Who's Side Should I Be On?

120129 Outlaw Junction News-Chop Who's Side Should I Be On? Edition

After yesserday morning's threat of terrorist action from WHO'S LAND?-Queensland Parks and Wildlife and the local coppers, I took the step and camped at a “wayside stop” last night, the first time for a little while.

As expected, I was accosted by a British or Eurapenis tourrorist, who wandered over to my ute in the early morning hours, and pissed all over the driver's side panels and the tarp.

I expect he's relieved?

So, after a spray of metho to neutralise the toxins, I thought a little about this covert war going on between the whitefaces of Eurapenese, British and we, white, and other skin-coloured now-”native” Australians.

The question arose, as to “Who side should I, a Dissident against most things Brit-Euro in culture, be on?”

Oh! And clearly, though I rarely use the word, for it being too much of their whorey religion, I'm obviously, perhaps the world's most infamous, and/or famous “heretic”!


This question of which side, is possessed of internal points which conflict.

The white Australian culture, descended from those on the other side - of the planet - is clearly deadly to most all Earthly beings. Therefore I am obliged to Dissent from that as well.

For years I've been cognisant of the dangers to everything gorgeous from the tourrorist industry, in that, in the main, the tourrorists, are often, but perhaps less lately, what with the wealthy of Asia and elsewhere spreading their real estate portfolios to our wide Green and brown and Red and Bleck Land, essentially coming here to view the vast scenes, and as well, assess where they want to snap-up some cheap investment real estate, for their retirement, or for their corporate mining ventures, etc. Or for their stock market speculation portfolios.

Land! In a word.

WHO'S LAND? Certainly, in REALPolitik, NOT the Queens!

But alas!? What power do we Australians actually have in terms of making an honest life out of the resources here?

Yesserday, I took the time to watch ABC's News 24 television channel on the lappy, and was fortunate to be up for the latest, I guess, “Four Corners” program.

As usual, Top Quality Reportage, on what cannot not become a key focus and issue in WHO'S LAND?-Queensland's March 2012 state election.

Coal seam gas mining.

An incisive expose of the disgusting new industry, which even in it's early days, is causing terrible damage to most everything it is posited near.

Farm land. Farming communities. Water aquifers. The Great underground Artesian Basin water store. And on and on.

One of the big culprits is “Queensland Gas” mining corporation, who have the authority (NOT!) to over-ride local's concerns and lifestyles, livelihoods and their rights to what happens on their land.

(There are issues within this legal situation, which go to whether people, Australian landowners should have full control over what they do with the land they have purchased. This, because the use of our lands, is crucial to any balanced environment. Therefore we have to be sure that what people do is positive for the ecology, because the vast majority of enterprises, agricultural, residential, tourrorist and other, are far and away from fitting that fundamental criteria of Proper Environmental Laws. So, for example, whole regions dedicated by upclub landowning retirees growing wine grapes, in REALPolitik, is not acceptable. Therefore, the muster of them shown on Four Corners, have to question their own values, when they dispute the coal seam gas mining corporate incursion. Yes, wine grapes is less damaging - discounting the neg's of the alcohol culture - but still, would not fit within the bounds, which do have to be as strict as possible, of Environmental Law. But, any broadacre, monocrop is a very untenable farming system. This, these, are examples fo the depth of change we have to embrace, if we are to turn the carnage around to “carriage” hehehehe?!)

They (Queensland Gas), as with all large, usually foreign-owned mining or resources corporations, have this authority due to our horrendous state and federal laws, which basically state that Australian People, white, Bleck, purple or green actually do not and can never own their little piece of dirt, no matter how much they paid, who they licked, or what they produce and do with the land.

If a valuable resource, such as this case's “coal seam gas” is found beneath the pasture, forest, or housing foundations, these resource thief corps have it written into the state or federal laws that they can “resume” ownership rights and claim access to the properties, ignoring any calls, PROTESTS, or concerns, legal or otherwise, of local People.

So, as was shown on Four Corners, as this industry has already marched into WHO'S LAND! on a large scale, and resumed as-good-as ownership of people's properties, then rudely sunk bores into the soil to extract the gas, often but 200 metres from peoples homes, not to mention within farming cropland, thus destroying the crop production from it, locals in these areas are a bit testy.

One clip from Four Corners had a small Group driving to the gates of one of these corporations mines, and voicing their distaste to the gatekeeper employees.

Unnerstandable, methinks!

But alas! What are we, Australians, dealing with here?


Brit-Eurapenises pissing all over us!

But, our wasteful, over-consuming, excessive-in-the-extreme white, Brit-Eurapenis culture demands we subvert, pervert, consume and destroy!?

And but 1% of 1% of us can genuinely claim we are not totally surrendered to it's insane cult beliefs.

None of us, including the farmers and 30-acre vintner retirees out there could last without the resources these big scumsucking corporations extract.

PROTESTING and whinging and banging on the glass, without solid back-up, from covert local counter-incursions, through all the way to the top echelons of elite influence, and even military power, is most always converted by the foreign corporate “elite” media into a blackening of our PROTESTER's names and Causes.

