Australian REALPolitik Celebrates It's 90th Birthday!


Australian REALPolitik Celebrates It's 90th Birthday!

Ah? The Conundrum?

This week I serfed the 'net for names, with descriptions, of as many 'Gods' Humanity has held that high.

30 so far. I expect the list will grow with time.

Slightly ironic, maybe, considering I have recently become an Atheist?

Why 'gods' then?

Ah! Grasshopper! These things are Known to those who seek with a Sincere Heart!

Several of the descriptions attached to the 'hallowed' names, strongly infer, to a sharp eye and open mind, that most all 'gods' are Elevated Human Beings who have excelled in their Principle Work, of Purifying themselves, enough to have 'lived-on' beyond this 3-dimensional world.

'Transcendence', as the Maharishi would say.

But also, because, having spent a couple of decades regarding this notion, of an Higher incorporeal Being, with the Highest Respect, even though I now cannot subscribe to the notion of the Big Fella in the sky, who actively watches over everything, and at-once is within all things, living and otherwise, I maintain my Respect for those who, Intelligently and Wisely Humble themselves to a Greater Creator.

More so if the Tenets that Fella recommends Humans adhere to, are to my mind, the Wisest and most Honorable, and guide people with Good Advice through the darkness of life on Earth.

Also, I Respect any God which..., who.., Inspires their Followers to Seek Knowledge, and to live Truthfully and without fear of Speaking the Facts, about the Laws of Life.

In my first 4 decades, I was steered away from inquiring into the occult, by a witch, as-it-happens. My Catholic mum.

For much of my life I was led to be suspicious of her, and the way she spoke to and treated me. I did have some hazy idea of the secret powers etc., but, as she had a powerful grip on my mind, and on which direction I sought to take my thoughts, I was always taken off in other directions.

In an effort to find some relief from the mysterious ghost in my system, I took to real-fast motorcycle riding, alcohol, drugs and unconsciousness as often as possible.

But after almost 5 decades, things began to coalesce, and I saw there was much more going on behind my back, and behind my eyes, than I knew.


Even now, I'm kept blind in those regards, and realms, for a few reasons, so know very little about that fully-fluid world of improportions.

But I do know that people can live-beyond the bodily life, and that, deluded or not, they can climb up, at least in the minds of those they hypnotised while still in their body, to a higher level.

I expect most who open their witches-eye desire to become powerful witch-gods, and become fanatical about 'gathering' other Souls into their own little coven, who will adore them and treat them as if they were god.

But, I also expect that only a very small percentage of them make it to any lasting level, worthy of the respect of other people, and that most who try, end in failure, and possibly before they die, go insane.

It's may also be that those who try but fail, fail because they were never near 'clean' of mind enough to Qualify for a status commanding the respect of others.

It seems, that in the world of witchcraft, 'councils' of Elders and perhaps Wise Souls do have phenomenal powers, and are able to see into the hearts and minds of all living Humans, and so, can see whether a person is Pure of mind or not, in that the person is or is not fanatical about power over others, or hungry for some higher status in the world, and/or, in the afterlife.

So.., I am prepared to believe that these councils of transcended Humans are guardians over the Earth, or sections of the world where their followers live, and while Wise, they can also be, because they have to be, ruthless, and will not hesitate to condemn anyone who seeks for higher position than they are Qualified to hold.

No doubt, a trip to Hell for the overly-egotistical is one way the councillors punish transgressors.

Also, I find Merit in Atheism, because I have no time for people who as they say, 'build idols' representing god, and today, most religions go to irrational and unconscionable extents to fabricate something representing god, whether it's stories, or buildings or images of one deity or another.

It seems correct, that if a person really, sincerely holds to the Tenets of a Wise god, they don't even need other people to chat about It with, nor do they need material images or even structures to revere as a 'house of god', as opposed to the rest of the country, where god is allegedly not so present.

If the Creator god exists, It/He/She is everywhere, so everywhere, aside from places which have been cursed or occupied by dark beliefs and practices and malice, is underpinned by god, or the initial 'spark of life' which might be god, therefore everywhere should be revered and treated with the same total Respect. The same applies to all beings.

(While I accept the existence of other beings, of other life-forms of higher and lower 'realms', and that some of them are not friendly, let's say, there does seem to be a lot of evidence to suggest that evil is made manifest by endarkened Human minds, minds cursed to reject any search for higher, selfless Knowledge and Wisdom.)

So.., with what damage has been caused to the Natural World, by so many religions' followers, something totally disrespectful and irreligious has been behind their motivation.

So it does not take much to see that a warped system of belief has been behind the carnage, therefore the god those who commit the crimes 'obey' or believe in cannot be regarded as a Good God, Holy or in fact 'god-like'.

Indeed, I know that most of the destruction that's done the damage to now, has been done by hypnotised slaves of foolish and dark masters. Masters who either claim to be followers of the 'one true god' or who claim to be gods themselves.

This seems to have been the way of things for the followers of the western Hebrew and Christian belief systems, and puts in doubt any assertions of their gods' status.

More so, when we see that a huge amount of damage to the environment has been sanctified by such cults' high priests, 'in the name of god'!

So..., HA! To these god beings, if followers' minds are full of exaggerated and untrue stories and myths and dogma which lie outright about witchcraft, and which covertly abuse witchcraft upon unknowing victims, to bolster the cult's numbers or resource-base!

That, to me, is 'blaspheming against the Holy Spirit' as one of the Prophets is said to have said, therefore those who do that, '...shall never be forgiven...!'

So, it probably isn't necessary to be an Atheist to be a Communist, and there's always the danger that one is simply replacing the god concept with another graven image, belief and/or doctrine.

But if the doctrine goes to the fundamental issues which underpin our lives on Earth, issues which fall fully upon the Economic Facts, and fully upon the Laws which remain perennially, about how we have to live on and with the Earth, and with those Doctrines' Facts, stands against tyrannical delusions and false propaganda about being born to live selfish, unsustainable lives over-and-above the rest, then that Belief system is godlike, and deserves the Greatest Respect.

So.., since perhaps my earliest introduction to this concept called 'Communism', possibly while drunking with a raving Commie, the Righteous Colin MacDonald, brother of my sister-in-law, Mavis, the best friend of my brother, in a pub on the Bendigo-Eaglehawk road with “British” in it's name I think, there has for me, been a simple and clear Wisdom and Common Sense in the Concept of Communism.

That I was steered into an abyss or 2 during my adult life, then looked into all the known religions for some sort 'peace-of-mind' and of 'family' or Brotherhood or such, and after years studying Philosophy, with Raja Meditation, with Profound Guidance from Hindu Scripture Et Al, surrendered to something we might regard as god, has never led me away from the Purity of what I deduced, or was led to deduce, as Communism.

Also, it really doesn't take a super-smart brain to figure out that this warped economic structure called 'capitalism', makes monsters of all of us, forces all of us to be unholy criminals, and ruins everything it touches, everything fundamental to a sustainable personal and Communal life, and, the further one goes in investigating the veracity of the 'free market' etc., the more we can see that it is not possessed of any godliness at all.

Unless god is evil!

So I was chuffed this morning when on the news, an article mentioned the Australian Communist Party, and that today is it's 90th Birthday!

Now, afore yee go-off tirading about how evil 'Communism' is, and that I'm deluded, check the hexes inside your mind!

Also, the Communism I believe in, has not been represented in any nation in the last 220-plus years, so slanging me for believing in what transpired in the USSR after 1918 or so, is a waste of time.

I say 220 years, because Australia was, before the white invasion, 1, a most Spiritual Land, occupied by the most Religious, Reverential People, and 2, who were so Wise, and completely free of utterly corrupt and indeed insane rulers that they had for millennia Attained to and held to the most Pure Communism.

With what the Earth faces today, apparently at least one fifth of all living beings face extinction, a trashed environment, more insane people than ever, all of which are on an unstoppable increase in number, it's clear what the culprits are - religion and capitalism!

And what kind off hypnotic 'blind' covers the think-tank of people who cannot deduce that the most ruthless, most destructive capitalist corporations make their extreme profits by using the very same economic system which makes Communism the most logical way for a People to survive and prosper - 'economies of scale'!?

Besides, what ruler, or ruling class, would so divide all of their people into the smallest possible domestic cells, purely so the rulers can extract the most resources and income and saving from the peoples, keeping the vast majority in poverty and slavery?

Christian capitalists?

Wake-up, whitey!

Communism Rules! OK!!!

Well.. methinks IT SHOULD RULE, ok!

With the pending economic and environmental, therefore sustainable food supply crisis roaring down the atomic-clock at us, the Wisest Peoples will be those who Stand Fearlessly for the Complete Reformation of our social, economic and environmental customs, beliefs, systems of management and government, as well as how we Revere whichever god we find Worthy of our Dedication.

Communism Rules! OK!!!

Is it coincidence that I scribe this on the morning of the Washington USA day where a large Throng of fed-up Wise People of America are gathering to put out the Call to Restore Sanity?

Maybe god made it so?

Now, to jump online to confirm that it IS the 90th Birthday of the ACP!



The Mighty! The Holy! The Perennial CPA!

(Never mind that it folded for a few years!)

Wonder if my membership still stands...?

Maybe..., Honorable Communers! these are Your Times...!

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



Is any 'New Day' of politics possible?


Joe Bageant, a United States self-admitted 'redneck', was interviewed on ABC Radio National about a month ago, and it was re-aired last Friday on 'Big Ideas'.

The best chat on USA politics ever aired on Australian radio, I reckon! Having heard every show ever broadcast!

I.., was brung-up to become a strong supporter of Australia's allegedly left-wing Labor Party, but, climbing the near-vertical learning-curve over some 25 years of an interest in politics, now I find it very hard to support either of the 'traditional' sides of today's political circus.

As many Australians are tiring of the mainstream political rhetoric, because we are, believe-it-or-not, smart enough to figure out that most of it, if-not-ALL-of-it, is spin, political alternatives have begun to steal the limelight.

Independents and the Greens appear to lead federal and state favour this week/month/year/election-cycle.

From what I've learned, I reckon it's not before time.

But how much can we-the-people be sure they can do what needs, in my considered opinion, to be done?

How long before they are corrupted by the ever-threatening multinational corporate machine-men?

Watching NSW politrix, it seems there may be a fundamental shift there also, amazing as it may sound, with a newish body of Independents showing signs of becoming a powerful block in the NSW parliament.

The Greens, according to a poll released today, have almost doubled in popularity to some 19% in NSW, which cannot be ignored by any political house or faction there anymore, while the NSW Labor party government has sky-dived to some 23%, it's lowest in NSW history.

It's clear that a growing number of New South Welsh are over the main players in the game, and, with the federal Greens and Independents stomping the traditional two-party hegemony in Canberra, the states are heading for changes never seen in Astrayliar.

