Queensland government and tyranny?

Queensland government and tyranny?

In recent years there have been many “news” items telling us that Bikers are acting like criminals.
Since 2007, when Hell's Angel Chris Hudson went wild in Melbourne, winning himself a free ride to jail, other incidents involving Bikers have made the news.
More were blamed for a restaurant “shoot-up” in Adelaide, and of course everyone remembers the bad scene at Sydney airport.
In the months since those events, the respective state governments have made efforts to clamp-down on Bikers, outlawing them from wearing their club colors, and from associating with each other, as well as other restrictions on their day-to-day activities.
The Collective of apparently “warring” Bikers clubs did the smart thing, and formed a nationwide Council, the “United Motorcycle Council”, and have since shown sensible behavior to the ongoing negative “press”, with UMC spokes-persons releasing their own straight-forward and accurate media statements and comments, etc.
I've been pro-Biker for a few decades really, but in the last five or so years, more so.
In the last week, the Queensland's Anna Bligh government let it be known that they were setting-up some sort of “consultative committee” to help draft legislation, but have apparently made it their business to select who would be on the committee, and who they would consult, leaving out, “Bikers”.
(United Motorcycle)'Council representatives said they were informed by public service officials last week that the laws would not be made publicly available but would be posted to selected stakeholders for comment. Council spokesman Terry Walker said “the Government's claims of consultation had been exposed as a fraud. The Queensland Government is preparing to hand massive new powers to the police, and tear away basic legal and civil rights that have been a cornerstone of our democratic society,'' Mr Walker said.'
(These 3 paragraphs are excerpts from the Sydney Morning Herald's online article, found at
Queensland never really was a paradise for “free-speechers” and libertarians. The recent media about Qld slipping back to the draconian days of Jo Bjelke-Peterson and endemic corruption in government, is supported by this case, where the government is probably breaking the rules of government in Australia by limiting public consultation and access to whatever laws and reforms are introduced.
Abolition of “the requirement of proof beyond reasonable doubt” goes straight against our legal values here, as it would seem to, across most modern democracies.
But who said we live in a Democracy?
I don't, and since learning a bit about it all, about 20 years ago, have never said we do.
It was certainly a bad stroke of luck, or of fate, for the whole Biker fraternity in Australia, when the Fella died at Sydney airport. State governments have since then gone Hell-for-leather toward totally clamping-down on the irascible Harley-Riders.
It seems very “overkill” if you ask me, and begs a few questions from the defendant's side as to why so hard on them, as they have been around since world war 2, and generally have done their bit, in that some of them, and perhaps a lot of them, have been in military service?
Also, these years, when I hear a government or lobby-group calling for “bans” on minority groups, or practices, my alarm-bells go off, usually because the protesters themselves are using the media to focus on ideological enemies to keep or reduce any heat which mayhap should be applied to them.
In light of the “Sydney” media's recent canning the Queensland government as sliding back to those bad old “Jo days”, Anna Bligh and cohorts may well be using the Bikers to take the heat off the Qld government, by appearing to be actively tackling corruption and crime?
But this anti-Biker move may precede that bad press for Anna? I don't know. Then, therefore, perhaps the Sydney news releases about Qld's backward-slide was part of a wider conspiracy to get the heat out of Sydney?
Nevertheless, there is definitely a bad smell coming from the Qld government's actions against Bikers and Biker Clubs.
On the “up-side” however, Bikers profile has risen somewhat of late, bad press and all.
There is a saying that once you reach a certain amount of notoriety, or fame or infamy, any “press” is GOOD “press”, because, even in the underworld of Australian corruption, there will be an increase in the body of support for you, whether you're a “good-guy” or a “bad-guy”.
And, as I've firmly believed for many years, that in a world riddled with corruption, which is another word for “crime”, where the corruption is actually MANAGED BY THE GOVERNMENT, or by the oligarchy of upclub elites, whether in what we call “government” or not, whether in our own nation or off-shore, it IS more Honorable to be a criminal, particularly when you are fighting against the dominant crims. Ie., the powers-that-be, the powers who MAKE the rules.
A famous American Philosopher of the 19th century, perhaps Ralph Waldo Emerson, but probably another, wrote that “in a nation run by criminals, the only place for the Honest person, is in prison”.
This, we must be Honest here, doesn't apply to Bikers, or to most any who are forced by the crims-uptop to commit crime to feed the kids etc., for today you'd have to be a naïve fool to be HONEST all the time. You would also be as likely unemployed and exiled from all levels of society, and labeled by the authorities as being mentally ill.
This may apply the most, to belonging to a religious sect or church. These days, people are leaving “western religions” in droves, and it's as likely because, if you join a religious group, it will soon become evident that it is NOT acceptable to ask too many questions, or to postulate reasoned doubts about the dogma one is told to learn in Bible-studies or such.
As well, what a fool one would be, were one to be totally honest all the time, considering most all levels and members of government are themselves disgustingly DISHONEST to the public.
But, that line about where the Honest person belongs, amidst tyrannical rule, lends support to Bikers, and to everyone who disagrees with ANY corruption in the halls-of-power.
In a corrupt society, in a corrupt world, especially in this recent time when we are being bombarded with media, government and religious predictions about it being “the end of the world”, where nothing can be done to save the planet and it's kiddies from the, in biblical terms, “apocalypse”, or from the scientific evidence-backed reports saying that we have trashed the Mother Eartha and that indeed, for many millions, if-not billions of Human Beings, the end is close, there seems little point worrying about being Honest, especially, as I say, when dealing with the jokers (NOT the Gypsy Jokers!) uptop, who are perhaps the most cynical, uncaring and dishonest of all.
If the bust-hards uptop are blithely and callously playing along with those further-again up the global mountain of governmental corruption, simply to make as much as each of them can, before Armageddon(outta-here!), then what right have they to enforce ANY laws on the rest of us, which deem we must be honest, or follow their rules?
Lately, I was inspired to contemplate and then write on the subject of Integrity, even when facing the above mentioned “apocalypse” or planetary annihilation, and it became evident that even when in the face of disaster, of global disaster, it is Right to fight to the end, especially against that which is bringing-on “the end” as we all generally agree our global powers-that-be have done, and who continue demonically to do.
In my musings “All Things Considered” (as I chant here-and-there), the Maths said loud and clear, that there are perhaps three “Groups” here in Australia, who are of that Kind, who regard Integrity as significant. Perhaps significant to the future for their own Soul? Perhaps for the future of their own Children? Perhaps for the Group? Or perhaps for the whoever, whatever living thing or being might survive after they've gone? After they themselves have been washed-away by the rising sea-level, or by there being no food left for their clan, or such.
Three Groups, who have always been regarded by “Babylon” or the monster of global powers, as unworthy of consideration, as unworthy of assisting, of ensuring safety in future.
Aborigine, Green and Biker are the three Groups I came to regard as Righteous.
Righteous because in the face of Babylon's evil behavior, to them and to the planet and Her environment, these three had, in the past, and still today, stayed “out there”, either on the streets or up forest trees, or elsewhere, protesting AND ACTING/FIGHTING against the tyranny and against the path the tyrants in power were sending all down.
So it came around to my suggesting that if any of us ARE serious about Resisting, Defying, Dissenting against the upemselves upclubbers uptop, then the most effective thing we all can do is, to Unite.
Aborigine, Green and Biker.
As the idea floated around in my thoughts, the term “The Three Wise Tribes” arose from the deeeep.
This, is now not a secret, as I have sent emails around the globe explaining this notion, and for what it's worth, it's on my weblog.
For those who, hopeful or not, are nevertheless NEVER gonna lie down and bow to the demands of the busthards uptop, and are never gonna agree with the common sentiment that “all we can do is PARTY!” etc., as the busthards would prefer we do, until the sun doesn't rise one day, it will not be hard to see the Logic and Reason in having these Three Wise Tribes Unite.
Of the last decade, after many decades of Greenies' Forefathers and Mothers standing and marching against BADBADVERYBAD government environmental policies, of being floored and kicked and jailed by errant policing and errant courts, of Greenies' Forefathers and Mothers lying in front of BIGBIGVERYBIG deforesting machinery, and LOCKING-ON! etc., to the busthard's equipment to STOP THE DECIMATION of the Environment, today's Greens have gained considerable Respect from the once cynical (read-poorly-informed) public. Indeedy, most all first world nations have Greens representing their Tribe in parliament,and many other nations are catching-up.
However, the bigboys of the world's super-elite seem still to have the final say on whether old growth forests are preserved or not, etcetera.
Greens wax-and-wane in their political influence and effectiveness. As is typical of corporate tyranny, whenever the Righteous have a “win”, the machinery of Babylon automatically “kicks-in” and begins the subversion campaigns, and before long, the Righteous have had to take a step back in the vote, influence, power or publicity polls.
I am quite certain, that were Justice, or whatever, to silence the subversive machinery of the idiots-of-ruthlessness and capitalism, Righteousness would BLOSSOM across the nation and across the globe.
In terms of what these last paragraphs address, the Greens would become the government in most western, and other countries worldwide, in a snap.
As to whether “Greens” as the generic term applies, are ready for any such Shift-big-SH, I and we must be careful.
But once more, Greens' ability to cover all the bases which Good and Comprehensive Government must cover, as far as I'm concerned, is only restrained by the fact that the selfish power-hungry anti-Greens corporate subversion machinery makes it it's business to engineer a smear campaign against them, and so would undermine any chance the Righteous had of Educating the populace to the point of appreciating and understanding and voting for their, for example, economic policies. Or their “health-care” policies. Or their “education” policies. Or their “Housing” policies. Etcetera-and-on.
So, how much can a Green Koala Bear? (Thanks, Austin Tacious!)
Aborigine? This last week we've seen publicity turn to The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, Tom Calma's proposed new Aborigine representative body, with up-and-down comments from both sides of the “Indigenous Affairs” debate.
Liberal MP “Lonely” Tony Abbott (for not having his buddy Peter Costello in the House of Reps with him) “panned” the idea, and there was general agreement, with some disagreement, on the side of the Righteous, ie., on the Bleck side, that it is worth pursuing.
The new “Council”, my word for the “new organization to represent Indigenous people” is not something I am qualified to comment on. One would Hope it takes-off and succeeds, but as is again, always the case for minority groups, support from the mainstream, not that the mainstream should necessarily have any influence in this issue, and therefore from the mainstream politicians, that-is support from the state and federal governments is as likely to hit hurdles.
Self-Determination for the Aborigine here is a must, but those who must pluck and play with the purse-strings of government and funding and lobby groups et al, are almost inherently cautious about giving the OK to such a concept or body as is proposed.
If PM Rudd's “Apology” of February 2007 to the Aborigine meant anything to him and the government, every assistance would be forthcoming from Canberra and Darwin I guess. Northern Territory Indigenous MP Alison Anderson said the proposed new 128-member council body would be too small to properly represent all Australia's Aborigine, saying that Canberra “...should be setting up a body that represents the whole nation, and not just a little body that is not really going to work."
Can't argue with that! So, if Rudd has his ears-on, and his coffers unlocked, how long will it take, how much cajoling and delay will it suffer, before the Australian Aborigines get PROPER Representation?
Well, they ARE an amazingly patient People. But that is no reason to delay the Restitution of their Dignity one more day. Again, being a minority group of Australians, the general approach from the authorities is to find reason to delay and to delay and to delay, then commission a report? And that'll be ready in 2033!
500,000 Australian Bush People, down the other end of the planet to Wall Street, to Zurich, to Bonn, to Downing Street, to where the money really comes from and goes?
500,000 People who really should have Sovereignty on their own Land, STOLEN from them or not?
Meanwhile, more Aborigine kids die before they reach one year old, one of the worst statistics of infant mortality in the “developed (HA!) world”!
Where can they go to get the support they Deserve?
Where can Humanity go to get the support we (perhaps?) all Deserve, to minimize the carnage expected?
Well, as the “mainstream” of Australian society is today so self-absorbed, and as so few of them actually get out of their armchairs and vote with their feet, or march in support of those who Deserve more support, minority groups are left to fight for themselves. As mainstreamers are prone to blob-out and say “yes” to whatever the government asks of them, with not a Righteous bone in their bodies, the Righteous are usually the ones who do the marching, the shouting, the fighting, against tyranny.
Today, the majority here live pretty well. This is only because, from way back in Britain, before Australia was invaded and “settled”, through the 19th century's Worker's Movements in Australia which gave birth to the Union Movements, which gave every(white)one alive here the wealth and comfortable lives they generally live, the Righteous, who would not shy from a fight, were the ones who United to stand-against the vicious coppers and army, until the powers-that-were relented, and gave them their Proper Rights and Dues.
Everyone benefits, from the actions of the Righteous few.
Most people here today are incapable of accepting that a bunch of motorbike riders who have a reputation of wearing very soiled outfits, riding very scary bikes, and of generally being breakers of all the rules, would or have contributed to making the world a better place.
Yeah, some of them are scum. I know, I used to ride with them, and may be said to have been one myself!
Bikers have not got a reputation for standing next to hippies and ferals in the forests and stopping bulldozers from destroying 500 year old trees. Usually, they stood opposite, and supported their Working-Class mates, often only too ready to take a swing at a Greenie.
The same has been the case in their attitude to Aborigines, and to non-white races in general.
You won't see many Bleck Fellas riding Harleys.
But, of the last say, ten years, things have changed SIGNIFICANTLY both here in Australia, and most everywhere else on Earth, in regard to, and for, Bikers.
That said, it has to be known that they have been a lot more “Charitable” than the media would tell, and for most of their existence.
We lucky bimbos in the middle to upper classes and suburbs of Australia, rarely if ever get inside a lower class or under-class suburb, let alone inside a household there. We never see or know about the chaos which often rules those undereducated, forgotten sections of OUR society. We don't have to. We have a job, and the learnt skills to manage our dollars between pay-cheques and rent-days etc.
We are not behind the eight-ball from birth, or from three, five generations BEFORE our own birth, and so don't have to grow up in a house with one or more males constantly under the thumb of some strange phenomena, which may have been from when they were kids in a broken household, of say, ex-convicts, whose only response to life, or to a hard question was violence toward the missus or the kids, and another drink.
We don't see the psychologically busted white families and their abject existences, in our own nation. And we don't see the occasional Biker paying them a visit with a few things to help them through another week of unrelenting trauma from an unrelenting and uninterested landlord, or from a history which beggars belief, when viewed from our comfortable and relaxed bimbo lifestyles.
We don't understand that the Bikers join together because often enough, in the past, that is where they have come from, busted homes, criminal records stuck to their foreheads before they are born, kicked by coppers when just kids being kids, in poor suburbs where it is sport for the cops to harangue them.
And, because they don't care for the “sophistication” we take for granted, sophistication meaning “false”, we don't see anything Good in them.
HA! have your falsities ambitious classes! You haven't been bashed from childhood, so don't understand why a bloke or woman HAS TO reach for a bottle of grog, or for a smoke of Weed, or for some pill or another, just to GET ME OUT OF HERE.
And you haven't ever had to endure constant harassment from malicious authorities because you were poor, uneducated, or had no respect for what, even as a young child, you learnt well was a filthy, malignant corrupt government AND religious system.
Then, there's the returned serviceman? Comes back, severely changed from their time on the front line, in a war engineered by your nation's allies to get your nation's servicemen hooked on heroin.
Comes back, and after a few sharp-end engagements against an invisible enemy in a foreign land, perhaps injured, perhaps after watching your only mate in the world drop dead next to you, perhaps watching your whole platoon being blasted to kingdom come.
It's a bit fucking HARD going down to the dole office after serving your country in war, enduring and bullshitting your way through farcical interviews for a menial no-brainer job, paying a bit more than you need for the rent and food, etc, etc, etc, after that kind of experience.
Then, there's the blokes who grew-up in the warzones of the Middle East. Same-same!
Gorr-save-me! Give me a motorbike, an open road, a few beers and a spliff!!!
D'y'reckon Tony Abbott has been there?
D'y'reckon Anna Bligh has”been there”?
Even that Working-Class bloke Nathan Rees?
And what about those punses in Adelaide? Wran? Ever been there MISTER Wran?
Lots, as it happens, of Aborigine have. Not necessarily to Vietnam, or to the Middle East. No! They jus' go down to their “HOME”, in the Town Camp!
Gorr-save-me! Give me a few beers and a spliff!!!