The Blonde Champ for REALAustralian Causes, Kevin Rudd, and his colleagues in the ALP/Greens federal government, went a long way to correct these inequalities, when he/they changed the law regarding foreigners not resident, owning Australian land. Don't recall any details as usual, but I think it changed so that one had to be living, resident, in Australia to buy an Australian house, or somefink?

He/they made other attempts at making Proper, our laws regarding land, and the most outstanding, was the try at introducing the National Land Tax, assessed and recommended by the Henry Tax Review of 2009.

This, along with other travesties of Honorable government, not the main attraction across this fallen world, was key to why the federal government came under such intense and quite untrue media and opposition attacks, and why Ruddie was ousted from the PM's chair.

Foreign control.

Therefore, while I have little choice but to be onside with the upperclass retirees who delight their taste-buds with homegrown plonk, on their comfortable and relaxed 30-acre plots - not so comfie and kickback now, with the coal seam gas bores surrounding them - and with the beer-drinkers who Wisely chose the rural life, who are subject to the same foreign laws ripping their peace-of-mind from under them, issue has to be taken with them, because they, choicelessly I acknowledge, are still a long long way from living the Alternative Life, independent of the crude rudiments of the awry western culture.

The issues are core of the Earth Fundamental which we have, as a United Nation, to address.

As said, Kev the WHO'S LANDER Rudd and his Better Members (?) and Advisors in the ALP-Greens federal government went all the way in this exact type of matter, and, in a brutal wake-up call, paid the price.

IT'S NOT OVER YET! As they say.

Clearly, all major political parties, here and across the western sphere of political trickery, are powerless against the pissy might of the white supremacists from Brit-Eurapenis Zionism, while we are forced, by bribery and skulduggery to remain cowering in our nuclear family delusions, so suiting their offshore interests.

As I said in yesserday's blogpost, though now see it as overstated, “...it seems this is the century of UpRisings....”, or may be for now?

But what Alternative do we down here down the Brit-Eurapenis lavatory actually have, in terms of correcting these horrendous errors in laws, and in our own Rights?

The upperclassholes who control our thoughts and media, bash into us that we live in a Democracy, yet only once, during the last federal election, have I ever heard mention of election fraud or tampering with the ballot counting procedures.

We, in our lazy “she'll be right!” attitude, miss too much to justify any corrections to laws, and voting rules, etc.

That we still place our ballot papers in cardboard ballot boxes at the polling booths, and, as I remember, but may be wrong, still are so naïve as to accept marking our choices with a fucking PENCIL, displays a deeply dangerous, and totally subvert-able belief and voting system, and, for that, disqualifies us from having any rights.

And who can we thank?

How about the tourrorist industry, for allowing the foreign trippers in, to trip off to and subvert every upclub, ex-private-schoolie-owned cafe in the land? Brit-Eurapenis private schoolies!

Well..., the tourrorist industry is but one aspect.

Australians have to wake up, BIG TIME!

Not just in the pleasant vegie-growing plains of central western WHO'S LAND?


Fortunately, though the opposite at-once, this is not just a parochial, Australian issue. The same plunder and destroy is global, and everyone is due to suffer badly very soon.

Unless, globally, enough of us can get of our potatoes, our vegie patches, our couches, and communicate.

Voicing to each other our own Issues, such as the Astrayliar Day PROTEST in Canberra, confabulated by the mainstream anti-Aborigine parties or not, has to be enabled, but only so as to inform others of where we, each of us, each Tribe of us, is at.

As I've been tuned lifelong to see the BIG picture, it's a breeze for me to see how they all fit into the bigger perspective. But perhaps while most of us are left few options but to narrow our focus parochially, it may not be so easy.

So, meeting procedures, undoubtedly not new, would have to be where introductions to each Cause are given, then expression of how they are related to the bigger, biggest issue must follow.

This demands each participant gives time and thought, but before all, Meditation, to the larger view, so that in meetings, “Corroborees” if-I-may, it becomes second nature to fit our local issues into the larger conversation.

I guess a lot of study is a prerequisite, on the big stuff. But without that, no answers will rise-up and show themselves, so the lesser issues will remain, issues.

However, the bottomline, is that any Corrections to slow and stop both the incursions, invasions and plunder of OUR LAND, depend wholly upon our own “Whole Of Life Change”, because without the deepest review and alterations of how WE live, we remain part of the problem.

Before this gathering of words fell out, I heard in my brwain, ideas about what has to happen, to secure the future.

Communities, small villages and such, across the land, have next to no choices but to secure their essentials, and that starts with FOOD.

Independence from the global supermarketplace means whole towns buying or being donated, by Wise Farmers/landholders, enough acreage to grow their own produce.

Ever aware of the ceaseless attempts by juggernaut brainless incorporated, to undermine (!?!) Dignified and Noble Lifestyles, each corner of the acreage should have a dwelling on it, permanently occupied by Co-Op workers. Using their technology to enhance security makes easy the task of stopping them jumping the fences and doing their poisonous things.

Don't forget the croppies! Invite them in, rednecks though they are!

On the redneckery, trying to teach anyone, without genuine returns for them, is nigh on impossible.

So, the Collective has to say, “we invite you into the full gamut of a Dignified Lifestyle! Community, entertainment, education, at your pace, in your interests, great home-grown food, and a tipple, employment, but most of all, a secure, affordable home. Less than half the price of today's land prices.”

