TO: Australian Electoral Commission



I just received an SMS from my sister, whose address (11-13 Bendigo Street, North Melbourne, Victoria 3129) I use for mail, and for my formal affairs, like for my banking matters, driver licence, Centrelink pension, and the AEC, it seems.

She wrote that a letter from the Electoral Commission has arrived for me.

Right now, I am in the centre of outback Queensland.

For over fifteen years I have been “homeless”, and without any formal “fixed permanent address”, living on the road in vehicles.

As I recall, the last time I voted, I was using my brothers home address (Boathole Road, Ruffy, Victoria) both as a temporary residence and for mail, but have long been gone from there.

Now, I'm headed nowhere in particular, having been forced onto the road by a massively corrupt legal, political AND religious society.

I spend my hours following these failed cultural affairs and make comment to my laptop computer then via a Telstra wireless broadband "stick" internet connection, whenever something seems, to me, to deserve it.

So, you may understand that the past week has near-to “consumed” me, what with the illegal and subversive manipulation and deposition of our Australian Prime Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd.

The illegal and subversive manipulation and deposition of our Australian Prime Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd, by none other, I allege, than the foreign, media cabal owned, in the main, by one Rupert Murdoch and his son James.

You may read my further thoughts and commentaries on this heinous affair by going to the internet weblog site; http://www.maxearth.blogspot.com

I ask you to do this, and perhaps discuss the following questions I put to the Australian Electoral Commission, with your advisers, seniors and/or AEC colleagues.

In consideration of the deeply corrupted condition of Australia's political arenas, Local Council, State and Federal, and in consideration of the events in Canberra just this last week, where a most criminal, undemocratic event dislodged our Prime Minister, it is clear our political and voting structures and systems have NO INTEGRITY, therefore, as witnessed last week, no validity.

What reason, therefore, apart from the AEC wishing to force the so-called “voters” to partake of an horrendously corrupt political, electoral voting system, for the advantage of non-other than pathologically-corrupt power-brokers and offshore moguls, so-as to keep Australia under the oppressive and un-Australian regime, can the AEC give me, which justify my registering to be eligible to vote, in the coming federal and other elections?

Of a certainty, the AEC will smugly counter-assert that I will be fined if I do not vote, and ignore totally the legality and ethical veracity of my assertions.

As you wish. In the past, I have sought to, and have registered to vote whenever I have had to.

In the past, now over fifteen years ago, I was not - so much - the victim of an evil political and religious regime, which has made me homeless, and has inflicted a most severe case of “Post Traumatic Stress Dissociative Disorder” (PTSDD) upon my Soul, to the extent that I cannot not tolerate any Human company, association, or relationship, and now live totally isolated from society, from family, from any friendship whatsoever, and detest having to go to shops for my most basic staple foods and necessities.

Does the Australian Electoral Commission determine that I should be penalised and fined for THAT?

As I wish to not return to Victoria, and prefer to have nothing whatsoever to do with my sister, brother, or mother, for they have been influential in my 15 years of exile, and as I have no other people whom I want to know, or associate with, what does the AEC suggest I do in regard to voting this year in what is perhaps the most disgusting political election for decades?

A political election which surely must be fought against, by those who would prefer to live in a nation with SOME political integrity?

A political election which would only, no matter “which party” “wins”, re-elect the offshore tyrant Rupert Murdoch to the position of misgoverning our nation?

Please restrict any written response from the AEC to ten words or less?

Please note: While I do believe in voting, and, were I able to provide the AEC with an address, a relevant address, in that it be where my political interests and vote influence the Community where I live, I would do so, and would ensure my name is on the ballot list.

As well, there is a credible argument that I, an inordinately influential commentator on Australian politics, should be exempt from voting, so-as to not be “partial” for either or any side of the political farce we call a debate.

This is recognised in some parts of the world, but I do not know if that happens here in Australia. Perhaps it should?

So, please, I ask the AEC to decide about whether I should vote, and about whether I have a case to be exempted from that burden?

If it is decided I should vote, then I must point out that I have “no fixed permanent address” but rather am in a different neighbourhood, region and state from week-to-week. Therefore there would be an anomaly in forcing me to vote in an area or electorate where I do not partake of the social or cultural life.

Added to that, unfortunately, from the maltreatment I have received, everywhere I have dwelt over the last fifteen years, there is not an area, or state I like, in the cultural sense, and so cannot see myself settling down, before I am planted in the ground to rot.


Max Earth

aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

To Senator Bob Brown

An email I just sent to

Senator Bob Brown
Greens Federal,
Canberra, A.C.T.


Senator Brown, last week Australia was victim of a most untenable and highly illegal political event. That of the deposing of our elected Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd.

From my research and observations, I have absolutely no doubt that this was orchestrated by no less than the heads of the Murdoch media cabal, both here in Australia and in the United Kingdom. Do not ask me to provide "evidence" - it is all over the media and in our hearts, for we all know something quite inordinate and untoward occurred.

Therefore, in the interests of the voting public, and in the interests of Democracy worldwide, in this somewhat crucial election year 2010, I call on you, and your Greens Representatives in all Australia's parliaments, to demand no less than a Senate Inquiry and higher, wherever possible, to get to the bottom of what was quite clearly political interference by the Murdoch media corporation.

Federal Opposition leader Tony Abbott, to my mind, was being tutored, by media experts on how to destabilize the government, and it cannot be discounted that whichever "media expert" was giving Mr Abbott advice to that end, they were working in collusion with the Murdoch media empire.

Perhaps particularly "The Australian" newspaper, it's sideline operation "Newspoll", and Sky news. All, as you know, parts of the Murdoch media "stable".

All of us can see passed the "spin" issuing from the ALP offices and media agencies that this was arranged and effected from within the ALP. We all also know that the "right faction" of New South Wales ALP has too much power and influence in all the nation's political affairs and structures, and that they are under the control of overseas forces, principally from Britain and Europe.

From the effect on the electoral process the so-called "opinion polls" have been having, and not only this year, it cannot be denied nor ignored that they must be brought under the scrutiny of a parliamentary inquiry, or, as I said, from some higher authority, to establish their veracity, merit, accuracy and whether they should be allowed to play with voters' minds and intentions as they clearly did this last few months.

I personally, have no doubt that both Rupert Murdoch and his son James are involved in the deliberate destabilization of this year's Australian federal election and processes and choices leading up to it.

Therefore I call that our Intelligence service ASIO, and our federal police service, begin inquiries, the gathering of evidence, and thus proceedings for THE ARREST OF BOTH Rupert and James Murdoch, forthwith.

That this, "interference with the processes of our democratic government" is so heinous a crime, all things considered, I have no doubt that the international policing authority INTERPOL should be made officially aware of the issuing of arrest warrants against the two Murdoch media moguls, as should the British legal authorities et al, and there needs-must, urgently, be every effort placed into bringing them both into custody in Australia to face our highest (appropriate) court, to answer the charges, and to be convicted and sentenced accordingly.

I also have no doubt that there are plenty of our politicians, from the Australian Labor Party, and from the ALP in the States arenas, as well as many from other houses and parties, who could assist an inquiry with vital and fundamental information and knowledge of what was effected last week.

From a keen watcher's perspective, the events of last week's deposition of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd were tyranny-at-large. It matters not whether it came from the apparent ALP side of the house, or from another.

It was not acceptable.

I ask you, or your staff to look further into this affair asap, preferably before the 2010 federal election date is announced, for clearly, whether it has a positive effect for not for either Labor, Lib/Nat, or for the Greens, it has been an interference in our democratic process of government, without doubt.

For more of my thoughts and commentaries on this affair, please go to

There you'll find at least three e-ssays posted going directly to this matter.


Max Earth

aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

I DEFY!!!!

Last night, I was traveling south from Barcaldine, and knew I was being followed. So I pulled into a truck rest area, and composed this on my mobile phone, then sent it to these email recipients:

Geoffrey Robertson QC in the UK, Guardian Unlimited.co.uk newspaper, The Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, ethical.standards@police.vic.gov.au, the ACTU HQ in Carlton Victoria, The Italian Communist Party, The Chinese People's Daily newspaper in Beijing, China, the New York Times in the USA, and CNN in the USA. "for the record" as I put at the end.........

After state-sponsored-terrorism pushed me into driving from NSW to Victoria, then off thru S.A., N.T., & back east across Qld, returning to northern NSW to the storage shed I've rented for about 11 years in Lismore, so-as to unload a few things off the ute I call "home", what with the 10 years of NSW govt., police AND most of the public of that totally corrupted state terrorising me, "by all-&-any means", I have a subtle-but-definite "feeling" that they know very well I'm almost there, & are ready to take-up where they left-off when I was forced to leave NSW in late 2009.

As I've been cursed by Catholicism for NOT playing "false messiah", but, on establishing enough evidence that such a "conspiracy" DOES exist, have gone even more "feral", while at once fighting back with words, as a, if-not-THE "REALPolitik Outlaw Journalist", under the pseudonym "Omaxa bin Eartha", my "e-ssays" posted to my weblog "www.maxearth.blogspot.com", going hard at the endemic pathological condition of Australia's political reality, are creating turmoil within & across all arenas & parties.

PM Kevin Rudd's rough-house demise, the latest.

That's not a boast.

It disturbed me, for it was clearly a job done on him by a desperate, deranged & megalomaniacal NSW "rum club", also known as "the firm", distant puppets of the 1808 McArthur gang who deposed Governor William Bligh, & who, or witch (TYPO?) has run Australian corruption-er-politics ever since.

Of course, the firm is but a branch-office of..., where..., take-your-pick..., London, Dunrobin, Oxford, &-or Rome?

Moscow ILO has left her fingerprints also...

Much of the turmoil, like Rudd's taking a bullet, is because there was evidence that "the Peasants are Revolting!" AND turning GREEN!