What we don't see, is where these blokes are “tempered”. Where they get their “Mettle”. Why they aren't afraid of fighting, when fighting is called for.
Before the media got on the bandwagon of sensational END OF THE WORLD climate change news items, soapies and telemovies were what they'd see on tele. Few could begin to take an interest in any political blah. It, like stopping climate change, was in another galaxy to them. Outta reach and outta control, and outta their ability to effect. Especially if the government showed no interest in helping to stop the meltdown!
Most of the people in the tough classes, where a lot of Bikers come from, managed their own world's, and left the world beyond their “patch” to the rest of the world. As crime was a given, theft from the rich usually meant a bit more for their mob, shared around. It wasn't a crime. Just a bit of “Robin Hood!”
So..., as the “system” deserts so many otherwise Good, Capable, men and women to their own devices, where they must scrap to scrape a few extra dollars together, to help the neighbor's daughter through an unwanted pregnancy, to give their kid a bicycle, to have something left over at the end of the day, to help them relax..., and after a violent mob have gone through their own home, they join forces. Without the security of a nice suburb, without lots of onside coppers to keep the yobos out, they do it themselves. In the end, they make it, and can actually buy a house.
That they had to run a relatively harmless illegal operation to acquire the “wealth” seemed no different to how the real estate agent, or the lawyer for a property developer made their pile. Indeed, the Biker didn't put and keep thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of Good people out of a home so he could live in opulence. So it goes on....
Since climate change has struck-home, and into the hearts of many people these days, the blokes who are organized into clubs, “gangs”, if you must, who have a bit of military experience, and who have matured passed the old stereotypical white superiority ideals, and who have pretty-much ALWAYS had a Moral Reason for their being in their Club or Gang or Tribe, Bikers have come to see that nothing they do is woirth it if the climate is rooted. If the planet melts down!?
Like most people, if they can see a wrong, they WILL try to right it.
As the old Biker line goes “When we do right, no-one remembers. When we do wrong, no-one forgets”.
That the Bikers have always been a strong force against corrupt tyrannical corporate globalization, and see that they may be able to help a Righteous Mob of WHAH?! GREENIES in their fight to change the corporate attitude to the environment, and that they MAY be out there in the forests standing NEXT TO Greenie ferals and trippers of all flowery colors, to stop the carnage, it's quite understandable that our tyrannical state governments are trying to destroy them as a force.
Just like Jo Bjelke-Peterson did, or tried to do, to the Greenies in the 1970s.
Just like the SAME colonial governments, ex-Britain, did to my Great-Grand-Parents' and their Nation in Gippsland in the 1890s.
It's quite understandable that Queensland's colonialist, corporate, pro-Babylon government will do everything they possibly can to blacken the name and reputations of Bikers, if they foresaw Greenies, Aborigines and Bikers joining forces against tyranny, to help save the Environment.
To help make the lot of the Aborigine Better.
To ensure that tyranny does not take away our FREEDOM, to Associate, to be Honorable against the evil of centralized government!
Might very well be one HELL of a Tribe to answer to........
Might be a much better world if Bikers are allowed to Associate.


Thoughts on proposed new Aboriginal Council.

Thoughts on proposed new Aboriginal Council.

As Aborigine has been subject to the horrors of white invasive attitudes for the passed 221 years, or more correctly for the passed 201 years, since any chance of a Good relationship between Bleck and white was ruined by the insurrection of the 26 January 1808 “Rum Rebellion”, NO-ONE has the right to criticize how Aborigine have run their affairs since.

All of the failures, as those attributed to ATSIC, I suggest, have arisen, or “fallen”, because the general condition of the governing and cultural bodies incoming from Britain chiefly, have, when compared to the stability which Aborigine themselves established into their LAW, Lores over the thousands of years prior to 1788, been horribly awry, distorted and corrupt.

The 1808 decimation of any Sound English Laws of Good Relationship, which did exist in the original edicts from the Crown, brought here by Arthur Phillip, ensured that Aborigine was to have but one choice - endure and accept and adopt the invader's corrupt ways, religion and laws, or become extinct.

Every attempt was made over the last 201 years to so debilitate the Indigenous Land Owners, with 'racism', alcohol, theft of “Country”, displacement, separation from Families and Clans/Nations, mental, physical and sexual abuse, destruction of their Religion, by the incoming cults, and thus a continent-wide stealing of their Bliss, that any errant behavior by our latest Aborigine generations could not be avoided.

Indeed, our white superiorist 'authorities' sought that very outcome.

It is a Good Thing that the Aborigine is given “Self-Determination” and indeed “Sovereignty” in their own Land, and the latest proposals from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma must be regarded as such, by all of us - Bleck and white.

As the last decades have seen white Australians express their support for the Aborigine, then a retreat away from being seen to Stand-up for them, because of the errant tyrannical attitudes from the last federal government, today, we all are much-the-Wiser in these issues, and in knowing where most all racist attitudes arise.

I put-it this, “racism”, has always come from the, ANY invader's desire for the Land and Her resources.

It's surely about time WE ALL GREW-UP, and took “race” and “color” and notions of “superiority” right out of all debates.

'Superiority' in whitey, it seems to me, arose over time, because they have been at war with themselves for so long, in the 'north', that 'technology' and the need for constant improvements, was beaten-out of the raw metals of over-population and under-supply in places like Britain and Eurape.

War has been their driver. That they achieved such yes, Brilliant advances in technology, doesn't necessarily mean they/we are “superior” in all other areas. Surely that these “advances” beyond the stone-axe” contribute so much to the destruction of the global habitat, must have us question any pretensions to being superior?

