Funny how Queenslanders.......?

121228  Just Defiance Funny How Queenslanders Edition

Funny how Queenslanders get shitty when a Bloke writes facts about how mentally retarded the most of them are?

Funny aye?

They're a bit proud, aye, and dumb, for failing to realise that 1, it's not specific to Queenslanders, though they do prove exceptionally base, and that it is a nationwide cultural thing.

And 2, that their stupidity is really not their own fault!  

The blame lies with their elite land holders, y' know, real estate agencies and corporations, developers, etc and their cronies in Britain and Eurape, who've been doing everything possible to keep the masses as dumb as dogshit since the white invasion, or, from 1808, Jan 26th.

However, the blame does lie with the mass of dumbies, if they can't get up and overtake the parliaments, local councils, and state and federal.

But, as the Jews have the meanest nuclear weapons, our woes have roots far away from Canberra and Brisbane, etc.

So until the planet of idiots gets up and sacks their parliaments, everyone is to blame for the shithole state of affairs.

That it's all down the sewer from here forward, one does wonder if things are better off being wiped right out in one big hit, rather than letting the current mass of youths reaching adulthood and guaranteeing the most brutal, spellbound, egocentric, unreasonable mentalities ever, to play with themselves making things draaaag-on, and a living Hell for everyone?

Are the people as brutal and sadistic elsewhere?

If not, if Wisdom and Intelligence still has Respect and effect elsewhere on the planet, then those elsewhere should really be doing everything to plan and invade Astrayliar and exterminating whitey.

But, I'm marginalised by hidden forces, Catholic woemen in the main, methinks, and have been for decades.  So I really do not have any deep understanding of exactly how shitful Australian, or more, white Catholic, Zionist woemen are?

I know that if I was not this puppet of the evil Jewish plan, I'd be able to live, something of a normal life.

But, it's too late now.

The bitches wont let me go, so keep  me locked down in the cellars of vaginal ignorance.

Thanks mum!