Not a favourite colour in the blood-soaked halls of Sydney & Downing Street & Whitehall.

"Ah, time to play the 'gender' card!", came the spin!

"Had her up our sleeve for over a decade, ol' chum!"

"Well, ye better have th' media up-to-speed Rupert, Jimmay, 'cause our whisky exports 'll PLUMMET ee th' pot-smokin' GREENS get-in!

An' I don't need to remind you, Laird Sutherland, that our whisky..., accounts for 25% of all Britain's export income!

If they get in, it'll be global dominoes on drug laws, banks, AND all our polluting industries!

And they say those Greens 'ave JUSTICE & LAW REFORM en-mind, with d-lusions aboot a RePUBLIC TOOO!?

Christ? What aboot owr p-property-scams-er.... inVESTments, Jock???

Th' kids'll SCREAM!


"Don't worry Sinclair, political chaos in the antipodies is in-the-bag! I've already telephoned Brennan & Christian Brothers to 'do their thing', shall we say?"

"Then the heroin mill is secure too?"

"Ye-es, we sent a chap to white-ant McCrystal, so the.., ah..., 'spice route' will be open for a while yet."

"Well, I'm glad to hear it. M' eldest lad ez countin' on a 30 kilo shipment to Sydney next month, for the 80-k acres oop en Queensland! An' t' pay-off their Customs too, o' course... He & hez missus are loooken et en ocean-goin' launch tooo, to trip b'tween Australia & Madras wi' a load o' Kashmiri hashish & smack ev'ry few months! The boat'll cost at least 3 state elections in New South Wales? Thats whot th' lads in Sydney said, anyway?"

"Did they? Well, I'd say they'll be more than happy by the end of July. Turmoil right across the Australian political scene will so distract any a-hum..., HONOURABLE intentions of their renegades, that we could have Adolf Hitler win an election there, if we wanted!"

"Now tha'ss an idea!"

Pardon the fictional dialogue?

I camped by the road north of Blackall Qld., last night, then shifted camp only a few miles south, onto a "stock route" for more rest today.
Hit the road at sunset again, & "divined" if-I-may, that the bent NSW cop, Sgt Peter Ellis, ex-Lismore station, who terrorized me on & since 16th July 2008, then followed, hunted & haunted me to & thru Victoria, is still on my tail.

As per this mms's earlier paragraphs, I "fear" further terrorism from said assailents, once back in nthn NSW.

Given an option, I'd not go.

But I must, so shall.

"Life" as I've known it, a case of 55 years-plus, of lies, manipulation, denigration, & being severely stressed by 1-&-all, has marked me as, as I diagnose, "incurably stressed", a case of "Post Traumatic Stress Dissociative Dissorder".

The only reason I do not suicide, is because I am neither guilty of any alleged crimes, nor suffer any alleged maladies, of the mind, I will persist, endure, & not give the utter utter utter bastards the pleasure they, fascist Brit-Eurapeans, NSW government mafia, the Australian police & right-wing polity want to revel in.

Against ALL Brit-Euro cult psycho-pathology, I DEFY!

Australia is very sick, & threatens its own future with a totally insane Zionist culture, ex-Rome, Zurich, Berlin, Edinburgh & London.

Our governments & thug police & mental health services protect a cultural evil of the lowest kind, with terrorism of the population, on-mass.


For the record...,

.... & for my grave's headstone, above an engraving of "the finger" known also as "the bird", & the words "FUCK 'EM!"


Omaxa bin Eartha.
Outlaw for Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug & Work

Emails to Opinion Pollsters - not sent

Here's an email I sent out the other day to five or so opinion polling companies


I write commentaries on political affairs, and am interested in the effect opinion polls such as your company's have on public voting intentions and outcomes.
There are a series of questions I'd like to ask someone in your company, as we near the 2010 federal election, on "demographics" generally.
If I throw questions at you, polite but straight questions, will someone reply promptly to them with the details, via email, to myself?
I email these preliminaries to you, to save time.
If you aren't prepared to give informative answers, I'll not waste my time beyond these few minutes.
Please respond with minimum delay, because the federal election is my focus for now.
Extended delays will only count as against your being impartial pollsters.

Max Earth
aka Max N Cook
Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work
Law Reform.

Here is the as yet, only response:

From: Nielsen, Eric (of GALLUP polls as it 'appens?)
Received: Tuesday, 29 June, 2010, 3:01 AM

Hello Max,

Thank you for your inquiry. I don’t think the preliminary questions you might have attached made it through our contact form. Please feel free to resend them to me and I will review and advise you on whether we can respond.

Senior Director, Media Strategies


Here's what I composed today, intending to send it back to "Eric".

Thanks Eric, for responding.

The few questions put in the first email, were the "preliminaries", so nothing was "lost" on the way.

I guess, not being a professional in media (I'm a public school autodidact) nor having had the requisite education to know the "PC" route one should take in such communications, the list of questions I have put together may well be outside any parameters of those a large organisation would be prepared to answer.

As you may be aware, Australia was the "victim" of a "coup de ta" of sorts last week, where our elected Prime Minister was ousted, just a short time before we are due to go to a federal election.

His elected party, the Labor party, or a couple of "right-wing factions" are reported to have managed the removal of Kevin Rudd, but I, being rather inordinately influential in our political affairs, have my suspicions?

In the weeks and months prior to this questionable event, our opinion polls and media were playing havoc with the campaigns and with therefore the preferences of voters, such, I have strong "feelings" that, the Prime Minister was not removed from his elected PM's chair by any ethical nor valid authority.

Rather, I have no doubt that the media and their "offshore" masters, namely one Rupert Murdoch and son, and their global cabal, were behind the act.

Opinion polls were integral in this, as they were being done after each event, and their "results" broadcast on our media. A narrow range of media, to say the least.

Therefore, as far as I'm concerned, "questions must be asked" of the veracity and integrity, and of the independence of influential things like.... "opinion polls".

Thus far, I reiterate that I am no expert in any arena, when it comes down to it, but am observant and skeptical of such events and what, or who are really behind them?

From memory, two pinion polls were at the forefront of this affair, Gallup not being one of them. But there are others at which I intend to "gun" so-to-say, because what actually happened last week was quite immoral, quite illegal and a heinous affront to the voters of Australia and to democracy itself, whether here or in any other country.

So..., it cannot be ignored, that media, and their sideline operations, such as opinion polls, have to be lawful, ethical and not allowed to manipulate voter intentions and the parliaments of any nation.

I would be interested in your, or your organisation's views on these points, and perhaps, answers to the few questions that I have.

I am reputed as an Outlaw REALPolitik Journalist (my own "subtitle"), mainly due to a bizarre life and circumstance, so, much of my commentary is "challenging" in the least.

Nevertheless, I recommend you go to my weblog site at
www.maxearth.blogspot.com and preview my thoughts on today's politics, here and abroad.

I have posted a few articles, one which has the questions to opinion pollsters in it, which go to these general matters, fundamentally important matters for everyone who sees the Merit and Worth of Democracy.

Finally, I note your last name is Nielsen. Are you related (1st question perhaps?) to the AC Nielsen research and pollster organisation?

If so, is there any connection between Gallup and Nielsen polling?

(I'm sorry, I operate solo, so often cannot do the research on this type of "next question".)

Being a skeptic, I must ask for some assurance that my non-invasive questions will be answered, once I email them to whomever is appointed.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance to Democracy here and globally surrounding this, these types of affairs and manipulations.

While I operate solo, I do have a strong contingent of fellow Advocates for a more Just world, and I know that this matter will not go unaddressed.

"Head will roll" as far as I'm concerned. Perhaps a naive statement to a global corporation such as you represent, however......... O yaye! Though I go into the valley.....

Don't worry, I'm definitely not a Christian!


Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

By 6.30pm tonight (now), I reckon it's not worth sending that email to Eric Nielsen. But I'll send an email suggesting he reads the related weblog posts.

It ain't over yet, Murdoch.

Opinion Pollster Questions?

Yesterday I began putting together something of my own survey, on "opinion polls".

We should have no doubt, that last weeks deposing of Kevin Rudd was tyranny, and must not go unchallenged.

As sometimes happens, I ended up writing for some time, and here is the text:

Opinion Pollster Questions

In the third week of June 2010, Australia watched as our elected Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, was coldly deposed by his own political party, Labor.

For weeks he had sustained against a barrage of media and opposition lines denigrating him, many of them without substance, and many, particularly from the opposition leader, Tony Abbott, were downright insulting to those who heard them on the news.

Abbott's repeated line, when asked questions by reporters, questions which most often went to issues not immediately related to the merit and/or the veracity of Kevin Rudd's tenure, was “Kevin Rudd has got to go”.

As if puppets on strings, our media eventually, began to slant their news articles and interview questions and commentaries toward that same demand.

Such media, Sky News, (owned and managed by the Murdoch dynasty) for one, and the ABC, known to be sources of political event information for many, were clearly taking advantage of their demographic access advantage and thus, I put it, were able to slant their viewers' following commentaries, such as those who write and post on the internet “weblogs”, and on their own online “Have Your Say” and “comments” sections.

Also, although not directly related to this and these questions, online news sites often have their own polls, where people who go to their sites, are asked to lodge their “vote” on key issues, simply by clicking one button or the other, and then “SEND” or “VOTE”.

It seems to me that these can be dangerously simplistic.

But they are another issue.

My main concern is that of the last decade or so, there has been a dramatic increase in the influence of “opinion polls”, where the larger pollsters are able to survey people to get an apparent, alleged “cross-sectional view” of the political voting trends of the polity.

There can be no doubt, that such polls, particularly from “Newspoll”, again, from within “The Australian” newspaper, a Murdoch media arm, and from AC Nielsen, apparently based in the United States, were influential “in-the-extreme” in the recent political event, of our Prime Minister being ousted from the chair.

