Sorry! Jesus Couldn't Make It!

Stuck, as this post tells, on a slope (no! Not a Vietnamese waif) in the forest, with a broken-down ute, I reacted to the shadow world's ghosts wiff THIS!

As it states at the end, I DEFY!!!!

And this is why.....

I sent it to the maximum (10) I could from my mobile phone, including my half-sister, half-brother, ASIO, the Vic police "Ethical Standards board" or something, the Aussie-done-good Geoffrey Robertson QC in London, Guardian Unlimited Newspaper, Hiam Yevin Israeli newspaper, The Australian Commonwealth Ombudsman, Vic Aboriginal Legal Aid, and Civil Liberties Australia.

I was probably a bit pissed by the time I'd finished scribing it on me mobile phone, and was, on recalling all the events it contains, a little pissed-off....., as said in it.

I do feel it deserves a little recognition for being such a relaxed exposition of the TRAUMA which encapsulates my and my ancestors' stories.

This morning, after flinging it off last night, I ruminated once more about contacting an Australian story-writer-author, one Tom Kenneally.

I wuz and am inspired to connect wiff 'im, 'cause he's what I perceive as a down-to-earth bloke.

I've not read any of his books, cause I'm a lousy and terribly slow reader, but from the reviews and reports I have heard over the decades, he strikes me as one who would genuinely understand "where I'm coming from" as-it-were.

These "feelings" were strengthened a few years ago, when I visited the Eltham or North Eltham Public Library, in outer north-eastern Melbourne, before I had this luxury of a laptop and wireless broadband.

I was still DEFYING the Catholics attempts to stick me on a cross and stage and play messiah, but persisting in my political mish to oust the fascist Howard government, I was landing in libraries to pump-out emails about the HORROR real people were experiencing because of the devils in pin-stripe suits in ALL our parliaments.

This day, I was pushing away pretty-young dumb-as Catholic mums plying me with their happy-vibes, on an internet terminal, writing something or another, while Mr Tom Kenneally no-less was waxing it with a couple of young blokes, about his days of riding Norton motorbikes, and others.

As I sat entrenched in the combat-zone of Astrayliar politrix, he and they wuz lyricalizing the Beatitudes of cruising the country roads on some of the finest two wheeled machinery known to Mankind - and to God!

Motorbikes I meself had rid and sat patiently - lovingly - working-on, setting tappets, curing oil leaks, tuning Amal carbies, retightening side-cover bolts, then riding into the Bliss on.

But WAR IS WAR, an' so I wuz conscripted to stick with it, and "pass!" on wandering over and introducing meself and me squillion ghostly mates to the Renowned MISTER Kenneally, to glide-back and off into the mystic of those Marques of the gentle breeze, the British motorcycles of Yor.

Shit aye!

Nevertheless, this merry morning, I reminded me mind about the prospect of passing something of my almost unbelievable story over to someone who gets some respect, and again Mr Kenneally came to mind.

So, while I KNOW most every prig in the ABC is only too ready to plagiarize my expositions and propositions and revelations, all part of the DEAL of/for 30 pieces of silver to stay quiet, I ask that one of them, Gerry Doogue, or Ramona Covalle, or Philip Adams, pass-on to Tom, my want to have someone of his straight forward, no-nonsense, REALPolitik approach, GO-TO this absolute travesty of justice, and, like the Doyen of Australian Story-Telling, MISTER Frank Hardy, TELL IT.

Here's my broken-down introduction, exposition, explanation of the BIGGEST CONSPIRACY in history.

Sorry! Jesus Couldn't Make It!

So, me mum is sprung in bed, by her Grandad, John Thomas Willis, as she's having extramarital sex with her old boyfriend, "Boxer" O'brien, conceiving me!

So, lusty-lass as she was, at 31 in July 1954, with a "mission" covertly programmed into her by St Joseph's convent, the cult who "stole" her at 9 y/o from her Gunai Aboriginal father, "Donald Sutherland Willis" (Sutherlands of "Dunrobin Castle" Scotland, pioneers in 1890s east Victoria, responsible for the UNTOLD mass murder of me Gunai Aborigine Ancestors north-east of Walhalla, & the kidnap of me Pop & his 2 siblings), she jumps out of bed, throws her naked whoppers at Grandpop, & causes him to die of a heart-attack!

She runs to the nuns for a few hail Marys, & they demand my Soul - blackmail - to save her from hanging by the neck until dead!

But, another secret, they REALLY want my Soul, to be their puppet in their, & the Sutherlands & the evil "Theosophical Society's" mission.

The mission to "build" the (false) messiah!

You've all heard about or read Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code"?

About Jesus Christ (Jesus ben Joseph) surviving the crucifixion & being secreted to Scotland with Mary Magdeline, to have kids & things?

"Rumor" has it, that the aforementioned "Sutherlands" are JC & Mary Magdeline's descendents, as "portrayed" in fictional format, by Dan Brown.


Maaaybe not?

But why Aborigine blood?

Aristocratic Britain & Europe were, as far back as the 18th century, becoming "inbred"!

Also, the Catholic & Sutherland & Jewish pioneers realised the Aborigine were "a fully realised race"!

A whole RACE, of Fully Enlightened Human Beings!

"Better SHOOT 'EM!!"

Too much for whitey to handle!

But, as well as wiping them out for the GOLD (120 TONS from just TWO MINES, in Gippsland, Gunai Country in the 1890s!), & for the land, they wanted the Enlightened Spirit of these "Immortals" as well, to mix into their inbred blood-line of Jesus's!

This, because the "parties", Catholics, Sutherlands, by then the wealthiest clan on Earth via the opium-growing-shipping-&-dealing British East India Company, today's IMF, & the Catholic ("Tudor" as-in Kings Henry 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th, bloodline of the ancient Welsh Kings"Maredudd" or "Meredith", me STEP-Dad's real surname) elites of the University of Oxford England, knew Jesus was NOT "coming back"!

All that "HAVE FAITH & WAIT FOR JESUS TO RETURN!" was a massive lie, started by the ancient Romans, in the 4th century AD, as a way, a tool, a trick, to subdue foreign peoples, so that Rome could steal their land, their gold, their diamonds, & their children as slaves!


Funny how I WAS NOT TOLD that I'm a bastard, that me Grandad, Don S. Willis, was in fact Aborigine from an Enlightened Tribe, Nation, RACE, who, as a young boy, witnessed his Tribe being massacred in the 1890s, that mum murdered her Grandpop at my conception, that the lot of them (not Pop Willis & me Stepdad, Allan Nichols COOK-Meredith) were conspiring to set-me-up as "he who would save" the evil Catholic church cult from being exposed as a total FRAUD?

Funny that I have had to figure this all out from beneath 55 years of lies-lies-AND-MORE-DAMNED-LIES, from family, "friends", coppers, the church & the Australian Labor Party, & that now, I DEFY all attempts to put me on a pedestal, & struggle instead to survive totally alone, exiled in forests, terrorized daily by fascinated, gutless, lying scum, and that I'm now stuck on an incline in my broken-down 4x4, wanting to forget EVERYTHING?

Funny that I was terrorized, assaulted & illegally arrested, falsely charged with firing a non-existent rifle at 5 NSW catholic pathological liars, as the catholic police commander from the nearby UTTERLY CORRUPT station was meeting with Pope Benedictus XVI, in Sydney, on Wednesday 16th July 2008?

Funny haha that I don't trust ANYONE anymore, that I suspect some arse sabotaged my ute yesterday, that I'm REALLY PISSED-OFF with the world, that I don't believe in God anymore, nor in "karma", & that life on Earth is utter shit, or, Hell?

Funny haha that, after deconstructing my psyche or Soul until I find that one ex-school mate, the dickless-thus-pathologically envious "David Edney" has been playing witch on me for about 40 years, & with mum & her St Joey's nuns doing the same since my CONCEPTION, that I'm frigid, stone-cold frozen emotionally, & sexually, & that, with a LARGE body of people wanting me to wank & open my 3rd eye, to be on par with the whole insane Human race, I look, as if dead to the world, at the full moon, & crawl back into my traveling tent, & down another vodka!

PROST! Vlad!

The Man I put in the Chair at The Kremlin, in 2000!

Death to "the west"!

Death to Rome!

Oh? Did I mention that I dismissed the voice I'd hear as I lay in bed, when I was a child, as my imagination, that sounded like an old man calling-up to me from deep underground, in pain, leaving me with a feeling that a gross injustice had occured?


Murdered in the hour of my conception, not 4 feet from my bed of my 1st 20 years?

Go-on! Tell me I'm insane!

Until I get some TRUTH, with AN APOLOGY,

I DEFY!!!!

Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug & Work Law Reform.

Now, I ain't so sure this one fits the ANOTHER SHOT AT THE ESTABLISHMENT from
Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
in the tent of OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM "tag", but there it wuz, Cuz!

All yours Tom!

Just don't let the NSW ALP, an' yer Cuz Kristina make mileage from it! Nothin' against her, y'unnerstand, but they'se going DOWN, after July 16, 2008, and the ONGOING state-sponsored TERRORISM which followed.

Then, of course, there's the 202 years of Rum Club corruption we call "New South Wales"!


Dear Minister Stephen Conroy

Here's a note I just emailed the federal government Minister for Broadband Communication and Digital something or anothers....

Dear Minister Stephen Conroy,

Just a question on the Federal government's plans on which websites will be banned under the government's mandatory internet filter.

Will this banning include web logging or, "blogs"?

As you may know, I'm a "no-holes-barred" REALPolitik commentator, and show no fear-nor-favour in "going-to" political and cultural issues of our times, other than favour towards a Just economy and world in general.

