From Bee-Pee to Bee-keepers....


Surely, surely, surely, the disaster happening in the Gulf of Mexico, is a sure sign that a significant number of us are seriously mentally ill?

That anyone could execute such madness, that-is, threaten so much of the planet's biosphere with the hunger for a product none of us actually need - oil - not needed for thousands of years, not needed EVER, because clever fellas have known that credible non-polluting alternative sources of energy are available - has to be seen as the result of insanity?

What is happening in the minds of those who go to such warped lengths purely for profit?

And what's going on in their heads, that-is the executives of such as BP - BIGGEST POLLUTERS - and Texaco, and Shell (Oh! They're OK, because they are actually “Royal” Dutch Shell, and we all know the royal families of the planet are the most intelligent and Wise, don't we?), Mobil, et al et al, that they and their armies so willingly commit troops to march-out and kill innocent people so they can get oil from under their homelands?

Like they say... “it's been going on forever”, so even today, but especially over the last two hundred years, the armies of BP, who are but one corporation within the global cabal we now know as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which used to be called the British East India Company, have waged war and genocide upon Indigenous Peoples everywhere, even today they romp around the planet deluded to thinking it belongs to them, and massacre hundreds of thousands at a time.

1993, Azerbaijan-Armenia war. Over 300,000 killed. Began by MI6 on behalf of BP, so they could get the oil.

But, who cares?

2003, Iraq. Began by the same scum so they could get the oil.

But, who cares?

1890s. Gippsland Australia. British agents, “pioneers”, wipe-out whole nations of Aborigines so they could get the GOLD GOLD GOLD!

But who cares?

So talking about the damage done to Australia's biodiversity by European honey bees pales into insignificance.

Can I beee corrected, when I suggest that the damage done by Eurapean honey bees to our forests' (to our RE-forests) native biodiversity, is like cigarette smoke in the lungs of a child when they are smoking the cigarette themselves.

I recently realised this scenario, and so have stopped buying honey.

Yes, in light of the planet's impending environmental demise, introduced Eurapean honey bees are small bee-r.

Nevertheless, being terrorised by a couple of demented apiarists from the Lismore region over the last year, I'm only too happy to stop consuming that luxury, especially if others see and think the same way, and stop those mentally deficient idiots from actively killing the natural environment, just for money.

Truly, with any luck, they too, are a dying breed?

But HEY! The New South Wales' government was only too happy to pay them, by setting them up with fancy business additions (a new truck! Lucrative contracts) for terrorising me.

So, I guess that makes their mental illness OK?

Normal evern!

These and most every other financial pursuit we take-on in our modern, developed age, all contribute to the death of the planet.

What, in terms of “employment” and earning an income, does NOT do devastating damage to the environment?

Doing the maths, doing the psycho-analysis, deconstructing the culture we increasingly suffer within, the latest political election media bytes, debates and funding offerings around dealing with “mental illness” also pale into insignificance, when it becomes clear to us that the whole manner, culture, trend, belief-system, religious dogma and therefore the whole, or 99%...., of our Australian population are mentally ill!

But try telling the old generation, the young generation, the baby-boomer generation, the police who protect them, the politicians, the clergy, and the church-schooled psychiatrists THAT?!

Almost as futile as trying to tell them that THEY - the masses of mainstream Australians - are the terrorists, that the Australian Aborigines were the last Peoples of the Garden of Eden, Immortals, Enlightened, Gods!

AND, almost as hard as telling them, the insane white-skins, that the animals of this isolated continent - Kangaroos, Wallabies, Potaroos, Goannas, Koalas, Snakes, Eagles Et Al Et Al, were some of the most advanced animals on Earth.

If - any of this is correct - surely we MUST question all the stories in those hallowed books we call the 'old and new testaments” and those who wrote them, and even today subscribe violently to whatever “messages” are in them?

If - the Jews are the “chosen tribe” then why have they spent the last eons exterminating the Tribes of Eden? Here, there, everywhere?

Like Jesus supposedly said “Forgive them Lord, for the silly bastards are deeply hypnotised, thus, they know not what they are doing!”

Like I say, “YOU forgive them Lord! I'm fucked if I will!”

Not that it matters, because, thanks to the insane Zionists of Dunrobin, Oxford, Israel, Madras, Sydney and elsewhere, I'm fucked either way.

Thanks idiots!

And thanks, on behalf of my Aborigine Ancestors, who you wiped-out in Gippsland in the 1890s.

Armageddon...., is KARMA!

Hope you feel real good about yourselves, apiarists?


Are we safe from invasion?


Nearing the federal election, behind the scenes, wars wage.

Watching political news, knowing well that much of it is “mediated” to suit the agenda of those not from the voting public, our choices are reduced to being between “it doesn't matter who we vote for”, and, futility.

Being an influential voice from the outer...., limits..., no, from the outer rim and beyond of the social and cultural margins, it's obvious that “secret agenda” rule the roost, here and overseas.

The New York World Trade Centre disaster of September 11, 2001 (“9/11”) was mediated to an horrendous extent.

Reports “as it happened” on the day, and the plethora that followed, were quickly turned, until the facts were distorted into mashed trash, such that the public were forced to accept loads of untruths, which extended across the Atlantic to Britain, with clearly untrue reports that Saddam Hussien was presiding over a secret “weapons of mass destruction” series of projects, and was blamed initially for the 9/11 WTC attack.

Somewhere in the bull-storm, an anti-American terrorist group sprang into life, “al Qeida”, and soon enough they were said to be responsible for the attack on New York, USA.

Somehow, this gave the extreme right-wing government of the US justification to invade Iraq?

By 2003, there was enough “evidence” telling us that Osama bin Laden and his evil freedom fighters were guilty. None of the “evidence” was convincing, yet Iraq was invaded.

Saddam was hunted down, caught and executed, against all the surfacing evidence.

It was established that Iraq was not developing WMDs, but nothing could stop the US from invading, seeking retribution.

Now, mainstream media gives us the standard lines that al Qieda was responsible, and that the Americans even caught the chief planners.

Since then, all manner of travesties have occurred all around the world, none of which are accurately reported, nor investigated by the media.