So I feel certain that “questions must be asked” either by the voting public, or better, although we've seen this before, by a federal Senate Committee, about the structure of these types of opinion pollster organisations, about the structure of the questions they put to those surveyed, and others about “how” they choose both the questions and those surveyed?

But perhaps my main concern is what their “demographic” is, in socio-economic terms.

This is important, because if a survey happens to ask questions from people
- who have or do not have enough political knowledge,
- who have personal, selfish reasons to answer questions with a bias, such as working for a decidedly anti-social or unethical business or industry,
- who come from the upper class,
- who had a select education at a very agenda-centred private school, so have no personal views but only those of their masters,
- who have been surveyed by that pollster company before, thus the pollster has some information already about them,
- who is recorded by the pollster as being a “positive”, that-is receptive and pro-pollster company agenda, or “negative”, that-is not friendly or not receptive to answering questions over the phone or from a “door-knock”,

the results will be dramatically one-or-the-other-sided.

These type of factors in these influential surveys are undoubtedly impacting on the democratic processes of our system of government, and are winning “pride-of-place” within the daily and hourly media news broadcasts, with out ANY qualification.

One politically-focused poll which emerged and made the news weeks prior to Rudd's ejection, came from Western Australia, and polled less-than 400 people.

This can hardly classify as worthy of broadcasting on a national news network, and surely our supposedly “publicly-owned” ABC should exercise better judgement?

In the last few days, flying over the ocean for a minute here, the government of Fiji announced that the largest Fijian daily newspaper the "Fiji Times" must sell in 3 months or close. This is because it is owned by the tyrannical Murdoch dynasty. Fiji's military-backed government has said that the paper must be majority owned by Fijians.

Until this minute, I did not link that Fijian affair with the issues that have transpired here in the last week. When I first made the link I thought Fiji was reacting to Australia's Canberra coup. But Fiji has had the ownership issue in play for months. It is an interesting coincidence nevertheless, that the two events occurred in the same week?

But, as I know the Fijian military government has the Best Interests of Indigenous and Native Fijians at heart, and know well the subversive and in-the-end demonic offshore interests and intentions of the likes of the quite psychotic Murdoch media dynasty, there should be no doubt that the Fijian government was deeply disgusted by the errant actions of the Murdoch media in the last week in Australia, and it's subversively biased “Sky news” and “The Australian” “Newspoll” surveys and media articles.

Therefore, a step ahead, as they seem to be in Fiji, they rightly took the step they took by shutting down and basically deporting the Murdoch agenda from Fiji.

For we must be frank here (?)! Prime Minister Elect Kevin Rudd was unceremoniously deposed not by the public, nor even by his own party, but by anti-democratic and malicious, psychotic forces, and subversive OFFSHORE forces, through that vital “fourth estate” of the media.

Rupert and James Murdoch should, the next time they come to Australia, be arrested and charged with political subterfuge, or whichever charge best fits the crime, the crime of interfering with the processes of democratic government of Australia.

There is no doubt they were intent on undermining our processes of government, to what aim, I can only estimate. But there can be no doubt they have abused their privilege of owning the most powerful media on Earth, and we may also have few doubts that they were doing this, undermining Australia's elected government, primarily because it was/is for their own psycho-pathological socio-political and power and profit-centred interests.


Preliminary questions for Opinion Pollsters:

1. Is your company 100% Australian owned?

2. If not, where is it's HQ?

3. Is the company listed on a stock exchange?

4. What is the main focus of the business, if other than opinion polling?

To the questionnaires:

5. Do you (being the company), target any particular socio-economic sector, residential (outer, middle or inner suburban) sector, business sector, city, regional or rural sectors of Australian society?

5.1. Are there any sectors, suburbs, or individuals that the survey team are instructed to NOT survey?

6. What level of information does the company have on it's “books” on both the people they survey, and on the public in general?

Information either gathered during contact with the questionee, or from other sources, such as

- education, level, and school
- tertiary education, qualified,
- graduate, profession,
- income bracket,
- if educated at a private school, which religion,
- accommodation - renting, buying on a mortgage, home-owner,
- employment, own business, employee, small or large company, management, lower, middle, upper?

With the dramatic improvements in telecommunications technology in the 1990s, there was a concomitant advance toward “information gathering” by large organisations.

The adage “the information age” meant more than it may first appear to.

Wars were being waged across the globe by ruthless and paranoid people from the upper echelons of society, who had thousands of employees consigned to the gathering of information about people.

Mostly, behind their apparently “shallow” personages and company interests, these companies and wealthy owners, were deeply political and were seriously concerned that the world was about to fall under a more socialist, democratic order.

So they, the Packer dynasty for one, Murdochs another, were racing every other mogul in the business of gathering as much information as possible about as many as possible, so-as to ensure they could manage any social democratic reforms or GOD HELP US? Revolution.

It seems this grew to it's insane proportions because of technology's advances, both in faster and further-reaching comm's, and in a machines' ability to store, collate, and disseminate “information”.

So, today, there is nearly nothing any person, in a first world country (Australia I classify 'a first world country', although we, like all nations, have disproportionate populations of 'third world' citizens) can do, without some information being gathered and concentrated in the psycho-powerhouses of the nations' or the world's elites.

Anyone who enters a supermarket, has the purchases collated either by the supermarket corporation, or by the bank which transacts the purchase, and, we are forced to assume, by any other groups who has access, either by unlawful electronic means, or by their close association with the retailer, and has an interest in “shopping trends” etc.

There should be no doubt that major share-holders, in retail corporations have “privileges” which enable them to access certain levels of information about the people who shop there.

And “major share-holders” we would find, include a very broad cross-section of people, from CEO's of major corporate partners, to dynastic family members, upper management, insiders who work within an organisation while unlawfully hacking into databases then on-sell whatever they access, and those from without these firms who have an interest in any one or number of people, and have the finances to employ a hacker and buy the info.

Then, of course there are the government agencies, both the upper class likes of our Australia Secret Intelligence Organisation - ASIO - and the state and federal police forces. We should have no doubt also, that each of our governments have more than one even more secret section which gathers info on whomever they deem it should be gathered, and not only our so-called “criminals” or so-called “terrorists”.

And that goes only to those type from the domestic, or Australian law, political, and commercial scenes.

As Australia is owned by overseas interests, we are also monitored to an horrendous, unjust and most unethical degree by the likes of the British MI6, the main-player, Israel's Mossad, Russia's FSB, China's CCIS (? CSIS ?), and pretty-much every other nation's SS.

So, it is that the public must assume that, whether a survey company, a retailer, a bank, a credit agency, a government, a religious cult, an electronics manufacturer, or a computer software corporation, most all of them have an interest in what you buy, how you live, what your desires are, and what your voting intentions and preferences are.

Personally, I am not overly concerned about those who are so paranoid that they have to monitor my purchases, etc.

Today, with the above opening concerns about our political affairs a priority, and with the clear and disproportionate influence the likes of opinion pollster companies and media corporations have on the ability of an elected government to go about it's business, any survey published and effecting voters and the security of both the Prime Minister and of Democracy, has to be placed under the scrutiny of the whole body-politic.

Of a certainty, we do not yet live in a “Democracy”. Even our nation's Constitution states we have a “potential democracy” (I think it says “potential”?)

But just how far we are from democratic governance, and how far we have returned to or descended deeper into being ruled by an evil totalitarian state, ruled in fact by the idiot-but-wealthy minds of - MY ANCESTORS - and other undoubtedly genetically flawed - inbred - elite and clearly psycho-pathological foreign dynasties, perhaps of the Murdoch kin-kind, we must, somehow, endeavour to establish?

If anyone in Australia has any Integrity, they will make a noise about the skulduggery we all witnessed this last week in Canberra.

But rather than just being “me-too's”, and convert THE issue into their own “buggered-if-I'm-gonna-get-arrested!” small-beer event, they will grab the REALPolitik issue of political interference by the Murdoch media corporation and urge our politicians and lawyers and courts AND POLICE to issue writs for the arrests of Rupert Murdoch and his second-in-charge son, James Murdoch.

The tyranny of last week cannot go unaddressed, and not alone by our own legal authorities.

Therefore I say that Interpol has to be notified that two arrest warrants have been issued against the two Murdochs by Australian authorities, and that it is Interpol's duty, as well as the duty of the British policing services, to seek and arrest these two tyrants, to be “transported” to Australia and held until a case is put together around charging them, and of their parts in the subversions of last week in Canberra.

Wealth and the ensuing power and influence are NOT “qualifications” or “passports” to political Wisdom, and owning the global media to the extent that the Murdoch's do, demands the highest levels of Integrity from them.

In this, both of them, have acted, for many years, dangerously immaturely, if we are to remember the utterly subversive right-wing propaganda which poured from the United States Murdoch-owned “Foxtel”, and which essentially gave the chairs of the US President to the utter dolt GW Bush a decade ago, and V.P., to the psychotic cultist Dick Cheney. (Sorry George! I know yoo's a lot smarter these days! And, I gotta say, as a bloke “I like ya!”)

Like Murdoch's media stable in the print arena, he has made his pile by appealing to everyone's “lowest common denominator” interests of talking shit, sensationalising trivia, of knocking the “tall poppy”, destabilizing governments, and from raw sexual desire.

I have been a right royal prude when it came to sex, I admit, but these days, while without it for over a decade, I know well that there is no life without sex. (How DO I breathe??)

When it comes to unwanted sensationalism, I go so far as to suggest that it is exactly the sensationalist Murdoch media models which have brought into existence the so-called “paparatsi”.

