The Italian Election Political Watershed & Thinks On The Pure Communist State

130228 JUST DEFIANCE The Pure Economic Communist State Edition

by Peter Schwarz
WSWS 28 February 2013
(reprinted in full without the author's permission. But I thank him, in advance!)

Last weekend’s Italian general election is a watershed event in the political development of Europe.

The point man for the European financial elite, Mario Monti, suffered a humiliating defeat and could not form a workable government with his ally, Pier Luigi Bersani of the Democratic Party. This is a major blow to the austerity policies of the European Union and the German government. Commentaries predict a new eruption of the euro crisis.

The problem for the ruling class is not so much Beppe Grillo and Silvio Berlusconi, who are now in a position to block any government decision in the Senate. While somewhat unpredictable, both men are bourgeois politicians who defend capitalism and are prepared to support brutal austerity measures. The problem is the opposition of the Italian people, who have decisively rejected a policy that brings them nothing but poverty and unemployment, while the financial elite enriches itself in a shameless fashion.

Italy is not the only country where such resistance is emerging. Across Europe, workers are exhibiting growing militancy, seeking to defend themselves against a social counterrevolution aimed at wiping out all of the social gains won over the previous 70 years. In Bulgaria, demonstrations against exorbitant electricity prices have brought down the government. In Greece and Spain, strikes and protests against the austerity measures of the European Union are assuming increasingly radical forms.

Over the past fifteen years, the European financial elite has mainly relied on the services of social democratic parties and the trade unions and their pseudo-left defenders to slash workers’ living standards and satisfy the financial markets’ hunger for profit.

Tony Blair in Britain, Gerhard Schröder in Germany and Lionel Jospin in France carried out austerity policies at the beginning of this period. After the 2008 financial crisis, José Zapatero in Spain, José Socrates in Portugal and George Papandreou in Greece continued and extended these policies. They carried out attacks against workers, pensioners and the unemployed that were unprecedented in Europe since the 1930s.

The trade unions collaborated in these social attacks, suppressing popular resistance and dissipating opposition by means of toothless protests. Pseudo-left groups criticized austerity measures in words, while in practice supporting the social democrats, and—in the case of Communist Refoundation in Italy and the Left Party in several German states—participating in their governments.

Social democratic leaders responsible for the social attacks were unseated due to the unpopularity of their policies. They handed over power to conservative governments that continued the social counterrevolution. When the latter faced mounting opposition, the social democrats returned to power to continue the same right-wing policies.

This was the game plan for the election in Italy last weekend, but it failed to come to fruition.

Monti ruled for thirteen months without any democratic legitimacy. Having been installed in power without the benefit of an election, he initiated unprecedented social attacks. He called early elections when polls predicted a clear majority for his own list and the social democratic camp led by Bersani. He hoped to achieve a stable parliamentary majority for his austerity policies.

The closer the election approached, however, the faster this majority melted away. The disastrous consequences of Monti’s policies became clearer by the day. The Italian economy is in a deep recession. It has become virtually impossible for young people to find a job. Pensioners are sinking into abject poverty. Low-income families are burdened by high taxes.

The bankruptcy of the official “left” enabled a right-wing demagogue such as Berlusconi and an unscrupulous pseudo-populist such as Grillo to profit from opposition to anti-working class austerity policies that were supported by and identified with the social democrats. But Berlusconi and Grillo have no answer to the social crisis. There are few illusions that Berlusconi is anything other than a right-winger, and time will soon dispel illusions that exist about Grillo.

The class struggle will increasingly assume more militant and open forms. European politicians have responded by publicly stating that they will not accept the electorate’s will as expressed in its vote against the austerity policies of the EU. The most blatant statement in this regard came from European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Commenting on the Italian election, he declared: “The mistake now would be to cave in to populism. We must now ask the question: Should we define our economic policy on the basis of short-term electoral considerations or by what is required to lead Europe on the path of sustainable growth? For me the answer is clear. We should… not yield to immediate party political considerations.”

In other words, the people can vote however they choose, but it will have no impact on state policy. We will stick to the social counterrevolution. Similar statements were made by other politicians and media commentators.

European ruling circles will react to Monti’s electoral disaster by increasingly turning to authoritarian methods of rule and the forcible suppression of resistance to their reactionary policies.

Workers and young people must prepare by drawing the lessons of the bankruptcy of the social democrats, the trade unions and their pseudo-left defenders, and organize themselves independently. The pseudo-left groups such as Communist Refoundation in Italy, the New Anti-capitalist Party in France, the Socialist Workers Party in Britain, SYRIZA in Greece and the International Socialist Organization in the US represent wealthy strata of the middle class whose income and social status are closely connected with the capitalist state. The more militant the resistance of the working class, the more they will move to the right.

