The True Pope?


Another smack in the heart!

Is it possible?

Is it likely?

Is it credible?

Yes, as far down the scale of linear time as it is, it is possible that I, Max Earth, am this "Da Vinci Code" "Merovingian".


Naturally I don't take the possibility lightly.

Indeed, after 53.11 years of deceptions and confusing bullshit from everyone I've known, about what, and who I am, and after three decades of searching for something concrete to "....pin my faith to...", investigating my family history, and establishing that it is riddled with skullduggery by the British elite, as-in my "Sutherland" elite Scottish clan ancestry, and the conspiring and totally fraudulent catholic church, I find that there may well be links with the story put by Dan Brown in his tome "The Da Vinci Code", and my own blood!

I haven't read it yet, but today might be the day I start....! I must say, I am NOT fascinated by any of this. Rather, I see it as none but a damned inconvenience, and one which raises my ire to the justifiable point of carnage.

Now, without bothering to detail my suspicions, thus far I'm left to try to discredit this long, long theory, that there is a blood lineage from the Hallowed Joshua ben Joseph, aka Jesus Christ, and myself. It may be so, but I do not rate it as important, in the business of enlightening the world, or the Souls of men.



Putting it all together, analyzing the facts about the Human Soul, and about mankind's ability to transcend the chaos of this lowest plane of existence on Earth, I am left with but one option, or opinion, as to the importance of a blood lineage to the mythologized Jesus.

That is, that I DO NOT believe blood lineage is important for the species to transcend the chaos, and I do not believe that a messiah of this type is what humanity needs to save itself.

For at least ten years I've been shooting my firey arrows of heresy and dissent at the religious cults of the western world, and whether or not I have the blood of Jesus flowing through my veins, I stay with my beliefs that we are all inherently "Gods" as it were, akin to the myth about Jesus.

As the world is being washed down the sewer by the predominantly judeo-christian culture, and as communication of the last few thousand years have improved to the point that the west has met the East, and after centuries of the western cults totally missing the point on the Soul, the Spirit, God, Self, and life in general, there is no doubt that all the myth and hyperbola surrounding a returned messiah, and about where Christians should focus their attention, is utter rubbish.

Not only utter rubbish, but quite evil utter rubbish.

If we think about how endarkened the catholic church was in the middle decades of the 20th century, and that there were doubtless millions of catholics and christian who were being educated enough to be able to find their own Intellect, and thus were enabled to critique these religious theories with that enemy of faith - REASON - we must also recall how dim the majority of followers were.

The church was utterly draconian in it's dogma, and about as misguided as a cult could be. After 500 to 800 years of catholic inquisitions into witches and witchcraft, where the church sought successfully to conquere the occult realm on earth, they had assumed the right to employ the occult on everyone, to achieve their own political ends.

The darkness of the christian era of the last 1700 years had lowered the intellect of the average white person to it's lowest level possible, as atested to by the demented state of the New South Wales Police Force, and consequently of the populace of NSW, done by the Vatican in the erroneous belief, er, delusion, that the species could only be uplifted and/or controlled by application of the occult. Their brand of the occult.

Meanwhile over in the East, thousands of years had passed with Enlightened Souls everywhere, fully awake to the occult, to the dangers of using the occult as the west had been, and to the priorities each of us must keep in life, if we are to progress through our term on earth, and finally to transcend it, either in this life, or in the hereafter.

Rome had become so black, so lost in it's own skulduggery and perverse agenda that it could see no other way for redemption, but for occult manipulation and for a fabricated savior to wise them up.

But, over the centuries since Joshua ben Joseph was hypnotized by his Jerusalem Temple Rabbis to sacrifice himself to an utterly corrupt Hebrew cult, the minds in Rome were afire with distractions and deceptions, mostly war plans to protect what in essence was a bag of occult hexes.

So, "lost", the clergy became in it's own occult ignorance.

In the book by Franz Hartman "Magic, white and black", he tables the effects upon the intellect, and that employment of our inherent magic powers reduces our capacity to employ the intellect, so-as to see and analyze properly the state of things and issues.

As the majority of Humans today know about magic, and have fired-up their third eye, misguided in the west by the myriad cults which have exploded into existence over the last 10 to 20 years, the church is being challenged like never before, because most of these people, that-is those who have not been reduced by malemployement of the occult upon their mind, are now aware that the Vatican and it's branch offices in protestantism and the other so-called "christian" offshoots, have been using the occult on us, to oppress our intellectual capacities and talents, so they can keep us enslaved to their now obviously warped and deadly political agenda.

"Have FAITH!"

Such warped occultist agenda are what have been behind the Eurobank scams of the last 500 years, and are what have brought humanity to the current economic and environmental carnage, AND, probable future demise.

All because the Vatican and Canterbury et al were captured by the "machiavellian" dark side of power, and lost the thread totally as to making this forlorn planet more accommodating and more peaceful than it has been since "the Fall".