The same prevails here as we get closer to the 2010 federal election.

Lies become truths after ever shorter periods of time now, and less and less of what we are told can be taken as fact.

Any glitch or gaff or flawed statement is broken down and blown out of proportion by media, making it impossible for the politicians to address any of the critical and really important issues.

And less and less are they game enough to go to those issues, for fear of being reduced to mud by the cynical and lies-loving media.

Democracy has never really existed here or elsewhere, and neither has “freedom of speech”, because the too-powerful media have had control of what anyone tries to say, and can turn whatever is said to their agenda-ridden advantage.

People in Australia are dead-scared of REALPolitik, because it goes to the fundamental issues we must address.

And fundamental issues, like our own personal mental health, and answering the frightening questions about why we are all so “touched” by mental illness, is too hard for the vast majority.

Perhaps 99% of us.

The major cults have done us over so severely over the last 1000 years and more, that it is impossible for the average punter to go there and dispel the secreted “mental programming” which prevent us from getting to the evermore vital personal and economic issues.

Consequently, the world is on a fast track to Hell, and, no-one, from the hierarchies here and in the global powerhouses of Britain, Eurape and the USA are able to avoid global disaster.

And worse, nobody's now game nor capable of bringing the most crucial concerns into the public and voting arena.

The horror of allowing oneself to become victim to the utterly frightening evil each and any person is capable off emitting, stops all of us short of going to the real issues, and instead has everyone scurry away to their mini-fortress, club or DVD player, telling themselves that the world outside, of economic, political, cult and corporate corruption is too big to cure, and so better leave it to the big names and corporations to say what they like, and let's hope we can live-out our pitiful lives in some semblance of security and HOHO “peace” until we expire.

Therefore it has become, or always has been, in Australia's political arena, which in reality, makes all future political elections, federal, state and council, farcical and indeed, only contributive to the general demise.

So.., are we about to be invaded, either by hoards from the north, or by hoards from another planet.

There are as many conspiracies telling us both are ready to begin.

By goodness it's just as well the whole thing called Human life on Earth is but an illusion.

These hard facts make it folly to pursue wealth and power and popularity, when the end cannot not be far away, and when that very pursuit is the very cause of this totally dishonorable existence.

Personally, damaged and marginalised by utter utter pathologically psychotic idiots, the end of the world cannot come soon enough for myself.

Thanks Humans!


Expecting a trojan. Stay clear of Nimbin websites and emailers!


Today, I had an uninvited doood, calling himself “Peace Freeborn” of HAH! Nimbin NSW, send me an SMS via Skype asking if I would put his number on my phone list of numbers.

I texted him back asking the basics - Who are you? Do I know you? What's your angle etc, after which a stilted SMS convo ensued, with him acting like a child, not giving any solid clues as to who he is, or whether I know him/it.

I recall a dick from the same Nimbin Environment Centre (once a Solid Group who did plenty Good things for the local forests etc - yes, to grow the Herb in as well!) late last year, who wrote he was the son of a jail warden, and went by a similar phoney 'net name, who sought my attention and open email account, argued with me and derided me about an e-ssay I sent the NEC after they sent me a notice about their closure or such, then proceeded to hack into all my online accounts and through my Kaspersky security sent a vicious trojan through my wireless connection and fucked my laptop.

There's no doubt this Peace Freeborn jerk-off has similar evil wank objectives in mind. Of course Freewank is a witch also, and loves playing with the electronics of YOUR computer.

I have few doubts that the last wank worked in Nimbin in fact for Sydney ALP “the Firm” underworld mafia, and did his thing under their orders.

Therefore, as this latest Nimbin dick went silent once I asked a few more questions, and is from the same list of NEC members, I can expect I will receive a trojan in the coming weeks.

To those of you, who might still have some degree of Integrity, for safe-keeping, I'd advise you have nothing to do with anyone from the Nimbin Environment Centre.

Although I write that and post it, knowing full-well there ARE some Honorable Dudes still involved with the NEC.

They know who they are, and they know who they are NOT!

Vote Green, or die.

Countryman bin Eartha

Pathetic attacks on Greens persist.

Critics round on Greens MP's Facebook page
ABC online:

Ah! So John Macarthur, the tyrant of false and trumped-up, out-of-proportion allegations and charges, of the 1808 Rum Rebellion, against a Justice-minded Political Warrior, is reincarnated in one John Hatzistergos MP NSW ALP Rum Club Attorney General?

What a SINNER you are Lee Rhiannon! HOW DARE YOU plonk your office phone number on Facebook!!!??

AND, what A GAUL, to use Facebook as OH MY GOD! A campaign tool!

Bring back the gallows! Bring back the stocks! Bring back the stake!

And, I MEAN! You are Intelligent! You KNOW there's NO room in Macquarie Street Sydney for THAT!?

CORRUPTION MADAME! CORRUPTION! That's ALL THERE IS HERE, and that is how we and the Liberal/National land-grabbing thieves will keep it, thank you!”

What would we expect from a desperate and exposed ALP A.G.?

Vote Green, or die.

Countryman bin Eartha
Still Outside!

Offshore Asylum for Refugees?


Yo! I'll go to Timor Leste, as a Refugee!

The President and PM there would have a ball with my sense of political humour, and with my REALPolitik perspective!

But before I go, there is some strange lack of logic in all of the mainstream politicians' approach to “boaties”, the slender 3% of asylum seekers to here?

Oh! That's it! We just haven't got enough LAND to plant and store them on!

And there just aren't enough people here to help habilitate them all, all 3% of the poor suffering folk from the lowest classes of Afghanistan and Sri Lanka!

Well, we could dump all our refuse into the oceans, thus building MORE LAND to house them on?

But oh what a shame that the foreign controlled mainstream political parties can't release a little bit of ABORIGINAL LAND to help give the Refs' a new start in life?

I reckon the Gillard and the Abbott have orders from the IMF in Zurich and Berlinenenen, to keep the ABORIGINE Land safe for THEM, for when the northern world of Britain and Eurapenenen collapses into the North Sea, because they sucked all the oil out from under it.