Being able to offer an affordable lifestyle, including the house package, as-it-were, means long work hours/weeks/decades in guilt-building industries, are over. Time is more theirs to really relax and find their inner happinesseseses. This, enabled, removes the psychoses which have us resort to evermore degrading pastimes, and inspires us to lift our view, and thus our mind and desires.

There's no reason on earth, but the offshore corruption, why roughnecks and knuckle-draggers can't sit with mates and get high listening to Mozart, Dylan, or Yothu Yindi.

Letting the mind find it's centre, to be deeply secure and thus relaxed, opens up the universe of dignity to the being.

True Fella Stuff, no doubt about it.

No-one would say that's shite, or evil, or bad for them.

Local councils have to be high on the list of Corrections, to correct any laws which prevent such efforts. Laws like those stopping multiple occupancies, which is the enemy of the subvert and divide corporations, changed, gives occupiers security in numbers. So food land is best with the People living there.


Underneath most all the laws and cultural structures we have now, are the desires by the lords of big house bullshit boffinery, mainly in Westminster, etc, to keep us divided.

So it is with the whole “class” affair.

Lower classes and the fall-out from their attempts at finding a feed - prisons - are their highly effective weapon in this division and conquering of society.

So, people from all levels of education, indoctrination, “class” and mental development have to come in to the same circle.

All societies depend upon all levels of skill and ability to survive, so an wholistic Agrarian Community, village, town and region has worthy work for all of us.

The primary need for all of us, after food, is housing. So any new Community has to enable everyone to have a safe and relaxing home.

I rail against the nuclear family home models, because they are the most dangerous to our psychology, culture and to the environment.

As we're all damaged, and here in their land Australia cannot live too close with others without freaking out, compromise models can and need to be designed.

I've got a few concepts on the hard drive, but a few.

They don't matter.

What matters is that we, all of us - yeah, impossible - have to bite the bullet and make that commitment, to change.

Buddha knows we have the technology, even just to communicate the ideas, the designs, of SUSTAINABLE low-energy systems for light, power, transport, fuels, sewerage, recycling etc., and food and housing.

The only problems all of us have, are what we carry in our occupied minds.

Last century, indeed, 4th century castings, dated, deadly and dying, designed to take us down as well, if we do not get off our fatcells and commit to change most everything in our voting patterns-er-lives.

In WHO'S LAND..., I like “Silver Bob”, Bob Katter, (silver for his hair, not any 30-pieces thrown his way, which I reckon he'd throw back), and he may be the best bet in the coming state election.

But it'd be a safe bet to assume some slimy legal witch from the mainstream has approached him and “asked” that he slow down his campaign and aspirations.

Personally, his more Real Attitude to the farce we know as politics, makes him a much preferred choice to the mainstream options, but how much he would agree with what I'm scribing here, I can't know, of course, but feel he's a little straight for the “hippie-tripping” ventures of reform I suggest.

He's a Maverick, no doubt about it, and WHO'S LAND has bucket loads of them, out there beyond the big pineapple.

But if we employ our Intellects, we'll know that the blackened reputation of the various “hippie” ventures of the passed 40 years, while replete with deep flaws, underneath, still have Merit, and large doses of Wise, Scientific Perspectives on how Humanity has to live.

Even Bob would be Honest and Wise enough to concede to that. Woun'ya, Bob?

Back to the coal seam gas bullshit, the Four Corners show exposed both how under-feared it is and what future dangers it has, and that it's same plunder-and-fuck culture wants to spread everywhere, asap.

It does effect all of us, especially future generations. So action needs to be taken now.

But as written above, it demands we go at the whole gamut of our laws and our sovereignty, otherwise Australians lose.

This has to include the deceptions and deadly dependence we have blithely come to accept in the tourrorism industry.

Not saying we shouldn't have tourists, but we do need to ask that they are given something of an education, before they can “qualify” to tour and speculate on our country.

So.., after this mornin's Eurapenising, after too many years mocked and shit-on by white Australians, “who's side should I be on?” remains unanswerable.

At least until after the WHO'S LAND-Queensland state election in March, 24th, I think.

For what it's worth, we are all but a few elections away from the big slam, the big global slam of a major economic and it would seem, cultural depression. Those who ignore the predictions and forecasts, should be hung, methinks.

As with all dis-eases, the best remedy is prevention not cure. Therefore we should be acting now, by nipping in the toxin in the bud, and do everything we can to ”Group-Up” and Unite the nation toward whole-of-life changes.

Battery's low - gotto go!


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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Local Council Set To Pounce

120128 Outlaw Junction News-Chop Local Council Set To Pounce Edition

Yesserday, I scribed and posted here, a fiery, if resigned piece, suggesting that local councils had been infiltrated by Freemasons, who are doing horrible things to their little fiefdoms.

As they're a ruthless bunch of practitioners of the dark arts of witchcraft, they are well aware of my existence, and tune-in to my thoughts, especially when I voice, and as here, write, fiery pieces about their shenanigans.

So, it is expected that I will be further harassed in the coming days, and life will be made even more miserable than it is.

Thanks mum.