However, while I now throw my heavy support behind the Greens, nationally and, of course, being, as I once, for a short period, labelled myself and my online commentaries 'The BIG Opinion', my Advocacy extends globally, to all-and-any who recognise that the Earth is more important than any individual or political party's self-interest.

However, in Australia's political caverns, corruption has been the order of the day since the first British marines climbed over the First Fleet's gunwales, hard as the better of them tried, to set-up an Honorable system.

Therefore, as records show, wherever some have cornered power enough to instil some rectitude, the demented have been awoken by their boss, the Devil, to go about undermining all attempts at Integrity in government, and in any organisation AND individual who sought an active life in politics.

Both main parties essentially grew and maintained their power through back-room deals, most of which not quite legal.

So with the current ALP at it's lowest in NSW history, I cannot for a second believe that their henchmen and conspirators are so beaten that they will not try to subvert the new day's threats somehow.

And with the Liberal/Nationals being mainly from the upper class, they have been able to afford a 'squeeky-clean' persona, perhaps because they have almost always owned the hierarchy in the military, and have made it their business, for centuries, to gain ownership and a firm grip on the media, so nothing, well..., next to nothing that exposes their fundamentally corrupt tenure becomes a public, or political issue.

We watch the day's political folly in Canberra, and see the federal Opposition smurking day-in-day-out, with such confidence which, to me, belies their belief that THEY really run the nation, and are so far above the throng that they are invincible. It feels like they still run on the old kings' theorem that they were born to rule, and it will always be this way.

Since their ancestors, the monarchs of Britain and Eurape, did run nations, building up their own personal wealth so high that nothing the masses tried could unseat them, because always, there would be some desperate and hungry bunch of street fighters, or military people ready to take the silver to do-down any democratic threat, today's political upper class have ignored the concerns of the masses.

Anything is possible to them, and so they have always done-over those who tried for a better world for the many.

So, while we here, and I think in a rising number of countries, the traditional 2-party structures appear to be crumbling, what instruments do we-the-people have to monitor and ensure that subversion doesn't undermine these new day Independents, and the Greens?

The beliefs of the so-called 'ruling class' are so deeply ingrained into the heads of their political puppets, who excel in lying to the voters about their concerns for the majority, that they have no real thoughts of their own, and are permanently set on 'automatic' when it comes to planning their political career and future.

But they are not so stupefied that they ignore threats to their power, and a major part of all their politicking, and campaigning and preparations, is about undermining the enemy, whether the other side of the offshore power coin, or Unions, or any rising movement, be it Greens, Independents or other-class mob with interests in evening-up the playing field.

This has been known by a large chunk of adults, especially in Australia, for a long period, which is why a lot of us do not take our politics seriously, and is also one reason, I suggest, why so many of us are off to the footy or rugby, or any sport, on weekends.

Classic escapism. Not that I denigrate people who enjoy watching sport. I used to.

But, with the global surge in evidence that our culture is killing the environment, and that it may even screw us in mere decades, many are being scared into taking a fresh look at politics. Not to the point where we are all rushing to join one of the newer 'sides' such as the Greens, but there is clearly a change in voting preferences, away from the staid 2-party warmongers.

This year's Australian federal election seemed to me to have been an enormous fabrication, where votes were rigged, bought, threatened into fruition or so manipulated in the media, in each party, and in our supposed authorities like the Australian Electoral Commission, the AEC, a government bureau which is charged with organising voting stations, polling booths, vote cards, etc, and with the monitoring of each and every booth and vote counted.

As too many political outcomes here and abroad, have seemed to follow my own commentaries and expectations, wishes and predictions, the last Australian federal election, to my mind a deeply 'questionable' event and outcome, nevertheless, resulted the way I both 'felt' it would, and as best as I could divine, or deduce, resulted near-as, as best as we could have asked for.

This does not mean I am possessed of the power to divine the future, but is most likely a situation where I am the puppet of those who want to and can, fabricate events so much that I appear to be messianic in nature.

Being possessed of almost no self-confidence, self-esteem, or reason to be self-congratulatory, this leaves me with but one option, which is to DEFY their attempts at forming my Soul around their myths, and has me feel utter despair in regard to politics and whatever Scientific Evidence exists about how government of the planet should be, and could be.

I find it dangerous and impossible to believe that any Progressive political shift toward an environmentally sustainable culture, which harmoniously combines modern technology with the need to preserve and promote increases of natural habitats and biodiversity, is possible, because that concept is alien, and the very enemy of the upper classes lifestyle and culture.

So no matter what the political powers say, from here forward, they will always be doing something to undermine Nature and thus our ability, globally, to live beyond a few more generations.


Pretty depressing stuff, methinks.

The 1st century Hebrew Prophet is said to have said “forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do!”

As I've interpreted that, he was, in modern English, saying “forgive them Lord, for they are deeply hypnotised!”

And if he spoke that some 2,000 years ago, while possibly referring just to the peoples living in and around the Levant, or the Middle-East, but the Romans were very much in his face, and in his thoughts, so he was as likely referring to them as well, therefore the meaning of his words goes to most all of ancient Romans and their belief systems, then the same was more than likely correctly applied to everyone who had been subdued by Rome's expansionist, colonialist, empire-building spread.

It seems to have taken some centuries before Rome had the impetus to force their agenda and false beliefs on such-as the local, Nativist Witches, Cults, Tribes and Peoples of Eurape and Britain, and subdue them and their culture, and kill any stubborn, perhaps Righteous Dissenters, but they eventually effectively silenced them.

After that, most of the early 'western' peoples were roped-in to attending the Christian churches, and to have themselves and their newborn 'baptised'.

How many of them knew they were being hypnotised at the baptismal and from the pulpit, is anybody's guess, but they were.

Right across the most militarised and expansionist nations ever seen, the people were sent lower and deeper into a common trance. They were also seduced and bought-off, with material comforts and wealth - materialism - mainly to keep them silent and docile about the tyranny which Rome was spreading, and was using their sweat and blood to spread further, until now, they, in the guise of the likes of the British empire or 'commonwealth' (HA!), and the colonies of the other 'Christianised' nations of Eurape, and the major economic powers and organisations like the World Bank and the IMF, etc etc., have the whole world effectively powerless to resist or to reform the old kings' power bases and endemic corruption.

So, getting back to the aloof political-class snobs of Canberra and Sinny, watching them through that lens, of centuries of hypnotism, they appear very much to be mindless puppets, giggling their way along, waiting for the time when their masters, unseen masters somewhere in the nation, planet or universe, say they can retire and spend the rest of their lives dancing and giggling around the world on a nice-little superannuated pension.

So, how can any voter be certain that as each new group, independent or party, no matter how pro-environment they are, rockets up the popularity ladder, they are not already, or will in future, be a fabrication of the bigbigREALLYbig global or Cosmic powers?

There is no way of knowing.....

However, the only thing Humanity is left to hope for - while, yes, hope is something of a naïve dreamer's delusion - is that the world is taken, before the environment implodes and buries so many of us that none of the benefits of our times and era remain, up the road of Good Laws which counter the damage and carnage our ways are doing, and educates enough of us to know how we really have to live.

It does not matter whether we are all under the hexes of Rome and Hebrew witchcraft, if they manage to orchestrate the whole planet's 'politics' and thus economics and culture, etc., according to laws and customs which are not corrupted.

I have NO faith that this will eventuate.

However, I firmly believe that a person's Honor and Integrity are the most important 'things' for the upward progress of their Soul.

So, whether all is lost or not, we are Wisest and, will later be the Strongest, I believe, if we continue, against all upper-class self-interest, to instil in our systems of government, thus in our Communities, the Best Economic, so the Best Environmental laws and policies.

What's more, there does exist, knowledge about how to most peacefully manage the world and ourselves.

It has been buried, by the idiots of the 'born-to-rule' class, and they've started world wars in their attempts to keep it away from the masses.

But now, it has been resurrected by an HUGE Army of Righteous, Wise and Humble Warriors, globally, so successfully against the spoiled rotten tyrant-class, that here in Australia it was heard of in the federal parliament.

The Henry Tax Review, as commissioned by the ALP government last year, 2009, went right to the kernel of the whole local, national and global debate we call politics, when the Good Doctor Ken Henry did his Maths and his Economic Science, with the Able, Righteous Assistance of many an Economic Warrior, concluded and included in the Review, that the nation should have a Common, nationwide Land Tax, for government revenue.

So, Cosmic and global powers pulling levers or not, THE Test for us everywhere, will be in seeing the apparent 'New Day' political Greens and Independents dissolving the anachronistic old kings models of corruption, to give voters those Scientific Economic Laws of the Land.

If the new 'Greens'-type powers in our and other nation's governments do not bring this about, we will know all is lost, and that the powers-that-be are unavoidably corrupt and thus, evil.

Liberal, Nationals, Labor, British Labour, Liberal-Democrats, Tory, US Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, ILO, IMF, Communist, Islamist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Chinese, North or South Korean, African, Et Al...., Et Al.......

If so..., LOOK OUT!

Better get used to living with next to nothing, because the only option is for the carnage to increase and reach right down everyone's throats.

However, I think that the current 'new kids, on the political block', of Greens and Independents, would lead us to a more Honest and Just world, but can, only if they are given our Popular Mandate to do it.

And considering the weight of the old kings' idiot-brigades of the 'born-to-rulers', the New Kids will have to be able to claim a very big majority in public support, and not just in Australia, even though the Greens are roaring in in Victoria and NSW as they near their state elections.

The Shift, the biggest shift the world has seen, and needs, has to be Global, so that small nations like Australia know they are supported by the rest of the world. Or at least enough of the world to make the powers-that-be put down their sherry and sit-up, and Listen.

This doesn't mean Aussies should wait for the rest to catch-up to us, with our current increase in voter opinion-poll trends toward the Greens.

While one of our biggest traits is our cynicism and scepticism, mainly, deployed against Optimism and Good Ideas, which destroys hope and the chance to Progress, the same cynicism and scepticism can be employed for the betterment, with a few hexes dispelled and with a bit of Knowledge.

The adage, 'a little knowledge is dangerous', might have run it's course, because, it may be that such a belief destroys our natural tendency to thirst for more knowledge, so keeps us as dumb as the upper class want us to be.

Surely, 'a little knowledge' approached with a clear, Rightminded head, can inspire us to reach for a little bit MORE knowledge, and so-on.

Because we are lost if we sit waiting for someone else to do our work. To gain knowledge we need to ensure a better life.

'The Knowledge is OUT THERE!'

And however we've been enabled to learn it, we of the modern world(s) also have the most power to make the Changes we all need in how we are governed etc.

What's more! Learning the Facts, knowing they empower us and make everyone's lot better, is extremely fucking enjoyable.

