Tornadoes, Carbon pollution, Cultural Sustainability, etc.

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Tornadoes, Carbon pollution, Cultural Sustainability, etc.

In Joplin, USA and other southern towns, tornadoes have wrecked suburbs and whole townships, leaving hundreds, thousands, thus far, homeless, and whole communities devastated.

Local governments and the US federal, can only give provisional support for so long to the residents left without homes.

Thus far, it's assumed that homes will eventually be rebuilt, and hopefully, the owners'/tenants' lives will return to 'normal' or to what life was like prior to the weather events.

However, while various politically-read-corporate 'conservative' stoics deny that the climate is changing to any prolonged and detrimental extent, plus deny that the so-called 'climate-change' is man-made, the scientific research provides us with undeniable evidence that we are excessing in our use of material resources, and that that is causing the larger global climate to change violently and negatively.

Material resources which have forever, provided the environmental balance, such that weather, which is intimately integrated with the natural coverage of the land and oceans of the globe, or, is intimately integrated with the foliage which covers the globe and keeps the whole eco-system in a sustainable balance.

Excessive depletion of these, from forests, to land animals, to the biota of ocean life, is clearly linked to the upset we now see often daily in places everywhere on Earth in 'extreme weather events'.

So, to now, the mainstream, predominantly right-wing foreign media, controlled by seriously psychotic megalomaniacs from the power-centres of Britain and Eurape, have given dangerously biased reportage and so-called 'opinion poll' surveys in-the-main against our government taking decisive and positive action to reduce, recycle and re-use our resources, and to entice all Australian industry, from plastics and associated manufacturers to agriculture and mining, to go hard at reducing their 'carbon output'.

These little-less-than-evil media cabals, predominated by Rupert Murdoch's 'News International', and Murdoch's heavily disproportionate influence across the nation's (and globe's) media corporations and networks, are psychotically intent on destroying the Catholic Labor government, it appears more for their being 'not Freemason' than for anything near to being opposed to their methods and beliefs about 'Good Government'.

Clear to most, most who have attained to a minimal level of Intelligence, such that they are able to discern facts from fiction in media news broadcasts and print, the whole political process has been reduced to a game played by 'winners' in a seriously dysfunctional oligarchy. 'Winners' and 'wannabes' who now are so lost in the fight to beat 'the opposition', the competition, that they have completely lost sight of the bottomline of governing to accommodate and provide all their citizens with their full needs. Needs enough, for the polity to be able to have time and Wisdom enough, to define and seek their own personal, familial and Community 'wants', as-in entertainment and the like.

But perhaps most importantly, for the polity to be settled in mind and heart enough, to be able to learn and discern what is best for their own family, council, state and nation to be most economically governed.

For, while it may still be a brave assumption, it is possible that nowadays, most of us recognise that a properly economically governed people is synonymous with an environmentally-balanced world.

That the most wealthy political representatives, of the 'right-wing' political parties, refuse to admit that this is so, or that they are so steeped in right-wing 'me-first' propaganda, propaganda which is imported from the planet's psychotic colonist power-centres of - Britain and Eurape - and that they apparently have almost half of the voting public's support, indicates that 1, the voting public is at least half, seriously mentally ill-that-is-evil, which translates, in political affairs as extremely selfish, and 2, that the so-called 'representatives', are not at all interested in the well-being of the whole of the population, and thus, treat the less-wealthy as dispensable slaves.

So, in regard to tornadoes, carbon pollution, cultural sustainability, and climate change, as said, those of us who are not blinded by either cult political 'side' and their 'spin', and who are fed-up and long-suffering because of this upclub game of 'winners and losers', made-Wise somewhat on the short-and-long term effects of this uptop, upclub, upemselves battle, are more organised than ever, and are taking things into their own hands.

More, much more than the mainstream or 'Alternative' media are ready or able to face and admit, social, business and political 'events' are being orchestrated by an increasingly united global underworld.

Until recently, the world's 'underworld' has been firstly, fighting the staid and anachronistic, draconian 'establishment' for more of 'the pie', of what it takes to live something near to a comfortable, secure and happy life.

On top of those ongoing battles by the underworld against 'the law', corrupted to the extreme though 'the law' of the establishment has been for centuries-nay-millennia, most all of the world's underworld, criminal groups and networks have had to compete in a totally unregulated 'market' for the spoils of crime against each other.

Like powerful empires and nations, crime organisations grow and have for perhaps thousands of years, (yes, if we consider that the largest and most powerful, most expansive nations have carried-out their empirical 'missions' by disregarding the underlying, essential laws and customs, thus the most dominant nations and empires are themselves but criminal organisations!) and thus have become international, and now global networks.

Even then, or until very recently, the largest 'private' underground criminal groups have been at war with each other, fighting underworld wars for the spoils of one local region or another.

But now, the largest criminal network, of Zionism, has been identified by the mass of anti-establishment crime groups, as the common enemy.

And, as each day passes, previously viciously competing global underground networks of violent crime gangs, are calling 'cease-fires' with each other, and are starting, perhaps for the first time in Human history, talking peaceably, and are banding together, having been brought to realise, through the haze of the small wars each of their Warriors and Commanders are forced to embroil themselves in and fight each day, that the sum-total of their wars, and of the larger anti-establishment wars, and of the wars between competing global establishments, have gone more-than 'far-enough', because they are seeing that the sum-total of this carnage and rampant destruction, is destroying the whole planet.

What to do?

Firstly, like any good militia and it's 'intelligence' organisation, they have sought to properly identify what and who the enemy is.

But that involves digging deeper, and identifying how the 'enemy' deploys it's 'evil', which is not always obvious and overt and personified.

'Culture', is the method one type, group or another uses to sustain itself, and it does not take too much to discern which methods are or are not for the greater, longer-term Good.

'...The greater, longer-term Good....,' has always been that which is 'for the good of all'. Not merely for one group, but for the larger, never actually known, whole.