The most urgent task now is to build a new revolutionary leadership of the working class to prepare for the coming struggles.

Social and democratic rights can be defended only by reorganizing society on a socialist basis. The major corporations and banks must be expropriated and placed under democratic control. Production must be organized according to the needs of society and not the greed for profit. At the heart of this perspective is the establishment of workers’ governments and the United Socialist States of Europe.

Peter Schwarz

My comment....,

You're right, with your suggestions at end of piece.

But Education from childhood must change to include the Sciences, of Economics, Ecology, and Demographics, methinks?

Within each, and totaled, they prove land redistribution as the underlying key to successful Workers' Revolutionary Reforms.

But..., I see the elite, and that really includes the upper 70% of western, 1st world nations' populaces, far too entranced by their (temporal, plastic) wealth, and the lure of the (false) lives they are seduced mainly by CRAPitalist advert-&-marketing, to aspire for.

Their fanaticism makes them, like the psychos in all upper-levels of power, impossible to Reason with.

Especially on the Prime Logic and Scientific Efficiency of a Truly Democratic Communism.

By far, most of the advanced world's top 70-to-80% have also been hexed - even the latest generations, well after Stalin's Communism-defamation decades - by the USA's anti-communist "McCarthyist" era, to involuntarily react in the negative when they hear or read the word "Communist/Communism", etc.

So, YES, your suggestions are on-the-mark!

But people are so mindlessly frantic now, exactly because CRAPitalism makes us so, and are enamored to insane extents, by the endless lures of western A&M, they've lost-it, and cannot control both their desires for MORE, and their fears of "hexacious" words.

The "Intellect", has as much, become their enemy.

I will die fighting their ignorance, but hold no hope, until a, "the" major cataclysm rocks them off their egotrips, and brings them back down to earth, to reach only for the practical, Scientific and Wise culture(s), of the Pure Selfless, Economic Communist State.

Unattainable, I am certain, while western religions are let to spread their deceits. But that's an (important) other issue!
<www.maxearth.blogspot.com.au> has several very hard-hitting articles up now, going to the urgent need for us all to denounce and be rid of the largest, now hemorrhaging from one scandal to the next, Catholic church.

But their antithesis, the Freemasons, and Zionism, are also party to making "god" and a false savior into an excuse to vent their age-old psychic disorders into world wars.

If it takes that to be rid of those "faith" without intellect cults, "BRING IT ON!" I say.

Only then will such egomania be gone, and the Wise Communists can restructure the world to an intelligent Democratic Self-Governance.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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A Couple Of Reminders Of How Astray (Liar) The Catholic Church Is

Cleaning up my lappie files, I found these two articles I'd dumped off the 'net, from a few years ago.  

Now, I ask all Catholics, to right now, bow your heads in prayer, and say the following....:
"Let us pray, or is that prey, that we stay reminded of the errings of our 'Fathers', and  their close-ones in high places and in teaching and tax-fiddling administration roles in the kirk's secret-agenda schools, and seek without fear, nor favor, to ensure they NEVER err again, Dearest Father, Our Beneficent Lord Daddy's Corporate-Pay-Out-to-maintain-the-BIG-lie, of false prophets and Daddy's-Holy-Inheritance-of-Stolen-Aboriginal-Land-God!?"

As this article below was printed in 2009, while beyond my ability to ask Pell the question, it's gotta be thinked whether inquiries have, since his statement, shown the opposite.  That indeed, there were Irish priests transferred to Australia to avoid what came after, in Ireland, in inquisitions - OOP? - inquiries?

Wooouldn' be surprised!

Pushing the point, as I'm want to do, Pell looks and sounds to me, when I see him on tele, as guilty as could be, in denying facts, such as this lot.  

It doesn't take any real Merlin-type talents, after a few decades of studying people's mannerisms, etc, to tell when they're lying, covering up something, etc.

In fact, I actually have no doubt that Pell is also guilty of sexual misbehavior, let's call it, in his earlier periods of climbing the promotions ladder of the cult of pedophiles.  

But, being what he is, he's never likely to admit it.

Like Ratzinger in Rome, Pell has too much of that sinful "pride" to admit his transgressions in the passed.

Another blatant liar from the church is the unAustralian Catholic (actually, all Catholics are unAustralian, truth be scientifically analyzed!) Father Frank Brennan, of the Jesuit order.