Pursuing that in life, leaves escapist pastimes of sport, drugs, sexual extremes, power, weapons, magic, etc etc., all, far below what we are all capable of.

Whether we are all doomed or not.

Die with Wisdom, Intelligence and Honor, Dudes! Quaff the Knowledge, and the Eternal Harem of Bliss awaits you.

And the Equivalent for the Goils....!

Otherwise, I'll bomb the crap out of all of ya'! Ponse AND Pauper.


So..., the Mutha Eartha, our only planet says....,

Vote Green, OR DIE!

And Salutations to ABC Radio National's 'Big Ideas' and America's Joe Bageant, for the most Forthright and Enlightened 50 minute discussion I've heard on American politics!

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



Telstra and Skype e-ssay follow-up...


Telstra and Skype e-ssay follow-up.




It just occurred to me that writing about the virtues of the cheap internet telephone service provided by Skype, as I did today on my previous article, overlooks the cost of using the internet, when we, I at least, connect to the 'net through my Telstra Bigpond wireless-broadband stick?

The user, of Skype, still has to pay something for the Telstra, or other company connection.

Of course, for one crunched by numbers, like meself, doing my maths and calculating how much I'd be paying to Telstra each time I make a telephone call through Skype, is impossible.

And putting that question to Telstra would bring any answer full of a confusion of figures which are guaranteed, if-not designed, to leave me even more confroozzed!

But, perhaps optimistically, I reckon it might still be cheaper, especially cheaper, than mobile call costs, which is my only alternative.......

So I'm ssssslllloooowwwww.......

But I might still be close to correct about the points in the previous e-ssay post?

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and


Telstra will have to cut jobs.


Telstra will have to cut jobs.

Years ago I heard about the extra-cheap internet telephone service called 'Skype', and when I finally got a laptop and wireless broadband, subscribed.

It is a very good service, at an extremely good price!

And a HOORAY! To that, many say!

The only I have reservations about Skype, is that it is owned and based in Eurape's Luxembourg.

Nothing too much against that Fiefdom, more just that there appears to NOT be an equivalent company and service in Australia.

Surely there are no barriers for someone in Australia, preferably a government-funded company, to start here, outside of the tyrannical subvert-subvert-subvert mentality of.... THE IMF?

Nevertheless, it struck me months ago that telcos such as Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone et al, cannot possibly maintain their businesses and ruthless profiteering (Telstra???) with such legitimate and economical internet telephonic companies available as alternatives to the corporate-based 'rip-'em-off-when-and-wherever-we-can' telephony models, if cheap, online telephony pathways, such as Skype, Aussie-owned or not, grow in popularity?

So, having just read the headline “Telstra to axe 950 jobs” (http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/10/28/3050716.htm), Telstra and the likes, cannot hope to retain their share of the telephony market, and so will have to cut jobs.

Reading the news article, which said Telstra will be slimming-down for a more efficient decision and management system, etc., with some 6,000 jobs cut over the next 3 years, perhaps the Telstra war-office has been reading tea-leaves, as well as noticing already, a significant and expected-growth in customers deserting it for the Skype internet model?

If Skype IS having already an effect on Telstra, it will be the same across all telcos.

If so, are we witnessing the demise and death of those profit-centred, and not-very-customer/user-friendly services?

For the fact that they, Telstra, in years passed, have been infiltrated, undermined and illegally used by more than just Australia's 'secret services', and through their demonic behaviour have drained me of a lot of money, I hope so!

And..., I'm CERTAIN, many many, many many other Australians will concur!

Such illegal interferences and monitoring of people's private and business affairs is only ever brought about because the monitors are paid and commissioned to keep tabs on those of us, Outlaws, who rail AGAINST the dominant corruption, as run by the 'new world order' of OFFSHORE scumbags who thrive and profit from corruption.

Were the world NOT a den of super-rich thieves, who the vast majority are forced to serve, and the world was possessed of some sanity, run by Wise Elders and not the ruthless rich, we would not need secret services who work more for big oil, big pharma, big real estate, big weapons, etc etc etc.

But that's me running off at the keyboard AGAIN!!

ALAS! A new disease!

Keyboardhititis! Where a sufferer cannot stop hitting the keys like a fanatic!

Nevertheless, back to telephony....

As I writ above.... Surely there are no barriers for someone, preferably a government-funded company, to start here (in Astrayliar)?

It would not appear, from this tree-hugger's outpost, to be beyond a small group of Aussie Geeks, Nurds, and an AUSTRALIAN media mogul, to configure the technology, software and business-plan, for AN AUSTRALIAN OWNED cheap internet telephone service.

That no-one here has yet, shows how fucking lazy and un-entrepreneurial we are.

Do we thank the NSW (IMF) rum club(s) for this tragic and unAustralian state-of-affairs?


Perhaps this idea, along with most business ventures and beginnings, belongs to the federal government to put out tenders for?

Telstra, to-be-sure, would die jumping-up-and-down against government doing so, but since the tyrannical Howard government sold Telstra down-the-shithole, to the demons of offshore thieves, Telstra has been slowly dying anyway.

Like it's share-price, shares flogged to gullible, if-not-Patriotic Aussie investors!

Good on yer John!

And on...., technology and all-things-internet....?

It seems to me to be almost conspiratorial (Nah! NE-VAH!!!), that the vast majority of computer and software specialists, nurds, geeks, techies, etc., get their 'in' to that field of making an easy squillion, and thus to having the unfair advantage over the majority, mainly from government schools, in being able to sell, service, maintain and update computer and electronic equipment hardware and soft, through the private church school cabal?

This is about as democratic and egalitarian as our steeply lopsided agriculture, or FARMING industry, where the whole nation is as-much, held-to-ransom by the 3-or-so% of us who are farmers!

(AND THE LATEST NEWS IS, we have become a nation which IMPORTS more food than we EXPORT!!!)


(Argh! The virtues of CRAPITALISM!!!)

The 'specialist imbalance' is great for the lucky ones whose parents slogged away in real estate or such, selling the farm and all integrity to afford to put their babies through an upclub, 'brudderbond-type' private church school, but as with farming, the imbalance grows way out of proportion and we are left with the majority (unable to grow their own tucker, and) in technology, unable to fix most-often the simplest of problems of our ever-increasing dependence on electronicalismssssz.

Our waste repositories, the rubbish tips, are as a consequence, overflowing with electronic junk, most of which is classified as junk because one teensie-weensie little component has blown.

NOTHING to do with it being DESIGNED to blow after a very short lifespan?



In an Intelligent Community, there'd be at least a few home-handifolk, no more than a short walk away, with the insight and knowhow to fix 90%-PLUS of the electronic stuff of the neighbours, when it puffs smoke, or just won't boot-up.

As it is, if one's camcorder, computer, TV-toaster-washing machine-coffee-maker-CD-player, or mobile phoney laughs at you, the item has to be sent to some far-away service centre, always in your nearest major city, and usually planted nowhere near public transport.

The cost to the consumer in time, transportation, fuel, deprivation of something to lose-yourself-in, REPAIRS, and the always there extra-expenses, really does have a part to play in making all of us more inefficient, frustrated, and ready to explode in the next traffic jam.

Argh! The virtues of CRAPITALISM!

Thanks, your friendly 'new world disorder'!

Then, once you've lost it and bashed the wife, kids, neighbour, pizza-boy and anyone else within range, the psyche-services OH! SSSSSpecialists trained in OH! Some clubby, secretive and fundamentally evil private church school, are on your doorstep saying “we're here to help you!”


Just the same as the covens who fund and support our farmers (HAHAHAHAHA!!!) specialist industries and slavish concepts of 'a job' etcetcetcetc!?

So..., were the federal government on the ball, they'd get a head-start in technology, electronic communications and equipment by introducing across all GOVERNMENT Schools, courses from early years, in electronics and allied fields, teaching kids how to maintain and employ their modern equipment for fun and an income.

And..., they'd do well to put a bit aside for an inquiry into tomorrow's telephony needs and growth, away from the rude, profiteering telco corporate models.

'Old kings models' of keeping the masses poor by dumbing-down education.

This, internet telephone pathway, as-it-happens, would seem to support the ALP/Greens government's 'National Broadband Network' NBN.

But, oooh? We're a bit too soft, to ware THAT! Aye, Tiny Habit and Malturn the Bull?

'Argh? HELLO!'

'Oh..., @#$%^&*! It's dropped-out-jammed-shit-itself-fried-a-circuit AGAIN!!!?'

Ummm..., it's the SWITCH we need.

As the internet has just gone real slow, I guess it has to be said, that nothing in this piece, nor in my thinks-cabinet, really has anything against Telstra, (ASIO? That's another matter!) It is merely pointing out the inevitable, in terms of the direction telephony is going.

I suppose it would be kinda sad that Telstra and the other services could crash due to new technology, but hey! That's Life-on-the-wire!

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



Intervention to stop the intervention!


Having roared, perhaps more than I should have, about the maltreatment born minute-by-minute by our Immortals, the Australian Aborigines in the months leading-up to the 2010 federal election, and over those months, driving from Victoria, through South Australia to Darwin, back and across to and through Queensland to the haunt of northern NSW, all-the-while pursued by unbelievably demonic witches, white middle-and-upper class witches, I left the issue of Aborigine Rights, Sovereignty etc aside.

A particularly unsettling view came upon me as I drove through the NT, of the racism running rampant there.

It is very fortunate for the Bleck Fellas of Astrayliar, that they did not have the Wisdom of their 'skin ties' extended family system stolen from them along with every other thing, because that, I'd suggest, is what saved them since white's invaded.

If a person, is deprived of everything that is theirs, in terms of material assets or belongings, such as... ummm... OH! THEIR LAND...., it is enormously hard to keep one's head up, and keep-on-keeping-on, as they say.

Across Astrayliar, too many Aborigines have also been deprived of the Strength of Family, which is one reason why so many of them have not been able to develop themselves as they should have.

But, I think, I think, that the Common bond between them so long a part of their very Being, instilled by the Tribal Law and Wisdom down the millennia and generations helped those deprived of close family, to endure, such that, they can find solace and security when they meet in the towns.

However, travelling the nation and reading and listening to the various tales and reports over a couple of decades, it's clear that too many Bleck-skinned Fellas, male and female, have had to survive without the warmth of any Traditional Aborigine Culture and Family, because, from the earliest days of white invasion, massacre after massacre and forced separation of families left them in white custody, yet on-the-outer, due simply to their darker “half-caste” or less, skin color.

Australia is still extremely racist, and singularly because of skin.

Culture does come into it, however, it is NOT that Aborigine Culture is 'primitive' or 'retarded' as white racists would, to their mates, suggest.

In fact, the bigotry of whites against Aborigines is really because the white culture is primitive. The dominant white culture exists only because the whiteskins were fighting each other over there in YouRAPE over unreasonable disputes, for so long that the 'northern culture' became based almost wholly on war.