As I often find Just cause to "attack" with words, any political and cultural issues which seem to me to be corrupt or otherwise, and as, over the years, I have suffered horrendously from government-sponsored subterfuge and terrorism, including censorship of my access to the internet (which of late, I'm happy to say, seems to have abated), this new "plan" by your government concerns me.

Can you, or your department give me a guarantee that my access to the internet and access to my blog-site, as well as to being able to "post" my commentaries on my blog-site, will not be effected?

I do understand that in this, there must be limits to what one says or writes and publishes.

No doubt, more than a few times, have I crossed the line and drawn very heated flack for it. But always, the violent reactions to my publications have come from the corrupt and unjust.

And Australia's ALP federal government is not that, is it?

I do my best to refrain from the obscene.

As ASIO and all Australia's and overseas police forces know the address of my said blogsite, I could leave it at that.

But as I'm such an affable chappy, here it is:


should you find the need for some REALPolitik deconstruction and expose of your government's, and other Australian and Global political and cultural organizations' issues and affairs?

At least those which I read about in the news, or suffer from on the "personal" level.

"Politics" and "cult" issues, have left me without ANY social, employment, recreational or family "life", as well as being homeless for over eleven years.

So AM radio and the (wireless broadband) internet are my only mediums to the world around us.

Lastly, if "blogsites" are to included in the mandatory bans, will the "blogger" be informed?


Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM is slinging it AGAIN
From the traveling 4x4 tent of


Telstra? Are we being scammed?

I just interwinkled with Telstra over prepaid wireless broadband credit issues, after I sent an email to them a few days ago. This is the latest interwink:

1st, here's a copy of an email I already sent, and have a reply from Telstra, Customer Entry on 27/03/2010 03:50 PM

I use Telstra BigPond wireless broadband, prepaid via BPay online.
What is the minimum $ amount I must recharge to retain my $62 credit from last month?
Also, is the download GB amount effected if I only have to recharge, say, $20?
And, is there a Telstra SMS contact number I can dial (via computer online) instead of
having to call 1258888 when I have an inquiry?

Here's the reply:

Response (Aljean Vincent) 29/03/2010 01.46 PM
Dear Max,

Thank you for your email enquiry regarding your prepaid service.

The minimum amount that you can recharge is $20 but please be informed your data rates and allowance are determined by your most recent recharge amount. So the higher the recharge the more you get.You can call 125 8880 Telstra Service if you have any question regarding your service.

If you need any more information about your account, please call 125 8880, or please visit http://www.telstra.com.au/mobile/prepaid/myprepaid.html


Telstra Support Team

These sent and replied emails came back today, but seemed to not fully explain. So I sent the link Aljean gave me, this:

I ask again about the amount of GB data rates (is that the same as "downloads"?).

I take it Aljean is saying that the previous unused $ amount is kept, if I recharge min $20, (in this case, about $60) but that the data rate is not kept into the next month? So what is the $60 paying for, or, what is it prepaid credit for?
And, what is the "allowance" here, referred to by Aljean?
It DOES seem that Telstra is quite immorally "creaming" whatever unused credit remains passed the end of the month, if that credit is not for data rates, or, downloads?
Therefore, if so, we are being forced to consume data rates, or downloads, if we do not want to loose our previous month's credit, or if we do not want Telstra to steal that credit?

Please explain?

I sent that to Telstra's help webpage email at:

Before the email gets to the submit stage, they offer a few links which might answer the questions. One is a glossary of terms.

So I clicked on the glossary link and searched for "allowance" -

NOPE! No word is glosseried!

"Data rate"? NOPE!

"Download"? Ah! Yes, It tells me
"You "download" when you retrieve data from another networked computer. It could be text, pictures, a website, a sound file - anything."

Right! So "download refers to "data rate" I guess?

I'll eagerly await the next reply-installment!?!?!

One humorous thing I spied in the "Telstra Help Centre 'Answer library'" just referred to, was, in the glossary for "A", they have the word "Avator" explained.

But they mean AvatAr!


Capitalism REALLY smells, methinks!

ANOTHER BLAST at corporate theft by
Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
from the traveling 4x4 tent of

Jesuss Says "Time To Sack Rome!"

(Or...., Yeshua ben Joseph's REVENGE!)

The Pope's Law?

Cardinal Vince Nichols insisted to BBC1's Andrew Marr there had been no cover-up at the Vatican.
'It was Cardinal Ratzinger who pushed forward very substantial changes,' he said.
'He changed the statute of limitations in church law, he changed the law so that sexual offences committed against anyone under the age of 18 would be a crime in church law.'
(copied from http://www.skynews.com.au/world/article.aspx?id=445348)

The above is an extract from Sky News article
“Pope leads Palm Sunday”.

And doesn't he lead the rest of us a merry dance?

Cardinal Vince Nichols (HARK? “Nichols” my middle name, the maiden name of my step-father's Beautiful and Wise Mother!?), in trying to defend the indefensible pontiff, by saying as copied above 'He changed the statute of limitations in church law, he changed the law so that sexual offences committed against anyone under the age of 18 would be a crime in church law.' admits an horrendous gap in so-called “church law”!

Firstly, exactly WHO IS the church to have laws about criminal sexual offences distinct from Common Law?

Second, that it took a Catholic Cardinal (Ratzinger) in the 20th or 21st century, 1600 years after the Vatican adopted Christianity, or “Catholicism”, to make it “illegal in church law” to sexually abuse a “minor”, exposes that the Catholic church has regarded sexual behaviour with minors as LEGAL for all of it's so-called “Christian” existence!

What can we possibly make therefore, of the cult, if such facts are so?

With the furore of recent years over these disgusting and widespread abuses by Catholic clergy, and, if their laws allowed such abuses, FOR 1600 YEARS, then thinking, Moral Human Beings world-over, must call not merely for the sacking of this errant and clearly devious pontiff, but the whole of Humanity must call immediately for the ABSOLUTE DISSOLUTION of this evil cult!

Over my life, I've been nearly completely kept in the dark about how “faithful” the Catholic laity are.

But always, I have observed, with a degree of impartiality, that few, if any of the Catholic women I've known, had any so-called “religious faith” in what the church preached and asked them to believe.

While most would rarely denigrate the “faith”, clearly most also were quite prepared to lie and try to “put one over” another person, where money or “piety” came into it. And by far the majority of Catholic men and women I've “associated” with (I now believe, because of the massive deceptions which underlie my very existence, that I have never “known” anyone), were quite at ease with sexual promiscuity - sleeping around - whether before or during marriage.

It has been quite clear to me for decades, that in fact this so-called “religion” is really entirely about “economic wealth”, the gathering of it for the members of the cult, and thus for the propping-up of this ARGH! EVIL PRIESTLY REGIME!

NO! There can be, THERE IS NO CREDIBLE REASON why the Catholic church should be allowed to remain in existence!

So, far more than supporting calls for the pontiff to resign, step-down, fall on his sword, I DEMAND that the whole cult, from the Vatican down to the smallest, most remote chapel (do the mick's have “chapels”?), be dissolved forthwith!

It is, in all Democratic Nations, the Primary Responsibility of their Governments to ensure that ALL the Citizens are protected from such pernicious organisations, whether children of the wealthy, who want, understandably, their kids to have a quality education - NOT HYPNOTIC INDOCTRINATION - or children without parents left no choice but an orphanage.

We cannot ask for any more evidence that this malignant cult is a failure!

Look at the results worldwide! Roman culture has destroyed most every natural and pristine ecosystem and Aboriginal Culture everywhere it has expanded!

While there are arguments supporting Catholicism, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, the damage at this late and trepidatious stage in Human evolution, far outweigh the benefits.

It, and all it's offshoots commonly called “Christian”, have passed their use-by dates, and now are but rotting the fundamental fabric of Human-to-Human relationships, and the VITAL relationship between Humans and the Great Mother Eartha's Environment.

Researching the history of this/these cults, it is easy to understand, AND RESPECT why the Founder of Islam, Mohamed, started that far more Honorable Cult on the 7th century AD.

He could see clearly that somewhere in it's growth, the Rome-based cult had been corrupted and perverted.

And if we look at it's record since the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries, there are innumerable facts which add weight to the call for the complete and absolute dissolution of all Christian cults.

Indeed, for years, I've called all Catholic and Christian cults mere “branch-offices” of Judaism.

And it is so, that the Hebrew, long regarded by myself and others, as a lost tribe, whether or not they call themselves the “Chosen” tribe of YHVH, have been active behind the scenes throughout British and Eurapean monarchic rule, and expansion and colonialization. (In support of the Rectitude of Jews, it must be noted that they have almost always been leaders in Progressive and Democratic Advances and Revolutions. And few can justifiably criticize their Intellectual capabilities.)

So perhaps any calls for the dissolution of the western cults who exist under the banners of Catholicism and Christianity, must include a call as well, for the absolute dissolution of all Jewish religions.

However, let me be clear! I have little or no disdain for Jews! My argument is aimed against the western cults which have grown, under Jewish or Hebrew influence and agenda or not, from the clearly errant Roman cult. For it is clear that it was Romans who subverted the cult which grew from the followers of the Hebrew Prophet, Yeshua ben Joseph, aka Jesus Christ.

But I do argue that the State we now know as “Israel” in the Middle East, is an illegal state, and has no right to exist under the conditions and enforcements it now does. However I do believe that it is the right of Jews to live peacefully in the Middle East. But my thoughts on that are detailed and for another post.

Besides, there IS a serious question, which is rarely raised, about “exactly how close to the original Hebrews, are those who today call themselves 'Israelis'?”