I heard him interviewed perhaps 5, perhaps 10 years ago, on the very Catholic, but since under-run by Freemasons in management ("Afternoon, Mr Scott!"), ABC Radio National, by one of their femme "doyans", Romona Covalle, a worryingly Intelligent Jewish, I'd guess Zionist presenter, whom I've felt good and bad about over the decades listening to her usually top quality shows (little "T", little "Q" me dear!  Can't let your ego get any bigger, can we?)

I could tell her stunned silence, of either complete disbelief, simply for her knowing, as many do, that what Brennan said in a brutally assertive way, was outright BOOOOOLLSHIT!?!?!#$%^!?!?!, or she was shocked and had to fight to hold back outrageous and mocking laughter.

She had invited him into the ABC studio in one of her regular weekday shows, to talk about the "Inquisitions" held by the Catholics over the last 600 years or so.

He took as much control of the conversation as he could, obviously to not let too much incriminating discussion - of the church - be aired.

But, Romona, and I'd guess about half the listening radio audience, and I, were gobsmacked when the Jesuit Brennan asserted that during the Catholic Inquisitions, can't recall if the reference was to those held in Britain, or across Eurape, ONLY NINE WITCHES WERE BURNED! At the stake, or such.


This wasn't too long after I'd brought it to the attention of the ABC TV current affairs staff, at Gordon Street Elsternwick studios, that the coppers were using witchcraft against the people, during the evil Jeff Kennett era of Victorian state fascism!  

He, Brennan, was, along with a lot of "Christian" clerical megalomaniacs, Jesuit, and Protestant, going hard at covering up this fact, that the occult was, let's say, how the churches, of both and all persuasions, (including the synagogues) were fucking over the masses.

Masses previously utterly, or I'd guess the majority of them, ignorant of how much the church and the political class elite, had been up our rect-us for centuries.

So, I wonder what the rather more rotund - ie., obese to provide his vital organs protection from witchcraft of the Justice-minded-kind - Brennan has to say on 1, how many witches??? 

And 2, is he prepared to recant that outright LIE, as to how evil the Catholic church was, and still is, to Witches who do more good for the locals, and for the Balance between the Human and Occult realms than any "holy father" of his long long time corrupted, land-grabbing, genocidal, megalomaniacal and perverse cult, the Catholic church?

Hohum?  Rhetorical qvestions, clearly!  Sorry!

Nevertheless.., what with what's apocalypting over in Rome right now, as the ponsing pontificators frap-around trying to cunger which witch should be spellbound to be the next Poope (TYPO!!!) I reckon these types of reminder articles are worth re-posting!

Pell doubts abuse priests in Australia
Tara Ravens
May 27, 2009

It's unlikely clergy who abused children at Catholic-run institutions in Ireland are now working in Australia, Cardinal George Pell says.

But, the head of the Catholic Church in Australia said, "national authorities" would seek further information from the authors of a report which found abuse in the church was rife.

The long-awaited report, released in Dublin last week, outlined rampant sexual abuse, rapes and beatings inflicted on thousands of children over a 60-year period by priests, nuns and lay staff.

It immediately prompted calls for a royal commission in Australia, with people voicing concerns some Irish clergy were now living and working in Australia.

But Cardinal Pell, the Archbishop of Sydney, on Wednesday said it was unlikely any "problem priests" had been sent to Australia.

"The report that was published was about institutions run by religious orders so the likelihood that there would be priests who would be connected with them who have come to Australia would be very low," he told reporters in Darwin.

"We have people working through the report just to check it and I do know our national authorities are going to contact the legal authorities who prepared the report to ask if there are any connections here."

Cardinal Pell said he was aware of one press report about an Irish priest working in a NSW diocese.

"Our investigations have so far come up with nothing but we will follow our established principle, and that is in fairness to the victims, we'll face up and do the best we can to confront anything that is presented to us," he said.

Asked if it was important the Church was seen to be taking action, Cardinal Pell replied: "Absolutely, absolutely".

Campaigns by victims and a series of television documentaries and police inquiries in the 1990s led to the creation in 2000 of Ireland's government-appointed Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse.

Almost a decade later, the largest-ever investigation into Irish religious orders found the sexual abuse of children was "endemic" in institutions and church leaders turned a blind eye to it.

Compensation has been sought by Irish people now living in more than 30 countries, including Britain, Australia and the US.

© 2009 AAP
Brought to you by aap

 And here's numma 2...,

Linton Besser
December 12, 2011


THE Catholic Church's employment arm has been systematically rorting the taxpayer-funded welfare-to-work program, defrauding large sums from the multibillion-dollar scheme.