Personally, the catholic church, through it's agency of St Joseph's convent in Collingwood, Melbourne, have ruined my life, simply because I have taken a different road to that which they believed was necessary, and, through the Path of Philosophy, have found that most of their hyperbola is pernicious bullshit.

When the conspiracy that has been my life was congered, I say back many moons, either by the depressed and desperate catholics and scottish aristocratic fools of the late 19th century, in south Gippsland Victoria, or way back as Dan Brown asserts, to the marriage between Joshua and Mary Magdaline, there was not a lot of common knowledge in the "western hemisphere" about the individual Soul, and about how it may find God within.

I reckon that there was a serious debate going on about whether Jesus was going to return to Earth and save us, and I reckon that many KNEW he was not coming back as the church had hoped and preached.

I reckon that those who had selfish allegiance to the hand which fed them - the church - decided that it was for the better to conger a false messiah than to have the impossible made possible. That the existence and sustenance of the church was more important than the truth.

That this delusion has held sway in the minds of billions over the millennia, in no way makes it the Truth. If the Truth was held to by the church and the state, would Humanity now be in it's "last days"?

So, after a day of thinking about this curse of a label I carry, that I am the Merovingian as per the Da Vinci Code, I put it that this "blood line" thing is irrelevent to saving the world, and that indeed, having the most unsustainable cult of one-and-a-half billion christian idiots continue to over-consume in the belief that a messiah will come back soon and save their kiddies, and forgive them for their insatiable egomania, is the desired path to destruction that the Hebrew cult and it's Roman branch office have sought, for whatever reason, since Moses led the flockers into the (philosophical) desert for five thousand years.

As I said, as the church has ruined my life, a life which otherwise may have been delightful, fruitful and great, added to by the content of the previous paragraph, any thinking Human (ah HELLO?!?) should realize that it is better to die rejecting such deadly falsities, than to contribute in ignorance to the destruction of God's Property, ie., the planet Earth.

Therefore, as it seems I have Meritocratic Authority (which is questionable), I put it that all western christian churchs should be shutdown permanently, and that those who purport to be "Christians" surrender all their wealth to a Common Cause of the most serious social change ever attempted, that of shifting to the social format of AGRARIAN SOCIALISM.

Cities are our doom, as far as I'm concerned. All Hail the Kibbutz! Etcetera!

And HURRY!!!!!!

From today forward, I am bound to dissent and heresy, in order to eliminate the falsities of christianity and judaism.

It is logical to define and keep the Honorable edicts of any faith, but GLOBALLY, a TOTAL realignment is necessary as to where we place our allegiances.

Earth is our only planet. It is our Mother. She is our sustenance.

If humanity continues to blindly and blithely abuse Her resources, be-it in banking, mining, and production of ANY junk goods, as well of course if humanity continues to fill peoples' heads with the kind of shit that Rupert Murdoch-ian type media insists is necessary to keep the elite on top of the economic pile, I will argue with the Gods for the destruction of the planet.

This, because, if the aliens are real, either in these dimensions or in the fourth dimension and above, then we are not the only intelligent beings, and therefore we are obliged to consider their situation in our corner of the galaxy and universe.

It appears that the second world war mid-20 century nuclear weaponry, poses serious threats to the galaxy and universe, should the Jews and dumbfuck "christian" scientists try to take it into outer space.

As we witness daily, there is no hope of stopping the colonialist, expansionist "IT'S OUT THERE!!!!" beliefs and search by the westernized technocrats here, short of destroying the whole white, western culture and creed. As they have spread themselves to all points of the globe, and as this devil is capable of planting "sleepers" in the society, designed to wake-up some time in the future, when it suits a hidden agenda, it is reasonable to conclude that, for the safety of not the Earth, but of the galaxy, the Earth must be destroyed completely, before these human sickos get out there and begin warring against any aliens.


A powerful Magi could perform such a task.


As the Prophet Jeshua is purported to have said, "...Those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit shall NEVER be forgiven..." so it will be for Rome and it's offices, if they do not ACT RIGHTEOUSLY and declare fundamental change to their erring and deadly cults.

Jerusalem also.

If I am the Global King, Woopie! Who would want to be Lord over a bunch of insane, deluded and generally pathetic morons?

Not I.

If I am that, then Ratzinger better ACT, immediately.



"Bailout" swindles?

The following e-ssay I just flung off to the Citizen's Electoral Council (CEC), a mob whom I think are my ideological opposition?

But I receive their press releases, and I like Lyndon La Rouche for his forthrightness, and Mr (Craig) Isherwood writes interesting stuff, so what-the-heckta?

Hi Craig,

Fair points.

From my perspective (Deeep Green and so far left I don't even exist as a personality), the crises plural we all face are not really crises... yet.

I reckon they will become serious as time passes.