Historical records show that most of the Jews who actually descend from the Ancient Hebrews, since the era of 2000 years ago, have been “sprinkled” far and wide, in-the-main through the Caucasus and north-east to eastern Europe and even Russia.

Where-as the “Jews” who have migrated from Europe, Germany notably, post the so-called “holocaust”, were people who converted to Judaism from other un-related tribes.

Also, and NOT in fact, getting away from the central issue here, that Catholicism should be dissolved, there is enough credible evidence that the WW2 “holocaust” was in fact planned and carried-out by “Zionists” of Britain!

CATHOLIC Zionists!!!!!!!

MORE Evidence, that Catholicism needs-MUST be shut down henceforth!

Lastly (HA!), as the "beatification" of Australia's Mary Mackillop is as good as "set-in-stone" by our utterly corrupt Catholic/Christian government/parliament, federal and state, it could well be argued that both main political parties, the ALP and the Lib-Nats, both political branch-offices of the evil IMF-Roman cabal, needs-must ALSO BE DISSOLVED!?

I guess that just leaves us with the Greens!

Oh YAYE! The Holy Color of Our Heart Chakra!

THE Color of Good Government!


ANOTHER NUCLEAR MISSILE AT BABYLON, the evil establishment of Rome, (albeit that “Babylon” was the capital of the Beautiful, Ancient Nation of today's Iraq) from
Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
from the traveling 4x4 tent of


Hemp Polycarbonate? A Green Option.

In the process of building some walls and a roof around my aging body, I have researched a few options, and "polycarbonate" is one.

This gloomy Sunday morn' I scanned the 'net for makers and distributors, and hit upon an Australian manufacturer called DOTMAR. After looking through their website for details on their range of polycarbonate products, I found myself inspired to scribe a note and send it to them.

Here 'tis....

Hi, I just placed a request for specs and prices via another link on DOTMAR's website, and, being a "Revolutionary" naturally the question arose about "environmentally-friendly" products along the line of those made by DOTMAR.

Years ago I learned that Henry Ford once produced a motorcar with panels made from hemp fibre, and I seem to recall that it was a polycarbonate.

While hemp is unjustly illegal, it is well known to be an excellent fibre.

Illegalities aside, that-is, if our governments were to suddenly correct the legal anomoly, and make the production of hemp for it's industrial uses, legal, what do your scientists know about whether hemp can be used to produce the polycarbonates similar to those DOTMAR now manufactures?

And, the obvious question to DOTMAR's management is, would they move to do so?

All things considered, as hemp is a prolific renewable resource, (as perhaps are "flax" and other natural fibres), it would be to the credit of DOTMAR if they sought to resource hemp and others to include in their manufacturing.

Lobbying government to correct the laws is another issue, but groups do exist to that end, and I believe some states (under whose legislation these laws are held) have recently made changes so that industrial hemp can once more be grown.

Added to the renewable benefit of hemp for industrial purposes and applications, is the bonus of it being excellent as a "carbon-sink", an issue now under debate in our federal parliament, and, as you would be aware, across the world.

Therefore, it cannot be ignored, that such moves by government and industry toward re-balancing our footprint, is a must, and a Duty.

For a Greener World,


Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

ANOTHER FLING, a nice, friendly and soft one this time, from
Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
@ OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM


Psycho-pathological GLOBAL Society.

by Omaxa bin Eartha.
From The Desk of OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM

A few nights ago, ABC's Late Night Live had a 20 minute discussion about “psychopaths”.

It was very interesting, even though much of it was already known by keen observers of the Human psyche.

What strikes me, on thinking about it, and about the increasing amount of general social misbehaviour by youth, as well as the exposed antics of the twisted priests of Christianity, particularly of late, the Catholic clergy, is that psychopaths all seem to be “conscience-free zones”, as well as megalomaniacs to some degree.

No mention was made, in the ABC program, about any links between a psychopaths tendencies and traits, and their preparedness to abuse “witchcraft”, yet it is clear that, as we all have these occult powers within us - they are inherent in all sentient creatures - someone who craves, for whatever reason, for more power over other people, will do whatever they can to open their “evil eye” and deploy their powers of mind to win whatever it is they seek, from other people.

The psychopath, may therefore be one and the same as a witch.

It is to be noted, that most witches, while they purport to have total self-control, are in fact puppets, of some other witch, either known to them or not.

Most puppet masters will eventually make themselves known to those they have “captured”, and befriend them, merely so-as to know better their victim-puppet, and thus have intimate knowledge of their character and secrets and thus psychological traits and weaknesses.

I'd say, without exact interpretations, that psychopathy is all about power over others, and no psychopath will be interested in megalomania for long without seeking occult knowledge and it's power.

So, as our times are times of increased knowledge and, because of the psychoses bred by this no-less-than-evil capitalist marketplace, which forces us to resort to any-and-all underhanded methods just to survive, feed the family and remain accepted in a totally materialistic culture, as well because no Christian or western religion can protect us from the hidden beings which have always existed, and which are increasing in number and ferocity in the world of shadows, increasing in number because of the increase in number of unwise Humans who have opened their third, or evil eye, and thus are lured to “play” with the occult, it is dangerous to NOT be a witch.

As the western cults of the Jew, and of their puppet- branch offices of Catholicism and Christianity have done so complete a job of keeping the masses stupid, and afraid of looking inside themselves in the Philosophical sense, the masses who are as individuals encouraged to open their evil eye, are totally unaware of the tremendous dangers inherent in the occult world.

Therefore, as one means of defense in there, is to just keep smiling and laughing, little or no consideration-time is given to weighing-up the ramifications of using the occult to one's own advantage.

As well, “thinking” in genuinely Wise terms, has not been encouraged by the mainstream cults, because such mentation will, pretty-much invariably bring the thinker to realise that the cult and it's instructions are not in the interest of the person, nor of the person's Community.

This is why the Catholic and Christian cults have used witchcraft to keep the flock stupid, and why the cults have told us that “we must have faith!”

“Faith” is “confidence”, and confidence is essential for the witch to retain their self-esteem, and thus their psychic abilities. Faith needs not the truth about such things as are dangerous in the occult realms, nor about whatever after-effects one's misuse of magic can bring.

A combination of magic, excessive competition in how individuals are forced to “make a dollar”, extremely poor and corrupt government, totally unworthy-nay-evil priesthoods, and the sum of this which makes for extremely stupid individuals, leaves little room for the society to be anything other than twisted, malicious, self-centred and a general threat to future generations.

All of this, when added together, leaves us with not just an outbreak of psychopaths, which there has been for centuries, and which has been for as long in what we now call "dynasties" and "corporate leadership", but in fact leaves us with nothing short of a GLOBAL, psycho-pathological society.

Not conducive to a better future.

All Things Considered, such a diagnosis leaves “the gods” with no option, but to exterminate the species.

Where will they begin?

At the font of the psycho-pathology?




Perhaps the whole planet is so irreparably infected with this pernicious disease, that the complete obliteration of the once Holy Orb, of the Planet Eartha, is the only option?

I, personally, have no objection to this, as every encounter I have had with other people over an extended period, has been where they have sought to infect me with their bad magic, or occult hexes.

Clearly, they want me to “come on line” in the occult sense, which is, I guess understandable.

However, apart from their having “faith” in myths which tell them I am the Superwitch, who is the only one capable of wiping out the evil, alien invaders, I'm inclined to the position which says things like “Pin your faith to natural knowledge, stumble through the darkness of the blind. Pin your faith to “supernatural” knowledge, stumble through a darkness deeper still”. (Quote-unquote, the Eesha Upanishad, ex-Hinduism)

As the mainstream western culture is so devoid of genuine Knowledge and Wisdom on how to behave, as witnessed in all our (Australian) cities, governments and religions, and thus across our society, nothing the adherents to these errant ways say can convince me that I should awaken my occult powers.

It does seem, that, “surely it is better to suffer the “slings and arrows” of an errant world, than join in the delusion and deploy one's own, as base, powers?”

However, the evil catholic cult stemming out from the St Joseph's convent which was party to the mass murder, and it's cover-up, of my Aborigine Gunai Ancestors in the 1890s, the convent which stole and hypnotised my mother to murder and then sell my Soul to the evil scheme of twisted Catholic, Freemason and Theosophical Society occultists, have done such a pathetic job on me, that I am kept in the dark about most things relating to the occult world. Not to mention my "inheritance"?

I am aware that there are innumerable benefits to having one's third eye open, but that old Hindu Upanishad about the dangers of supernatural knowledge, while here on Earth, seems to stand the test of time, because today's psycho-pathological societies, now in every city on Earth, are clearly overflowing with abuse of the occult, and for that, are well out of control, and are NOT showing ANY signs of making their or their surrounding worlds any better, more peaceful, more Balanced or safer to live in.

Without a MASSIVE, worldwide REVOLUTION, where the Masses bring themselves into total ORGANISED control, and rid themselves of all the unworthy people in positions of power over others, from government, to family, to business, to police and military and especially the priesthood, the planet is lost, and thus is worthy only of being reduced to chaos and war.

If any Human Beings survive through to the aftermath, things will be chaotic for an eon, no doubt, but it is as likely that Stories will be passed on, and warnings of our errant ways will be heeded far more than they are being heeded today.

Death to the psycho-pathological Rome, and to all it's offshoots.

There you GO,
from Omaxa bin Eartha
of OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM


Telstra and a Free Telephony Future

You can go to Helstra
Article by The Age columnist, John Birmingham
Link: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/blogs/blunt-instrument/you-can-go-to-helstra/20100324-qwom.html

Here's what I just sent to The Age, Melbourne's broadsheet newspaper (do they still have "broadsheet newspapers?) regarding:
John Birmingham V Telstra

(I forgot to include, for John's amusement, the welcome note I've had on my Telstra prepaid mobile phone for a few years now, which is displayed when I turn the phone on, which reads "Hell? Oh..., Telstra!"

