Domestic Violence & Eve-il

140419 On Domestic Violence

I read the article about Anna Bligh, ex-Queensland ALP Premier [link below], then wrote the following to the comments section of the Slippery Matriarchal Ho's SMH, today, and they wouldn't print it!

Since my deducing that, then retracting my venom on suspicions that there's a global campaign by females to take all power off the males, via - religion, media and real estate - I've decided that they are way over board, and have passed 'psychotic'.

The amount of illogical, outright lies, unexplained pressure and absolutely unreasonable crazy actions the females around me have exacted upon me, over - NOT just the last few years, nor few decades, but for my whole 59 years, makes me ask how I can stay as balanced as I see myself?

I'm quite certain I am not crazy. But, I am not certain this, my 'life' [Ho! Ho! Ho!] is not a dream, a nightmare, into which I've been slotted, programmed, to suffer, by mum's catholic convent nuns, and the cabal most evil centred in the Vatican, Rome.

[Yes, almost as if the hollywood blockbuster “The Matrix 1” was written about my 'captured' life!]

Nevertheless, bitching I'll not do, other than throw this possibly too REALPolitik comment the SMH wouldn't print.

It's notable that the article is written, and the comments 'moderated' or censored, by a woman.

However, the females have taken control of much of the ABC, and the new daily [if 'daily' can be applied now to the 24/7 online media cycle] kid on the Australian scene, The Guardian.

AND, well worth noting also, is that the ABC, and the Guardian are basically catholic enclaves, as per the global conspiracy based in the Cities of London, Washington DC and, the Vatican, against the Honest Peoples of the planet.

This [theory] has possible 'flaws' it though, because The Guardian has published many damning documents against the same global cabal.

However, in this age of counter-counter-counter agents and media corps drawing the cabal's enemies out, with that old chestnut -TRUST - I am totally open to believing the lot of them, even Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd, and Fox, etc, are not of the same 'conspiracy' to undermine every Human Justice Movement and counter-cabal Freedom Fighter Troupe on earth.

I know that some [but many] 'spirit' occupies my soul, and keeps me from being able to associate. I've heard for years that the planet has been invaded and taken over by reptilian aliens, and so their enemies in the galaxy, a 'female' species of aliens have responded to the calls sent out, for help, and are now at war against the reptilians.

If any of that is 'true', then I'd make a considered guess and say I was made manifest by the females, to be some somewhat tougher 'warrior' for them against the evil little green junkless fuckers, the 'greys' I'm told they're called.

It's more likely though, [so why ain't I dead yet?] that I'm a sacrifical lamb, yes, as per the fabricated puppet, Jesus of a few millennia ago, and so my fate is to fight endlessly and die, to save the softcock bitches who've set me up over oooowh” 59.9 years, as of 2 days ago.

So, as they are so fucking insane, all of them, and this is all an illusion, and as I do not see myself breaking free of the hexes, because, as the movie says, “only the truth will set you free!”, I do my intelligent best, and fight the fuckers at every turn.

Life is shit, thanks mum and nunnery. But while I regard myself as sentient, not out of control and able to remain self-disciplined, enough to stay healthy and fit enough to walk and breathe [but OOOOWH? I wanna beer, and a bag of Cannabis???], I deduce my only option, against all idiocy as per this failed nation of Astrayliar, is to remain in JUST DEFIANCE!

So should, I reckon, all Men be!

I have no doubt the females have taken over the land distribution and rental markets, and are quite sick with delight that they have, and that the males must bow to their farcical conditions - AGAIN!

The SMH article has many comments which go against the intended thread of the article, from men and women, who see that men are being done over, and by that exact type of fairy-floss BOOOOOLLLSHSHSHIT media trash.

However, I still cannot see myself moving to support the idiot in our pathetic prime minister, Tony Abbott, and his allegedly 'manly' take on politics and the roles of women. Even though his rhetoric and hyperbole is so thick with cowardly platitudes saying that he's a feminist supporter more than a misogynist, it is clear that the bullshit September 7th 2013 federal election here was a battle between the pro-feminism ALP of the alleged 'left' [centre-left] and the extreme right wing masculine Liberal/Nationals party coalition.

Merely an offshoot, or 'branch office' of the same games being played out across the Pacific in the USA - Democrats, the feminists, and the Republicans, the Men.

However, from it all, and from today's bullshit article and recent experience with all 'feminist media', I see it's very and worryingly clear that Men have some work to do, methinks, in Reforming their 'gentler' attitudes to the modern, 'politically-correct' and specious, divisive and domineering feminists.

Personally, I've become very embittered for the deeply devious, specious and malicious campaign by the women I've been fooled to love and like.

I do not think I will ever be 'repatriated' into thinking even 'Respectfully' of women again.