And what a shame that whole Communities of our Noble and Wise Aborigine are quite open-minded about bringing the offshore Ref's into their world, and to teach the immigrants, or potential immigrants, about their Ways, before they transit off-to the cities of sin?

And what a shame that several remote rural coastal towns along the Western Australian coast have spoken up about doing the same thing?


SEND 'EM OFFSHORE! So we'll have to pay other nations to do what we can quite adequately do ourselves!

Just like the ol' IMF policies of draining all our manufacturing industries offshore to 3rd world China, so China can buy our precious resources for a pittance, process them with machinery they might well have bought from our shut-down factories, then sell the cheap as fly-poop products back to us at hugely inflated prices!

Dramatically reduced quality though! WHAT ARE YA COMPLAINING ABOUT????

Come onnnn? Ms Gillard?

Whose running your policy-mouth?

Are we in the age, or stage, of talking-up the least practical, least logical least intelligent ideas to satisfy the demons of the IMF?

Are you out to bring your government's Collective Intelligence Quotient down to not so much humiliate the Liberal and Nationals parties?

Somethin's amissin' 'ere?

Leaving a suitably-sized gap in common sense policies for the Upsurging Greens to romp it in when they fling a few Intelligent policy ideas off, after the election, when they hold the balance of power?

For some ssssstraaange reason, methinks it's all about LAND.

O' course, we all get the sticky problem of, once they get their feet onto the big Aussie plate, it's a right rural battle to ship them OFF again?

But hey! How many Eurapeans have been deported back to the moral-hollow since the last election?

And those irascible Irish illegal over-stayers???

Hmmmm? Welsh?

And of course never a Scot since Hadrian has snuck through customs only to disappear into the blue highland hinterland, Ock Ieee!!??

Come arn!

There's no sense in letting them in, after damaging internment, and letting them loose with only their lust for the spoils of whitemans' capital rape of their and every other culture?

They want LAND, Duckee!

So do all of 'em, whether by boat or plane or UFO!

But why give it to them, on an economic model which passed it's practical use-by date near as soon as it became popular?

This is a new age, ain't it?

So why follow the offshore leaders up the Alps of Switzerlandenenen, over the hill and into the bottomless pit of economic, environmental and cultural destruction?

Nah! Let 'em in, then lock 'em up with a Mob o' Aborigines for a few years!

That'll Teach 'em!

And I'm talkin' about the RICH ones who FLY in too!

We'd soon find out if they were “Genuine” or not, or whether they were just after a better chunk of dirt-with-a-view with a Macca's and a New York style nightclub down the road!

I reckon, that those who struggle here by leaky boats, are far more Genuine than the majority who pan it in by plane, and would make far better Australians, with a far more Genuine want to give to their new homeland, and to learn the Wisdoms and Ways of the Wisest of all - Our Aborigines!

I guess it's just coincidence that the mainstream Aussie media, the OFFSHORE Murdoch-type white-supremacist media moguls, make SENSATIONS of a few desperate non-white blighters in a wonky old fishing boat who paddle hard to get here, while they - Murdoch and white supremacist - RACISTS - make no mention of the 95-plus percent of asylum seekers who luft it in from some less SENSATIONAL nation?

What percentage of them are WHITE, Tony Abbott?

Surely, our shiny offshore-born PM Gillard, isn't a racist?


Corr?! It must be hard thinking wiff all those spinning doctors around ya? Not to mention those advertising cumpa knees???


Nationalise the Land, then whoever comes will be on an equal footing, as long as they PAY THE RENT.

(Still reckon one P. Garrett should shift over to the Greens.)

(O' course, in the perfect world, with a Greens/Labor coalition, the Greener of the Laborite MPs should be able to meld, with the Greens party, as they choose, without the ILO fitting them up for a fall. But it definitely AIN'T a perfect world, is it?)

Countryman bin Eartha
Outside, for lack of Justice in my own country!

Political Terrorism in Australia intensifies.


As the country of Australia nears the inevitable federal election, almost in proportion is the state-sponsored terrorism on the increase.

Over the last few years there have been many events which can be traced back to undue, inordinate and outright illegal pressure placed on the various candidates for office, whether we're talking Local Councils, State parliaments or the federal parliament in Canberra.

The deposition of the elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in June 2010, was a desperate move by the filthy rotten, the corrupt of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), whose HQ is in Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales (NSW), to assert their dominance of our nation.

Since the First Fleet in 1788, the NSW people have been subjected to terrorism by the illegitimate authorities, forcing them to surrender to the no-less-than-evil powers-that-be, based on the other side of the planet in Britain and Eurape.

From 1808, when John Macarthur fabricated events and crimes against the Governor, William Bligh, and thus, as Bligh was upholding some of the best laws known, Macarthur brought-on an uprising against the citizenry of the colony by throwing-out those laws, and implementing the old basis of all social corruption - private land laws allowing the wealthy to speculate on the availability of the land, therefore speculating on the ability of the people to secure a reasonable life, a crime-free life, NSW has been controlled, essentially by thugs.

From 1808, the state, still a colony, was run by the British military, who were the “policing” force in new colony.

The British military then, as now, were in the direct employ of the privately-owned British East India Company (BEIC), which, in the early 20th century rebranded itself as the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The BEIC, as far back as the 17th century, deployed British troops to basically, conquer the planet.

The Indian subcontinent, south-east Asia, China, and other regions and nations fell under the gun-power of the British forces from over three centuries ago.

Today's heroin trade, and the Afghani war are results of the trade and plunder efforts carried-out by the BEIC, IMF many years earlier.

But by 1808, with many obstacles to overcome, the new settlement in Sydney Australia was progressing, but somewhat chaoticly.

Land was on everyone;s mind, and every and any methods were employed to acquire possession of as much as anyone could.

Naturally, amongst such turmoil, in every position there were those who sought the same, and had the position to bend rules. John Macarthur, just one.

Documents are available showing the names and amount of acres each “worthy” person was granted in the 19th century. Thousands, free settler, soldier, and convict, won some very nice land, mainly only because they joined the game of lying their arses-off to cover crimes, to cover fundamental crimes of Land laws etc., and of Aboriginal genocide, and to support the illegal regime that was imposed once Governor Bligh was deposed.