But, for some weird reason, Telstra has provided me with constant and reliable service of the last few months? Perhaps my whinging has been "heard", and perhaps my complaints to "higher authorities" have hit home. Check my blogsite for posts around the months before Sol Trejillo was packed-off back to Mexicamerica, and you might see a few connections to those upstairs I seem to have?)

Here's the Comment to John Birmingham:

Well done, Comrade!
As times and IMF government's change, so too will ALL telcos' grip on telephony!
With the likes of Skype rising, I see a future, not far ahead, where it will be inviable for corporations to profit from our communications needs.
Thus, as is the case for those who are savvy to the technology and what is on offer, phone-calls will be free. FREE!
All these charges and fees to use the modern techno-methods only exist because, in our ignorance, we let the corps get away with it.
Most of the day's media technology, TV, phones, radio etc, are money-machines for those who can concentrate the expertize, ie., corporations.
Wise and Good Government recognises that such necessary utilities, such as public transport, energy, roads, sewerage and water, etc, and I include TV and radio in "utilities" today, rightfully belong in the hands of not-for-profit PUBLIC (yes, government) hands.
Commerce must be allowed of course, so in terms of communications, the "carrier hardware and systems" belong in public ownership, as Telstra was before the Howard tyranny.
But first we have to elect, or by REVOLUTION, institute GOOD DEMOCRATIC government!
Role on the 2010 federal election!
I vote for the colour of the Heart Chakra!


Honey Bees or vicious wasps (and the 2011 NSW election)?

This sunny morning, I found myself "parked" in a Victorian forest, one which was burned-out in the February 2009 bushfire, and, several kilometres from any towns, I noticed an aggressive little character loitering around my ute.

So, I scribed and sent the following to our Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment.

It may be worth noting that when I was living in northern New South Wales, I was terrorised regularly by apiarists, one of whom, finally had me decide to leave NSW. There is no doubt that the last one, who claimed to be from Lismore, was doing the terrorising on behalf of the horrendously corrupt NSW police, particularly of Lismore station. But word was, that they were terrorising me under the orders of the New South Wales ALP "Rum Club" government. The same pro-IMF mafia, also known as "The Firm", who are costing the rest of the ALP, government and votes across the nation.

(There is no doubt that the apiarist was "pretending to practice witchcraft" on me up there, so, it is as likely that these little invaders, near where I "park" in this Victorian forest, were transported down here by a cohort of motorcyclists from NSW, who camped nearby last weekend, and constantly rode their bikes up the isolated bush track I was stopped on, and the bees were plonked nearby, to further his psychotic terrorism of me. But that's just speculation?)

Nevertheless, there is a NSW state election in about March next year. The ALP is not at all a "shoe-in" to stay in government, in-the-main because their horrendously corrupt cult practices have been exposed.

However, it will be the test-of-tests, to see if the People of NSW can break free from the 202 years of post-Rum Rebellion hexes and serious corruption, because until now, every election has merely been a "change of the guard" and the other side of the FOREIGN IMF rotteny coin, the Liberal/National coven are issued-in. Things, corruption, bad laws, terrorism and general ignorance and apathy continue as before.

It cannot be emphasized enough how much of a deleterious effect NSW corruption of Law and Government has on the rest of the nation.

It is clear that the only option NSW voters have today, in these rather tumultuous times, is to vote in a Green government, whether Australia's Greens Party is ready to govern or not.

But I DO have unfailing confidence in those who give their time, Knowledge and Wisdom to the Greens, in terms of Economics, and of Understanding the psychology of the Human beast. As well of course, those who Understand the fundamental relationship between Humans and the Environment.

Clearly Humanity has come to the time where blind faith in an, in reality, brutal religion, (Judeo-Christianity) has passed, and it is now that we are all enwisened to both, what influences our beliefs and thoughts, and our politics and economics.

As Australia is so young a "Nation", not ignoring the "Saving Grace"-type fact that the Aborigine have Divined exactly how we all must live, if we are to survive long term, 2010-on is perhaps "Our Time" when we can make the changes the whole planet needs, in ridding our systems of the deep and longtime corruption which the northern tribes have carried right around the world.

There's a positive spin for ya', from Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM.

Now, sit back and read about another nasty invasion, BEES! (And the Victorian government's DSE?)


I noticed this morning several insects loitering around where I parked in the State forest near Main Mountain Road and Cotterell's Track, east of Heathcote Junction, and wonder if they are honey bees, of the "European Honey Bee" type, or are a wasp of some kind.

From the little I know, they are not European honey bees.

I surfed the internet for images of them and other kinds, and they do not look like the pictures of European wasps, which I know have infested other areas not far from here, but there is a similarity.

IN appearance, they are closer to the European honey bee, in that they are more "compact" in body structure, not as "stringy" as the images of the European wasp.

They exhibit something of an aggressive character in the speed and search patterns they fly.

Is it possible for the DSE to send to me, via email attachment, some images of the known bees and wasps which inhabit these forests, so that when I return to that forest area, I can observe and compare them?

I would do the same, and take a picture then send it to DSE, but I haven't the camera equipment.

I contact DSE on this somewhat minor issue, because I am concerned about the regeneration of these forests, since the February 2009 bushfires. It seems a little strange that the insects have traversed so far into the forest in the 13 months since any previously existing bees or wasps would have been wiped-out.

Added to this concern, I raise the issue of the viability of "honey bees", especially of the European kind, in these forests, particularly as the forests need all the natural, that-is "native" insects to aid in that regeneration.

It is well known that introduced bees, for commercial purposes, do great damage to the native variety, and that native bees are an important and integral part of a balanced biosphere.

To this, it seems that the commercial exploitation of our forests for honey, using introduced bees such as the European bee, is not conscionable, and, if DSE is genuine in it's preservation and restoration of our previously decimated forests, the practice must be banned.

Indeed, as so much and so many of our introduced customs and practices are deadly for the sustenance of our continent's biosphere, the issue of providing our taste buds with honey is very debatable.

If, with all the evidence, it is concluded that honey production is dangerous to the reproductive cycles of the forests and bushland fauna, then we white, introduced Humans, need-must curtail our predilection for the sweetener, honey.

Any arguments saying that honey is good for us, are null-and-void, because most all commercial honeys today, are treated so heavily that they have next to no nutritional value or ingredients left in them.

Adding further weight to the issue of stopping European honey bees from being placed in any of our forests, is the presence of the Varroa Mite, and it's spread, as well as the mysterious "colony collapse syndrome".

Therefore, getting back to the insects I spied in the forest near Cotterell's track this morning, and forgive me for seeming to "harangue" the DSE on forest matters (I previously emailed DSE on other forest issues relating to our Eagles and deforestation), is DSE monitoring such insect invasions and populations?

And, once more, might I put the call to DSE that DSE establishes programs to that end, if something of this kind are not already extant?

Finally I urge again that allowing apiarists to leave their honey bees in our forests cannot be condoned, and should, by DSE, be stopped.


Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

by Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
at OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM

“Psychopaths can't say 'sorry'!”

“Psychopaths can't say 'sorry'!”
(unquote, ABC LNL 10:50pm Wednesday night, 24th March 2010, guest with Philip Adams on 'Psychopathology').

A few comments following an interesting discussion on ABC Rad Nats "Late Night Live",
by Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
in the chair for OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM

The line “psychopaths can't say 'sorry'”, says a lot about the Catholic church's abuses, and about my own mothers mental condition.

It also says a lot about the hubristic politicians of the “Protestant” GW Bush administration, whose response to exposed policy decision mistakes such as the “Iraq war” was “moving forward!”

Being unable to say sorry, or being unable to apologise for mistakes or wrong behaviour, is a trait common to “witches”, because to say 'sorry' is to admit error in thinking and or in action, which challenges and undermines their confidence. And confidence is fundamental to maintaining one's “magic” aura and it's defenses.

To witches, in society, 'megalomania' is part-and-parcel of keeping their power, so one way one can tell if someone is a witch, is to watch them defend themselves when challenged.

If they avoid the subject, and any questions, and if they respond with assertive anger as a defense, especially to the point of becoming threatening and violent, then witchcraft is influencing their mind. Usually, it is not their own witchery, but that of their known or unknown “puppet-master's”.

Witchcraft, is rarely used with Honesty, because witchcraft demands that one inflates one's opinions and beliefs about oneself, and these usually become inflating in and of every other belief of or approach to events and things, and to other people around us.

It seems witchcraft is the art of knowing everything.

So in conversation, one has to be able to answer any question and be able to proffer an explanation for whatever is presented, which, as most people who practice witchcraft have not achieved the highest level of Full Enlightenment, so, are not One with the All Knowing Supreme Spirit, cannot give the truthful answer to most questions, gibberish and running-off-at-the-mouth, making-it-up-as-you-go, bullshit and loud verbose speech and social domination is the regular way for a witch to maintain their self-esteem and “position” of 'respect' amongst the group, or coven.

These traits dominate much in today's social groups, and are deadly to the Intellect, and to the educing and communication of Wisdom to a group and across a society.

Such forceful behaviour in groups from one individual to one or more others, also carries it's own 'spells' which impact upon the receiving Soul's 'sphere' or aura, and this trait can then become part of the impacted Soul's behaviour.

These are anti-intelligence spells, and are ways of forcing what is not true into the mind of another.