Therefore, one might well correctly lay the responsibility for the death of Princess Diana, ex-wife of the Prince of Wales, Charles of England, upon the head of Rupert Murdoch, for leading the world into seeking after mere pictures and trivia on people, to the point where they are literally, driven to their deaths?

But, what do I know? Princess Diana was a Champion against the evil weapons makers, etc, etc? What I DO know, is that her death was not an accident.

While Murdoch, and his insane son James are free to play havoc with our political affairs and processes, via their media, the world is heading downhill even faster than it would without them.


CHARGES: Political interference and subversion in the United States of America, Australia and Fiji.

And, PLEASE...,

answer zee above qvestions...........

As it happens, I didn't send this "questionnaire" to the pollsters........

Come-orn!? As if they'd answer zee qvestions...????


Asylum Seekers? GET REAL!


Oh Goodness lookie here?

Another trumped-up issue about FOREIGNERS amassing around our oh-so precious STOLEN Aboriginal real estate and shores!!

The generators of that “boaties” non-white racial issue about letting only the rich kids of Britain and Eurape into Astrayliar, need very much to be thrown overboard, then keel-hauled, then drawn and quartered and sold to the slop-shops of some alien race!

A recent article on one of ABC online's sections, by a seemingly in-the-know bloke, told us that the percentage of “boaties” that-is, foreigners who come here by boat, from the third world, seeking safe-haven from oppressive governments (not unlike the NSW government), is down around three percent (3%), out of all those who come here looking for a better, more fertile, patch of real estate.

It said that the majority of 97% who come here as asylum seekers, come by winged-wagons - aeroplanes - passenger jets, and voluntarily fly straight into the arms of our highly corrupt Customs officials, who then take the bakshish at the official airport terminal gates, stamp their passports, and point them to the finest airport hotels, or to where their relo's are waiting with welcoming wreaths, etc.

So, it is far-passed the hour when our subversive and criminally corrupt media, as our ignoble opposition, GET OFF the sensationalism of news footage about ANOTHER BOATFUL of probably more genuine refugees!


Tony Abbott! Federal Liberal/National opposition!

Get off it!

I, being just a tad suspicious of everyone of the bastards down there in Canberra, including those who swan around our Country from the FOREIGN embassies and diplomatic residences spread delightfully around parliament house, have deep, and supported suspicions that the “boatie” thing, is pure distraction, away from the REAL illegal immigration, which (contradiction??) is happening at our airports, where those aforementioned RICH illegal immigrants - OH! They're “skilled” immigrants? - come in to plunder our jobs and real estate and cafe night life from the wealthy sectors of OH! Britain and Eurape!

But let's not be overly bigoted, Omaxie?

There's no shortage of super-wealthy “don'-give-a-damn” about anyone else” stupidly rich and materialistic land-grabbing speculators flocking in from almost every other upper-class section of every other nation on Earth.

'Salways been so!

There has, at least over the last decade-plus, never been any real test of the worth and integrity of immigrants here.

I mean... - We were invaded by hoards of fucking CONVICTS - fer chriss-sake!

Perhaps the only real difference between then and now is that the incoming criminals of today have already made their piles within the parameters of the British and Eurapean utterly corrupt legal frameworks, so appear to not be criminals?


Eurape and Britain are at present preparing for the Global Financial Crisis NUMMA TWO, all, bar Deautchelandenenen (Well DONE Adolf!) plummeting into irreversible sovereign debt, in-the-main because they have been managing the most corrupt global economic networks ever seen for most of their colonialist history!

Talk about the chickens coming home to roost!!!

In other words, Slowbee, Britain and Eurape have been global criminals for centuries, stealing other people's land and resources and lives so that they, the most mutant section of the Human species (white skins?), can become even more mutant and spoiled beyond even stew-ability!

That, when we see clearly, a longer view of the current travails, is actually what the present global financial turmoil is all about!

PAYBACK TIME! Jus' like the Mel Gibson movie!

But that was about Jeff Kennett and coven......

Like I suggested 'tother day, all so-called “illegal immigrants” be-they coming on leaky boats, or on swish first-class jet airliners, should be lodged into well-planned remote rural villages, constructed for the purpose, where they are educated in 1, Aboriginal Culture and Laws, etc, and the other fundamentals about living off the land, as-it-goes, of an Agrarian Socialist Community, and then 2, in things of language, and Customs particular to this weird nation we call “Astrayliar”.

Just because some profiteering nazi can afford to come here, having already accessed every bit of schooling they need to lose the accent in mere months, then buy-up acreage along the Barkly Highway and assume the “I'm a local” tag, does not a True Australian make!

Neither does knowing about Donald Fucking Bradman! (Apologies to his fine Family!)

While the chants and screams say we need “skilled immigrants”, it will not be long before the bankrupt lot of us realise that we actually do not need so many of the upper class prigs, prigs who have ridden the wave of corruption with nary a care about the REALPolitik situation we're headed straight for, over there in upclub Eurape, and that we DO in fact need quite a lot of those from the poorer, agricultural and agrarian peasantry of the third world, because it will in the future be THEY who will know how to do the basics of building a nice little hut from the natural environment, and the remnants of the fallen first world, and of how to grow the food!

Those spoiled ponses who fly in as their rich first world banker daddies send them another million or two are already worse than useless to us as a growing and not-so-stabilising nation.

I say, we should be sending our hard-done-by lower-class, unsettled Folk from the suffering suburbs of our failing cities, up to the remote shorelines of the continent, to welcome the “boaties” with friendly arms and a safe place to camp, with the Local Aborigine's Consent, and assistance of course, to begin a new life out there in the Beauty of our outback, along with a troupe of teachers and artisans who can help it all along.

That way, we will solve multiple problems with one sweet stroke - reduce dramatically the number of not-so-much “illegal” immigrants, but the FALSE “asylum-seeker” immigrants who come from the upper ends of their native societies, but just want to be far away from the IN-YOUR-FACE FACTS about how downward their own nation is heading.

Were all of those who come here for refuge, put to a five to ten year test, perhaps a life-long test, of living in remote AGRARIAN Communities, setting also the ground-work for devolution of our over-crowded cities to rural villages, we would see the dramatic drop in incomingzzz, more than enough to shut the raving racist lunatics on the right of the chair up forever. And forever, amen!

Without some plan of this kind, all the hype about boaties and about illegal immigration and about over populating Australia (35 million, by-the-way, is nothing for this continent!) is nothing short of selfish evil, ABBOTT!



But what would the LANDLORD think?

Go ask someone in a Scottish castle!

WAKE UP, Australia!


Vote ONE! THE REPUBLIC, in 2010!

And get off the "boaties" bullshit!

Omaxa bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
GLOBAL Land, Tax, Cult, Drug and Work

Opinion Pollsters, BIASED?! NO-O!

I sent the email mentioned in the previous weblog, to six (6) pollsters, those which provided online, email-type access.

Galaxy had no online access, or "contact" portal, only offering a telephone number.

And now, as I write, I'm waiting for "Crikey.com.au" to open their 'net portal, with no success, through any of Crikey's links.

I've had the same blockage to Crikey before, and seeing as their main man, whose name I forget (Steven someone...?), is a chum of THEIR ABC's Phillip Adams, a shrinking icon of my passed ignorance, who is as much a 30-pieces-of-silver part of my ongoing exile and suffering, and Steven Someone is obviously a "gentrified chappie" from the upper echelons of our uptop, upclub, upemselves them-first society-and-nation, it's not likely that he/Crikey will accept an email from little ol' King Omaxa.


In this hi-teckery and internetery age, anyone, especially in media, who relies nearly totally on the internet etc for their own income, or to expedite whatever it is they do, must surely be put in the "VERY SUSPICIOUS" basket if they do not have an email address available, methinks.

Or..., if they are not receptive to online inquiries, in whichever way?

When I was being the unwitting victim of the Vatican, via the New South Wales government and police force, I was arrested and charged with fabricated felonies. When I began gathering evidence for my own defense, I was a little bit amazed that neither the police force, the NSW Legal Aid, nor the Local Court houses, had an email address available to the public.

But we can surely expect such deliberate attempts to interfere with the course of justice, in NSW, say WHAAAH?

Truly, while the "system" remains as it is, we are all doomed.

Back to opinion pollsters, I'm sure that, in the interests of a more just society, there must be far more exposure, access and regulation of these opinion pollster organisations, because, as we saw last week, it was principally they, who brought Kevin Rudd undone, with their biased and agenda-ridden polls. Polls backed no doubt, by the NSW parliamentary rum clubsters!

One from last week, made news headlines across the nation, was done by a pro-mining corporation - essentially a "lobby group", and polled only some 300 people! 300 people from Western Australia!!!???

Where exactly those people were located, who they worked for, what skin-colour they were, and how much they were blind, rough-headed employees of the mining giants, we'll never know.

But that it was thrown, quite irresponsibly into the media mix before Kevin Rudd was deposed, surely MUST bring the whole opinion poll business into the spotlight of Australia's federal Senate Committee scrutiny?

I don't remember whether their, our, THEIR ABC, included that survey in their news bulletin, but if they DID....,


But it's clear that the ABC has played "mum" to the hard cold FACTS about the tyrannical nature of our federation, and the influences from Rome and London, at least for a few decades, if ot from their humble beginnings in the early part of the 20th century. They are, after all, the child of the British BBC?

An HUGE increase in outgoings (read "payout bribes") to the staff of the ABC, from the coffers of the global elites, of Scotland and Oxford etc, began around 1989, I think, when a certain REALPolitik chap, hand delivered a certain "ground-breaking" letter to an ABC radio announcer, at their Lonsdale Street studios (corner William).

(The next day, that ABC compare, after reading that letter, had to "throw myself down the stairs!" unquote)

Since then, the whole media organisation has been inducted to the coven of the global cabal, ex-Rome and Dunrobin, Scotland et al.

