News-Giggle As We Slide Gently

120529 Truelaw Junction News-Giggle As We Slide Gently Edition

Gradually, reports come in about companies folding, spaced one might think, so as to soften the blow (but “spaced” by media, or by the global overlords...., is unknown to me. Clearly though, someone orchestrates what is broadcast, on all channels), the blow which is that we, even down-here-down-the-shithole of Astrayliar, are falling into an abyss of the most serious economic despair.

We hear of trucking companies going under, and others in building and construction placed in receivership.

Having no social interaction, I wonder what's really going on out there in Mr-and-Mrs Zombie-and-Blob land.

News today is so arranged.

What the media corporations broadcast as “news” has become so pitifully uniformative that we can be excused, as the Mighty Barry Humphries said recently, for thinking it's a parody, a comedy-sketch.

Those TV channels, cable at least, which have hourly news, pass off four, maybe 5 items, as enough to keep us “up-to-date”...,then.... it's over to SPORT....! Mayyyte!

Scanning foreign media channels when I can, every time I'm surprised by more than a few articles they broadcast, which are of relevance and even occasionally importance to the Australian political, economic, social and/or cultural debates, but which are never shown here.

We are being kept in the dark so badly, as endless travesties of injustice and cultural horror escape our attention, so escape any positive, righteous PROTEST from evermore stupid and tame Aussies.

Even here, things happen in politics and economics (HOHOHO! Economics!!! HAHAHA!) which get passed our once natural reactive, dissenting national character, and the masses, now, just turn a blind eye, and return to the ditch they are digging, or the beer they down, or the company accounts they are fiddling, expecting the politicians and righteous will resolve it all.

A survey in today's media says that 1-in-10 of Aussies think the world will end on December 21st this year, inline with the ancient Mayan, Latin-American prophesy.

And the masses absorb this, this rather startling survey result, and keep plugging away at their jobjobjob, blocking out any of the harder evidence, like the companies which fold, gently though we are fed the news.

The Hollywood movie “The Matrix” has rung in my ears since I saw it over 10 years ago, as portraying something out-of-this-world about how it really is on Earth.

Naturally, being both a Democrat and a Philosopher, some might regard me as a Master of Philosophy, and of Politics - to myself REALPolitiks,- whatever – as most people, at least in Astrayliar, are both extremely egotistic, so, for that, are dangerously stupid, and wrong, in the beliefs they cling to, what others believe about me, and all which is reputed to be behind my existence, must be rejected as the utterings of delusional fools or - utter cunts, ie., Catholic and Jewish Zionists, nevertheless.., being a Democrat, I reject outright the Matrixian notion that the character “Neo” was “The One”, and so I reject all beliefs that the world is to be saved by one almighty shithot karate dojo.

But the rest of the film's settings, even the first scenes of Neo “waking-up” in the incubator, and thereafter learning fastrack all about the false world the evil fucking nuns and their global cult has constructed and cast defenceless nubiles in as their puppets and slaves, and sources of occult energy, I quite believe. All-the-more-so for being that mythological Neo, myself.

Which adds depressingly to the deduction that we are all slowly being drowned, both by bullshit media and politics, and the orchestrator churches and cults, and by an occult force so dark as to be beyond description.

No doubt, exactly the way the Catholics, Jews, Freemasons and other colluding bewitching Zionists want it to be for Earth, so we are slowly decimated, while news media keeps on with pointless and trivial ads and items about the absolutely fabulous work Medicine sans Frontiers and wildlife warriors et al, are doing to save the discarded poor folks of forgotten regions, nations, races, that-is of non-Jewish or Christian religious Peoples, and threatened frogs, and elephants, etc.

In Canberra, and for that matter, in our states' parliaments, all good ideas are thwarted and undermined by idiots with microphones, and/or their partners in Armageddon, the media reporters who hold the mikes, all of whom are by no coincidence, mindless projectiles from the church schools.