In a society like Australia's, where untrue beliefs have been forced into us for at least 202 years, by the same methods of witchcraft, since the most devastating political event of the infamous “Rum Rebellion” of 1808, led by the psychopathic witch, John Macarthur, we are in a constant state of war, between those who are entranced, across the generations, to support his cemented corruption of the laws, in a series of utterly destructive and again, anti-intellectual beliefs, and then laws and customs about how society works, and a new class of Warriors who have found WHAT Good Government requires - Proper Scientific Laws - Laws which can be supported with Impartial Scientific Inquiry, analysis, and deductions which lead to irrefutable conclusions. Economic conclusions.

However, finding the truth behind and within any such Laws, in Economics and in Society, is terminally impeded by the abuse of witchcraft, such that the witch's untruths forced upon our “psychic sphere” or Soul are also 'designed' to prevent us from both deconstructing the incantation, and from “hearing”, properly analyzing and accepting the truthful Laws.

In this war, both soft and hard inducements are 'deployed', by both sides.

Bribes, promises of wealth-and-social 'security' and threats of the opposites, are used.

When a situation presents itself to those who are called to play an active role where passive conversation is not seen to bring success, it is, for those who are on the side of Scientific Economic and Social Laws, and the business of “Law Reform”, necessary to resort to the earlier mentioned assertive traits as used by witches.

This, it seems, is because those they are “feuding” against, are themselves deafened by the corrupt beliefs and laws. But really, they are deafened by the witchery which put those corrupt and flawed, untrue beliefs in their minds in the first place.

This is the common fallen condition of the western mind, by all accounts, and has it's genesis in the mainstream cults - Catholicism and Christianity in general.

Christianity has nothing to do with “God” or Jesus “the son of God”

Christianity is all about witchcraft, or the abuse of it.

Jesus, most know, was a Witch.

By most accounts, he was a Good, or White Witch, and had no evil intentions or psychopathic ideals, beliefs or desires for His “fellow man” or woman.

Jesus, whose name was Yeshua ben Joseph, was himself a puppet of the Rabbis of the Temple in Jerusalem. It is likely they were corrupt, and were either of his disparaged “Sadducees and Pharisees”, and had clearly captured his mind and Soul from an early age.

Christianity's “high priests” of recent times, high only so far that the majority were/are so far below them in terms of “insider knowledge” on what the cult was/is actually about, preach that He was the son of God, but spread belief in him, so that as many people, as many minds as possible, would ideate His manifestation, or, His RE-manifestation. This is magic or witchcraft at work, and is not the calling for the marketed version, but is an occult call, an occult way of fabricating a “super-witch”.

This is what the high priests, themselves quite a lot lesser or below any Condition of Full Spiritual Enlightenment, see their own kind, the white, western “lost sheep” or flock, need, to lift them out of the pit, the ancients of their own elite classes of high priests have dropped us all in.

We, or our ancestors, were quite deliberately “dropped in the pit” of psychic ignorance, so that we were blind, so we would be happy being slaves to their grand global plans.

As with this kind of ignorant use of witchcraft, ideals were inflated, and contorted, until, at some point in Humanity's inevitable inter-fusion and growing more and more together, absolute power offered itself to the dominant dynasties, until they saw that such a “superwitch” could also bring and guarantee them, continued economic dominance. And economic dominance of the whole world.

What they may have failed to expect, or see coming, is that any such “superwitch”, who graduated beyond their own low, or entranced state of mind, to the level where the Super-witch was Divining the sought-after Wisdoms, would come to recognise how fallen the puppet masters were, and then would, following Truth, and, rejecting the false doctrines and ideations and beliefs preached and practiced, would turn against them by both exposing them, and by throwing all the facts about erring psychologies back at them!

To the point where even their ideations about a Superwitch, or, in the preachers false terminology - “a returned Jesus”, are exposed as false and based not on what the masses need, but on what the elites desire, to keep their status, dominance and wealth.

As well as exposing them as thoroughly corrupt, the superwitch also exposes them and their false ideologies as terminal for life of the species and of most all life on Earth.

Therefore, the Superwitch deduces that his only option, all things considered, is to deploy his witchcraft against those who have made him the, their, superwitch, and destroy their culture, which may mean he has, for the sake of life beyond this planet, to destroy the planet.

Not his preferred option, but as the evidence, as at 2010 CE, shows clearly that the culture and accepted customs promoted and marketed and allowed by those elites who bred him, has taken the planet to the point of environmental collapse, he is left with next to no choice.

As their psychopathology is so intense, and apparently so incurable, such that they can't even say "sorry" let alone do anything to remedy the errors, the superwitch, who has also traveled beyond the Earth to other solar systems and to other planets sustaining Intelligent life, recognises the threat the puppet masters and elites of Earth pose to the rest of the galaxy, and thus knows that, they must be heavily and urgently constrained, perhaps even exterminated.

Also, he would prefer that they woke up from their self-imposed trances and began to behave the way Humans must behave.

However, they are so self-absorbed and thus, like the witch who cannot say “sorry”, cannot correct their manners, their customs, their traditions and laws, so bring their own annihilation upon themselves, and, because of the scale of their errant culture, the annihilation of the vast majority of Humanity.

If only they could say “sorry” and mean it, to the point of effecting Wise and Intelligent Corrections in their Laws?

As they refuse, it is left up to the Righteous Warriors to cut them down to size.

The soft, western upper classes will see Actions to this end as horror.

The Wise, Impartial Warriors will see it as Justice!

It is time the psychopaths who head the dominant cults on Earth stepped down, and admitted their mental illnesses, and accepted their fate.

Humanity must evolve, and evolve fast.

As the dominant western cults appear incapable of seeing and repairing their own psychopathologies, then they must be brought to see and repair, and dispel them.

The false Jesus, bred to play Superwitch, must be allowed to rest, so He is not forced to employ his Powers.

So too, false beliefs about God, must be laid to rest.

Rise Up, the Righteous Warrior for Green, Global, Economic Justice!

It;s now for EVERYONE, to Know The True Laws, and be Sovereign.

Our Soils Our Own!

False religion is dead.

Now, St Joseph's, and mother? About saying “SORRY”?


Catholic Abuse

I happened to listen to ABC Radio National's "Spirit of Things" today, which Oh Golly Gosh was about "cult abuses".
So I flung this word-bomb off to me ol' darling Rachael Kohn who compares the program.
THEN, I spied their "Have Your Say" page, and flung a copy of it onto that as well!!!
(we'll see if they post it for public viewage?)

Please include the mainstream cult of Catholicism in any reports, allegations and charges of "abuse"!
The Theosophical Society also!
Both are in deep in forcing me to play a false messiah!
You know about this, as do all in ABC!
Don't condemn one (Xenophon V Scientology) without doing the same Just thing to all!
Wherever the Catholic church has been, abuses are rampant. All of society, worldwide, is damaged because of this, and yet your Catholic, Zionist ABC, ALP mobs say and do nothing?
USA, Sth America, Ireland, Australia, now all of Europe are up-in-arms against the church.
The biggest abuse, of trying to fool the masses that "Jesus" has returned, is the most evil.
Accepting their "30 pieces of silver" to stay silent spells doom for everyone!
The Catholic church, and ALL "Christian" churches, are exposed as false religions today.
You cannot and must not continue to deny these hard but essential FACTS!
Don't leave it until I personally act violently!
Hordes of sympathetic "Outlaws" are breaking-loose because of this, in support of my case, and your mobs' keeping quiet will only exacerbate the chaos!
Everyone who ignores my plea is abusing me, raping me, killing me slowly.
Taking the bribes makes animals of you all, and threatens the future of every Human Being.
Give it UP, Girlie!

Omaxa bin Eartha


A Shot at the BBC

Making the most of modern technuttery, I occasionally do this, and scribe challenges to Babylon, then send it in-mass around the globular. I must expect some element of being sent straight into the receivers' "spam mail" bin, but the few auto-responders I get tell me not everyone treats me as the global joke! (?) I include in this blogpost the email addresses, just to prove something....?

A late-in-the-day blast from
Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
in the chair at OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM

TO: "BBC News haveyoursay"

CC: "7.30 Report ABC TV" <7.30syd@your.abc.net.au>, "ACTU Mailbox" , "Australian Conservation Foundation" , "CHINA Permanent Mission" , "CUBA Permanent Mission" , "Economist The" , editor@iran-bulletin.org, english@peopledaily.com.cn, "Executive Intelligence Review" , "Farrago Melb Uni Student Union" , "FRANCE Permanent Mission" , "Greenpeace Australia Sydney" , "Guardian Unlimited" , "Health Services Union" , "Il Manifesto Italian Newspaper" , "International Tenants Union" , "James Casbolt" , "LebanonDaily Star" , "Michael Finnegan" , "Moscow Times .com" , "New York Times Letters Editor" , "Omaxa bin Eartha" , "Peoples Daily Newspaper" , "Phil J Anderson" , "Radio Current Affairs" , "San Francisco Chronicle" , "Sunday Age" , "TheAge Newsdesk" , "TheIndependant UK Newspaper" , "Times Online" , "United Motorcycle Council" , "Unleashed ABC Online" , "US News" , "Whistleblowers Australia" , "Wilderness Society of Australia"

Subject: WHYS access ludicrous, and Comments on French elections


I just read the BBC article about France's President Sarkozy and the UMP suffering defeats across French regional elections, (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8579232.stm) and wanted to say something about what was relayed in the BBC report.

So I sought-out the BBC WHYS links (World Have Your Say), only to be unable to locate the comments section?

After several clicks and lookies, I gave up, and returned to my email and this address.  I hope it is still active?

Nevertheless..., regarding the French election results.....,

One line therein says that less than 50% of voters bothered to vote - "In the first round ballot less than half of France bothered to vote".