The Correct Methods for the Sustenance of this 'Greater Good', are 'The Law'.

Therefore any methods which are antipathetic to the Greater Good are breaking 'The Law', thus are criminal or illegal.

So it is with the mainstream, dominant paradigm of today's expansive and seriously dysfunctional selfish global culture, which is known by 'climate scientists' 'Greens' and cultural dissidents-alike to be causing the increasing number of 'extreme weather events' we hear and see through the media.

But, as this giant culture has become but a mindless machine, Soulless, heartless, and totally without Reason, Intellect or Wisdom, and certainly without Honor, it has become an all-consuming unstoppable juggernaut.

Of course, it is sanctioned and powered by Human beliefs, contained within human minds. Minds indoctrinated to such belief-systems by the slaves of the juggernaut. Most-highly-paid slaves, but slaves nevertheless.

Slaves who have been so 'roped-in' that they cannot believe that they can either escape the 'system' or do any worthy thing to stop or correct it.

These slaves, this 'system', are/is what most all labelled 'criminal networks, gangs and organisations' are most ready to resist.

With the advent of telecommunications and the offshoots of internet media and 21C electronic 'comm-media' (mediums of communications) the mainstream has increased in it's fanaticism of crapitalist psychoses, thus has intensified it's unsustainable behaviour.

However, counter-cultural 'dissident' behaviour has also been accelerated, ironically in pace with the degradation of the global environment and destructive tendencies of the mainstream.

But while the Zionist establishment holds tenaciously to it's upper, dominant and thus more powerful position, the underworld is growing considerably by-the-minute, and are by now in a more powerful and organised position than ever, to challenge and, by sneaky, underhanded, and remorselessly brutal means, able to put millions of 'axes' at the trunk of the establishment tree.

As well, the newly united underworld are up-to-speed on the secretive methods the world's elite witch-monarchs and priest-classes have used to oppress the 'Revolutionary Spirit' of the Masses for thousands of years. Thus equipped, the new Honorable, more than ever Intelligent, and in Combination with the Noble Indigenous Tribes of Earth, underworld are deploying the secret powers to undermine and seriously disrupt the establishment's hitherto all-powerful control of resources and media and finance, etc.

If we consider that the dominant methods of accommodating, feeding and occupying the masses, is but one huge crime against, 'The Law' of Sustainable Living, then we can see that these have to be challenged.

As with the 'methods' the establishments of the globe have used, primarily of 'by whatever it takes', or 'by any and every means' to acquire their upper hand, which translates as 'breaking 'The Law', so too are the underworld forces undermining the oligarchic tyranny.

So, dramatic, and on the parochial, local and personal levels, tragic events, are occurring, such as massive tornadoes, huge cyclones, freezing storms, which have paralysed entire continents and seriously disrupted many multinational corporations' and small business owners' operations. All, totally compliant to and subsumed by the 'illegal' culture of the Zionist hegemony, which leads them in totally untenable, unsustainable and most-criminal behaviour.

Obvious examples of such powerful counter-establishment disruptive activities include last Christmas's Eurapean and north American chill, which closed most airports and brought most transport networks to a halt, essentially trashing profit-taking by the retail corporations etc. The tornadoes that wiped out huge suburban housing areas in 'Joplin' and across Alabama, USA, etc., and the ten year drought across Australia which caused food shortages globally and ruined profit-taking by selfish large land-holder corporations and farmers. And the floods which washed down on Queensland earlier this year, and the floods surging down the Mississippi River in central USA lately, are other examples.

The list goes-on-and-on. And, it will never, from here forward, cease, while the dominant Zionist powers insist on keeping totally unsustainable activities sanctioned as acceptable, while they are doing so much damage to the world we all inhabit and so fundamentally depend upon for our survival, now and forever into the future.

Defining the least acceptable 'activities' sanctioned and insanely promoted as 'good' for us by mainstream media and multinational corporations, is being done daily by our 'Climate Scientists', 'Natural Economists', Greens, and their supporters and advocates.

Supporters and advocates, who range across all societies, and are not confined to the upper middle classes of western Christian cultures and schooling, who feed the corporate machines with the 'fodder' they need, of human resources to fill offices and management positions, etc.

Supporters and advocates who, not needing of any 'sophisticated' levels of 'Intellect', can still define the methods Zionism deploys to sustain itself of, bad agricultural practices, bad marketing, retail, production, promotion practices, and bad products which are unhealthy for consumption.

Supporters and advocates who are ready, willing and able to go out and disrupt the mainstream methodology, thus, from small, local, to large global operations, can effect such chaos across the mainstream board that, with only a slight increase and intensification, the Rebellious Outlaws - Global - can cause the dominant tyranny to implode in mere weeks, where once it took decades, even centuries.

But Alas! A Proper view of all Human history would see that all of Human history has been but an ongoing Revolution against 'illegal' powers, methinks.

Therefore, while the media, in part rightly just reports these disruptive events, and gathers comments from presidents and locals alike, about how long it will take to 'rebuild' and 'get back to normal', etc., Outlaws Global know that 'normal' is but a blinding term which denies that 'normal' is not at all Normal, but is in fact a long-evolved seriously errant custom, methodology of how we live, and is totally counter to, or illegal, in terms of how we should live, if we are to Live within 'The Law', thus legally, thus, Ethically, Environmentally Sustainably, etc.

So, for those who are sadly, consumed with their daily concerns of paying the mortgage or rent for a 'home', and those who have been hit by devastating tornadoes, storms, unemployment, food shortages, excessive utility bills and disrupted financial communications, banking etc, I, possibly the Spokesman for Outlaws Global, firstly say, you are in my thoughts, and I 'feel your pain' as the saying goes.