But, alas, Freemasons only in local councils?

Of course not, for the masons are thorough, and so in a land like Astrayliar, there's hardly an institution or government department, especially any which deal, in any way whatsoever, with issues of land distribution, which are not seriously influenced by the masonic agenda.

Again here in Astrayliar, each state has it's own brand of bushland management government “authorities”, and, from experience in Victoria, NSW and WHO'S LAND?-Queensland they are all rather pathetic at the general tasks they are given.

Most of the forests have been decimated by land rape, by timber hungry mobs. Perhaps ten years ago, I heard that Australia has lost 95% of it's rainforests over the 223 years of white occupation, to loggers and land-grabbers innerested in clearing the magnificent life-giving jungles for agriculture and other things, one being for residential expansion around the towns and cities.

As part of the sojourn of humanity, we've gone an awry route, and done irreparable damage to the environment, as we all know, and most of that has been because we were blind to how we should live ecologically balanced lives, as we sought timber for housing and construction, and mineral resources for the industrial revolution's inventiveness, etc.

So there are now only very few forests in Australia which are anywhere near their original, pristine, untouched state.

The areas governments label as forests, are kept in minimal condition, as far as restoring or maintaining the crucial biodiversity necessary for all the plants and animals to remain healthy, and most of them are already “tagged” for further deforestation, somewhere down the track.

Land speculation is the name of the game, in most parts of the earth now, and Australia is up top of the list globally, as witnessed by the disgusting, and rising land prices.

Due to the genocide of the Original Peoples, the Australian Aborigine, which could well have been in the millions, from 1808 really, forward to the 1930s and '40s, while even today an entrenched attitude prevails within a lot of the white population of racism, which really, when it comes down to it, equates with genocidal attitudes, and today we still hear reports on the news of what usually are painted-down to appear as not racist, of Aborigines dying undue deaths, the country's population is still even with 21 million or so immigrants, relatively small, compared to the land area.  Australia still has a relatively low demographic, with perhaps one of the lowest numbers of occupants per the amount of land.

This, is in many many ways, outright criminal. Especially while the governments, federal, state and local, refuse to administer the land in anywhere near a Proper, environmentally and Humanly healthy way.

Whether we look, scientifically, economically, culturally, at cities, or regional towns, coastal strips, agriculture or the forests, the reforests actually, we will find totally illogical, unreasonable and disastrous layouts, plannings, and attempts at maintaining them.

Why should such a tragic condition prevail?

Before the whites invaded and plundered, the environment was completely balanced, healthy, perennial. The Bleck Fella, in the English language, say they have been the “Custodians” of the country, and have been as much a part of the environment as any.

Indeed, these People, and their way of living, cannot be separated from how the mythological Peoples of the Garden of Eden lived, as are alluded to in the Christian and Jewish religions.

Therefore, what was in the blood, the genes, the beliefs or the thinking processes of the invaders, to have them so totally ignore both the Pristine status of the new found lands here, and of course, the Pure, Spiritually Enlightened Peoples who had occupied it as-good-as forever?

Think about it Mr Mayor!

Mr Parks and Wildlife!

This morning I passed two 4 wheel drive utes, one of which I think was a Queensland "Parks and Wildlife" vehicle, then I drove passed another new Ford sedan at the gate of the forest I'd retreated into, which looked muchly like a police unmarked car. Two women were standing in front of it on the grass verge.  I waved openly to the elder woman, who went to return the wave, but changed her mind, and looked a little disgusted at me.

I didn't react, but her arrogant look suggested something was going on.  Of course, everyone will deny it.

So, Mr Parks and Wildlife, don't come harassing me because I challenge your extremely insane beliefs and so-called “laws” on land use and occupation, please.  

Laws which are not good for the people and/or for the country, are not "laws".  And courts which fail to recognise that are not courts of law, but are courts of corruption.

As I pointed out one or two e-ssays back, I might seem to be constantly on the attack against people, against individuals, and against cults, but when it comes down to it, my biggest gripe is against the most dangerous, to everyone and everything, cultures.

I, as everyone does, have a right to dissent peacefully from laws which can be proven to be unjust, bad or, illegal.  And.., to speak out about them.

"I have every RIGHT to voice & write my political objections to the tyranny of “foreign-controlled” Australian Federal, New South Wales & Queensland laws, government authorities & police forces!

As it is writtten in the ASIO Act 1979...:

“….the ASIO Act 1979 specifically recognises the rights of Australians 'to engage in lawful advocacy, protest or dissent'....”

If none of you have the courage, the rectitude, the honor, the integrity or the intelligence to work with others around you to ensure the laws are correct, then you have no authority over anyone.

If, harassment is how you maltreat me into lowering myself to the level of the majority, of being able to defend myself against witchcraft, which is a reasonable thing to expect me to do, then we have a problem.

Being as psychologically damaged as I am, I am convinced I cannot go the distance, and awaken my third eye, thus, make myself able to live amongst the community.