To this, I say, that if there is that low a turnout, then surely it is a sign that the system of "democratic voting" is broken, and either needs major reforms or complete replacement?

The 50% who did not "vote" did in fact vote, by not attending.  This indicates a serious failure in the system - and we are NOT talking only of France's electoral structure - a failure exposed by the voting "non-voters".

The same, but lesser "donkey votes" repeat themselves in Australia, where voting is compulsory.  So those who want to save themselves from being fined, go to the polling booth and make their vote void one way or another.

This is their only way of casting their opinion, and to those in the know, a Wise and accurate opinion, saying that the system is broken, and even pathetic.

It should be of major concern to all politicians that such numbers avoid the electoral process, and, that none of the world's so-called "democratic nations'" politicians make anything of this, is a sign that they in fact do not care about the results, nor about that "majority" of citizens, or subjects who reject the voting process and thus the mainstream political system.

Leaving the outcome to those minority of voters, who support one side or other of the mainstream political cabal, clearly "left and right" wing political parties are but the left and right arms of the same IMF global behemoth - "Babylon" to the Rastafarians, is, as we witness daily on the political, economic and environmental fronts, the good-intentioned road to Hell!

US President Obama won his Chair with slogans advocating Change, etc, and, having much faith in his Intellect and Wisdom and perceptions that it IS time we changed to a far more Balanced Global/Local political system/structure etc., I see nothing but a doomed future, especially while the likes of the Murdoch dynasties control BBC's news agenda, as well as leaving the banks of the "winners" clubs of Britain and Eurape to sustain the world's biggest crimes of Land speculation and degradation, all in the name of selfish "northern" profits!

To a Wise mind, anyone who simply keeps-on keeping-on working and playing within the mainstream economic, media, employment and social structures, remnants all from ancient Rome, is a traitor to the Planet, the ONLY Habitat we all have, and thus, is a traitor to Humanity, to their nation, to their children and to themselves.

It's stated that Jeshua ben Joseph said "Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do!"

Are the likes of Britain's IMF executives, media, bankers, politicians, MI5-&-6 agents, military commanders, ambassadors and consulates aware that He, was talking as well, about THEM?

Are they aware, and do they/you care, that he was saying, in 21C language, "Forgive them Lord, for they are all hypnotized idiots"?

For the record, I, the puppet cursed with the utterly unrealistic (and demonic) task of saving your lot, courtesy of Oxford, Dunrobin, Rome and Dublin (or is it Armargh?), seriously deluded elites all, say "YOU forgive them Lord, I'm buggered if I will!"

BBC has done well as it goes, in reporting and influencing public attitudes, but, it cannot be denied that there is a line over which NONE of you will cross, when something like your "nice-little-earners" are threatened.

Give it a few years, perhaps decades, and your "nle"'s will be seen as being the cause of the planet's collapse.

As BBC, is a leader in global media, it is the responsibility of BBC's team to advocate the most effective Reforms the world has seen.

It surely is time we and you forgot the psychoses carrying James Murdoch and cabal, and that the Masses, the Workers of every nation, Tribe and Gang of the world, must be brought into the effective political processes.

It is for the BBC to openly speak about the fundamental reforms the whole world needs.

Reforms to "Land Tenure", a la Ricardo's "Economic Rent". A la Henry George's "Land Rent for Government Revenue". A la Leviticus 25, etcetera, ETCETERA!

Clearly, to a majority of the world's voters, the "system", principly of IMF-models, is broken, and can be fixed with minimal fuss, a few upclub hangings aside, by media giving the public the FACTS about Economics.

ENOUGH of bankers' agenda.

Enough of putting economics first, while "economics" is the exact opposite to efficient and thus environmentally friendly and sustainable Human-Land interactivity.

There you GO, from Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
at OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM


Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw,  for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

VOTE GREENS! NO CHOICE! All Things Considered!

“Govt urged to nurture suburban food bowls”

Comment on ABC online article, titled as above, at
by Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
from OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM

IN line with my persistent commentaries about the untenable structure of our “suburbs”, this article on ABC online news confirms that both our suburban designs and delusions are guaranteed social and cultural failures, and, as well, this type of commentary, by “a senior research fellow at Griffith University's urban research program, Dr Jago Dodson” is also saying to us that our farming techniques and so-called “traditions” are failures waiting to happen.

Since hearing the statistics about a decade ago, I've always found that leaving the national population's food production in the hands of a mere 3-or-so percent of the people, ie., those who live and work in primary industries, bloody bad planning, and indeed, bloody stupid.

Being that we live and fail in a “free world”, apparently gives individuals the right to choose how they live and destroy the habitat, and “farming” Australia-style, is perhaps the most dangerous way to live and destroy.

“Market forces” mainly of real estate and it's unscrupulous method of speculating on the most valuable asset a people and nation can have - the Land - really only serve to keep the majority of people ignorant and self-absorbed in “hunting” for whatever they can procure for food and accommodation security. All being extremely short term prospecting, which fail, perhaps even “genocidally” all future populations!

So a last-ditched “Hoorah” to Dr Jago Dodson for his/her research and it's findings.

However, from a REALPolitik perspective, one must ask if Jago has done “the amble” of late, where he aimlessly drives in and out of the suburbs, into the marginal rural “farmland” or, the land which is being decimated by those primitive meat-producing practices, and back into town?

Especially “the amble” of driving back into town via high ground, where he/we can see down onto the suburban landscape? This way he/we can get an all-encompassing picture of just how far passed saving, our suburbs have become.

In the article Dr Dodson says “there is plenty of space in urban environments to grow food”.

But, as another article on ABC online says, getting the suburbanites to “put-in” the amount of effort necessary to keep such food production enclaves productive, is quite another matter.

And any REAL level of food production in the suburbs, latterly called "Community Gardens", passed the level of boutique and “feel-good” effects for those “conshy” contributors, means that not only large tracts of suburban land has to be turned-over to these Good Idea Suburban Food Farms, but OH NO!?, a sizey chunk of the number of “macmansions”, and the deadly “nuclear family homes” concepts have to be deconstructed as well.

Deconstructed and replaced with Community housing, and not just for family-less individuals who've been thrown onto government pensions, but Community Housing for families who have done their Maths, and found that our current "trends" of selfish little nuclear family castles are unsustainable and are deadly for everyone's future. Even for Housing industry executives and construction Unionists! AND LAWYERS!!!

As per “the amble”, cruising back into the cities from the rural fringes slays most Hope and murders us with futility on seeing the endless row-on-row-on-hectare-on-hectare of suburban housing, AND, on seeing the new estates being mindlessly constructed over previously destroyed, once prime, arable farmlands.

So, without MAJOR re-arrangements of most everything to do with Australia's “world's most sinful” culture, starting with the deconstruction of our so-called “religions”, and their foreign parliamentary systems of evil profiteering, then the near-total elimination of the current banking cults, aligned to the foreign religious cults and their HQs in Switzerland and Rome, et al, Australia is doomed.

So while a bloody good idea, as researched by Dr Jago Dodson and team, without a severe rearrangement of most everything else in and around our suburban cultures and designs and lifestyles, the nation is headed for disaster!

But, Surprise-surprise!? This seems to be the prognosis anyway, but on a global scale.

We've blown it kids!

Screwed! Carnage!

The future is war, between the few remaining Humans, and hordes of brainless mutants, bred mostly by the excessively wealthy dickless idiots, perhaps not unlike James Murdoch and global cabal, and their teams of unbelievable dickless lawyers.

Therefore, if Australians, and those who now live here, but in the privacy of their own bedrooms still call themselves “Kiwis” or “British” or “French” or “Italian” or “German” or “Greek”, or “Vietnamese” or “Indian” or “Sri Lankan” or “Bangladeshi” or “Chinese” or “lawyers”, have ANY Integrity and Honor, they would be out on the streets (whatever that means) campaigning not for either of the mainstream FOREIGN political parties, but for FUNDAMENTAL CORRECTIONS to our way of life, of the most rudimentary kind - that of introducing a National Land Tax, dissolving the three tier government system, and thus dissolving state parliaments, such that the Land is unlocked from speculation and from those who illegally claimed it for themselves in generations passed, and from here, today forward, forcing government to open up the rural lands for small, Agrarian Socialist Villages to blossom on every country crossroad.


Because, while Dr Jago Dodson has done well, and works with Integrity no doubt, such well researched reform ideas are “small beer” in light of the larger, overall problems our current social structures are setting the future generations up for.

This year, Conscientious Australians, and Conscientious Folk world-wide, have no choice, but to vote for the Greens' Intellect, of Rebalancing the Human species with the Natural Environment.

NO CHOICE! All Things Considered!

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Green Intellect Congratulations and Celebrations!

Comments post-21st March 2010 Tasmanian and South Australian state elections
by Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
at OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM

Following-up on what I just posted below, prompted by today's extreme harassment which I'm getting from idiots on dirt-bikes, who are stalking me as I camp out here in the reforest, stalked and terrorised mainly because, it seems I have been integral in effecting a major upsurge in the Green's vote, at yesterday's two State elections, one in Tasmania, which cut deep into Labor's leadership, with the Greens, winning an Excellent 21 percent of the vote (TWENTY-ONE TODAY! TWENTY-ONE TODAY!), and the other in South Australia, I'm inclined to think that the global powers-that-wanna-stay-there - Murdoch and my own uptop upclub dynastic family of Sutherland, 'northern' Catholic Zionists incorporated, and others, are a bit destabilised by my turn away from the Catholic-IMF Labor Party, which they've orchestrated my support and advocacy of for decades, and that my broadcasting via the bloggosphere and via the occultosphere every REALPolitik Reason for voters to vote Green, has tipped things on their heads a little bit.