It is one of a number of employment agencies that are exploiting loopholes in the $4.7 billion Job Services Australia program, a federal initiative to assist the long-term unemployed find work.

As the scheme rewards agencies that ''broker'', or find, a high volume of jobs for Centrelink recipients, some organisations are falsely claiming they have found jobs that individuals secured for themselves.
Advertisement: Story continues below

The greater the number of jobs the agencies find, the higher the fees they receive and the more likely they are to win future government contracts.

But in the case of CatholicCare, as many as 70 per cent of the jobs it has claimed it ''brokered'' were found by the job seekers.

The Herald interviewed 63 job seekers serviced by Local Employment Training Solutions (LETS), the church's agency, between October 2009 and December 2010 whose job placements were lodged with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations as brokered.

But 44 of them said they had found the job in question, contradicting CatholicCare's official claims for fees. Many had a long history with the employer that predated their relationship with the agency.

The federal government spent more than $1.5 billion on JSA programs last year.

If even a fraction of the 1800 agency branches around the country engage in similar conduct, taxpayers could be defrauded of millions of dollars.

If an agency finds a job for a poorly skilled job seeker, it can earn more than $2500. But if the job seeker finds the job, the agency may claim only $2025.

In a single month, a CatholicCare employment branch claimed more than $76,000 in brokerage fees related to 43 job seekers.

Last year Max Employment, the largest for-profit player in the industry, raked in more than $167 million from Job Services Australia and turned this into more than $30 million of profit. Similar figures are not available for LETS as the church owns it.

The Herald has also seen evidence that LETS branch management has sometimes encouraged false claims.

According to notes taken during a formal training session in May, management at one western Sydney branch told staff, where possible, not to record on the department's file when a job seeker found their own work. Instead the manager encouraged staff to hide those jobs from the department, with the result that LETS would obtain a higher fee.

Staff were told that a single trusted manager would handle ''found own employment'' jobs and ''broker'' them to the department's software system. Confidential records also indicate LETS has issued thousands of dollars in wage subsidies to employers that do not meet the criteria for such payments.

Wage subsidies are payable only to employers who have a genuine need to train a new staff member, and only where the employee works a minimum number of hours.

But in one case last December, LETS paid a plastics company $2683 in subsidies even though the employer admitted the employee had not worked the requisite number of hours. An internal file note records that the employer conceded the employee had worked at least 35 hours fewer than required.

A separate file on the matter says: ''Despite having confirmed with the production manager at [the company] that the … worker in question did not work enough hours over the first 13 weeks required without acceptable explanation … LETS processed … [the] wage subsidy payment.''

Bernadette Bain, a CatholicCare spokeswoman, said the organisation had ''commissioned a

full independent investigation which is under way'' into the allegations and had informed the government.

''At this stage, there is no evidence of any systemic problem of fraudulent behaviour and we are unable to comment further until the investigation is completed,'' she said.

Industry sources say such breaches are motivated not just by inflated contract fees but by a star rating system used by the department to help determine which agencies will qualify for the next round of contracts.

The shared software system that underpins welfare-to-work initiatives allows brokerage claims to be registered without documentary evidence. The agency is required only to retain a file note with basic details about the placement.

And because of the huge scale of the program, individual agencies are rarely audited by the department.

The privatisation of welfare to work initiatives under the Howard government spawned a profitable industry in competing for a slice of the unemployment market.

A departmental spokesman, Tim Pigot, refused to release information detailing how much the department had recouped in wrongly claimed brokerage fees and declined to answer questions about investigations it has concluded into non-compliance.

''The department is proactive with its internal audit branch responsible for regularly reviewing specific aspects of program management,'' he said.

Do you know more? investigations@smh.com.au

I didn't bother re-reading that one.  It gets boring after the 1st 1600 years of - you guessed it - BOOOOOOOLLLSHITTT!!!  from these genetically baptized liars!

It falls into the same category of cataclysms as a "one-off" news report I heard during the 2010 federal election, about a "churchie-boy" being caught doing illegal things to the electoral ballot - voting - papers, in a polling booth in Western Australia.  "One-off", in that I did not here another mention of that event.

"BURY IT!" Was the demand from the local school master watching over the election booth on the day, I'd guess.

The world really has to be told of just how corrupt Australia is.  

And, I put it that the manipulators of most of the high-end corruption, which forces the rest of us to live criminal lives, are well-ensconced within the upper reaches of the FOREIGN religious churches, synagogues and schools.

So, if only for entirely parochial, nationalistic, Australian ends, this is one reason why I hammer the British and Eurapean religions and monarchies and governments and establishments as much as I do.