Nimbin NSW, no less.

But the evil "Theosophical Society" the cult who built me, are a wealthy and powerful club, say what, Lord Sutherland??

Email to Opinion Pollsters No1.

I just sent this email, as an opener (?) to the following opinion pollster companies.

AC Neilsen. Newspoll. Roy Morgan. Lowy Institute, and Gallup.

I post the email here, for the record......

We'll see what transpires?


I write commentaries on political affairs, and am interested in the effect opinion polls such as your company's have on public voting intentions and outcomes.

There are a series of questions I'd like to ask someone in your company, as we near the 2010 federal election, on "demographics" generally.

If I throw questions at you, polite but straight questions, will someone reply promptly to them with the details, via email, to myself?

I email these preliminaries to you, to save time. If you aren't prepared to give informative answers, I'll not waste my time beyond these few minutes.

Please respond with minimum delay, because the federal election is my focus for now.

Extended delays will only count as against your being impartial pollsters.


Omaxa bin Eartha
Max Earth
aka Max N Cook

Outlaw, for
Global Land, Tax, Cult, Drug, & Work Law Reform.

Weblog: www.maxearth.blogspot.com

Vote 'em in, Vote 'em out.


Even before the Gillard coup last week, it had occurred to me that Kevin Rudd, or more correctly, the ALP, won office in 2007 in Canberra, not because of the one person, so much, Kevin Rudd, and not so much because of the whole ALP team, even though they were, and still are, made-up of the most talented the nation has yet seen in federal government, but because the nation, the voters, were quite tired of the Johnette Howard federal Lib/Nat government.

“Tired”, is not nearly the word to describe the country's dissatisfaction with the last right-wing government. “Disgust” would have been closer to the general truth.

However, as I harp-on about, we are victim of the political spin machine, which has long been “me-centric”, which places the individual before the Collective.

This is yet another remnant from the fast-dying ideology of the British-Eurapean “Enlightenment” era, now some three or more hundred years old.

A movement which was inspired by the awakening of the occult powers, or the astral eye in the elites of Britain and Eurape, a phenomenon which radically changes a person's perspective on life, from being a lesser person, who is or was under the hexes and hypnotic powers of the larger, cult forces, to that where they, we, the individual is self-empowered to be far more independent from the dominant influences.

The Irish people have suffered the slight of being pretty “tame”, stupid, slow and dopey for a long time, mainly from the English. This is because they were long under these same oppressive occult influences of the Catholic church, at least until the 1990s, when they were made aware, on-mass, of this dark phenomenon.

Consequently, they have all awoken themselves, as have the rest of us. However, as has come to be expected, they went a bit over the top, and roared into being the leading economy in the British Isles, if not across Eurape. Short-lived however, as they went haywire on land speculation, and as always, soon enough crashed. Nevertheless, after the rush to “me-first-ism”, because of the crash and it's influences and hardships, it's likely the Irish will find a general social cultural balance. Time will tell, to be sure to be sure?

The English had it over them, mainly because they, or their aristocracy, as far back as one of my own family ancestors, King Henry the eighth, broke with the dominance of the evil Roman church, and around the same period, came “online” in the occult sense, whence began the “Enlightenment”.

Generally, much can the said to be an improvement is these regards, however, where the functions of the groups' leadership and management is concerned, it is an extremely dangerous step to take, from considerations of the group to placing the individual's preferences before those of the many.

Nevertheless, in line with the dominant agenda of Australia's foreign powers, those of Britain and Eurape, the process of government has always been narrowed down to the talents of the individuals, of the leaders themselves.

It exposes a deep failing in the people, when they are seduced to chant and cheer for whichever person is plonked on the top of the pile of parliament, the Prime Minister, in this e-ssay.

But it is not only a case of super-egoism in the manipulators, where they have been conned to believe that this is how best to be. It is far more the decision of the cabal who want desperately to maintain control of the government, of the corruption, of the people.

Because placing the individual in the spotlight of the public's attention, also centralises power for those who want control.

This is the deeply flawed, and dangerously dark strategy of Rome, and, it has to be said, Israel, and is exactly where the whole insane phenomenon of “a messiah” comes from.

Nevertheless...., the popularity of Kevin Rudd leading up to and following the 2007 election (as I was reminded about while refuelling at Three Ways on the NT last week, by a ponsey-sounding bloke, who after I asked “Who'd you vote for?” calmly said “We don't vote governments IN, we vote them OUT!”)..., and Rudd's 60%.., 70% favour in polls, was because people were deliriously happy to have his rather more Intelligent mind and voice in the chair after the evermore-drab and dark Howard.

DAMN! That's what I forgot to write in one of my earlier weblogs, which was trying to address the falling popularity of Kevin Rudd, around the Gillard coup!

As has been the trend, Australian voters had grown weary of the last government, as headed by Johnette Howard. Certainly, Howard was an apt face of fascism, as far as I'm concerned. A bloke whose perspectives were classic Anglican (Methodist) which brutally puts “me-first”, to the expense of everyone else. GW Bush was/is also Methodist!

Government cannot be allowed to operate under that erroneous ideology. But as all of the western world is run by the same basically flawed Catholic or Christian ideology, of having everyone dump their faith in, or on, A, A, A, messianic leader, we have the reason why we're all living-in..., essentially "failed states"!

Yesterday's ABC Radio National's "Big Ideas" broadcast, was a talk given by John Ralston Saul. I caught the last few minutes of it and will go back to it on the web later. I heard his last minutes where he suggested that the ideal of the past few centuries may be said to be out of date, and that the ideologies of the Enlightenment are now "passe" ("PASS! Aye?), and that perhaps even the long-proven, ancient "doctrines" of the Aborigines are both the best, and are due for a return to popular favour (paraphrased). (!!!YESSYESSYESSS!!!) [He bin readin' ma BLOG!!!]

But..., as I was saying... Government cannot be allowed to operate under that erroneous ideology. This is basically where the two ideologies, both purportedly standing under the flag of “Christian”, diverge.

Catholicism (dare I speak in favour of that cult???) on the outside, stands for the group, whereas the alter-Christian, Protestantism, including, if-not led by Freemasonry, goes for the individual.

But saying-so, as the Catholics attempt sometimes to, that the group comes first, does not mean they mean it. Again, it is all part of the ploy, to win the hearts and minds and votes of the polity to their OFFSHORE centralist motive.

(For the individual, I personally agree with the general tenet of Freemasonry, which gives the Individual's Soul, autonomy, within their own body-mind-Soul combination. This should, be "a place" (a Palace?) where the person is Properly guided, and is not merely made into a puppet of yet another cult master, enable them to rise through the torrid zone of the 4th dimension, to their own personal, yet totally harmonious realms of Heaven, where they know all there is to be known, and have the Wisdom to live harmoniously with the world around them.

Most all of us down here on Earth, even post the "evolution" in opening the third eye, are still under the hypnosis of less-than-fully-Enlightened puppet masters. And for that, we are trapped in the 4th dimension, the dimension of "aliens" demons, twisted minds, chaos and "apparitions". All our churches are within this shadow, and is why we are running so astray and seem to be headed for global disaster.

So, extending this e-ssay from simply saying that we did not vote Rudd in, but rather we voted the draconians OUT, I want to stress that one, there is an whole 'nother ball game going on, in our popular methods of governmentation, a ball game we DO NOT WANT TO KEEP, of centralising power OFFSHORE, and two, Rudd's meteoric, stellar popularity of some 70% after the 2007 election, was merely the aftermath celebrations in the community, that we had ousted the fascists.

I guess this detracts, unfairly from Kevin Rudd's Honorable attempts to make Australia better governed. While the hatchet-job done on him, as I and other commentators have asserted, was based in Sydney's ALP, or Rum Club mafia, a mafia which runs much more than the ALP, and was filtered through the right wing factions of the other states, mainly the equally-corrupt Victorian and South Australian branches, the whole affair was brought to the fore by our foreign media and their offshore Brit-Euro Zionist cabal.

Were any of the opinion polls, which brought Rudd down and out, contained of any Ethics, and thus Merit, it's likely the last week's events would never have occurred.

But clearly, some of we commentators were slashing several layers of "skin" off Rudd, and off the stumbling ALP generally.

Repetitive onslaughts charging at the terrible stature of NSW ALP "rum corps" corruption and misgovernmentation was definitely having disastrous effects on the general popularity of the ALP in-total, which was really what brought them, NSW, Vic, and the other factional players to bring-on the "Gillard-coup".

To that, it's more than ironic that perhaps my most cutting piece, written in the hours before the "7PM coup" beginning, was posted onto my weblog at about 7.03PM?

Obviously, someone within Labor, was reading more than just the "tea-leaves"?


Whether the outcome is for the better, overall, only time will tell.

If nought else, if these events and the future bring any light to our political farces, they will have to be where we, the voters of this young-young-dangerously na├»ve nation focus on our own personal, individual maturity, and learn the differences between “me-first” behavour and thinking, and “us-first” Community management.

Ironically, Community management, under the Wise eyes of a Mature Group, the group we generally call “the government”, when rightly ordered, pertains best for the individual, so that the lot of us, can live in a perpetual state of Bliss.

As President Clinton said, “It's the Economy, stupid!”

NOT, he was also saying, the “leader”.

Kevin Rudd knew this, and was trying his selfless best to take us up that Wise Path. But the subversive offshore media, and their excitement machinery of opinion-pollsters, wanted to keep us screwed to the board of OFFSHORE mining, banking and real estate corporate corruptions.

As we are dragged toward the 2010 federal election, our punters/voters have an obligation to the future to remember that maturity is in recognising that our own preferences, our own often-hard-to-satisfy-desires, must be put second to what is best for the majority, and thus, that it, the election and the whole business of government, is not an affair with, or with WHO sits on top of the political pile, but with which policies are Best for all of us.