However, the distinction has to be made, that the majority of those who've turned me again their gender, are 'white', of the mainstream western modern lifestyle culture.

The article by about Anna Bligh's thoughts, which are farcical, and beyond all reality, is really, to a Realist, laughable.

More so, for them 'redacting' my perhaps too HONEST comments.

And here they are...;

April 19, 2014
Josephine Tovey
Saturday Print Deputy Editor

Violence against anyone is not healthy. Tell the global warmongers though. Tell the catholic perverts in Washington DC.

These campaigns against males belting a lying, cheating, cunning, manipulative female, only tell the violent side of the story.

Media employees come from the well-to-do church schooled classes, where the home is secure, the income is secure, the social network is secure, and the lawyers are secure, ET cetera.

The middle-to-upper class who champion these half-only campaigns ignore that women go to the lowest extents to 'own' a man, to have him broken, or bent to their every whim and fancy. Only to flick him when she's got her wants.

Like 'mar-riage', the word 'MATRImony' half says what it's about - women getting the house and car and kids [in brief].

For most Working Class males, life is often a constant war, out there, in work, or looking for and keeping work, dealing with the real world, then the home, not sure of what the spouse has been up to, etc.

The 'feminist movement' since the 1960s, has passed 'over-reach' and places even more strain on males ever having to prove their OK against assertive 'empowered' females, who rely on lies to 'win', and the female's blackmail [no more sex for YOU!] as often are why men go to extra lengths to look OK, to have the right stuff - cars, houses and superficial junk, making them less the 'Man' they would be capable of being, were they not under so much pressure to 'conform' to a females 'wishes'.

Women can be more harmful with what they say [and do behind a man's back], than his belting her after she's gone too far.

From a Sworn Misogynist, speaking from 59 years experience of filthy females setting him up very, very badly.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

Commander Notorious
General Blue Meanee
Captain Nightmare
General War Pig


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor




Green Planet, Bundy Ranch, USA Revolution, Chinese Vegemite Farms, & 10K Micro-Nations


Down from HERE are seven new posts, 3 plus the top one, going to how humanity has to manage ourselves and our Mum Eartha, from here on, with the world's Best Influences courtesy of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC.

2 go to related but more Economic Issues focusing around the canceled Civil War In the USA of the last week, at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, with the first one - below - being a diatribe on Global Nation-State Reforms, from large ones to Micro-Nations, including a fresh view of what might be possible in the USA.

And there's 1 going to the recent Astrayliarn PM and his popularity try-out with the majors of Asia - Japan, South Korea and China - in which, the big Tiny Hobbott PM basically folded to China and gave away all our farmlands to the Chinese mega-agricorps.

Rippa Rita!

But we're all saved, by Abbort's and the LNP's Deputy Showoff, National's bleeder, Barnyard Joycestick, who reckons he's gonna perform a coup d'etat, throw Abbott out and take over as our rural dictator for New England, from his shale oil and coal farmine [LNP newspeak] in the western NSW desert, or something?

Most of these posts, as most other posts here, are what I flung onto media website comments sections, when they let me, when they don't censor/delete them or simply do what they'd like to do to ME - they 'disappear' them.

Fortunately, I really enjoy 'semantics', so employing the inner ear's listening, to channel down from Alpha Centauri the stuff I do, then warping names and words into funny shit, is my sole delight in life, outside of chocy muesli. 

But sometimes the messages which come through, from up there, NO!  from..., up....., THERE, get REALSerious, and so I just obey and type, trance-like.  

So, when I come back down, or out, or UP, from wherever I'm hearing the shit, I find I've wandered off topic sometimes.  Not so far off as to change the weather, but enough to take in related issues no-one else in the galaxy has ever ever ever been able to!



But these have some sound arguments and points in them, about stopping the big asses in Washington DC USA, who drop in and haunt/hound/harass me here and there, from decimating the lame population of the Untied States of America - with feeling - and nukes.

Good Fortune America!

And Good Job, Bundy Ranchers!

But hold that gallon of Bootleg!  

'Cause, It ain't over YET!!!

And, MISTA Obama, And MISTA Biden?

Next time you drop a selfie onto my screen, even for some few seconds - SAY SOMETHIN' TOO!  Why don' ya?  

Like "A! G'Day Cobber! Like a beer?"

Fair dinkum, Rooter, don' know WHOSE side I'm s'posed to be on?


Autonomy For EU's AND USA's States AND For ALL Earth's Micro-Nations!

140414 Secession From Supra-States For All Micro-Nations - Global
The 21st Century Green Planet

RT, the Russian media online portal and the Voice of Russia, are but two of the very few global media outlets which proffer more than mere reports on this want by smaller regions to secede from the larger European and other national and supranational bodies, to being more autonomous.