Of the last Australian federal election, “Hope” sprung forth, in the collection of free and Honorable minds some electorates put in power.

Independents”, Greens and almost excessively-Intelligent people in the ALP, albethey also honed by the church schools, gained seats in the new, unusual, and, as said, “Hopeful” minority government of Labor, Greens and Independents.

But lost! Most all their noble and in fact quite Righteous achievements have been sidelined by pathological fools with Murdoch in their pockets, forcing the less-bigoted media services to have to place emphasis on the same stories made-up of no substance or evidence, or complete distractions of trivia, outright fabrication and disgustingly dark stories, made out of thin air, most of them, intended to undermine the “different”, unconservative pro-Save-the-Planet coalition government.

Two, 2, t-w-o, media corporations hold all politicians and public movements to ransom, such that none of the pollies are able to say a word against the creeping-tyranny of the times.

Yet at-once, they, the disgustingly subvert-subvert-subvert psycho-pathological media, rushing to jam their microphones in the mouths of mentally-retarded paid-by-the-mouthful-of-bullshit right wing opposition politicians, give airtime and debate-on-debate-on-primetime TV and radio to the leading fools of “...let's stop teaching them anything...!” Liberal-National-Christian Democrat Orwellian members of parliament, to replay their constructed sentences about “how sad they are at how low the quality of our parliament has fallen”, in terms of respectable, Intelligent debate and bills?

The crude facts being that none of the right wing upemselves politicans and sycophantic commentators have ever held nor understood the basics which underlie “Respect” and Intelligence”, etc!

Oh SHIT whatever frightens them must be dark!

Or the rewards they are promised must be FUCKING HU-UGE!!!

Could it possibly be, as dark as – the global military forces running all the major paedophile rings, in league with the upper crust of the judiciary, who have been fucking orphaned kids since the 1820s?

Could it be huge aliens are kidnapping families of journalists if the journos speak honestly and fully about what's actually going on behind the television studio sets and fiction-making?

Could it be so horrible?:

Could it be that the fucking white, Jewish/Christian establishment are so fucking upemselves that no-one shall speak the truth about their utterly insane delusions of calling-up the remnant spirits of Jesus and Merlin to save the greedy, slothful, lusting, ignorant and quite quite insane western “faithful”? The faithful that-is, of the white, western, inbred, pathologically insane hyperclass of church-schooled corporate executives and the clandestine projects they have conjured going on across the globe, experimenting with all manner of weird and scarey ideas from the darkest regions of spa.... of the mind?

I guess it is!

So...., were any one person to deduce things as they are, and deduce also that the world is on the brink of outright disaster, who would they call?

The local coppers?

I don't think soooo.....!

Their local MP?

Considering they are where they are purely because they have taken the silver and traded Honesty, Dignity, Integrity and all that stuff for a “nice-little-earner”, on the condition that they care nothing for the constituents, or for their crucially important ecology....,

I don't think soooo.....!

One such naïve puppet, saw such travesties, and after trying for over 2 decades to win assistance, went to the dark side, thinking the most organised criminals, after the establishment, Outlaw Bikers, might be willing and able to help him clean-up the horror of the day, and thus the horrors it was making for the future.

Try-try-try as both of them did, neither was able to breach the defences the kid had had built up around him by a coven of twisted witches of – the establishment.

Jolly good!”, he now says to himself.

For there's nothing anyone can do for a terminal species, while the elites of the same cannot be honest.

So..., parliament falls lower than the water table, media reports on it, and makes it so behind the microphones, cameras and video-editing software, as really demented politicians sit in, throwing in humorous quips on how to make such-and-such look stupid.

HEHEHEHE! They all giggle....

Meanwhile on the other side of Bullshit planet, someone gets an ear into a story about leaks of secret things in the unholy-of-unholies, the HQ of the most stupid, most anti-Intelligence religious cult ever, the Catholic Vatican.