It follows therefore, that no one person can possibly know everything necessary for the groups proper functioning, and that it is the committed team of elected managers - The Presidential Committee - which we need to keep us safe, fed, housed and happy, into the unknown future.

This should expose Opposition leader Tony Abbotts's blerts against Rudd as flawed, and dangerous, because he would therefore suggest that HE would be the safer PM.

But clearly, Abbott “is not his own man”, but yet another puppet of the offshore cabal.

Post-coup opinion polls tell us that the ALP has resumed it's lead with Gillard in the chair. I say that the ALP will only keep that election-winning advantage if she and the Caucus make the changes we need to the government system, and guide the polity away from that flawed, dangerous me-first belief, of A, leader.

Jesus is dead, folks!

Long live the Community!

We vote 'em in, we vote 'em out!

Time we voted ourselves in!

After all of the spin and hidden OFFSHORE agenda, that is what DEMOCRACY is in fact, all about!


As we all know that BOTH main parties are controlled by offshore powers, a coven of elites from Rome, London, Berlin, Oxford, Edinburgh, Tel Aviv and even Moscow, et al, and that Gillard, while at least as Clear-minded as Rudd, and of course that the whole of the “coal-alition” as Bob Brown explained it, are corporate puppets, at some stage Australia has to grab the chance and step out from the circle off offshore interests.

This morning I was ruminating on the whole business of this delusion called “life-on-Earth”, and, adding up all my experiences, I had no choice but to conclude that I don't..., I CAN'T trust anyone.

A sad situation to be in, of a certainty!

But to be perfectly honest, this means that I cannot trust the bloke I Advocate as the leader of any REALPolitik Reforms-cum-Revolution in Australia, Senator Bob Brown.

I do believe that he is one of our, if not on the Path to being our foremost Statesman, and that he is totally Sincere and Committed to doing what is Best for all of us, and of course, for all of our Environment.

But, as the dark side of politrix here and offshore is ruthless, they will do everything they can to prevent Justice and Equity from ruling here. So Senator Brown, unless he has very powerful backing, may well have to acquiesce to some elements of corruption. This is what I mean when I say I cannot trust him either.

I would not ask him to take a real bullet by standing hard and fast for the right Principles. But perhaps he is more of a Warrior than I know?

But we have to break the hold the offshore cabal has on us and on our political sphere, which means we have to vote for another Alternative, and in the current arenas, state and federal, while we cannot expect the ALP to dissolve the states, or to succeed in making us a Republic, that Alternative has to be, all things considered, including the foundation of a healthy environment, the Greens.

I haven't heard any substantive calls for a dissolution of states and a Republic from within the Greens, mainly, I expect, because they don't feel the two policies are high enough in the publics' minds.

But, I have no doubt that, off-air, they are all for those corrections.

So, while the ALP have their power-club bases ensconced in the states HQs, witnessed as so, just last week, it's hardly likely that Gillard or any other of the ALP feds will make both states-dissolution and the Republic election issues.

They might, might..., say they will go there after the election, but we've all seen that ploy before, and most of us are tired of those hollow promises.

Were Labor to sound-out the Greens on these issues, and get committed support from the Greens toward those two points, then announce that as so, I proffer that there would be a second landslide for a Labor win with the Greens, in a most powerful coalition (gotta find a new word for THAT one!!! “AGreenment”, perhaps? “LaGreenment”??? NAH! DAMN THE FRENCH!)

From here in western Queensland, by the roadside, I suspect I can feel LaGreenment from way down there in the holes of Canberra, and from within the PM's offices, et al.

Whether they will get the nod from higher up in the Kremlin (VLAD?!) or Oxford, is another fing, vo?

Only time will tell........?

Policies, not personages!

We vote 'em IN, we vote 'em OUT!

Argh! LaGreenment!

I LIKE That One!

Omaxa bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
GLOBAL, Land Tax, Cult, Drug and Work

Way out Winton way, western Weensland.

But I still wanna bomb cities out of existence!

Democratic, Green, Military, Agrarian, Socialist Union FOREVER!!!

Australia - 500-plus Local Nations!

Et al et al, and a rahrahrah!


PM's gender change no answer to Australia's political woes.

"Tree Ways", N.T.

On the rise to the Australian Prime Ministership by Julia Gillard.......:

A refreshing change, maybe?

Whittling-down classic Australian male-chauvinist politics, maybe?

From “right faction” to “left”, maybe?

Australian women are no doubt buoyed by Julia Gillard's ascent to the top job in Canberra, but along with the rise of witchcraft across the world of the last 10-to-15 years, thus a dangerous increase of empowered yet unwise women and men, most women who feel “vindicated” as being at last seen as the rightful “dominant gender”, are really just riding the wave of resentment against males that they've had, yet had to repress.

Gillard, while saying in an early post-ascent press conference, that she decided something had to be done about Labor's, and Rudd's falling popularity, her appointment is without doubt a political maneuver from within the advisers and agenda-setters club of the ALP.

I wrote this while out-of-range of media this morning, and scribed that “..her appointment was to win-back the disgruntled women who were deserting the “big-3” parties for the Greens”.

Coming back into broadband wireless range, the 1st news article I read said that, according to one poll done since her delegation, support for the Greens has fallen by almost half, by 7 points, to 8%.

So, I was right there. Being almost half, we might assume they were the female voters from the Labor side.

Again, if it transpires as so, offshore, foreign British and Roman Zionism has won again by throwing the inevitable, divisive formula of “gender” into the election arena.

Gillard would as likely agree. But has she and her staff enough free voice, enough independence of voice to say so, and bring the REALPolitik debate back to focusing the voters' minds (and emotional hearts), on the bottom-line issues?

Bottom-line issues of “Economics and Law?

I don't think so.

Most of us now know that the legal system, and thus our laws, are horrendously corrupt, as we know are our systems of “economics”.

Economics and Law, when boiled-down, and the fat removed, must defer, must accede to 2nd place, beneath the fundamental Environmental Laws.

And, crucially, Environmental Law has to be understood as a “Local Issue”.

Because all foreign controls of our Local laws, are for foreign interests, and they have always put the Local Values and Local considerations last.

Therefore, “First Issues” are Local, and include both Indigenous AND “Native” Peoples' Sovereignty, so that those born in “Country” can through official law, protect their own Country.

It is so, that in Australia, our Aborigine do not have Sovereignty in WHAT IS their own Land. This is draconian and utterly illegal, when it comes down to it.

If Julia Gillard is to take Kevin Rudd's “Apology” forward, to complete the process of “Conciliation” between white and Black Australians, Aboriginal Sovereignty MUST come to the fore from now on.

However, contrary to accepted myths, Australians not from Aboriginal backgrounds and “blood”, do not have Sovereignty either.

The two sectors of Australian society, Indigenous and non-indigenous, are in some sense effected by the same wrong legal structures, but both have very different cases to be resolved.

While white Australians have far greater opportunities to acquire land and “a life” as it might be called, there are laws which give them no sovereignty of ownership, should a mining corporation, from here or overseas, discover something of value beneath their acreage. The government too, can “resume” ownership of someone's land, if they deem it should be used for their decided purposes, rather than for the owner's use.

So Sovereignty is an issue for all Australians, and can be seen as exposed simply by an honest appraisal of most of our laws and statutes.

Laws which demand that we must partake of what amounts to being an evil, corrupt and totally (Environmentally) unlawful world of work.

So..., to repeat.., “First Issues” are Local, and include both Indigenous AND “Native” Peoples' Sovereignty, so that those born in “Country” can through official law, protect their own Country.

Therefore, “Republic”!

Passed attempts at Australia becoming a Republic have failed, not for lack of popularity, but because they were scuttled, again, by offshore interests, because the concept and the arguments, were once more, reduced to “personage” or to how we elect the, A, A, “President”.

More non-Local subversion!

Like “gender”, one leader, Prime Minister, President or monarch, is irrelevant!

“Policies” not “personage” is our Priority.

So it is, “Policies” not “gender”.

The Wisest Policies are Locally Administered, and the least corrupt powers are ensured with Local Knowledge and election.

So, if PM Gillard has “the goods”, she will place the Australian Republic on top of our list of Priorities.

Tied to the Republic is dissolution of the states, even so far as establishing 500-plus “Local Nations”.

Events are forcing Australians up to the most vital Political, Economic and Legal decisions of the last several thousand years.


The “old kings” models, of Rome, Jerusalem and even of “Camelot” must accede to the Science of Popular, as-in Majority, Economic and Legal Knowledge.

Ignoring these, as cowards, retreating to the same-old-same-old foreign manipulation of our voters, our minds and our land, will keep Australia and the planet, on the path to terminal warfare.

Embracing all we know 1st in Economics and Law, and in Issues of Government, such as Local-versus-foreign control of OUR government, and OUR Lands, will also incite offshore Zionism to cause global chaos.

Either way, the path ahead will involve struggle.

But the path of Intelligence, Wisdom and Honor, is by orders of magnitude, the Best, most Noble one to choose.

“Good Government” then, is “Open Government”, where everyone can access the law-making debates and processes as they happen, and anytime after.

Some people, though I suggest the nurturing environment is most relevant, develop leadership talents more than others.

Leadership is about “representation” of the groups' values, and of “steerage”, to uphold Good and True Laws.

Only when Good and True Laws are enshrined into the mechanisms of government can large population nations allow, enable, anyone such as a President to rise to that place.

As Australia and the planet is, far, far from enshrined Good and True Laws, we have no choice, other than the current entropic corruption, but to devolve the powerhouses of our states to “Local Nations”, with, of course, a popularly-called-for “autonomy” of each geographic, ecological, Human-numbers and Aboriginal territory, to institute Local Nation Economic, Environmental Laws.