I can't figure out the comments system for the RT pages, and once when I did, they didn't publish my comment. So be it!

So here's the few links to articles of a few media houses, about the interest across the Eurapean and British and elsewhere, world for small 'statism'.

There's a lot riding on this for Locals, the 'Yous and Mes' of the world everywhere, because this 'smaller democracies' arrangement, has far more Benefits for the People, than the large, open to massive corruption nation-states can possibly offer them/you/us.

It tends away from the grossly inflated egomania we witness in large and powerful nations [and corporations], because the separation between the voters, and the governments is - well - really not there.

People are more likely to see their leader in the streets, if they are within the same region. Etc.

Other factors are related to corruption, and that is of the means of funding government, and factors regarding psychology.

Because, from a psychoanalytical perspective, how much of the fancy aloof arrogance, excess of lifestyle, etc., of the super-rich, especially in places of government and power, are not their ways of affecting superiority, merely to deter the People from asking awkward questions about how they acquired the wealth? ET cetera?]

The farther away from the more Realistic People, the easier it is to develop ignore and leave untreated, errant psychological traits and maladies.

However, the more 'space' there is in any one region of government for players to bend the rules, which is the case in large corporations and nations, the more tempting it becomes for the ambitious, entrepreneurial, and just plain greedy business and other people to bend the rules, and buy-off those in positions of power. Those too, in most cases, are mental illnesses, of varying degrees.

And, of course, as it always is, people who grapple and climb up to those same highest positions, in arena that have always been corrupt [since “the fall” perhaps?], are 1stly more than a little psychotic, in their lust for power=wealth=status etc, and have of the last oooowh? 6,000 years, gotten up there purely and simply by skullduggery - ie., by buying or conning or deceiving or 'tricking' their way up the ladder/s of power.

Of course, there are exceptions, but few, and those who do gain a seat at the top tables, rarely rule, nor actually run things.

And in that alone is the truism, that the larger the administration, the more room there is for people at all levels to take a bribe to let some rule be bent or ignored.

The two - running utterly corrupt corporations-cum-dynastic governments, and having one's own Honorable characteristics - simply are contradictory to each other.

As well..., there's grown, probably correctly, a belief that to 'manage' an institute like a nation, one has to have a large bank of knowledge on all the possible machinations as per the bigger powers.

So, as nations grow, they are seduced to accept into their administrations, people from the most corrupt organizations, typically the much larger ones, simply for them apparently having that experience.

Hence, the doors to such as foreign, offshore corruption are swung open, and the nation usually falls in Integrity, until swamped by the filth and becomes a puppet nation to the mad bastards of - say- Washington, or London, et al.

And, while we're a disjointed species, each locale with their own ideas, aspirations, needs and delusions, all 'competing' in the local, regional and global 'free market place' [HAHAHA!] anyone from 'outside' comes with 'some' allegiance to whomever, whatever, whichever company, nation, cult or economic cum-political 'belief-system' they grew into or gave their soul to.


Outside, of a well-nurtured, secure, LOCAL! In theory?

Something like that, anyway?

But, again, with few exceptions, larger states are usually forced, by the momentum of the jobs, of dealing with different cultures in others, by the inevitable complexities of too large an institution or bureau, and by the 'lobbyists' from private and competitive industries, to be less aware and considerate of the Masses.

Masses who are in essence, the same as the top dogs, but are not carried along on the 'diplomacy and spin' the rulers always have to resort to, to enable the concomitant larger-ever-larger industries that centrist governments and corporations need and do find good reason to want to own.

Something like that, anyway?

So, with all the travails across the northern hemisphere recently, from north Africa to Scotland, across from the Spanish regions to the Ukrainian Micro-States' Peoples'

-calling for more autonomy, thus
-more control over 1stly,
-how governments, THEIR governments are funded, but
-over what their governments DO with the funds, and
-how much of it is spread across the populace, to
-their Proper and Righteous, more Stabilizing preservation of their own, and so often Beautifully Unique Culture/s,

ie., the travails Eurape has slowly been bringing upon itself, over the last few millennia, such that now, what with their centuries-old colonial mines, slave-breeders, and resources providers gaining their own nationhood, etc., so are not now so eager to 'give away' all the resources to plunderers, Eurape is staggering toward it's own implosions-plural.

Plural being that not only has Eurape, and it's 'extensions - Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and others of the '1st world' over-consumed, for centuries of improper dominance of the rest of us, they're MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION assumptions that they have an endless supply to their crazy-mad insatiable, emotion-based greedy, selfish demands - is at an end.

Almost every aspect of the 'refined' Eurapean culture has grown on the heads and blood of the billions of the other people they seconded as slaves, and as 2nd class citizens - er - subjects, and on their 'stolen' resources.