Like the insane bases used in other lands, England for one, where a person could win hundreds of acres merely for having held the reins of the King's horse while he mounted, all manner of grants were issued to the many who were happy to do the bidding of the utterly malignant Sydney regime.

Mostly the way to win acreage in the first hundred years of the colony of New South Wales, was to do an evil upon some one or another, someone or another who disagreed with the dominant paradigm.

Therefore, hundreds-upon-hundreds of thousands of Aborigines were massacred.

As I wrote recently in a weblog post, Australia's principle building-block, upon which all other economic and cultural benefits were structured, was racism. But not only racism.
Genocide of the Australian Aborigine was the plan, and the illegal regime which took over the colony in 1808 drove that policy as far as they could.

Looking at the generally base, attitude, to raping of the land, to speculating on it for personal profit, to murder over it, and to the now endemic corruption and it's society-wide degradation of any personal or cultural Merit, and considering the ferocious denunciation of the Honorable attempts by our last Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, and others in his quite intelligent and praise-worthy teams, to make right, these laws, and to make honorable corrections to the corruptions and failings of the passed 202 years, it has become fearsomely clear that the corruption club, ex-John Macarthur's Rum Club from 1808, from Britain of an old and outdated age, still controls this nubile nation.

Such are the realities here. My efforts to do something good in our political arenas, are met with derision, mockery and outright evil, and not openly expressed by our states' Premiers and politicians, nor by the tyrannical political right wing parties of Liberal and the Nationals, nor by our foreign media, but by the locals wherever I travel.

After deciding last night to leave NSW once more, because I cannot live in such an abject, immoral and corrupt “state”, I found an old piece of the highway out of the state, and drove the 30 metres along it for the night.

It was off an isolated part of the bitumen road in the “Kyogle” Council, north of “Woodenbong”.

At about 8.00AM this morning a council or “road-contractor” ute pulled up on the highway (there are roadworks in progress for a number of kilometres both sides of the spot where I stopped), right at the entrance to the track, and sat there with motor running, them coughing an murmering just enough to ensure I knew they were stopped there, for about an hour.

There was no sound reason for them to stop right where they did, other than to terrorise me, as the neighbouring Lismore council's workers and police have for over a decade, wherever I retreated, retired to.

After making myself a coffee, and de-wasting, camping-down and preparing to leave, I heard the ute occupant answer a two-way radio call, and said “Right-oh!” then promptly drove off, down the highway.

A clear sign that their boss, at the other end of the radio, was deploying witchcraft to listen to my thoughts and manoeuvre his thugs to avoid a possible encounter.

Terrorism, and condoned and forced upon the likes of these council workers by no less than the NSW ALP government.

“The Firm” as they're known in the underworld of large-scale land speculation and general everything corruption.

But, as NSW has been subject to the worst methods of enforcing corrupt-nay-evil laws on the people for 202 years, the whole population of this errant state are nowadays only too happy to acquiesce to “doing evil”, and so I am plagued, night and day with the malignant expressions of deformed, mutant energies from the people of NSW.

Being the victim of witchcraft, by my own mother, her supposed Scottish aristocratic family the Sutherlands, my step-father's “Meredith” dynasty, descendants of the Tudor line of Kings of England and Wales, her Catholic convent nuns and higher clergy, to force me to play their false messiah, and since this farcical plan has been known about in the world of witches pretty-much since it's inception, which can be dated back some 120-plus years to the Theosophical Society in Oxford England, but since it was broadly told across Australia and the world by those who were witches themselves or who had reason of mind enough to know that any such plan, any such concept, any such conspiracy was not only false, but was in-fundament, evil, whole populations have made it their penchant to hunt me out, and haunt me wherever I travel.

Being as disgusted as I am by the people who have “befriended” me over my life, I now cannot tolerate them at all, and so refuse to re-enter their little world's of “here comes Max, let's play THIS game with him today! HEHEHEHEHAHAHAHA!”

So I am exiled by friend and enemy alike. Council worker, trucker, Biker, copper as well. And any child, as young as four years old, who is encouraged - but a child-puppet of adult puppets, none with the slightest Intellect active nor therefore any integrity - to masturbate themselves and open their “third eye” otherwise known as the “evil eye”, can thereafter cause havoc in another's mind and life, if they or their master, so choose.

Because of the whole horror which is my life, I refuse to go there, and play the same game. This because, having studied the Wisest texts and Scriptures from all corners of the world, for over twenty years, I have no doubt, that those who have not been initiated, as the Aborigine has always done, which means being taught the right way to think and to live from birth, they will only emit dark occult energy.

Clearly, if we look at the general, abject, utterly corrupt, and indeed malignant type of society which is New South Wales, from the honchos up in the capital, across the regions and councils, in the large land-owners, through the police, the clergy, the citizenry in general, we can see what results have come from the last 202 years of outright evil laws against Common access to Land, and from the enforcement of them by the darkest witchcraft.

Clearly also, it is that so many rich-kids from Britain, Eurape and other “first world classes”, flock here to buy-up the exquisite real state, whether along the NSW or Queensland coast, or even in the western outback of those politically rotten regions.

Local councils across the nation are deep in the most basic corruptions of the Land Laws, and are defended by the “bighouse” landowners keeping brutal and evil thugs, and the government thugs, the police, in their pay.

I know the NSW police are too proud to admit that they are wrong, or that their policies do not work, and I know that the police and governments of the other states would be on my side if they could be. But clearly there is so much tyranny and outright evil active in NSW and thus across the continent, that no-one can speak out about this foul political-economic and religious reality.

So, it's gonna rain, as I refuse to play ball, no matter that the whole population has been reduced, by the very same evil of “Catholicism, Judaism and Christianity in general” to forcing me to open my witch-eye and play Jesus, or Merlin, or indeed, Diablos.

I'm typing this piece while still in NSW, just south of the Queensland border. I can feel the NSW police and no doubt other interested parties here and in Britain, Rome etc, plying me with the bad magic.

My guess is that some of them, probably Sergeant Peter Ellis and Commander Bruce “Bluey” Lyons of Lismore station, want me to remain in NSW. Another guess is that they will force everyone to ply me with the magic so that I loose it and bash or try to bash someone.