Couldn't have been closer to the godfather of all evil mafioso!

Leaks, stolen articles, documents about the extent of corruption and sly dealings are reported on, and the righteous culprit arrested – by the Vatican's very own police!

He will be held within one of the Vatican's secure rooms, then tried by the Vatican's own judges, in the Vatican's own private court”.

And the law enforcement authorities of Rome and Italy, AND HOHO – the International Criminal Court, just over the alps in Holland, outside that illegal and unquestionably evil micro-state, proceed with arresting druggies, petty-crims, road-law-breakers, et al, all forced into crime by the heinous edicts and false laws set down by – the Vatican!

Yet no-one wants to go near the crime of all crimes,invented, conjured, conspired and brought into existence by a desperately frantic Zionist Vatican and world of filthy, stupid, hypnotized self-deceived but oh-so-fucking-smiley church and secret cult “elders” and – high councils!

OH SHIT NOOO!!!” Laugh the media, laugh the politicians, laugh the coppers, laugh the military commanders, laugh the military-corporation spies!!!!

Laugh the aliens...

Personally, I'm with the aliens who want to exterminate humans, especially any who see the universal evil of the dominant strain, the dominant sub-species, the white, western, Jewish and Christian fanatics.

That's why December 21st, 2012, has such a “ring” to it!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth

Education &


Rebirth of Global True Fellas Behind The Greek Phoenix

120524 Truelaw Outlaw Junction News-Rebirth of Global True Fellas Behind The Greek Phoenix Edition

Confidence. Contagion. Containment. Confluence.

Talking to the greengrocer, “Con” the Greek the other day.......

And the markets are up NO - they're down - NO - they're flat - NO - they're up - and - down - and - down - and - down - up - flat - ooops! Ssssssssssidewayzzzzzz......

Eurape panics because her ober-fuhrers, zee private IMF korporations, are threatening the Human population and computer zombies with zevere austerities lake neffar zeen befoore.

So Greece, gets testy, and testier, as their second election in months looms.

Eurape hangs on a thread.

New Ferengi President “Frenchie” Hollande, from France-not Holland, signs he's in favour of fabricating jobs with “growth”, but has yet to show how France can find more euros, or francs, or shekels to pay for it all?

Anything but be seen to be in the same elite corporate - er - that-is - korporate - club as his partner in korporate global crimes against us, of the Oxymoron Party - zee Kkkhristian Democratsssss - Angela Merkel.

Meanwhile, Greece gets testier......

Confidence. Contagion. Containment. Confluence.

One day..., one day....., it will all come undone. People everywhere on Earth will be frantic. Not all the people. But those who are welded, wedded, glued to being selfish CRAPitalist parasites, and who haven't DONE THEIR MATHS, to establish as fact that CRAPitalism is one, but a glitch in the timeless Human Sojourn, a glitch that's been in development since the fall from Wisdom, and 2, is a fraud upon all our sensibilities and, of course upon our Intellects.

Worldwide, via such Noble Movements by the “!!!Hoodies!!!” of England, the Free-Thinkers of “!!!OCCUPY!!!”, the “Indignatos” of Spain, and the Arab Springers across north Africa and Persia, et al, a modern movement has been born out of the fearlessness of youth.

Youth who find early they will never have “secure” employment, and thus, having not been so welded-on to factory and mortgage (death-pledge!) enslavement, were/are able - even without a church school education - to DO THEIR MATHS, and include in the equations the ecological forecasts coming at them, at us all, like a fastrain outta Hell.

Not just in St Petersburg. Not just in Athens. Not just in Tripoli. Not just in Barcaldine (? where th' fuck is Barcaldine???). Not just in Boston, not just in Beijing or in any of the birthplaces of so many nation's Peoples' Revolutions.

For the first time in history, there is a worldwide uprising against the outta-control elite.

So..., back to Greece....

All pundits seem to agree that Greece is out of the euro. When, no-one knows.