Now, I do appreciate the 'fineries' of Brit-Euro culture, to be sure.

And, although most all of it comes from the minds and hands of the elite's spoiled brats given endless stipends [of stolen wealth] to spend on their lives of 'idle hours', and hands [!] manifesting the musical instruments, the amazing architecture, and all accouterments going with palaces etc., - the fucking HAIR-DO'S???, fashion, and talking with a bunch of plums up themselves, lots of it, is as much a distraction from - being Human!

Down to earth, wise, balanced, strong, healthy mind and body, rah rah rah, and a rah.

What these 'advances' in all manner of manorial living do tell us, if we can think, is that the possibilities are endless, and the heights of such genres, trends, fashions and paths are limitless. But, they cannot possibly exist without having 'negative sides' to them.

One, is that they are distracted from what they most need.

And that, is to be able to be Still in mind, and thus to really honestly BE SATISFIED.

'Arrogance' and superiority complexia, but two failings inherent in opulence and spoils from the Honest Tribes, not to mention the dangers of “idle hands (of the ridiculously rich) doing the devil's work”!

These, amongst many, is one reason why the super rich are addicted to power, and want MORE of the fucking stuff. AT NO MATTER WHAT COST!!!!


So, the Masses suffer, inherit the same psychoses, “as above, so below”, and thus become insatiable idiots as well, thus, EVERYONE'S rushing to the cliff.

The psychosis of greed, once in the culture, feeds upon itself, and the victim of wealth, and power, becomes in every way paranoid waiting/fearing for anyone to whack them in the face with the truth about themselves, and the lies they must keep up to cover their true, feeble being, under all the 'make-up' jewelery, fancy garb and ponsy chatter, ET CETERA.

So, seeing no escape, for the hexes this culture of deceit places over their Intellect/s, they follow the garden path down down down using the same components - corruption-cum-opulence - to sustain themselves and the BIG lie/s.

And with the rest of their 'subjects' adopting the same psychoses, for being slowly seduced into accepting it as how to be, the whole grows more defensive, more full of shit, and more aggressive, with the larger numbers of the same stupid cultural dickheads ready to argue for them, and we find - OH SHIT? - nuclear war on the horizon.

Would that scenario be as likely were we more locally governed, so the governors were not so seduced by POWER to become fuckwits?


But, of course! This is just how it goes! “Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination”.

So...., no-one, not even Russia's Vlad Putin, nor China's Xi Jinping disagree with this, in heart. But of course, the realities of a nutcase species on a finite amount of real estate, makes for other ways of seeing it.

And, while I remember, the USA is currently getting 'hot' for a Nevada rancher and family holding out against the brutish federal government, who are not the REAL Federation's Government, but a cabal of foreign usurpers, who cunningly self-imposed a false constitution into the works in 1871.

That eruption of sentiment over the last few weeks, across the USA, of Citizen's Militia Manning-and-Arming Up to take down the feds false department, the Bureau of Land Management BLM, in Nevada, has, simply for it being a focus for Dissidents to post the info about the lies and shit online, exposed the flaws in the USA's system, and, the massive deceptions a likely majority if Americans have fallen for.

From what I've 'monitored' from down here down the whiteguy sewer of Astrayliar, there's been no allusion in the media and 'side-media' covering the 'Bundy Ranch Stand-Off'' about “States' Rights” as opposed to the totalitarian feds, stomping on The People.

So, let me go there, virtually that is!

The USA, is, if we forget, supposed to be a “Federation of United States”, literally.

A whole bunch of Wise Dudes way back, figured something out about how best for People to be, and to have their own knowledge and SAY in the government - the administration and management - of their own patch, their own turf, neighborhood, and stuff.

So, the land they'd STOLEN off the Enlightened Indigenous Peoples, was not given over to one huge totalitarian central authority, but was partitioned down into relatively small states, so-as to be manageable, by Locals. More or less.

Then, when all the state borders were drawn across the maps, the population was tiny compared to now, and thus it was well within the population to approach the state's authorities and governors, et al.

Now, grown to having many millions in cities, let alone across the states, the same old too-big-to-talk-to shit looses people, and they cannot be there, to see and contain or prevent some wise-ass from another place from smooozzing their way, by bribes, into bending the governor's ears, and pockets.

So, after the Untied States of America resolves the Proper Government of their own, that-is down to State autonomy, I'd say, if all goes better than a nuclear war to shut them up, they have to re-assess the concept, such that even smaller 'counties' are, 1st all, that-is ALL, run on the same nationwide SCIENTIFICALLY ASSESSED revenue-collecting structures, and then given autonomy as to how they go about funding, feeding, housing and clothing themselves, and refining themselves to all playing violins [?]