As I am, I feel a powerful desire to kill.

But this has been occupying my Soul for years now, and as yet, I have not spilt anyone elses' blood, nor life.

Truly, while the tyrants cannot be honest with me, and cannot offer a genuine apology for what they have malignantly and ignorantly put me through, and then compensate me for 55 years of terrorism and slander, 'til I am now beyond possible recovery I DEFY.

“Lex Luther” I mean James Murdoch (son of Rupert Murdoch) has quite a debt to pay me also, what with his mentally ill scheming to twist my soul out of all proportion, and thus to conquer the world.

What a megalomaniacal idiot!

You made a very bad mistake Rupert Murdoch, appointing him to that post. He is totally unqualified to run such a powerful entity.

I DEFY! Little Jimmy Murdoch!

And as for the local councils............

I cannot guarantee that I will not be pushed to the point of injuring or killing someone, while this evil state-sponsored occult terrorism and it's pressure remains upon my will.

And won't the masses come down on me when I do!

“Barabas! Barabas!”

Fuck you whitey.......

….for the record.....

In political terms, and that arena's relationship to my exile and suffering, it is clear that the mainstream political parties have lost it totally, and that if the voters in Australia do not use their vote this year to send a clear and unambiguous message to the nation's and the world's economic and military hierarchies that, as President Barack Obama said last year “the big game is over”, and that we do not want any messiah to show-up and take over in a wave of rebranding by no less than the current global elite, a la the Sutherland family, the Tudor dynasty and their affiliates elsewhere in the upper-class world, then the future will be bleak indeed.

The future, on the witch's cards to end in mere years from now, is going to be on a very fast slope into the sewer, by all scientific accounts, if we do remain extant for more than years.

The singular reason why this will happen, is because the masses, are too disempowered by the tyrants, the totally insane tyrants, to break with the traditions of corruption.

In superlative words, I nevertheless say, that to remain as cowards with the old kings of Labor and Liberal and stay cowering in corruption, is to betray everything of the future, and so betraying all the children and youths and others of today and tomorrow.

The future will be possessed of struggle no doubt, but that struggle will appear as nothing, if the masses were to take the baton from the tired, old-school and old-money runners, and using their Collective Intelligence and Wisdom, vote in the Complete Package of REALPolitikal Reforms, by introducing PERIENNIAL Environmental Laws, PERIENNIAL Environmental Economics, and PERIENNIAL Environmental Lifestyles and Cultures.

This..., my “talent” of putting words together as above, is why the masters of the planet both want my Soul, for to play with to THEIR advantage, and want me dead, to stop me exposing them as utter, utter, utter nutters!

While the policing and government forces of Australia and Britain cannot openly and fully apologise to me for their terrorising me and for depriving me of any society or cultural life covering a period of 55 years -


Vote Green, or die.

Omaxa Countryman bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
GLOBAL Land, Tax, Cult, Drug & Work

NOTE: As I end this email, weblog post, I hear more locals coming near to another even more remote spot in the northern NSW forest, where I stopped for breakfast and to scribe this piece.

Again, I cannot guarantee that I will not employ violence against them if they deliberately, yet-o-so-innocently, come too close!

All things considered, it seems that something, from the occult realm, has people utterly terrified to force a more just regime here and overseas. We've all heard the rumours about “aliens” having invaded and taken over Hollywood-er-the world.

Perhaps so. The people who've tried to tell me this in the last ten years, have been believable and unbelievable.

I've never seen an alien, but do believe they would and could travel here from afar in their ethereal form, in their “ghost” form of the 4th dimension.

However, my investigations, limited and somewhat shallow as they have been, bring me to conclude that most of the “terrors” of ghosts and evil and aliens which Humans' witness, are but manifestations of and from the 4th dimension, and are made manifest by the errant minds of..., Humans.

It is for an accomplished witch, easy to hypnotise someone not aware of the occult, like most all Christians, to see whatever the witch can fabricate in the subtle mixture, from the subtle soup, of the 4th dimension.

Therefore aliens may very well be a fabrication of let's say, the Jews, to further terrorise the masses, and to maintain control of the economies of the world.

All of the Wisdom Traditions, from the old western world, across the middle regions to the far east, warn of the dangers, of the extreme dangers, of messing with the occult.

That the 20th century saw the most horrific use, turned wild, so abuse, of the occult, by the western elites, namely the Secret Societies of Britain and Eurape, shows all, that power corrupts........., and-on..... until the proponents themselves are absorbed by it, and eventually, go totally insane, leading to the terribly flawed choices of war and atomic weapons etc, that they produced and deployed last century.

The world's elites have too much to answer for. Their crimes date back centuries and cannot go unaccounted for.

To this they will, in their congenitally defected minds, react with the worst possible options, of war and/or severe economic downturns, whence they will deem it justified to implement ever more draconian laws and conditions upon the world's masses.

This will lead them to concede, wrongly, that many must fall that some may survive.

The premise may be correct, but without doubt, the global elites will take the wrong course of action.

If the premise is not correct, it will only be because the masses have finally, in the last minute to global midnight, realised their full potential, and, at risk of their own lives, marched-down the tyrannical regimes and pernicious laws and “traditions”. “Traditions” which, on a Human history scale of 24 hours, are but a few seconds old.

Clearly they are the product of a severely demented culture, ex-Rome, ex-Oxford, ex-Jerusalem.

“Lost sheep” indeed!

Ex-Canary Wharf!

Congratulations to the Government of Fiji for expelling the tyrannical media empire of MI Murdoch (Mentally Ill).


Perhaps once the Murdochs are faced with being global pariahs, for their insane and anti-intelligent media publications and broadcasts, will more Honorable moguls, preferably of Local Media, assert the Will of the People, and use their power to ensure government is Legal, Just, and based on the True Economic Foundation of Democratic Governance and Common Ownership of the Land.

Hohoho! Astrayliar!

Pathetic, gutless puppets.

...for the record.....

See you all in Hell!


Apologies to the Finer minds who receive this note!

Vote Green, or die.