So there's an edginess all over, at the moment, in the trepidation, the tremendously terrific trepidation that the Greens, are in fact on the rise, and that, come the federal election due later this year, they could rise so much that our cosy IMF-upclub Liberal-Labor-National Party cabal will be threatened - WITH and BY TRULY DEMOCRATIC REALPOLITIKS, which, if my influence is real, may very well include SERIOUS National LAND REFORMS.

The implications from this, and to US President Barack Obama's planned visit here this year, are huge, because if the Greens become powerful in Australia, federally and across the states, (and let me remind the reader that Australia IS the MOST MATERIALISTIC, thus, in religious terms, MOST SINFUL nation on Earth, not to mention that I deem us pretty-much ALL seriously mentally ill, shown by our horrendous maltreatment of the arable lands etc.,), there cannot help but be influential and effective ramifications around the globe!

To my way of thinking and from what I have learned over my decades of philosophical, political and “religious” investigations, such turns are logical eventuations, changes that have no choice but to come about.

Contrary to my personal thoughts on how “fallen” Humans have become, from employing that which we are regarded (by “ourselves”, which probably should cancel much of this out) as being superior for - our Intellect - personal thoughts which seem to determine that we have “blown it” on a scale never seen before, and that we are near to extinction, or a serious decimation at least of our populations is upon us - I have seen, and perhaps learned that the Intellect, and not peculiarly the HUMAN Intellect, IS superior to all the other aspects and “talents” and tendencies in life, and therefore, the Intellect should be victorious at-the-end-of-the-day.

Considering exactly “where” we all are right now, on a global summation, it appears that there will have to be the most almighty (touchy connotations there) reappraisal, reform and revolution right around the world if we, and “the” Intellect is to win over our current ignorance and propensity to self-destruct.

As my three-plus decades of “all things considered” inquiry into what this bullshit-called life on Earth is all about, weighing it ALL up, Green politics is one, the only way, two unavoidable as an eventuation, and three exactly how Intellect would govern the planet.

All Praise the Aborigine! As One Noble and Righteous Example of Living Sincerely and Deep Green!

This, therefore, puts the moccas on most all of our current “modern” ways and faiths in technology, AND, in expecting a messiah, because it is unbelievably INEFFICIENT to have one bloke running a whole planet.

What is FUNDAMENTAL to Right Living, and to Good Government, is nothing to do with WHO runs it and us!

The Fundament of all Life, is Good, Sound, Immutable Law.

And as we have the modern-day version of Guttenburg in the Bill Gates-type innovations, and the other facilities for widespread communications, EVERYONE CAN KNOW THE LAW.

Not the “safety-belt” laws, but the BOTTOMLINE LAWS of How Best to Relate with The Land, and with all those upon it!

Once we are all taught these simple Clean, Pure Laws, and are enabled to live Honorably, Honestly, Happily and WITH a Conscience, through such Laws being instituted across government, business, family and culture, “leaders” become a “non-issue” and there is no more any need for BULLSHIT and super-costly political election campaigns as we see now.

Justice is the Bottomline of all of this.

With the political garbage as has evolved over the last one hundred - five hundred - sixteen hundred - SIX THOUSAND years, to what we suffer today of crap-politics and the race to the bottom of the pit, we will never have True, Impartial Justice nor Just Governmentation.

So, HAPPY 21! Tassie Greens!

These 2 state elections in Tassie and South Australia have been “litmus tests” for what is to come later this year.

Both states, are, in fact important but lesser concerns compared to Victoria, due (I think) to go to the polls in about November or December 2010, and New South Wales and Queensland.

The “majors” are worried. And doesn't the tempest tell us so?

This means that the IMF and the Catholic church, both FOREIGN corporations, are worried, mainly because this Change to the Greens, means that the foreign cabal is losing it's evil grip on Australians, on OUR SOILS, and on our, OUR resources, fearing rightly, that a Greens Ascent may well infer Australia becomes a Republic.

Anyone who cans that and other Economic and Environmental Benefits to Australia, is, as Howard would have said “unAustralian”, and is thus a traitor.

Celebrate Greens!

But it ain't over yet!

Three Wise Aussie Rules Football teams-worth of Candidates, Senator Bob!

Three Wise Tribes!

While we have “states”, Greens need Candidates in their parliaments. But another major reform is to disband the State parliaments. They are both inefficient and irreparably corrupt.

“Local Councils under a Federal Umbrella”, is an old description, which should be a policy target for any Genuine “Econvironment” Party.

(Sorry! Just delighting in lexicography, on the grounds that “politics” should be dead, as an arena and as a word, merely because it signifies little more than cultural corruption today!
“Econ” - Economics! - “-vironment” the Biosphere!)

Long Live the Re-Balance!

Congratulations, to The Australian Green Intellect!

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No Counseling for being set-up as the false Jesus by the Catholic church!

Further to the issue of being ignored for challenging the evil Catholic church's plan to present the world with a false "returned Jesus Christ", and following a couple of letters I'd already sent to a "possibly" "Zionist" org called "Cult Counseling Australia", (both letters are already published on this blog site), here's the third letter I've sent Cult Counseling Australia, posted via email on 13th March 2010.

(For anyone from Cult Counseling who reads this blog, as I asked them to do, please be aware I post these letters to you onto this blog-site, for public view, as "back-up", because all other avenues of appeal have either failed or have "betrayed" me.)

It has to be said that other factors at play, such as a plethora of quite evil occultists, possibly from within the Freemasons, are responsible for making my life Hell, as I recently "divined", for forty years, principly by one dickless and thus envious psycho "David Edney", an ex-school friend of mine, and they continue to prevent me, from seeking and finding the help I reckon I need, and perhaps deserve, to get out of this 'orrible hex the Catholics, and my own mother, have over my Soul.

Yesterday I was watching, via my mobile phone "Foxtel" tv "Fox8" channel, the "backstory of good ol' Clark Kent, the show called "Smallville", and was brought to consider that the dubious chappie, "Lex Luther" (whom I kinda like, as-it-happens) and his apparently less dubious father, are but fictional copies of the real-life media tyrants James and Rupert Murdoch.

I have no doubt that James is a megalomaniac, but who can then say that Rupert has not been, and is not still?

Being that the Murdochs are apparently the two most wealthy and powerful people on earth, in media, and that the "world of shadows" has been part of the world's elites play for global dominance forever, the portrayal of Lex Luther spending much time and money researching the occult, and the world or realm of super-powers, such as those represented in "Kalal" or Clark Kent, and the power to manipulate people, and, as in Smallville, Luther's cloning of people, it's certainly not a long bow to draw the simile and conclusion that little psycho James Murdoch, what with all his unwarranted, unqualified power and wealth would give some of his energy to keeping certain "influential" people under his control.

Once, a few years ago, I was parked/camped at the gravel rest area atop the Tuntable Falls Road at the Tuntable Creek Road corner, up the big hill from Nimbin, when a small silver rental car swung around the corner from the Tuntable Creek Road, and pulled to a swift stop right next to my Holden Rodeo. I peered through the gap in the ute's tarps and saw the driver staring attentively at my ute. I, with all the modesty and calm and humility I'm famous for, screamed at him to "fuck off", adding several other crude expletives to drive home the point. He and his woman apologised as if totally innocent, and drove on down to Nimbin.

It wasn't until they'd gone that I realised that it was none other than James Murdoch!

For a laugh I promptly rang the Nimbin Community radio station "NIM-FM" and told the answerer, one illegal English immigrant calling himself "Johnny Chai" that James Murdoch was coming to Nimbin anonymously. I can't recall how I knew what followed, but I must have heard via the phone, a massive commotion in the radio studio immediately. Perhaps Johnny was panicking about being "found-out" by James or such. Dunno, but it was funny.

As I say above here, everyone knows the elites, especially of media, have been messing more than they should, with the occult for centuries, millennia, and, as I only recently established that I am the central figure in perhaps the planet's biggest occult fraud - making a false messiah - and that all manner of deviates, like Murdoch, have been working to gain control over my Soul, but especially over my mind, linking this paragraph to the earlier one about Lex Luther and his shananagans on "Smallville", wee James Murdoch is DEFINITELY "in there" to win his slice of power over he, who might be the most influential political and cult, or religious figure on earth.


I know he has quite a "grip" on me, and thinks that I work for him, or that I am forced and manipulated enough by him and his elite cohorts here and O/S to play the part of being the messiah, and lead the global Revolution.

As I know that these types are doing everything they can to control me and point me in the direction they want me to go in, I resist, defy, dissent, as much as I can, and in that defiance, I go to the extreme in putting out the views I have on the REALPolitik Issues and political and religious corruptions I perceive and apparently expose.

The irony, is that my Defiance actually feeds the popular delusion of Jesus coming back, and has the prigs and the public even more convinced that I'm the real messiah, or at least revolutionary leader.

He, James, and probably Dad, Rupert, (Rupert,whom I do have some regard and respect for), have been manipulating global media for a long time, in Rupert's case, for decades, and James has come on board of Dad's ship and has been given "the authority" to take-over, once Rupert "retires" or expires. In their manipulation of the global media, they have come also to have quite some influence in manipulating any serious "revolutions", and the big one, of a Global Land Reform type, which I have been almost choicelessly pushing for perhaps two decades, is of key interest for both of them. And of course, for all of their super-elite associates, especially those who fear they will lose or die from a Genuine, Global Revolution.

I am quite certain that the likes of the Murdochs, and their mates in the British hierarchy are intent upon manipulating the planet's events and of maintaining control of any large reforms to how Human Beings relate to the precious Land.