But I emphasise that what you have been seduced or conned into believing is 'normal' in your totally illegal, unsustainable housing models, employment models, finance models and models of hope for the future of your own lives, those of your descendants, and societies, are in fact almost completely abnormal, extreme, thus are illegal, and thus, either by Positive, Ethical, Noble and Honorable, Wise and Intelligent Human behaviour, or by the Superior Will of Powers Greater than any one or many of us, will continue to be undermined, disrupted, and dissembled, no doubt taking many many lives along the way, but massively less than the illegal war-path the dominant powers have taken over the centuries, and replaced by Proper, Ethical Law-Abiding Methods, of housing, employment, consumption, and leisure, etc etc., until the end of time, and/or the end of the current trends of outright and insane tyranny.

It may take one or a small clique of 'leaders' to bring this about, but the main body of the Work of making Right this seriously astray world has begun, and has been acknowledged as the way to go, by a fast-growing, already huge percentage of the Human population, such that 'leaders' are no longer necessary.

Thus, no longer do we need these absolutely corruptible forces and cults which deludedly believe and deem that power has to be centralised, in Rome, in London, in Washington, or Salt Lake City, for example.

As the Wise, Green term says,

Think Global, Act Local!”

'The Law' has to be implemented Globally, of Sound, Scientific Economic and thus Environmental Methods of Living - Chiselled into the Rock, of all Local and National Cultures, Constitutions, Communities and Creeds, and permanently on display for all to see and imbibe into their minds, hearts and muscles, such that they are strengthened against any attempts to undermine 'The Law', and on the first signs of corruption, together, jump to and defend, THE LAW.

Only this way, will we, as one planet of multifarious kinds, cultures and kin, evolve beyond the need for that totally corruptible, illegal concept of major impersonal governments, and their machinemen military juggernauts.

Until such is recognised by the current powers-that-be, in the highest reaches of power, Wise, Intelligent and Honorable REALPolitik Outlaws will continue to undermine the illegal activities and methods of bad culture, 'by any and every means'.

No military force, or draconian government legislation, or police force, can now stop the Righteous from doing their thing, for the future of all on Earth.

Not, the preferred way, it must be said.

But as the idiots on top of the pyramid are so stubborn, and paranoid about facing their own demons, and will not change course, to a Totally Environmentally Sustainable Culture, the Honorable and Wise Warriors of this small planet, are prepared to take it upon themselves, to correct the untenable, horrendous situation, those lost tribes have stupidly forced upon us all.

As for the tornadoes that struck across the USA of the last few weeks, I divine that the Freemasons are 'flexing their psychic muscles', and as likely are targeting African-American, or non-white areas. No doubt, they like Christians, have little sympathy for any who are not of their cult, and hope to destroy everyone else so they can capture the ever-precious land.

Whether the Freemasons are doing so, they are also, in this, doing things which bolster my thoughts and beliefs on Humanity's urgent need to restructure how we live together, and that the standard, nuclear family housing and nurturing models are now known to be hugely destructive of Good Community, and have, by all and any means, to be moved away from.

Once more, if the economic powers-that-be, in such as Wall Street investment and banking 'houses', and other top-end economic establishments in Britain and Eurape, do not change course and, in that, begin to steer Humanity onto more sustainable living circumstances, and with that, more 'Ideologically', 'Environmentally Sound' methods, cultures of earning a wage, etc., then carnage is all a large lot of us can look forward to.

Western military governments have no longer to fear Freedom Fighter threats from such as Al Qieda, Et Al, or from painted demons like Iran, or North Korea.

From here forward, while the mainstream powers-that-think-they-rule-the-world do not adjust to working within 'The Law' of 'Environmental Sustainability', more heinous and destructive forces will be unleashed upon your own nations, as oft' from within, and as oft' from your own Citizens, who are in fact far more Patriotic to your nations than most any of the insatiable, materialistic, selfish CRAPitalistic mainstreamers, or politicians whom you allow a voice in your parliaments and political halls.

In the Book so many western nations and cultures regard as their Holy Scripture, advice given by Jesus ben Joseph, as I recall, to an inquirer, was to '….give away all your possessions....' ('….and take up your cross, and …..etc).

It is a sign of just how far off the Path the majority of western so-called 'Christian' people and churches have strayed (or is it just that they are so dumbed-down by the Murdoch type media, etc,) that they cannot interpret the words of the likes of Jesus?

For it should be clear to the Wise and Intelligent, that those words '….give away all your possessions....' mean that we should not be selfish in life, and that, therefore, we are here to share all such objects. Not, for a day, or a short time, then claim them back into our grasp, but forever. This, does not necessarily mean we should never hold or use, to our necessary physical and social advantage anything. But that all things are for sharing, as we would if we trusted each other, and if we lived as a True Community.

Therefore, we would live sharing everything, the bits and tools we need to make work easier and more efficient, more productive, and the teaching and nurturing a Good Community needs to be Strong, Secure and OH NO Happy.

In 'modern' terms, though millions of American and western 'Christians' will baulk at the suggestion, this really means that Jesus ben Joseph was instructing us to be Communists.

It is no coincidence, that Communism is the most efficient, most economical, and thus most Environmentally Sustainable way for Humans to live.

This, in this long, long astray culture, is what 'The Revolution' is, and has always been about.

Invoking 'The Law'!

So let's see the US Republican presidential wannabe candidate, Sarah Palin, ignobly capitalising on the Honorable Outlaw Bikers' symbolism, plagiarise that into her extreme right wing, and extremely low-brained pro-CRAPitalist campaign.

No doubt, she has an office/bus-load full of legal mind-benders ready to attack-and-spin the hard facts around to suit their unintelligent lust for right-wing power-MORE-POWER over the People of the US of A?

Back here down-under, idiot right-wing political parties, polies and billionaire mining-lobby groups are screaming blue-murder against any sensible and wise Labor/Green government policies which address our completely unsustainable, indeed, outright evil white, western materialistic selfish culture. 'Carbon taxes' being the generic term adopted.

Such utterly stupid rantings by idiots incorporated and oligarchic inflated egos anonymous, paid by offshore mining and resources interests, ZIONIST interests, cannot be sustained for much longer, and will, as is already showing signs of occurring, begin to collapse around their necks.