Christianity is a belief system which has developed purely to excuse the murderers of their crimes with 'forgiveness' and notions of 'guilt' etc.

With thousands of years of war twisting Eurapean culture into being deeply and ruthlessly competitive, technology was ever-on-the-improve. So eventually, they would meld together and become a threat to all other cultures, mindless of the damage, wide and deep they were doing to everything.

But this means nothing when it comes to fighting, because fighting does not mean just 'to the death'. Fighting means also, knowing when to STOP.

Because, as the world is witness to, too much warring ends with everyone's defeat. Culture, Clan and Country end up in the grave, which can hardly be claimed as a victory.

Australia has been built on both racism, and on warring, so our methods and systems of government, which should be a simple plan or Law of managing the Mob, are twisted by competition and dispute into being ongoing arguments and indecision.

No doubt events and new ideas, in such as technology applied to matters cultural, social or economic force the need for changes in some laws of national management, but, most of these and interferences to the business of government only become unsettling because the initial structure was or has been corrupted beforehand.

Australia began with Good Legal Bases, but the whole affair was upturned in the 1808 rum rebellion, and we have never recovered.

As the rum rebellion occurred in Sinny, er Syd-ney..., and has been viciously clung-to by our military megalos since, transpiring across into state - colonial - and local government, then after 1901 into the federal arena-cum-shitfight, we still seem enamoured of doing it the 'way it's always been dunnnn!'



The thing that's of greater import, is that it has killed the country, as well as most of the True Fellas and their Culture, and this cultural murder - MASSACRE - remains centred in O HELLO! New South Wales.

Perhaps, if not now, in the first tenth of the 21st century, certainly down the track 5, 10 perhaps 20 years from now, we will all be grateful that SOME of Australia's Precious, the Bleck Fellas, and their Culture survived.

As the staid Eurapean models of exhausting resources and arable land etc, wear-out, and of bashing everyone else to a pulp, we will be forced to gain a knowledge of how to 'live-off-the-land' as the Aborigine has always known.

Not that that is necessarily the preferred option, but if things like the global international trade-dependent economy does take the BIG dive, never to recover, living off the land will come in very very handy, methinks!

And where can any of we who survive turn for the Wisdom and clever-fella tricks of survival, but to the Bleck Fellas. At least those who kept the links back to the Traditional ways, or who bothered and managed to retrace their and/or their families steps to the Wise ways.

However, assuming, in the most positive scenario, we do not totally kill all the better sides of whiteys delusion, and the present culture survives beyond fifty years or so, we still will all have a responsibility to get together and work to improve ourselves and our Country.

A responsibility most of us have failed miserably to perform, without doubt, which is precisely why the nation is really, in a pretty disgusting condition.

But sure, most of us have left the evil game of politics to those with the power to silence the opposition, simply because most of us have at least enough savvy to know they are utter utter utter scumbags, and that it's better to leave them to destroy each other, rather than total our own as well.

Perhaps the perfect example in Australia, the perfect storm maybe, is the New South Wales rum club, of the ALP right-faction.

They, in this farcical business of old kings models of government and covert civil war, have managed to reduce any notion of proper governance to the sewerpipes, where we are all washed - yet putridly unclean - away.

But, slowly it has dawned on my mushroom mind, that much of the tyranny of NSW has itself been the fight against very evil right-wing foreign forces, mainly the old British East India Company, rebranded about 100 years ago, as the International Monetary Fund - IMF.

As with old Eurape, once fighting within itself, tribal Kings against tribal Kings against cult Popes against Princes against Queens and all manner of other queers, Barons and Chancellors, etc., NSW's and Australia's opposing entities, represented for many decades by the antecedents of today's Labor and Liberal parties, soon enough were drawn into the same barrel, under the overarching offshore control of the melded Brit-Eurapean power-brokers of the IMF and the International Labor Organisation, the ILO.

So today, in especially Sinny, we have two apparent parties constantly at war with each other, (not forgetting the forgettable National party), in state parliament, in constant contention for the leadership seats to steer all of NSW in the race to the bottom.

We-ell...! Aren't THEY a CLEVER bunch?


I think I saw something saying there are 151 days to the NSW state election. About 5 months.

With the rats of the rum club jumping Labor's ship faster than they could race up a drainpipe, pre-their certain 2011 election obliteration, I expect Labor is praying, all goowee-ed Catholics as are they are, that the 'new blood' will save them?

Hohohoho, and a hohohoho - HO!

I do think that Sinny's Labor has aborted itself with it's utterly reprehensible behaviour of the last 2 years, 2 decades, 2 CENTURIES. So methinks “...nothing will save them....”

But, as said, they are but one side of the same IMF/ILO, OFFSHORE coin, with the 'conservative' me-first Liberal/National smileys the other.

Which claims the head, and which deserves the tail, is open to dispute.

So, as has been suggested in today's media, and something near to what I predicted soon after the federal Independents' gave federal government to the Labor-Greens Co-op, expressions by some current NSW Inde's, have been made about a post 2011 state election informal, I guess, club of NSW Independents coming on mixed-race chargers to save the state from falling right off the radar.

I don't suggest there, with “mixed-race” that they have plans of Aboriginal candidates.

However, that IS what I want to explore and encourage, especially in the old whore of NEW SOUTH FAILS.

222 years after the invasion, horror upon horror waging genocide against these Immortals, they are STILL HERE, and slowly-slowly, some proportion enough of the Honorable Bleck Fella have made it through the mesh to even be accepted into the mainstream of white Astrayliarn society.

Yeah, and “All Strength to their thighs and footy-foot” (“FEET” as most of them are likely ambidextrous), a lot of them climbed the ladder of white respect through sport. And.., another craw in MY foot, that has mostly been through the private church schools, who 'select' potentials, showering them with favor and opportunities most Bleck Fellas don't even bother dreaming about.

Along with the sporty ones, others quietly go through the system and some of them make it through university, with degrees and such after.


But most from the outer Cosmos of the Bleck Fella, know that means not a lot in terms of getting savvy about survival in whitearselandenenen, but that it helps a lot, for making a dent in the general well-being of the Land's Rightful Owners, in the longer term.

As NSW is in some tenuous situation, regarding the state of it's parliament, I reckon it's about time for a few Aborigines to get the Tribe together and sort out a few Candidates for the next NSW election.

With the old kings' models of OVER THERE fast waning, exposed as passed their use-by date, and known to be a serious threat to life on Earth if they are allowed to remain uncontested, surely, what with the progress in and by the Aborigines here, I KNOW there's more than a few of them with more than 'the Goods' to stand for election in their electorates.

I guess, the only thing is that they most all know the game in Sinny is all a load of moomba (?), so want nothing to do with the big game in MacQuarrie Street.

And, going it alone, already somewhat behind the eight-ball, would be extremely difficult for Aborigines in NSW, I feel sure.

But, as I have suggested over the last year or two, Aborigines DO have Natural Allies in the whiteskin world, in the Greens.

I know that underneath, there are several 'issues' getting in the way, which possibly float around that undeniable, unresolved issue of Land Rights, because a lot of Greens are from the upper classes who won their economic status through that dirty business of land speculation, upon which Sinny has grown since MacArthur's first assault on January 26th 1808, on Governor Bligh's most Proper Land and Revenue Laws.

However, as the old regimes may be beginning to faulter, those of us, Green, Bleck (and Red), who consider the well being of their kids and future generations beyond the next mortgage and private school-fee payment, might be inspired, if not to encourage potential Bleck Fellas to join force with the Greens, then perhaps they can 'Group-up' and put-in with the couple of NSW political Alternatives, be they Greens or Independents?

Rural NSW seems to me, to NOT be overly advanced in terms of race-relations, but time keeps moving, as do those old stereotypes of racism and the unwarranted bigotry which has consumed too much of all our minds, hearts and Souls.

Trying to eradicate racism in NSW, and any other state, is a near impossible dream, especially while we are snowed under by the demented attitudes clung to by the bigger farmers, and those who depend on their favour just to keep food on the table, as it were, and inclusion in their local community.

I can fully understand how rotten the thought must be, of being shunned by your mates at your local pub etc., in the bush, because you have thought about these shithouse, unjust race issues, and thus would say something for a more tolerant and even Just society, especially along land rights lines and the right for the Bleck Owners to occupy THEIR land? At least perhaps run a farm?

Exile by your own friends out there can make suicide the only option, if that region is all you've ever known.

But, I think we all know that these bad cultural attitudes are forced on all by the deeply and terminally corrupt state governments. Governments and parliaments which are on the decline.

This, therefore, opens the way for a change for the better.

Without change, things and society stagnate, and nobody ends winners.

So, as the 'intervention' in the Northern Territory remains, and officially is only in the NT, we all know something of the same racism against a Wise and Beautiful People exists across the Land.

Most of us, perhaps more the younger members of Australian society, also know that the Bleck Fella is, if nothing else endowed with a brilliant sense of humour, and a whit quicker than most, and, that they do NOT lag in terms of Intellect, and Wisdom.

While the houses of parliament are dominated by white, essentially conservative representatives, so up-themselves the Bleck Issues don't even rate, nothing Good will happen out there on the rural streets and farmlands and in schools etc etc., for the whites of the future or the Blecks.

So, can I urge Aussies with a brain, to simply read-up a bit on the issues effecting both the rural districts, such as farming reforms away from the deadly broad-acre models, and cattle (luv-a-steak tho'!), and, at a stretch, consider co-operative farms, where a bunch of you knuckle down and nut-out a, some system where everyone is employed with healthy work, and secure in a house, one of 5, 10 or so on a piece of land owned by all of you.

Dream-on, aye!

Bank managers shudder at the thought of a Just land tenure structure, and the concept of Collective Ownership.

And councils seem stubbornly stuck on one family one farm models, mostly because once, the banks, offshore banks, controlled the traps and the military to enforce these unhealthy land distribution systems.

And they were represented in our parliaments by the politicians of either and both sides of the same British coin.

If Labor NSW crashes and burns to dust in 151 days, few in NSW will weep for them.

But, as far as the offshore tyrants in Buck Palace and Sutherland Shire in Scotland et al are concerned, it'll still be smooth sailing as usual here, if the current conservative Liberal/Nationals opposition resume the chair.

So, with some 5 months to go, it's time enough for NSW folk, White, Bleck, and in between, with hearts and minds, to resurrect the Souls they had to bury under utterly evil corrupt laws and traditions, and make a difference for the sake of all of us.

From what I see of Australia, SERIOUS change in Sinny, in politics and Aboriginal and Green Representation, not forgetting the SERIOUS NSW Independents, is the most effective way to get rid of the heinous and hugely in-the-end, insane bigotry of that Howardian racist 'intervention' in the Northern Territoreee!