I've not much real hope that they are capable of reforming themselves, be-it church or state, and as the best of a "Realist" as I can be, we all have no chance of surviving more than a couple of decades, before their excessive egomania forces the eco-systems and the masses of starving people, to lose control completely, and ignite Armageddon.

Nevertheless, I say again, that the world must pressure the totally discredited Catholic church to SHUT DOWN, forever and forever ah-men!

That the head of it can't see that they're a very very very bad joke to the vast majority of Humanity, shows just how far gone they are.  AND SHOULD BE, FOREVER, AND FOREVER, AND FOREVER!

But I'm way too polite to say or write THAT!

I think, that in the same time or soon after the second article was published by the Fairfax media house, the Victorian police actually raided the Fairfax "The Age" office in 250 Spencer Street Melbourne, and took away a bunch of files and stuff.  Might be wrong though?


What are the odds on a BLECK POPE???

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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Death-Throws Vatican & Coven Gently-Gently Kicking-and-Screaming Kicking-and-Screaming

130227 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Vatican & Coven Gently-Gently Kicking-and-Screaming Kicking-and-Screaming Edition

1st, thoughts on an ARTICLE -

off The Guardian UK website,
by Severin Carrell and Sam Jones
Tuesday 26 February 2013 19.20 GMT

Here's the last 3 paragraphs from The Guardian UK article, as titled and linked above....,

Professor John Haldane, a Vatican adviser and professor of moral philosophy at St Andrews university, said he agreed with Murphy-O'Connor that the church needed "overdue", wholesale reform.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight Scotland, hours after O'Brien resigned, he said: "The Vatican is a renaissance court. It's run on a basis that might have made sense in the 16th century but it certainly doesn't make sense in the 21st century.

"So very clearly one of the things the new pope has to do, and this is overdue, is really reform the internal organisation and structure of the church, and I think we will begin to see that."

Me, being what I am, urge much much more than mere “reform” from within the Vatican and the wider global Catholic church.

The 2nd quoted paragraph above has it that the church “...is a renaissance court”.

Perhaps from my “True Law” view, an interesting label, from within, to apply to the decrepit anachronism based in Rome.

I could destroy most of what that expert, Prof John Haldane says there, but wish no misery on him.

Tagging the church as a renaissance court, of the 16th century, misses the older facts, that the basic church was formulated as far back as the 4th century.

He knows more than me of the changes that had to have occurred between the 4th and 16th centuries. As it was in the 16th has to be closer to how it's been for the last century.

But yes..., it has been to now of a dead and much less “awake” age, within it's western hemisphere dominion at least.

If we look back to the general condition of the Catholic world, of Eurape and old Britain, and the few “extensions”, “colonies” it'd acquired to then, the 16th century, in it's heart, society was already terribly divided, with an elite, ponsing about in all manner of excess, having long before, forgotten all about the majority, and had become totally consumed by their own wealth-centred existences.

Yet those elites, and all of their administrations, long disgustingly corrupt, all professed to be faithful Christians!

King Henry the 8th, allegedly one of my ancestors, was no shining example of equitable and reasoned, Wise rule.

A majority of English and Britons lived in oppressive and ignorant poverty, as did a large proportion of Eurapeans, while the clerical elite were already wallowing in church-owned wealth and excess as to beggar the mind.

As I've been arguing for a while, there's no doubt that the western powers' rise to global dominance, economically, and, relative to this cult, religiously, has been accompanied by an unprecedented, mostly previously completely non-existent cultural mental illness, or uncountable range of psychological disorders and dysfunction, always the result of believing lies, economic and religious, or the churches overt and covert demands to believe the lies, wherever they marched their “holy crusaders”.

This has it's origins within this, and it's contrarian cults' priesthoods, taking the silver, offered as bribes by the monarchies and landed elites of dynastic and ancient families, to keep the masses oppressed and “dull” of mind (again, allegedly my Maredudd and Sutherland ancestors, et al, reaching down through the monarchies of old France, Aragons of Spain, etc., and east to who knows how far? Some say to ancient Israel!) over retiring ascetic humility in the search and sustenance of the Spirit of Light and - a-HUM? - Truth.

So, Professor Haldane is correct that today's church is an anachronism, but he's too kind to it, by not telling the whole truth, methinks.

A sound study of the history of the Catholic church, and, therefore of those “break-away” sub-sets, the Protestants, etc., from the Reformation, shows us that it has always, as the Great Oliver Cromwell argued, been a political force. And that surely, is not hard to know, translates as an “economic” force.