A psychosis without doubt, albeit understandable.

Today, with the “intervention” (which I suggest I may have inspired in my blog and emails of the year or so prior to Howard and co's twisting of my thoughts to suit their superiorist agenda [search my weblog postings from about 2004]) being both hailed and derided, and lingering in our thoughts and fears of failure, we have retreated to a place where whitey feels they cannot speak-out and stand-up for the Aborigine, that Aborigine Issues are theirs alone to sort out.

I disagree.

We are passed the era of racism, in REALPolitik terms. While it does still exist, the majority of people here and abroad know full-well it is a belief of passed times, and belongs in the ideological rubbish-bin, with the many old-money, old-power cult and political theories that have evolved out of the dark, dark Christian ages.

But getting beyond the residue of errant thinking (Oh! white man!?) is blocked by hurdles of, again, the new world's apparent NEED for ever more resources-read-LAND, so we are constantly battling against that staid western (corporate) theory of “Happiness” and where to find it.

When I wuz a kid, mummy found Yoga and began teaching it to her local white society. Then, in the 1960s, the common joke-question was “do you have to stand on your head to do Yoga?”

When I wuz a kid, Chinese Martial Arts were derided as..., well, “foreign”, etc, and thus were often the target of, in-essence “racism”.

When I wuz a kid, “Acupuncture” was “hocus-pokus” to our oh-so-fecking-wise (NOT!) western medicos.

But ALAS! What have we today, but a much improved acceptance of these “alien” practices, where most all of us whiteys recognize and respect these long-honed and Supreme Arts and daily rituals/practices.

Granted, many of today's white-tailed practitioners, are even more egomaniacal since adopting those systems of health and self-defence and control into their lives. But of the many, as with most things in this lowest world, there are those who employ these “exotic” and thus once trendy, Arts and break-through the western egomania, to imbibe and quaff the Bliss those Arts, and others can bring us.

These examples, but three, seem to be the province of personal, Self-Fulfillment. Jolly bloody Good, Cobba!

But, getting back to Aborigine, slowly-slowly are we whiteys coming to comprehend our own erring political and religious beliefs, and that, in our generally appalling disregard of what the Aborigine may have to offer us, we have been persuaded to totally ignore that THEY DID have a Sound, Honorable form of governmentation. ACROSS 520 different Clans/Groups/Nations!

As I suggest above, the last 201 years have been a debacle and in essence, an act of genocide, at least an act of “culture-cide”, most all of it just plain WRONG!

It's way-passed time we whitey faced the HARD FACTS about our mistakes, and came around to admit that the Aborigine DO Know how to Govern themselves. AND! That they may have QUITE A LOT to offer US, in terms of Good Government!

Indeed, when the “Founding Fathers” of the United States of America were putting together their Constitution, they found and borrowed much from the Indigenous “Indians”, who advised them on “Democracy”, and how best it worked! But they had colorful outfits and sexy attire! (?) And they weren't so BLA-ACK!

Yes, there are for our Aborigine, at this point, many “troubles” they have to overcome, most, imported. But it is clear that they still have very much Alive in their own Kind, many many who are ready, fit, willing and able to Lift themselves out of the morass we have put them in.

We must Celebrate WITH THEM, their Endurance, and that they have managed to come out the other side of the valley we cast them down into.

But having masses of white-bottoms waddle across Sydney Harbor bridge, and the many others Aus-wide, in our attempts to “celebrate” and further “reconciliation”, rightly mocked by Aborigine, where they called for “Conciliation”, has done little to give back the Bleck Fella their Deserved Dignity.

I whinge to myself that JUSTICE must come before any preferences toward “blood” or “creed”.

So, if that's correct, then it is time white-bum stepped out of the judge's throne, and allowed Aborigine LAW to be recognized.

Such a suggestion incites troubled “two Laws” scenarios into our imaginations.

I have not the qualification to proffer any more than to say that it is clear that western laws are failing, that western religion is failing, that western methods of government are failing, and that western concepts of economics are failing, so is it therefore not time we rested our assertive (IMF-corporate) legal egos, and sought reinstatement of the laws which the “Wisdom of the Ancients” held as what we are all underneath, of?

However..., again this may do the worst possible thing and breed further division between Bleck and white. But perhaps only while Justice White-Behind and his cohorts refuse to acquiesce to.... Law.

Who said “In Nature, there are an ocean of unchanging Laws, to which our human, manmade laws, are but as streams....” (paraphrased... by an aging memory)?

No matter....

In the 18th century, the esteemed English philosopher and social reformer, Jeremy Bentham, a lawyer of no small qualification and repute, spoke of how corrupt the English legal system and it's “laws” had become.

It has not gotten any better, these 200 or so years since!

As per the first quote, Aborigine Law has been for thousands of years, closer to the unchanging and Purest Laws of Nature than those laws we have forced upon us by our courts, legislators, politicians and police.

Any prognostications by or from our politicians and judges are today meaningless, while they assert that Aborigine Law has no place in Australia.

From this, it would seem right that giving Aborigine the things and laws our legislators deem as worthwhile, is worthless.

From this it would therefore seem right, that, if any of us, would make right our society and our world, the laws we have are worthless.

However..., Aborigine law cannot be restored without restitution of their Rights to THEIR Land.

That, of course, calls for something of a REVOLUTION in how Australians...... THINK.

That, in reality, should not be too hard for them, as they have also failed miserably in that Mental Art for quite a while too. Therefore it may be said that the ones in greatest need for/of a “rethink”, our leaders, politicians, lawmakers , lawyers, archbishops and corporate advertizing executives, have the advantage of starting with an Intellectual “tabula rasa”? A “blank slate”, where no Intellect ever existed!

“They”, in reality, are those who set and profit most from the dog-rotten corrupt laws we have. (Apologies to all Dogs!)

Perhaps, the Common Person in such as New South Wales, has been Wiser, more Intelligent and further ahead of the game than their upclub, upemselves uptops, for being as cynical as the Common Persons here are, and for thus ignoring and breaking the upclub laws?

Yes, it is time for a New Day, for a CHANGE, for a Popular, DEMOCRATIC, Righteous Revolution.

Proper Divination of the Law, supports that, and indeed DEMANDS that our Policing and Military Forces abide by such a statement.

Of course, as Australia is nowadays part of the Global Village, such a Revolution cannot occur, not at least without the same Corrections and Conciliations occuring simultaneously, everywhere else on Mother Eartha.

But one doubts that the likes of Switzerlandenenen and Deutchenlandenenen and the Land of Angles will readily jump on the Train of Global Righteousness, at least not without jumping up-and-down, huffing-and-puffing and declaring WAR! against everyone else, for that's how they do things up there in “the north”.

Aborigine may as well try and turn the planet upside-down.

Hmmmm....? not a bad idea!

How do you say “Eurape” in Aborigine? “You rape” I suppose?

Sorry for turning a serious issue into a laugh.

But we all know that that's how them uptop upclub upemselves mobs in Canberra and Westminster react to the concept of Talking True on Aborigine Issues.......


Nathan Rees IS NOT NSW ALP problem!

Nathan Rees IS NOT NSW ALP problem!

Today's news reports that Premier Nathan Rees' job is on the line.

Since Morris Iemma was deposed in July/August last year, Rees took the job, supported by the leftwing Unions, in-part in a bid to stop Iemma's rightwing privatization of the NSW electricity energy supply industry. (But perhaps the ALP did their own poll and found that Iemma WAS NOT Australia's “sexiest man” as per the Sydney newspaper poll a few years ago? If Sydney's or NSW's women really thought Iemma was/is the sexiest, do we want their vote or voice in the leadership tussle?)

Surely, this threat to replace him, is but yet another attempt by NSW Labor to retain government, leading-up to the next state election, and their proposition to put a female in the chair is a cynical go to appeal to the female vote, and goes to those who are fooled to think that they are forward-thinking and in time with the trends?

Is the reported deposition of Rees going to do anything to making New South Wales a better state?

I don't think so.

My detractors will say I am mysoginist. Perhaps I am? And perhaps I have good reason to be?

But first and foremost is my concern that not only NSW, but Australia and indeed most of the western world's political arena, male and female, are actually doing what must be done - the instituting of Good DEMOCRATIC Government, “by the People, for the People”.

Gender played NO part in such as my lobbying for the now President Barack Obama in the USA, as opposed to the very Capable and Intelligent Hillary Clinton (or Sarah Palin), in the year or more prior to Obama's election.

Without going into the “gender debate” too much, let me say that in today's social and political worlds, much is awry, in the extreme, and women are as awry as men. Those who say that the global economic and cultural woes are caused by men need to take-a-break and reassess their facts.

As I said, both genders are someway off-track today, and playing the “gender-card” in politics is nothing more than a cynical attempt by the powers-that-be, to fool the masses into believing they are “progressive”.

I put my thoughts toward Obama's election for a few reasons: 1, was that I knew many-many women wanted a woman in the President's chair NOT because they thought a woman could do a better job, but because they held their own resentment towards men generally. Yes, too often they have very good reason to either distrust or hate men.

But 2, as it is a brutal world “out there” and I believe it is not right to have a woman in that bull-ring, with all it's masculine complexities, fighting often much more ruthless males, be they across the party-room table, across the political divide which this errant “western” or “Westminster” system has set-up, across political “borders” as false as they are, or across the diffuse global, racial, cultural and perhaps religious realms. As males have been the dominant gender for eons, if-not-since “the beginning”, their networks today extend right through all our worlds, and can without a second thought, and without delay, call-up any brand of masculine brute force to do their bashing or subverting.

In regard to that chimera of “Good Government”, for years I have accepted such as the Aborigine, and other pre-western cultural lines of order being maintained by “Matriarchies” rather than by Patriarchy. But today, we are far from a Reasoned climate for that to be reinstated.

And besides, NOBODY believes the NSW ALP right have ANY want to make NSW a Matriarchy!

While the dominant gender in politics is male, we must work with, and “on” males to correct their own perhaps mysogynist attitudes. Placing a Woman, Qualified or not, in the chair of a male-dominated state is as likely to do more to upset the men than quell their general antipathy to government.

Gender is not an easy subject today, and I do not assert that men are any better at playing the game, or are more Intelligent, etc. Changing the gender of the Premier in a rough-edged state like NSW, is only a distraction from the REALPolitik issues, EVERYONE needs-must confront. And, as far as I'm concerned, these ARE NOT “Gender” issues.

Today's REALPolitik Issues rest in our Souls, and sit way above that physical division. Today's REALPolitik Issues call us all male-and-female, to take that “Road Less Traveled” into our own Soul, where we are Devoted to dispel all the erroneous beliefs we have had pumped into it, not about male-v-female, but about how we ALL relate, both with other Human Beings, and with THE COUNTRY - THE LAND we are all born on.