Something like that, anyways.

The point being, the planet will run a shitload better, if we all downsize government, so we all can actually [not merely virtually by voting once a few years], become part of it, in terms of knowing what's going orrrn, in the County's Council Chamber/s, and that LAWS are not being corrupted to making us pay more than we should, and such that we are NOT forever placed in that shitful situation of being in constant jeopardy of being moved off which ever piece of land the community divines is good for us and them in-one.

So, the USA too, really has to take the path of reconfiguring itself.

It cannot be left up to the Mobsters up top. It's all or none.

And, contrary to the cocksuckers lusting for power, way up in the bullshit zone/s, these things can be beautifully managed by the Joe and Josephine Average's, if the system is local enough.

We do NOT need uni degrees and 30 years in politrix to know, how to.

So, that goes to saying that it might be time the USA, as a leading nation, with too many problems to ignore, and to wrongly assume 'keep doing it as before' - faced up to it's micro-and macro realities, and act on the truism -

“If something's broken, YOU GOTTO FIX IT!

But what is needed?

Descaling. Downsizing government. Decentralizing power.

I can only see, hypothetically, that for any easing of the pressure that has boiled up in the USA, thus everywhere, they have to down size autonomy to as local as possible the level.

One major problem and safe house for corruption in Australia, has been the three-tiers of government - federal, states and local.

I'd say the same issues exist and ferment in the USA as well, of the 'middle tier', the states, and federal complicity, both having too much say over what should be in the hands of the local councils, especially in regard to distribution of funding - revenues - and being able or not, to siphon off funds from above which should be going straight down to the most local level.

On top of this, is the inefficiencies of having that horror of 'middle-management'.

The states have to have employees just to administrate, when the funds paying that unnecessary duplication of 'middlemen' administers, should be applied straight out to the projects and utilities and infrastructure/s.

That too, if not the easiest, is how funds are pilfered by less than honorable employees.

And how many unnecessary 'private' sub-contractors lobby their ways into the process, charging, on the OK of the nicely-locked-in bureaucrats, excessive fees for simple projects, assessments and, management?

Projects, assessments and, management once done, by less ambitious, perhaps primarily because, once, they were in a secure job, and lived in secure housing, then, mostly council-owned [quite deliberately allowed to fall into disrepair by the private realty industry subverting demographic designs, and ownership principals of Common, as-in PUBLIC, ownership of the land], so less specious 'Council Workers' who're stable, less paranoid about their next contract, dedicated to doing a Good Job, rather than the day's common 'efficiencies' in process, manufacture and delivery, where everything is parred-down to it's minimalist quality?


America, you don't want to be nuked, by the FOREIGN POWERS in Washington - YET!

But, working against them incites their partners in business, to join them to STOMP you.

As I've written, if YOU sort the Truest Government Policies as to this, Bundy Ranch Stand-Off, of distribution, usage and taxation of the Land, they are much much less likely to fight you.

IF.., You, and a United States Militia, can put into a Document, the Best Formula for Government of 340 million Crazyfuck People, PLUS, the Nationwide United Organized Army of Administrators of the same, they will have to acquiesce, at least to coming to the national table to nut-out a new constitution, or, perhaps best, to agree to re-institute the pre-1871 Constitution OF The United States of America.

Something like that, anyways...?

The Momentum from any such Correction in the USA, will have the parasitic elites of the failing EU and other regions, buckle, and Calls and Revolts for Autonomy for all Micro-Nation States will increase by the hour.

At a guess..., I'd say it IS time!

Started by Voice of Russia's Admin , Mar 16 2014 01:33 PM

Guest Comment by

Posted 16 March 2014 - 01:35 PM

Viva Veneto, if they vote to secede from Italia!
Smaller 'nation-states' is the way forward, especially for the aging and decrepit EU.
The same applies globally, from China, the USA, Russia and all large nations. It's the only way to clear out corruption, of centrist authorities.
An ideal future EU would be one of hundreds of small, locally taxing and controlled nations.
But we are all far from wanting, and from knowing how to live and trade without 'bakshish' and classified corruption.

Patrick L Young
March 25, 2014 09:42

Voice of Russia UK 27 March, 22:00

Dr. Roslyn Fuller
April 11, 2014 13:39

[Funny? RT didn't publish this'n?]

The EU is being exposed as elitist, aloof & unworkable, reasons why the small states want out.
Scotland's push for independence of Westminster is a call to attention on Westminster's failing elite politics.
Catalonia, Veneto, Basques as well as Ukraine's micro-states, are saying to the EU that it's elite are power-mad nuts, for control, using the Masses, not for anyones' benefit but the EU elite, to protect their palaces.
Everywhere, 1,000s of micro-states see the science, economy, cultural health, & democratic/demographic common sense, in smaller, states, with self-determination.