56 years of lies and an horrendous conspiracy perpetrated behind my back, with, I quite believe, every intention of my mothers Catholic cult keeping me hypnotised, totally as their little puppet, and with having the secret exposed to all but myself over some 20 years now, so that any who finds it fun, mindless, unethical fun, to deploy witchcraft upon me, or has serious antipathies against this whole secret Catholic and other Zionists “mission” to build a false prophet, a false messiah, is too much for me to deal with, but especially, added up, it is all now one huge preventative stopping me from being able to move beyond my past, and take that leap into the occult, as everyone else has been guided successfully to do.

I'm sorry. While the hidden forces and “elementals” Et Al., have power over me, I'm rooted, and cannot oblige any of you.

This, is no reason to persecute me, to harass me, or to haunt me with your witchcraft.

If you have any notion of treating me correctly, that-is in the way that would best and most simply solve my and everyone elses' problem, regards my “large” auric energies, please, organise my assassination.

I don't believe I have to be tortured or die painfully.

So one night, please, oh so fucking powerful Freemasons, organise a quiet, undisturbing gunshot to my head, when I am sound asleep.

That way, I will at least not be stressed by the scare-tactics idiots so love deploying to make my auric entities dance, etc, or whatever they enjoy watching when my nerves are afire, and I might stand a chance of transcending this unholy life and now, this unholy planet, in a more peaceful state of mind.

But I know none of you have the Courage to help me peacefully pass on from this tragedy of a life. 

And, too many white people are just plain deranged, and get their insane thrills playing with magic on my soul. And as many, would love to watch me commit suicide, which is singularly why I will not.

Again, thanks mum. Thanks Catholic females. Thanks Zion.

Oh! And the Aboriginal PROTEST on Australia Day (2012) was a complete set-up, by anti-Aboriginal forces.

The “threat” assessed by the PM's security was false, and fabricated to make the “evacuation” sensational for the media.

Bleck Fella! Time to withdraw, regroup and revise what to say and do, and how you say and do it.

I cannot dismiss the likelihood that Julia Gillard is/was an unwilling player in it all.

Even the announcement about revising the Constitution was done fully aware that something would occur to have them withdraw the revision and rewriting.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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Aboriginal Plea for Justice trivialised into SENSATIONAL NEWS

120127 Outlaw Junction News-Chop Plea for Justice turned into SENSATIONAL NEWS Edition


Rising early to get to the shed before the bridges go under the Queensland monsoonal floods north of Brisbane, “silly me!” I thought once firing-up the lappy and scanning the news.

Thought I'd get in a good day on the 4x4 hut.


News smacks me in the panbrake when I find that the True Fellas, and Allied White Fellas of the Canberra Aboriginal Tent Embassy were incited to PROTEST against racist comments by our less-than-illustrious federal Opposition leader, Tiny Habit-er-Tony Abbott.

At 12:20, Friday, I'm lost in the media ocean storm of articles on this PROTEST and related events, around Canberra. Abbott it seems, did not say such incendiary things about the Tent Embassy, though the 'net is being blocked so it's impossible for me to actually even read the words he spoke. (The whitefaced British here are maggots, no doubt.)
From early this morning, I began putting together my thoughts on this latest media storm about the Bleck Fellas, but by now, I've given up trying to get it down to any good article.

So, I'm gonna publish what I put together this morning, and hope there's some merit to it.

Here 'tis....

Abbott, clearly a spokesman for offshore interests, primarily of British and Eurapean mining, resources and other land-speculative corporations, had thrown an incendiary comment out with another of his blithe unintelligent statements that the Aboriginal Tent Embassy should be pulled down.

Foolish” is one word for his repeatedly stupid and totally inconsiderate, insensitive words.

Racist” in this case, is most appropriate.

At this stage, I haven't found footage from Australia's mainstream channel nine television of his statement. Inneresting that it was not found anywhere on Go Ogle news pages, while all the most sensational coverage possible, of the PM stumbling as she retreated from the event and PROTEST, was all over the top articles' space?

An impartial perspective on all of this, I think, would deem the reactions by the Tent Embassy True Fellas as totally Justified.

We cannot condemn the PM's security team for taking the evasive actions they took.

Things in Australia now are “delicate” in relations between the Aborigine Peoples and the mainstream political rabble, so to decide to evacuate the PM and drOpposition leader Abbott from the awards ceremony was a fair thing, albeit that the Bleck Fellas here are, and for 223 years have been remarkably passive and Wise during the genocide of their Magnificent Peoples and Cultures.

However, it cannot be ruled-out that there was, by some in the PM's security, a want to make the Bleck Fellas out to be dangerous.

From the footage and reports I've seen, the PROTESTERS hadn't gotten inside the white-fellas gathering, and were on the outside of the shatter-proof glass walls.

Yes, an assessment had to be made quickly as to the potential threats.

How close the PROTESTERS got to the PM and Tiny Habit, I dunno, while they were still inside the building, with the PROTESTERS outside, having “surrounded” the premises, making as much noise as they could, merely by banging their hands on the glass walls, and shouting.

With the recent announcement that the government would act to revise the national constitution to recognising the Aborigine as our First Peoples, you can be sure that a counter-attack would have been in many minds of our right wing polies, and of the basically right wing, security organisations we suffer.

With the conniving and collusion ever-going-on in high places, I reckon I can guarantee that this was an orchestrated counter-move to discredit the Bleck Fellas and their Supporters, so as to reduce public support for the revised Constitution.