As the NSW Labor “right” faction is very much the power-base in this state, and, as I assert in a previous blog-post, right across Australia, and while Nathan Rees appeared to have the support of the NSW left-wing Unions when he was selected into the chair, it is clear that neither he nor the left-wing Unions hold the reins in Macquarie Street, or across the very masculine state regions.

In this recent report about the NSW ALP, we are led to focus on the ALP, and that perhaps they are losing the support of NSW? But, who is to say that the NSW Liberals/Nationals are any better, or are any less corrupt? For corruption is the Issue, as far as I'm concerned. And that, lies in how we treat the Land. Look at who is a senior power-broker in the Victorian Liberals, but the Bailleau fellow, child of one of the wealthiest land-grabber family/dynasties in the nation!

Clearly, Rees is NOT the problem in NSW Labor. In fact, I regard him, little that I know about him, as a better candidate than most.

Today, our Unions seem to me to have gone a bit, a bit, soft of the last ten-to-20 years. As cannot be otherwise expected, with material and personal “progress” (a word Henry George might well have an issue with, were he with us today) making us all more hedonistic, selfish, “right-wing” if-you-like, and where yer-av'rage-punter/trades-person/employee doesn't NEED (or so they are led to think) the Strength of the Collective.

It's well worth contemplating just how much this shift to “the right” society is taking, is led and fueled by our mainstream “cults” of Christianity, for there's NO DOUBT that the most right-wing politicians and lawyers and influential “professionals” in general had their brains turned into selfish bastards at the church schools, colleges and universities they were indoctrinated in.

And where are the headquarters of those deeply anti-Socialist cults, but in Oh! Eurape, Britain and, as much as it behoves me to say so, in the very capitalist, that-is right-wing USA.

So when NSW votes in the next election, who are we/they voting for? Whether it's Labor or Liberal/National, the vote goes straight offshore to the “northern hemisphere” to those who aberrantly “run” the planet, who are also, as it by-no-coincidence-happens, are running the world down the cosmic, religious and ecological sewer!

So, Labor's mooting of a new ALP Leader/Premier, and a Female, does NOTHING for either Labor, for the downtrodden and/or wealthy New South Welsh-person, or for that chimera of Good Government.

Rather, it just keeps the People distracted, and, I bet ya', more divided, when it comes to “going-to” the REALPolitik Issues every Australian needs to address.

Summing-up, what I am asserting here, is that no-ONE, in our current political system, male, female, left or right, will do WHAT HAS TO BE DONE, and begin to restructure our deeply awry political system/parliament/socio-politic CORRUPTIONS.

Were it up to mememe, I'd say Nathan Rees should remain where he is, but, along with his fellow NSW MP Michael Costa, and I'm sure there are a plenitude of others, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE HOUSE, he/they MUST call for a total re-appraisal of the Westminster parliamentary system as it is NOT working in Australia, and as it is NOT WORKING anywhere on Earth.

Perhaps it was Churchill's “best of the worst possible alternatives/systems” (paraphrased), but there can BE NO DOUBT, the Wetminister parliamentary system has passed it's use-by date.

EXACTLY as has our present “three-tier” system in Australia.

Perhaps we DO need a violent Revolution?

But perhaps...., there are enough in Australia today, People of the Mainstreet and of the Backstreets, and of the Bush Tracks, and of the Aborigine Camps, who are “Savvy” enough to Summons their own Wisdom and Peaceably, Righteously and COLLECTIVELY Voice their dissatisfaction with the way our Country, OUR Country, with All Respect to OUR Regal Aborigine, (for it remains first-and Always THEIR COUNTRY, at least until They Formally “Invite the rest of us in”, to Share Their Realm), is and should be managed.

Having contemplated most all of the “Issues” which make-up Good Government, here and globally, for a few decades, Properly Managed, Australia would have a very different, near-unrecognizable political system and society and culture, to what we all suffer under today.

In regard to NSW Labor, and Nathan Rees, he is not the problem, but he may well be the better candidate, with, as I wrote above, the likes of Michael Costa MP, to take NSW and thus Australia forward, via doing that Labor-right-forbidden of calling ALL our political structures and their less-than-Noble political speculators to account.

A tall-ask, yes. A Tall Order? Ask any person on Mainstreet, Backstreet, or in the Bush.

Just DO NOT ASK the “Daily Telegraph” to do the survey/poll!

Finally, while “Sydney's” “1808 Rum corps” style of politrix rules the roost, and forces continuance of centralized power-read-centralized-CORRUPTION, in NSW and across the nation, “politics” goes nowhere worth going. But that said, there ARE politicians and public in and from the old whore of Sydney, who are very aware of the REAL state of the city and of the state and of the nation, and who, with that “Grunt” which is so-o Sydney, of fearlessly scrapping with the dog-rotten coppers etc, or of Rebelling when things are too awry, who would agree with an all-parties Revolution or Re-appraisal of the way things are, and should/could be.

I deeply suspect that they are rather more “Working Class” than they of the upper-read-church-indoctrinated classes.

And, as I've been led to believe over my life, left-wing politics is FOR the Whole Society, not just for the uptop, upclub, upemselves collegiate.

I was going to end this rabbit there, but, my recent thoughts for supporting Australia's Greens popped-in. I can meld this with the above rant, by asserting that the Greens, have their Priorities Correct, far closer to how we should all live, than either of the mainstream political parties/bodies/lobby groups.

Were I Wise, I would suggest that Greens should be given the Light here, and be placed above the staid warring sides of Labor-v-Liberal/National. It's almost commonplace now for the selfish unethical right-wing corporate lobby groups to employ the old scare-tactics against the newly popular Greens as being OHNO!? Communist.

Well, that surely is more of the same “old politrix” a la the deeply errant Joe McCarthy anti-Communist purges of 1950s USA.

My opinion, which may upset plenty of Good, Wise and thus Genuine Greens, is that Communism, in it's Purest Sense, extends far beyond the 19th and 20th century notions of centralized economic power, up to the Reality of Recognizing the Importance of making certain the Habitat, the Land we all depend upon, the Environment which feeds and clothes and houses us all, and which provides all the resources, be-it food or nuclear fuel we need to live healthy and prosperous and long lives, must come well-before any personal, “self-interest”.

It is Logic which determines that without an Habitat, we cannot have a personal life, rich, frugal, right-wing, left-wing, anarchistic, or Communal.

If we sort THAT out, and I vote for the Greens to lift us there, (even while aware that many-if-not-most of them come from the wealthy-classes), and if we base all our political and economic activities upon that most Solid Foundation, corruption-read-Australian-read-Westminster politics will become Righteous, and the 30% or so who “vote informal”, or place a “donkey-vote”, would be Encouraged to participate in the voting process, and criminals might get a fairer-go, and actually want to do Right my their neighbors and by the nation. Etc.

Then we might be able to Live Righteously in Society, and at-once save our future from annihilation?


Hunt on for Hungarian black witch.

Hunt on for Hungarian black witch.

He came to Australia in the early 1990s from Hungary, on a leash held by his fiance, a Princess of the Hapsburg dynasty.

From the dispossessed wealthy elite of eastern Europe, “Jean” thought he was merely migrating with her to resettle in Australia, where they would marry and live happily-ever-after.

It wasn't until Jean and his Princess, a fabulously beautiful young woman from the one of the wealthiest families in the world, were ensconced in a humble little apartment in St Kilda, 9/2 Robe Street, to be precise, an inner beachside suburb south of the city of Melbourne, that Jean was to realize the hard truth about what was actually going-on.

His Princess, was using him as her protege, merely so that she, with her equally stunning mother, could win the heart of Australia's own Prince, Max Meredith of Melbourne.

Jean was shattered on finding out these heartbreaking facts about the woman he regarded as his own for life.

From the day they argued in their little top floor apartment, while Max, living two floors below in flat 3/2, played an emotional sette in his own-brewed flamenco style on his acoustic guitar, when “Bobbit”, the Princess's family nickname, finally told Jean why he was with her at all, Jean swore to make life Hell for Max.

Since that day, in 1992, Jean has taken on the character of a black witch, specifically to haunt Max, where-ever Max was to go.

From the first day Max and Jean met, Jean hated Max. Each time they met in the carpark at back of the block of apartments, Jean would mock Max, trying every time to make Max feel small, an idiot, worthless, a nobody.

Jean's detractions went over Max's head, for while Max was, way back then, totally unaware of who he himself actually was (for it was a secret his whole family had been sworn to keep hidden from him), Max was already a self-assured leader.

But not of any royal family, nor of any wealth or major dynasty, but, quite out-of-place in the world of the global elite of dynastic politics, Max had ridden his way to be the “Top Gun” in the deadly field of WHAH!? “motorcycle couriering”!

Yes, raised by a catholic convent mother, herself stolen by the church from her Aborigine parents at 9 years old, then amidst a murder-tragedy conceived by her and her extramarital lover “Boxer”, raised by her and her marital husband, Allan, an Australian ex-Army Paramilitary Commando Sergeant Major, of enormously Honorable heritage, Max, unaware of any of his family's history or ancestry on both sides, went his own way, as best he was able, as a teenager, three years before the day he ran away from home on a one-way ticket to England.

Even before he was old enough, at 17 he was riding a thunderous “thumper” BSA 500cc motorcycle around the streets of Melbourne, being chased through the back streets on dark nights by and escaping from police, mixing with Hell's Angels and generally building-up the credentials which would later, in the 1980s, earn him the title of “King” of the couriers, “Mad Max” no less.

But oh, poor Jean?

As money was not a concern for the spoiled and heartbroken Hungarian, Jean, an egomaniac of excessive self-inflated proportion, chose to keep his antipathy toward Max hidden beneath a facade of pleasantry and humor.

Being a rich brat from Europe, it was part of being a brat to enjoy spending winter in the snow-fields. This year Switzerland, next year America's Alpin, or, as he had become fond of being attractive to the young European global-trotter, the Australian snow-fields, up Mount Kosciuszko way.

And what of his determination to employ witchcraft upon Max?

Ceaseless he became. Absorbed, fascinated by his own power over the constructed “King” to be, Max The Great. Darker and darker Jean's mind delved, so-as to keep his grip on Max's psyche, and so-as to torment Max in everything Max did and attempted.

Soon enough, Jean was able to cajole all Max's associates, workmates and friends into playing the same game against Max, ever-ready with an endless monologue of the “terrible things Max had done”, all utterly false stories from Jean's increasingly malicious and perverted mind.

Being of the European aristocracy, both Jean and Bobbit had family and friends who were in the employ of the world's most subversive secret agencies.

MI-6, Britain's powerful overseas secret intelligence service, had for decades effectively controlled the rest of western Europe's agencies, with significant influence as far east as the Russian KGB, and even to today, the notorious Russian FSB.

So subversive and elusive were the agents of MI-6 and their influence, that no-one, not even the Chinese themselves, knew for sure who was in control of even the Chinese secret service CCIS.

Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, India, all of them were essentially paralyzed by the confusion Britain had sewn into their respective governments and power-houses since the earliest British expansions of the 16th century.