These "packages" to rescue the universe from rampant unregulated capitalism, are put to appease those who still run the world - the Brit-Eurapean elites, now spread to all points globally, including our elites here in Australia.

25 years ago I blurted out to my brother one day over a beer at the Panton Hills pub, that, eventually, in our time, the walls will fall in on those hubrists of big business, finance and industry, bankrupcies will be flying everywhere, and the governments of the world, by then a bit more intelligently run, will be buying all the failed big fellas of big business, finance and industry for a song.

The opportunites have come, and a few governments are so doing, but again, are hesitant to do their maths and absorb an effective amount of the players to the point of changing the culture of greed and rampant, ill-considered development, etc., in order to stabilize the planet.

Not re-stabilize, because it has been chaos since the apple tree incident of year dot.

But while the powers that be remain, Obama has to dilute the CHANGE solution.

This titbit line in La Rouche's release "It was a betrayal of everything that FDR stood for, beginning with Roosevelt’s commitment to the elimination of the British Empire at the close of the war".... is an astounding statement!? I believe it......, but to just pass it off like that, without expanding on what reaction might have come from Britain...........?

No wonder Roosevelt died.

As it goes, it feels like many uptop are waiting for time to pass, and for things to cool down. I'd say few think things WILL change substantially, and so they just carry-on as before.

Look around, where are the cities clamping down on unnecessary vehicular use? Surely most all the little efficiencies we are adopting will in the end still be ineffective, in terms of the environmental crisis (assuming your lot accept the ecology is threatened.)

Opulance and excess abound as before, and when we look at the super elite class, one might think they have not been told of ANY concerns over the future economies or ecologies?

While the rich keep restauranteering, jetsetting and generally wasting whatever they can, we're all on a downward slope toward the big bottomless cliff.

It's hard thinking this might all take more than one four year term (for Obama), because I don't think the rest of life on Earth can wait that long.

But if it does go-off before then, today's voters and punters have never been better informed and even educated on these issues, so we can expect a seriously different polity and thus political leadership. It's obvious he (President Obama) is hamstrung by the stoics of yesterday's market and economic beliefs (Keynesians etc), and by Eurape's assumed superiority in such matters.

If the likes of the FBI can, CAN lay charges against the likes of UBS, and keep going right through the Eurobank cartels to dissemble the age-old scams on the rest of us, possibilities are that Eurape will orchestrate another war, with the danger of it being a rather large one. War is a great cover for the elites to rearrange their assets, and rehouse themselves, while their agents (our politicians) keep us worried, distracted, enlisted and ignorant of how the toffs are swanning it in a safe enclave, if there will be anywhere "safe" in 5, 10, 20, 30 years?

The "Jewish" question arises here I find. For it is yet to be made news that a large chunk of depositors and investors in the big nasty banks, and in other people's Right to secure longterm housing etc., are Jewish.

I mention this only because Israel is really a breach in the security of the Arab, Islamic Middle East, funded and supported by....., Swiss-Eurobankers anonymous.

If the Eurobanks are brought to Justice by non Europeans (may it be so!), the fanatics in Israel politics will run out of bucks to fund their war against a Peaceful Planet, which does not promise a safer planet.

"Our Soils Our Own" should become the Call worldwide, if we are to effect any "CHANGE" for the Better. But change has to be in everything Humanity does from here forward, and, as a Realist, I hold little hope.

If however, things do go guglering soon, the governments will have more power to force change, thus the likelihood that SERIOUS CHANGE for the Better can be implimented.

Therefore, as I personally have nothiing but a tin-and-tarpaulin shed on wheels to lose, considering the prospects for humanity, with more dross from last century's keynsianisms and the rescue bucks being squeezed out of the still employeds' pockets, one must hope things DO get worse. Perhaps MUCH worse, so that the likes of Obama can with less elite resistance introduce and institiutionalize AT LAST! some REALEconomics.

If the US can do it, the rest will follow.

I urge that we all support President Obama. He is clearly the most intelligent man we've seen in the White House, and he has the biggest and hardest job in front of him, because it is more than ever now on a global scale, in, economic and ecological terms.

The only way anything this big can succeed, is by having the mass of the people with him.

Thus far, post honeymoon, he has that. It would be irresponsible and a little trite, methinks, were political commentators to undermine his attempts this early.

It is a new era, say what? Things MUST change, globally, locally and personally. Barack is well aware of these urgent needs, and would do right, were he given the supportive legs.

Sure, the latest bailout is yet another swindle, as Lyndon puts it. But since when has it NOT been a swindle in bigtime politics??? This term is the chance to effect Proper Change. Perhaps the LAST CHANCE, but how do we unswindle a marketplace and society, which has been a swindle since .................?

Justice. Can we trust the judiciary? Not from where I sit.


Coppers......, oh how depressing....... But these three levels of Law enforcement HAVE TO CHANGE also, for if not they will merely keep protecting the pricks uptop who don't give a... about the rest of us.

So, to whom do we appeal?