Positive Corrections in Sinny will have the Greatest, most Positive 'flow-on effects' right around the Land, and well beyond a few election cycles.

All Praise The Immortals, The Australian Aborigine!

End, Take Two!


From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and


Countryzen's Morning Post, on Johnette Howhard on ABC's Q&A


As a leap upto being 'net-savvy, I'm gonna try converting the lay of each day's date to, as above, in the year/month/day order.

“You shouldn't sign-away your Soul just for money”. Unquote Professor Dave Mountain, on ABC RN Breakfast 07.58am.

What an amazing thing to hear from the mouth of an Australian, the eighth lowest nation in the world on the scale of being wasteful, materialistic, most over-consumptive, wealth-before-Integrity people on Earth!

But "Well Said" Professor, nevertheless, and nevermind your uni tenure contract...! and mortgage, and 3 negatively geared houses in realty heaven? (Joking sire!)

Protester throws shoe at Howard (http://www.abc.net.au/news/video/2010/10/26/3048059.htm)

“Former prime minister John Howard has dodged a pair of shoes thrown at him by an anti-war protester.”

Watching the little chappie on the ABC's online video replay, Howard DID NOT 'dodge' the shoes a Righteous audience member threw at him. From the side-view, he didn't even flinch.

A very minor correction from me, but minor or not, it is an example of the media's want, urge, attempt to sensationalise anything that might draw an audience.

Well Done! Young Fella Shoe Thrower, and a Right-On to your Lady Friend, too, who followed you out of the studio, telling Howhard that he has blood on his hands!

Not surprising that some of the audience shouted abuse at the couple. Further examples of the beggared, moral-free nature of the idiots who supported the little tyrant Johnette Howhard.

And where was Howhard's witch-wife Jeanette lurking during the program? Did anyone see her flying round the studio scaffold on her broom?

The following is dumped from the ABC online website item about the 'Q&A' Howard-publicity show last night:

'He also received a video question from former Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks, who asked him if he stood by his support of the system that saw Mr Hicks imprisoned for over five years.
Hicks not a hero
But as with many of his answers the former prime minister held firm on his actions regarding Mr Hicks.
"In relation to the military commissions, we put a lot of pressure on the Americans to accelerate the charges being brought against David Hicks, and I remind the people watching this program that David Hicks did plead guilty to a series of offences,"
he said.

MY COMMENT: Further evidence that David Hicks was, and as likely still is, an Honest Man, and also one who was/is able to weigh-up all the information/evidence/media reports etc, and conclude, correctly, that the trumped-up 'intelligence' propaganda against the Iraq of 2001/2/3 and against it's then-President Saddam Hussien, was wrong on WMDs, (as well as Iraq being implicated for the 9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon) and also that the USA GW Bush Administration was racist, anti-Islam and tyrannical. Guilty, no-less, of war crimes and crimes against Humanity.

Hicksie, in my opinion, showed then, before he was arrested and shipped to Guantanamo Bay, the Righteous Courage that by-far the majority of Australians, men and women, lack totally, and he showed he had the Integrity to put his Moral Courage and his Convictions before his own life.

Q&A: "David Hicks trained with Taliban” Howard prattled on, on Q&A, “David Hicks was associated with groups that were behaving in a manner that was completely opposed to the interests of this country, and the idea that we should see him as a hero is very misplaced."

MYCOMMENT: Without going too far, IF.., Hicksie's manner '…. was completely opposed to the interests of this country..' then perhaps it was because he saw with Honorable eyes, that Australia's interests are about as immoral as a nation's people could be.

A typical element of the farcical nature of these sensationalist media events, is that the questioner gets their 30 seconds or so, to put their point, but gets no chance to either debate the person they are asking, or to follow-up or criticise what they say. So the likes of Howhard are allowed to get unwarranted airtime putting, unchallenged, their perverted point of view. But no-one would dare suggest that he paid the ABC for the showtime to promote his book?

Hardly 'balanced media'?

However, Hicksie and a lot of us, KNOW that no matter what time and questions were given to his like for any 'expand-and-answer', eloquent bastards like Howhard excel in skirting around any facts in their answers, and make an art of wasting everyone's time with rhetorical 'Orwellian' bullshit.

If only, aye 'Shoe-Thrower', Howard's kind could see how sick, how mentally ill they are?

'He also defended his decision to send Australian troops into Afghanistan and Iraq, using the justification of weapons of mass destruction.
"It's all very well to sneer, but if you have evidence - material presented to you - indicating that those weapons do exist and you ignore that and subsequently they are used against you, then you have every right to be condemned as having neglected the interests of the country," he said.

The classic line abused by spies and their bureau chiefs... “it's all very well.... etc etc rahrahblah...”

Sure, it's very easy to criticise afterwards, from such as my little hollow, when leaders (HAHAHAHA!) make wrong decisions. Howhard has NEVER accepted responsibility for incorrect and inhumane policies, decisions or 'intel', as he passes-over here. As he was the nation's leader, thus was the leader of our 'intelligence services' (HAHAHAHA!), the responsibility falls on HIM to ensure that the operatives, and their sources were up to the task, and that they were capable of collecting FACTUAL info, evidence, 'intel' etc, in the first place.

This, and the crimes against Humanity that followed British PM Tony Blair's, US President George Bush's and Johnette Howhard's WRONG conclusions and decisions to invade Iraq, and the ongoing devastation of not just Iraq, but the whole region which has ensued, shows us that the intel services (MI6, the CIA, ASIO et al) were appallingly below the job they were/are employed to do.

But again, I say that something, back down the line, perhaps to where these superspies were employed, and by-whom, was deeply, even criminally, flawed.

As seems to be the way things work in these potential democracies of Britain, the USA and Astrayliar, 'the buck stops at the top'.

Therefore Blair, Bush and Howhard have to bear the brunt of being charged with failing to ensure their information/intelligence operatives were upto their assigned tasks.

A Proper Inquiry would go right through the decision-making processes, and put every person, every 'link' in the chain-of-command, from Bush and Blair, Howard, and the respective defence ministers and secretaries down through the military commanders, and all the consultancies, spin doctors and advice bureaus in the dock.

In light of the ongoing carnage and loss of life effecting the Middle-East since the invasion of 2003, the, any, Inquiry, must bring charges of 'crimes against Humanity', and whichever charges befit these blatant attempts at destroying the fabric of Iraq's way of life, and culture. Not to mention the clear attacks against Islam as much motivating the war as the totally immoral, because of our 'sinful' unsustainable western culture, invasion to get the oil.

Such undeniable points add weight to the Rectitude of the Righteous exposure last week, by WikiLeaks, of details about the war crimes our 'allied', ...not MY allies.., troops committed in Iraq.

If an Inquiry finds some of our Aussie troops guilty of war crimes, in actions which took the lives of innocent Iraqi civilians, men, women and children, would Howard and coven continue to assert that the convicted troops were acting in the interests of Australia. Would he, continue to abuse the 'unAustralian' word against the likes of Hicksie or WikiLeaks Director, for seeking to bring some Justice to the world?

Once upon a time, the people had allies against tyranny. But since the tyrant Howard and coven seem to have broken the Spirit of our Unions, we are left floating in fear and trepidation.

So, while David Hicks would shun 'Hero' labels, (the label I refrain from attaching to his name, as he prefers) it is clear to the clear-minded that he followed his conscience into life-threatening situations, and knowing he might be caught and imprisoned, as he was in Guantanamo, he was still prepared to do the Right Thing.

Something, we can be CERTAIN, Howard, Costello, Downer, Ruddock and the rest of the madmen of our government of the day, (and of course, the USA's Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, Britain's Blair, Campbell, et al), or any of us who voted for them, WOULD NEVER HAVE EVEN CONSIDERED, LET ALONE DONE!

Dr David Kelly, Britain's Ministry of Defence scientist and Iraqi weapons expert apparently suicided after releasing his report which concluded there were no Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

First, I have serious reservations, no matter what further inquiries tell us, about reports that he suicided.

Bureaus such as the British MoD are made-up of megalomaniacs with official escape clauses for any criminal behaviour, covering their evil activities, and today we all know the powers these mad bastards are only too hypnotically-ready to deploy against any who challenge their government's warmongering agendas.

Second, Kelly, if he did suicide, died Honorably, in the knowledge of what the pricks were set on doing to him, or his family, et al, once he released his evidence, yet he went ahead and sought to make it known that his government, and that of the USA and Australia, were psychotic bastards and that they should NOT invade Iraq.

Typical of the current global tyranny, of the 'new world order', to eliminate the Honorable.

So it may be right to conclude that no evidence would have stopped the oil-hungry western elites from invading and plundering the oil-rich Middle-East.

Therefore, the only conclusion any Honorable person could make is to oppose the west, whatever the consequences to themselves.

More than any of our so-called 'politicians' have the Courage to admit, Hicksie will always be regarded by many many Aussies and others, as a Righteous and Humble Hero, who acted not-at-all against Australia, but for the Greater Good, no matter which creed, color or nationality they are.

Such Behaviour, is unquestionably in the interests of Australia and her people, beggared and terminally corrupt though they are.

Q&A: "I will continue to defend, as I extensively do in my book, the original decision on the basis it was taken."

On the issue of asylum seekers, Mr Howard denied his policy was racist, after an audience member said at the time of the 2001 election she had felt ashamed to be Australian.

"If you have a capacity to take a fixed number of refugees a year... and if people come here in an irregular way and they knock out of the refugee intake a place that would otherwise go to somebody that has waited patiently for their turn, don't you think that's a tad unfair on the people who have waited patiently?" he said.

MY COMMENT: As with all of the Howard regime's policies, it's all about pandering to their upclub, upper-crust, upemselves rich mates, Astrayliars and from offshore, who can afford, or, whose daddies can afford, to have them both stay living in some semblance of comfort in their 'afflicted' homelands - each nation has an elite who can live where they damn-well like - and without being terrorised by their governments, can slide into this realtor's paradise down-under via an upclub airline, or perhaps even a P&O cruise-liner!

But, seeing as “Reason”, “Honor”, “Integrity” and “a fair go” for the underprivileged, have evaporated today, in a haze of magic potions and over-confident bullshit, in media, on the streets, in our parliaments and religions, the crude credo of today is that NO-ONE gets a fair go anymore.

'SPECIALLY, if'n you're NOT completely ready to sell your Soul and your Principles for a Jewish or Catholic contract with the offshore banking and real estate devils.

'He also delivered a critique of the state of federal politics since the 2007 election, maintaining Kevin Rudd would have won the last election with a full majority.

MY COMMENT: Howard is playing his typically tyrannical divide-divide-divide card here. A sick little man, indeed.

PM Gillard did not want to do what she did when she called on Rudd and deposed him. But she and her cabinet saw that they desperately needed a 'circuit-breaker' against the torrent of Murdoch media slime pre-election, which, with Tiny Habit's pathetic slander, was aiming at the man, and not the policies.