And..., as I'm at pains to stress, “economics” or from Greek “econimos” (?) means simply “the efficient management of the household”.

Given that the word household is applicable to both the actual houses and homes of each and all families, large and small, but also applies to the larger “household” or, the efficient management of the household, of a nation's government.

The usual labels within western parliaments, of their “House of Representatives”, and the “House of the Senate”, deriving from the same, I suggest.

And, no house, nuclear - dad, mum, 2-point-2 kids, dog, cat and a budgerigar, or canary - or international, national, dynastic and insanely rich, cannot exist without having land beneath it.

So whether more honestly recognized as being a political or economic force, ripping away all the rhetoric, the church exists for it's “elders” to have dominion over the planet's LANDS.

Cromwell knew it.

Scot, Robert the Bruce, founder of the Freemasons, knew it.

William Wallace knew it.

As have innumerable Champions of anti-colonial power struggles from the earliest wars.


History shows clearly that the churches, have fought between themselves for centuries now, for dominance - for ownership - of national government. And, this always requires evermore funds.

So the “religious” cult - occult - wars as have ensued from the start have been reduced to economics, by all and any means, to support the crusaders, the troops and the cannon fodder, conquering the people, their land and it's resources.

And in the finest, or lowest, tradition, depending upon one's sentiments toward the Italian Machiavelli, “anything goes” becomes the mantra of the heads of the cults involved.

So, corruption takes the lead, in every thought and action of those charged with the “government” of the cults, and their parishes.

Along, as I say above, with such distraction from the proper purposes of any “religious” priesthood (which should be to be the “peacekeeper” intermediary between the Human and the occult realms, which should be purely to maintain a Balance between the two, and this, by maintaining the truth, and balanced souls in the people), comes the plethora of perversions, lost ways, unloosed desires and fascinations.

That this lost way, has been going-on or followed since at least the 4th century, means that after a point, any such institution cannot not become irreparably corrupted.

Therefore, if we, white western fools, ie., lost flockers, had any rightmindedness extant in us, one or all, we would demand the cult close down, for it is realized it is beyond repair and cannot by “reforms”, especially from within, cure itself of it's ingrained illnesses!

White western fools”? - Were we not lost, we would not need any such “Christ” savior, so we would not have needed this inevitably corrupt institution at all!

Calls, by the good hearted, and intelligent, but, perhaps “soft” likes of Professor Haldane, and from Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, for “wholesale reform” within the church, were they researched from an impossibly “Impartial” perspective (impossible, I suggest, for them!), would find that the church has no more a place in the world, and, as I charge, must be closed.

It is clear to me, idling away my life's exiled and evening hours ATTACKING the bastards who've sent me to homeless Hell for their sins - ie, the Catholic church, the Freemasons, the Zionist Jews, and their secret stupifyingly-rich sickos, the Theosophical Society, the religious “Lords of Sick”, that the darkness that they have all so eagerly, and in that fascination, so ignorantly spread across the Mother planet's face, of building a false religion, a false culture, on an illusory false prophet ideology, thus, inevitably all manner of opposition to these, and buying off the millions of willing bribe-takers to manufacture enough occult belief to make it apparently “true”, has reached the point where it cannot be dissolved, cured, repaired, “saved”, reformed, nor even exorcised, without that thing which it falsely warned it's own entranced flocks about, while at-once doing every insane thing possible to bring it on - Armageddon.

So.., “what for..., 'Reform'?”

Few are fooled to not see now, that all agonized calls from the broken knees of the institutionally deformed “committed Catholics”, for “Reforms”, come not Impartially, for the future health and “Common-wealth” of 1, the Human species, and 2, the planet, our only habitat, but are “death-throw” cries of the fallen, themselves long seduced by a pernicious and intellectually dead force, long in need of expurgation from the Holy Planet, Mother Eartha.

Any denial of this clear, unambiguous TRUTH, by any of any “faith”, only exposes their own mental sickness, and therefore, their being dangerously spiritually lost.

These kind, well-intentioned many, for their being so off the path of Rightmindedness, cannot be trusted with the right to vote in ECONOMIC Elections, as is coming on September the 14th 2013, in Australia's federal parliament.

For, their following a blinding and pernicious cult like the Catholic, shows they are indeed, lost sheep, so cannot possibly know what, not who, to vote for, in economic elections.

But I do not aim my arrows, nor slash my sword (“s-word”!!!), only at the feeble necks of Catholic heads!

Freemasons! Jews! Zionist and not!

And all branches, offshoots and power-hungry!