That the mainstream, far-right-wing, offshore media, have made hay of the trivial stumble off her high heel shoes, it is clear that the deliberate emphasis on that, was making capital in favour of foreign interests, against recognition of the Aborigine.

Because, no-one can deny that the most dangerous people's in Australia are those white, non-Aboriginal, invader oligarchs at the top of the econo-political pyramid. Those, like Tony Abbott, who constantly put resources, wealth and offshore interests ahead of the Spiritual and Cultural Purities the Bleck Fellas are renowned for.

Well..., “renowned” to the Wisest Humans.

Let's face it, Australia in general, is not occupied in the 97% main, by Wise Peoples. And it shows in the comments and 203 years of persecution and genocide by the dominant invaders from - Britain and Eurape.

Perhaps the most tragic result from the whole series of affairs of that event is that the media latched onto the footage and reportage of Ms Gillard, as she was being, perhaps too hastily, escorted from the turmoil, stumbling, and thus her bodyguard, had to catch her, and, as she had lost one of her high heal stiletto shoes, in the panic, ended by actually dragging her to her car.

I know not how far he dragged her.

But as usual, media has plastered the media waves with the SENSATIONAL photos of bodyguard-nummer-one holding a tilted PM in his arms, dragging her.

How far?”, I ask again. Was it fifty metres? Two metres? Or did he merely catch her as she stumbled, then, once she regained her balance, held her close for the rest of the walk, run, rush?

One and probably more news outlets, even went so far, at this early stage as well, to introduce the “chiselled good looks” of the PM's bodyguard, and one I saw, brought in the concept of making him a movie star!

Comparisons and even clips from a 1990s movie starring Kevin Costner were up in the top of the Google news webpage!

That, is quite disgusting, and cannot be other than a base attempt by the anti-Aboriginal media and offshore corporate interests to take the emphasis off the Bleck Fellas Genuine concerns, and reasons - idiot Abbott's incendiary remarks.

On the other hand, I do concede that such diversions away from the whole shammozzle might have been pointing out how incidental the coverage has been. But it still distracts from the Aborigine's REALPolitik.

Nevertheless, this and footage of the actions taken by the PROTESTERS, will outweigh the reasons - the insensitive comments by Abbott - and the less-than-aggressive or less-than-“threatening” actions of the Aborigine, we can be sure.

Whatever..., I expect Abbott's stupid comments will be descended upon by the on-the-surface, “pro-Aborigine” Gillard government in the future, to show how much of a racist he and his right wing pack are.

But we can also be sure, that they will only use it for as long as it gives them media fodder, and thus possible increases in voter support.

The incendiary Abbott fired-off, will be capitalised upon, and as likely he will be asked to apologise to the Aborigines. But for sure he will do everything to water-down the affair, and, in typical upperclasshole style, he and his coven will “move on”.

It's yet to be seen whether the Aborigine can gain “mileage” from it all.

Aboriginal Elders from across Australia have distanced themselves from the PROTESTERS, saying they and their reactions do not represent the majority of Bleck Fellas.

Fair enough. I can't speak against these Wisest of us. They know full-well the Justifications for the Protest, and that it can be cause to up-the-ante in the ongoing battle - war - for a more egalitarian nation, against the clearly offshore controlled mainstream political classholes.

I guess the proof, as to how much Australia, as a People, as a nation, has in reality “moved-on” from the disgustingly racist, genocidal beliefs and policies which have kept the Aborigine in penury and third world status, will be in
- popular nationwide support for the revised Constitution to recognise the Aborigine as the First Peoples of this land, and thus,
- as due for greater autonomy - even Sovereignty
-release from the disgusting “Intervention” introduced by the previous Howard mis-government, from which racist Abbott descends,
- whether Abbott remains leader of the Opposition,
- whether the Gillard ALP government addresses the Veracity of the Tent Embassy and verifies it's right to remain, and to be listened to,

and whether more gritty topics, fundamental both the Aboriginal Culture, and to everyone being able to climb back to the True Status the white invader culture has reduced all Humanity from, to being once more, Human Beings, aka “Man the Wise”, by recognising that most fundamental Rule, we should all be knowing of, of “Sovereignty”?

It's so typical of the most brutal people, the white, British and Eurapean invaders, to slam the Bleck Fellas as threatening and violent, after the centuries of outright evil genocidal brutality the whites have unleashed across the globe against these non-white, Balanced, Wise, and in at least Australian Aborigine's case, Enlightened Nation(s).

With the knowledge constantly in mind, of the massacres the brutes from the north have inflicted and still inflict upon these Beautiful Spiritual Peoples, it should be quite understandable that the few who go the distance and Stand for a more Just country, and indeed, world, at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, get a bit testy, when totally unqualified, unthinking, outright idiots like Tony Abbott get airtime to say the things he does.

Having moved to Gympie, north of Brisbane, in WHO'S LAND?-Queensland, in March last year, I notice that there are a large lot of “Magpie” People hereabouts. “Magpie” being those with both white and Black ancestry.

From my minimal interactions with anyone, I gather that many, if not most of them, are well aware of the travesty of western culture, and that their Aboriginal ancestors fell Nobly to the guns, diseases, starvations, and cultural murders by the invader whites.