If we could win over the ones who carry the guns..., we;d have a chance, and Obama would be able to Institute Justice, Proper Justice, at last.

But that bit is, in his second term.

Max Earth


Here's the Office of Fair Trading's response to my whinge a week or so ago, about Caltex/Woolworth's possible petrol scamming.....

--- On Tue, 10/3/09, graftonftc@oft.commerce.nsw.gov.au wrote:

From: graftonftc@oft.commerce.nsw.gov.au
Subject: Your complaint. (4647837).
To: maxadiff@yahoo.com.au
Received: Tuesday, 10 March, 2009, 1:26 PM

Dear Mr Cook,

I refer to your correspondence dated 6th March, 2009 regarding your dealings
with a Woolworths petrol station.

The Office of Fair Trading requires further information in order to address the
issues you have raised. Accordingly, could you please supply full details of
your complaint including contact details and address of the trader and clarify
the outcome you are seeking. The information can be emailed to:
graftonftc@oft.commerce.nsw.gov.au. Please quote reference number 4647837.

Please note that if the Office of Fair Trading does not hear from you within
seven (7) working days from the date of this letter, we will assume that the
matter has been resolved.

Yours sincerely

Carole Dean
for Commissioner for Fair Trading
10th March, 2009.

50 Victoria Street GRAFTON NSW 2460 Australia
Tel (02) 6641 0900 Fax (02) 6641 0999 TTY 1300 723 404

Fair enough.....!

Didn't stop me slinging-off this extra-piece, however....

Wed March 11th, 2009

To the Office of Fair Trading etc...

Thanks for your response.

Clearly, I'm in no position to ask the OFT to address this. I submitted the "allegations" to you to alert you and the public that such scams exist.

Proving this case is too late, but as I wrote in the text, these things do happen. (Recommended reading: Bertolt Brecht's "Threepenny Novel")

They are also as likely impossible to prevent or police fully.

In this example, where it's possible the provider has been selling under-amounts, I suggest that if the OFT is serious about ensuring the public are not being ripped-off (especially to the potential amounts in this type of scam), the OFT could deploy employees with "certified" (as accurate volume) or whatever, fuel containers, checking petrol stations randomly. And over at least one complete financial year.

Of course, as corruption is rife throughout most governments departments, corruption typically of the multinational corporate and "Rum Corp" models, and as these same type of corporations (Caltex, Woolworths, etc.,) hold governments to ransom in terms of promising "jobs" for favored treatment,any serious campaign to expose the big criminals will be watered-down by the 'advisers', or drowned-out altogether.

If such a scam was found to be widespread, and was proven, the ramifications are huge, and give support to a case for the nationalization of those offending providers. Nationalization is suggested as the most efficient way to compensate the angry public for quite likely being undersold fuels for decades.

In this time of economic meltdown, with multinational corporate bankers and other industry leaders being brought to their knees, and exposed as either crooked, as in the banks, or extremely poor planners, as in the big-auto makers, it is not enough to expose them, without giving equal justice to those who are in complicity with those big profiteers, and, by no coincidence their customers, the big polluters.

The global economic (& environmental) crisis is hitting the food and fuel buyer and the supplier, so all look for ways to save or extract further profit.

A Proper Analysis determines that centralizing foodstuffs, as in supermarkets, in antipathy to encouraging People to grow their own foods, is uneconomic, which is, unhealthy long term, for socio-enviro conditions. (I put it that the same applies to the whole notion of "cities")

Divorcing people from the knowledge of how to grow (improve, store and cook) their own food, may be found to spell the destruction of the Tribe. Not only because when serious crises hit, we starve with food under our eyes, or staring at desertified fields, but that the long term "weight" and effects of ALL the infrastructure needed to support that centralized lifestyle, times billions, simply overwhelms the globe's ecological infrastructure, as we now have upon us...... thus the planet's ability to sustain Humanity, and survive.

That ANY Human Being should assume the right to profit from fabricating or upholding any such "industry" or modus operandi, signals one or many serious psychological maladies in their management, thus brings into question their merit in helping Humanity not consume it's Mother Earth to death.

The first thing we, as Australians, and as one Human Tribe must do in these coming decades, is to make our lives as efficient as we can. This is never attained while "private interests" have their profit-centred hands on the Essentials everyone needs, like, food, fuels, and OH! Land.


Omaxa bin Eartha,
for Global Land, Tax, Cult & Drug Law Reform

aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
aka Max No Difference

We'll see what 'appennss?


Nature craves more carbon dioxide

Here's an interesting article I wuz inspired to reply to and done so down below...