As it was, Kevin Rudd might have won, but not by any margin Howard suggested.

But Mr Howard said Mr Rudd's decision to delay an emissions trading scheme was his biggest mistake, as "the most important thing to do as a leader is to stick to what you believe in".
"The worst mistake Kevin Rudd ever made was to go to water on the emissions trading system," he said.

MY COMMENT: Here we go again! Howard says it's best for a leader to stick with what they believe in.
I put it that Rudd was not so faithfully-blind that he would do such a thing, if the Scientific Evidence showed otherwise.

There were errors in the ETS, such as, as I put in those months, the ETS avoided including the agricultural sector's contribution to pollution, and that the agri-sector, our overly influential upclub farmers, have to make SERIOUS changes to their methods to reduce the HUGE amount of pollution they emit.

If Kevin Rudd saw flaws in the proposed ETS, and that it was less-then-effective in achieving what it was designed to achieve, then Rudd was Correct to 'pull-it'.

That, to my mind, shows more Integrity in him and in his leadership than any of Howard's delusional attitudes to leadership.

“Going to water...” was in fact Rudd's Honorable and Humble readiness to acquiesce to the Facts, which as Howard and Tiny Habit will never know, is how best to govern.

'While saying it was too early to pass judgement on Julia Gillard's performance as Prime Minister, he commended Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as a Liberal hero, and the only person fit to lead the Coalition to the next Federal election.
"I think the Liberal Party would be mad to have anybody else... I think Tony Abbott has earnt the right to lead the party without challenge to the next election."


And a HAHAHA! Supported unusually, by a poll released today, I think by Newspoll, of Murdoch's upclubsters, which showed that Tiny Habit has a “better leader than Gillard” approval rating of 30-something percent, against her 52-or-so % rating as more preferred than the Habit.

Further proof, OOP? I'm believing a Murdoch opinion poll...?!?!?

Well, with the polled gap between Habit and Gillard evidently so wide, at least some strong support for the reality that Howard is and always was, a seriously stupid and deluded little person.

If not “a divisive little cunt”....? unquote, several politicians dating back 30 years, from Labor AND Liberal Parties.....

END Take One.......


From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



The Trouble with Free Speech!


The trouble with 'free speech', is that we get maddies like me voicing opinions which are NOT always supported by FACTS!

Free speech in our fraudulent free market ensures that the ones with the most money get the loudest broadcasting rights, as-it-were.

So, for good or ill, right or wrong, we end up with people like today's clearly psychotic players, owning the most pervasive media houses, empires and global cabals, making their pile from spreading bullshit (VERY profitable, is 'bullshit', say what Rupert and wee Jimmie?), NOT supported by genuine evidence, science, knowledge and O-NO! Wisdom.

Of course free speech and the free market (NOT!) are very awkward conundrums.

Whenever one brave Soul makes the effort to get to the bottom of a social or cultural, political and today, an environmental problem, someone else is always there, waiting, as-if in the ether, ready to appear as if A MIRACLE, and stick their nose in to denounce the brave one's evidence, etc.

Usually, the objectionist voices are filtered out from the majority, who aren't possessed of the eloquence and rhetorical, debating skills to hold their own, or the subversive's, in an argument.

Usually in-the-end, the 'voice' everyone gets to hear, has been trained in a private school, so comes equipped with bags-full of all the tricks and 'charisma' the churches have honed over centuries, to make their ideas sound Wise and True.

By the time any lobby group, consultancy, corporate agenda-setters and professional multinational subversives gets their opinions on air, the minor issue of Talking True, talking facts, has been pushed far into the background, drowned by the verbose garbage such as we hear pouring from the mouths of our most professional bullshit artists in the federal and state parliaments.

With 'sperters like our federal drOpposition mouthing-off against ANY government policy or Bill just to noise-us so we know they're there, the government are forced down to the same level of rhetorical spin, to suit the media cartels and their IMF and Jewish mining magnates' agendas.

And ANY Humble, Honest-thus-Honorable admission by government that there is an error in some aspect of policy, that needs to be AND CAN BE economically fixed, only wins maximum media SENSATIONALISM and howling dog woofwoof from the drOppo's on the other side of the drink's cabinet!

GREAT media though!

Expressly juvenile Tony Abbott!

Malcolm Turnbull!

Jockey Ho!


And of course, the medium through which they get into the average punters' minds and therefore voting and spend-spend-spending trends, the media, excel in keeping the FACTS well out of the argument, once the media boss's puppy editors have been over the text, and twisted the FACTS round, upside-over-in-and-backward just as the board room want to read-hear-watch it.

A lot more than 'echoes' of Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth', to-be-sure, maytes!

So any Merit in those concepts of 'freedom of speech', and the 'free market' is itself diluted and turned upside-over-in-and-backward, and is at-once the first thing the tyrants who own the media presses, transmission frequency allocation, and broadcasting technology run to, edited to their banker's suit, when someone brings the issue of the Veracity of one opinion or another out into... 'the open'.

BRAVO! WikiLeaks!

Such realities indict our societies as being wholly corrupted and quite possibly on an irreversible downward slopetrend, into the devil's shithole.

Some........................., would say that we are already there?

Listening, for lack of a motorbike to tinker-with and ride into the sunset, to our media, and the horror movies of on-the-hour-news, and, perhaps with at least a little bit of Intellect, enough to discern between falsity and fact, I am utterly digUSTed at the subterranean lack of quality, of reason, level of fictions and enormously WRONG, essentially self-centred opinions which are broadcast gushing forth from mouths of absolute idiots, who are obviously genetically debilitated, (fetal-alchoholics?) thus unable to think, process information, evidence, facts, knowledge and the sum-total results.

And worse, these are not lone voices champing-at-the-bit for being hard-done-by (like mememe!), or who have good reason to bitch about giving the genuinely hard-done-by a 'fair go' (once something integral in being an Aussie! CLEARLY, that was also a myth!), these mouths of unreason shout from within whole communities who think and spew the same crap!

Argh! The blessings of 'free speech'!

It is evident, beyond doubt, that Australia has already made it down the chute to the Devil's shithole, if these mentally ill (mentally evil) imbeciles and those who profit from letting them speak-shout-terrorise our minds with shit, are so loud and pervading as to stymie egalitarian, compassionate and even Wise government policies and attempts to ease the burden of life-on-the-downward-slope!

So the same slander - libel - is applied by my keyboard, (NOT ME-E-E!?!?! NO-O-O!!!!) to the federal drOpposition and their treasonable untruths and BLINDINGLY fucked unreason about our most crucial issues - the Murray Darling Basin's water ISSUES, the issue of desperate overseas refugees who, like myself and a few hundred thousand Aussie Aborigines, cannot by any accepted official means, get away from the tyrants of their homelands (why we drunk-drunk-drunk-drunk!), climate change, species depletion and humanity's part in accelerating it-thus-US to oblivion, mining corporations - OFFSHORE mining corporations..., getting away with theft of OUR WEALTH on the most heinous scales, all underpinned by the outright EVIL manipulation of THE FACTS regarding how best to dispel the problems, cure us of our mental, intellectual maladies, introduce REAL-Ethik to the national heart, and so, prevent any further downward slopetrend fastrak to-and-throo tha rectum.

As the demonicly hypnotised fools who purport to represent some 48-point-95254% of the voting pubic (TYPO!!!), our federal doOpposition MHR's and Senators, are all, to-a-girl, masturbating-with-wide-grins, with each barrow-load of cahka making it in and out again of Murdoch's media slurpies, complete with sharpened spears and sultry blonds to unsettle then woo us back to mindless visual fluff, our Prime Minister and her Cabiney-Sausages are locked in defend-defend-defend mode, and cannot employ the reason they rely-on to stay sane amidst the trenches of Gallipoli-type FOREIGN warzones we call Australia's - Astrayliar's POLITICS AND MEDIA!

Who - is it a 'who'? - is to blame???

Obviously Rome's ABC are all paid-off by the Zionist Theosophiks to just accept it all with a grain of silver-or-30 and another bottle of your best, OR ELSE WE'LL MAKE MASHED SPUDARTO OF EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIVES, and you WON'T go to Heaven!

Murdoch's talking-head mobsters are so far up the Murdocherer's tube that they have forgotten - did they, via their church-school education, ever KNOW - the meaning of Living with a bit, even just a BIT of, Honor and Integrity, in their condos and rural estates?

And what are we to expect from Jimmie-the-buff Packer's recoitus into Ten's media caverns?

When we 'link' in the ether, I gets the 'she'll be right mate' feeling from him, as if he's BACK.., to make a better go of this shithole's media circus?

I DO like him, for all his business-pardners. Never struck me or his Dad as being overdosed with the stuff of Wisdom etc., but one thing I am not allowed, by the gods of the gods, to do, is expect a strapping Aussie rugby-player to stay on the corruption-ball forever.

Being his Dad's billionaire, anything's possible, and I know he unnerstands where I'm comin' from, when I overuse this duplicitously abused conundrum called 'free speech'. I reckon he even has a good hearty laugh when I scribe these sort of twisters...?

Maybe he's our media messiah?

Buddha knows..., we NEED one!

But, without me mounting my big Bleck horse, and riding the REAL terrorists of the day's political class out of Canberra, and Sin city - Syney (TYPO!) - to the north-east, Tiny Habit and the Malturned Bull along with the Jockey Ho, not forgetting the ever-schoolboy-sounding, giggling and Harry Pottering Chrissy Pyne-o-so-cleeen, and to show how egalitarian I, I, I, AM, the seriously more advanced cranial-fill Greg Hunt, will be told by the poms, both in Westminster and little South Australian towns who HATE 'Ref's', and their Scorttish and Netherlandenenen wine-drinking mates, to keep the BULLSHIT up-up-UP, and the whole nation, not just the Bleck Immortals, will be pushed ever-down to Poohsville.

AND to rub-it-IN! We've got ex-tyrant Johnette Howhard (could it get?) prancing his gobbledeegook AGAIN on HIS-THEIRS-NOT-OURS ABC soon, with every left-o-we're RIGHT-wing NO-OW radio and TV hack-dressed-up-as-doyens (Mista Kerry O'Brien, Damo, Critto, and a few others excepted) ready to lick his glitter!?

So..., libellous laughs aside, how does we reduce the crap, especially in the big house (Pentridge's been shut-down, Brothers!) in Canberra et al, and across the bureaus of censorship we call 'news media'?


Being allowed to dreeeeem...., I'd say the ELECTED government in Can'tberrya-much-anymore, should deconstruct-and-dispel Murdoch's Brettonwood's grip on broadcasting rights, so that any Community, Village, rural or suburban township of over 49 adult-and-teenage residents can simply collect 49 signatures, and wander to their nearest Council chambers for a written Title of their Sovereign RIGHT to put-out a news and information, education and learning hi-tech radio-and-or-internet-TV 8/5, 10/5, 18/5 or 24/7 station.