Eurape's elites, panic-attack with offers and predictions of chaos and contagion, and media paints pictures of the wealthier nations - Germany - reluctantly resisting.

But - HELLO!?!?! - “Germany”?

Argh! So every German alive is against Greece leaving the EU?

Ummm. What then? 99%? 1%

Oh! Only one percent.

Who are they?

Fucking accounting komputers in zee korporationzzzz!

Alas! Man versus machine! And zee machines are VINNINGK!

And vot about France? Le top 1% are bitching, that Greece has slid off their usury and debt graph!

Zo? how many True Fella Frenchies are pissed off with the 1% elite controlling markets, media, land, employment, pensions, food, and everyone's future?

Oh.... only ninety-nine percent..!

SAY WHAAAH?!@#$%^&!?


So where is this thing the Greeks are regarded as having evolved-developed-educed, in their Wisdom?

Government for the People BY The People?

Demo...? Demonstra...? Demograph.... OH!


Government for the People BY The People?

But oh don't we all praise the MACHINE!!! ?

Modern technology!

Computers! Cars that drive YOU! 3D TV! iphones! Smartphones! That can trace your every move! That secret services, working exclusively for korporations, paid for with the Peoples' taxes, and lives, and planet, monitor and use against us, by the milli-second!

Zee korporate machina, darlinxx!

As the OCCUPY Movement has Courageously stated for the first time in at least 60 years, since the blacksoul of Joe McCarthy used every untruth going, to shitcan Socialism in the USA, there are serious flaws in the “free-market”, in unbridled wealth-accrual, in centralised power, etc etc etc....!

Zo! Greece!

It is time for your People, the Greek Demos, to Stand Together, like never before.

Stay in the EU - suffer.

Leave the EU - struggle, but you will not be alone in your struggle.

The 'EU', made-up essentially of the 1%, of machine-minded elites, (OK, an exaggeration, but the implication is that the upper, upper classes of the western world, who have spent the last 1500 years co-opting the monarchies and wealthy of the rest of the world to do it their way, now have near-as absolute control of most everything we humans do, such that we are but slaves to them, and they do not care less about the metaphorical “99%”,) so..., “The 'EU', made-up essentially of the 1%, of machine-minded elites....,” who use their own People to do the laborious work, cheating everyone with usury, and abuse the free-market to capitalise upon the 99%'s economic weakness, the weakness of depending upon BAD LAND LAW to be allowed a piece of over-priced real estate - land - for survival, and not to be interpreted simply as Eurape's land, but in how the world's elite manipulates the whole of the planet's surface to their own advantage, while centred, ideologically at least, if not financially, in the banking houses and dynasties in Brit-Eurape - Rome, Switzerland, etc., have been losing their grip for centuries.

Now, in the 21st century, people are better informed than ever, but are in that, seeing that the whole structure is decrepit, and crumbling, and, for as long has been unsustainable.

The “EU” has always been an exclusive club of hyper-wealthy Euro-elites, riding the wealth-wave they began to amass in their first forays in expansionist colonialism over 2,000 years ago, but once the Roman empire had introduced it's general ideology across the continent, the expansion began with Columbus' sail west to the Americas.

The signs were evident even then, that the Eurapeans were insane, and so self-absorbed as to fail totally to see the Dignity of the peoples of the rest of the world.

Something was under their white skin which blinded them?

Were the elites across Eurape not so petty and arrogant, they'd have never gone the exclusivist route, of deeming their own peoples as mere chattels, and would have assured an equitable social order.

This would have been of Communism, in a word, though don't relate that usage of Communism to any examples we've seen of the last 100 years.

Were the Eurapeans to have not been corrupted by the errors of centrist government, based entirely on centrist cults and religions, aka Kkkhristianity, and the most dangerous failing in culture of putting at the head of all things, material and Intellectual, a “christ”, the ensuing intra-continental wars of the last 1500 years and evermore petty and insane monarchies and “gentry” would not have come into being - Wisdom and Law would have held centre-stage in all households, thus, equity would have reigned. Law, the fundamental of all civilisation, would have been known by all, and upheld, pure, equal, just and fair.