Face down your demons, thriving in our minds, for your hexes of false beliefs and imaginings!

Better you wander paupers across the deserts of mind and land, than attach your fearful souls to such darknesses!

Listen no more the egomaniacs hiding behind the collar and cross!

What for can you want to be led into the ditch!

Admit your folly. Your dis-ease. And turn away from all the church tells you, and offers you to uphold their fundamental deceit.

There is no cure to their disease. And while they are let to maintain their delusion, we all fall with them.

The church is DEAD! We all know it.

That I'm the one who has only revenge and nothing more to lose, to say it, through this modern day “town crier” type call, of modern technological media, and other occult mediums, makes me no-one more than you.


Just use the media, and the VOTE, to make it clear to the idiots-in-robes prancing desperately around in the palaces of the Vatican, and across the global dioceses, and covertly along the halls of parliaments, that it has to end. We are no longer fooled!


Now, some 8 or more hours after scribing the following, having set my heart on digging-digging-digging my scribing-sword-point into the heart of the Roman beast, and it's stumbling prelates, I'm out of wind, seeing that I've by-now, gone far enough, if not too far.

I'll not read again the following, mainly for time, and hunger, and post this whole rant and rave and revengeful rabbit onto the blog, hoping (ALAS?) it hits the mark, like a Good Arrow, the likes of which a Gerry Fletcher might whittle and fire!


But please, whomever reads, and accepts any of it as Meritorious, keep your heads as quiet as you MUST, and see I'm still, in every word, but channeling the words, from a mass of humans, with these expressed sentiments.

Without their interference, I am but a bag of skin, flesh, fat, bones and excrement, and a gallon of synaptic receptors, playing some thing else's game.

There ain't no god. But there is a divine intelligence, all knowledge, all consciousness, all bliss, which we all are.

(The Divine-Most Light, is but the sum-total of all light, sound, vibration and emotion. The first and last! With that accumulation, thought, and intelligence eventuate. Thought I'd throw that one in!))

Perhaps the biggest barricade ever on earth, stopping us from finding that Purity, has been the Catholic church, and all it's western, wealth-orientated offshoots and opponents. Not forgetting of course, it source and HQ in ancient Israel!

Saint Bill”, of the Clinton, said as much as we need as a true and sound lead, when he uttered, in his humility


Get a life, whiteguys!

Shut down all western and eastern set-up cults.

Remove their “tax-free” status, and thus, as well, have all governments “resume” management and revenue sourcing of the lands the “religious cults” have stolen from the Nations of Human Beings, which therefore, by NO HALF MEASURES includes all lands stolen by their corporations, and put the priesthood out to do an honest days work for once in their spoiled lives.

Resume also, all “private” “church” and cult schools into, from now, unchained government management, with 21st century Intelligence-centred curricula, common to all pupils, and let's get over the dark ages of false gods and false religions.

The “markets” of commerce can continue, and if they cannot sustain themselves amidst Balanced and True Laws, of the Land, it is obviously better that they fall. And fall. And fall....


The role of Media in curing us of the church

IN THE LAST few days, thoughts about the turmoil across Catholicism have been of the need to implore the respectable global media houses to keep the pressure on the Catholic church, but also upon as many governments as possible, to bring the church right out into the open..

This, in all aspects of it's existence.

From the false religious doctrines set-up in the 4th century, through it's unquestionably demonic “cultural genocide” of all far far more Honest, True and Spiritual cultures, Traditions and Peoples, to the extreme dangers created for the whole planet, by their errant “private” i.e., “secret” school agendas and curricula, primarily in their twisting of Scientific Economic Laws, into the perverse least “economic” ideals taught, thus, for their unholy influence throughout government policy, legislated in national laws.

NO LESS, in their manipulation of “drug laws”. For the church is near the top of all organized crime syndicates which profit from BAD DRUGS LAWS!

Et cetera! Et cetera!

The cat is out of the bag now, and being in these far more communicative times, the brutal beast that religion has been allowed over 16 centuries to become, to so dominate, silence and murder public expressions of dissent - er - heresy, and therefore, indicting it further, for the days' Scientific Knowledge, cannot possibly save itself, short of a full “confession” to use their language, and in absolute humility, bow to the TRUE SPIRITUAL LAWS (apologies for the emphasis!).