So! Be! It! GLOBAL!


140414 Mentioning the Basques.....

RT April 13, 2014 19:06 Get short URL


Obviously, there's other regions to consider, and their influence on the USA, and the EU, etc.

Russia, or Moscow, clings to it's geographic size, and China too.

Are either likely to accept the USA decentralizing it's power domestically, when such moves are bound to interfere with especially China's financial interests and growth plans within the USA? And, unavoidably that'd create similar wants and Movements within their own territories. NOT something China takes lightly.

Russia, according to Russian media, is pretty cool with their 'satellite' nations around their ideological and political buffer zone having certain amounts of autonomy.

We're yet to see how Crimea, pans-out, in that regard. Is Putin and his Admin, prepared to devolve to some suggested 60-plus, inner-Russian Micro-States?

Him and they being as Intelligent, 1, they'd at least think about it as both a need, and a Benefit.  Russians could only celebrate such as move, and would for it, be even more enamored of/with/by/to Moscow and it's Wisdom. I'd expect bordering nations would be lining up to join/rejoin Russia's new 'Soviet'?

But, it's clear, I think, sifting the propaganda and rhetoric and hyperbole, that the Russian administration, holds high the “Intelligence factor” in government, well over the corporate “profit-1st” ones the US is subservient to, and is falling apart from.

I refuse to change my considerations and conclusions on what underpins the most egalitarian government, of Socialism.

Government is for everyone. Not just for those who can scam the most from the powers that be.

That's, as best as I can discern, the, or one Intellectual assessment of the role of government.

It is not how the world has evolved. It's above that inevitable evolution.

That also, and it shows that Putin's administration is on the same wave-length, demands as least centralized control, so, as local an autonomy as is practicable.

But, with, a Central Committee overseeing the inter-activities between the Micro States, to ensure the least waste of resources and manpower. To keep as low as possible the duplication of energies/resources, and wages and salaries.

Let the People be happy, and they can be trusted, to engage and trade with nations of any sector, region or ideology.

But with Honest Government, the resort to believe anything is reduced. So, as Science would become the Guide, religion, as we've known it, at last, could dissipate.

Not to say 'a religious life' wouldn't be nice. That, is actually essential. But without the bullshit.

If we're not Self-Disciplined, we go insane.

All this doesn't take into consideration the problems of supranational military power and the stupid needs to now, of having to raise a permanent military to defend against expansionist fucking psychos elsewhere.

And, other national factors which 'naturally' conflict with a neighbor nation or culture, etc.

But they do not conflict with the concept of Properly Managed Micro-States.

And, the reality of the market places, where we buy whatever, cannot be ignored, and can be embraced very, I say, easily.

Perhaps the most important thing in that, is the mega-growth pills the mega-corps have been taking over the last few millennia, where growth is unstoppable once they attain a certain size.

That alone, really fucks the 'marketplace'.

But, its the same question/problem/situation, of being too big to avoid corruption, and delusional aspirants selling any fucking stupid ideas to the boards, to climb the ladder of ambition. And, of the boards/CEOs/shareholders bending to any suggestions which keep the profits flowing into their pockets.

Why do they demand never-ending increased profits?

Well, 1, they're psychotic, and 2, for that, they are also paranoid of not having too much. “Think of the embarrassment???”

Keeping 'face' the higher up we go, in power, and perhaps more important to psychopaths, 'influence' is everything.

No matter that if it's based on bullshit and egoism, it's about as sick as one can be?

“I WANNA BE THE SICKEST!!!” stomp stomp! wank wank!

In fact, 'capitalism' can be discerned to be centred upon psychosis.

“The endless fight to be unhappy!”

Always at war with everyone else for the same things.


So, China and Russia, no matter who is at the very top, have grown for their recognition that the Intellect is what should be governing the emotions, the desires.

And Intellect does discern that we are not meant to be at never-ending war against our own kind. So, somewhere in the equation of people on finite real estate, we have to balance or needs, and wants, with those of others.

Socialism. Manageable government. Every possible Egalitarian means of letting the People Know and have a well-informed say in their own authority equals as local a government as practicable.

So, if the USA gets up and Corrects their shammozzle, would China and Russia 1, need to change much, and 2, be prepared to?

Every plan all of them and us, have, for the future would have to be put on the table, for reassessment.

I'd say, optimistically, that a lot of them could be simply trashed, thrown out, as no longer necessary.

Because, not only is any such REALPolitik Reform going to effect and change how we're governed, how we govern ourselves, but every way we've come to accept as how we all have to fight for a crust or for a mansion, changes too.

Proper Adjustments here, would open the way the planet needs for the maximum and most efficient reductions on uses of energy.