While the right wingers may have been happy to wreak occult destruction on Queensland with the floods, purely so the ALP could not produce a surplus in the next federal budget, their short-sightedness will bring them undone, as Howard's abuse of the occult eventually came back to haunt him and the Liberals in 2010.

But, as our media, Murdoch's FOX and the ABC seem almost to have 'swapped sides', there is growing support, a surge in support for the government's eminently sensible 'carbon tax', from all sides and factions of the shit-pit, and the media cannot ignore it, and that the approach to pollution etc, has to change.

This, it is easy to predict, will spell the demise of the hubristic and farcical 'Tiny Habit' er - Tony Abbott, leader of the federal Liberal Party, which may hit in just days from now.

Of the last few days, media is reporting that the Liberal/Nationals are in chaos, with alleged infighting occurring, and dissent within the ranks. This will add-up also, to the detriment, and with luck, or Proper Direction, the expulsion of Abbott from the chair he has never deserved, 'Rhode's Scholar' or not.

That he could have ever climbed into that leadership position indicates just how fucking stupid the Liberal supporters are - a given - as well as showing just how lacking the right wing parties are in credible, meritorious candidates.

However, as corrupt as our politics is in Astrayliar, it's just as likely that the Liberal party room votes and results and publicity was a total crock, and that Abbott was foisted into the chair by a desperate Zionist cabal of Murdoch and coy, merely to give a face to the covert fools party. (As Malcolm Turnbull was/is a bit too 'in-yer-face' bullish for the right wing softcocks of Sinny's north shore, and as he is a known Advocate for '...the most honest - property - tax...', offshore Zionists incorporated, no shortage of whom live, work, speculate on land sales and loiter around the 'upclub' 'burbs of Canberra, just couldn't stomach him. Indeed, that little city is but one offshore temple of doom for any REALPolitik Australian aspirations, such as a Republic!)

This, the accumulation of exposes and leaks of the bullshit inside the Liberal/National parties,S can only accumulate from here to the next federal election, until the Liberal/National coalition are totally discredited and guaranteed losers come the next federal poll.

It may also translate as a boon for the partner-in-government, the Greens, but surely will give the Green light (!) for more Sound, Intelligent and yeah.., Wise Environmental policies to become law.

Whatever, Canberra, right and left, has no option but to heed the REALPolitik of this 21st century, and that the Greens, gays, servants of the British elites or not, are employing Intelligence, and simple clear-headed observation by demanding that they, in the big house of Canberra, and thus all Australians, have to change our evil ways, or the Outlaws with Consciences, will make the nuclear family house and low-lying suburbs, dust.

Kinda throws the 'evil' label so many Outlaws so Proudly wore, on it's head, aye?

Brings a bloke to wonder if Sarah Palin has had a 'Rode to Damascus' awakening......?

Nah! She's just a plagiarist!

Wouldn't surprise me though, if Tiny Habit showed-up on a Harley......

Late to mind, if Australia's federal right collapses, as expected, Bob Katter's concept of an 'Independents Party' may not be necessary. I don't think Bob would be pissed-off. Rather, he'd be far more able to sleep well at night, or when he's lolling-off in the chamber, methinks....?

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen Fighting for a Just World!

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
King Commo
aka Countryzen bin Eartha
aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth

Outlaw for
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Ratko Mladic, hero or devil?

110527F Ratko Mladic, hero or devil?

Well-well! ANOTHER anti-Babylonian Warrior arrested by the global tyrants!

From here, no-one is to know whether the latest leader of the Serbian army to be captured really was a baddie, or not, but as he has been thoroughly demonised by the Zionist Australian SBS television news this evening, we can be fairly sure that he had some ennobling Qualities, and also that at least some of the alleged 'atrocities' committed while he was the Serbian General, were justified, against the other side, Bosnian Moslems, and no doubt other forces more central to Eurape's dominant whitefaced empires.

Once more, we are being told that all the war-crimes committed during - surprise-surprise - WAR, were/are and always will be it seems, ordered and commanded by such Patriots of their own People, and by those leaders alone.

Like, y'know, the western powers, their elites and military forces NEVER committed war-crimes or atrocities...?

Like.., y'know..., MI6 and the CIA, or Mossat, or the Russian FSG, or any of the Eurapean secret service spy agencies NEVER sent snoops in to a sensitive, volatile region with crucial strategic factors of interest to the evil warmongering sons-of-bitches over there in Paris, Rome, London, Moscow, Washington or Tel Aviv, or Madrid, to start a dispute between old local tribal enemies?

NO-O-O-O! The scum on top of the pool all scream in unison.....

One British boffin with a sherry bottle in his mouth interviewed on the SBS bulletin, said that Mladic was ruthless, and '….had no respect for the rules of war'.

And a HOHOHOHO to that pommie ponse!

Of course, the British, and their Eurapean counterparts in the dividing-up of the world and the ongoing genocide, plunder, theft of resources, land, and people's lives, over the last 500 years, have always followed the rules of war, haven't they, Lord Ponse? Got an office in Whitehall, 'ave ya?

Bet you've got a nice large-ish estate and manor somewhere in the country too! And five acres of rental apartments in inner London....

Why, just ask the Azerbaijani's, or the Armenian's, who lost some 300,000 people, men women and children, in the 1990s, thanks especially to MI6 agents who went Hell-for-leather at ignoring '...the..., rules of war....!' stirring the possum in that oil rich region, and setting the scene for the two peoples to go to war?

And what for? Well, my ol' chum! British Petroleum, y'know, BP, or, more latterly, BIGGEST POLLUTERS, saw an opportunity in the region, so put it to their-er-our agents to see what was possible.....?

And what was possible Sir Ponse?

WAR CRIMES, of course, son! WAR CRIMES! How the lord else do you think we won so much for the British Empire?

And what role did 'ethics' play sire, in Britain's 400 years of global plunder?