Indeed, confusion was an art long perfected by the agents of Whitehall.

So, with Jean becoming more and more transfixed on “getting Max”, making it his “reason detre” of all his egomaniacal fixations, he made it his business to make friends with as many European agents as he could.

If he could not win them or anyone he could use to destroy Max's life, with his money, or with his silver-tongue, he would frighten the hell out of them with his twisted brand of east-European “Transylvanian” magic, then offer to help them overcome it by inviting them into his little “club”.

Always, the truth be known, he made it his business to make them pay, and pay, and pay, either by using his magic, and turning them until they were unable to avoid fawning upon him, making him their “guru”, or by subverting everything they attempted, via his network of sycophantic upper-class spies who could force any employer, any associate, any bank manager or even government minister or ambassador to pull the rug out from under those who objected on moral or ethical grounds.

Europe is the wealthiest continent on Earth, and has more idle rich kids than any other region.

Kids, who, as idle hands do, take flippant glee in playing with the occult, or with doing “the devil's work”.

Australia has surely been the flavor of the century as far as these spoiled clones are concerned. This, in the main, because of the nation's low demographic, but helped by the fact that the people in Australia are either exceedingly egocentric, or exceedingly naïve, in regard to the “big game” of “POWER” in the world of politics, finance and real estate.

It is nothing for Jean's super-wealthy kind to trip out to Australia for a few weeks at a time, purchase a few thousand hectares of land here or there, often on a whim, usually in the global realtor's “hot spots”, to sit-on as the market improves, swan it in the local community's pubs, bars, nightclubs or cafes, making “friends” with the locals, locals who have no idea of who they are being befriended by, yet are either flattered enough or similarly self-interested enough to not care, as long as some rich foreigner gushes them with compliments (as the Europeans are so good at doing) free drinks or, if female, a night or three of “hot sex”, then leave them with a cell-phone number and an invitation to “come to my castle” in Hungary or Bavaria or Scotland.

Invitations which usually are never fulfilled, mainly because, after the dumb Aussie has saved their pennies, skimped their way to Europe, expecting to swan-it and be waited-upon by their new “friend's” servants in some exotic castle or palace, only find they never have calls returned, or that the likes of the very friendly Jean are at the time “in Australia my love” skiing at Thredbo or such.

And yes, don't our tourist industry and our unbelievably egomaniacal and subservient governments just love these super-duper-filthy rich pricks and pretty-blonds from afar!

Real estate?! Aborigine land! Oh, don't worry about that, darlinks! We threw the blacks an apology as soon as the change of guard took the reins in Canberra, and we just continued the intervention of further dispossession of their land initiated by the last government! It's here waiting for you to steal-er-buy! HAHAHAHA!

As you northerners well know, YOU have total control of our media, including the national broadcaster THEIR ABC, so the spin is as thick as it was when Menzies was at the helm!

So the Aussie-Aussie-Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! Idiots are the world's most uninformed mushrooms!

HAHAHAHA! Like another dacaree, Fritz?

Yes, Jean is quite at home in Australia these days. He has all his global buddies around him in the chalet up the hill in Thredbo. Even Nicole Sinclair, the girl his MI-6 pals hypnotized to poison Max back in the 1990s, is up here regularly, enjoying the barrel-loads of ecstasy we have imported through our consulates in Canberra!

Charlie Zarcades, Ian McLeish, Dick Swamp-er-Semp, Davo Plowman, they're all up each other and up a few barons from Bavaria too, I might add, whenever the snow is thick!

And thick it is these last eight or ten seasons, since we tapped into Max's own extra-ordinary occult powers. Why, we all have our psychic-doubles permanently attached to his nuts! HAHAHAHA! To his testicles! HAHAHAHA! Of course, it sends him crazy, and, makes it IMPOSSIBLE for him to socialize! HAHAHAHA! But hasn't the snow been terrific!

Why, the Australian Alps are the most prefered snowfields of our crowd now. We all own property nearby, down the mountains a way, in Bright, or Harrietville, all the nicest little spots!

Yes, now we have Max in our occult grip, we really do own and run the world. Just the way it should be too, being as we are..., SUPERIOR!

Blacks? Imbeciles! Brutes! Not even Human really...

Of course, we own the police in Australia too. The bikers think they have control. But..., oh thugs will be thugs! Give them some drugs, loads of bullshit about MI-6 and aliens etcetera, and a few guns and they're happy shooting and bashing each other.

Yes, Jean really has made it in the world! And he makes the most of it each day when he focuses on Max for a while. Every time Max tries to get it together and open his third eye, Jean calls a seance with his idle-rich occult mates and sends Max into a fit of rage or depression, and fucks it for him totally!


But Oh, poor Jean!

With all this and MORE around him, he STILL can't get over Max, and that Bobbit AND BOBBIT'S MUM, for chriss-sake, are in love with Max......

Suck-it-up, Jeannie-boy. It ain't over 'til it's over.

Max, in the meantime, wallows in his solitude, knowing that KARMA WORKS.

He's a different Soul now, and knows when Mercy has it's place.........

Until we meet again, Jean...... Until we meet again.

Let's watch the fortunes of Hungary, shall we?

One thing Max has, over ALL others, is his multi-lifetime patience.

They don't call him “Merlin”, for nothin'........

Aye? Allan Meredith?! Most Noble Step-Father and Guide, of the Clan of the Great Lord!

So the hunt has begun, for poor Jean, the insane, jealous witch from Hungary. And how hungry he will be, for solace, once the Black Brothers find him.

Even Whitehall shudders....


Zimbabwe may have a Global Voice in Mr Lloyd Msipa

I just came across an article about Zimbabwe, by a London-based Zimbabwean lawyer, on the Zimbabwe Guardian online news site.

It is the best article I've read on Zimbabwe's politics, or on what's actually behind the chaos there, and recommend any interested in Global Legal affairs to hit the link :


and read it.

I was so impressed, I wrote to him as follows:

24/08/09. 7.33pm

Hello MISTER Msipa!

May I congratulate you on your Excellent article:

"Demystifying the stand-off between Zimbabwe and Britain", as published in the online Zimbabwe Guardian today.

I received it through my "Google alert" news section, which I've had for about a year, marked to alert me on "global land reform" issues.

This essay of yours is the Best article I have read on African, Zimbabwean affairs.

I'm a raging Land Reform Advocate in Australia (advocating the Philosophy of the 19th century American Mr Henry George), classifying myself as an Outlaw, living alone in a vehicle for 13 years, fighting for "Land Reform" (and other politio-religious) issues, side with such irrascible rogues such as the American "Hell's Angels" motorcycle club, and spit venom at most every mainstream "white" politician in the country.

I have read and written a fair bit on Zimbabwe's so-called "troubles". Always, I have seen Zimbabwe's issues as based in the very same factors you write so succinctly about in that piece.

Again Well Done Sir! If "Sir" being o-so-British, is not an insult?

Here in Australia, I have tried for perhaps a decade to have our national media, primarily our Australian Broadcasting Corporation or the ABC, get-over the addiction to the "British view, old chum!", whether it be about Australian, but especially about Zimbabwe, "politrix". But, on Zimbabwe, of the last few years, have given up.

Always, they resort to the Anglo-view. It quite disgusts me.

I have Australian Aborigine "blood" in me, though my family deny this.

Nevertheless, having done the Maths, so-to-speak, I have discerned that Our Aborigine, the Finest of Peoples, deserve the most attention, and Land Rights is where it all starts and ends.

However, finding a Lawyer or legal firm or sector, or politician in Australia with what you display in your article, "clear, to-the-Point and ACCURATE language skills", who is capable or prepared to get out of their comfort-zone, appears impossible.

Our nation's attempts to bring Aborigine up to the level of education near-to the white legal arena's skills and talents has been quite deliberately abismal, and those Aborigine who have succeeded have little hope of being allowed to speak True to the Issues.

The white, "British view" is so deeply entrenched here, serious improvements to the plight of Our Aborigine are constantly, genocidally thwarted.

The world needs more Minds of your clarity and acuity Mr Msipa.

A Champion Effort.

May you prosper, and for your Peoples, may we all hear what you have to contribute.

Also, may all Zimbabweans, indeed, may All Africans hear or read what you say, so they may Unite and make Right the errant foreign laws in Africa.

Truth in Law is the only way forward!


Omaxa bin Eartha
Many will have listened to ABC Radio national's "Background Briefing" last Sunday morn', an hour long briefing, this week, on bad religion titled "Rohan, and the road to the Apocalypse".

I did, and this is what I just wrote and emailed to the Background Briefing website email address. Not surprising that, at the point of "publishing" this blog, the connection to "blogger.com" failed!

Thanks again for the Brilliant B-Briefing last Sunday, On "Rohan, and the Road to the Apocalypse"!

A well-treated, that-is delicately dealt with show, making it obvious within that, that the Christian cults, not only Rohan's "Church of God" mob, use the "hidden" realm to influence those they want to.

Indeed, Christianity is, and since at least the "Councils of Nicea" has been wholly dependent upon their abuse of the occult to make whomever they wish to "believe".

Your show tells us how influential they can be, but also makes the unsaid point that the "occult", or "hypnotism" underlies and underpins tooo much of this crumbling "northern" culture.

Australia's Aborigine, on-the-other-hand, were Masters of these "other" realms of life on Earth (and beyond), and knew it's/their Proper Reverence, Respect, Treatment and Place.

This is why a youth's "Initiation" was so important to the "Bleck Fella" Peoples.

But also, their Complete Understanding of the full gamut of Life on Earth, which as said, included the Respect for the "fourth & higher dimensions", enabled Aborigine to Rightly and thus Honorably Adhere to being, as they called themselves "True Fellas" People - a whole continent of Peoples, who DID NOT LIE.

Well..., my great grand parents were there, but I wasn't, so I'm open to correction on this.

Aborigine Justice, covered the liar no doubt, and I'm sure they knew exactly how to deal with any errant members of the Tribe.

Their Justice, it seems, must have worked, for their maintaining their Purity in Cultural terms, for the thousands of years before whitey invaded.

Ironically, ABC Rad Nat's "Bush Telegraph" borrows it's name, with a perhaps irreverent light heartedness, from that same phenomenon/phenomena. Something the Catholic church, and others, DOES NOT LIKE TO TALK ABOUT today?

For the "Bush Telegraph" spoken of by our passed white bush folk, was indeed just that - the powers of mind to communicate telepathically.

Our Aborigine "Black Trackers" amazed and befuddled our early white explorers and police, when sent to find a lost whitey.

To the Aborigine, this "ability to see" was/is integral with Life, with "The Dreaming" they call their Sacred World.

While we, the whole of Australia's population, but especially our Christianated "northern" governing authorities, including the churches, the police, and "psychiatric services" (run by the church-indoctrinated professions) label as "mad" and lock-up anyone who talks out about the endemic mal-mis-&-flippant-ab-use of the occult, they are actually admitting to the facts that they, and the hegemony, the Brit-European hegemony, rely on "messing wiff people's heads" with the occult, to defend their pathetically corrupt regimes.