But as we are both in-the-main one island, and as our recent development and institutions have been under one national system, we have sensibly to adopt one or a number of “Ground Rules”, Common Laws, for it and for us all.

Rah rah rah..., the 1st Law is the Economic Law of Rent.

Let that be the cement slab, or “Rock” upon which we rebuild all “Local Nations”, with the timbre of Good and True Laws and Economics as the whole Community's House.

So..., do not be swayed away from the necessary REALPolitik Legal and Economic Reforms, with the ascent to the Prime Minister's position of a Woman, in Julia Gillard.

Very little will change with her in the chair, because the chair is controlled remotely from overseas, while either of the big-2 (big-3 if we separate the Libs and the Nats) dominate our political agendas.

It, the rise of a woman to PM, is a Catholic ploy to unbalance any moves we make away from their foreign control, by voting for the “less-male-chauvinist” Greens.

If..., Julia Gillard, as PM, returns to the Republic debate, and brings it back into the spotlight, it is more than likely only to rope-in more Greens, and other voters who want a Republic. It will be planned to fail by her masters in the (offshore) backrooms, like the last couple of tries, typically not until after the election.

But as she probably owes the ALP states' factions some “debt of gratitude” for putting her in the PM's chair, she is not likely to “go there”, because any genuine push for a Republic will have to include as fundamental, the dissolution of the states, and the ALP states' power-brokers, AND the Lib/Nat's, are addicted to the prestige and power their state houses give, as well as being obedient puppets to the offshore corruption-brokers of Britain and Eurape, etc.

Opposition leader, probably near to correct, today says that the lift in Labor's popularity will not last.

This may induce Labor to call the election earlier-than-later.

To keep the momentum of an increase in popularity, the ALP - Gillard - will have to show some spunk, and go for more serious reforms.

But immediately, the factions will resist, and attempt to cover it with more “snow”, more spin.

I guess the question is, that.... "if ALP's popularity declines again, will the Greens win back support"?

Time will tell, and only if the Greens are prepared to take-on the crucial issues of reform, again, such as the Republic.

All of the last few days of excitement from the government, apparently in crisis, has the right factions' spin and distraction in it.

Once more, the struggle has been narrowed down to that of personalities, this time, with the added ingredient of gender.

Genuine Progress in government demands that we move away from the "individual leader" models, and, adopt the much Wiser format of the Presidential Committee, to the size even of 500 elected Local Representatives.

Instituting Local Autonomy funded by Economic Rent, simplifies government, the issue of raising revenue, thus reducing taxes, and minimizes the time, money and effort needed to run a nation. Or 500 nations.

500 "Local Nations" in one Republic. But I use the word "Nation" rather than the tired word "state", and to indicate greater Local autonomy than the word "Council" gives.

It will be up to the voters to keep their eyes open and not be distracted.

The whole world has to “Go Green”, and many times more Green than the main parties can offer.

Omaxa bin Eartha
GLOBAL, Land, Tax, Cult, Drug and Work

Green, Aborigine, Biker.
Intelligence, Wisdom, Honor.


Julia Gillard, Prime Minister

And haven't I got a gnawing feeling in my gut this morning!

Of course, I'm the only one who can speak, or write about it, which only adds to the stomach-acid.

Was it coincidence that I posted my last weblog at a few minutes passed 7.00pm last night, almost to the minute that the “spill” against Kevin Rudd's Prime Ministership began?

Media, that not completely trustworthy source of political information, was telling listeners late into the night that the spill was initiated by the Victorian ALP right faction, with the South Australian ALP right.

As I wrote in the well-timed blog-post last night, it was myself who demanded, I wrote “ordered”, the ousting of Victorian ALP Premier Steve Bracks, who I think was from the Vic ALP right faction.

In the blog previous to the last one of 7.00pm last night, I'd written that...

“...Morris Iemma was perhaps the last leader from the NSW/Eurapean mafia, and his ousting by his successor, Nathan Rees, with Union-backing, was a sign that the days of the power-brokers and mafia bosses, Eddie Obied, and Joe Tripodi, et al, were numbered. The ex-police minister, videoed leaving a gay night club, "Campbell" or such, no doubt had connections to the same.

The current Premier Kenneally is a stand-in, as this change takes place in NSW.

Penrith last weekend signals a serious bashing of the NSW ALP next March, and rightly so.”

I was brought to think later last night, when I happened to tune in to Sky news channel, and saw that the spill against Rudd was in action, that it was a spill driven by the NSW ALP right, the most brutal of the Australian ALP factions, the ones who have run “the Firm” for decades.

That the news is saying that the spill was from the Victorian branch, and Bracks' branch, may actually be that the NSW branch want to be kept out of it, so asked the Vic branch to “open proceedings”.

But then again, they are both “right” factions, and as most of us know, behind all the apparent feuding between NSW and Victoria, underneath that, the corruption is shared across the nation, by most all of the factions AND political parties - mainstream parties.

I also wrote at the end that it was the Pope who ordered the latest crime spree which headlined in the media for a few days early this week, when a 19 year old was involved in a police chase and hunt, to denigrate the Bikers, who I have aligned with the Greens.

On the other hand, as I write, listening to the latest updates on ABC TV online, about an hour after the formal announcement that Julia Gillard is now our PM designate, having been told that there was no vote, because Rudd accepted gracefully and stepped down without a fight, my earlier suspicions that this is all being conducted from overseas, mainly Rome and Downing Street London, may be incorrect, and that my earlier blog post of 7.00pm last night was little more than another prompt by the number-crunchers within the Labor party to do something now, before we get any closer to which-ever election date is chosen.

But, after boiling it all down, I don't think so.

This whole change of PM affair could well be no more than the mainstream political spinsters, from here and overseas, doing “by any means” everything they can to keep the media spotlights and thus the peoples' minds focused on the two mainstream parties, and OFF the Greens?

For some reason I reckon Ms Gillard as PM will be a better “partner” with the federal Greens from here forward. But it's not that I felt Rudd was not affable in regard to listening to the Greens, just that Julia “seems” to me, to be “Greener” in the political sense, not the naivety sense of the word.

Whatever, the ALP has won the focus of the media from here probably until the election, as the media and the public scrutinises Gillard's performance.

Abbott will be frothing from all orifices, and the Greens will have to be sensational almost, I think, to get any serious sound-bite time.

Senator Bob Brown will get some airtime, commenting on the change, but will have to take advantage of the change, with it's linked reassessments in the government of the ETS, and other environmental issues.

Brown and the Greens should take a leap and throw in their own policies on climate change or pollution reduction methods, and deeper policies addressing the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) etc.

“Ambit claims” like how Unions lobby governments for improved wages and conditions, is the way they'd do it. But not “ambit” - “serious”.

Right now, at 10.22am Thursday watching the ABC coverage, I feel “vacuous”, empty, dislocated beyond any worth or value.

I have absolutely no idea whether anything I've written this morning is anywhere near to being correct.

As I've written of the last few months, I am trying to get out of this farcical “chair” of being a king-maker, or prescient commentator on domestic and global politics.

So, possible pressures from bruised political factions aside, I, in this vacuous state, also feel some deep relief, because this change to Julia Gillard as PM, possibly linked to my REALPolitik Outlaw Dissenter blogging, comes in from left-field (er.... right field?) and may or may not be a sign that my influence has gawn.

And, considering everything I've tried to communicate to the world about the fallacy of a messiah-leader concept, the same concept the ALP, the Catholic ALP used to put Rudd into the PM's chair, this is a relief.

I am confident that Julia Gillard will be a good ALP leader, and is sincere about the role of government.

I also feel that she is a Woman of Substance, thus will be a capable Prime Minister.

Having watched her speak in the parliament “Question Time”, I see she is as good as any when it comes to standing against opposition arguments.

Clearly, PM Gillard is far-far more Intelligent than her shadow Liberal party leader, Abbott, and is capable of thinking and deciding on the facts and the science of issues.

Being our first female PM, she is bound to win a healthy percentage of woman voters at the election.

Being as follow the leader as the Liberal/Nationals are, it's as likely they will shunt-out Abbott soon enough and slot their lead female into the leadership.

But as they are mostly token females in the Liberals, and that the Liberals are mainly male chauvinists, it's probably too much for them to do.

Then there's the worry about all the male chauvinists in the polity? How will they react to PM Gillard?


Time will tell...

I wish her well, and I'm sorry if my blah inspired the Catholics in Sydney and Melbourne to push her upstairs, perhaps as she did not want to climb up there, at least yet?

On Kevin Rudd, I have cursed him, but believe he was sincere.

Most of his “failings”, were not of his own making, but because he was “flown-in” by the spinsters, he didn't have the necessary support-bases.

If all goes OK for the ALP from here on, and if Kev is given the respect he deserves, I think he'd be crazy to leave the House and the cabinet, and Julia would be wrong to give him the flick from the Cabinet rooms.

He's still young, and with his recent experience, of the last three or so years, has yet an enormous amount to offer Australia, and the ALP.

Perhaps you're better-off Kev? It is a ruthless and dog-eat-dog role, so now you can relax a bit, for a while.

As Rudd is still only 53 or so, it's not impossible that he could move back into the role of PM in the next one or two decades.

I do not doubt his abilities, Intellect, tenacity, or sincerity.

All these can only add up to his being calm in humility, where he will only grow in Wisdom, which will only make him a better person to play Prime Minister in the future.

Also, amid my and other conspiracy theories, this yes, sudden change rather suits my prognostications about getting over the messiah concept. The ALP may well lead for generations if they can drop the focus on one saviour-type leader, and move towards a wider leadership team model.


Committees work when everyone has engaged their own Intellect, and are over the spells which drive the outdated ego, of the old school models of cults.