They are inbred in their dynastic beliefs, and that the world has to be run, if it is to be run successfully, by either THEIR elite upclub, or more, by some figurehead. The logical, though flawed end to such ideological concepts, is, of course, a Messiah-King.

And, damn it, they have for over 100 years, had their sights set firmly upon making someone, as it happens, me, that puppet king.


But it is the nature of magic spells, as I maintain they are all under ("Forgive them Lord, for they are all HYPNOTISED IDIOTS!!!") to remain fixated on one belief or another, and it matters not to them, while they are the "winners", whether those beliefs are True, Good for Humanity, or even Right.

Nevertheless, being but a pawn and puppet in a terribly sad and sadistic game of global power, I remain DEFIANT, RESISTANT, DISSENTING AND AN OUTLAW, and continue, while I have the motivation, to scribe and send-off letters to such organisations as the Cult Counseling Australia mob.

Certainly seems I got out on the wrong side of this "life".

To Cult Counseling Australia


Thank you for your response.

I delayed replying to your email, due to futility.

Also, today I further read your website and saw that Cult Counselling charges fees.

This is not unreasonable, obviously.

However, as I am on my own in regard to this matter, as my family have repeatedly denied this “set-up”, and have “betrayed” me to authorities, I assert, in order to protect the church involved, and as I have been forced out of the workforce and onto a government pension (forced out of earning my own keep in about 1994, and onto a pension in 2000), paying any fees for your services would appear to be out of the question.

Also, after a few days since receiving your email, I have again put time and thought into what my chances are of ever resolving this, and basically conclude that it is, for myself, irresolvable.

Because of the repeated “betrayal” by government, family, friends and all others I have approached in regard to this rubbish, I am left with no choice but to also be wary of trusting “Cult Counselling”.

I apologise for this, and feel sure your employees are of high integrity.

However passed experience has shown me over and again that those who would keep me silent, in the dark and exiled (including my own mother, and my “half-”siblings, government, police and so-called “psyche-services”), are extremely influential and, indeed, powerful, such that they do not hesitate to “invade” anyone elses privacy to keep control of myself and of this heinous and phenomenally large “plan” or, “conspiracy”.

Of the last few years, I have found information relating to this, which goes to large and powerful forces in Britain, which include the wealthy “Zionists” of Oxford England.

While I have no reason to argue against Jewish Peoples having a homeland of their own, I cannot ignore the evidence which says that the current “nation-state” of Israel, is in fact illegal.

I mention this because I note that a few members of Cult Counselling are Jewish, and I expect that the predominant Australian Jewry are themselves Zionist also, therefore here I find another reason to feel uncertain about taking this personal issue any further with Cult Counselling Australia.

Again, I apologise for saying this, and reiterate my feelings that your employees are no doubt of high integrity.

But without a full and honest exposure of the “conspiracy” which has been my own life, since my conception in 1954, and for at least 60 years before that, which involves both murder, AND genocide, of my Aborigine Ancestral Family of the “Gunai” Tribe in Gippsland Victoria in the 1890s, a full and honest exposure which I feel certain is beyond the abilities of “Cult Counselling”, nothing further can be done by Cult Counselling.

If, however, Cult Counselling was motivated by what I have so-far written, and if Cult Counselling would act to both save my life, and save a great many people from further deceptions and cult crimes, maybe Cult Counselling can investigate what I have written, both in these three emails to “CC”, but also in my web log?

I do note that CC charges for time spent reading and researching.

However, as I assert, with sound evidence, that this affair of which I am (most unfortunately) in the centre, is perhaps of fundamental importance to the resolution of this basic and seriously errant phenomenon, of cults deploying “mind control techniques” on otherwise innocent persons, may I suggest that CC makes it's own investigations into “my” affairs?

Were I able, I would compile all the relevant evidence, and essays and articles I have written on this, my, and the Catholic church's matter, of attempting to “construct” a false messiah, into one tome, book or collection.

But because of this very same curse, I am unable. Neither is it the want of the “conspirators”, and/or of those who have taken bribes to remain silent.

As I wrote in the first email I sent CC, which CC apparently did not receive, going to my weblog at www.maxearth.blogspot.com you will find more than enough on the matter.

However, as there are perhaps over 500 “e-ssays” as I call them, on maxearth.blogspot, many of which address unrelated issues, mainly of politics, CC best employ a fast reader to scan through the blogsite's posts.

Also, with maxearth.blogspot, the reader must be prepared for some blunt statements and “course language”.

Finally, while most of these type of approaches to and taken-on by Cult Counselling Australia would be more interested in “saving” individuals and families from such terrible offences, with all humility, sincerity and soundness of mind, even while “hexed”, I do again assert that this one is possibly the biggest fraud upon the minds of the mass of Catholics, and Christians in general.

As to whether there is credence in the allegations I raise, that at least my mother and her ancestral family, the “Sutherland” of Scotland, believe that they, and thus I, am descended from Jeshua ben Joseph, aka Jesus Christ himself, and therefore that our blood is that of Jesus, etcetera-and-on, I cannot say.

It may indeed be so!


But of a certainty, so many many others are also.

From my own personal Journey in Philosophy, I cannot be convinced that “blood” matters in the slightest, in being at One with the All Pervading Spirit of Life, that all religions and Philosophies call “God”, or “YHVH”, or “Allah”, “Brahma”, Et Al.

So, “fees” aside for the minute, if Cult Counselling Australia is genuine, and is sincerely interested in "arresting" this disgusting game of "cult mind control", and all it's insinuations and ramifications, and if CC CAN help me at all, then it can only be in exposing this grand deceit, by the Catholic church, to all, for all.

Otherwise, I am left to remain defiant, to my death.

I use OpenOffice software (by Sun Microsystems) on my laptop. I expect you are familiar.

I say so because I will attempt to send you an attachment with this email, a single A4 page .odg document (“.odg” is an OpenOffice.org “Drawing” software document, which comes no charge with OpenOffice) which is an “ancestral tree” of my lineage, to the best of my knowledge and inquiries.

It may be of interest and assistance to you?

Please be aware that my own investigations about my own family's history, particularly about my massacred Aborigine Ancestors, but also about the fact that I am illegitimate, and that possibly my own mother is a murderer, uncovered in only the last few years, has deeply effected me, and my want and ability to relate to other people is now non-existent, to the point of my being a very cold misanthropist.

Justice, please?


Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.


A Critique of Pay TV “Bio” Channel's Doco on Hell's Angels.


“In peace-time, it was the perfect distraction from quite suburban life”. A quote from the Bio Pay TV channel's doco on The Hell's Angels.


I wasn't there, however, with all I DO know about quiet suburban life, after a lifetime (yes, a lifetime) of putting oneself in front of enemy fire, and of standing dutifully against an enemy with lethal weapons aimed at killing you, and of watching your mates being blown away on the battlefield in a war-zone, getting out on the road on a motorcycle and riding with a bunch of like-minded Brothers, who have little or no respect for corrupt laws, is not, NOT brought-on merely because we/they were/are bored with the “quiet suburban life”.

Rather, things which have “in the west” only been identified since the last major wars of the 20th century, or perhaps only given names, such as “post traumatic stress disorder” etc, are more often the reason why war-vets, and kids from troubled upbringings hit the road, and Rebel, and join “Biker Clubs”.

Also, after learning that the “law” is not really any “Law” at all, but is a total fraud upon the masses, to keep the masses as paid-slaves so the wealthy classes can stay up there, and that BAD LAWS are what bring social conditions down so that errant personal behavior and crime become inevitable, Lower-Class People who Rebel, and take evasive action such as jumping on a motorcycle and join an “Outlaw” Club, are as often the type who recognise that the mainstream retreat from an honorable life, is cowardly and thus is not a life at all.

Better to turn one's own PTSD etc, and issues which NO mainstream cult psychology or pharmaceutical drug dependency can cure or resolve, to Resisting the outright, yet endlessly glossed-up evils of the culture which sends us into the dysfunctional condition in the first place.

Hell's Angels are painted down as cold blooded evil bastards.


It's more than kinda sad that the agenda-ridden makers of documentaries of this mainstream type fail to deconstruct their own beliefs and dogma, and the REALPolitik histories behind their own, our own white, “Christian” British and Eurapean cultures who Rupert and James Murdoch ride on top of.

Sad because failing in this way paradoxically reveals the crimes THEY are guilty of. At least the crimes of their/our own pearly-white ancestors.

Because the history IS still extant which tells us of how much carnage and inexcusable destruction the mainstream white Christian cults have inflicted upon the all of the world's Peoples and Environment.

Carnage and evil which DOES, make the Hell's Angels look like they ARE the Good Guys, for Rebelling, and for establishing that anyone who chooses the lame mainstream bland suburban life is a selfish gutless softcock, and for that, and for their happily, in their lame ignorance choosing the over-consumption lifestyles, are Humanity's REAL AND PRESENT ENEMIES.

So, FOXTEL's “Bio” pay TV channel mob can employ all the pro-"most-evil-culture's" ex-police and other statistical evidence and reportage to produce a “paintdown” doco on the likes of the Hell's Angels, but the TRUTH will never be buried in the minds and hearts of the MAJORITY who know that mainstream laws and coppers and establishment media and boffins defend the indefensible most-evil-culture the Planet Earth has ever seen.

Ride On Brothers and Sisters!

Fuck 'em!

But I must thank Rupert and Foxtel for bringing their version of those nasty evil filthy rotten Righteous Human Beings to my mobile small screen.

I could continue this review, and may well, but...... That pretty-well wraps it up, from Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
out here in the reforests of Uluruba, at the HQ of OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM