, economic, cult-ural and patriotic supremacy.

Once a player gets above a certain level of achievement in the global games of espionage, which has been as much a battle for private corporations for 100s of years & more (whence once we knew “Chief Executive Officers” as “Kings & Queens”!), they basicly qualify for a license to do anything they want. The unfortunate amorality of this, in high places, where wars can be fabricated into existence for the booty, oil, forests, uranium, food..., LAND..., real estate, another summer palace for darlingkeepoohs....., is that large and powerful nations, or their military, can reek devastating havoc upon defenseless Human Beings. Devastation which lasts for centuries, even wiping to extinction whole races, tribes, nations.

There's no doubt that too much power incites, elicits, too much self confidence. Too much confidence usually entails the 'self-affirmation' techniques of never looking back, never earnestly reviewing passed decisions, never admitting error or defeat, never apologising, never talking honestly about passed actions. “MOVING FORWARD!!!!” Etc. Never taking responsibility.

Too much power, confidence, hubris, legalspeak (spin) excuse & deception mixed with egocentric, false and hidden agenda, usually end in a multitude of bad decisions.

In a small business, such self-esteem has a bloke unemployed.

In the most powerful government on Earth, such self-esteem can lead to such violent reactions from other nations, cultures, economies, as to set the conditions for a world war.

Indeed, going by the available evidence, MI-6, CIA, Mossat, and their buddies in the privileged cafes of the globe, have been actively doing just that since the 1950s-er-1930s-er-1900s!

Underneath the hard face of imperialist espionage, there is a “hearts-and-minds” operation running in-tandem. 30 pieces of silver the general thread, beads-and-trinkets another name.

Most agencies, through the last ten years or so, lost the plot completely, swallowing widespread evidence that the world was rooted, as was humanity, thus was the rule of law, morality, etc-and-on, so while we've got the power, lets abuse it, and care nothing for others, as they're all living in their own terminal delusions, unrelated to ours or our superior affairs. Etc...

Sadly, much of this terminal attitude to Life on Earth seduced most all socially, or sociologically-minded people of the first worlds, including the Christians.

“It's ALLLL right dear....! Jesus is coming back to forgive us for being utterly brainless imbiciles....., just keep-on consuming-&-destroying as you like...”

Unfortunately, much if this attitude grew from the idle-minds of rich church-school-indoctrinated neuvo-adults, ambitious megalomaniacs in church-school-supplied corporations. Corporations like bigoil, Enron, Citibank, HSBC, General Motors, Ely Lily, Arthur Anderson, the Australian Liberal Party, etc....

Most of us are now aware of the dangers of letting these loose minds loose in the halls of power.

As far as being an agency to eradicate unAmerican behaviour, that would be behaviour which threatened the well-being of the Union, so-to-say, that is..., the people of the USA, and by extension, the people of the planet, the loose behaviour of the big secret service agencies of the western world leaves much to be desired, in the least.

Clearly, the CIA and affiliate agencies of Earth do as they have been doing for quite a while, to maintain the laws the majority of Humanity suffer under. Laws which have NO EVIDENCE to support them, and a mass of evidence to support a Supreme Court challenge. Laws which feed the rich at the utterly unnecessary and inhumane expense of the majority of Americans and Human Beings. Laws, which Environmental and Economic Science have proven, underpin the attitude which has now brought climactic chaos. In-the-least, threatening uncertainty to all of the world.

It is hard to see any purity in the agenda of these global spy networks, and is a mite dismaying to know that the religious organisation, the Mormons, are deep within the CIA.

I make note of this because it seems that for President Obama to “YES WE CAN” the troubles Earth faces, from Washington, and for the Inspired Americans to get fully behind saving the Goddamned Mutha Bigball, a major outflushing of most ALL of America's major institutional influences needsmust be had.

Religion is always a tasty meal for such inquisitions.......

But rather than the as-likely necessary witch-hunts, today's America is capable to, not-so-much pick-apart fraudulent religion, and I infer that is the case with Christianity-thus-Mormonism, but to shave-off the unnecessary hyperbola and seduction and get down to the most important facts, about what government, and all it's departments and agencies should have as the Foundation Tenets of their businesseseses.

As MI-6 have done such a sterling job of bringing all the major terrorist organisations of the planet under a few ostensibly feuding overlords, with the Dante-an intention of ruling the world, “...cause we luv th' Queen...!”, and still apply pressure when they feel threatened by Democracy, and as the new US Administration is moving to close a very sad chapter in US-foreign relations called “Gitmo” and the other secret prisons O/S, and as some pearls of Wisdom have plopped-through the psychic shield of the global elite and megalomaniacs these last 2 USA election-cycles or so...., it may be time America went the “whole hog” and put it's esteemed universities to use with analysis projects designed to “weigh-up” the causes and the resultant, usually fallacious, damaging beliefs and customs, from too-ungoverned-a-market and too-litigious a society.

This, as put in my last blog, in the end, comes down to the laws, and their Veracity.