Omaxa Countryman bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
GLOBAL Land, Tax, Cult, Drug & Work


What's a Lee to do?

Greens MP rejects Brown's resignation call
commenting on:

New South Wales Greens MP Lee Rhiannon has been found to have misused public funds.

A minor mistake to be sure.

The Green's Top Leaf, federal Senator Bob Brown asked her to resign from her NSW post, and she has said she would not.

I guess, with all the crap oozing for decades from the mainstream political parties, in both NSW and the federal arena, Lee's retort that the main parties are out to stymie the Greens, is accurate.

She knows this is the modus operandi she and the Greens will have to endure perpetually, and knows that any bitching within the Greens would be blown out of proportion by the enemy.

However, as they do, such minor news can, and perhaps should be played for all it's worth.

So, perhaps Lee Rhiannon and her advisers are playing the media game until the Greens have captured an increase in media attention.

But Greens know also that they are in foreign waters, shark-infested media-scrums swim and loiter all round, especially before such election events.

They and I recall well how the last Liberal/National government of Johnette Howard and coven slept nightly with the media and each day had a new sensation to exaggerate about.

Often, events did not actually happen (“Children overboard”?), but were brought into people's awareness, and played with, through fiction, until, because it made the media, the mainstream media, even while most voters knew how corrupt both politicians and media were, “scandals” were almost automatically accepted as fact.

Illegitimate governments have climbed into the leaders chair for eons through this illegal method.

It is the modus operandi for all modern politicians, and the New South Welsh “State game” centred in MacQuarie Street Sydney, is the centre of “spin operations” for most of the nation.

It would be dangerous to think that, no matter how naughty Ms Rhiannon was, she could win in a media-grab.

Also, while I think Bob Brown is more of a Democrat, than an autocrat, so would not assert his will here, he has asked her to step down.

I'd assume his thinking was to avoid that old media-bomb “the scandal”, knowing a scandal doesn't have to have happened for it to bring down politicians and governments.

Ex-PM Kevin Rudd fell by the same game.

Australia can thank “Foxtel's” Murdoch senior and junior for that travesty.

It does seem practical for Lee to step away from the shit-pit of NSW politrix.

She surely would then be able to concentrate more on the priority of being elected to the federal Senate.

I guess the question also goes to the future for the Greens in the NSW parliament?

NSW has an election in 2011, so I guess she would see the need to groom a Greens candidate to replace her?

From my outlaw outsider and out of grog perspective, a forward-looking Greens party would eventually march for dissolution of Australia's state parliaments.

The evidence and Science cannot be ignored. States, as we know them, are defunct. Lame ducks. Anachronisms, seed-beds for corruption and, we don't need them anymore.

That doesn't mean to forget them and just ignore their prognostications. Not while the “Rum Club” of the totally disreputable Sydney mafia still breathe.

So there has to be a strong representation, especially in NSW by those who are not a part of the “game” of NSW and Australian mainstream politrix, to do as the dying “Democrats” sought to do, and “keep the bastards honest!”

So, that's my thinks.

Another way, to deconstruct the error-laden state parliaments, would be to make a nationwide drive to increase Greens presence in Local Councils.

They, Local Councils as we've known them, too, are largely out of date, and entrenched corruption thrives in them as well.

But they are, nevertheless, dramatically closer to the people, and are places where the Locals can, without having to be born into the upclub classes and private schools, without having to win a course in hypnotism, called “a law degree”, can attend, learn the processes and partake.

Besides, Local Councils accord fully with the fundamentals in political and governmental science.

Logical. Approachable. Understandable. Accessible. Etc.

An increase across the nation's local councils, of Greens' representation, is almost a done thing, what with the general call for a greener world, et al.

With a right-minded “Greener” Local Council, existing under corrected federal management, there would come control of the resources of the region, control of which industries and cultural growth develop, the “quality” of education for the future generations would be closer to the Wisdom of a Sustainable Culture.

And there would best come the nationwide call to dissolve the middle-tier of state governments.

On education..., Today's western education is about as poor quality as we could get.

Do not be fooled to think that a high-priced “college” or private education is high quality.

In terms of the REAL needs each child must access to grow into a Wise, Mature and Healthy Adult, our schools and universities are utter disasters, and there is not one mainstream political party who is anywhere NEAR making these centuries-old educational flaws right.

The Human society in general has descended far below the point where we can correct our failings.

Monarchies and bitch-house parliaments are the expression of that in the arena of social management, and are the lowest level therein.

So too, it is with our educational system.

Standards are important, across nations and the globe. But they need be very few, and common.

Local needs, more relevant in building more sustainable societies, for youths, at the level that they learn at, at school, vary from region to region, mainly in terms of agrarianism or agri-culture.

So Local Schools, released from the farcical national curricula, can focus the classes around what Local kids can learn to be able to stay in the area.

But that's another book.......

Knowing the depth of the bullshit and debauchery that keeps the NSW parliament afloat, were I a person, I'd tell Ms Rhiannon to forget the NSW houses altogether.

But she would out-debate me on that one, I suspect.


Opinion Pollster poll - UPDATE


After one week since sending an email requesting answers to my selection of questions from our opinion pollsters, and receiving TWO responses from one pollster, Gallup, it was clear that they'd say anything and were generally not interested.

So, thus far, I haven't gone further on this little survey.

“....the list of questions I have put together may well be outside any parameters of those a large organisation would be prepared to answer.”

May well be......

So, thanks to the two respondents from the Gallup polling company, one Eric Nielsen (STRAnge?) and Julie, who telephoned me.

A renegade reporter like meself, ain't never gonna get far with these multinational types, what wiff no cult chur!

Stepping back from the main game of our federal election follies, to just watching, NOT via “Sky news”, refusing to accept any baton, waiting for the polity, the general publics' conscience (“Con” + “Science”!!) to speak, whenever the election is called, not relying on any of our politicians or parties to save the world, I'll be interested to see just how successful the last attempt by the global cabal inc., was, at destroying The Greens ascent?

What is probably of greater significance, and import, was that after Gillard assumed the PM's chair, voter preference for the Opposition, according to the devil of our opinion pollsters, stayed about the same, at an all time low.