Most of them are so brutalised by centuries of white ignorance, as possibly peaked but a few decades ago in the extreme right wing WHO'S LAND?-Queensland Bjelke Petersen government, to be demure, passive and retiring people now, taking the humble offerings they can get out of this excessively materialistic culture.

But, even in these, generally fine People, I would guess, that there is still, and quite rightly, should always be, a deep resentment towards the white invader, not so much people, but culture, which has done so much damage.

Slowly, younger generations of the white mobs, are seeing the injustice of how the Blecks have been maltreated, and, what's better, is that they see the long term results of such stupidities, stupidities which destroy their own habitat, and therefore their, and their progenies futures.

With time, and Stoic activities by such as the denigrated “Greens” of Australia, all of us are learning that indeed, the Bleck Fellas were and are very much on-the-money (so much so, that they didn't need it!), when it comes to Respect of People and Country, and that they had and still have much to say and give, as “giving” is integral in their Culture, to the national debate.

That pro-genocide invader Tony Abbott fails completely to see this, let-alone admit it publicly, really disqualifies him from having any voice in the nation's capital.

But how much do his companions in the Liberal National party, and our racist mainstream media, stand apart from his bribe-taking views?


Lastly, as Britain's influence here is so entrenched, and as they deploy the most heinous methods to have their wicked way amongst us, as they have been scheming forever to secure their own interests, we have always to be on alert as to how much they do actually influence all parties within our political spheres.

I am quite convinced that the British “Freemasons” have infiltrated and dominated most all of our “local councils”, to the point where I estimate, while having no statistics or evidence, other than what I can divine from my now shallow Meditations, that a majority of the nations Council mayors are of that awry cult, and thus support the evils of Freemason land ownership distortions, such as those which are most antithetical to such as this article's focus - the Aborigine - and that this is precisely why one
- Kevin Rudd was rudely ousted from the PM's chair,
- two, why land laws and prices are rising out of the reach of all reason and honest peoples,
- three, why Tony Abbott made that provocative comment, to incite a riot, which the onside, right wing, foreign media could then use to denigrate the Aborigine, prior to a revised Constitution.

As Abbott and his fascists used media and bullshit to stomp Rudd, it's well within our capacities to use the same media, but with FACTS and Reason, to have him removed from parliament. For there is no doubt, that he is not qualified to be there.

Therefore.., to the Warriors down in Canberra, who are just a lil'-bit-angry at the bullshit up the hill there, you know I agree with you in all points and actions.

Backing down (to regroup and plan) might be considered “Wise” by some, and may be the best course of action, considering the media bias, and the attempts by the Freemason-dominant paradigm to fuck up the ALP's revision and updating of the Constitution, thus aid their illegal claim to our/your land.

But, I, had I a mobile home worth travelling in, would be on the road now to Canberra, to do whatever I can to support the Aborigines, and that would be a combination of Wise words and Wise actions, such as keeping a “presence” overt, at the big house, and at the British High Commission, etc., and perhaps as well at the Police HQ, ASIO HQ, etc.

May I suggest that a Call go out across the nation, for Bleck Fellas to roll-in to Canberra, to offer their “Wisdom”?

Lobbying all political reps HARD would be high on the list of actions, to not let this attitude of the right wing as voiced by Abbott be dispelled and forgotten.

And, lobbying the US Embassy, and others, could well be beneficial, especially if the broader considerations (of the global crisis) are made known, that the Aborigine is cognisant of them, and includes them, and your perspectives and on how Aborigine's Wise insights may go toward a long-term resolving of them, would be to begin with, listened to in your approaches for international Allies, methinks.

With the US Presidential elections coming, it would be helpful for both them and us to be seen to be active for Fundamental Human Rights and Justice, and that might just be in publicity regards support for the updating of our racist, unAustralian Constitution.

China, has it's ruthless tendencies, no doubt about it. But they are not of the western perspective, and do have long long relations with the northern Australian Aborigine, where Respect of each other was regarded as primary to Noble relations, etc. So, today, Aborigine should not be shy of approaching them for at least their opinion on these matters. They may need not make overt comments, but may well be able to smile in the right directions, so quietly influence things in a powerful and Proper direction, favourable to Bleck Fellas Cause.

While a bit of a toothless tiger, the United Nations is a voice, and given the weight and tactics the Brits will deploy to stuff the Constitution and the Gillard government's attempts, the UN is a voice to add Strength to the Cause.


White Fella, Bleck Fella, don't matta!

The point is, bringing into the “media sphere” as many voices and considered opinions as possible. Today, the Brits and their corporate perversions are very much on the nose, and are by far in the minority globally, even though the global media, their “elite” media can convert anything to their favour.

It's as if “UpRisings” are the flavour of the century now, and the old guard is taking hits from every side, and for that they are on the back foot. Even Israel is trying to correct itself, methinks. (and news just to hand - ISRAEL NUKES DAMASCUS! Oh well...., So I wuz wrong!)

But to emphasise that the old world of western elitism and opulence is proving to be bad bad very bad, makes them less blithe to Reason and Wisdom, and if the big view, with stats of the future prospects for all nations, is included in your local claims, the bigots of Canberra will have to listen.