Therefore, what have been produced and doomed to failure since the Oktober Revolution in 19-?-17-?, in Russia, would not have been necessary. Nor, would it have had to go the totalitarian route of centrist command, merely to counter the dangerously delusional megalo-maniacs of the western world.

CRAPitalism would have as likely still evolved, but without the disrespect it thrives on nowdays especially, the outta-control disrespect of Wisdom, Law and Personal, the font of Cultural, Balance.

So, the “EU” for all the events leading-up to the Eurapean elites myopia and self-serving centralisation of wealth and power, has always been doomed to failure.

That it's “founders” could not see the flaws in their original designs, exposes just how self-deluded and arrogant they have been.

But delusion-upon-delusion, since beginning this e-ssay, a week ago now, news reports of the drachma-dramas lessening, and everone in Eurape and the “EU”, is happ-happ-happy again.


These are the reasons why Greece should exit the EU, and as I said/wrote in the interim, Greece should begin to mend the rifts between themselves and Turkey, to start with, and ask the Arab , Persian and Islamic world to unite again.

Since writing that piece last week, I remembered how divided the two nations of Greece and Turkey have been, and know now how much of a task any re-unity would be.

But all parties have to re-assess any of the tensions to find who was really behind them.

I'd wager that the psychotic west were in there splitting all Brethren apart, for their own CRAPitalistic advantages, exactly as they and the Zionist Jews did in the Middle East, setting the scenes for the retaking of Jerusalem and the creation of the 20th century state of Israel.

So, as perhaps the elites of Eurape tried, the non-Eurapeans have to grow away from all the divisive notions, in this case, of “nationalism”, because it is a complete falsity, “a furphy” as we call it in Astrayliar, and relearn the Arts of Free Trade and less separatist borders and their accompanying, debilitating restrictions.

This approach might well be what's needed right now, across the Middle East, whatwith Syria exploding, and tempting another invasion of the whitefaced west, but unchecked, unresolved with Wisdom, the only path from here forward for Syria and for the whole of the world now, for the Middle East, and, for Greece.

And to push the point, Greece will not get any True Wisdom out of the Eurapean elites, nor out of any of the “movements” which pop-up in pseudo-protesting rent-a-riots.

It should be clear as crystal that the whole debacle the world faces now and into the future, is caused entirely by the awry ideologies of centrist government and culture.

And need I harp on anymore about “culture”?

Today, the world is consumed by the mind-bending power of Hollywood, and has fallen victim to a long campaign by the elites who have also fucked-things-up so much with their fanatical paranoias about keeping control of everything on earth. The most successful method they have used is to pump-out fictional stories about super-heroes by the shitload, until the whole culture has warped into fully believing that this, a Jewish, Zionist creation, of one superman can and will save the whole of us.

The clever bastards have filled every possible position of power and influence with the end-goal being to have one character shine above the rest.

Whether it be a political, social, religious, occult, industry or sports hero, they've invented a hero and the high-budget bizarre stories to support the delusion.

So after we go to the movies to see these genre, there's such a powerful spell left in our heads about heroes and leaders and saviours, so powerful that we, and soon enough, as witnessed over the last 100 years, a large proportion of the society, of the whole, larger culture, is reduced to believing the fiction as fact.

But, not only have the elites plied us with endless numbers of movies out of their film studios, movies with definite, covert larger-scale agenda than to just “entertain us”, the persuaders have began religious cults, we call them churches, set-up related charities to persuade us they are giving something to the impoverished, but always, behind their shop-fronts, their senior members commit the worst crimes, and on the parishioners donations, on huge scales. Having gathered so much wealth and thus influence, enough to blackmail governments, they orientate the world to see and expect this same “saviour” end-game.