Greens, in one poll, fell by about half, and Labor regained about the same, which says something.

But, damn this addiction to polls (ah! Murdoch's got us dancing on the end of his needle!), a poll from today tells us the Greens are zooming back UP the charts!

With a week or so to absorb the events in Canberra, and via the news links from Canberra to London and back to our little screens, I'm inclined to sum-up the turmoil by saying that most everyone watching Canberra and Rudd's demise, knew that the global arseholes in the Murdoch media camp, and campaigns were behind that moment.

This says heaps about how corrupt and out-of-our-hands this media-politic charade we know as political elections are. Whether they've ALWAYS been this bad, I can't say, but, with age, one draws closer to that being the right assumption.

Somewhere years ago, I learned a trick about how to expose tyranny.

The first thing you need is a decoy. A puppet who has very thick skin, and who is “tame” enough to not be swayed into throwing themselves in jail, by reacting to the culprits calculated taunts luring the decoy into committing a crime.

Then you release him/her to be played with by the cabal. It can take decades, and even centuries to bring-out all the psycho-pathologies and flaws and outright deranged thinking and behaviour by the tyrants, but eventually, they will be exposed.

Something of this nature was played-out last week. But rather than the highly-strung property-speculating Catholic church being stripped naked, the global cabal's media network was unclothed, to some degree.

From where I comment, James Murdoch and his pathological network of wannabe megalomaniacs in the “Sky News” channel, were seen to be right behind the ALP leadership upset, and were manipulating the opinion-polls, newspapers, internet online news and the television news services to their gleeful and psychotic delight.

It was no coincidence that in one media Q&A, the new Prime Minister Julia Gillard gracefully-yet-ruthlessly took the Sky news anchor “David Spears” by the nose and lowered it - him - into a bucket of shit, by saying, after he'd asked a question about calling the election, (Gillard, pointing back to the other side of the “media scrum”) “.... yes, we'll get back to the boys in a minute...”

Subtle, and some might say it was nothing.

So..., our PM is prepared to air her disgust at what put her into the PM's chair, or better, at WHO put her up there - Sky news - and the Murdoch cabal, with subtle mockery, but clearly, at this pre-election point, is restricted from taking it further.

One wondered, upon suggestion, that Rudd's ousting had similarities to the infamous “Dismissal” of Gough Whitlam and his ALP government in the late 1970s. I was stoned as a coot in London at that time, knew nothing at all about politics, and so it meant nothing to me when I heard. Thus I can't say.

Were we not sitting on an election, much more may have been said by our politicians and by some of our media, even though it does seem that all Integrity and fearlessness has GAWN from those bunkers these years?

I have the feeling that Murdoch and cabal, including the mining corps, banks et al, have in place a standing threat hanging over the heads of all of Australia's parliamentary and media and political and civil service members, which basically says that any attempt to move Australia away from being a colony in-essence, of Britain and Eurape, will incite all-and-every manner of subversion, skulduggery, defamation, insinuation, allegation and charges against the proponents of such reforms.

I have the feeling that this was exactly what the Murdoch cabal did when they manipulated opinion polls and the reactionary media through the weeks leading up to the disruptions in the ALP, and to the intended goal of removing Kevin Rudd.

In collusion, of course, with the Liberal/National Opposition parties.

While most watchers have known forever that the media, the “fourth estate”, has power enough to ignite world wars, and to set anyone against their own government, the recent events, where our (private, cult-backed, capitalist, offshore voicebox for the global land-and-resources-grabbing cabal of white-fella) media so manipulated everyone, that the ALP had no choice but to enact a “circuit-breaker” by pushing Gillard to do as she did, served well to expose the tyranny we have suffered and endured for 150 years at least from foreign power-brokers.

Investigations may never find any Murdoch fingerprints, but more than ever will know that they - Rupert and James Murdoch - were going beyond the call of duty, and beyond any jurisprudence which may apply to them or to the media, and beyond all ethical and legal boundaries by so brazenly causing undue chaos and turmoil within our political processes.

It has been clear to myself for quite a while, though not for as long as most all witches, that the powers-that-be, including the cabal of and behind the global media consortia of the Murdoch dynasty, have deemed it their right to deploy the occult powers to “win” their little game of “...who can be the most paranoid for excessive power”.

Thus, as was played out in June 2010, the psychic fingerprints of one James Murdoch were all over the faces of his sycophantic reporters - David Spears, Ashley Gillen and their other political anchor - and the totally unethical affair of causing mayhem in our federal parliament.

This and other related media sensations, are undoubtedly connected to the wider paranoia that exists inside the global cabal who depend on Australia giving-up her resources - and real estate, for next to nothing.

The “mining tax” and other reforms, even the long-quietened “National Land Tax” recommended by the Henry Tax Review, were really frightening the upclubsters of the world, from Israel to Hong Kong, from Melbourne to Moscow, and so their little “mental bovver boyz”, juniors with no sense of caution nor genuine political wisdom, the “journalists and reporters and scare-mongers” inside the megalithic Murdoch media conglomerate, were unleashed from their little desks.

And what fun they had! Share markets were jittery! States were shaky! Media was in a frenzy! And the ALP was catatonic!

And their inhouse puppet, Tony Abbott, just followed his offshore instructions and said “Ah? The Prime Minister has got to go!”

I expect he now regards that as one of his “triumphs”?

“The coalition experienced no lift in it's popularity according to the latest opinion poll.”

While the Greens, are back!

All in all, a classic case of “...power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts - absolutely...”

And..., boiling all the psychic and psychological game-playing by these self-deluded “masters of the world”, James Murdoch and the like, it becomes permanently exposed that his kind of speed-brain uptop of the pile, who lord it in the fanciest penthouses and learjet lifestyles from Canary Wharf et al, are in fact the most mentally ill.

Psycho-pathologically permanently, even genetically insane.

From other investigations of similar ridiculously wealthy and powerful families and dynasties, the same symptoms resulting from inbreeding and mutated gene-codes appear and seem to take over their minds.


Mega low, mania.

Kind of sums up free market (Zionist) capitalism, doesn't it?