Of course, it would only be right to make available some level of techno-equipment and training to help them up? (If India can produce and retail laptop computers for under $50, then no-one can tell me radio and even TV broadcasting electrikery stuff is all beyond a Local Communitys' reach!?)

Nobody today is fooled..., well...., aside from a few small towns in luscious rural real estate districts.., about the tyranny behind the current restrictions on 'free speech' a la via electronic and print media consortia blackmailing our-THEIR politrixsters.

While Mud-rock (TYPO!) Murdoch and offshore bover-boys-wiff-bombs based in strategic sites like Zionist Oxford, Madras and Israel, use their unqualified power to BLACKMAIL us into staying dumb-AND-loud, avoiding the REALLY REALImportant Issues of, say, LAND REFORM, GLOBAL and LOCAL Land Reform, the crucifying of religions-on-real-estate-speculation-and-tax-avoidance, TAX REFORM, legalised heroin and marijuana, the Australian Republic, and DEATH TO THE IMF, the little towns who can't seem to get a brain-with-a-voice, will keep us all on target for an all-encompassing meltdown like nobody's EVER seen.

Satan Mary's IT'S A MIRACLE won't help us much, I can promise you that.

But the crapitalist-speculators of Penola SA will get even more spoiled-dumb from the pilgrimage tourrorism trade coming their way from a blind-and-clucky coven somewhere.

Here's an idea PM Julia!

Whack a Detention Centre for Asylum Seekers in PENOLA!

That'll test their 'faith' and any of Satan Mary's benevolence!

As WELL! They'd have a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE to ply with their Chrusty dogma, promising miraculous freedom if they drop any Wisdom (from Hinduism or Sri Lankanism or Islam) and corrupt their Souls wiff some of the Poop's blessed bullshit!

I'm sure they'd twist some levers in the halls of upclub realty to give them a slice of our Bleck Fellas' world's-envy dirt!

Yeah...! That's the trouble with 'free speech'?

THE FACTS just keep getting' in th' way......

In the Devil's shithole, no-one's game-or-able.., to Speak the Truth.

And there we have it!


We're there, Astrayliar!

Thank-you Rupert.....

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



WikiLeaks... DOIN' IT!


Well done WikiLeaks!

Seeing news of this latest dump of apparently 'sensitive' military documents online (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-11611755), indicates to me, that we-the-world may NOT be log-jammed by aliens and warmongers of the military-industrial complexia, that the world has been held hostage to since the 2nd world war?

But..., I ma-ay be wrwrwro-ong?

With this disclosure, on top of the earlier exposure of the US troops video of the unwarranted murder of Reuters reporters in Iraq, released through WikiLeaks, to my sceptical eye, it appears as if there has been some recognition by some elements of said military-industrial command - global, that further warring augers unwell for the species, for other life and for the planet's environment in-general.

Let us all face it?

The games everyone labours under, of competitive shenanigans between allegedly rival nations (allegations made by either side's media and politicians do NOT a genuine enemy make!) and, as promoted by those who stand to profit most from other groups being divided and thus at war with each other (Ford v GM? Telstra v Optus? GE v Bosch? Look to any industry and we'll find at least one nasty and oft' vicious war going-on between corporations) have shown the world that there has to come a time when resources dry-up, and both sides end losers.

Not to mention the collateral damage to communities, other, neighbour nations, culture and oh! the environment!

Being able to avoid scrutiny or exposure, of warped plans and war-crimes, so someone's military can trip-off next year to ANOTHER fabricated fracas, at enormous and totally unjustifiable expense, to public and private purses, merely to keep the providers of all manner of products - 'weapons' being the industry-of-focus here, rolling-in-it, signals that we are not what we claim to be - Homo Sapiens, or 'Man the Wise'. [New Latin Homō sapiēns, species name : Latin homō, man + Latin sapiēns, wise, rational, present participle of sapere, to be wise.]

Coming as I do from long lines of regal folk, all of course, claiming to be the Wisest and thus the most suited to ruling everyone else - globally - it's been fundamental to my every breath that I seek and cement this 'Wisdom' thing deep in my psyche, or Soul.

If there's one thing around this I've learnt, it is that Wisdom is NOT the exclusive province of the wealthiest bastards on Earth, and that any from the upper-upper-classes who assert they are Wise, and therefore that THEY.., better than EVERYONE else..., know best how to manage society, community, states, nations and the planet, are NOT Wise, at all. At all....

Again, I coin a phrase, relative to the delusions of grandeur and it's inherited power that the world is being brought severely undone by.

Old kings' models” of running, and, in-the-end, the destruction of ALL aspects of all cultures involved.

For this, it seems to me, is what we are still forced to suffer down here on the ground.

Old kings models of ruling-by-bashing-the-crap-out-of-the-other-mob, no matter who they are (Gunai Immortals of Gippsland Australia in the early 20th century? Non-seduced Warriors and Culture-Keepers of Islam, against the idiot infidel from the plastic worlds of the demented, unwise west? Black Africans? American Indians? Indian Indians? Chinese? Etcetera etcetera...?) is all today's wars are about, where the blokes with the biggest waddis reckon they deserve to rule.

End scenario....?

BOOM-and-DOOM! For all of us!

Having been raised by ex-army mother-and-Father (WW2 SAS Sergeant-Major, no less!) WAR!!! is in my Soul.

And, as I've aged, war has, to some extent, become my predilection, preference, predisposition, and my deep inner want to go there and blow the crap out of EVERYONE, is how I think (?) I want to die.

But, being dragged back to pensivity, to pondering the issues I've also been raised and trained for, of bringing some element of peace to the globe, having gone somewhere profound until Communing with the Wise, the first thing that enters my head, when I see Warriors going-for-it on a battle-front, or Gangs slashing each other down on some wild street in the USA or Sydney etc., is that this is all totally unnecessary.

So it is with troops popping each other off in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yuendumu or Wadeye.

In any conflict each side has good reason to finally get-up and 'fist-up' against a perceived threat. In too many cases it's beyond anyone's ability to insert passive reason into their arguments, mainly because the initial 'reason', in it's other meaning, is rooted far-off, most often on the other side of the planet.

So it is with Afghanistan, Iraq, Yuendumu and Wadeye, Et Al, and the apparent conflicts which flair-up there.

And further digging into the 'reason' for wars generally, aside from the Natives fisting-up in defence of what IS THEIRS against invaders from a resource-hungry tribe of wasteful idiots, it's found that the final word to take-out that Tribe rests in the heads of the elites stuck in the gluggy-mud of 'old kings' thinking.

So.., Being bereft of all 'faith' that the planet's intelligence services have the intelligence to Divine what is Wise behaviour, I nevertheless force myself to believe, presume, hope, that there ARE some within the fortresses of Whitehall, the Pentagon, and wherever the Russian FSB hide their HQ, etc., who are not quite as consumed by the thrill of blowing the crap out of the darkies, or the slopes, or the ARGH-&-UGH!?! COMMUNISTS? (what DOES 'Communism' MEAN?) and who can actually SEE that the games they so love playing are, in the end, a bit fucking SILLY!

However, we all know that even the most Honorable of the big nation's superspies are firstly stuck between a patriot-and-a-scud because their business is one where survival means that they DO NOT trust ANYVON (in 144 languages!), and so any mass strike, as-in a 'street protest', against the fucking psychos of the administration is out-of-zee-qvestion, and 2, that the whole shambolic-shamozzle is so advanced in it's insanity that not even a nuclear IED goin'-off inside Whitehall would have the desired effect.

The dreamed-of effect being, amongst the Reasonable and the Wise, to 'throw down your guns', and turn them into shovels, so we can all become REALFarmers, at last!

However..., as always, no matter how big a king one might be, an early rule worth noting from the start, is that there's ALWAYS gonna be, at some stage, a “new kid on the block”, who is a little bit BIGGER, who is a little bit more Intelligent, who has a better handle on how to use the weaponry, ie., technology, etc., to better effect.

So, in such circumstances, even the Mightiest General will know when the game is up, and that it's time to put down the guns and go WITH the media-labelled 'enemy' in order to resolve the 'issues' once, and for all.

Therefore, assuming the role of Chief Wisearse (Oh YEAH! A LEGEND in my own lunchbox!), it seems correct for all Commanders, to let WikiLeaks do their thing, for their approach would, in the light of Wisdom, appear very-much, to be the key to resolving all your conflicts. Even those inside your battle-crazy heads.

I would guess-a-hazard and put-it that inside Whitehall, inside MI-6-on-the-Thames, inside the Pentagon and inside many many other military intelligence HQs world-around, there are operatives who, either quietly to themselves, or perhaps (shit I'm optimistic!) as a room-full, are celebrating the Wisdom and Courage of the Agents-of-Honor of WikiLeaks and it's plethora of Righteous Activists behind it's founding and Good Works, from the US, Taiwan, Europe, South Africa, Australia and no doubt others, (see NOTE below) for their publication of the 400,000 military documents this week.

From where I listen, one is brought to wonder what effect the ongoing exposure of the horrors and falsities of and behind this age's wars will have on such as our.. ahum...THEIR ABC radio and television network presenters and commentators, who are welded (with BIG carrots dangled under their noses) onto the establishment lines of denial about what actually happened here, there and wherever the spin-doctors rush-in to take 'control' of the facts?

WikiLeaks, BRAVO!

Maybe the world's Unionists will finally 'come-round' to your Honorable way of DOIN' IT, and come clean once more, about the horrors of their own nations' internal and colonialist cultural crimes?

I know you have at least one Supporter in there, down-here-down-under, perhaps two, and they're both called Kev'!

So, while spin seems to be the chief ingredient of the days' FoxtelemANYTHING, if the white western masses are waking-up from the evil trances layered over their mind's eye, and their Souls by the witch-priests of bigcult and bigmedia, old kings' wars, thanks to WikiLeaks, might begin to fall out of favour, and, the Troops might all be ordered to camp-down and jump aboard, for the trip HOME?

What was it that old, old king, was reputed to have said Julian..., “....nothing will stay hidden...”? “All things shall be uncovered...”?

Are YOU Listening Mossat? Rome? CIA? MI6?

“The big game's over!”, wethinks!

The Democratic Voices of Wise Warriors from beyond the witches cauldrons of Oxford, Israel and Rome, et al, from all the Wise Tribes and Nations, are the ones who can ensure that, and thus save themselves and their People.

All Strength to the Whistleblowers!