The pharmaceutical drugs they force down psyche-patients throats, are their pitiful and at-once "demonic" attempts to kill-off that "other" perhaps 90% part of our True Being. A doctrine and regime which belongs in the dark ages of western catholic oppression, and must be outlawed as soon as possible, if we ARE to Cure our peoples of our endemic, common mental illhealth.

Perpetuation of this "evil" method of social control, from afar in Rome and Lambeth et al, and via every cathedral and church and yes, synagogue, is, as sure as night follows day, "the path to the Apocalypse".

I hope Denise Rohan is at Peace with himself today. I expect he is a much Wiser Fella for what he went through, at the hands of a church of demons. Yet another church of demons.

It is THIS type of bad magic, which keeps ME exiled, angry and vocally rebellious against most everything to do with the British and Eurapean influences and power in Australia. Political, religious and legal.

Indeed, my mother and her Irish St Joseph's Catholic convent have MUCH to answer for, and to apologize for, both to me, to Our Regal Aborigine, and to everyone in the country who must suffer under the lies, flawed "laws" and the decaying ideologies of that expansionist, colonialist northern mob.

Phillip Adams recently said on "LNL" that his mates, "the Josephite nuns are of two, the only ones left with any solid "communist" beliefs". (paraphrased)

I'm sorry, but fabricating a false, that-is a NOT realistic messiah figure, so-as to centralize power worldwide into the hands of just ONE man, (yes, indeedy, one PUPPET) is not at all inline with True Communism, such as that which the Aborigine has Practiced for eons.

Indeed, Aborigine practice the oldest and Purest system of Socialist DEMOCRACY on Earth, and a "messiah" as one Elder Bungulung Aunty told me once, "is not in their Dreaming".

But they told the Truth, as opposed to whitey's inventions and subversions....

As the Catholics have such a grip on Adams and "others" in the ABC, I miserably doubt "THEIR Aunty ABC" will ever be able to Advocate any genuine political AND religious Reforms, in order to avoid that otherwise impending global Apocalypse.

What say YOU Geraldine!?


Max ("greatest") Nichols ("victorious peoples") Meredith ("great lord")!
aka Omaxa bin Eartha
Son of Eartha (for SHE, "Eartha", is my only True Mother!)
aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien.

Go figure 'Background Briefing'! That said, unnerstand that I hold you, your (B-B) program's Team and storylines in the Highest Regard, alongside Crittenden, Carrick and a few others.

And May Allah Bless you all with HIS Wisdom!

Yeah! Irrepressible!

So, I wanted to be a Journalist?

So, I wanted to be a Journalist.

More ripping yarns, factual, about my tormented life, this latest blog-posting tells a few tales on my enemies. I scribed it while trying to dispell a few frustrations......, and I finished it this morning with a few vibrant comments about passed events and our fallen nation's political insanity.

Victorians may be interested in a few incidents remembered herein.....

Fate has driven and shuved me into journalism since I wrote my early essays for school.

“Investigative journalism” has become the loose name for my special interest.

Being a pensioner at 54 years old leaves one with lots of room to consider what they want to do.

Being the illegitimate child of a stolen part-Aborigine woman, who was raised by a catholic convent to do 'orrible things to people's minds, by fooling them that I was the messiah, finding out that this was MY case, too late to make an independent life for myself, while having on the other side of my parental guidance, an ex-Commando Sergeant-Major (Australian Army) for a step-father, at least left me with the concept of keeping SOME integrity to soothe my wallowing in social exile and self-pity.

Therefore I chose Defiance and Dissent against the bullshit coming via the astral realm to me from mummy and her nuns, and have now lived homeless for over 13 years.

As said, living this way, innured of the want or need for human company, with bales of time, and a smallish pension of $280 per week or so, I have gathered the few things needed to sustain.

Just exactly WHAT I am sustaining is a fair question, considering I still live underneath plastic tarpaulins on the back of a Holden ute.

Personal trauma is the story or the background to my own life, so each day I am assaulted with energy-draining depressions, as reflections of a seriously tormented upbringing flicker back to the fore of mind.

Smoking marijuana has, over thirty years-plus of imbibing, helped. But it does get in the way, because it demotivates the Soul, but, not in ways the cynics might say. A fella told a few of us years ago, that marijuana weakens our defenses against occult attacks, as it opens the portals upto that and higher, “spiritual” realms, so if one suffers varying moods, highs and lows, a deflated ego is disarming and enables any magician with intention, to “get-in” and play even more havoc with one's moods, state of mental balance etc.

(As to how much “depression” is CAUSED by other occult influences, and that the occult actually lies at the bottom of causes of moods, mood-swings, high-and-lows, etc, is where I would like our so-called “psychologist and psychiatrist professions” to go.

But as they themselves are but church-controlled players in manipulating the masses, to, I put-it, pernicious ends, themselves using the occult in their “psyche wards” and mental hospitals etc., it's unlikely, without SERIOUS REFORMS in the fields of mental illness and mental health, that society will move forward in terms of addressing and cleaning-up our endemic “Christian world” mental health problems.)

So, while I am overflowing with the necessary skills and talents to make a nice little 4x4 mobile home, as well as do effective things in media, politics and religion let's say, mummy's demands and psychotic desires to make me her little baby messiah, floor me, and dishearten me to the point of stasus, where drunking my sorrows, or suicide are preferred pathes to take. Added-up, they may well be the more Righteous Path also.

Nevertheless, “media” has for over 30 years, been calling me. Not any media organization, but simply the “medium” of giving-out the things I've come to believe in, which actually do seem to help effect the changes everyone has to confront, in this fast-changing era, early in the 21st century.

As the internet has grown, I've been hiding in the forests. However, I have sought to use it to effect.

A bloke from Canberra came to the village I used to loiter around in about 2002, and introduced me to the rudiments of “blogging” online.

Spared by my being exiled from society (from ANY society) the complexities of learning about how to make websites, or online stuff I would only become distracted by, I stuck with my talent in essay-writing, and sent words flying around in cyberspace, whenever I was so inspired and managed to drive to a library or local internet cafe with internet facilities.

I'm not one to trumpet the successes I've accrued over the last 10 years at least, but the messiah thing has been big amongst catholics, as we know, and as catholics were and are still thick in our worker's Unions, there were eyes watching and ears listening to my, even then, “prognostications”.

Such that, in the months before the feared 1999 Victorian State election, which threatened a heinous “Liberal” fascism would expand it's reign of terror over a generally reasonably educated Victorian populace, I was inspired to communicate mostly via email or hand-delivered articles, with the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the ACTU as well as with others.

In one corner of Victoria's political mash, we had the then incumbant Liberal Party Jeff Kennett, now a mellowed and hugely more considerate bloke, but then totally fascinated by a mob of dirty bastards, mostly from the elites of our church schools, who were fast-tracking taking Victorians for everything they had.

Schemes and dastardly plans were being hatched by the Kennett cabal daily during their rein of terror through the 1990s, and most unionists were convinced the end was nigh.

It was perhaps only weeks before the 1999 election, and things were grim. I was homeless, but had chosen to be so, or so I thought...., and with Howard in illegitimate government in Canberra, and another term expected for Kennett and co., I really thought I would be dead within a year or so.

My “family” basicly rejected me, and friends were nowhere.

Dead, and not by overdosing or such, but by a government hit squad.

Police harassment was pushing me to the limit.

Indeed, I drove cabs nightshift for years, but was reduced to that occupation after the black hole gang had exiled me from any prefered work, in the early 1990s.

One early morning, after a shift, I was walking the 8 or so kilometres home to the garage I was reduced to living in. I chose to walk for the physical fitness it maintained.

This morning, for some strange reason, I decided to walk on the western side of Fitzsimmon's Lane, Templestowe (a leafy north-eastern suburb of Melbourne), a four lane inter-suburb connector road. I reached the top of the hill before crossing the Yarra, and I think I even had a cigarette, when I noticed two Victoria Policemen, both huge framed fellas, riding their police bicycles, in full uniform with handguns etc, at around 4am, for god's sake, along the same side of the road I had walked for months, when going home after a nightshift. My intuitive mind said, “Keep low, Bro'!” and so, I waited for them to be gone, waited a while more, then walked back to the nearest phone booth and called a taxi to drive me back to Doncaster.

Worrysome times. If I live long enough I might write down the several other close-calls I had, in the 1990s. One which springs to mind was when I was “invited” by “workmates” to go parachuting! I was OK with that, but nearer the time I began to feel something was not quite right with this richard, so in the days before I was due to jump out of a plane with a faulty parachute, intuition intervened and had me say no to the idea. Dick was so dissappointed!

Nevertheless, as I said, I would go to public libraries to write and send articles I'd written, out to the media and to the unions. Usually I'd spend time reading the dailies as well, and one day, a few weeks before the dreaded election, I was in the newspaper area of the Ringwood library, in outer-east Melbourne, when a bloke of about 40 years of age, out to advertise he was a worker, by wearing shiny new bib-and-brace overalls, dropped the day's newspaper in front of me. “The Australian” I think. I've forgotten the front page headline, but it alluded to the election, and something about Labor's chances against a vigourous and supersmooth mafia boss named Jeff.

Labor was leading with challenger “ol' sad eyes” John Brumby, he who now heads the Victorian government, and heads it well, as best as I can determine from up here on the NSW north coast.

Kennett was winning egomaniacs over by the moonload, and was being supercharged by a fast-growing coven of spoiled, evil bastards from the private schools sectors, themselves, hypnotized as well. But then, none of them knew exactly what was happening inside their brains....

The roaring differences between Kennett and his egomaniacal right-wing mob, and Brumby and the rather “placid”, rather “Fabianist” socialists of Labor and the unions, was that Kennett and co, some of the main-players were ex-work mates and bosses of mine, were, egomaniacs. Spoiled, firmly believing the world was THEIRS to play with, and to destroy or plunder as they desired.

Brumby's Mob, typically middle-working-class catholic, were tame, NOT egomaniacal as the word is usually applied, so their campaign and fight for the chair in Victoria was failing badly. Not for any lack of Intellect, or Right-mindedness, or even Wisdom as is required to run a State, but they had integrity. And the day's influences were not really interested in those “old” notions of being Genuine or Honorable or such, and ESPECIALLY not when in government and power!

It was the end of the 20th century and every egomaniac saw the new century as the start of a whole new world era.

Kennett, prior to entering politics, ran an advertising agency, and a successful one I think, so he knew all the tricks needed to win over the viewers of his campaign ads and so-on. Also he had a wealth of spoiled “ideas brats” supporting him, so they may get a slice of the action and the government real estate which was, through the deadly 1990s, being sold off at a rapid rate.

Brumby, on the other hand, as I said, was totally earnest, and brimming with integrity. But against the hype of Kennett and Scotch College, with help from London, Brumby was pushing the pile up-hill with a pointed stick.