That it is like the US and Brit-Eurapean auto, real estate, banking and other megalithic industries, all made into the horror shows they've become, once more by these, this very same filth of an institution, and it's adversarial cults, found to be, in the GFC of 2006, '7, '8 and-on, “too big to fail” does not in any way excuse it, and it's prelates, from facing the Courts of Human Justice, admitting their errings, sexual, psychological, psychic, and material (the last being their completely unethical moneymaking from the speculative land market, always of Aboriginal Nations' stolen land, as administered by their church-indoctrinated corporate executives), and, with the most Honorable show, and act of humility ever known, collectively stepping down from any seats of influence and authority, and closing their churches.

In my fanatical opposition to this errant cult, and it's occult adversaries in-general, I advocate something of a “merciless” permanent closure of such cults.

Obviously, were that to occur, such a “vacuum” as impossible to fill, would follow.

Billions, all added up, mainly of western, white, essentially spiritually misguided and thus ignorant, but in REALPolitik terms, self-interested over-consumers, threaten to either, or both, “self-destruct”, psychologically implode, or, like insane mobs, run out of control, and act well outside of all their comfortable and relaxed paradigms of business, and social, and domestic “bliss”, legal frameworks.

Not a pleasant scenario! However..., with the church being incorrectly, perhaps by a cowardly populace, allowed, in-the-main by the media, to “move forward”, forget and on-the-surface forgive, to remain the powerhouse it should not be, ensures no better an outcome!

For, employing the Most Noble Sciences of Law, Economics, and todays' labeled “Mental Health”, “Philosophy” in other words, as well as “Demographic Science”, a Proper Inquiry will establish beyond doubt, that these same cults lead the way in corrupting every one of these Highest Studies, to their own selfish, megalomaniacal advantage.

And, as we know, further, these errant self-interested and clearly “lost tribe” sub-communities, lead the world to it's own cultural, ecological and economic disasters.

Therefore....,while I realize full-well that I write this damning set of accusations to media employees given their qualifications and guarantees of employment and income by the very same institutions, I also know that the vast majority of you are not blinded by those “dark-ages” beliefs, and are Honest enough to address the FACTS, employ that opposite of this cult's “faith” - “your Intellect”, and Divine the Rectitude of my assertions and demands, and thus, of what you, from reporter to editor to mogul - must do, from here forward, in regard to pressuring all parties, government, corporate and media, to exact a Just response from the church, by insisting on nothing less than the long-needed closure of their offices, churches, schools and other related institutions.

As said, such moves cannot but cause massive haemorrhaging globally. Perhaps especially in their precious educational institutes, the “private schools, colleges and universities”.

Yes, they are entrenched now across all quarters of the world's societies.

That does nothing, however, to convince me, a humble servant of Rightmindedness (and Drug Law Reforms!), that they can be in the least, “Reformed”.

What instructive “ingredients” they employ to bring out the advanced abilities of their product, is, in part, a mystery to me, being a government school drop-out.

However, I know enough about the human psyche, to know that their methods are not the exclusive province of their kind of instruction.

Leaping away from the “west”, there are ample examples elsewhere on Earth, of the finest Intellects in the Sciences, in engineering, in all trades, in the Arts, in Philosophy - in Philosophy, leading the west by a large margin - in Government, and the many other vital and beneficial talents and modalities Humanity educes, elicits and nurtures. Without exclusive pampering and indoctrination.

And.., should it have to be said, a deliberately ignored quality of mind, talent and ability exists right across our very own Australian government school students and graduates.

So any assertions by these secret agenda exclusive schools, cults and higher institutions, or clergy, that they are a necessary and vital part of all societies and administrations, arts, sciences, religion and entertainment, etc, are ungrounded, and are off-with-the-fairies, of their spoiled, delusional and deadly dreaming.

It is for everyone to stand forth and speak the facts, on the positives and negatives of letting these warped child abusers - psychological and sexual - carry-on unaccounted for.

Then, finally, it is imperative, perhaps more than all of the afore-screamed points, of all rightminded thinkers and doers of the planet, to call out these charlatans, perhaps primarily on their ill-gotten gains for not having to pay the right and equal amounts of taxation, to support and enable Good Government!

There has to be a time, when that “Critical Mass”, stands-up and demands such rogues to account and desist!

Should we burn them on the pyre, like so many of their predecessors did to the True, Wise Witches of Local Law and Cultural Balance?

Some, of a certainty, need that extent of fire to purge their souls.

But, better you ask the Wise Fellas of your Local Aborigine Nations.

Media! You must Talk True!

Clearly, changes across all arenas where they've held control must also occur.

With the insanity that's raced across the planet, of say, the last 500 years, so too has the Wisdom of Good Religious Practice, and Good Government.

You wont find them on the pulpit, nor campaigning in politics.

They're everywhere and amongst you.

Jus' gotto ask.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


Outlaw Junction


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