'Well, darlink..., we had to play by the rule of no ethics, otherwise we would have had to take a serious look at ourselves, wouldn't we? And as you know the British excel in laughing at ourselves, purely to avoid LOOKING at ourselves, and at our 'lost tribes' mentality, of fuck the rest, plunder the arse off them and laugh all the way to the bank of England!

HAHAHOHOHAHOHO, and a hehehehehe! Once the microphone's are turned-off!

Thank you, Lord Whiteface...

And where else can we look to see evidence of the British and the Eurapeans, ignoring the rules of war?


One wonders, if the upper middle class street PROTESTERS currently at-it in Madrid bitching against the Spanish governments cuts and general economic fuck-ups over the last ten years-cum-fifty decades, are willing or able (a hard call, I admit!) to go to the issues which underlie Eurape's enormous economic advantage over the third world it created over the last fifty decades, and the global environmental catastrophe brewing in the upper and lower atmosphere, in the oceans, and under the earth's crust in the molten boiler-room of the hot-hot-very hot and angry Spirit of our Mutha Eartha?

Will any upper-middle-class Protesting Collective in Madrid, incorporate the Basque's Noble fight against that same Spanish hegemonic oligarchy, and the other Freedom Fighter Organisations who have never been fooled-blind by the bribes of more wealth and more destructive materialism, such as OH NO?? He's going to include ARGHGHGHGH! Al Qeida! The Taliban! The Mujahdeen! Hezbollah! Hamas! Gunai Warriors! Wadeye Warriors! North Korea! Cuba! Zimbabwe!!! ????

Ratko Mladic ?

Dignity, Comrade? I dunno, anymore?

Going by the last couple of Champions who they've sent to the noose or gallows, for crimes they did not commit, I really wonder if Dignity is worth it in this day and age, on this western-decimated planet. Maybe it is at least as dignified to plead guilty and accept a reduced jail sentence, rather than give the sadistic, malicious and seriously mentally retarded fucks and their seriously mentally-AND-legally-retarded lawyers in the halls of power in Eurape the extra pleasure of watching another Resistance Warrior lose their head?

Years ago it became obvious to myself, that anyone who takes a stance against these evil mainstream elites, no matter how heroic they were made to appear and to feel, would end up being demonised to death by the same elite scum (MI6, CIA et al) who built their egos and reputations up to taking the Righteous Stance and bringing on a Revolution or such in the first place.

As I wrote on this blog around the 2010 Australian federal farce we called an 'election'....

Leaders, they make 'em to break 'em!”

If it's any consolation, at least they didn't raid your camp with S.P.L.A.T. Operatives-on-amphetamines and blow your head off!

If I were in the same boat, Comrade, I'd spend my time putting together a dossier of THEIR atrocities, over the last, say, 50 years. 150 years. 1500 years to present to the tribunal, as a counter to their charges.

As usual, they will ignore any FACTS, which incriminate them, but whatever the outcome, at least some media will broadcast what you've collated and you will, perhaps posthumously, be known to be a Righteous Warrior to those who hear of your defense.

Y'know, we could take the bastards to court and castrate their balls for every genocidal thing that's happened for the last 6000 years, since the lost and deeply psychopathic flockers of Judaism were kicked out of the Garden of Wisdom!

But.., even then, they'd find a lawyer to twist it all around so that they would appear as the saviours of the Human race, and not the idiots who brought our destruction on, and who called the nasty aliens down.

Stay True, Comrade.

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen Fighting for a Just World!

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
King Commo
aka Countryzen bin Eartha
aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth

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Viva Espania, but y' gotto get to the roots!

Just flung this onto the Indy Media website.....

110526Th Viva Espania, but y' gotto get to the roots!

From the article and the Manifesto of the "Democracy real Ya" it appears the Spanish PROTESTERS! are getting down to it, and voicing a Collective rejection of the ridiculous hegemony, as has grown in Spain and across the first world for centuries.

AND about time, we of the third, 'southern' world think!
Therefore, VIVA Espania! or whatever!

How similar are their demands, to those of the so-called 'Rebels' of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Wadeye..., Et Al Et Al?

Getting to the ROOTS of a REALRevolution, demands a Unity yet seen - GLOBALLY.

However, along with that, now more and more possible, is for a CLASSLESS UNITY, where UnderClass, Working Class, Middle Classes, and those still with Ethical Intellects of the Upper Class, all-over, throw off the shackles of erroneous dogma, religious of course, but fundamentally erroneous, false, BULLSHIT ECONOMIC DOGMA, economic theory, and Collectively embrace the bottomline of Fundamental Land Re-Distribution.

This must therefore challenge most everything the International Monetary Fund IMF, and it's media cabals, have forced upon the world for centuries, and must have all of us re-evaluate our own beliefs and expectations, from having children, to taking money for any work which is not firstly 'Environmentally Sound', to how we expect to 'construct' our families, our Communities, and the accommodation designs within which we all expect to live, from this period forward, into the distant future.

This needs us to go to how we live in the environment - how we work and what we produce, how we educate the younger generations, and what Community and 'housing models' we inhabit.

This means we, all of us, from the pissed-off first-world upper-middle class Protesters in Madrid, to the Daliks of India, to the Aborigine everwhere, to the multifarious 'Criminal Classes', Gangs, and One-Percenter Outlaws, from 'Frisco to Moscow to Tokyo, Et Al, Et Al, have to work HARD at dropping the understandable, futility-ridden expectations of life, as we know it, and thus Armed with the Basic Economic Truths - that Proper, Equitable, Calculable, Scientific Land Distribution lies beneath all Human and Social Justice, get out onto the streets, as the many, many are doing, from Yemen, through the Middle-East, through Greece, Spain, etc.

Once such 'Manifestos' as the one in the article, from the PROTESTERS! in Madrid, include this bottomline FACT, of the need for Land Re-Distribution, and is picked-up by other Groups and Organisations across the globe, THEN..... We'll have the Revolution, the REALRevolution so many of us, and so many of our forebears, have dreamed-of, argued for, and as often fallen for, from our first advances out from over-populated Tribes, in search of new Land upon which to settle.