The CIA has to come under review. Down to the roots. Naturally, as is always the case, subterfuge will be rampant in attempting to thwart any exposure of naughty behaviour, but..., Hope-upon-Hope, I am prepared to believe that the United States of 2009 DOES want the Best for the Planet, can think, and can do anything they freakingwell WANT, er..., has the Collective Will to rebuild it's nation or People's Pride, or the Tenets upon which a TRUE Society would Live, through it's Boundless Intellectual AND Spiritual Capacities.

“CHANGE” “YES WE CAN” and an Educated, Wisened, Willing People, on understanding the evidence, should have NO FEAR in Proving to the world that America is Great, Fearless and Just, for the Peace of Everyone.

Jes' a matter o' convincing the fundamentalists in Salt Lake City that FUNDAMENTAL Reforms are needed urgently in the philosophy of American interests, both locally and overseas.

A-AND..., it's jes' a matter o' convincing the fundamentalists in HOLLYWOOD that FUNDAMENTAL Reforms are needed urgently in the philosophy of American interests, both locally and overseas. But I might be talking to, and about the Jewish influences in Mel Gibson's studios and local Starbucks.

“He's an Aussie...!?”

Russell Crowe then....?

However, while Israel is playing Hell's Angel in the Middle-East, CIA and-the-like spies can take delight in there being a continuance of the distractions against any enduring Social, Human or Godly Justice.

For President Obama to achieve any worthy goals in regard to making the USA healthy, powerful and Just, he and America must go to the veracity of it's laws, including the dangerous laws against a bloke smokin' a bit of the Herb Divine, or chewing a Coca leaf, et al, so that psychotic powermongers can afford arsenals enough to fight-off misinterpreted “alien” invaders.

Aliens, usually from the underground psychic laboratories of Count Briton & Countess Eurape et al.

Good On You America!

What's the chance of being granted political asylum at your Canberra Embassy, Mr President?


Omaxa bin Eartha.
The Forests....


Zimbabwe's bad press?

Zimbabwe's bad press?
by Omaxa bin Eartha
Wed 14th January 2009.

Bad press, always has agenda behind it.

Who sets the agenda, & why?

How much would the Bush Administration, & their Brettonswoods powers have come down on any of the mainstream domestic or global media, had they taken into FULL account, the complete chaos-making history, & explained to the public why, WHY, REALWhy, Zimbabwe & President Robert Mugabe are shown as disasters.

The last eight years has seen myriad Christian & Jewish spells broken in the U.S. Scales-on-mass have fallen from the multitude of fallen eyes (globally too), thus muchly, Barack Obama shon-forth as a New Light, more Attuned to, not conned-by, the awakening.

But the support for Bush & co., from the Christian Baptist, Methodist Catholic etc., right, has waned. Not in the way Bush & his benefactors set the world on fire, through subtle & brutal persuasion & scare tactics, but by employment of the same Powers of the Occult, which the last Administration were THEMSELVES conned – hypnotised – into using to sell the now cleary insane economic-THUS-ENVIRONMENTAL/Social policies.

But these fundamentalist, supremacist, right-wing influences, & their 'Administration' inside advisors, suffered at least a few psychological/intellectual problems due to the bad magic – known to deeply impede the ability to Activate the Intellect.

Spells do that. That's mainly what they're used for.

Some would argue for spells to help or cure, but all but a few, in some way impede the Intellectual Path – Philosophy – to GodSelf.

Thus, as Rome has done for 1700 years, or, as a mental herb, to help, spells place constraint on the thinking process.

Therefore, with the rebirth of Magic & magic these last 9 to 40 years, much erring occurred, & spread as fast as the evangelists & the darksiders with bags-full-of-silver, could ravage the mainly 'western' or Judeo-Christian global population.

Now! It seems so, that the “shift” has brought-out imported-finance-dependent Israel to show it's darkside, as in the criminal war on Gaza now in play.


Look inside Israel?

Intellects within Israel know it's impossible to break the right-wing fanaticism from inside.

This latest invasion of Gaza by Israel is NOT popular globally, so if enough of Humanity do as many have already done & still do, & Protested on the streets against Israel's inhumanity, media will follow, & governments will be forced to look afresh at supporting Israel henceforth.

Now. Zimbabwe's bad press?

I feel Jewish influence in big, or global media, is large. Why? Hmmm? Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.) threats & promises if the Chosen Tribe can't stay in global resource & financial control? They've always been wiley, & have had the fingers in most every arena, especially where public & government policy is concerned, & of course, where a profit can be made. I don't knock them for that.

Hebrews I'd guess, run the global gold & diamond & precious stones – jewellery etc., industries.

Isn't Zimbabwe resource, as-in “gems” rich?

Jewish influence in the era-plural of Cecil Rhodes, was largish – hence the diamond industry.

Jews...., now don't get me wrong – the older ones – I love 'em – even the old Jewess with 50 apartments – in Israel, depend on the diasporic industries, such as the enormous diamond & jewellery etc., businesses, & most of us have great respect for their expertise in which ever field they specialise.