NOTE: (An extract from Wikipedia about WikiLeaks:
The organization has described itself as having been founded by Chinese dissidents, as well as journalists, mathematicians, and start-up company technologists from the U.S., Taiwan, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.[1] Newspaper articles and The New Yorker magazine (June 7, 2010) describe Julian Assange, an Australian journalist and Internet activist, as its director.[4])

PS: I'm sorry I gabble-on so much. Really, I rather be tinkering with a motorbike, and riding it into the sunset.

But it's a bit hard, without a shed in-which to tinker...... or a motorbike....

From the Travelling 4x4 Tent of
Countryzen bin Eartha

Outlaw, for
Education and



Gillard and the ALP still in damage control mode


Since the 3 Amigos decided which of the 2 main parties would form federal government, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been under immense pressure, mainly still recovering from the chaos mediated upon her, upon the ALP/Greens, and upon Australian voters, in-the-main by the Murdoch media cabal.

PM Gillard and her Team are effectively still in 'damage control'.

It's clear that even the deceptively 'trusty' publicly-owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation's political 'punters' and it's privately-paid political commentators are 'not happy' with the ALP/Greens coalition, and have few reservations about canning PM Gillard's statements and lines given in media conferences.

And conferences-a-plenty there have been since mid-September.

So much, that one must wonder if the business of fronting the cameras and microphones daily is not debilitating the proper functions of government?

(HA! Since when, has government been 'proper' in Astrayliar???)

I guess the Opposition don't mind. They relish the blatantly Murdoch-controlled right-wing Australian media's (including the ABC's) regular dissecting of any-and-all attempts by Gillard, or Swan, or the others who draw the short straw to stand in front of the squads of picture-shooters and critics, to Properly manage the nation, throwing a 'nerve-tingler' hex at the minority government whenever they can.

And of course, being asked 'Dorothy-dixers', as likely cungered extra-House, by Lib/Nat MPs and spinsters, in jocular form with Murdoch's media-puppets over a sandwich in the Press Club, or in a parliament house cafe, makes Shadow MPs heads' swell and glisten if it gives them airtime.

Both because, any media attention is putting them in the public's face, and, with their Murdoch-programmed, finely-honed Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth' one-liners, always condemning the ALP/Greens out-of-hand ('Kevin Rudd has GOT to go!' unquote-unquote-unquote, unquote-unquote-unquote..., Tiny Habit, pre-June 21st 2010), they jump on any opportunity to slime the government and slime the people more, as well as taking the spotlights away from the government.

But, while the public seem led-down the septic-deceptions path more easily than ever, if we trust the opinion pollsters, to selfishly, parochially, myopically criticise the government's rather more Scientific policy formation processes and decisions, and while giving the camera-squads to the opposition risks more unwarranted negative bullshit, the embattled government gets a breather, now-and-then.

Julia Gillard is already showing signs of the pressure of her position. The eyes say it all, or, the newly-forming bags beneath them, indicate she is either not sleeping as deeply as she should, and as deeply as she should have the right to, or..., she sees something which distresses her deeply, above and beyond her role as PM?

Clearly the offshore bastards in the ILO and IMF are constantly at her, and others' heels, and are forcing the government to make decisions it's Team would NOT make, if they were not threatened minute-by-minute by the evil empire of Rupert and James Murdoch. And by Rome's Vatican and, I'd hazard a guess, by Italian Prime Minister-cum-magnate Silvio Berlesconi's black hole gang.

Et al, et al.., all the way to the northern shires of Scotland!

Then there's the bewitching force of the so-called 'farmers' (HAHAHAHAHA!) of the Murray-Darling Basin, who will not give a millilitre to a long-term, Scientific and Wise policy for the region.

Then-then, the Murdochs and their northern allies in Rome, Zurich, Brussels, Berlin, Tel Aviv and London's banking district are psychotic about keeping Australia for their wealthy buddies, by continuing their sensationalising the 'boaties' phenomena, and the coalition government's efforts to cater Humanely for them.

Our deceptively trusty ABC, and SBS, are airing bitchy and blindingly selfish Australians ('Australians' with Eurapean and British accents?!?!?!) giving their racist and deadly bigoted opinions against refugees from the 3rd world, without anyone able to put a reasonable and factual defence of the Humanity of such as Green's Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, and her advocacy of treating respectfully, the poor bastards that western money and power forgot.

Just like the various 'institutes' created by Britain over the last 200 years around the world, which showed to the vulnerable media-reading public caring and benevolent little tea-tottler society 'shop-fronts' , advocating 'the clean Christian life', with propaganda designed specifically to demonise harmless drugs, harmless foreign cultures and religions and Philosophies, yet which, behind the scenes carried-out genocide and evils against innocent and Honorable peoples and nations, the ABC, but of course mainly Murdoch's stables of silver-spoon reporters, are giving the listener-watcher, minimalist, or if not, decidedly biased reports, leaving the uninformed unintelligent to form unbalanced and future-deadly opinions.

This week's comments by ABC 774 Melbourne's John Faine to Victorian Union President Kevin Bracken, just one dark example.

Phillip Adam's ongoing denials and lies about what happened at the New York World Trade Center on 9/11, other examples.

The really base media beat-up about the planned Mosque near 'ground-zero' in New York, another...

Back-room demands forced upon federal Labor to can the recommendations of the 'Henry Tax Review', yet another?

So, the list grows and grows, against any machinations for getting closer to a Wise and Just nation.

“Moving forward!”

As for the Prime Minister, perhaps internal polls tell her and Cabinet that Rudd was the better leader?

While the events of 21st of June, when Julia ultimated Kevin, were probably right-for-the-time, only because he was being slimed by Murdoch and coven, who'd determined Labor had to go, because they, and their Catholics had FAILED in raising the messiah from the dead, so MUST PAY, it's clear Julia Gillard is not happy juggling the balls of the job.

Some might recall the line she was heard to throw out during a meeting soon after the election “anyone want to be prime minister?”

And in this bucket of shit we call the day-and-age, who could possibly blame her?

Did Julia have any idea of what she was getting into as she rose through the ranks of the ACTU, to one day leave the Unions and become a Labor politician?

Was she capable of 'reading the tea-leaves' then?

I doubt it.

But neither was Ruddie, nor any of the Party, I'd suspect.

Catholic captives, most all of them.

No matter what the government do from here forward, without a show of support by the more sane Australian people, enough to silence and even close-down the demonic Murdoch media houses, there's going to be a rough-house of a time for Labor and the Greens.

Perhaps it's all part of the BIG, Cosmic Plan, fueled by Rome's stubbornness, and Israel's ongoing threats, and Britain's Zionist, occult conspiracy to build a World King?

But whatever's going on behind the scenes, the players in the spotlight are incapable of dispelling the machine-men's psycho-pathological 'purpose'?

Tiny Habit is delighted that a 'New Day' try at good government is being drowned in the mud of spin and fiction, and Treasurer Swann cannot roll back the tapes to edit and correct decisions about our free-loading offshore-managed banks' freedom to increase their theft from Aussie's with interest rates. With 'usury'.

But rest assured the level of Intellect in the wannabe Lib/Nats is well below zero by comparison. Which probably means Australians are soon to be PUNISHED by Murdoch and the Club of Rome, the Illuminati, and other upper-end witch societies, when Rupie and wee Jimmie turn-up the assault of our minds through their media, and force another election.

Of course, this might well mean that the current drOpposition will win, seeing as Democracy has evaporated in the cauldron of British and Eurapean witchcraft, aided by BOTH sides of the spooky alien invasion.

We can be sure that Julia Gillard and her female friends are reviewing their pro-feminist celebrations for Julia being our first female Prime Minister.

In fact, most women here probably need to take another pill, with a stiff drink, and sit-down for a while, as the HARD FACT sinks in that Canberra, and all our state parliaments, down to the chambers of our local councils, are male-dominated shitholes, utterly bereft of Ethics and Egalitarianist politics.

Mrs Hillary Clinton should save her Soul and forget about becoming US President. Rightly or not, it's a man's world, m'dear. And You're are a Better Human Being as you are, than you would be even if you won the next election.

However..., what sort of a nation would result if Mrs Palin was chosen by the Illuminati, if she wins Republican, or Tea Party selection, is too depressing, and that prospect might rightly, and Nobly, urge you to take the Leap into the pit?

If I was THE King, I'd still want nothing to do with this garbage we know as 'politics'.

Therefore..., without a MAJOR shift across Australia, in how Australians think and relate to THE LAND, which includes the water resources and ALL newcomers, whichever party rorts the next election to claim victory for thinking and feeling Australians, in Canberra, there is NO hope.

On the Murray Darling basin 'water' issue..., I came across a jotting of mine in my 2007 diary today, which, best I remember now, said, “ we CANNOT separate the water from the land. They are as one. No-one can be given exclusive ownership of the water, so the same applies to the land!”

3 years on, to today, and what have we got?

Psychotic, selfish, land-owning idiot-farmers drowning in their new-found evil use of witchcraft, all of whom are so blinded that they WILL NOT accept the Economic Science of Common Ownership of the Land, waters, and other precious resources, and will vote out any party which sees the facts and which works to make everyone's lot substantially better.

An evil culture we have made.

If Reason does not prevail in our media, especially in the ABC and SBS, and the once Egalitarian Fairfax houses, some, dancing, laughing and swimming in opulence will be so deluded, so entranced, they will not know their beliefs and actions are in fact the motions of idiot-slaves lying and splashing in the devil's shithole.

Prime Minister Gillard is by-no-means to blame for whatever troubles assault us from here forward, as ex-Prime Minister Rudd was/is not to blame.

The only thing he can be blamed for, was for having the Courage, to “have a go”, at Genuinely making this crap-of-a-nation, Better.

Were our judicial system not as corrupt as Britain's, Eurape's, Russia's, the USA's and other regions where crapitalism has us all by the psychic-balls, hypnotised farmers with offshore barons, banker-and-lawyer friends, big overdrafts and monocrop machinery would not be calling the tune for our federal, state and local governments to dance to.

There would be no twisting of the arguments about water rights, land rights, Aboriginal Sovereignty, Boaties, mining taxes and Sacred Forests, etc, etc.

Nor about what the nation MUST do to make the future endurable.

And..., there would be no such mind-warping-thing as the fundamentally corrupt and evil Brit-Eurapean religions.

David Speares, Ashley Gillen, Tiny Habit, Joe Hockey and mates, 'what's “Integrity”?'

The same can be asked of our reality-censoring ABC media-puppets........

Have a nice Saturday Breaky, Gerry!

Plenty of BIG laughs tomorrow morning on Rad Nat, to-be-sure, to-be-sure!

And vilcommen baken fr-r-r-om R-R-R-Roma, meiner boomshen!

See any MIRACLES!?!?!?!?!?

I expect ANOTHER squadron of r-r-r-rural four-wheel-drives and/or dirt-bikes terrorising and haunting me this weekend.....

I've got photos of the last lot, and aren't their eyes black.


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