This has several negative effects.

One is that it allows people to be intellectually lazy, by being told someone else can solve the problems - aka “Jesus”, which doubles the downward spiral of the culture, by making people uninterested in being Intelligent, because, with all the temptations around in the material world, they are both of the false belief that Intelligence is boring, and that it's much more fun being idiotic.

One other effect is that with centrist authority, comes, especially in a fight-to-survive culture, ie., CRAPitalism, the need for people to do more than is proper, just to 1st get enough to survive on, money, housing, food, etc., and this has them gravitate toward where the money is concentrated - in the centres of power.

This, we all know, makes liars of us, to climb the ladder of sycophantic achievement, where we know nothing but exaggeration and invention of information, etc.

Invented stories effecting the environment they are told to, ie., a workplace, a government, a family, such that that environment begins to absorb, believe and run on false data, and thus soon enough becomes doctrinally corrupt, and portends failure.

All this weakens the whole structure eventually, and, as we see now across Eurape and the globe, things start to come crashing down.

And the government and banking CEO's ride away with billion dollar bonuses!?#$%^!?

SIX MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, aye ex-Brutish PM Tony Blair, from the utterly corrrupt bank, JP Morgan!

Added to all these reasons to STOMP Christianity and CRAPitalism, is the lingering effects of mass psychosis, where whole sections of society are sent totally nuts. As the lure for wealth centres in the centres of power, thus the psychosis is centred there also, the result is that the most important offices become encrazed as well, as we saw in the GW Bush administration, and in the Pentagon of the period. But especially in the centres of corporate power.

Then..... da-DUMMM! They take from the poor and give to the rich, in the church schools, churning out eloquent graduates for high positions in all arena of society and culture, all, all, towing the line about waiting for a saviour to fix any of the crimes they are paid excessively to maintain and/or set-in-train.

All this, because of a false, indeed, most evil myth created about Jesus coming back from the grave and saving the world! Jesus, who was put to death for refuting the Jewish Rabbis attempts to turn him into their king, and who emphasised that he was not any superior person, insisting on every one being equal, and that he was not a saviour, and that there is no such being.

Yet still, due entirely to false mythmaking, largely by Hollywood, Zionist Hollywood, billions of idiots are convinced that Jesus lives and will save the world.

And lastly, with people as dumbed-down as they have been by the delusional deceitful religious cults, when anyone said to be, by the cults, a religious prophet, yet who is in fact merely a false prophet, a puppet, is found to be nearby, the egomaniac masses go crazy getting a look at them, or to engage them in conversation, either out of their delusional beliefs for a Jesus, or for their synicism against them, and rush to insult or denigrate them.

Suffer the poor fool selected to play that role.

As Eastern Wisdom tells, “If you see the Buddha on the road, kill him.”

Only, because he will not be Buddha, but either a false prophet, a puppet, or a trickster.

Also, the Bible has it that if we are told that the messiah is over there, do not listen to them, and do not go there. This is saying the same thing, that there is no such beast.

It's also saying that to be lured, or “tempted” to “go there” is to expose that you have no control over your own mind, and that if you cannot stop yourself from “going there” to see any such person, you are weak of mind, to the point, especially if you believe it, of suffering a mental illness.

Forget them and instead focus on cleaning the falsities from your own mind.

Jesus is dead, girlies! And Christianity is the most dangerous beliefs system around. Drop it, and find your own Intelligence and thus, the Universal Wisdom. The Wisdom of Law.

If anyone wants to Progress, and finds they need “guidance”, and something upon which to put their faith, make Law God!

The True Fella Yeshua ben Joseph went to the cross because he was a Communist, who had learned the True Law of Communism, and took the only route open to him, which was to DEFY the centrist trends and megalo-mania of the elites of Jerusalem and of the invading Romans, to the very end.

Albeit that some say he didn't die on the cross, and was spirited away to Scotland, to evolve into an inbred, insane and power-crazy cult called the “Freemasons”.