Personally, I shun the 'Twitterverse', the 'Facebook-olution', etc., but they are Powerful, and are there for us to use, to maximum effect, globally and Classlessly!

So, again... !!!VIVA ESPANIA!!!

And, GREECE! SYRIA! YEMEN! PAKISTAN! AFGHANISTAN! And-on and-on, all around the World, 'til we're all 'Dancin' in th' streets'!

We have also to get off the 'blame-game' off putting one or two individuals in the dock, other than forcing them to admit their misdemeanours, but also forcing them to name and shame the machinery, the ideological and economic mechanisms which induce, force them and us to accept the bribes, the corruption and the apparently insurmountable force of false dogma, etc, and thus - utterly fucking stupid, untenable, unsustainable lifestyles - seeking to satisfy the insatiable, merely as a band-aid over our, 'til now, unrealisable and suppressed self-knowledge. Primarily, that genuine, material-profit-free relationships are the 'Juice', the Essence, the Source of Harmonious and Healthy lives, Communities and now, Planet.

It's all there for the taking, Humanity!

Jus' got to, 'Get Y' motor running!'





No borders the only way, President Obama!


No borders the only way, President Obama!

Don't know how many times a bloke has to say it, but after the Noble try by US President Obama this week at settling the ancient troubles in the Middle-East, it's gotto be said again, it seems?

"Vass iss ziss tingk callt 'borders'???

Who vas zee banana-head who dreamed up ziss idea?

It certainly wuz nicht Santa Claus!

Maybe it wass his really-really stupid reindeer? You know, zee wun vith zee big red nosse?

NO-NO! Not WC Fields! Rupert? Nono..., Rudolf, YahYah!"

I mean....!

All credit to Obama for trying. But, come-orn! Who thinks anyone can dispel the hexes landed over the Levant by the psychotic elite British secret services and societies from the 19th century, such that any Egalitarian or Equitable or Just land re-distribution will prevail?

'It ain't gonna happen!'

As much as it should happen....., as much as major global reforms to all state borders should happen!

But HEY! We're all in the express lane to annihilation, and NO diplomatic chatter over coffee is gonna slow down or stop the doomsday expresso.

Netanyahu exuded over-confidence in front of Obama in front of the media when he said that there would never be a return to the 1967 map, clearly doing his artless best at 'putting-one-up-buddy-Barack'.

Barack who is looking for all the cred he can get, leading into the next phase of US presidential elections. Elections nobody wants to win, or even compete in, if the Republicans fruitless search for a contender is any sign, and, if the future pans-out as it's expected to, by all credible accounts, research, climate and fiscal scientists' reports.

And ve can all kiss our yoni's goodbye, if zee 'Tea Party' pulls a zinger!


'…..The war machine keeps churning
profits from our little yearnings.....
mad men with bombs,
lured-on by blue-eyed blondes,
a laminated kitchen
for hot sex and no bitchin'

and a B M double U!”

What I'm really sayin' is I don't give a fuck,
'bout your religious beliefs or your secretive cults.

But it seems to me, jus' gone 53,
From what I see, Humanity...,

Has arrived at a time, where we can ALL Divine...,
The transitory fat from the Spiritual Spine........

That if y' wanna survive,
We all gotto live Straight and True,

Back to school, "DO YER MATH!"
An' try to Learn -
"Earth's Enlightened Economic Rule!!!!"

(From a song I wrote about 3 years ago, called
Everyone is mentally ill, Phil!”)

Getting over the troubles everywhere, not just across the Middle-East, is at this late stage, an impossibility.

If there ain't no clever dick university grad, doing their master's thesis on “The Veracity of Borders in the 21st century and Beyond”, let me inspire someone to go there.

All 'borders' as we have come to know them, have been very specifically mapped-out, to divide the spoils of colonial monarchies of an era we are all trying and dying desperately, yet only half-heartedly, to progress beyond!

Whether we look into history, from all sides, not, as has been the way 'til just a couple of decades ago, from the 'winners' side only, we will see that there is more than enough evidence showing us that 'borders do more harm than good, and have always done so!'

In the past, I've been gentle on the 'Jews', whomever 'Jews' really are these days, other than the most cunning, savvy financial speculators on Earth.

But, HEY! Who's fooling who, when the current Zionist land-grabbers of Israel cry that they demand the right to live in their comfy little 'theocratic state'?

I mean, if they can assert their superior military will upon millions of Indigenous Palestinians, forcing them into horrendous conditions - generation after generation - such that the very existence of modern Israel has created more unrest across the region than any other tribe, nation or cabal of super-wealthy psychopaths-read 'witch-monarchs', and claim that the currently occupied territory they call 'Israel' belongs to them, because some elusive mystical witch - only known to the lost tribal leaders as “YHVH” - from their most ancient times, told them that they would be given the land there for all time, why therefore are their same Zionist modern-day Judeo-Christian overlords - the IMF - not conceding that Australian Aborigines own all the land here, and thus should be given all of it back?

Oh! The Zionists want Australia for their little escape after they've nuked the northern hemisphere in Armageddon!

If there was a grain of credibility in the Zionist theorem about Israel and Jews wanting their land and a theocratic state, one might be inclined to concede.

But it's pretty obvious that the whole concept has long passed it's workable use-by date, and that without fundamental land reforms, particularly in the Levant, thus feeding-out to all other IMF - ZIONIST IMF-controlled territories, no US President - nobody - from here forward, will be able to stop the upheavals and carnage raging out, all because the British and Eurapean adoptees (or victims of cabala magic) of the Jewish 'faith' were sick of being persecuted by those who saw and suspected them correctly as a deeply troubled fanatical cult of third-eye ideologues.

It's all very well to laud the Jewish Sigmund Freud as the first to set the psychology, psycho-analysis and psychiatry-balls rolling, but who dares, other perhaps, than the other leading Jewish thinker, Carl Jung, challenge the Jew, for their own, long-brewing psycho-pathology.