It can't be, for a large lot of us, merely an administrative correction.

Like any Revolution or Proper Reformation of how we organize our world, where it's “ALL OR NONE!” so it has to be in how we live.

That would be most different, in how we share the resources, but mainly, the land.

Most of humanity's energy crises arise because we're disgustingly inefficient in how we share resources, but most of all how we are distributed across the land.

Sort that out, and we reduce our energy demands, maximally.

So, plans for dams and solar farms and coal powered stations and autos to commute in and industries to support the energy megaliths, become down sized, or down sizeable, enormously.

And, maybe, so would be the perceived need to start wars against energy-rich nations.

It involves billions of us shaking off the spells assuming it's cool to buy food from the other side of the planet, for anything that can be made more locally.

Needs-must. Get a SOUL, Bitch!

So the utter bullshit international freight mega-industry AND all it's ancillary supports, have to be scaled right back, at least, possibly for decades, until they can be TOTALLY environmentally friendly.

I cannot believe humans NEED most of the freighted stuff from afar. That, is purely the realm of colonial egoism, and the foolish beliefs in the upper classes, that they can afford it, so lets build bigger ships. Etc.

A massive waste of energy and resources, not to mention the damage to the oceans, etc.

It goes on and on, as you know.

We all recognize things need to change. But because it's such a big issue, no-one can put a finger on where to start.





Why not just start by looking at the stuff right beneath your own feet, and the laws relating you, to it?

Get them Correct, Locally, then take it from there.....

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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Bundy Ranch Nevada USA Stand-Off over Feds Land-Grab

140413 My 12160 Comments on Nevada USA Stand-Off over Feds Land-Grab

Looks like a welcome break in the news?

Gotto ask though, how long will the feds leave it go?

Like Britain STILL trying [some say 'successfully] to win back the USA, since 1776, these majors don't throw their hands up and walk away, so readily.

The 'land' issue, is the underlying issue we all have problems and disputes/wars over.

If, "IF" the feds and other authorities DO retreat and retire the offensive, and even if the 'Militia' said to be in the several thousands, and bound to grow, US-wide, and if the USA IS finally looking at something sustainable - We The People against 'the corporation' - and the Militia and this birthed 'Movement' becomes the foundation,

1, what then, and

2, knowing the big asses don't forgive and forget, how long before they form up and make a fresh, overwhelming new offensive?

[I ask again, is this a 'right wing' reaction mostly to/against the alleged 'left-wing' and not to be discounted, the "black" Obama presidency, or something attacking/reacting to the overall corporo-corrupted federal level administration? And, "would this have occurred and grown in Militia support were the feds under a 'white' and Republican presidency?"]

1, what then? Is the Militia, and allied Supporters there, ORGANIZED, AND intelligent enough, in terms of knowledge on fiscal economics, to take any Revolt all the way through, until Reason, not mere numbers and firepower overcome the feds?

Take the hypothesis; Militia win, People Revolt, government admits defeat, surrenders authority, suspends government in Washington DC, calls for a Referendum or such of, by and for the People to reorganize national administration.

People go sick dancing in the streets. People, who hold influence across the polity, local and larger, get down to the business of reorganizing government, locally and nationally.

The National Guard come onside, avoid utter chaos and nationwide disruption and descent into "it's over Duckie!"

What comes 1st? Financing the new admin. "Funds?" People just wanna dance!

"Elders" get down to it. The corporation, aka "Rome, London, Washington" gets panicky.

Global finance goes wild, mostly down. Industry shuts everywhere [except China and ancillaries]. Essentials' distribution stops.

Resource wars erupt - fuel oils, weapons materials, vehicles. FOOD.

"Going Green" is forgotten completely as the war for energy/fuels/food escalates.

NOT, a healthy scenario.

BIG issues, which an excited 'Militia' and happy-dance-and-party Mob, may NOT be up to addressing, for anything more than a few months long-term?

These bigger, funding, revenue and logistical, infrastructure issues are EVERYONE'S concern, from here on. No-one can be part of any Reform, unless they too, accept their DUTY, as part of DEMOCRACY, is to also be fully cognizant of the BIG aspects of reforming, institutionalizing and ensuring Proper Management, from the Local Council, where they should be Marching to, to call for them too, to accept and address Reform, up to the Capital of the Federation of the States.

These big issues, if known by everyone from the start, will or will not make or break the future for you. So, have a drink, and a smoke, and shout 3 CHEERS! etc. But don't miss this Opportunity, to take it all the way.

And your ONLY Route, is by ORGANIZATION, Nationally, from every Local Center, with fundamental knowledge on what this, and all wars are about.


AND..., y'all might be pleasantly surprised by how many fed operatives and admin are ONSIDE.