But if President Mugabe has booted-out the imperialist, colonialist, resource(-read “Land”)-grabbing British & Eurapeans, thus severing the supply of Zimbabwean gems to the west, eventually Israel & rich global-money Jews elsewhere will suffer.

So, like the 100-plus year campaign by Zionist Britain to get into the Levant, it's as likely the Judeo-Christian money-hungry schemers will do every-subtle-thing they can to fuck-over Zimbabwe & Mugabe, to regain access to the booty.

REALPolitik, the world & media must look carefully at the 'behind-the-scenes' players in & against today's Zimbabwe, & using those fresh eyes, not entranced, expose the moneytrails from current warzones, including Afghanistan & it's heroin, & failed States like Palestine, Israel, Zimbabwe, New South Wales, Britain, Eurape et al et al, & deconstruct the theocratic & financial pressures & agenda within them, of the Jewish cult.

Now, if the Jews wanna be so FANATICAL..., today's Wisest Minds would concur that it should be to pressure the planet's whole population for the global implimentation of Levite Land Law!

THEN! We are all on the same side.

Israel, or it's Jewish Ancestors have led the charge by the Human race, to a future not apparently known before on Earth. Technology of the day, & many many of our global advances were conceived-of, nurtured and given the Light of Day through the agency of the Jewish Soul. I personally feel there is as much if not more danger in these advances, compared to a nativist, naturalist's life, but must concede that technology has lifted our potential far beyond the limits hitherto-before known.

But limits remain limits, & we must be ever on-guard for those innovations, inventions, contrivances which exceed safe, Wise limits on behavior, which thus, short or long term, threaten the species, or, as we are finding-out, as more important, threatens the species' HABITAT - The Mutha Eartha.

So, Israel, nuclear bombs aside, ruthless banking systems, rules & procedures aside, woeful arrogance & cunning aside, attempted genocide of Palestinians aside, ISRAEL! Woody Allen aside, and Hollywood aside......, as Humanity is near the precipice on the edge of our collective black hole, as much made manifest by the golden calf tribe ex-the Sinai desert mob, do you insist on being so cold, when the evidence, the Law, the Will of Humanity, and the Want of a Just God pleads with you to be otherwise? Or, Just Wise?

Be careful Israel! Do not leave yourself out of the reawakened world of Science & Justice, to starve & rot in dated & unpopular cult dogma. Free yourselves, and by that Work, free the rest of the Children of Israel: the Christian & Muslem Cousins, that all Humans can share the fruits of the hard work done by all the Advocates past, present and yet to come.

Don't waste the Good we have done.......

For Leviticus, & the Good Levites......

Give Zimbabwe back to the Zimbabweans.....

Warning Coral Reef growth will stop!

Warning Coral Reef growth will stop!
by Omaxa bin Eartha
3rd January 2009.

What will the tourrorist boat companies do, when as predicted, by 2050 the GREAT Barrier Reef will have no coral?

I've no doubt the many reporters who document events such as the coral reef dying, etc., have been to Queensland's luscious beaches & lazed on Airlie Beach, or an island retreat.

How many of them have really looked at the situation there, & along toooo much of every coastline on EARTH, noted that the terrain/coast/seafront is being pillaged to destruction by the tourrorist & development industry?

It is utterly disgusting to go to the harbours & commercial piers most anywhere around Australia's coast, from a DEE-EEP Green Environmentalist's perspective, to see the carnage-in-action as heavy machinery in the forms of what....? 40-seater, 60-seater...? tourrorist catamarans grumble their ominous way between the myriad islands, churning-up the waters with their enormous diesel motors, sending treacherously powerful low frequency sound & physical vibrations out through the liquid ether, with the deisel exhaust-pipes thumping straight into the seas, to muffle the deafening roar.

It is utterly disgusting to go to the harbours & commercial piers most anywhere around Australia's coast, from a DEE-EEP Green Environmentalist's perspective, to see the carnage-in-action in the infrastructure drunkenly posited into the “Fragile!”..... “FRAGILE!!!” Ha! seaside environment.

The respected journal “Science” has published a dire warning to Queenslanders about the death of the reef.

Will the Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh be able to go near doing the HARDPolitik yards that the whole coastline is demanding by threatening to die on us, & change the course of history with the swift Reforms so-long-needed, of moving People, lots of People, like 95% of the People, away from the coast line, back at least, I put-it...., nothing less than 50 kilometres, to inhabit inland, sturdier terrain?

But not in the haphazard, viral growth patterns & expansions as all history records Humans have thus-far done.

No. Of course the Premier cannot do that.

Queenslanders are thick headed People at the best of times, thanks to 200 years of hardcore corruption, slaughter, & the consequent denials, although it must be said that that sunny State has progressed well since the quote “Jo” days.

Will Anna Bligh be able to go near doing the HARDPolitik yards that the whole coastline & sea-&-ocean are demanding, by placing immediate bans on any farming on the coastside of the mountain divides from using any artificial fertilisers, pesticides, soaps, shampoos, fanny-sprays or whatever, if it has any chance of making it's way, through the waste water/drainage/sewerage systems into the hydrological cycle, from domestic waste-water, through street gutters, sewerage, creek, river, &or seas?

No. Of course the Premier cannot do that.

Neither will Ms Bligh, nor any Queensland politician nor Jo Citizen be able to go near effective remediation which the whole Land surface area of Queensland immediately needs.

Remediation in the fashion of whole Communities forming Human chains across the Countryside – farmland, forests, swamps & mountaintops, sweeping over with machetti, sickle, sithe, axe, shovel & take-your-pick, infront of the mulching-trailer to packdown the outweeded lantana, capeweed, crapweed, shitweed, weedweed, nasty-poohweed AND oh!? the occasional cane toad?

No. Of course the Premier cannot do that.

Argh! The benefits of a liberal, free, do-what-ya-like-&-say-fuck-the-weeding society?

Many may see thought bubbles of China's galant-yet-ecologically questionable fly-eradication program of forty or fifty years ago. Any failings-longterm, in their fly-plan are here irrelevent. What is/was critical is/was that manymore People than Australia has, were rallied together to do what most of us would laugh at – eradicate house flies!

Today, New South Wales & Queensland are, in REALPolitik terms, failed States. This may be easily denied by whomever profits from carnage & mass corruption, yet remains a cold, hard fact.

Failed in the entropic social structures that have formed over the two centuries occupation by 'northerners'.

But what is NOT faced-up-to, to anywhere near the degree EVERYONE must, is that the current condition of the Land, Aqua, Fauna & Flora biosphere(s)/species balance, therefore the larger bioregional balance, intricately & inextricably intertwined with the global biospherical balance, is as-likely passed the tipping-point of unbalance, such-that once a few vital links in the food-chain are stressed to death, by such as the heavy machinery in the forms of what....? 40-seater, 60-seater...? tourrorist catamarans which grumble their ominous way between the myriad islands, churning-up the waters with their enormous diesel motors, sending treacherously powerful low frequency sound & physical vibrations out through the liquid ether, with the diesel exhaust-pipes thumping straight into the seas, to muffle the deafening roar.

Once a few vital links in the food-chain are stressed to death, those which have for all time been dependent upon them as food, either die-out, or go somewhere else, to put stress on another colony of whichever critter eats the same raw prawn.

The Vital Balance in Nature, between critter & the ecology, between beast & the ecology, between MAN & the ecology, has been broken.

This is the HARDPolitik Reality everyone in Queensland has to face-up to, & quickly, if they have even the slightest sense of doing-the-right-thing for their kids & grand-kids, &-on.

Queensland is no different, in these urgent matters, to the rest of Australian States.

“We're all fucked.”

Therefore, should we be turning to the federal parliament to disarm this ticking timebomb?

Of course! Yet even with a domestic popularity of over 60% (for Kev/ALP leadership), the Big Kev, with Ms Rivers Penny Wong &..., AND Pete “Pay The Rent” Garrett thus-far appear hamstrung in regard to REALLY addressing the impending calamity of chaotic, random human occupation of the Land. (CRHOOL!)

Obviously, I am again less-than-fully-informed. There must be another factor that is keeping Humanity from making-Right, it's time on Earth.

Leadership. Damn! I think it's clear that Humanity needs more than mere political leadership today, or at least it needs one-or-a-Committee, whose Insight is such that they/we, for we lean still, toward Democratic governance, are Properly Able to Meld Politics with the less-tangible aspects of not-only our lives, but the Life-in-general of everything around us, in this hard brutal physical realm of a mere three Dimensions, but also in the Higher, Etheric & Spirtual Realms.

So they would be essentially, of a Spiritual Persuasion, for that, it appears, is the only way the thinking mind can be in Balance with, & maintain & repair whatever we like to call it – the Cosmic Flow? The 4th Dimension & Above & their Creatures? Heaven? The Occult, Magical Realms & how we/Earth Harmonise?

If there are 5th, 6th & 7th Dimensions, then from what I've learnt, we are talking closer-to-God Dimensions, & that, as far-as-I'm concerned, is where the Conscious Human mind must go to Divine Right Thought, Right Action, thus, here's-a-leap- Peace on Earth.

But I do believe that for Attainment upto those Realms which impart the Deepest Wisdom to the Human mind, we of that mind, must go beyond the 4th Dimension. For while it is as important to the lower three Realms & to the Harmony of the three Higher Realms of 5, 6, & 7, as they exist in this Universe, the 4th Dimension is “...fraught with danger...”.

Politics is about Economics. Or, politics is about the filthy-rich, diplomaticly maintaining the bottomline rort of inequitable Human/Land distribution to their own People, or to the Natives of the Land they have bought/stolen.

Above that foundation of the left/right political adversarial smearjob, are piled every possible complication to enamour us, entrench us, fixate us on less fundamental issues...., distractions. Fundamental to our own personal survival, yes, like paying the rent or mortgage, feeding, clothing, educating, obeying – the kids, but issues which all arise due to an original set of beliefs, either fit-for-their-time-&-now-dated, or unwise to begin with, & consequently, leading to bad laws, customs, traditions in a later day.

Lets take today as that 'later day'?

As the machine of limited-lifetime-Laws was set in motion centuries-ago, time enough has passed for the effects of unsuitable laws to become widespread, such that today Australia is of such a gross, that-is material, bottom-three Dimensions' level of mind, that the unholy dollar is the bottomline in the minds of by far most politician's, politician's aides, social networks & boardrooms.

Therefore it becomes one Mighty Challenge for a Politician in a brutal place like Australia to become a politician while following also the Riguor of a, The, Spiritual Path.

How-var!!! Nnnneverthelessss! Politicians NOT sacrificing themselves for this seemingly lost ideal today, are as likely still a bit behind the times, have blind & deaf mentors, peers & advisors, had a shallow, spoiling indoctrination, education & upbringing, or, if none of those apply, are guilty of Treason against their Family, Nation's People, & most of Life on Earth!

So what are Anna Bligh & the Big Kev gunnadoo about minimising the carnage our recent two hundred years of christian yobboism has done & keeps doing to our one, ONE, Little Planet, called Canberra er Nambour, er Currumbin er Maroochydore er Calloundra er Airlie Beach er............, THE GREAT BARRIER REEF!?

Jeez some aaard questions there Maxie.....!

Well? Perhaps you'd prefer the Turnbull Liberals to take-over....?


As society is out of control, globally today, assessed from the evidence which shows the planet can no longer cope-with nor compensate for the degradation Human Beings have inflicted, minimal legal control on economic endevour is not recommended.

Past PM Howard specialised in appealing to the voter's hippocket. Perhaps its no co-incidence that the hipocket “nerve” is level with our “base” chakra, the most gross, or earthy part of our electrical being, which, when appealed to successfully, attaches our consciousness evermore firmly to the most material or gross aspect of the being, of which the material world around us is but a part.

The Earth itself.

This is perhaps the most gross, most counter-productive, most anti-Spiritual arena for the mind to dwell within, especially of course, for the Spiritual Aspirant.

But forever-thus, the fairy-floss of today's religious ceremonies in the first world cannot be eaten, so when societies fail, access to a secure piece of land becomes everyone's more desperate priority over mostly irrelevent rituals.

Even in the better organised 'developed' nations today, this applies, even though most seem to not realise it. Ten years out of the workforce, when I “look in” to the mainstream workforce, I strain in despair for the utter stupidity of our social structures, or is that strictures?

Venturing deeper into the middle suburbs, & to the vortex of city streets, useless lives are used-up by the second, in antlike, robotic fashion or is that formula?

What could Big Kev &or Mal do to make these myriad delusions into USEFUL Lives, saving them at once from the mill, from the production-line office, from the traffic gridlock, from the plane-stack over airports, & from doing nothiing but contributing to the descecration of the Earth's Environment?

Alas? What could Barack Obama do?

He could probably do a hellavalot if he were the only Human on the Planet!

And if he didn't have to bend his political-that-is-ECONOMIC knee to the high priests of London, Bonn, Zurich & Rome.

With the dying Great Barrier Reef, General Motors-&-Chrysler, global ressesh-cum-depression, the endemic worldwide political corruption in-mind, & the petty attempts by global politics incorporated to cure into our Souls & Psyches the Knowledge to prevent the near-as imminent 'endtimes', it is ROARINGLY Clear that there has been time-enough for our richkid diplomats to pull the world together in order to minimize waste & abuse of the only Mutha Earth we have.

By far the most of them are still floating around in clouds of private-school trances waiting for Jesus to give a talk at their old school hall, whence they hope to be forgiven for their loose, tragicly pathetic unproductive lives.

As the religions of the west are entombed in their own concrete, as Islam is fighting Gallantly against a cement cranium, as corporations are in general evil fucking manifestations of the Judeo-Christian cement-mixer, as the richest escapees of BritEurape insist it is THEIR planet to sell to plunder-hungry aliens, as every institution, club, organisation & gathering of more-than two people are rotten with corruption, the aliens & cockroaches don't seem such bad options.

Rebuke for Obama!

Rebuke for Obama!
Inauguration Day 2009.

Me watches, me sees, President & First Lady Barack & Michelle Obama Doin' th' Cruise after being Sworn-in in Washington, & think "YO!"


Then..., a thought-bubble blurbbles-up from the Deep Green Swamp of Soul, & moans "Why ain 't the YO! Mr-&-Mrs YO! President Doin' th' YO! Cruise on YO! BICYCLES!?"

Just build a 60 feet diameter superglass mobile YO! dome!

But I guess they Deserve to kickback.


Just one small point on CHANGE, & the Direction that the "YES WE CAN" Nation of an increasingly United Planet Earth has to go.

AND! I believe a Nation Who "CAN Do!"

America seems Inspired, as-if they're ready to get-on & do it themselves, while now ready to place Trust in the New Wave of Leadership which appears to be with Humanity.

But Self Empowerment is almost a "Hallmark" of the U.S.A., if-not now "genetic" in their Character.

While many seem to err, many more would Follow the Just Road, were their Confidence cognisant of the Socio-Spiritual Movement they'd be Right to Partake-of.

When we get down to it, in "CHANGE" Affairs, LAWS must change.

In the Best-Possible wash-up, LESS Laws would remain, from less NEED for the punitive oppression & the rich-are-immune from-injustice culture, hopefully a passed but clearly an unsustainable social order of a bit toooo-much "Self-Empowerment" of, let me say it - the "Prodie or Freemason" trend.

OF COURse.., the Micks have had spats of overconfidence also in the US, as often shunting everyone off-the-pier.

But it feels those are in the past now.

Climate change has touched middle-America, in time with the mortgage, banking, auto, airline & other big socio-economic troubles.

This, these, are p'rhaps the swift-kick the biggest overconsumers needed up-the-Collective-backside, & with the Hope the President refers to, the "YES WE CAN" USA will put that Phenomenal Self-Empowerment together with their clear desire to Share The Best of their Achievements & Improvements with Everyone, by going now, to THE Issues Humanity faces.

Again..., the above-named crises,
the mortgage, banking, auto, airline & other big socio-economic troubles, upon All-T
hings-Considered Scientific Inquiry, have their erring existence dependent wholey-&-solely upon bad Land laws.

As has been put before...., "Do Your Freaking Maths!"

Congratulations & Salutations to President Obama, Vice-President Biden, their families & their Global Villages who Grew-Them-Up!

Today, at last, America doesn't need to wait for any Messiah, because an Awakened United States Knows that the "Messiah is in the Village" of Good Democratic Laws, thus Wise & Sound Cultures.

Well done America!


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Cult & Drug Law Reform.

Aunty Fraudaldine?

This littly was flung-off on Monday 12th January, due to my being in a very dark mood with my assistants in the media-centre at the ABC.

Geraldine, I slung this off last night to 5 or so ABC emails.

Take it as my frustration from an extreme history of criminal cult deceit.

Obviously..., the Truth is BLASPHEMY to well-to-do 'bighouse' Catholics, especially the Dublin-&-Romephiles within the ABC!

Never let the Truth get in the way of 30 pieces of silver, aye Doogue?

Happy new year to you too!

In the end, you all will regret surrendering to St Joey's & Archbishop Mannix's unbelieveably insane Catholic/Oxford 100 year-plus long plan-read-PERNICIOUS DELUSION of mass deception - building a false messiah by murder, adultery & global blackmail - a crime which would bankrupt, close & irredeemably expose as evil any operation in a different sector of society, or place on Earth (except wherever whitey has stamped his boot!?), of our lost cults of baptismally senile flockers in dire need of a Leader to tell them what fukwits they are!

But, in utterly rotten Astraylia, the dog church, itself utterly corrupt for 1700 years at least , if not since Moses came down from Mt Sinai, with bags-full of silver the priests stole from the Public Purse via our RENT, the oh-so-squeaky-clean St Joey nuns can get away with hiding the SLAUGHTER of my Great-Grandparents & their Tribe & Nation, the Kurnai of Walhalla, Gippsland, of putting together a false family forced to deny Aboriginality, genocide, & stolen children, to serve a macabre, twisted, antisocial & societally evil plan, devised purely so the dog catholics could shout "WE WERE RIGHT!" &, thereafter wage 'holy' wars against the majority of Humanity who know that a 'christ' is a REALLY STUPID delusion made by megalomaniacs to keep & ever-increase their power & occult prestige!

I tell ya'..., you're one more reason to totally ignore & indeed detest white, western, christian-indoctrinated women!

Death to the church of the devilchrist!

Death to the church of the devilchrist!

Death to the church of the devilchrist!

And NEVER let a white woman be a priest!!!

O and thanks Doogue, for actively keeping me homeless & totally exiled in my own country for 10-plus years!

I O U 1!


Omaxa bin Eartha.
aka Max Earth
aka Max No Difference
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'brien
Outlaw for Global Land, Cult & Drug Law Reform.



SENT on Monday 5th January '09,
webmaster@iba.org.il, mailbox@actu.asn.au, maxadiff@yahoo.com.au, yourviews@cnn.com, public@nytimes.com, rmrb@peopledaily.com.cn, letters@sfchronicle.com, dailup@koori.net, religious.radio@your.abc.net.au, info@cbr.alp.org.au


The Universal Council of Light, made of all the Worlds' Wisest, instruct me to ask the aggressors & oppressors in & behind the Israeli Knesset, in regard to the 100 year Oxford-made, Zionist plan, the 60 year invasion, oppression & devastation of Palestine & Her People, & in regard to Israel's present criminal incursion into Gaza; "If there was some Truth in an Abrahamic, Judaic Mashiach, an 'Annointed' Person (soaked in the Best Oil of Tora Teaching), One who needed-not, a Leader, how would He look upon your ongoing, blasphemous maltreatment of your Abrahamic Clansfolk in Palestine & beyond?"

Israel's fanaticism grows from the Root Need, from EVERYONE'S Root Need, for a Secure Homeland.

So too Palestinians.

So too all of us.

What role does Jewish fundamentalism have in Knesset backrooms, & what role does Islamic fundamentalism have in the region & in Palestine?

For your Determination, both Clans should be Rewarded with Honors, but not until both admit they will resolve their Territorial Needs, thus dispel their differences, only by Sharing The Wisdom of their Common Ancestors, as written in Leviticus, on Land Law, Rent & Ownership.

Israel? Would your Mashiach mock the Book of Leviticus, or the enlightening translation of it's Universal Laws by the American Wise Man, Henry George?

There you have the Abrahamic tristar - the Hebrew Levite Law, translated for all by an American Christian Philosopher/Economist, to free them & Abraham's Islamic People of Palestine, & the Jewish & Christian Kintribes within & beyond!

Perhaps that is how an Abrahamic Wise Man would See it today?

What or who then, has Israel's aggressors act so unwisely toward their Neighbours, their Cousins?

Israel has built a walled (ideological) fortress around itself, & incarcerated itself in an old & near-dead mindset of "WAR" being the only resort, when we lose the plot & fail to see our fanaticism as external occult forces manipulating our own minds, thus actions.

Erroneous actions over Israel's, AND Everyone's..., First Need for Land, yet, while at-once purporting to be the Keepers of The Sacred Knowledge & Law, mock Those Laws with speculation on The Lord's Real Estate?

The Land Is The Lord's, Israel.

Leviticus bears The Knowledge of The Law of The Land, yet you do worse than ignore it?

Israel, the modern age growing in this 21st century, is of Reason, not petty emotions of entrapment of the Soul, in pursuit of power over others & ownership of their resources, to support the unsustainable Culture we witness in Israel, an arm of colonialist 'golden calf tribes' of Britain-&-Eurape.

Would Israel's Mashiach build more walls, or pull the old ones down?

Just "what"..., were you, that is, those you claim as your Ancestors, the Chosen Tribe, chosen to do?

Destroy Humanity & the desertify the Planet for aliens to plunder, or to Save Earth's People & Her Divine Biosphere, by YOUR Instituting TRUE Land Law, as per Henry George of America?

Were I Advising President Barack Obama, I would Highly Recommend
his Committee begin a Sweeping Campaign right across the Mid-East, why not to Iran, Afghanistan & Pakistan Et Al, with a coordinated Campaign from India, Bangladesh, & Whomever farther East, for the Common Popular Invocation of Land Law as Divined by an American Mind.

Economic Guru from San Fransisco, Mr Henry George.

One World, Prez.

Where has the global Labor party taken you, Ehoud Barac?

Pull down your walls Israel!

Note also: If the notion, the ideation of THE Mashiach was Cosmicly Correct, & He was supposed to & DID manifest, any, ANY who did not Advocate & Fight for the True Law of The Land, would lose ALL their authority, to him.

As most refuse to Live thus, that is True to The Law, it's likely he would be brought to use the Sword....


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Cult & Drug Law Reform.

Petro-Profiteering? Who? All of 'em!?

As I may at last be online, via bigpondo, maybe I'll try to insert the email addresses I have sent each blog to. On the other hand, if I'm secure online at last, I will reduce my SENT emails significanto. Ne'ertheless, here's the list for this email-article-preblog etc.

SENT on Tues 16th December '09,
maxadiff@yahoo.com.au, dailup@koori.net, mailbox@actu.asn.au, canberra@dsp.org.au, yourviews@cnn.com, public@nytimes.com, rmrb@peopledaily.com.cn, contact@hells-angels.com, speakingout@teamster.org, by.design@your.abc.net.au

Petro-Profiteering? Who? All of 'em!?

How come petrol & diesel at-the-pump prices remain so high (in Australia), when "West Texas Crude" is down to $44 a barrel!

Government & petro-industry "skimming" from the Public's dwindling incomes?

Keep them as high however, if it has Joe Public get out of their cage, & on the Bike of Sustainable Living.

BUT....! Joe ISN'T going Green QUIK enufff!!!

The world's "auto" industries face SERIOUS Reappraisal, such that, as is noted in media, the US big 3 would-could fold without government aid.

Omaxa HARDPolitik says ATC, the concept of today's autos, not just the feasability, may not be possible in 50 years, perhaps by 2030.

SERIOUS Reappraisal....

Through the veils of collusive industry megalomaniacs, Humanity must see & face that psychosis, learn QUIK how to enjoy ourselves LIGHT FOOTPRINT & make do with what we have at hand, & cut right down on unGreen WORK & living.

If the feasability of autos goes under, so the petroleum industry will dive.

Done Right, it will waft away & drown in a blissful wave of Rectitude, popping the thought-bubble of WAR into the ether of Brighter "EnviroTech Balance" Industries, using less for The Mutha Planet.

If the petro-moguls see the death of their misventures looming, being ruthless "Wall Street" ∨ MI6 types, would they not try to grab as much as they could before the global oil tanker sinks, like they, I say I say..., are now doing?

Similar to banks & "interest", & mortgages.

As we are, we are hooked on the petrostuff, so when the petroindustry is exposed & drowns, the government aka the military will take-over prod-&-distribution.

The CEOs will attend ReEducation!

Rather than require government to offer rebates & 1-off starter payments, to encourage enterprise, better remove the impediments to Joe Public Living a Life off the treadmill which consumes tooo much energy to make sure you-he consume tooo much energy.

What was that about the (Brit-Euro) major banks & their failed control of the Human/Land housing, food & distribution racketsss?

Proper, as-in Property, Human-Habitat Distribution, Evidence-based Energy Laws, & Economic Rent, would remove our need & addiction to "ENERGY", thus the waste, & otherwise tragic global demise.

US Congress, Senate & President-Elect Obama! You're all on the biggest bike on Earth! Time you all started pedalling in the same direction.

Free industry & unrestrained inventiveness, to satiate insatiable desires, have had their go, or "chance".

Much Benefit has come from it, but a Wise Hand now must use the advances to Teach the Lore, Law, & drop the pressure of having to break the Law to survive.

Imagine..., the Mack-Kenworth-Scandia Consortia building Trams from Renewables, Etc., a la Henry Ford's Hemp car?

Dunlop-Goodyear making tyres from hemp/flax/biowaste?

Internal combustion engines running on.... H2O?

Hemp oil lubricants?

These are the Options the big auto & energy industries have, if they want the Right to survive as free enterprise operations.

It is too much to expect the industry to divise a Proper Plan for themselves.

Here again the Govt must Guide, with ATC Science.

SHUDDER the car, built by a Committee?!


Oh! You mean that one designed by the Black Fellas outback o' Alice Springs?

The 36-seater '73 Holden Kingswoods Tramcar?


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Cult & Drug Law Reform.

Sue NSW Councils for fish-kills

Sue NSW Councils for fish-kills.

by Omaxa bin Eartha.

Last year there was a weather event in northern New South Wales in which the Richmond River flooded, causing a fish-kill of dramatic proportions.

In the days following it became apparent that the fish kill was caused because of the build-up of introduced weeds in the river catchment area, which had taken decades to accumulate. When uprooted by the flood & washed downstream, the decomposed weeds depleted the waters of oxygen, thus a tragic amount of the river organisms, including the fish, died.

What follows is my analysis of these events, written on the same day I heard the news report about the fish-kill.

“Police have a Duty to lay charges against Richmond River Councils for fish-kill.”
(written, early March 2008.)

So says Political Outlaw, Max Earth.
“Failure to ensure the Health of the Environment”, is Max's allegation.

While he admits “...such a crime may not be on-the-books, or coined in the same terms, the Impartial Science of a Proper Investigation would...,” he believes, “...establish a deadly-thus-criminal paucity of Environmental Responsibility displayed by (all) New South Wales' Councils”.

“As a Nomad, one becomes aware of the enviro-carnage throughout the Land. Lantana, capeweed, blackberries, scotch thistle, radiata pine, just five introduced plants classed as 'weeds', & the shiploads of other pestilences, from cane toads to cattle, have been left to grow wild in National & State forests, Council & privately-owned Land, thus causing events like the recent fish-kill.”

“While governments ignore the FACT that ALL Policies & Laws of social, cultural, demographic & economic development or 'improvement', are deadly, if not 100% cognizant of the Importance of underpinning all of them with the Prime Tenet of “Natural Ecology First”, mankind will be decimated.”

“Authorities, including the police, are all sitting in-potentia of being charged with committing the above crimes.”

Max thinks these charges extend to the class of “Crimes Against Humanity'.

This is simply “Asserting the Fullness of the Law”, says Earth.

If it is established that on such issues, such as fall within the Responsibility of Councils, (& up, to the National Parliament, & even Earth says, to the International Courts), the failure to maintain the Health of the Environment, short-or-longterm, threatens Human existence on Mutha Eartha, then the authorities are culpable.

Such an allegation places the spotlight on the law-enforcing, law-making & Judicial bodies & authorities, for allowing such erroneous mis-&-maltreatment of the Land to become Law.

Max says, “It's an open-&-shut case, & may set a Precedent for the much needed Reappraisal of “What the Hell Humans are doing to our One, True Mutha?”

Yours for EVERYONE'S Mutha,

Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Cult & Drug Law Reform.