Sure, the world's leading thinkers/scientists etc were/are Jews. And to them I agree they deserve credit. Einstein, Oppenheimer, and every other Jew who put-in their six-penneth-worth toward building the deadliest weapon ever seen, were surely leading thinkers of their times.

And lordy-lordy! Look how they manage to make money!?

Surely the best at shaving-off 'usury' from other people's money, and accruing massive sums in their banks, even though their own Scripture condemns any who makes profit from buying and selling money, or something?
But really? They are clearly not the Enlightened Tribe! Rarely is a Jew so secure in themselves that they can sit in Meditation for hours, weeks, months, years, with nought more than a bowl of rice a day.

So, as said, no up-coming president of the US of A, or from any other leading nation, will ever settle the hypnotised psychopathy of Israel, no matter that the rest of the People across the Middle-East are of the same Abrahamic Family!

If anyone really wants to calm the Mid-East 'situation' they will have to have a global army of sturdy Warriors, who can rein-in the errant propagandist global Zionist media cabals, and then allow public and politicians an open and frank return to the initial motives and causes of the Zionist movement which began the fight to reclaim the Levant for the lost-and-pining Jewish friends of British and Eurapean elites.

Then, we all have to be released from those dark hexes which prevent us and politicians and academia from deconstructing the evolution of modern-day 'borders', so that we can all be honest about them and blow the concept back to Hell, whence it came.

Or, whence it came, from the 'corrupted-absolutely' minds of the olde-Britishenenen and Eurapeanenenenen elites who thought the whole globe was theirs henceforth, to partition, slice-up, as their peers and lords sought a new adventure-camping ground to plunder. Or frankincense route to divide, place a sentry-post-customs-station on and profit-from?

What, and how much influence the Jews had on creating 'the new world' of divided territories from around 1492-onward, is up for guessing.

But one thing should be very clear to everyone..., borders around Israel, and anywhere else, as we have come to know them, are terrible phenomena, and serve no more any good, whether for psychotic, selfish 'Jews', or any other hubristic, egomaniacal tribe, corporation or monarch who thinks they can wander around the planet and carve-out a fortune for themselves, at the expense of all life on earth, be-that 'life', Local or Global.

So, in the disputed territories of Israel and Palestine, Gaza and the West bank, Etcetera, it is clear that no borders, old or new, will stop the inequity, or the need for Israel to disproportionately arm - weaponize - itself.

No 'two states solution' is tenable, or in any time, a reality.

Israel has to take a long hard look at it's own psychopathy, and get over it!

(But so doth we all! Whiteface!)

You have your own state of land. But alas! The Land is not yours! It all belongs to the Supreme Being. We Humans, are all but tenants. And by the way we are mistreating His Property, ISRAEL included, He is about to evict us!

Read your Holy fucking BOOK, Israel!

If any solution for you is to be found, it is in DROPPING ALL BORDERS.

Not alone between these chimera, Israel and Palestine, but right across this tiny-tiny orb we call our Home Planet, the Sacred Mother Earth.

Proper occupation of all the Earth is in the 'most honest tax' where we all 'pay the rent'.

Now, back to my ruthless insults against the Vunderful Jewish Peoples....! O Viy!

Can we really believe, in this age of the third eye, that the paining 19th century Jews who convinced the likes of Cecil Rhodes, and his elite British and Eurapean filthy-rich corruptees to start the long-dreamed-of 'Return to Israel' movement, were not using kabbala witchcraft on them?

But please, don't get me wrong! No-one can blame them! Any tribal leaders, who were watching their people slowly being exiled, persecuted, ostracised and shunned, over centuries, would do exactly the same!

Bar, perhaps, our Noble, Honorable, Intelligent, Enlightened, Garden of Wisdom and Beautifully Humble Australian Aborigine Peoples?

But they, like all Indigenies, knew this three-dimensional thing the Jews concocted, called 'time' was a crock, a 'furphy', and that the Righteous always triumph.

'In this life or the next' as a Jesus-type Fella might say....

Oh! "Earth's Enlightened Economic Rule!!!!"?

Land Rent for Government Revenue!

As if ya' didn' know!

So, bad luck, Mr President! But the source of the blockage is beyond the thinking gears of prime minister Netanyahu, or his party-sponsors, and over in the HQ of the IMF, 'realty branch'. O' course you knew that the IMF is the rebranded name for that old whore, the British East India Company?

Oh, Whitehall has a few questions to answer also, therefore, methinks.....?

Then, of course, there's that Joseph Smith false-prophet mob up there in Salt Lake City...... Maybe have a chat with GW and Dick? They may be able to 'pull a few stringsssss....'​​?

Of course, Rupert Murdoch has his reasons to avoid THE FACTS, I'm sure.

But who can reach him, while he's so busy financing and spreading propaganda for the real terrorists..., of Zionism?

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen Fighting for a Just World!

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
King Commo
aka Countryzen bin Eartha
aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth

Outlaw, for
Education &


apologies for strange text size or formatting..., spooks in the machine!


Bob Katter, an "Independent's Party", & is it all worth it?

110523M Katter, Independent's Party, & is it all worth it?


I guess, as Bob Katter's already there, and as things across our political arenas continue to slide, he's doing the right thing by announcing that he's putting out the call for Independents to form a party.

I have to say that I forecast something of the kind, soon after the 2010 federal election. But it was, as many would think, an inevitability, I reckon. And I'm sure lots would have thought the same way, back then too.

However, as federal Labor slips off the plank, stoically refusing to walk it, if only because the more Intelligent there will go down fighting rather than acquiesce to the appallingly low intellectual acumen and draconian, unAustralian policies of the alternative Liberal/National party coalition, and just weeks, it seems, since the Queensland premier, Anna Bligh walked the stage in triumphant-mode, having shown her qualities during and after the Queensland floods, it becomes painfully MORE clear how much Australia is under the boot of dangerously demented British and Eurapean ideologues.