Today's ALP won power in 2007 because the public recognised the Intelligence of it's Candidates, and I hope like Hell that we never return to the ignorance and darkness of those church-orchestrated centuries, prior to 2007.

I don't think Julia wanted to push Rudd out.

I do think the dark forces here and overseas are behind it, with what intention I don't know.

Our Unions are all far too far to the right, and were they better balanced, away from a materialism-centric society, they would not have instituted this, as the media has said.

But their biggest enemies - the foreign owned media - part of the cabal who also run the mining, the banking and other major industries which profit from plundering Australia, control our minds, and so, just to survive in a captured population, the Unions have had to drift to the right, which unfortunately takes them away from putting the People and our Community first.

Unseen fears seem to have driven much of this, but today, only a few years down the track, I think many of us are much Wiser and stronger, and with that can reject the evil forces, and return to pursuing the Righteous Causes.

Comments keep coming on the ABC, one of them being around the fact that we now have two female state Premiers, a female GG, and now a female PM.

I am suspect about this, and about what actual strength each and all of them have? It's very hard to not believe that some of them, if not all of them, are but “token” females, to both take the weight off the shoulders of the male dominated powerhouses, and to placate the female voters.

Another theory I'm known to have ruminated on, is that the rise of women in worlds such as politics, is but another Catholic conspiracy.

This is a bit hard for myself to be at ease with, because years ago, before I realised what the Catholics were planning to do with me, I thought I deduced that the better world is one ruled by a “matriarchy” rather than the brutal patriarchy of these ages.

The “virgin Mary” could be a symbol of this?

This matriarchy rule, may be the right way for life on Earth to be, but I have my doubts for the moment, due to the fact that mental illness and dysfunctional beliefs and behaviour are not specific to the male gender. Perhaps it's just that the males can be more brutal when they express themselves, and so tend to be less sensitive to others, and to the environment.

Good Tidings, Prime Minister Gillard!

I guess I hope the change doesn't backfire.....

Time will tell......

I still think the Greens will rise, and that we are best governed by a Labor-Greens coalition.


Main parties attacking Greens "by any means"!

"The Greens received about 13 per cent of the primary vote in Saturday's (Penrith by-)election and even beat Labor at some polling booths."

I can't help but suspect that the two major political parties in Australia are more than a bit worried about the rise and rise of the Greens, as we near the 2010 federal election?

As attested-to on ABC TV's “Q&A” mainstream political party publicity program this week, the big two, (three if we separate the Nationals party from the coalition) of Labor and the Lib/Nats are gunning against the Greens whenever they get the opportunity.

The Q&A panel was fitted-up so that the Greens Senator, that-is, the FEMALE Green's Senator Sarah Hanson-Young was stuck sitting between the heavy-hitting Malcolm Turnbull (male-chauvinist 1) of the extreme right-wing federal Liberal party, another “heavy-hitting” lobbyist for the national corruption lobby group, Greame Richardson (male chauvinist 2) and the milder, (but trying his best to be both a heavy-hitter AND a male chauvinist 3) Craig Emerson of the right-wing federal ALP.

It is reasonable to suggest that it was polite to place Sarah in the centre of the panel, albeit that they placed the other FEMALE on the outer left-hand end. But she, a Ms Brown, from a political think-tank, isn't a politician, and isn't a GREENS politician?

The boyz gave Sarah a very “rude” time, let's say.

She handled them, and I suspect would have been able to give them all a good verbal slapping off-stage, off-camera, should she have felt like it.

The general thrust of the boyz' onslaughts against Sarah, was a clear barrage against the Greens, not Sarah personally.

Wherever we look, we will see evidence of an all-out attack on the ever-rising Greens party in Australia, and should we do the research, we'd find the same has been and probably still is, going on globally.

On another right-wing (and, it must be said, they would admit to that 'unashamedly') ABC Radio National program “Counterpoint”, this week had an interview with a deconstructer of the Greens overall make-up.

The tenor of interviewers and interviewee was clearly denigration of - The Greens - although from my end of the audial spectrum, I was glad to hear what the interviewee was telling us.

One of his comments was that “the Greens are, by far, the wealthiest party” (paraphrased), made-up of highly educated and professional supporters, many, if not most, from the upper class.

This does, I admit, deal-up the mixture of whether they have made their piles from the mainstream corruption of our not-at-all-very-Green society and corporate worlds, and if so, are they that committed to a Greener world that they would vote for a party which would.., might.., take us to a very Revolutionary REALPolitik, Scientifically-based econo-political system, seeing as the wealthy of our planet in-general make their dosh from the rudest industries and least ethical business dealingssssz?

I suspect..., that many of today's Greens' supporters/voters, are the young adults of the world, whose parents have made the millions and given the youngies an easy life on daddy's inheritance, a nice few acres in a very nice region (anyone remember 'Nimbin'?), but who've dropped-out of the mainstream, in-the-main because they have had the luxury of being able to do so, but also, or perhaps mainly because they have had the time, and the education, enough to THINK, about the world they live in, and about how best to live in it?

And, almost anyone who is given the time to THINK, will agree that living as Greenly as possible, is the only REAL option?

So, whether the wealthy Greens' sponsors, supporters, voters, members and party representatives are from the upper class corporate worlds, whether they sit on corporation boards, executive, or management, or work in less sky-scraping offices, industries, and general employment, they are, even today, most often regarded, by the mainstream - society and political parties - as some weird kind of “Vego Outlaws”, and thus come in for a bollocking whenever there's more than a few beer-guts and buff-chums to 'bravely' talk down to them.

Of the last five or so years, I have come out of the closet and admitted that I am - a Green! But that I'm also of Aboriginal descent, AS WELL AS fearlessly aligning myself and my politics - my REALPolitiks - with the world's Bikers.

Since then, in the last few years, the ALP government in South Australia attempted, with the new Western Australian Liberal government, to denigrate and dissemble Australia's Biker Clubs.

That-is, those state governments, long-known to be managing the corruption in those regions, as do the other state parliaments, have sought to denigrate anyone who might be regarded as genuine and serious opposition to their hegemony.

So I cannot but see that.., as the Bikers of Australia, with my influence, have been aligned with the other more “establishment” Greens, Greens who are regarded by the establishment as the Vegetarian Outlaws, for not following the accepted morally bankrupt mainstream politics and economics, it seems that the big parties will manipulate media and thus people's minds and votes away from the Greens, by any means.

The other of my "Three Wise Tribes" - Aborigine - have had disgustingly severe maltreatment since the Rum Rebellion in 1808, so, while there have been SOME advances by whitey in Recognising the Enlightened Bleck Fellas as Human Beings since, they still remain prisoners in their own Country - the Northern territory “intervention” put in place by the fascist Howard misgovernment IS APARTHIED Kevin Rudd, and that one of the proponents of that evil regimen, Tony Abbott, is currently leader of the HER MAJESTY'S federal opposition indicates how ignorant and demoniacally corrupt the whole charade is - do not have the rights and Standing that we white invaders have - Sovereignty - and so receive only muted denigration by our media and politicians.

“Not P.C., old chum!”

Nevertheless, this didn't stop the brave Abbott from slurring whiteys more noble attempts to reconcile our past with the Aborigines, that of opening official functions, meetings, talks and presentations et al et al, with Recognition and Praise of the Aboriginal Owners of the Country wherever the event occurred. Abbott shot a totally ignorant and disrespectful slight at that (new) Custom (Ancient to the Aborigine) by saying he thought it was “...going a bit far” or such.

No-one backed him up on that one, but he did say it nevertheless.

I don't tie that comment with my alignment with those Three Wise Tribes, because I know racism is the foundational “building-block” of this fine nation, something the mainstream utterly refuse to admit.

So Abbott can get away with it, and the mainstream racism-denialists merely utter a smug chuckle under their breath.

And to be sure, they would shout “HOORAY!” when they are with enough similarly-simple minded mates -to-be-sure-to-be-sure, and “Uch-aye, Jimmay!” from the Scottish contingent.

So..., in the weeks-days before election Saturday, whenever Kev and cabinet dare decide, strange and sensational media events are sure to win our nerves and attention, and somewhere in some of them, we will hear those attacks on Greens, Aborigines and OH LOOK? Bikers.

Funny that the media gave very little attention to the results enjoyed by the Greens in last Saturday's Penrith NSW state by-election?

13% of the vote!

“The Greens received about 13 per cent of the primary vote in Saturday's election and even beat Labor at some polling booths.” (unquote ABC news online: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/06/19/2931597.htm?site=sydney)

Funny that an armed young man went a bit silly in Melbourne on the very next Monday, and allegedly said after his capture, that he was heading for some “Bikie mates” to hide with, from the coppers?

I admit I thought, for a while, before I could get online and read the MEDIA's versions of events, that the young man, was as likely from a Catholic college. A Catholic college not unlike the one in Bundoora, the one where David Finch, my ex-boss who tried with his private school mates for years to get me dead, and one Steve Bracks, whom I essentially put into government and the Premier's chair in Victoria in 1999, then ordered OUT of the chair a few years ago, for being a 30-pieces-of-silver traitor, were indoctrinated?

I did, for a while think (dangerous stuff that THINKING?) that the same evil Catholic college, or it's head priests of Christian Brothers, are attempting to destroy the Bikers and that other scurrilous bunch of Intelligent and Honorable Outlaws, the Greens, pre-election, (perhaps they've read the tea-leaves???), because 1, the Catholics, as represented by the ALP (and Tony Abbott), may be routed this year, and 2, because I ordered Bracks OUT!?

Well...! I reckon I wuz wrong.


Vote Greens!

End the charade!

Justice and Sustainable Government from here forward!

Credible SCIENCE!

cult “seance”!

Omaxa bin Eartha
Aborigine, Green, Biker, for
GLOBAL Land, Tax, Cult, Drug & Work