--- On Fri, 6/3/09, CEC Media Release wrote:

From: CEC Media Release
Subject: Nature craves more carbon dioxide
To: maxadiff@yahoo.com.au
Received: Friday, 6 March, 2009, 11:49 PM

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
Media Release 6th of March 2009

Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary
PO Box 376‚ COBURG‚ VIC 3058
Phone: 03 9354 0544 Fax: 03 9354 0166
Email: cec@cecaust.com.au
Website: http://www.cecaust.com.au

Nature craves more carbon dioxide

Government policies to force drastic cuts in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, out of fear of CO2 as a “pollutant”, are insane—a fact underscored by recent testimony before the U.S. Senate by award-winning Princeton University physicist Dr. Will Happer.

In the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearings on 25th February, Dr. Happer declared man-made global warming fears were “mistaken” and noted that the Earth is currently in a “CO2 famine.”

Dr. Happer stands alongside more than 31,000 scientists who have signed a petition opposing the quack science of global warming—a petition which makes the specific point that “there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.”

The global average atmospheric CO2 concentration is currently a tiny 387 ppm (parts per million)—just a trace gas—and trees and plants are craving for more, yet fools are threatening to decimate our economy, in order to reduce this life-giving gas. In the last 600 million years of Earth's history, only the Carboniferous Period (approximately 300 million years ago) and our present age, the Quaternary Period, have witnessed CO2 levels less than 400 ppm.

Commercial greenhouse operators are advised to add enough CO2 to maintain about 1,000 ppm around their plants. Carbon dioxide generators for greenhouse operators produce CO2 by burning liquid propane or natural gas. The healthy plants respond just as plants have responded for most of the history of life on earth when CO2 concentrations were naturally this high, if not higher.

The dinosaurs survived just fine when CO2 concentrations exceeded 2,000 ppm and 450 million years ago, late in the Ordovician Period, the earth went into an Ice Age when carbon dioxide levels exceeded 4,000 ppm—so much for CO2 induced global warming! Coral has thrived throughout these enormous natural climatic and atmospheric changes.

Exhaled human breath contains about 4% CO2. That is 40,000 ppm—levels which carbon reduction fanatics would consider to be concentrated pollution.

Any carbon tax, or emissions trading scheme (cap-and-trade) would destroy essential industries and the human population which depends upon those industries, on the basis of a clear fraud, and therefore must be vigorously opposed.

I replied wiff....


A classic example of centralization of information, say what?

The Mob are left to rely on whichever scientific reports suit higher agenda, thus gain popularity, usually by complicit media.

Jo Blob has no hope of keeping abreast of the full situation, because of jargon-padded reporting, making it possible for 'interests' to go with such as "carbon-dioxide" pollution.

CO2 may be no threat, I don't side with either argument, being uninformed etc., but climatic change does seem real, and threatening.

Whether CO2 or general over consumption is/are to blame, the first world of ours MUST at least MODIFY our behaviour, ie., lifestyles, employment, recreation, etc.,,,,

The "end of capitalism" may be a stretch..., but it may be the Best thing also....?


Omaxa bin Eartha

Sudan – Time for African Union

Sudan – Time for African Union
by Omaxa bin Eartha
Saturday 7th March '09.

I've been 'watching' Africa for over 20 years, and, as with other global regions I watch, I've refrained from asserting any political (or religious) ideas that bounce around my head, because, it's presumptuous, typically white, and relatively unproductive, if the Locals don't hear, understand, or agree. Or, more accurately, if the Locals don't Know what's Best themselves already. The Solutions have to be Educed from the People themselves.

This is antipathetic to the western approach, the “christian” 'most qualified leader' approach, which, to my mind, is a pernicious method of distraction and control of deliberately lost sheep.

But as events are keeping-time with my slanderings on the globlog, and as timing may be critical, I grew-into casting my thoughts right-out-there about the Sudan, Darfur, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Africa All Together, and here they is......

Sudan – Time for African Union's Military and Civilians to show, like the Chinese did after the 2007 earthquake, that they CAN join Hands with each other and provide Food and Water to the displaced, and to those left bereft by the expulsion of 'western' NGOs.

Of course, Zimbabwe deserves the AU's Help as well, if-not first?

Sudan has Two “camps” - Islamic and African. Both suffer the common affliction left behind of centuries of “northern” colonial plunder and oppression.

Most everything in African Lives has been severely disrupted over the last 500, 1000, 3000 years, by plunder missions from more rapacious, higher tech private armies of the north, including no doubt, from Egypt.

Consequently, THEIR WAY of Organizing Their Sound precolonial Cultures suffers.

Organization is lacking across the continent between a majority, in Military terms, and Tribal Bias' prevail, sure.

Sovereignty is FUNDAMENTAL to AFRICANS (Yes! As to ALL), to Their Tribal Regions, Nations and pre-colonial borders, if ANY international assistance is made available.

The Best Assistance, I put it, is to deploy a co-ordinated US, Russian and Chinese Military Force to a number of African Nations, perhaps ten (10), purely as a “Global TRAINING MISSION”, to help Africans, Military and thence Civilian, to Learn how best, in this hi-tech and transient age, to be Properly Organized.

Any of Africa's Ancient Cultural Controls are as likely unable to cope with the current imported chaos, what-with the increasing population, etc. Nevertheless, Africans must be able to adapt what is taught, to their ways of doing things. Whiteman's hubris is neither allowed in the Missions.

I 1st wrote, 2 para's-up, “...deploy a co-ordinated US Force...”, thinking of the retiring US Military Forces soon-to-leave Iraq, spending a (Tour) Relief Mission of this sort, training the Sudanese in Civilian, or non-weapons Skills, including Healthy Lifestyles as the west has defined through Science, but of course leaving the African to Relearn to Appreciate the Simplicity and Beauty of their own, Harmonious, Balanced and thus Sustainable Indigenous Ways, Customs, Cultures.

Naturally, I assert...., the Teachings should be on low-tech, Green, “BACK-TO-THE-LAND!” Agrarian, Self-Sufficiency living.

Obviously this has been the African Way for eons, pre-colonia. So Intelligent incorporation of the Honorable “techniques” of 'western' accountability, Community-Efficiency, “Boot Camp” and gentler encouragement for personal physical fitness and mental organization and skills, with the essentials of “101's”, 202s..., and hardware in hi-technology, primarily for improved Green Skills Education dissemination, and unbounded Communications, seems logically recommendable to distribute to say – every school in Africa? (A-hem? Optimismzzzz?)

"Internat Militroops Mission" (IMM), serves to bring the Best and Most Important Organizational Skills to everyone.

As organization is fundamental to Military operation, African Military United (Football Club...), would, from here....(?), appear the best to receive the IMM Training first, but The Mission is Education, so Any who front, Soldier, Colonel or Civilian, should be Connected to whichever group evolves to focus on one or another aspect of the Big Picture, in Education, Agrarian Village-Sufficiency, and Local, Global and Glocal Communications.

But in the initial deployment, courses on basics in Administration, down-through-the-ranks, through Cooking, Cheffing, to KP Duty and “Latrine Watch” prepares the Mob for upgraded Education.

Typically, the “west” the US muchly, would expect a heavy deployment of equipment.



This isn't for “contracts” to Catapillar, or GM.

Today, to introduce the weight of the usual range of military and associated support (canteen-type, fuel-type, maintenance-type) facilities and equipment anywhere, but especially in a low-tech and disheveled culture as often prevails in Africa's stricken zones, demands too much of the Project, of the Aid troops and of the Africans deployed. And, it demands too much of the MOTHER, Eartha.

All Military Actions would be non-political, non-corporate, non-cultural, focusing on their being there, to Primarily Lift the weights off ALL their backs – with the 1st Essentials of Food, Water, Security.

Organization! New Day! “Yes We Can!”

A United African Militarized Aid Force, awaits coalescence and Training by the Experienced and Knowledgeable Powers in Organization – The USA...., and China.

I exclude Eurape because we are yet to see the extent of Eurape's fully-uncovered BAD organization reality, in terms of it's cult, and branch-offices in the Americas, thus it's politico-economic destruction of much, if-not-ALL of Life on Earth.

Besides, the chaos in Zim, in Sudan, in all other Afro-Nations, is rooted in the “northern” Judeo-Christian expansionism and brutally dull cult–ure of the last 1000 years.

It is remiss to not mention a British Military contingent in any IMM.....

I always felt that the last six years in Iraq would have been worse for everyone, if The Brit's hadn't taken the “We're with YOU! GW!” response to America's invasion of Iraq. From 2003 I thought Britain were acting as a handbrake on the driveshaft of the superhube(ristic) Bush Administration.

Since then, while sticking with that feeling, I am more cynical of the Brits. What with the growth industries taking-over our sensibilities, of the GFC, Envirocide and impending GEM, I'm now convinced the Brits and Eurapeans cannot do anything on the international stage, which is not heavily biasing any profits that can be made, in their direction.

Even now, the Eurapean International Criminal Court, the ICC, tells everyone else that it, the ICC is the world's upholder of Law, as if everything out-of Eurape is unquestionably RIGHT and LEGAL?!


That any of them do nothing to reduce the enviro-carnage wars leave – wars to protect the most enviro-dangerous culture ever known -, and blithely maintain warmaking laws to fund their weapons manufacturers and zionist plans, leaves them out of the Discussions and IMM, as far as I'm concerned.....

I might be lucky and be shot, for not giving the Australian Military a Vote in this IMMish.

Too British East India Monetary Fund Rum Corps type, I now believe. But we're trying....

Also, I ain't doin' this for “My Mob”-type promotions.....

Finally, FREE Education TO ALL, WORLD-OVER, but in this case for Africans, on the “Macro-” Global, Political “Winds of Change” Phenomenon, will Help Bring “Village Africans” Democratically together in this.

Oh Jah! Africa!

Omaxa bin Eartha
for Global Land, Tax, Cult and Drug Law Reform.
Forests of Godolonia


Taliban Win In Pakistan.

Taliban win in Pakistan.
(1st 8 paragraphs scribed on February 18th '09., a few days before the announcement of the Taliban win in northern Pakistan)
by Omaxa bin Eartha.
Friday 6th March '09.

What evidence is there, that, All Things Considered (ATC), the dominant global (through complex globalizing agenda) empirist, colonialist “Christian” culture, thus it's Laws, keep the Balance, in the Group, Tribe, Nation (or suburb, Patch, Turf) in “developed” nations, in comparison to Islamic Culture and Laws?

Perhaps the general “western” or Judeo-Christian culture's biggest failing is assuming OUR culture is the only one for ALL Humanity.

Typical Christian hubris, as-in most wars since the holy crusades.

Remember, The Prophet Mohamed, Created Islam because many of the Abrahamic Family saw the rot which “Old Jerusalem” and the “holy Roman empire” had introduced and exaserbated in the Faith.

Therefore we must Honor Islam's View, step-down from the Brit-Euro-centric, pulpit, insanely abused with language, of the Christian might-is-right way, and give the Taliban the Opportunity to Institute Their People's Security, through “Sovereignty of Laws”.

Laws which, given the Respect from outside, can again find less-”extremist” enactment and enforcement, thus more Moderate, Fully Intelligent Expression.

Not mere “lost sheep”-types, cungering religious myth and fiction, ultimately, for a pernicious, selfish, superiorist cult agenda!

In “The GLOBAL Dream”..., (if-I-may...?) Arabians, Islamist, Africans and Clans, once more, Elevate Their Souls upon those not-so-mythical “Magic Carpets” of Cultural, Cosmological and Deilogical Balance.

Friday 6th March '09

As the Swiss bank-type tax havens are cracked and levered-open, the International Criminal Court, (ICC) indicts President Omar al-Beshir of the Sudan.


President Mugabe of Zimbabwe faces similar warrants as issued against Beshir by the Brit-Eurapean-centric ICC, United Nations, resource-hungery “north”.

Palestine is, underneath all the riveting video of the carnage, oppressed because, they as well, are regarded as “lesser beings” than the white, north. Noticed the “blondes” in Israel?

The same applies to Aborigine Peoples in Australia, especially from the most recent Eurapean incursion of “immigrants”. I have no doubt that the Eurapeans have had this in mind for centuries, and, as things are on a knife-edge economically, ecologically, culturally, religiously, legally et al et al, GLOBALLY, the rats are deserting the sinking Euroship with all they could cunger out of daddy's inheritance, buying-up the best real estate wherever the jumbo-and-a-4X4 will posit their pampered pussies.

Such warped, pressures arise because Eurape, is too populated, as it may have been for about five hundred years.

Hunkering-down for the upcoming globaleverythingmeltdown (“gem”), means all of us getting over our “proud traditions”, Respecting the unknown, especially the one's whose Roots are like a software update, bringing all the factors in tune with the shifting sands of the day's threats, virii, political realities etc.

Utterly ridiculous is the global tourrorism “jetsetter” industry, most enjoyed by whole generations of very wealthy Britons and Eurapeans, whose ancestors were set-upon wiping-out the Ancestors of today's Aborigine (WHEREVER they tourrotravel), whom the tourrorist Briton and Eurapean richbrats come to oggle at, buy the art of, knowing the Artist gets bugger-all, while the “Gallery” darlingkkk, makes 1000% profit! ETCETERAAAA!

Of course, we the white, christian educated indoctrinated “NATIVES” of Australia, support all this in blind, blithe apathy, leeching-off the richie-rich eurotouro.

But is it not the same, all over?

So, please..., is it time...., to ask the northern Christian moguls of modus operandi and ways of thinking... NOT CUNGERING, to rein-in their closedminded, unattainable, secret agenda in regard to “Other” Cultures, Colors, Classes and real estate, let The African Way be Found without ICC-type, farcical, protectionist, “anti-other-interventions”, subversions etc, let Natives wherever we be, want to Welcome the Eurorats, but on the Wisest, Level Playing Field, by now, pledging to Fight for Global Land Reform, that in our Lives we will share the Land and the Wealth Equally, with Just Hearts.

Is it now, that we must ask the culturally dangerous north, who uphold the erring ICC etc (USB? Lloyds? HSBC? Bank of America? Citigroup? RBScotland? Meryl? Fannie? Freddie? and George Dubelyer etceteraetceteraetceteraetcet
eraetceteraetceterRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.........., to “Look Within!” and inspect your inner drug laws, relax your rude Opium, Cannabis and other drug laws, and begin afresh to Treat the Islamic Afghanistan, Pakistan, Middle East, Northern and Southern Africa et al, People, Laws, Land and Culture, with the Respect Brothers of One True Family would...... ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.... give their Honorable Parents?


A last word on President Beshir's warrants.....