Get it, the laws, the economics and the TAXATION right, and they'll rush to support you.

Good Fortune, America!


To another 12160 post “The truth about the USA's Bureau of Land Management”

"BLM is actually a sub-corporation of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, a private foreign owned off-shore corporation since its last incorporation in 1925, copyrighted, trademarked and registered in Puerto Rico.

Under the Reorganization Act of Washington District of Columbia, by it’s own private business charter, neither the BLM, nor any other federal/corporate agency has lawful/legal authority, jurisdiction or interstate nexus within the 50 state geographical landmass."

Accepting this as fact, it seems then, to be no more than the ancient Roman/Jewish empire's expansionist world domination mob, going about their delusional business.

Somehow, I think America is awake now, and a majority are ready to make a Stand?

The next is a reply to Deep Space's questions..

Exactly. So, will they wait for the Masses to get properly ORGANIZED, or take them out before it's gained a momentum much larger and of it's own?

Another thought is..., maybe this is all a set-up, and, a Militia Revolt, nationwide, is actually what the fed are trying to incite?

Anything is possible from the cabal.

They too hate the mass-apathy, and are totally disgusted with the world's people being so disorganized and not united, even though the cabal scum made them so themselves, over centuries/millennia.

The 800 year war between the masons and the catholics has been over the domination of the planet's land and resources.

As much as I am at war against the catholics and all judaic cults, inc., masons catholics, proddies, and zion et al, the micks recognize land laws [and 'usury'] are bad-wrong, and the masons control them [via banking blackmail] and the most land, in the west, at least.

So, while I despise the false god, false messianic cults inc., the Vatican, we have to recognize that Machiavellianism lives, strong, in all of them.

Each, of course, holds like blind fools to them being the correct ones [a la, 'the chosen tribe'], and maybe none of them are correct?

But, refusing to 'side' with any of the powers of now, I am ready to accept and even concede that some, perhaps the f---ing micks, a la the Vatican, do want true Democracy, aka via something like a Militia in the most armed nation - USA - to take it up to them, so something can be begun.

Maybe the cabal will NOT bomb the Militia back to the stone age?


And, "always assume the worst, that way, anything else is good news!"

The Populace ARE awake now...., so..., I'd estimate, there's no going back.

Our, the Peoples' biggest danger now, is themselves. thinking too short term "YAY! WE WON!" bullshit. "Let's get pissed, fall over and be sitting ducks! YAY!"


Get figures on how big across the nation the Militia and party-goers both heading to Nevada and just getting stoned for joy are, then organize where and how to sustain them, peacefully.

Days? Weeks? How long will, could any Movement last, or need to last?

Will the feds talk true, about where-to from here?

Are they, or, after a sustained Defiance [COPYRIGHT! lol], prepared to acknowledge the Rectitude - if any - in the Movement, without taking up arms to STOMP them?

Will the Militia grow so big as to be able to demand Reforms?

BIG Issues! If this grows, someone, but, EVERYONE, has to make sure they KNOW what they're Standing Up for!

True Law!

As in "the peoples' worst enemy is themselves", so it is that they are their own worst, if they align themselves with bullshit, MORE bullshit ideals and laws.

They'll be painted down as terrorists, and then out come the micro-nukes.

Fun with a gun, YabbadabbaDOO! 'Til the enemy come back with bigger guns.

My next Post to 12160

Just read about Harry Reids involvement with Chinese energy corp so wrote this to the news article at WND news somewhere in the USA, but couldn't sign-on to post it...

Hey! Been watching the Bundy situation from Australia, and agree with your points, and warnings. Good info for the Patriots.

Stopping this, and an American reaction against Washington, does not now just involve America, and any heavy weapons the feds use against Americans. China will happily help Washington.

Be very careful America! Don't.., whatever you do, let your pride and Patriotism invite a fabricated multinational, with the US govt, assault on your People. Might be just what they're looking for, and plan to do? Better to accept things, politrix and times are VERY different now, to 1776, 1865, and beyond. IF...? China is so intent on working with the US admin, then you have to consider the chances that the govts will deploy heavy weapons across US populations. Bad scenes, as of The Terminator, of major destruction of the US cities, etc. Worse-case scenario, sure. But don't discount the possibilities, going by the Senator Reid and thus feds involvement and plans with China?

Things, economics, energy resourcing and people HAVE TO change. Don't let them shoot you into changing. Adapt. Rethink. Restructure your hopes, expectations and lives.

It's a new world. For good or for ill. Adaptation is our species best asset.

That's it of my comments onto the 12160 page, to now.

The post here, on my blog, above, [?] is my rant/diatribe/monologue about the same, and larger issue of America Standing UP against Washington, BIGTIME!!!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

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