Being a keen watcher of personal behavior in others, to ascertain their depth and integrity, and knowing the benefits of “appearances” to a generally undiscerning voting mass, I had for a while regarded Brumby's worst assett, as being his “Genuine” but terribly sad eye-broughs.

To me, in this battle, and a bloody important one it was, those sad eyes of his were going to lose the election for Labor, for the Unions and for Human Liberty, at least in Victoria.

So, when the bloke in bib-and-brace overalls plonked the newspaper down in front of me, for some reason we had no reason to chat at all, all I felt the need to say was “Get rid of Brumby, I reckon.”

A few weeks later, still out from the election, John Brumby was addressing a union crowd in a large hall in Melbourne, either a launch or near-to-last speech, when minutes into his campaign speech, a large bunch of Unionists all stood up together and walked-out!

That was it! Poor Brumby was shattered. Ruined. A wreck, standing in front of all the Labor Faithful, as if with no trousers on.

Panic struck the ALP, and within days a new bloke was thrown up.

Steve Bracks, riding-in from the very same catholic college my very enemies were plotting to destroy me and Labor and socialism FOREVER from!

Come election night, results were unclear. The faithful were gathering in loungerooms across the State, demure, depressed, trepidacious, and generally afraid of what was expected to be our worst nightmare. ANOTHER TERM OF KENNETT? (Sorry Jeff!)

But not only Jeff, the greater fears were around the FACT that the State, and with Howard in Canberra, the nation was plummeting into fascism and an evil, considering the times, worse than Stalin, or Hilter!

I, unusually even back then, forced myself to be social and accepted a casual invite to a house in Coburg somewhere, to watch the results on tele.

It took a while, and we were all feeling a bit strange I think, but when the results finally dropped, I at least, was still numb.

After a few pleasantries, I jumped in my Gemini wagon and drove off to a park somewhere to sleep.

I leave it to my ego to ascribe the victory to those few words in the Ringwood library.

But other affairs were at play elsewhere in the town of Melbourne, which I was on-the-case-of.

As written above, I was born and raised for a purpose, but it was deemed necessary that I be “blind” to what was REALLY going on behind the facade of politics. By 1999, I'd become vaguely aware of the occult, and of how another person can fuck your mind totally, with telepathy.

Watching events in politics as I had been, I made mental notes to myself when “strange” things happened.

Not in chronological order, I recall a couple of politicians tried to commit suicide in the late 1990s.

One, an ALP parliamentarian, survived. I think two others did not. Again, I had no idea of what is possible with magic then, but my “Spirit-Guide” knew, and made sure I was kept in the dark, but safe.

In 1996, I was cognisant of magic at play in the big debate between the challenger John Howard, against the incumbant Labor PM, Paul Keating. The debate was planned to be held at the ABC studios, I guess in Sydney, but Howard played the clever-dick and, for more than just any want to be close to his mate Kerry Packer, insisted that the debate be broadcast from Packer's Channel Nine studios.

He won, and so Ray Martin played the bloke in the middle. It became clear to my unknowledgeable eyes, that Howard was using more than every trick in the book to defeat Keating. His mannerisms were acted-out with a strange tone and look in his eye, brimming with interuptions and interjections and distractive slurs, Keating was on the back foot for the whole debate.

All the lead-up of fighting to have either our catholic, decidedly pro-Labor ABC broadcast the debate, against the Anglophile, right wing Kerry Packer “evil empire” mob, then the weird performances on the broadcast night, left me certain that Howard and coven were being utterly dangerous and evil bastards.

Howard and the Libs won the election, and it was all down hill for 11 years. Amazingly, I'm still alive. I think....?

I think it was in 1999 that I was watching the 7pm ABC news one night, when there was an item on about how the NSW coppers had captured a yacht from South America with a large amount of cocaine.

My ears were pricked when the copper, who bears an uncanny resemblence to the current Commander of Lismore Police Station, Bruce Lyons, told the ABC reporter that they tracked and caught the felons by “getting inside their heads” I think were pretty close to the words the cop used.

“Ahum?” I said to meself, I said! “Ahum?

The next day I went to the ABC television studios in Elsternwick, a suburb south of Melbourne, and spoke to a reporter in the foyer. I told her that the coppers were using magic, and refered her to the bulletin from the previous nights news.

I left it at that, and resumed my war against the bastards in the catholic church who knew I was onto what they did not want me to be onto.

That the elite were using magic to fuck Australia.

(Of course, this has been the case at least since 1808, if not since the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.)

The ABC, at Elsternwick, on that day, were in favor with the gods. They investigated and confirmed my allegations with the coppers, and..., the cat was out of the bag!

The word spread like wildfire across the state, and I have no doubt, it was another key ingredient in putting a stop to the terror which was overcoming Australia. Terror which sought to malemploy the same tactics and outright evil that one Adolf Hitler and his dangerous mob used in Eurape in the 1930s and 1940s.

Today, having given the last eight years to getting rid of GW Bush from Washington USA, via the same media of the internet and the occult, while at the same time living close to the edge fighting the tyranny of Australia's last Liberal PM Johnette Howard, to put Labor's “Our Kev” and company into Canberra, slinging-off vicious articles attacking him and his political-class mates as being softcocks, I'd much rather I could relax and either sleep for a 1000 years, or at least obtain a motorcycle and go for a long, long long, very long ride.

As neither are options, at least while I remain Defiant and Dissenting from mother's occult demands and grip, I keep fighting locals who want to snap me for being a victim, like coppers want to, keep watching the lively events I reckon deserve a slanging commentary or such, and wait............... for the NEXT full moon, which MIGHT be suitable for me to transcend this toil and folly of a life, and open my third eye to the world of magic.

To the world where I MIGHT, for the first time in my life, have some of my own mind, to myself.

To a world where I MIGHT, very well, “lift-off” and dissappear forever, perhaps to my Spirit's real Home in the Alpha Centauri constellation.

To a world, where I might exact the due revenge upon all the callous, brainless mutant pricks who've made it their passion to fuck me over, every minute of every day, for the passed ten-to-fifty years.

To a world, where I MIGHT, with journalism, take-on the whole fucking world with my acid-tongue, acid-pen, and for once, for one, and for ALL, put the evil beasts of Australia's aberant population back in their graves where they belong. FOREVER.

FUCK YOU COPPER, and Goodnight! While our police forces support the most dangerous regime, ex-Britain on Earth, which upholds the utmost corruption of our laws, they are guilty of treason, and have no authority.

An MI-6 poisoning?

Updating and continuing this little chapter of the never-ending book I'm apparently writing, I'm brought to remember another miserable period full of unjust and anti-political events.

In another incident. I was renting a lovely little flat in Bulleen, a leafy Melbourne eastern suburb, 4/2 Kandanga Grove, for a year or so in 1995 or so, just as my reputation was spreading across Australia and as it turned-out, across the world.

Into the flat below mine, of six in a two-storey structure, had moved a young nurse, Nicole Sinclair.

She was not “my type”, one because she was in her youth, naïve, and two, very demure, middle-class mainstream. But we were friendly enough to each other.

At one point the middle flat next to hers on the ground floor became vacant and was taken for a short lease, by three “interesting” males. One was a tall fairly solid rough-edged bloke, with little education is-it-were. Another was a Chinese bloke who told me he was from northern China, near the Russian border, but who was obviously western-educated at least, if not raised. He said he was an artist, which I accept, as I was invited down to their flat a few times and watched him paint quite beautiful “Chinese”-style paintings.

The third bloke, had a very solid physique, very broad shoulders, about 5-foot-8” tall, and was one of those cheeky egocentric and pushy private-school types. He was the first to introduce himself to me. I think our first encounter was when I was hanging my washing on the line out-back of the flats. He came round to the line and proceeded to “chat” with me. As we were chatting, which was more a kind of “friendly” interrogation by him, he had his apelike arms up on the clothesline wires, and was continually pulling them down onto my head and upper body. It was obviously a form of intimidation, which became more annoying as time passed.

As the weeks passed, I continued to go about the things I was occupied with, driving taxis nightshift, venturing into journalist-type writings, with a very “Philosophical” leaning, and expanding a small business I'd begun about ten years earlier - “DRYFINGEEZ” - “a truly great leap forward in motorcycling comfort” as I'd written in the product's advertising. Dryfingeez were a weather protection “muff” which straps onto a motorbike's handlebars (one each side) made of upholstery vinyl with sheep-skin lining, and were excellent in keeping-out the cold in winter. I saw the same concept when I lived and rode bikes in England in the 1970s, and as a motorcycle courier back here, I developed the concept with my own designs and ingenuity from 1986-on. When I moved into the Bulleen flat, I began making them and marketing them on a larger scale than I'd bothered before. Their demise is yet another story in the ongoing saga of my “life”.

Nevertheless, the two Australians of the three males made it their business to come up to my flat often, and the pushy one, after a few days, moved on Nicole also. One day I could hear them carrying on in her flat, and it was obviously of a sexual nature. The next time I saw her, she was rather more radiant than before, more sure of herself and outgoing. She managed to invite herself up to my flat one evening.

As you do, I made coffee, but I only had powdered milk. Nicole said she didn't like powdered milk, said she had some milk downstairs, so ran down and got it. Back she came with a “REV” 1 litre carton, and, as I'd made the two cups of coffee, she poured the REV into them.

I noticed, but as usual, made no comment, that she poured quite a lot into my cup, but only the slightest drop into hers. We drank it and soon enough she left to go back to her flat.

Well! Over the next week, I fell into the worst case of “flu” I'd had since I was a kid. All the worst “flu-like” symptons manifest - non-stop mucacious nose, fluid-filled lungsmaking me cough huge globs of phlem constantly, constant excruciating head-ache, profuse sweating (I stayed in bed with all the covers on to “sweat-it-out”) and my heart was racing at aroundand over 140 beats per minute, for four days! I found it near impossible to stand-up, falling over several times when I got out of bed to urinate etc, could not eat, and, was NOT paranoid when I was expecting to expire.

I stayed in bed for whole the time, and, using all I'd accrued in mind-control through my life, raised by mum who'd taught Yoga since I was about ten, spent near a decade attending the School of Philosophy uptil that mid-1990s time, which Taught/Teach the Best Meditation known to man, and surrendered to the Great Spirit, not caring if I was going to die.

After a week, the flu dissipated, and I was back on my feet.

The first time I left the flat after this, I rounded the balcony to the steps, and saw Nicole below just leaving and closing her flat's door. When I said “hello” she turned around suddenly in fright and shock, as if saying “You should be DEAD!” Well, that's my slant on what she thought.


The three males? MI-6, at a guess.

In just the last few months in 2009, I went a wandering in search of some facts about my apparent lineage, my family's history, and working on their story that we have “Sutherland” Scottish bloodlines in mum's family (her father's name was Donald Sutherland Willis), I read a fair bit in “Wikipedia” I think, about the battles they were involved in in Scotland over the last 800 years or so. In the records, it seems the “Sinclairs” have been “sworn enemies” as-it-were, of the Sutherlands, for centuries. So it is quite likely that, the 3 males, being information junkies, would have inspired Nicole Sinclair to poison me with that apparent feudal war in mind.