So, Greece has to firstly re-orientate it's own character, away from the doomed, divisive, warmongering, myopic centrism of the ignorance-based Judeo-Christian west, aka the “EU”, and it's unbalanced ideologies in consumption, trade, usury and banking beneath the extremes of today's CRAPitalism, go hard at educating the people, rich and poor, about the foundations of the Human Species - Wisdom, Law, and Equitable distribution of resources, through that perennial portal of AH! Philosophy, and get down to getting-on with the similarly disoriented Turkey and Brethren through the Middle-East.

Apart from this being a much needed tonic in places, in warzones like Israel/Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Et Al, such a change by the Greeks would have a healthy psycho-analytical effect on the fools of Eurape, by having them look at themselves and try, impossible though I reckon it be, try try to steady their wild power-lust, and desperate clinging to the fallen notion of being the centre of the fucking multiverse.

Greece, the fountain of so much of the good stuff which spread across Eurape, could in such a powerful move, reinstate itself atop the western world, and at once free itself, it's People, from any foolish, draconian and quite unnecessary “austerities”.

It's clear that no-one in Eurape or Brutain is capable of correcting the errors the west has allowed to become law, and any tries by such as China, Russia, Iran will only get the typical fuckwitted Jewish-Christian response of “THIS MEANS WARRRRRRR!!!

Which, from here forward, can only mean Armageddon!

Personally, adding up all the woes of today's world, and including the endemic occult psychoses of today's - not youth - but BABES, thus determining the future to be totally outta-control psychopathia, Armageddon is the only way to stop the madness.

No-one is gonna stop Mr-and-Mrs consume-and-destroy Blob-and-Zombie from having kids, from buying a new car, from over-consuming on junk, from only adding to the pollution and disarray, only serving to spread the mememe virus further exponentially.

The planet's biosphere cannot absorb the pollution we Judeo-Christians have invented and emit, nor can it remedy the damage we've been doing as much since Eve picked the apple, but ramped-up enormously since Columbus' foray across the Atlantic.

Although...., the font of destruction, Judeo-Eurape had been going hard at wrecking it's own territories while the Catholics kept Intelligence, thus Wise and Just Living hidden from Peoples' minds, hearts and souls during the “dark ages”, no doubt about it.

But without giving up totally, Greece, and of course the whole world, has this choice.

When US President Barack Obama rode into office on the “CHANGE” mantra, the whole world, well, thinkers and concerned citizens across the world either felt, or wanted to think that we might just cure ourselves of the perversion and corruption, if this Bright NOT-FUCKING-WHITE Light could achieve but a tenth of what he showed he understood and knew we all had to do.

I'd reckon huge numbers of Greeks, “homeys” and those living long overseas, were heartened by Obama's election.

And, not only that he is not white, but that the American people, manipulated or not, also saw and knew the need to correct our failings, and that Obama and his entourage had the goods to make the changes we have to make.

It's a hard call, to admit collectively any small nation's failings, and then to find inspiration enough to get down to it, and keep at it until things are cleaned-up, mainly only because there are so many who are stuck so much to the old really stupid beliefs of a clearly dead and dangerous Christianity and it's alter-ego - CRAPitalism, and who as mindless automatons head out to subvert anything which suggests NOT-Capitalism.

This negativity has been what has slowed the US and the rest of us, from going forward, away from the idiotic ways of blind faith and crapitalism.

So for the whole world to change course, enough to get us out of the ditch, is a mammoth task.

But what was that line, about it only takes a small mob of dedicated, and I'd add, Intelligent and Wise, Folks to change the world.

Never know, Greece? It could be you!

But HEY! Not forgetting the Champions of !!!OCCUPY!!!, and of Egypt, Et Al, Et Al!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What all these words are saying, is that “We're all in this together!”


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth

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No excuses! Federal parliament is total farce! Rudd should challenge as Independent!