What I might hope reads from this e-ssay, is that the Australian voter, this election year, has been exposed to the dark side of our political farce, through the eagerness and idiocy of the offshore powers, in the Murdoch cabal, before it was too late to cast their vote.

Most subversion to such as our political processes, have been kept as deep secrets from the voters, and usually for some ludicrous 30 years, before they can be told.

This event in late June 2010, where our Prime Minister was illegally and subversively removed from his appointed/elected position, by foreign, unfriendly political forces, exposes their game-plan, whether the ALP or the Lib/Nats are in.

It also, perhaps for the first real time, with the Greens rising as a genuine, “up-to-speed” political contender, has told the voters that we have an option to the brutal and terribly-destructive old-kings models of government, as we've endured since federation. (Since 1808!)

Certainly, Australia is but a very little player on this globe, thus far, and the forces of wealth are well-advanced in the game of power.

But it cannot be denied, that the forces of Simple and Pure Justice, which preside in the hearts of by far the majority of non-white Humans, have shown the larger percentage of the planet's population just how sick those who are born into wealth-endless-wealth are, and that their delusions of winning the “race race”, to the point where the totally deluded Cecil Rhodes asserted the planet belonged to the white skins, at the terminal expense of non-whites, are but as dust, blown away with the morning breeze of the New Day.

Maybe my channels for superlatives is open, and I'm flying-in unrealistic dreams?

But maybe the 2010 Australian federal election will take the wizz out of the heads of the likes of James Murdoch and his “Lex Luther” imaginary megalomaniacal shadow?

Maybe SOMEONE will manage to put in process the inquiry into the “Rudd deposition”, and the offshore medias' hand in it, and maybe..., Australia will find a majority of other nations willing to support us in breaking away from our cruel and thieving landlords, to the point where we waste no more hot air and time in becoming a Republic?

But succeeding over the megabucks poured into the right wing advertising consortia, who are so adamantly against giving yer average Aussie affordable housing and everyone on Earth an easier time, actually simply takes your vote!

We have to expect some sensation or another before election day, engineered by media or the churches, because, as I said, the uptop clubsters of Easy Street, clubsters who all had their minds and hearts and souls adulterated by one of the devilish churchs, are freaking-out that their lazy, selfish speculative and wholly unethical lifestyles will be tapered-down should the Greens and their more Honorable approach to life, win enough seats.

They care not at all about the overall benefits positive land and tax reforms DO bring society. So why care about them?

Once the Greens are given the clear and ongoing signal from the voters, then they will be confident to move forward, even just setting the scene for the larger more effective economic reforms.

Reforms, it must be said, that an Honorable Kevin Rudd, as elected Prime Minister, went to the chopping-block advocating.

Senator Bob Brown is far from being a megalomaniac (and I don't think Rudd was either), and seems always to prefer consensus. I think he, like the Wise, will move only so far as the Demos, the People, will allow him or ask him. So it is important that Australians do not forget about the changes we want after the election, and don't fall back into leaving it all to the polies.

Positive, legal, economic reforms will need daily approval from the punters, which may mean well-organised demonstrations and “sit-ins” et al, around and at key locations. With ongoing “out-there” on the street support, subversive media is strained from throwing it's barrages of propaganda onto the TV screens, and through opinion polls.

While it's impossible, but nevertheless recommended, all of us should refuse to answer opinion poll questions. Whether they're from government or private companies, or even from “think-tanks” and Universities, we cannot be certain of their independence, nor their desired results.

In fact, there should be a moratorium on opinion pollsters asking questions and publishing them prior to elections. I say this knowing it goes against my own intuition, and probably against Democracy.

Of course, they can start a war in a bathtub if they really choose to, and so street presence, through demonstrations and marches, are just as vulnerable to the stirrers.

But, with numbers, who are standing beside each other, and who are not fragmented off into their own little castles, to switch-off or be side-tracked by - global media inc - where they have no one to discuss these news items with, on the street, they/we are stronger than a rich psychopath with his hi-tech joystick in his hands.

However, the best way to fuck a movement, is to introduce too many key issues.

Most know my preferences, but perhaps they are not so vital?

Choose the key policies, and reforms - Legal and Economic - and learn all there is to know about them, and about their opposites. Then, stick with them.

If they are correct, they will not conflict with policies from another arena, but instead, will fall together like lovers.

“Loose lips, sink ships” is an old defence line in war, so ensure spokesfolk know their stuff, and don't confuse or complicate statements.

In shaking-up the old order, as we many might like to do this year, it's known that some rather narrow line has to be adopted across the party, as it were.

Dogma? Surely Greens are “post-dogma” and are as well all highly Intelligent, so need fear no gaffs, or wrong statements.

The still-rising Peter Garrett knows how easy it can be to blow it? And he's a Green!?

But he was lured into a very dogma-tight party.

Another failing waiting to happen, is when a group thinks they cannot lose, or that they are so-so-so-so right, that they can't blow it, no matter what they say.

Frankly, as most of us here in Australia, are unfettered egomaniacs, and as the smallest few not only DO twice-daily “Silent Mind” Meditation, but take the calm with them into the warzone, and, AND actually achieve higher inner heights through Meditation and allied ritual practices, all groups are mainly membered by loose-lips, who mostly cannot be trusted to impart the accurate and wholly positive line from their group.

That's why we learn to tell lies, and why groups and parties have “dogma”, for members to learn, so they can recite it or drop back into it in outside conversations.

So, for the Greens to keep rising, so increases the need to be wary of friendly questions, because in this cult-ravaged age, spies are everywhere, and with the psychotic determination of such as the Christian Brothers, et al, to keep their own large cult in credit and in the real estate market, they will send hoards of friendly little private school morons into the festival, to either catch some stoner out, or to start a riot.

Just ahead of their school mates who work in hohohooo.... media!

For some reason...., I just feel sure that no media hype can stop the Greens now, and thus, the Australian Republic, dissolving the states, and land and tax reform of the most delightful kind?

And...., perhaps we CAN save the wee-pottermouse, and a few whales as well?

And a rahrahrah, to wee-Jimmy!

Countryman bin Eartha
Outlaw, for
GLOBAL Land, Tax, Cult, Housing, Drug & Work