It's so fecking typical of Humans, to carry an old and now irrelevent dispute, centuries old, all the way to Australia from Scotland, and of course, from the ongoing war in the British “halls of power”.

While the fools in those halls, whether in Downing Street, Whitehall, Buckingham Palace or in MI-6's headquarter-fortress on the Thames, continue to wage war against ideological foes, while BOTH ideologies are so fecking corrupted and in their genesis, flawed, it behoves all members of the “British Commonwealth” to reject their domination, and to do everything possible to dissempower them.

Again, I assert it is well beyond time that Australia became an Independent REPUBLIC.

Our own High Court, some time in the last decade or more ago, made the statement, perhaps the “judgement” that Britain is a “foriegn power” here, which is to be interpreted as meaning that they, the British, in being here, and in having ANY influence here, are acting NOT in Australia's interests but purely in their own interests.

If Australians cannot see that, and thus cannot act toward severing political and economic ties with Britain, and therefore with it's partners-in-global-crime - Europe, then Australia deserves baking in the 2009/2010 summer of continent-wide heatwaves and their accompanying bushfires.

While the “northern” catholic and protestant cults of the liar Christian religion are allowed to play with Australian lives and our Land to suit THEIR psychotic agenda, we will never have Good Government, and the cultural well-being of this once (pre-invasion) Fine Land will keep sliding into abject immorality and general degradation.

Indeed, if it takes a “civil war” for us to break the chains from British penal servitutde, then SO BE IT!


Any Australians who side with Westminster politics, is in Truth, in the HARD REALPolitik Reality, a traitor to their own kind, family, children and nation.

Police, Military, Citizen, pauper, snitch, private or public persons, listen-up!

I am not interested in a violent political “Revolution” here, or anywhere on Earth, because we are all the same, and are all inherantly possessed of that most important facet of the species - Reason.

So - Australian, and if those slimy British and Eurapean backdoor immigrants want to stay here and NOT swing on the end of a rope, GET A GRIP! DO YOUR MATH! And take it to the streets, voicing fearlessly your objections to the errant policies and methods used by our policing and governing brute-forces to oppress us, and to oppress True Justice, Liberty, Fraternity and Equality!



My Comments on ABC online article "Brown wants Exclusive Brethren inquiry"

Brown wants Exclusive Brethren inquiry

“Greens leader Bob Brown has called for an inquiry into the extent of the Exclusive Brethren's influence in federal politics.
Two of the sect's members have apologized for the publication of advertising material in the lead-up to the 2006 Tasmanian election that urged people against voting for the Greens.”

Above are the first two paragraphs from the ABC online news article from Friday 21st August '09.
(Click on the link to read the rest of it.)

OK. Here we go...

My thoughts on this...,

In recent blogs and emailed articles, I've “lobbied”, if-that's-the-term, for a Unification between what I decided to label “The Three Wise Tribes” of Aborigine, Green and Biker, and have basicly given my vote of confidence to Senator Bob Brown's credentials etc, to continue in federal parliament as those 3 Tribes' voice in politics. At least, I've called for Aborigine and Biker to Stand Shoulder-to-Shoulder with “Senator Brown's Greens”, in challenging the utterly rotten hegemony of Australia's political-class.

This article about his calling for an inquiry into the secretive and dubious Christian cult the “Exclusive Brethren” makes mention of their antipathy toward homosexuality, and the cult's “antipathy toward homosexuality“ is the bone of contention underlying Bob's call.

Personally, I don't have ANY space for gays. I guess I'm just too butch, or embittered?

I've known plenty over the years, and as with main-streamers, and even fellow outlaws, let's say “one-in-ten” I regard as “Good Blokes” as-it-were, while I don't care much at all for the social company of the other 90%.

I think I'm correct in writing that Senator Brown is gay, which, if I'm also Advocating “Bikers” and Aborigines give him their political support in parliament, may cause an immediate stumbling block.

Fair enough. I'm not going to do the talking for gays. Homosexuality is quite another issue to me, being an Outlaw for Land, Tax, Cult, Drug and Work Law Reforms.

And this ABC online news article and Bob's concerns regarding the Exclusive Brethren is a bit of a mix, because as in the last sentence, and as in my publicity and on my calling card, I Advocate CULT Law Reform, with the shady likes of the E.B., very much in the spotlight for a big-time national-nay-GLOBAL inquiry. Indeed, for a big-time INQUISITION!

Indeed, Christian cults are the bain of my life, what with their delusions about a messiah, and their being fooled into looking to ME (for fuck's sake) to play their fall-guy.

So, whatever the reason Bob Brown is calling for an inquiry into the “Brethren”, I'm with him, and, just possibly, he is doing so, as much in support of an Honest Society, which does not shun it's Responsibilities onto a sucker, patsy, fall-guy. So perhaps Bob's latest actions, re the E.B., is a sign that there is mutual support in the air here, and that Greens, gay or otherways, from the top in Australian politics, are ready to Stand Onside, Alongside Aborigine and Biker, in order to Make Straight the horribly bent er- sorry, corrupt roads we have been forced to travel these last 221 or so “Christian” years in Australia.

The E.B., are but a sect of the bigger Christian movement, ex-Rome, and/or it's branch-offices in protestantism et al.

Boiled-down, to me, all Christian churches are of the same hypnotized ilk, with next-to-NO Reason functioning in their heads. Their fanaticism is, as I reckon I have divined, the most dangerous belief system on Earth, and the sooner they are brought to account and then dispatched to the dungeons of Hell, the Better for all living things on Earth, and, possibly beyond in our neighboring star-systems.

That I have also gone on record as putting the cause for so many people going-gay, being the seriously perverted and mentally ill church clergy doing 'orrible fings to kiddies in their church schools, may or may not complicate my call for Aborigine and Biker to vote for Bob Brown in parliament and in his politics.

So, I don't know where to stand, but wiff my back to the wall, in these issues.

I, having been introduced to “Environmentalism” or, “Green Politics”, some 38 years ago, have heard Bob Brown over the decades, as many of us have, (indeed, I almost went to “Lake Pedder” in Tassie to support the protests, when it was being swallowed by Babylon, Tassie government-style), and am confident he is a Man, indeed, a Statesman of Honorable Integrity, when it comes to what he represents in parliament.

If it was a woman in his place, who showed herself over time to maintain the same Strength and Honor, naturally I would Advocate supporting her too.

So, I hope that's enough said about Bob's personal construction.

When everyone, I mean the whole Human Race, is threatened by what I think Aborigine, Green and Biker Recognize as the biggest REAL & PRESENT DANGER to us on Earth, a person's sexual preference is not-an-issue. That the E.B., used homosexuality to interfere in the election process, in ways which have nothing to do with the political REALITY of the day, makes them an even bigger target for my wrath.

Besides, let's be REALPOLITIK here! Homosexuality is NOT unknown in all prisons, wherever we might get caught, and no small proportion of Bikers have been inside, and many have spent years away from female company. I become “retentive” just thinking about it, and I know most Bikers would also, but that's the way it happens, for some of us, aye?

To the issue in the ABC online article, about Bob Brown having a shot at the very-much-more “unusual” Exclusive Brethren.

To me, Bob is right to call for an inquiry into the cult, for they are a group which uses secretive, and usually quite sinister, “occult” power to influence society, in ways which, when we all do the Maths, we now know are dangerous to life on Earth.

Enforcing the “Christian” message upon whole cultures, as the Judeo-Roman mobs have for over 1600 years, is exactly what has brought the planet to Her knees, environmentally, and I put it, Morally and Ethically.

Not to mention the enormously debilitating effects Judeo-Roman occultism has on shutting-down a person's Intellect, and this is exactly what the likes of the Exclusive Brethren have used to their sly ends.

But let me be radical here, and put a balancing argument in. These times are seriously riddled with bad magic, and there are no shortage of utterly evil idiots out there, who have absolutely NO Ethical basis for their actions. Just loose cannons with money and an open third eye. As much, they are who the likes of those fanatical christian groups, like the E.B., are seeking to “win” against. To me, those wars are no-win situations, and demand we all resort to an Higher Power again, if we wish to overcome the woe of this world. From where the likes of the E.B., are coming from, as in a thoroughly corrupt world, perhaps they cannot be derided too much.

This is where I am inclined to side with Buddhists and Atheists, who place Great Emphasis, indeed, MORE Emphasis upon that Finest of Human Potentials - Reason.

Nevertheless..., it's clear to me that the “northern” mobs ex-Rome, Eurape and Britain have excelled in using the finest words to win their way wherever they have plundered, pillaged and raped foreign peoples.

Jesus' message of “Love Thine Enemy” is undoubtedly the highest Ideal an Intelligent Species could aim for, but is also mere and evil words when, in the light of Truth, and of True historical records, it is used to win over a tribe so-as to satisfy one's own egoistic desires.

And NO-ONE can tell me that Christians have conquered their egoism.

The slightest inquiry and grasp of one's own mental propensities exposes the fact that most all of what we think and do in this life, is egoism. Being seduced, or hypnotized to merely “believe” so-as to be accepted into a friendly group, who asks us to sing and pray to an higher entity is as much the motions of the ego, as any of our behavioral characteristics. A tricked ego, but an ego nevertheless.

Accepting such practices and tagging-along, as-often is “selling-our-Soul” to the devil, when we all know that the church schools, where Bob Brown may have got his education, are pumping-out insane egomaniacs by the college-load. Egomaniacs who are set on climbing the evil ladders of corporate management and power with absolutely NO regard for the environment, for the ecology upon which all Earth-life depends.

Most of us have seen enough of this, and have seen how older, successful church-educated people behave, when they are in positions of influence and power.

So, in a dispute such as threatens to grow between Senator Brown and the E.B cult, there is no doubt whose side I am on.

Indeed, I would take Bob's call much further, as might be expected, by calling for a parliamentary inquiry into all religious cults (O! I already have!), calling them to show us, upon “what” in Scientific terms, they base their beliefs, or what EVIDENCE they have to support their beliefs and actions, and, in terms of how they manipulate the youth to do their begging, as in corporate and political circles and endeavors, call all religious cults to show the world what evidence they have to ask government, or the public, to fund their educational institutes.

While I want nothing to do with Human Beings now-days, as I do not have to go out into the society and a workplace and be amongst them, and as I have by whatever influences honed my talents toward addressing the most critical issues the whole beggared species is threatened by, I wouldn't care if Bob was an alien when it comes to making Right our time and space and actions on Earth.

It occurred to me that this media article, and even Bob's actions, were a “test” to see what I'd do.

There you have it.

Mutha Eartha comes first to me, as She should to all of us.

I feel sure Senator Bob Brown agrees, and with a sit-down and a spliff, most Aborigine and Bikers, I'm certain, would concur.

What say you, Rapscallions!?