Who is capable of reminding the ICC, ie., the white north, that THEIR ancestors invaded Africa centuries ago, and everyminute since, and are ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE for the current unbalances as we witness across that Continent.

So, tied with the current “globaleverythingmeltdown”, with Brit-Eurape at the centre of allegations and charges of being responsible, their unbelievable twisting of history, religion and politics ALWAYS TO THEIR favor, with "whiteman's tongue" or "christian rationalization", has come to an end.

What I may be seeing in Africa, is a culpably subverted continent trying to get-it-together in ways the Socialist, Agrarianist, Green, Leaders of Latin and South America have been doing recently.

With the gem knocking on Eurapean bankers' doors, Ably Led by the NORTH AMERICAN, US Authorities, they can no longer, aside from a Jewish “Mutually Assured Destruction” psychotic episode, presume superiority to and over the Proper Definitions of Law, of GLOBAL Law.

The International Criminal Court is totally corrupt (so, do we "Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do..."?), should be put in indefinite recess, while a GLOBAL Criminal Court weighs the Evidence as to ongoing colonialist crimes which now bring cancer and aids etc., to the Beautiful Peoples and Beautiful Cultures of Africa, Arrente, America and Asia, attributable to the last 500 years of British and Eurapean mentally ill expansionism.

Just One Planet.

Just One Law.

3.00pm Friday
Omaxa bin Eartha
The Outdoor Outlaw of...,


A Note to Britain's "UNITED" Union

Monday 2nd March '09.


I'm an Outlaw for GLOBAL Land, Tax, Cult & Drug Law Reform. Been "out-in-the-cold" for over 14 years, living in my vehicle, dissenting from most of the hoopla of national & global politrix.

I watched your Union Boss (name?) today on BBC, and Salute him & The Cause.
In 2009, Unionism has no choice but to GO GLOBAL.
I am at war, as-it-happens, with your UK/Eurapean colonialism.


Clearly, the rightwing "west" is trashing the planet, so we cannot waste time.

You MUST totally reassess your objectives, in terms of employment, & the "perceived" need for a free marketplace.

We all do have a right to earn an Honest quid, but our rights are totally abused while we pay private landlords for a place to live etc.

THE Issue, (as-ever) is Land Reform - GLOBALLY - for one nation alone cannot hope to win Equity amongst the Workers.

You, the Unions now have the USA Admin on-side, while they do face huge hurdles.
Every government on Earth and most Workers now Know the fundamental need, for rebalancing local & global society.

While many are still under the pawl of catholic centralization in commerce and land ownership, we are, through "Knowledge", breaking that grip.

Yo! Philosophy & Education!

Now, in the GEM, "Global Everything Meltdown", their/our only way to succeed is to UNITE GLOBALLY.

I have Australia's Unions & governments, AND even our rightwing parties onside, though, as most Union Leaders are catholic, they wait (in vein) for their Great Chief, so will not take it to the streets themselves.

Obviously, the global banking sector, al a HSBC, the Bank of England, and the Swiss UBS types, are reluctant to get real.

Obama's Investigators are on the case now, with their calls for exposure of UBS, and as I see it, are "on the money" in breaking the filthy-rotten Brit-Eurapean cartels.

Most know my vicious antipathy to "the north", for it's ruthless colonialism of the last 500 years, but that's not at the Workers. Mainly, I shoot my firey arrows at the elite, like those above.

The GEM is being managed as best the elites can, since we woke them up with a few "events" these last few years.

They, the Keswicks, Bonds, et al, realize the errings, and I estimate they want to make-up for it.

CHANGE has to occur, globally, or we're all doomed.

BIG CHANGE Comrades.

The BIGGEST CHANGES ever, on Earth, today, can only succeed with a Concerted, Globally UNITED Effort.

Fear NOTHING Comrades.

Do your Maths, like Henry George of the USA did in the 19th century.

Break the yokes the landlords have had on you, Britain, & on us, the Rest of Humanity, since Adam's day.

Economics IS A SCIENCE, with Solid Answers, not a mishmash of elitist hyperbolic distraction!

REACH OUT UNITED, across the Channel, across the planet, & watch The Faithful, True Believers Stand-Up with You, & Success can only be all of OURS.

Stop the machine of "Babylon", by organizing a global strike, even just for one day, and watch Humanity Salute the once "Great" Britain (sheit that's hard for me to say! I'm part Aborigine!), and the Great USA, the Great Russia, & the Greatest Cause of Human Unity, in making, wherever we live, "Our Soils Our Own".

Don't let Britain & Eurape become insular and protectionist rightwing.

Just refocus on "Glocal" Sustainability.


That is all profit for the uncaring, spellbound elite.

The Angels of Heaven and Earth will support & protect you, I guarantee it.

All Praise a United Earth!

One Planet!
One People!
One Issue!


Omaxa bin Eartha
for Global Land, Tax, Cult & Drug Law Reform.