Ever aware, of course, of the tactics the Freemasons and Britain's MI6 will deploy, to stymie us, I am convinced that Support, Honorable and Strong Support not just for the Bleck Fellas, but for a Just world, has grown significantly in recent years, such that the days of bullshit politrix is over, and the powers that be, are more ready than ever, to listen, and take-on the Advice such as the Wise Tribes offer.

Fuck the pin-striped suits!

While they force us to present in their costumes, with a “vault” of lawyers in front, they stay within their shallow, false comfort zones.

While they can do that, nothing changes.

So, your choice, but making their eyeballs wobble, having to negotiate with People wearing Traditional gear, alters their mental perspective too.

But Wisdom and True Facts, spoken Respectfully to them, especially in a public forum, with media attending, will give them no option but to act on your advice in the Right and Proper ways.

Tactics count for a lot too. Like any savvy Unionist, the “Ambit Claim”, of asking too much, is most effective.

Also, as the whole globe is on the brink of a massive failure, what with the “Arab Spring”, the pending collapse of the Eurozone, and the concomitant global depression, and other events showing that the upperclassholes can no more ignore alternate advice, this might well be the time for the most oppressed, who just happen also to be the most Wise - Bleck Fella - to keep their presence in the spotlight.

While I do ruminate about whether PM Gillard is but an MI6 plant, her Creds are High, and her history of her legal work is Good, as far as I'm concerned.

Also, on MI6, while it is known as a really screwed pro-corporate organisation, within it there are some, often high-up, who detest the ignorance of the dominant paradigm of western cults and culture, and have, remarkably, retained some elements of Reason, if not Wisdom.

Thus, an argument well put, as Aborigine is able to do, will not necessarily, in these days, be silenced by the scumsuckers MI6.

Personally, I'll never trust any of them. But you have the insight to know whether you should or not.

Keep an open focus. Absorb and include in your Meditations and formulations of confrontation, the bigger picture of how the world is turning upside down, and purely because of the fucked whitefaced ideologies and economic perversions, and never let the pricks forget that fact, when any talk occurs.


Fightin' Words!” has a whole new meaning, aye?

Hope these ones are makin' sense.....

Finally, it's hard to dismiss the chance that the whole affair was orchestrated, mainly by parliamentary (ie., from both sides) forces wanting to subvert and kill-off the promised reforms to the Constitution.

The media has gone into overdrive with derogatory articles against the Aborigine, which I interpret as their way of painting the Bleck Fella down prior to the changes to the Constitution.

I even reckon PM Gillard and coy are party to the bad press for the Aborigines, and that the over-response by her security was a manoeuvre oriented around making something of nothing.

These days, I trust no-one, but give the benefit of the doubt to the Bleck Fellas, Men and Women.

So, sadly, because I know white Fellas can have True Hearts, and can give to such worthy Causes Honorably, I am left to believe that at least some of the white Supporters who partook of the PROTEST, were there to make more of the situation, and thus made more of a noise than was necessary, such as the rumour that the ALP had called one of the Tent Embassy Mob about Abbott's comments, thereby starting a chain-reaction, which grows with each mouth passing on the story, eventually to have everyone really angry and ready for a violent battle up the hill at that restaurant.

I've witnessed antagonists/protagonists at worthy protests before, stirring up otherwise Reasoned and Balanced meetings and PROTESTS.

The extent of any Advances for the Aborigine through the reforms promised by the government are more than enough to incite the anti-Aborigine corporate classholes to pay heaps to otherwise politically neutral “ferals” “rastas”, private school drop-out “stoners” and others to make a ruckuss at such occasions which their media can capture and paint down the True Fellas with.

Sadly, dangerously, many who present at such as the Tent Embassy, promising dedicated assistance, are but puppets of the church or such, and without a mind to know themselves, will over-act to make themselves appear genuine.

Bleck Fellas know them, and what drives them, and know little can be done to clean them out. They know it's bad magic in the heads of those who come in....

What I wrote above, about PROTESTING outside Embassies and the big house, etc., “lobbying” and reaching O/S for support, probably still have merit, and may well be the better way to go, rather than letting unverified supporters getting too noisy at such as the restaurant yesserday, only to downgrade the Cause.

It was noted that ex-ALP NSW premier, Bob Carr is reported to have said today, that the Tent Embassy should have been “quietly packed-down years ago”.

It is never noted however, that he now earns a fantastic income working for one of the colonialist offshore (“banking” I think), corporations. So he's far more likely to say things in their favour than for the Aborigine.

Mind you, the NSW ALP, has always been the HQ of the offshore “rum club”, of the Brit-Euro-IMF foreign corporate interests.

That makes the federal ALP very suspect, of course, in regard to any sincerity over Aboriginal Rights and Reforms, and Recognition.

In the end, “lobbying” as I suggest, has severe limitations, as all embassies are upclub upperclassholes of the same elitist scumbags, all stewed in the cauldron of British agenda makers incorporated, and are far more likely than not, like private schoolies, to stab you in the back sooner or later.

But, the fight must go on, I guess. Perhaps were I closer to the action, and discussions, I feel more Optimistic?

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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