News-Tossle Rudd For PM Again

120527 True Outlaw Junction News-Tossle Rudd For PM Again Edition

Zo! Zee ALP pollsters have done their polling and concede Madame PM Gillard is not cutting the cheese as they hoped in 2010?

Or have they...???

1st, one cries “Foul!” because one cannot find an impartial news organisation on Go Ogle, which puts unbiased items up, for to read a balanced article, especially on Astraylying politics!

I snipped the top article briefs off this Go Ogle news page to show that all of them are from the Murdoch and Fairfax media stables.

Now..., a brief interlude, as I surf for other sources, amidst thinks that Google is now in league with Murdoch to spread more political dis-ease across the news world......

OK! So the Fairfax-Rhinehart media cabal, aka The Age, also has an item on this new news.

Not a mention at this Sunday mouring stage, on the Catholic ABC???

Well...., nothing changes my assertion that Murdoch, and other excessively wealthy oligarchs are intent on subverting all federal governmentary processes, mainly for the unmined booty, whether in iron ore, uranium, goldgoldgold, or peoples' allegiances.

But clearly, wealth creates more wealth, and soon enough reaches a point where the scum on top of the pool cannot not make themselves ever-wealthier, until it is an addiction, indeed, beyond that, it is a most dangerous psychosis. Not unlike Toshiba's fanaticism in pumping out always different shaped keyboards, so the user can never attune their typing to the same layout, as one computer dies, victim of planned obsolescence, and another one has to be purchased.

And the retailers and the techies lovelovelurve it!

HEHEHEHE!!!” they giggle as another victim tramps in to waste more money!

But back to the big shitpit....!

So, as the 1st half of 2012 nears end, thus Astrayliar being only 8, 10, or more months from the next farce-called-the-federal-election in 2013, ALP powerbrokers and back-stabbers-er-room boys have finished their maths classes and arrive at the need to lift the ALP's ratings before the next election campaign gets under way?


That'll cure it!

Always does, aye?

Rebranding!” as much, like a worn-out advertising corporation or corporation-corporation that's insulted the masses, and sees the need to change, or to lose it's old face, aka it's real reputation, the ALP jumps into retro-drive and goes for the old chestnut – aka Kevin Rudd, who is shown by 2 years of polling to be the proper leader.

Er..., Proper Leader!

But HEY! Don't get me wrong! Ruddie's a good guy, I've no doubt, and might well be more Australian, as in pro-Australian, than Ms Gillard, but that he's committed to Catholicism, while Gillard is an Atheist, makes for ISSHHHOOOOOES I refuse to let lie.

But, lets keep perspective here....!

Ruddie was stomped by Rome, Murdoch and the Illuminati for going the Land and Tax Reform route in 2010.

The Liberal's Tiny Habit played a cameo role by being the farce-er-face the offshore cabals needed on media, on Murdoch media, but otherwise he was-is useless, so bad in fact to be a threat to anything like Democracy.

But, if Joel Fitzgibbon is doing the stalking for Rudd to retake the chair, then Rudd has to hold his ground, in an effort to Justify his re-instatement, by demanding that the ALP-Greens-Indies coalition government returns to institute the federal, national land tax.

And, as if in typical Unionist fashion, he must assert MORE! With an ambit claim of pushing the whole of the nation, local council, state and federal, to do every possible thing they/we can to clean up the whole process of government.

And without doubt, that has to be headed by the dissolution of the three-tier system we suffer.

The future, especially when the Eurapean Union destroys itself, is bleak, so any government which fails to tighten every loophole until they strangle all opportunity for corruption, will be guilty – GUILTY - of treason, not against any one nation, but against the whole planet.

If Rudd can do this, he's in!

But I wish he'd severe his collar with the priesthood!

(Shit Toshiba!  "FAIL!" on the quality and keyboard layout of this laptop! And the touchpad is shit beyond description!  As for the retailers in Astrayliar????????)

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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