So, what for to bother?

Bob Katter has always struck naïve me as a right winger in the least, and over time, whenever he's made it to my viewing space, slowly I've come to respect him, for his no nonsense, unpolished north Queensland, outback style, but mainly for his on-the-money words.

Since he and the two other Independents held the winning cards in the last federal card game, and from what he, Oakeshott and Windsor frankly said in the limbo-days after the poll, it became clear that there lies the potential for a strong and very positive shift in the pit of politics as we've become used to it in Astrayliar.

Not for any time I recall, has there been such straight talking from federal politicians.

And, whether any of them are even sympathetic to the Greens' beliefs and approaches, the 3 of them, with the favour shown by the electorate to the Greens, gave lots of us hope that things might well be 'on the up'.

But, ho-fucking-ho! Immediately the Murdoch drOpposition cabal started at the heels, knees and hearts of the new government, endlessly and riddled with Orwellian double-speak and 'Ministry of Truth' twisting of word and phrase meanings, they mindlessly opposed merely because that was all they had as weaponry to deploy.

Good Government did not matter to any of them. Their aim was non-other than to make the job of government as difficult as they could, and quite possibly purely because they were not the winners.

They knew they could, because one, Abbott has the whole of the offshore Illuminati, Rhodes-Scholar media and British-owned, Zionist foreign heroin industry cabal behind them, deploying magic whenever they thought it might be 'a good idea', two, because they were more desperate than ever, what with the threat of the polity waking-up to their sinister manipulations of minds, hearts and paypackets, and three, they essentially don't give a fuck anyway - whatever the outcome - they're all guaranteed 'all the wealth of the world' when it's all over anyway, and four, none of them have ever really given a damn or a fuck for the Australian people either.

So 'let's go play' with the peoples' money and with the peoples' houses of parliament, and with the peoples' lives and future! HAHAHAHAHAHA! (giggle-giggle-giggle) HAHAHAHAHA!

As well, those Representatives and Senators with Intellects and Consciences, the NOT-sycophants of Abbott and covens, knew that the right wingers in and around the Liberal/National clubsters were such demonic ethics-free scum, that nothing has stopped them from infiltrating and subverting every Honorable political cause for generations, and that they had more or less completely disempowered Justice here and globally, so standing against the evil, was being done not for any other reason that they were not going to stand by and watch those utter cunts win without having to fight, and take a few hits.

These, my 'broadbrush' REALPolitik summaries of our political shithole, if near correct, would drain the spunk from anyone's Soul, therefore, I ask again....

...What for to bother?”

What for.., to NOT! Can be the only answer, surely?

Like my sole reason for not committing suicide, purely so the evil bastards who are trying to make me, do not after I do, say “HA!, he always was a loser!” Or such....


And the same to any who dance around my aura and vehicle with mindless malice running their heads and genitals.

Back to Bob Katter and today's announcement that he's looking to set-up something of an “Independent's Party”.

He looks and sounds, and I reckon he is one tough son of a...., but also he's obviously a gentleman, because, while I reckon I know that he's spent many a smokey hour in NQ pubs getting drunk and steamy about WHY NOT - A REVOLUTION? He takes the gentlemanly road and calls for another party to try to peaceably make the utter-utter-utter-utter-utter-utter-utter-utter-utter- bastards honest.

So, with the collective Intelligence and Honor of the 3 Amigos, 'should they choose to accept the mission...', so far there is the beginning of a potential.

But I cannot see otherwise than that after all the more (publicly) polite discourses have been exhausted, and more than a few 'Inde's' have come and gone, the REALPolitik battle will be long gone from the ponsy uptop-upclub-upemselves parlours of Canberra's parliament house, and onto the streets, probably with mortars and tanks and fighter jets crapping on protesting Australians, as we fight back futilely with sling-shots and molotovs. And trucks....

While this charade called 'politics' lasts, some 'left-ish' politicians with similar Honor, Grunt and Determination to not see the softcock Australian traitors like Tony Abbott and his cabal of cockheads claim victory without being bashed occasionally, we might - correction - we SHOULD see the blonde-bomber Kevin Rudd toughening/buffing himself up and divorcing himself from the Vatican wino's and the ALP, and siding with the molotov-throwers, at least with the Inde's Party.

Other's, both majors would prefer forgotten, those polies and ex-polies with REALSpunk, such as, Markster Latham, would more than likely be leading a few Gangs through the corridors of the big house, looking for arms and heads to.....

But ALAS? What for.....?

Even if it went to that, that last ditched FUCK YOU SATAN! from the Wiser, vastly more Intelligent, and definitely more Honorable Australians, the scum on top of the pool will have long before made appointments with the NATO strike forces, and the fucking psychos of the Freemason's Zionist Pentagon military machinemen, to drop in with 7 fleets of unmanned heavily-armed drones to ensure the 'New Israel' of our Aborigines Sacred Land will still be there for Zion and the Illuminati once they've totalled the northern hemisphere.

So...., 'Right behind you, Bob!' Sincerely.

But making right the completely retarded selfish and giggle-brained minds of the most of mainstream Astrayliarns, as they say, 'ain't gonna happen!'

The 'church' has got 'em all! They ain't NEVER gonna let go of the 30-pieces-o'-silver ghost being dished-out at every Sunday mass confessional, every upclub latte-bar, every corporate wishing-well, every 'mortgage-interest-rate-cut', every chance to WIN-WIN-WIN!

Not without the Three Wise Tribes, and a few hundred thousand big motors, firing-up, turning to the city-centres, and holding prolonged, organised 'Gatherings'....

'Corroborees' If the Planet's Elders will let me use that Word...? If it's the correct word?

But even then...., it's gotto happen everywhere.

Especially where the orders and cheques come from, in Eurape and Britain.... methinks......

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen Fighting for a Just World!

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
King Commo
aka Countryzen bin Eartha
aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth

Outlaw, for
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